SWEDENBORG FOUNDATION • 2016 • ANNUAL REPORT ABOUT THE FOUNDATION Founded in New York City in 1849 as the American Swedenborg Printing and Publi...

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ABOUT THE FOUNDATION Founded in New York City in 1849 as the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society, we have been dedicated from the start to making Emanuel Swedenborg’s thought widely available. Originally, that meant distributing his books for the lowest cost possible, but in 1928 (the same year our name changed to the Swedenborg Foundation), our mission expanded to include publishing books about his ideas. Since our founding, we have sold or given away millions of books, pamphlets, and other informational materials. In entering the digital age, we have embraced new forms of communication, but our goals remain the same: to reach out, to inspire, and to inform.

Table of Contents A Message from the President l 3 Integrating Online and Offline Content: Awareness, Engagement, Education l 4 New in 2016 l 11 Core Content: The New Century Edition l 14 Strategic Planning: 2017 and Beyond l 17 Finances l 19 Life Members of the Swedenborg Foundation l 23 Contributors for the Year 2016 l 24 Officers, Board of Directors, and Staff l 35





t’s my honor and pleasure to report another very successful year at the Swedenborg Foundation, as we continue to expand on all fronts. In the following pages, you’ll find detailed information about what we’ve done this year, the results we achieved, and how our supporters have played a crucial role in making this possible. Over the past few years, our resources have been focused on expanding awareness of Swedenborg’s thought, encouraging people to engage with it, and providing the tools they need to delve into the ideas presented. The numbers are more than we could have dreamed: our videos were seen more than 3.6 million times last year, and we now have 400,000 people following us on our Heaven and Hell Facebook page. The growth continues, and our relationship with our expanding audience is growing also. So where do we go next? In September 2016, the board and staff participated in a strategic retreat to answer that very question; and while the full plan is not yet ready to unveil, we have included a preliminary report here so that the people who care about our mission as passionately as we do have the opportunity to see it and to provide feedback. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to everyone who has made this possible: not only the board and staff of the Swedenborg Foundation but also our members and donors, for whose support we are profoundly grateful.

Richard B. Hatheway President Swedenborg Foundation

photo by: Keith Walters

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report




n our ongoing quest to connect as many people as possible with Swedenborg’s thought, we have taken advantage of many years of experience in content creation. Publishing translations of Swedenborg’s works has always been part of our mission, and we have also published a wide range of books about all aspects of Swedenborg’s thought—from scholarly explorations to books aimed at general spiritual seekers. With the added dimension of online content—in particular, our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life—we’ve taken that tradition and built on it, expanding it and engaging new audiences in more personal ways than we’ve ever done before. In the process, we are establishing Swedenborg as an important, unique source of spiritual teaching in a world that is hungry for new perspectives. In last year’s annual report, we outlined a three-pronged approach that is still very much at the heart of everything we produce: • Awareness: Introduce as many people as possible to Emanuel Swedenborg’s name and ideas through online videos, social media posts, advertising, and other means. • Engagement: Encourage those people to ask questions and discuss their experiences. We do this by offering tips for applying these ideas to their daily lives and giving them ways to stay in touch by following us on social media, receiving newsletters, and more. • Education: Ensure that the people who have become engaged have access to free resources that let them dig deeper: free downloads of Swedenborg’s writings, longer and more in-depth videos on YouTube, and other books and resources accessible through our website.

Success for us means growing in all of those areas—not just making Swedenborg a “name” that people recognize but giving people the tools they need to really understand his ideas. In 2016, we once again hit record highs in all three of those areas.



AWARENESS We have three primary outlets for introducing Swedenborg to new audiences: the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel; the Heaven and Hell Facebook page; and our website, Swedenborg.com. By far the most successful of these has been, and continues to be, the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel. The channel features a weekly, hour-long program called Swedenborg and Life that airs live on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and then remains posted on the channel for people to watch later. We constantly receive feedback from new viewers telling us that they appreciate the format, the gentle approach that encourages people to develop their own opinions, and especially the engaging personality of host Curtis Childs. In 2016, people watched these videos 3.6 million times, representing a total of 31.2 million minutes of watch time. Not only did the number of views jump by 71 percent compared to 2015, but the amount of time that people spent watching our videos doubled. Unfortunately, YouTube does not track unique viewers, so there’s no way to know for certain how many people these figures represent. However, the enormous growth, mirrored by the increase in engagement statistics that we’ll share later in this report, tells us that we are reaching far more people than ever before. The show not only helps to spread awareness through direct viewership, but it also does so by sparking conversations in other venues. Throughout 2016, Curtis was interviewed on more than half a dozen different podcasts and webcasts, some international, all aimed at spiritual seekers and people who

