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Sunset Village Voice Your Neighborhood Newsletter SVCA neighborhood meeting: Thurs., August 18th at 6:30pm Bethany Church, 3910 Mineral Pt. Rd. Greet...

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Sunset Village Voice Your Neighborhood Newsletter

SVCA neighborhood meeting: Thurs., August 18th at 6:30pm Bethany Church, 3910 Mineral Pt. Rd. Greetings from the President: Hi, Neighbors! Hope you all are enjoying our (mostly) pleasant summer so far. My garden could use a little more rain but the temperatures have been so nice that I don’t want to complain! We had a nice crowd down at Lucia Crest for one of the Make Music Madison events, and heard the turnout at Bethany United Methodist was good, too. Did you get to the big 75th Annual Fourth of July festivities at Westmorland (which SVCA co-sponsored)? Word is the dunk tank was a favorite but the old cars were not exactly environmentally friendly. Congrats to former SVCA president Ken Raffa and to SVCA in recognition of their (our?) support of the Midtown Police Station effort (details inside this newsletter). I’m sure most of you are aware of the recent controversies surrounding the police department — I’ve received one petition supporting the MPD and another strongly criticizing it. No matter where you stand on the issue, I urge you to speak up and make your voice heard. I think we all want a Madison where everyone can feel safer and it’s up to us residents to let the city know what we expect of our police department. There’s still a lot of summer left including several events you’ll find details on in this issue such as the Ice Cream Social on August 6th. Who can really pass up free Chocolate Shoppe ice cream? I’ll end with a call out for agenda topics for our next meeting on August 18th. If you have suggests or requests, please let me know ASAP, especially if I will need to try to find a speaker to address your issue. Regards, Sue Reynard

Summer 2016

In this issue: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

SVCA May 2016 Quarterly Meeting Tim Gruber “Yes” Vote on MPD Review Donate to Midvale Playground Renovation Volunteers Needed for SVCA Committees Bethany Community Block Party Madison Police Dept. Citizen Academy Midvale Boulevard is a Little Safer Ken Raffa Receives MPD Award Neighborhood Car Thefts Continue The Playing Field Go Solar with MadiSUN Historic Lake Mendota Cruises Our Neighbor Co-stars in Gypsy Case of the Disappearing Grasshopper Monarchs for Kids Photos from music and festivities

Sunset Village Ice Cream Social

Saturday, August 6, 1-4 p.m. in Lucia Crest Park (Rain date is Sunday, August 7) Come visit with neighbors and enjoy complimentary treats from our generous neighborhood businesses: Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, Great Dane beer, Luigi’s pizza. We will also kick off our 2017 membership drive at this event. Annual SVCA membership is $15. Your membership pays for the quarterly newsletter and neighborhood events such as the Halloween Parade, Ice Cream Social and neighborhood garage sale. Vote on ice cream flavors by July 31:

SVCA May 2016 Quarterly Meeting & Neighborhood Affairs source: notes by Anne Badey Raffa, at

Nearly 20 people attended the May 12, 2016 quarterly SVCA meeting. Ryan Henderson, our current liaison police officer, addressed the group. He is assigned to our neighborhood and works from 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. You can contact Ryan through the non-emergency police number. For serious concerns, email him at: [email protected] One item of interest that Ryan described is the WCCA website (, which provides access to the Public Records of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts. Here you can find an update on crime or people of interest in the neighborhood. Neighborhood development issues were also on the agenda. Sue Reynard has heard no opposition to the ADU on North Meadow; it met with SVCA recommendations. Ken Raffa suggested that we highlight this proposal and construction. Tim Gruber, our alder, suggested an amendment to the Neighborhood Plan. He also suggested we make a list of what someone should do before considering a tear down or ADU on their property. We should advertise our recommendations for these in our SVCA Newsletter. Alex Salutos initiated discussion of the 201 Larkin tear down/rebuild, just east of Sunset Village. Sue Reynard wants to know what SVCA should do in regard to this and feels we need to develop a standing committee to keep track of these types of issues and respond quickly when needed. Ken noted that we have a precedent where a committee was formed regarding a property on Sunset Court. Everyone worked together and the end result was an attractive building. A formal motion was passed that we have a SVCA committee on developmental issues. Ken felt Alex should be a member of this committee; Ulrike Dieterle and Vaughn James agreed to serve as well. Other topics of discussion included: Neighborhood Garage Sale, SVCA co-sponsorship of the Westmorland July 4 celebration, Hilldale Mall redevelopment, Make Music Madison, the Ice Cream Social, Friends of Hoyt Park report, brainstorming ideas for publicizing SVCA sponsorship and events.

