Stockholm Fashion District - Global Fashion Conference

Stockholm Fashion District - Global Fashion Conference

STOCKHOLM FASHION DISTRICT Stockholm Fashion District is unique and the single largest event in the fashion industry in Sweden in 25 years. This new n...

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STOCKHOLM FASHION DISTRICT Stockholm Fashion District is unique and the single largest event in the fashion industry in Sweden in 25 years. This new name of a creative entrepreneurial area in Nacka strand, Stockholm, includes two trade houses totalling 12 000 square meters with permanent showrooms for fashion brands, 12 trade fairs per year and several other events, seminars, and pop up activities. This destination for the fashion industry is created by and for designers and their teams, textile suppliers, buyers and sellers of leading Swedish and international fashion brands in clothing, shoes, bags and accessories as well as exciting lecturers and experts active in creative industries. Initiator of the platform is the fashion industry together with the Agenturföretagen/Association of Trade Partners Sweden. The district provides Stockholm and Sweden with an infrastructure and a platform for the fashion trade and a forum for companies and brands in growth. Stockholm Fashion District contributes to increased employment, thanks to increased production, improved knowledge and extended accessibility. This means increased efficiency for those operating in the fashion and retail industry as well as gained ground against fashion actors in other countries.

BACKGROUND AND CURRENT SITUATION Sales for the Swedish fashion industry was 264 billion SEK in 2014. The number of employees in the fashion industry in Sweden was just over 56 000 people in 2014 (facts from the report Modebranschen i Sverige, Statistik och analys 2015 uppdatering – Fashion industry in Sweden, statistics and analysis 2015, updated version). How is it possible that Stockholm Fashion District has been established this quickly in Stockholm? In June 2014, Agenturföretagen/Association of

Trade Partners Sweden were contacted by a group of fashion companies with showrooms at Stockholm Modecenter in Järla Sjö after they have been given notice of the premises. The companies wanted to establish themselves in Nacka strand where several fashion fairs and showrooms already where established and run by Agenturföretagen/Association of Trade Partners Sweden; the shoe industry’s trade house Stockholm Shoe House (4000 square meters) among others. Thanks to a property owner who saw the possibilities (TAM Asset Management) and a municipality who embraced this initiative (Nacka municipality), a proposal could quickly be presented. A team from Agenturföretagen/Association of Trade Partners Sweden together with companies from the fashion industry has since then been engaged in this development. Today, just over a year later, the construction of Stockholm Showroom with permanent showrooms for Swedish and international fashion brands is being completed. When the showrooms are inaugurated in February 2016, it will cover 8000 square meters and is currently almost full. The interest to be part of Stockholm Fashion District has been enormous and the idea to gather in a district that provides fairs and other key events has been received in a way that exceeds all expectations. Due to the enormous interest, another floor of 2,000 square meters will be added already in August 2016. This means that over 30 000 square meters of fashion will be shown in Stockholm Fashion District annually with start from the third quarter of 2016. Together with Stockholm Shoe House 55 permanent showrooms for Swedish and international shoe brands, the twelve trade fairs that is held annually in Stockholm Fashion District and several seminars and events for the fashion industry, Nacka Strand becomes a hub for the fashion industry in Stockholm and all of Sweden. This district has been named Stockholm Fashion District with inspiration from the international example Garment District in New York, but without a comparable equal in the world as Stockholm Fashion District is unique. Swedish brands