“Through all my life, in my religious studies I had never even heard of Swedenborg until stumbling on him via Curtis on YouTube. I was God-smacked! Speechless, and now I can’t get enough. I can’t be the only one this has happened to. I have been studying different religions since I was a child so close to fifty-some years now and I’m just now hearing the name of Emanuel Swedenborg.” —Comment from the Swedenborg Foundation Facebook page

“I get this guy. So refreshing. Why did I just learn of his existence? This philosophy or theology makes so much sense, it hangs together so well in such a precise and self-evident way that it astounds and delights me.” —Comment from YouTube

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


“The exposure to the works of Emanuel Swedenborg has brought to me a real sense that everything is all right and that I am being directed by God. Although I have had many experiences and exposures to different religions and ways of thinking, until watching Off the Left Eye, I remained disconnected and confused. . . . The message for me from Swedenborg is one of God’s love and providence and a knowing that ultimately ‘all is well.’ And that is a message I needed to not only hear but take into my heart.” —E-mail to the Swedenborg Foundation



want to engage with spirituality in a practical and meaningful way. We’ve also heard from college professors who are introducing Swedenborg into their curricula for the first time, resulting in some wonderful new discoveries for the students. Our Heaven and Hell Facebook page also continues to hit new highs. Posts to this page tend to fall into two different categories: quotes from Swedenborg or related thinkers—with the Swedenborg quotes set on photos to increase visibility—and posts promoting episodes of Swedenborg and Life. As of the end of 2016, about 391,000 people were following the Heaven and Hell Facebook page—a 17 percent increase over 2015. Through a type of paid marketing called “boosting,” we can reach far beyond the audience following our page; and sometimes when we do so, a quote will catch on and be shared by the people who see it. Between the number of people who follow our page and the exposure from our boosted posts, last year our posts were seen more than 34.3 million times. That, combined with the healthy growth in people following the page, tells us that this page is also reaching an everexpanding audience. In 2015, we had another opportunity to raise awareness in the form of a Google AdWords grant, which provides us with up to $10,000 per month in free, in-kind advertising that appears in Google search results. We use the grant to promote Swedenborg’s thought in a variety of ways. By far the most popular ads once again in 2016 were the ones promoting free e-book downloads, allowing us to put electronic copies of the books we produce in the

hands of people from all over the world. The grant resulted in a total of 72,000 additional visits to our website throughout the year and just under 6,800 book downloads. When we first embarked on our online expansion, our goal was to reach more than a million people in a year. There were times in 2016 when we reached that number in a week! As we shall see in the following sections, not only are we reaching new audiences, but they are becoming actively interested and involved in Swedenborg’s teachings in greater and greater numbers.

ENGAGEMENT Engagement can be defined in a number of different ways. On social media, engagement is a technical term for interacting with a piece of information—by clicking a “like” button, by leaving a comment, or by sharing something you’ve seen with friends. But we also like to think about engagement in terms of how people interact with the material, which could be asking a question, sharing their experiences, or subscribing to a channel in order to keep the flow of ideas coming. On the most basic level of engagement, a “like” on a post or video tells us that people are absorbing the information and enjoying it enough to share with friends. From that perspective, it’s very good news to report that on YouTube, the combination of “likes,” “shares” on social media, and videos shared on playlists reached 123,000—about double last year’s figure. Our “likes,” comments, and “shares” on the Heaven and Hell Facebook page also doubled, totaling 6 million by the end of the year.

“A few months ago I had never heard of Swedenborg. Now I feel like I’ve finally found a spiritual framework that actually makes sense, and pieces of the puzzle that have eluded me for all my life are revealing themselves one after the other in dizzying succession. I still have a lot to learn, and you are a well I will be returning to again and again.” —Comment from YouTube

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


“Thank you, Curtis, I came across offTheLeftEye this summer when the love of my life died in a traffic accident. I can honestly say you saved my life, though. I lost contact with God a long time ago, but now I am trying to find my way back to the Lord’s path. I thank you for what you do and send you big regards from Stockholm, Sweden.” —Comment from YouTube

“You and Swedenborg have saved my life and my soul. I now want to know everything about God and heaven. Please keep up the great work you are doing.” —Comment on the offTheLeftEye Facebook page