More Pics from Make Music Madison Maybe you didn’t notice, but even the animals had a great time.

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Westmorland July 4 Celebration with Sunset M Village ONROE


Westmorland was joined by Sunset Village and Midvale Heights as co-sponsors for IitsL75th FAM Y Anniversary July 4 celebration. See photos for some of the highlights, courtesy of the Westmorland Facebook page and Clark Kellogg.


D R . B E N JA M I N FA R R OW, D. D. S .

Summer Solstice Music in Sunset Village For the second year, Bethany Methodist Church was a host for Make Music Madison, from 4-8 p.m. on the front lawn. Several groups played to a good crowd—Bethany Musicians, a sampler of Bethany instrumental and vocal talent; Madison Flute Club; New Horizons Swing Band, big band music from the 1930s and 1940s as well as contemporary rock and jazz; At the Wayside, a high energy rock and pop group. See photos at: Again this year our neighbor and interim alder, Tim Gruber, invited musicians to Lucia Crest Park. Dark Gazebo started at 7:00 p.m.— Mark Pflughoeft (drums), Tim Sharpe (banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Valerie Stromquist (guitar, vocals), Steve Sanborn (mandolin, guitar, vocals)—with an eclectic mix of folk, pop and jazz. Closing the evening was the Madison Scandi Band, a group of fiddlers who play traditional Scandinavian dance music. This group included Tim Gruber’s mother, Bonnie (herself a former alder).

608 233 7142

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Bethany Community Block Party submitted by Carolyn Voter The annual Bethany Community Block Party will be held 10AM-1PM on Sunday, August 21, 2016. We’ll have burgers and hot dogs on the grill, snow cones, ice cream, bounce houses, face painting, live music by Radio Feedback, and more. Join your friends and neighbors for free food and good fun at Bethany United Methodist Church, 3910 Mineral Point Rd. Hope to see you there!

Ken Raffa Receives MPD Citizen Award Ken Raffa, previous two-term SVCA President, was selected earlier this year to receive a 2015 Citizen Assistance Citation Award from the Madison Police Department. One of the criteria for these awards is demonstration of remarkable community service. Ken was selected for his efforts and support on behalf of the Midtown Police Station; he was part of a group of west side neighborhood leaders who worked to restore funding for the Midtown Police Station after it was recommended for delay due to budget issues. He is also the Sunset Village representative on the Design Team for the Midtown Station. Chief Michael Koval presented Ken with an award plaque at the MPD Awards ceremony at Monona Terrace on May 23, 2016.

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Midvale Boulevard is a Little Safer In 2011, Midvale Boulevard resident, Sara Beachy, spearheaded a group of neighbors on the 200/300 block of S. Midvale to work with Alder Chris Schmidt, Madison Police, and City Engineers to make that block safer, after several auto crashes that came all too close. This April, Sara emailed the group: “Friends and neighbors, Just the other day, I realized it had been 5 YEARS since any serious accidents on the 200/300 block of South Midvale! This is a success story. Consider that from 2006-2011 there were 6 fatalities and multiple serious crashes on this block (including one that totaled my parked car). I am really proud that our little neighborhood group was able to put this issue on the City’s radar and make a difference! With the volumes of traffic that travel down Midvale Blvd. and Mineral Point Road, that intersection will continue to have its share of problems. And I still don’t park my car on Midvale overnight if I can avoid it. But I feel like we’ve made our neighborhood just a little safer.” The two worst, and fatal, car crashes on S. Midvale, just north of Mineral Point, occurred in 2008 and 2011. On August 27, 2008, an early morning high-speed crash, into a tree, killed three UW-Madison students: Lindsey Plank, 23, and Richard Putze, 22, both seniors majoring in chemistry, and Daniel Myers, 22, who had just completed his requirements to graduate with a major in music performance, with piano as a specialty. Possibly these three young people were attempting the risky feat known as “catching air”—when a car going at sufficiently high speed hits a dip and then a rise, and leaves the ground. Sara Beachy reported, “Apparently this location has been known for years as a place to ‘get air.’” The second crash occurred on a Monday morning, April 4, 2011. Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney said deputies, along with Madison police, were following a stolen red Dodge, driven by Wayne Stevens Jr., 20. Mr. Stevens then took off at a high speed, exceeding 80 mph, at Tokay Boulevard. Just after the police chase was called off for safety reasons, the car hit the large dip in the road north of Mineral Point, went airborne and hit a tree. Stevens died at the scene and, as Sara Beachy reported, “a car fleeing police hit a tree, shattering the car into pieces and showering my neighbors’ lawns with debris, guns, and bullets that were in the car.” 2015 reconstruction of the Midvale/Mineral Point intersection reduced the crown of the hill on northbound Midvale as much as possible, which turned out to be a foot and a half.

