Sten Erik Ture Wandel Current position Education Positions in

Sten Erik Ture Wandel Current position Education Positions in

CV for Sten Wandel 2009-03-01 Sten Erik Ture Wandel Vipemöllevägen 103 SE-224 66 Lund, SWEDEN Phone: +46 46 2958 28 (home) +46 707 28 47 73 (mobile...

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CV for Sten Wandel


Sten Erik Ture Wandel

Vipemöllevägen 103 SE-224 66 Lund, SWEDEN Phone: +46 46 2958 28 (home) +46 707 28 47 73 (mobile), e-mail: [email protected] Born September 12, 1943, Stockholm, Swedish citizen, Male, Married, Two children Languages: Swedish, English and a little German

Current position

Full Professor, Engineering Logistics, Dep. of Industrial Management and Logistics, Lund University, SE-221 00 Lund, SWEDEN Phone: +46 46 222 8114, e-mail: [email protected]

1999 -

Education Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Systems Analysis major MSc, Industrial Engineering, Systems Design major Stanford University, USA

1973 1970

MSc/, Electrical Engineering Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


Graduate studies in Business Administration Bachelor/Civ. ekon., Business and Economics University of Stockholm

1966 - 69 1966

Military Service , Sergeant, Atomic, Biological and Chemical Defense Swedish Army

1962 – 63

Swedish baccalaureate, Science major, special biology Norra Latin, Sweden


Positions in academia and industry

Full Professor, Head of Logistics and Transport Systems Division, Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden (20 pers, Responsible for MSc and PhD programs in Logistics and PhD program in Management and Industrial Engineering)

1978 - 99

Visiting Professor, Center for Transportation Studies, MIT Visiting Scholar, Industrial Engineering, Stanford (Project leader "Future Opportunities in North American Contract Logistics Services" together with McKinsey & Comp )


Project Leader, "New Logistics Technologies and New Transport Systems", International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria. IIASA is operated by the academy of sciences in 16 nations in East and West. (Intelligent vehicles and highways, Advancement of national logistics)

1985 - 88

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CV for Sten Wandel


Head of Systems Analysis and Economics Department National Defense Research Institute, Stockholm (20 pers., Simulation of transport systems, Strategic planning, Economic advisor to the Supreme Commander of Swedish Defense)

1975 -78

Senior Scientist of Planning and Systems Analysis National Defense Research Institute, Stockholm (Long range planning, Simulation of transport systems)

1975 - 76

Assistant Professor Business Department, University of Stockholm (Integrated Managerial Economics)

1974 - 76

Research Assistant, Graduate School of Business Stanford University, USA (Health Service Administration Research)

1971 - 73

Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Production and Inventory Control)

1966 - 69

Other appointments and services

He has been the co-founder of several organisations linking the university with industry and the public sector, e.g. IMIE - International graduate school of Management and Industrial Engineering at Linköping University (SSF), ESCF - European Forum on Global Supply Chain Management, ESCA - Ericsson Supply Chain Academy (Ericsson), ØRELOG - Öresund Logistics, and the VINNEX Centre NGIL - Next Generation of Logistics Innovation (VINNOVA). He has contributed to over 80 scientific and professional conferences and is the author of some 90 scientific or professional articles, book chapters and papers. In his role as professor he has been the main supervisor for some 8 Ph.D. dissertations, 12 Licentiate thesis’s, and 60 M.Sc. thesis’s, in grading committees at many dissertations, and lectured in nearly all aspects of goods transportation, logistics and supply chain management. Wandel has had expert assignments to United Nations in Geneva (Transport Corridors), OECD in Paris (Scientific Expert Group "Integrated Advanced Logistics and Innovations in Freight Transport"), European Conference of Ministers of Transport in Paris, the Commission of European Communities in Brussels (R&D on telematic systems for transport), and public authorities in Sweden. He has also been consulting for several leading international transport (15 years for Bilspedition AB now Schenker), manufacturing (Ericsson, Philips), and consulting companies (McKinsey, Coopers and Lybrands). He has been on the advisory board of Symbius (supply chain consultant), (internet transport exchanges som tilldelades Miljöinnovationspriset 2001) and (start up company at Ideon with an innovation to solve the “last mile problem” in B2C e-commerce). He was also been on the board of Inkode AB that developed low cost (0.1 cent) RFID based on radar reflecting dipoles and RFID Constructors at Ideon with the only RFID test centre in Sweden. He is now on the board of UBQ AB a forth party logistics company and main contractor for the EU Marco Polo project Scandinavian Schuttle and of Secure Logistics AB based on his own patent TamperSeal™ - an intrusion alarm for transport packages.

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