But what about a deeper level of engagement, where people are not only absorbing the information but thinking about it deeply enough to ask a question or leave a comment? Comments on our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel shot up 48 percent in 2016, totaling more than 35,000 by the end of the year. While Facebook no longer allows us to track the number of individual comments over a period of time, every day our moderation team gets substantive comments or questions about Swedenborg’s thought—in addition to private messages and e-mails from people who have found us online. The increase in feedback on all levels has meant a corresponding increase in work for our moderators, the people who respond to those questions and comments on a daily basis. One of the great things we were able to do with donations in 2016 was to increase the capacity of our team of moderators, adding some to our team and increasing the amount of time others spent responding to people online. As of the end of the year, we had half a dozen staff members spending some part of their weekly schedule responding to queries. Engagement can mean not only engagement with Swedenborg’s thought, but it can also mean engagement with us as an organization. This includes following us on social media—in the previous section, we mentioned the increase in followers on the Heaven and Hell Facebook page; we also saw a 42 percent increase in new subscribers to the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel, bringing us to just over 44,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Followers on our organizational social media and subscribers to our

e-mail list also increased significantly; but even more than that, our membership is now at its highest level in history. While it’s thrilling to see so many people inspired and uplifted by Swedenborg’s teachings, ultimately our goal is to encourage people to dig more deeply into his thought and apply it to their life, and that’s where education comes in.

“I just joined the Swedenborg Foundation because the books changed my life and I have more wisdom and love for others.” —Comment from YouTube

EDUCATION The Swedenborg Foundation was founded on the principle that the best way to get Swedenborg’s thought into the world is to make his writings available as freely and widely as possible, and we continue that mission today. The New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg—our ongoing project to produce modern translations of Swedenborg’s works that reflect the latest scholarship in language and history—is the centerpiece of that mission. Through the support of our donors, we are able not only to continue this project but also to make the resulting translations available for free on our website and for a low cost through book retailers. As a result of all of our activities, visitors to our website downloaded 21,753 copies of New Century Edition volumes across a variety of formats (an 11 percent increase over 2015). We continue to make the entire set of Redesigned Standard Edition volumes available for free as well, and visitors downloaded a total of 9,548 copies of those. Last but not least, we produce a number of books by other authors that help people put Swedenborg and his thought in context to apply his ideas to daily life; visitors downloaded 16,878 copies of those volumes—a total of more than 48,000 volumes distributed for the year.

“I had spent a fair amount of time praying for answers to fill the void of information I knew was missing in my life and spiritual journey. . . . Then one fine day the Foundation’s YouTube channel appeared on my list of suggested videos to watch. I have been hooked ever since. I have purchased all the books and consume the information like the huge piece of fudge cake that it is—slowly . . . then come back for more.” —E-mail to the Swedenborg Foundation

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


“Wow. . . . Just wow. I’m not the most articulate person . . . but this program and all the other ones I have watched answer so many questions for me. . . . In simple terms, it explains what it ‘all’ means. I’m learning a lot, and not in a way of, say, watching an educational video, but having an emerging understanding, and through this, I am finding a true purpose to life, in myself and in my relations with my fellow man and animals and even plant life, nature itself. Thank you. My journey continues.” —Comment from YouTube



Swedenborg.com, however, is more than a home for free book downloads. We had more than 180,000 visitors to the site in 2016 (an increase of 39 percent over 2015), and they took advantage of all aspects of our site—book downloads, informational articles, blog posts, recaps of Swedenborg and Life episodes, and more. Through the use of e-mail and social media, we work to keep people coming back by continually updating the content we offer. Our Swedenborg and Life webcast is another educational outlet. The individual episodes examine specific topics in-depth; so even if viewers only watch the channel and never explore any other resource, they can still learn quite a bit about Swedenborg’s thought. On average, people who watch our videos stay until the very end about 10 percent of the time— a total of about 360,000 video views in 2016. That figure represents a large number of individuals who were not only interested in a topic but who also dug in to learn all they could about it. •

NEW IN 2016 In this report, we talked about a lot of ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at raising public knowledge about Swedenborg. But what was new for 2016? • After several years of consultation and planning, we launched our new logo in early 2016, resulting in a change of look across all of our products and publications. To celebrate, in June we opened a store on Redbubble.com that allows fans of the Foundation to order our logo on a wide variety of items, from T-shirts to cell phone covers. • One of the biggest changes this year was moving the offTheLeftEye (OTLE) staff to a larger studio and office space at Bryn Athyn College. This move allowed them to have a dedicated recording space for the first time as well as providing more desk space for additional contractors. The proximity to Bryn Athyn College also allows us to recruit interns, providing the students with new educational opportunities and the OTLE staff with workflow support and fresh ideas and insights. Joining them in the new office space were two members of the New Century Edition (NCE) editorial team, consolidating our office space in the Bryn Athyn area and allowing for closer consultation between these two key teams. In other office news, we completed some much-needed repairs to the brick exterior of our West Chester building, thus ensuring the long-term stability of this historic property.