Donate to the Midvale Elementary Playground Renovation submitted by Laura Baggett Hi friends! I have been fundraising for going on 3 years for a new playground for Midvale Elementary School. It is over 30 years old and parts of it are unsafe. We have raised $64,000 and we need $100,000 to begin phase one. We will start building in August. The West Side Kiwanis have offered to match up to $20,000 of monies we raise through July 31! We have a crowd funding site set up if you click on the link below and some more info. Please consider donating, as even $20 will turn into $40!!! see also: editor’s note: BREAKING NEWS—Sunset Village is making a $500 donation (the treasury can handle that). Don’t let this stop YOU from donating soon to take advantage of the match. And stay tuned for hands-on construction opportunities in the near future. and from Erica Throneburg: Your new Midvale Elementary School playground is coming! And we need YOU to help build it. Constructing this playground will be a “community build,” meaning we need a lot of volunteers to make it happen. Volunteers don’t need experience or tools. They just need to be at least 18 years old and ready to have fun while working to help our kids. There will be qualified project managers overseeing and directing all aspects of the build. Please sign up for shifts on August 8th and 9th at: Too young to volunteer? People under 18 can do tasks like spreading wood chips, painting, or serving refreshments to volunteers. For younger kids accompanying an adult who is volunteering, there will be some art activities or games. Want to volunteer but unable to do heavier work? Please email [email protected] and let me know! You could help with kids activities and refreshments or donate snacks or treats for volunteers.

The Case of the Disappearing Grasshopper About that Scavenger Hunt (Spring edition). The grasshopper, which was photographed last summer by newsletter co-editor, Andrew, perhaps suffered the fate of all grasshoppers in winter.

Neighborhood Car Thefts Continue posting by John Shadle to SVCA listserv, 5/3/2016 This morning my wife was up at 5am and looked outside our front window to see personal belongings (wallets, keys, papers, etc.) strewn on the boulevard in front of our house (13 S. Hillside Terrace). A little before 7am I collected the items and gave them back to our neighbor whom they belonged to. Our neighbor informed us that the items were taken from her car (which was unlocked). The difference from prior car break-ins/snatch-and-grabs in which the car was unlocked is that this vehicle was *in her garage* and the items were *in the trunk*. Someone went to a great effort to either open the gate or scale the fence to enter her backyard, open the door to the detached garage, open her vehicle, and pop the trunk to search for something of interest. In this case, the item of interest was cash. Credit cards, a GPS unit, keys, and other items were left alone. Madison Police were called, and the officer was quite surprised at the nature of this event (entry into the garage, searching the trunk). The officer distributed fliers about the event to nearby neighbors. posting by Liz Stanley to Nextdoor Sunset Village, 6/20/2016 Hey neighbors. Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the recent car break-ins in the neighborhood. My car was broken into in my driveway last night (33 South Meadow Lane) sometime around 2:30 AM and sounds like the Burkes across the street were hit last week. The police officer who responded this morning stated that this cat burglary activity is really up currently in the city of Madison and they believe our neighborhood is targeted as the offenders have previously been successful and we have many cars parking in the vicinity during the day to walk/bus to the UW Hospital and campus area. I did reach out to our Alder and subsequently to Police Captain Wahl, who is going to ask that his night shift officers “try and provide some extra visibility/presence in the area as they are able.” Hopefully the increased patrol and vigilance is the extra deterrent needed to get them off our streets! posting by Jon Rosenblum to Nextdoor Sunset Village, 6/22/2016 Ten days ago I supplied our police district actual video [CCTV] of one of the break-in perpetrators, including car and possible license plate…after a 2 a.m. break-in to my vehicle and the use of my credit card a few hours later at the Spirit pump on University Ave; the Spirit manager was immensely helpful. (I should say “entered” the vehicle because it was not locked.) [Madison Police] Lt. Valenta called to say that MPD had been unable to obtain a license plate # off the video of the vehicle or an ID off the video of the individual. She was thorough and professional and said that photos were sent to other police districts in the city. She said that there may be technologies out there that could compress Spirit’s CCTV images to obtain an enhanced image of the plate and vehicle and individual but that she is not aware of them. from MPD Neighborhood Officer Ryan Henderson: Just wanted to keep you guys apprised that we have had a significant number of thefts from autos in your neighborhood. The majority of the items are being taken from unlocked vehicles overnight. If you could pass along a reminder to folks to always lock their vehicles and keep their belongings (GPS, IPod, etc.) out of view in the car that would be great!

