Student Leaps & Bounds & Baby Steps - Arlington Public Schools

Student Leaps & Bounds & Baby Steps - Arlington Public Schools

Student Leaps & Bounds & Baby Steps The following are quotes from parents when asked what progress they noted in their child in an end-of-year survey...

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Student Leaps & Bounds & Baby Steps The following are quotes from parents when asked what progress they noted in their child in an end-of-year survey. *Remember: There is no set formula or recipe and results may vary! •

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____ has learned and emotionally grown by leaps and bounds this year. He has begun to understand the dynamics of a classroom and school setting, and more importantly the curious, inquisitive, answer-seeking door has been opened. Large group dynamics (respect, rules, conflict resolution, sharing…), curiosity about things (questioning things, asking more questions…), reading, writing, adding up numbers, story writing and illustrations [have all improved]. ____ is beginning to learn to read and says he has learned to read “a little” in Kindergarten. He has begun to listen better (sometimes!). improved writing skills, increased confidence in social skills. She has strengthened her skills in reading, writing, numbers/math; has learned more about the world at large, e.g. American History; increased confidence, and has made many friends. _____ has become a little more patient when doing certain tasks when they do not go as he planned. He has come a long way in his letter writing and beginning to read. He enjoys going to school and being with all his friends. The transition to public school and attending school every day was a big change, and I believe she made it very well. She also learned a lot in each of the basic areas. She is able to work more independently. She is a more able to follow what a group is doing and join in appropriately. Reading and spelling skills have improved, attention span is improving, more easily able to follow a daily routine. Maturity, sharing, math skills, fine motor skills, creativity, gross motor skills. Social skills somewhat improved, self-confidence, writing letters and numbers, excitement about school! She’s become more confident. Making new friends has been wonderful for him this year. I have seen him develop socially and emotionally which has built his self-esteem tremendously. Also, his ability to communicate better with other adults…and ask questions and become more involved verbally. Confidence in a group setting. Ability to communicate and share with her peers. _____ has learned to put together letters to form words and is beginning to read. She has good basic math skills. _____ has made many friends, learned new skills, and feels comfortable at school.

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His social skills and confidence have improved. He is more eager to take all sorts of risks. He has become more independent. He has learned to help others. He has become more independent and interested in friends. He has become more interested in a wide range of topics…He has learned an appreciation of cultures. Lots of skills – writing, inventive spelling, starting to read, Spanish, understanding of numbers, time, weather. Emotional growth too – more able to listen to others, empathize, share. Reading on his own, writing on his own – in sentences! (Amazing change in a short time!) She has gained confidence and the ability to make decisions and work well in a new school setting. She has gained strong pre-reading and reading skills, learned about patterns in math and in nature. She has taken the investigation of things and ideas in many creative directions. She has learned to love school.