Swedenborg Foundation

Video Art Director Matthew Childs works on an animated sequence for Swedenborg and Life.

Left to right: Show contributor Chris Dunn, Staff Writer Chelsea Odhner, and Video Art Director Matthew Childs collaborate on pre-production filming.

Technical Director Stewart Farmer works on graphics for an upcoming episode.

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


• Swedenborg and Life celebrated its onehundredth episode in May by broadcasting in front of a live audience for the first time. Fans of the show came from as far away as Washington DC to meet the cast and crew.

Digital Media Producer Curtis Childs (center) plans an episode with staff writers Chelsea Odhner (right) and Karin Childs (left, on screen).

• In March, we launched the podcast of Swedenborg and Life, allowing fans who prefer to listen on the go to download the audio track of each episode and take it with them via their favorite podcast service. • The New Century Edition team released the Portable edition of Swedenborg’s short work New Jerusalem, the first time in more than a hundred years that this work has been re-translated in its entirety. (For a full report on the NCE, see the Core Content: The New Century Edition section.) • At the beginning of 2016, we welcomed a new part-time editor, John Connolly. His primary responsibility is in book editing, but he also works on offTheLeftEye and Swedenborg.com. • We released Ten Commandments, a compilation of Swedenborg’s four major commentaries on the subject. Although all of these have been published separately in other works, this is the first time that they have been released in a single volume, allowing readers to compare what he wrote across decades and gain a deeper understanding. • We reprinted and produced new e-book editions of A Swedenborg Sampler, Love in Marriage, A Thoughtful Soul: Reflections from Swedenborg, and Tunnel to Eternity.



• And last but not least, we produced a whole lot of videos: Why Bad Things Happen

End Times and Jesus Christ

The Four Kinds of Love

Three Kinds of Evil Spirits

Children in Heaven

Spiritual Insight through Gardening

What the Bible Is Spiritual Marriage Sensing Your Spiritual Body The Meaning of Noah and the Flood How to Create Heaven on Earth The Good Thing about Hell The Meaning of Easter Everyday Spirituality Three Conversations with Angels Spiritual Fermentation Renewable Spiritual Energy The Infinite in You 3 Simple Ways to Everyone

How Angels Take Care of Us When We Die Where Thoughts Come From How to Understand the Trinity Swedenborg 101: The Basic Nature of Everything The Last Judgment Are There Animals in the Afterlife? How to Live in Eternity Now How Spirits are Connected to Your Health How to Respect Spiritual Boundaries in Relationships

When Religion Went Wrong

Revelation: Vision of a God Centered Life

The Reality of Heaven and Hell with Howard Storm

How to Feel the Presence of Angels

The Power of Heaven’s Angels How to Travel in the Afterlife

What Will You Remember in the Afterlife?

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

The Day-to-Day Process of Our Salvation

Spiritual Freedom The Four Strangest Creatures in Revelation The Spiritual Reality behind all Faiths

And two series of question and-answer shows: “Spiritual Questions Answered” and “10 Questions” •

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


CORE CONTENT: THE NEW CENTURY EDITION Throughout 2016, the New Century Edition (NCE) team continued to work on the translations, annotations, indexes, and accompanying scholarly materials required for the NCE series; and it also continued to check and edit its way through the stack of manuscripts now in hand.



y year’s end, the translation of the fourteenth volume of Secrets of Heaven had been completed, an event closely followed by the conclusion of the Latin consultation for the same volume. That means that only one book in the entire NCE series remains to be translated—the fifteenth and final volume of Secrets of Heaven. Other major milestones of the scholarship and editorial team included: • The print publication of the Portable version of New Jerusalem, which was subsequently converted into a custom-hyperlinked e-book (The Portable versions generally contain only the translation of Swedenborg’s text; the Deluxe versions include the translation text as well as prefaces, introductions, notes, and indexes.) This publication is particularly significant because it is the first new English translation of the unabridged work to appear in 103 years. It leaves only one more translation to be issued from the group of five works Swedenborg published in 1758. • The drafting of a thorough topical index for The Shorter Works of 1758, which was accomplished even as the edit of the translation of its four individual titles was in process • The final edit of the majority of annotations for The Shorter Works of 1758 • The completion of the majority of annotations for Revelation Unveiled • The drafting of the majority of annotations for The Shorter Works of 1763