Monarchs for Kids submitted by David Thompson When Friends of Lake Wingra asked Falles Court resident Liz McBride to raise monarch butterflies, she hesitated. She’d never even owned a pet! But she took two eggs, each smaller than a sesame seed. When they hatched, she named the tiny caterpillars Bert and Ernie. Bert was docile. He ate. He pooped. He ate some more. Ernie was a rascal. He stayed up late, wandering around the milkweed leaves Liz collected for him to eat. To get him to move from an old, withered leaf to a fresh new one, she had to tickle his bottom with an artist’s brush. A caterpillar with personality! But like all monarchs, they transformed into lime-green chrysalises. On a warm September day, Bert wiggled out—a magnificent orange and black butterfly. Liz took him to the prairie on the Southwest Bike Path where there were lots of native plants loaded with nectar. He flitted from flower to flower and then disappeared into the sky. Ernie—still a rascal—bolted as soon as Liz brought him outside. Rounding the corner of her house, he veered southwest for his 2,000-mile migration to Mexico.

This summer, Liz is participating in Monarchs for Kids, a program run by Friends of Lake Wingra. It enlists citizens to raise 10 or more monarchs to the chrysalis stage. The chrysalises are distributed to elementary schools in September so children can see the monarch’s astonishing metamorphosis. They learn how the health of the monarch alerts us to the health of our environment. They discover why the monarch population has been in drastic decline. And they discuss what we can do to ensure that our community thrives: the monarchs, the natural resources of our neighborhood, like Lake Wingra, and ourselves.

Thirty-five classes are signed up to receive monarchs, with more on a waiting list. Friends of Lake Wingra needs help raising monarchs for this program! To find out more, email [email protected] And stop by the Sequoya branch library on Tuesdays 2 to 4 p.m. or Fridays 10:00 a.m. to noon through August. Friends of Lake Wingra is there with monarchs in all of their life stages.

Print a coupon at 4230 Acker Road • Madison, WI 53704

Our Neighbor Co-stars in Capital City Theatre’s Gypsy Capital City Theatre, in its second year, staged a quite wonderful production of Gypsy in June, co-starring Sunset Village resident, Liz Griffith, as Louise. See reviews below. Watch for Liz in future Madison area productions, or you might find her at her family’s Door Creek Orchard in rural Cottage Grove. Gwendolyn Rice review, Isthmus, June 18 “As the ugly duckling daughter turned burlesque luminary, local actress Liz Griffith also turns in a star performance as Louise. Her longing to be loved by her mother as a person instead of a product is palpable; the audience can almost hear Louise’s dream shatter when Rose refuses to marry Herbie and settle down to a quieter life. Griffith’s lovely dance duet with Tulsa … in ‘All I Need is the Girl’ displays both grace and comic timing as Louise begins to blossom. And when she morphs from awkward and insecure to sexy and confident as a striptease performer, singing ‘Let Me Entertain You,’ with her newly discovered, gorgeous voice, it is a triumph of spirit.” Aaron R. Conklin review, Madison Magazine, June 28 “Madison actor Liz Griffith was Louise, the less-talented but ultimately more successful daughter, and her payoff didn’t truly come until late in the second act, when she finally finds her voice and her calling. Griffith imbued plenty of her own grim determination into Louise, who spends much of the show in the saccharine shadow of her younger sister June. Hers was one of the most authentic performances in the show.” photos courtesy of Kat Stiennon, Kat’s Photography