Nacka strand, Stockholm

like Acne, Filippa K, H&M and J Lindeberg among others, buy textiles for their production during fabric fair Preview Fabrics & Accessories. Buyers from shoe stores Jarmeus, Nilson Shoes, Rizzo and Scorett, to name a few, travel from all over Sweden to make purchases for coming seasons at Stockholm Shoe House and the trade fair Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair. Groups of buyers have already moved their own fairs and events to the district. When Stockholm Showroom will be joined to fashion fair Fashion Business Days in February 2016, the area is expected to have between 15 000-18 000 unique visitors each year. Among the companies that establish themselves here are three of the biggest fashion players from Denmark (DK Company, IC Company, PWT Group), two of Finland´s largest fashion companies (L Fashion Group and Nanso Group) and several major Swedish companies (Holebrook, Jofama, Park Lane to name a few). Additional companies that never have been established in Sweden now decides to invest in a showroom in Stockholm Fashion District and establish their company here. The international interest is high, which can be seen on the delegations from the American Embassy, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the French Embassy, the British Embassy and the Hong Kong Trade Development Centre that upon their own requests have been shown around or informed about the project. Stockholm County Governor Chris Heister visited Stockholm Fashion District in August 2015 and was impressed by the development of the fashion industry in Sweden and has asked for further meetings, see her statement at the website of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm. The next step for Stockholm Fashion District is to welcome schools and training programs, incubator programs for start-up companies and new brands in fashion, as well as manage developments that lifts Stockholm as a fashion city internationally.

ABOUT AGENTURFÖRETAGEN/ASSOCIATION OF TRADE PARTNERS SWEDEN Member-owned trade association founded in 1914 with strong roots in the fashion industry. Agenturföretagen/Association of Trade Partners Sweden’s vision is to promote freedom of trade and a sound development. The organisation shall focus on promoting cohesion among members and safeguarding members’ businesses and development. The approximately 650 member companies are active as agents, distributors, importers and suppliers in Sweden and internationally. Active in: Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers (IUCAB), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), co-owner of Swedish Fashion Council, cooperates with embassy´s, chambers of commerce and other fashion and trade oriented institutions and organizations.

FACTS PERMANENT FACILITIES, OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND: Stockholm Shoe House, 4000 sq.m., approx. 120 Swedish and international brands spread over 55 showrooms. Established in 2009. Stockholm Showroom, 8000 sq.m., grand opening during fashion week in February 2016. Another 2000 sq.m. will be added until the next fashion week in August 2016, Stockholm Showrooms will then be 10 000 sq.m.

TRADE FAIRS: Preview Fabrics & Accessories, 3000 sq.m, which gather Swedish designers, their teams as well as buyers from the leading chain stores in the creation of new collections, twice a year.

Nacka strand, Stockholm

Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair, 3000 sq.m, which caters to the leading retailers and chain stores and presents all the season’s news twice a year. Fashion Business Days 2400 sq.m, a platform for strong international and Swedish brands in clothing, which caters to the leading fashion stores. In addition to this, several events, seminars and pop-up activities are organized in Stockholm Fashion District each season. The grand opening of Stockholm Showroom (February 2016) will mean even more events each year.

VISITORS AND EXAMPLES OF ORIGIN OF COMPANIES OPERATING IN STOCKHOLM FASHION DISTRICT: Stockholm Fashion District is estimated to have between 15 000 to 18 000 unique visitors annually, including design teams from Sweden and other Nordic countries, chain stores and independent stores from industries such as fashion, shoes, bags, sports, outdoor living, gifts, interior design and lifestyle from Sweden and Finland in first hand, stakeholders from Scandinavia, Europe and Asia and students coming from Sweden and Finland in first hand.

in the project has a strong connection to the fashion industry and their respective fields, including experts in sales, purchasing patterns, marketing, business intelligence, public relations, service, strategy and vision as well as designing of showrooms and fairs.

CONTACT Helena Waker, VD, Stockholm Fashion District [email protected], +46 (0)70 607 08 34 Vanessa Leporati Wahlund, Business Coordinator, Showrooms [email protected] +46 (0)70 471 83 40 Jessica Johanneson, Business Coordinator, Trade Fairs [email protected] +46 (0)70 956 39 60 Janike Eleby, PR & Communication [email protected] +46 (0)70 307 85 59

Most frequent origin of companies that has established themselves in Stockholm Fashion District: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Germany.

INDUSTRY ANCHORING Stockholm Fashion District’s board of directors is a collection of industry representatives. Each advisor

Nacka strand, Stockholm