• The commencement of editorial work on the Marriage Love translation • The commencement of work on the remaining annotations of the Secrets of Heaven series by an independent scholar-annotator

UPDATED PUBLICATIONS The NCE team continues to invest considerable time in updating previously published books and issuing them in new formats. This effort signals a major change from the manner with which previous translations have been treated. Instead of a translation being seen as a static and unchangeable pronouncement of “the only way to read Swedenborg,” on first publication it becomes a living text that may still undergo correction and improvement to incorporate later advances in the knowledge of Swedenborg’s writings. In keeping with this publication philosophy, after both the Portable Heaven and Hell and the Portable Secrets of Heaven vol. 1 sold out during the year, they were revisited, corrected where necessary, and polished to fit our current copyediting standards before being reissued. As one of the key trustees of Swedenborg’s publishing legacy worldwide, the Swedenborg Foundation has come to view as an ongoing process the maintenance and reissuing of fresh, scholarship-based, annotated translations of his works.

SALES AND FREE DOWNLOADS Consistent with our marketing policy of encouraging free e-book downloads, by far the greatest distribution of NCE volumes in 2016 happened on Swedenborg.com. These free e-book downloads came to 21,747, an increase of 11 percent over 2015’s total. The most popular download this year was the PDF version of the Portable Heaven and Hell (at 3,274 downloads) followed closely by the number of downloads of the PDF version of Secrets of Heaven vol. 1 (at 2,811 downloads). This activity brought the total free downloads of NCE

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report



The Swedenborg Foundation website’s free and low-cost e-books page.

volumes (since project inception) to 221,682, easily surpassing the 200,000 milestone mentioned in last year’s report. On the sales front, in 2016 the Swedenborg Foundation sold 1,846 printed NCE volumes—a slight increase over 2015—and 136 audiobooks. Our sales of NCE e-books dipped ever so slightly from last year’s 2,642 units to this year’s 2,508 units. Combined, these sales of units in all categories ran just under the total of sales during 2015—in 2015, the total number of NCE titles sold was 4,529; in 2016, it reached 4,354.

FUNDRAISING Donors now can give to the NCE either directly or through the Canopy Project, an initiative launched by the Swedenborg Foundation in 2015. In addition to Canopy Project funding, in 2016 the NCE received some funds earmarked specifically for the NCE. These totaled $42,450 and came to us from eighty-three donors. Without Canopy Project and direct contributions, we would not be able to carry out our mission of bringing the authentic core of Swedenborgian thought to readers and seekers around the world. We are deeply grateful for this ongoing support. • 16





In 2012, the Foundation’s board met for a strategic retreat that resulted in a historic change in direction—a shift in focus from reaching new audiences through printed books to reaching new audiences online. That new focus achieved a level of success that we could never have expected, and by 2016 we were faced with a new question: where do we go next?

n September 2016, board and staff gathered for another strategic retreat, once again engaging an outside facilitator to assist with the planning process. Using a top-down system where we started from our highest potential and then worked our way down to concrete goals, everyone agreed fairly quickly that the Foundation’s ultimate goal is to make the world a better, happier place by introducing as many people as possible to Swedenborg’s teachings. There was also agreement that our mission statement continues to be valid: The mission of the Swedenborg Foundation is to foster an affirmative, informed, and increasingly broad engagement with the theological message disclosed by Emanuel Swedenborg.

From there, the group developed four aspirations that would guide our planning for the next few years. One of those aspirations had to do with our internal systems, and the other three were content-focused: • Foundation reaches out and engages millions of people around the world • Foundation facilitates a breakthrough in scholarship in which Swedenborgian thought is recognized as contributing to a new understanding in the physical sciences, social sciences, arts, or humanities • Foundation board and content are balanced with respect to denominational interpretations of Swedenborgian thought

There are many possible steps to achieving those aspirations, and part of the work that we will be doing as an organization over the coming months is to narrow in on more specific steps that need to be taken in order to achieve our goals. However, several parts of this process are already clear. 2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


We affirmed that we will continue on our path of using online media to reach new audiences while being alert for opportunities in new technology and new media outlets. We anticipate that the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel is going to remain the focus of our online activities for the foreseeable future, and are exploring ways to continue growth without compromising the long-term stability of the organization. Over the long term, there is a desire not only to complete the initial phase of the New Century Edition translations but also to go on and continue translating his posthumous and pre-theological works. One of the emerging concepts in our strategic discussions is “ongoing core content”—the understanding that translation isn’t a once-and-done project; it’s work that needs to be maintained continuously in order to keep current publications fresh and bring new works into print. We are also committed to encouraging scholarly research into Swedenborg’s context and influence, with the goal of highlighting his ongoing importance in today’s world and perhaps even contributing to a breakthrough that changes the world for the better. We are looking forward to all this and more in the years to come. •



FINANCES We ended the 2016 fiscal year in great shape once again: our spending came in under budget, our income was higher than expected, and our investment value was steady. Below is a breakdown of our programs and spending as well as our income sources and current assets.



ur total expenses for 2016 were approximately $1.66 million, reflecting increased spending on our online programming that was made possible by grants and by generous donor support. Online media production—including our YouTube programming, our social media outreach, and our website—was our single largest program in 2016, with a total expenditure of $606,832, or 37 percent of our overall spending. It should be noted that just under $120,000 of this figure represents an in-kind grant from Google that allows us $10,000 per month in free advertising. Thus the actual cash spent on this program by the Foundation was $487,577, which is an increase of approximately 20 percent over 2015. Our second-largest program was the New Century Edition translation series, where expenses were even with 2015 at $400,580, or 24 percent of our total spending. Although publishing books is no longer our strategic focus, we continue to produce books on Swedenborg’s thought for a broad range of audiences. Expenses related to book production were $142,965 in 2016—a decrease of 9 percent from 2015, reflecting an ongoing effort to streamline costs in this category. Book publishing is currently 9 percent of our overall spending. We also engage in other 2016 SPENDING BY PROGRAM

37% Online

24% NCE


Books (General)


General Promotion

21 %




2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


promotional activities—for example, attending conferences—which accounts for another 3 percent of our spending. In terms of supporting costs, our administrative expenses were about even with last year at $343,821, while fundraising costs decreased to $110,501 (6 percent of our overall budget). For a more detailed breakdown of our expenses by program, please see the statement of functional expenses on page 21.

INCOME In 2016, as in most years, the majority of our operating funds were drawn from our endowment, the majority of which is invested in stocks (see below). For budget purposes, we treat this drawdown—which is limited to 4.5 percent of the endowment value to ensure sustainability—as income. % Book Sales 2 Beginning in 2016, we shifted to a slightly Investments 7% different funding model for the NCE; the board has established a $2 million completion fund to conclude the first phase of the project. That $2 million is deducted from our net assets before Donations calculating our base (4.5 percent) drawdown and Drawdown figure. In addition to our base drawdown, Membership 55% 36% we use additional money from the completion fund to cover NCE expenses. Combining those two figures, our drawdown for the year was approximately $930,000. SOURCES OF We were blessed in 2015 to receive some very OPERATING FUNDS generous donations to help with online expansion; while those donations were booked as income in 2015, approximately $185,000 was applied to the 2016 budget. In addition, we received $426,000 in grants, donations, and membership fees, of which approximately $120,000 was represented by the in-kind grant from Google mentioned above in the Programs and Expenses section. Our 2015 and 2016 donations and membership together accounted for $611,000 of our income in 2016. Other funds applied against this year’s spending were $117,000 in investment income and $40,000 in book sales. 20






Book Distribution — SF




Book Distribution — NCE





Online Programming






General Promotion


















































0 17,104 184,097 0






Supporting Activities

35,081 9,349 0 5,779






Program Services


3,958 0 27,126









Occupancy Expense

















Membership & Development

Conferences and Conventions






Less Expenses Included with Revenues

Expenses Subtotal


Expenses before Depreciation



Postage and Fulfillment







Creative Contractors

0 1,529 21,737






1,661,270 140,798

200 50,476


Total Supporting

Professional Fees

7,416 1,298 16,305






20,864 2,167




Books Distribution Costs

7,386 919 4,736







1,682,134 400,580





General and Administrative

Medical and Dental Insurance

5,007 8,074








Total Program

Payroll Taxes

0 0








Employee Benefits

0 0







Total Expenses

Investments Our endowment is invested in a combination of stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs). The stocks are managed by Vanguard and are invested in a mix of funds that include domestic stocks, international stocks, and fixed-income instruments like bonds. Due to volatility in the market, our stocks dropped slightly in value over the course of the year, ending 2016 at about INVESTMENT ALLOCATIONS $14.9 million. U.S. STOCKS 41% Our REITs investments, which are managed International Stocks 27% by the Curry Poole Group, were valued at $1.68 Fixed Income 21% million at the end of 2016, representing a slight REITs 11% decrease from 2015. Taking into account our investments, cash on hand, property, and other assets, our total net assets as of the end of 2016 were $17.7 million.

Membership and Donations In 2016, we received approximately $426,000 from memberships and donations (excluding donations from 2015 that were applied to the 2016 budget). Our donations came from two major sources: grants from institutions and individual donations. Our institutional grants accounted for a total of $237,000 (including the Google grant noted above). Our donations from individuals stood at $173,000, a 9 percent decrease from 2015. Despite the decrease, we had a 10 percent increase in the number of people making donations and a 22 percent growth in new donors, so the potential for the future is bright. We also had a landmark year for membership, reaching 668 members by the end of 2016. This is a 10 percent increase over 2015, and so it is once again the highest our membership has been since we began keeping records. We feel truly blessed to have so much support, both within the Swedenborgian community and from new members. • Our 2016 financial statements were audited by the firm of Alan Ross & Company PC. You can obtain our auditor’s full report by contacting our business manager, Valerie McLaughlin, by phone at (610) 430-3222, ext. 108; by e-mail at [email protected] swedenborg.com; or by writing to 320 North Church Street, West Chester, PA 19380. 22


LIFE MEMBERS OF THE SWEDENBORG FOUNDATION Rev. & Mrs. Glenn G. Alden Rev. & Mrs. Mark E. Alden Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Alden Mr. & Mrs. E. Boyd Asplundh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Asplundh Rev. & Mrs. Kurt Horigan Asplundh Miss Susan L. Asplundh Dr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Baker Mrs. Polly H. Baxter Mrs. Morgan Beard Dr. Hugh A. Blackmer Mr. Cory Bradford-Watts Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Brickman, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Erland J. Brock Mrs. Elizabeth S. Bruser Ms. Jane Burton Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Peter M. Buss, Sr. Mr. Curtis Childs Mrs. Janet B. Cole Mrs. Karen Cole Mr. Lawrence D. Conant Mr. Brian Cooper Mr. George M. Cooper Mrs. Lisa Hyatt Cooper & Mr. Kent Cooper Mr. Laurence E. Cranch Mrs. Jean E. Denning Mrs. Wren H. Doering Rev. Dr. & Mrs. George F. Dole Dr. & Mrs. Forrest E. Dristy Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Elder

Mr. Mark O. Elder Mr. Lon S. Elmer, Jr. Mrs. Karen Feil Mr. Donald C. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Rev. Forster W. Freeman III Mrs. Vera P. Glenn Rev. Charles P. Godbey Mrs. Mary W. Griffin Mr. Gene Hall Dr. Richard Hatheway Mr. & Mrs. James B. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Heffernan Mr. Frederick Heldring Mr. Bruce M. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Herskovitz Dr. John L. Hitchcock Mr. James P. Horigan Dr. & Mrs. Leon A. James Mr. & Mrs. Neville Jarvis Ms. Jennifer G. Jesse Mr. & Mrs. Hyland R. Johns Mr. & Mrs. Bergen Junge Mr. James F. Junge Rev. Robert S. Junge Mr. David J. Keating Mrs. Donna M. Keller Ms. Bertha Kimmig Rev. Dr. J. Theodore & Dr. Mary Kay Klein Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Klein Mrs. Margaret Kraus Rev. & Mrs. Dzin P. Kwak Rev. & Mrs. Randall E. Laakko Dr. Dale L. Lange Drs. Stephen & Robin Larsen

Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence Mr. Robert F. Lawson Ms. Susanna Lawson Mr. Edward B. Lee III Rev. Emily Jane A. Lemole Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jay Lermitte Mrs. Patricia W. LeVan Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Lynch Mr. Paul Maring Dr. Perry Martin Miss Tracy L. McCardell Mr. Robert E. McCluskey Rev. & Mrs. George D. McCurdy Rev. Kurt P. Nemitz Mrs. Margaret Parker Mr. & Mrs. James Peebles Mr. Brent Pendleton Mrs. Marcia Pendleton Mrs. Anne B. Perry Rev. Dr. F. Gardiner Perry Mrs. Phyllis B. Pitcairn Rev. & Mrs. Jerome Poole Mrs. Estelle Porter Mrs. Elsie Reddekopp Ms. Lieschen Redelin Mrs. Judith P. Rhodes Rev. & Mrs. David L. Rienstra Rev. Frank S. Rose Rev. Dr. Jonathan S. Rose Mrs. Noelene Rose Mrs. & Mrs. Frederick H. Schneider Mrs. Diane Seekamp Mr. R. Wesley Seekamp Mrs. Doris Shaw

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


Dr. Fitzhugh L. Shaw Dr. Sylvia Shaw Mrs. Grace Shields Dr. Stuart Shotwell Rev. & Mrs. Jeremy F. Simons Dr. & Mrs. Kurt A. Simons Dr. Wickham Skinner Mrs. Gloria H. Alden Smith Mr. Marlyn F. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Smith

Ms. Virginia Smith Mr. Richard Smoley Mr. David St. Amour Mr. Richard Stansbury Ms. Anne T. Synnestvedt Ms. Kathleen M. Tafel Rev. F. Robert Tafel Dr. Donald W. Thibeault Mr. Peter Toot Mr. Dan A. Unruh

Mr. Malcolm Walter Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Webb Ms. Pamela Weldon Rev. Gladys Wheaton Dr. Jane Williams-Hogan Rev. Lee S. Woofenden Rev. Eric J. Zacharias Mrs. Patricia Zacharias

IN MEMORIAM 2016 It is with a deep sense of loss that the Swedenborg Foundation notes the passing into the spiritual world of the following life members and valued supporters, including two long-time board members: Mrs. Carol Skinner Lawson

Rev. Ernest O. Martin

Mr. John C. Perry

CONTRIBUTORS FOR THE YEAR 2016 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS AND GIFTS From Organizations Aspen Grove Foundation Asplundh Foundation Bloom High School Brickman Foundation Glencairn Foundation Hillside Community Church Johnny Appleseed Festival, Inc. New York Jesus Church Omni Swing San Francisco Swedenborgian Church Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation



From Individuals

Mrs. Susanna Akerman Mrs. Thomasine Alan Dr. Margaret Abiona Mr. Max Alarid Mr. Hamidreza Abrishami Mr. & Mrs. John H. Alden Ms. Archanaa Acharya Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Alden Mrs. Wendy S. Ackinson Rev. & Mrs. Mark E. Alden Mrs. & Mr. Amy Acquarola Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Alfred Acton II Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Alden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Alden Ms. Barbara B. Acton Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Mr. Jeffrey Adams Aldrich, Esq. Mr. Michael Adams Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Adams Mr. Derrick Allen Mrs. Khary Allen Mr. Robert Adams Ms. Lee Allen Mr. Vlad Agachi Mr. & Mrs. Mike Allen Mr. Juan Aguilar Mr. Karlos Alves Ms. Carrie Aguilera Mr. John Amarilios Mr. Alexander Aitkin

Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) continued Mr. Jimmy Amin Mr. & Mrs. Hans & Osa Andersen Mrs. Harriet E. Anderson Mrs. & Mr. Karen Anderson Mr. Terry Anderson Ms. Cinda Anderton Ms. Anita Sue Andrews Mr. James S. Andrews Ms. Natasha S. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Andrews Ms. Uroosa Anwar Mr. Melvin R. Appell Ms. Susan H. Applegate Ms. Shaune Arnold Mrs. Gale C. Arnoux Ms. Alice Arrington Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Asplundh Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Asplundh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Asplundh Mr. & Mrs. Ian L. Asplundh Rev. & Mrs. Kurt Horigan Asplundh Mr. Daniel Attila Mr. Sherman Atwood Mrs. Darlene Aube Mr. Thomas L. Avrutis Ms. Dora Ayala-Castro Mr. Enrique L. Bahena Ms. Cynthia Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Bailey Mr. Marc Baissac Dr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Baker Mr. Robert Ball

Ms. Helen A. Barler & Mr. Paul Flesher Mr. Guy Barnes Ms. Linda Barnett Rev. & Mrs. Wendel R. Barnett Mrs. Joy Barnitz & Mr. Doug Stinson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Barrett Mr. Mark Barry Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery G. Bartlett Mr. John Bartlett Mrs. Crystal Bartlick Mr. Alfred C. Bateman Ms. Vivian Baynard Mrs. Morgan Beard Mrs. Melissa C. Beck Dr. & Mrs. Allen J. Bedford Mrs. & Mr. Nancy Bee Ms. Linda Beers Mr. Harris L. Behlert Mr. Robert A. Beiswenger Mr. Leland Bekedam Mrs. Barbara B. Bellamy Ms. Susan J. Bellinger Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Benjamin Mr. David Berg Ms. Mamie Bergara Mr. Dieter Bergmann Mr. Norman W. Bestor Ms. Anna K. Beverwijk Mr. John E. G. Bischof Ms. Louise Blackman Mr. & Mrs. Brian G. Blair Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Blair Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Blair Ms. Leigh Blake Mr. James Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Karl J. Boericke

Mr. P. Brent Boericke Ms. Vicki Bolten Wheat Mr. Robert Booher Rev. & Mrs. Paul L. