Strata Enterprise - CGI

Strata Enterprise - CGI

® Strata Enterprise PROMOTING PROFITABLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS In many organizations, each customer touch-point—from acquisition to collections—may ...

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Strata Enterprise PROMOTING PROFITABLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS In many organizations, each customer touch-point—from acquisition to collections—may have its own decision management criteria and supporting ® technology. With Strata Enterprise 5.0—our patented decision management solution—organizations can make profitable and efficient decisions throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise. Organizations count on Strata Enterprise to improve performance in every area of their businesses, including: • • • • •

Collections and recoveries Originations Servicing and customer management Marketing and customer acquisition Retention and churn


More consistent decisions—Strata Enterprise enables consistent application of business policy across all channels and business operations. Use of targeted recommendations minimizes human judgment inconsistencies.

Clearer results—Strata Enterprise provides feedback on the effectiveness of business rules. A clear picture of the bottom-line impact of policy changes improves decisions.

Improved flexibility—Business users have the flexibility to modify business rules without engaging additional IT resources.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Easily employed across the enterprise, Strata Enterprise 5.0 features and benefits include: •

Easy user interface—Business users access a single browser-based user interface (UI) to develop decision strategies, data inputs/outputs, and business rules for all types of customer decisions.

Powerful decision tools—Strata Enterprise’s decision tool set includes scoring models, segmentation, decision trees, matrices, and mathematical/ statistical calculations. It integrates an engine for advanced scoring capabilities, as well as has the ability to interface with optimization tools.

Built-in feedback loop—Strata Enterprise supports CGI’s Rapid Strategy Evolution™, a proprietary “test-and-learn” capability considered more thorough than the “champion/challenger” method.

CORPORATE PROFILE Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the largest IT and business process services providers in the world. We combine innovative services and solutions with a disciplined delivery approach that has resulted in an industry-leading track record of delivering 95% of projects on time and within budget. Our global reach, combined with our proximity model of serving clients from hundreds of locations worldwide, provides the scale and immediacy required to rapidly respond to client needs. Our business consulting, systems integration and managed services help clients leverage current investments while adopting technology and business strategies that achieve top and bottom line results. As a demonstration of our commitment, our client satisfaction score consistently measures 9 out of 10. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or visit © 2017 CGI GROUP INC.

Simulation—A simulation module enables you to test decision strategies and gives your predictive capabilities enabling you to see how your strategies will impact your client base, thus accelerating testing and implementation time-frames. Reporting flexibility—Strata Enterprise reporting can support any OLAP tool using a “star schema” data model.

TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE The Strata Enterprise Workstation and Database Server operate in a Windows environment using Oracle. Strata Enterprise supports the following multiple deployment options in either real-time or batch modes: •

Strata Java Engine—a Java based engine, that provides a variety of deployment options that allow it to be easily integrated with existing systems using industry standard integration patterns. Available for Linux, AIX, Solaris, or Windows platforms.

Strata COBOL Engine — a comprehensive, scalable COBOL based engine for IBM mainframe Batch and CICS environments.

IMPROVING THE BOTTOM LINE CGI’s decision management solution, Strata Enterprise 5.0, integrates and leverages information from every point on the customer value chain. With improved decision support and a unified customer view, organizations obtain better response and approval rates, higher utilization and wallet share, lower attrition rates, and increased cash collection.

A PARTNER OF CHOICE Through our transformational business approach, CGI helps banking, insurance, telecommunication, government and organizations across many other sectors transition to a truly clientcentered orientation. Our experience is based on our close client partnerships and strong organic growth. We also offer a full set of capabilities—including consulting, business solutions, systems integration and the full management of IT and business functions—allowing clients to deliver faster, more targeted services for less cost and risk. Combining industry expertise with technology solutions and scale, CGI offers clients a unique partnership approach. Our client-proximity business model provides accountable and responsive project delivery while our global delivery options offer the value of onshore, nearshore and offshore expertise. CGI has a clear vision. We help clients achieve growth by providing the solutions and expertise needed to execute successful credit risk management strategies. Our clients benefit from a knowledgeable, dedicated partner working to develop and implement solutions that address their business and technology challenges and enabling them to maximize customer profitability and sustain shareholder value.

Drawing upon a proven track record of delivery and service excellence, Strata Enterprise customers have achieved the following: • • • •

10%+ delinquent collections increases with no new staff 15%+ loan approval increases 50%+ retention of targeted account-closure requests 50%+ direct mail sales increases © 2017 CGI GROUP INC.