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My “YES” Vote on the Police Review Study Funding excerpts from Alder Tim Gruber’s blog, June 14, 2016 I would like to take this opportunity to explain my “yes” vote on fully funding the Police Department Policy and Procedure Review Study at the Common Council meeting of Tuesday, June 7. The resolution calls for providing $350,000 in addition to the $50,000 already budgeted, for a total of $400,000 to pay for a study of the Madison Police Department’s policies and procedures. The resolution was approved 20-1 by the Common Council. I received and read many emails, both supporting and opposing the resolution, and several phone calls. The comments from District 11 residents were thoughtful and reasonable. In addition to the emails from District 11 residents, I received and read many emails addressed to all Alders, from residents of other districts. While you may or may not agree with my vote on this issue, I hope that this information helps you to understand why I voted the way I did. At the Council meeting, I began my brief remarks by thanking the Police Department and Police Officers for their work. I think it is important to show our appreciation and respect to our officers who work hard and put their lives at risk. The purpose of the Police Policy and Procedure Review Study is to help the Department improve. It is not intended to be an attack on our police force. It is not intended to show any lack of support or disrespect to our police force. I have a high level of trust of our police force. However, not everyone in our community feels the same way, in particular people of color. This includes middle-class, law-abiding African-Americans who are fearful and distrustful of the police force. I feel that this is one of many reasons that we need this study. Last year the Madison Common Council formed the Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Ad Hoc Committee (ad hoc means temporary). It was charged with leading a study of the Police Department’s policies and procedures, and $50,000 was budgeted to hire a consultant for the task. The committee held an organization meeting last November and its first full meeting in December. The committee has 14 citizen members, and the co-chairs are Luis Yudice, who is a retired Madison Police Officer and Captain with 31 years of service, and Christian Albouras, who works at Summit Credit Union in marketing. The committee found that $50,000 was inadequate for a study of the magnitude requested, and that $250,000 to $400,000 would be needed for the study. In my mind, the choice was between a study and no study at all, because $50,000 is not enough to fund the study. The draft Request for Proposals (RFP) for the study, provides the following background information: “The City of Madison, through the Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee, seeks proposals for an expert(s) to conduct a comprehensive review of Madison Police Department’s policies, procedures, practices, culture, and training to obtain an understanding of the current status of the Madison Police Department, and to identify places for improvement and means of improvement. This includes determining how to improve outcomes in a number of specific areas including, but not limited to, elimination of racial disparities in treatment of residents and disproportionate contact with youth of color, minimization of use of force, dealing optimally with people with mental health problems or who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, optimal understanding of and responses to culturally-related behavioral variations, and respecting rights of civilian witnesses. The City of Madison and the Madison Police Department are committed to implementing changes necessary to be a national leader in urban policing and to restore community trust.” Funding for the study will not come out of the Police Department Budget. Funding will come out of the Contingent Reserve, money for unforeseen expenses during the year. Our Director of Finance advised that if we have major snow storms or other unexpected occurrences, we might have difficulties later in the year, and that we should be careful with spending more money from the Contingent Reserve, but did not strongly advocate against spending money on the study. Alder Gruber also blogs IN SUPPORT OF MADISON POLICE:

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䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀 漀甀爀 琀攀愀洀 琀漀 搀椀猀挀甀猀猀 礀漀甀爀 戀甀礀椀渀最 愀渀搀 猀攀氀氀椀渀最 最漀愀氀猀㨀

Madison Police Department Citizen Academy source: What is the Citizen Academy? The Madison Police Department’s Citizen Academy is a program that is designed to give the public a working knowledge and understanding of the values, goals, and operations of the City of Madison Police Department. The objective of the Academy is to improve the lines of communication and help build a positive relationship between the Madison Police Department and the community members we serve. This experience will afford citizens an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their police department while allowing police to become more familiar with the citizens they serve. What Should I Expect? The Academy consists of nine (9) three-hour sessions conducted on a weekly basis. Classes will take place every Wednesday starting September 14, 2016 through November 9, 2016, between 6-9 p.m. The Academy will be held at the Madison Police Department Training Center located at 5702 Femrite Drive, Madison. There is no cost to attend. During the Academy, citizens will be exposed to subject matter relating to the duties and responsibilities of police officers. The Academy will be instructed by police officers and supervisors from the Madison Police Department with expertise in various areas of law enforcement. Past topics have included drugs and gangs, law, use of force decision-making, OWI and traffic enforcement, specialty teams such as the K-9 and Mounted Patrol Units, SET and SWAT. Academy participants will also be given the opportunity to go on a ride-along with a MPD police officer. During classes, participants are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback concerning the operations of the Madison Police Department. Additionally, citizens bring a wealth of knowledge about their community, particularly the problems unique to their neighborhoods. In this way, members of the Department learn firsthand of the concerns of citizens by interacting with them in a positive, non-confrontational setting. It is our sincere hope that the wellinformed graduates will become partners with us in identifying problems and providing solutions to quality of life issues that face our community. For more information and to apply go to: jointeam/academy/ or contact Citizen Academy Coordinator, Lieutenant David Jugovich, [email protected], (608) 261-9673.

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Volunteers Needed for SVCA Land Development and Online/Social Media Committees from SVCA president, Sue Reynard One of the biggest issues at the last SVCA meeting in May was the discussion of how we want to deal with land development issues that require either official or unofficial responses from SVCA—such as the tear down/rebuild at 201 Larkin, the new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on North Meadow, the proposed remodeling along the southeast side of Hilldale to create new open space, and the Midtown construction. Often we only get a few days or weeks to respond to the Planning Department, so dealing with these issues at our quarterly meetings is not an option. Participants in the May 12th meeting decided that we should form a new development review committee that would be responsible for reviewing land use plans and provide input to the SVCA President specifically and to SVCA as a whole. The workload for this committee will be variable since we can’t predict when the projects will come along —typically we only have a few per year. Committee membership is open to any Sunset Village resident who is not employed by the City of Madison planning department. No expertise in land development, construction, architecture, etc., is required, though getting people with that kind of background will be a plus. Contact Sue Reynard ([email protected]) if you’re interested. SVCA also needs to review our online and social media presence and develop a strategy for what media we are going to use and how. Currently we have a little-used website, a Facebook page, and a Yahoo group (which includes a listserv for mass emails to neighbors who enroll). Several people have raised the idea of using the newer Nextdoor webservice in addition to or instead of what we already have. It would be great if several social-media-savvy people could help us sort through our needs and recommend an online strategy for the neighborhood (including any investment we may need to make to upgrade our services). Contact Sue Reynard ([email protected]) if you’re interested.

Save Money and Go Solar with MadiSUN this Summer submitted by Jeanne Hoffmann, City of Madison Engineering Division Good news about two new programs that offer affordable rooftop solar electricity for Madison families. We know that Sunset Village members care about sustainability and energy from clean sources. This summer, the City’s MadiSUN program is offering a special Solar Group Buy program to help residents save money and install rooftop solar panels together. Dozens of local families will go through the installation process at the same time, working with a pre-qualified installer that has been thoroughly vetted and can guarantee a competitive price. Plus, MadiSUN is offering a Solar Energy Loan with a low, fixed interest rate and flexible repayment terms on solar loans up to $20,000. Putting solar panels on a home is a great way to lower household energy costs. In 2016, the price of installing solar has never been lower: homeowners can receive a Federal Tax Credit for 30% of the cost of their system, and Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program offers up to $2,400 in additional rebates. And installing solar means switching to a clean, renewable energy source that is great for the community. The Group Buy program is recruiting interested households through September 16. Visit to learn more and see a schedule of MadiSUN’s free Information Sessions.

The Playing Field—a New Early Childhood Program submitted by Linda Holthaus The Playing Field is a new early childhood program with a unique mission and model. The program opened in September, 2015. It is located in the former site of the UW Preschool Lab at 3910 Mineral Point Road, on the ground floor of Bethany United Methodist Church. The Playing Field is proud of our beautiful spaces and the recent updates to the interior and exterior environments. We invite you to join us for a tour. Tours are offered every Monday morning at 9:30. The Playing Field is accredited by the City of Madison and rated five stars with Young Star, Wisconsin’s quality rating system. Our program is aimed at reducing the disparity between white and minority children in our community. The program offers the highest level of early care and education and assures that children from varied socio economic backgrounds are provided access to that care. One third of the available enrollment spaces are reserved for children funded by an Early Head Start grant. The grant gives priority to children under the age of three who are experiencing homelessness. One third of the spaces are available for privately funded families and we have openings for the 2016-17 school year. The program is opening a second infant-toddler classroom in September. In addition, a preschool program for children from 3 to 5 will be opening. Our preschool program offers flexible schedules including part time options. More information is available at The center also provides free parent trainings on Conscious Discipline. This training is valuable in helping parents change conflict to cooperation and to interpret all behavior as communication. The next class is Monday, September 12, from 11:30 to 1:00. RSVP to [email protected]

NEIGHBORHOOD EVENTS SVCA Quarterly Meeting Aug 18, 6:30 p.m., Bethany Church Hilldale Summer Concerts Tuesdays, July 12-Aug. 30, 5:00 p.m. Hilldale Mall west plaza Neighborhood Garage Sale July 29 and 30, [email protected] Ice Cream Social @ Lucia Crest Park Saturday, Aug. 6, 1-4 p.m., Luigi’s pizza, Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, Great Dane beer Bethany Community Block Party Sunday, Aug. 21, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. 5th Annual Hillside Terrace Block Party date & time TBD—see listserv and Facebook Farmers’ Markets Hilldale-Wed. and Sat., 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. April 30-Nov. 5, west parking lot Westside-Sat., 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. April 16-Nov. 5, DOT parking lot Capitol City Band Concerts Thursdays, 7-8 p.m., June 9 thru August Rennebohm Park, 115 N. Eau Claire Ave. Let’s Eat Out Madison Food Carts Tue., 5-7 p.m., June 13-Aug. 4, Midvale Blvd. Friends of Hoyt Park Events West Madison Senior Center Events Visit the SVCA website and Facebook page Read your newsletter in color and see the many photos that didn’t fit in the newsletter

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NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES Yard Work, Pet Sitting, Snow Shoveling, Odd Jobs 15 year old boy, six years of neighborhood experience and references. Has own tools and mower. If unavailable will coordinate substitutes among other experienced neighbors. Holden Ringle, 819-1176.

Yard Work, Snow Removal, Pet Care, Odd Jobs Help teach the Laursen kids where money comes from: WORK. Lawn mowing, leaf removal, snow removal, cat sitting, dog walking, odd jobs. Contact their dad, Tobin at 608-790-0970 or [email protected]

Babysitting/Petsitting I am a responsible 13 year old who would love to work with your children or pets -or be a mother’s helper. I have taken the American Red Cross babysitting course. Contact Neva, (608) 231-2902.

Pet Sitting, Babysitting Alexa Klodd: experienced babysitting and pet sitting; call 238-2859; fabulous neighborhood references available.

Babysitting and Mother’s Helper I’m Ivory Nordeng, 12 years old, with two younger siblings and experience watching other children. I am ready to babysit for you: your home or mine. I have taken babysitter’s safety course. $5/hr. (608)236-0899 or [email protected]

Babysitting and Pet Sitting I’m Halle Andersen and would like to babysit or pet-sit. I am a good student, very responsible, and have taken the Red Cross babysitting course. Call 608-334-6150 or email [email protected]

Book Club Meet your neighbors, enjoy great conversation, and discuss a wide range of books. For more information, contact Linda Fahy at [email protected]

Your neighborhood info: President: Sue Reynard 238-0745, [email protected] Secretary: Anne Badey Raffa, 238-3266, [email protected] Treasurer: Brian Andersen 228-2414, [email protected] Newsletter Editors: Liz Vowles 231-0481, [email protected] & Clark Kellogg 770-2156, [email protected] Neighborhood Website: Online Message Board: sunsetvillagecommunityassociation District 11 Alder: Tim Gruber, [email protected] 338-3840, Facebook page: “Sunset Village Community Association”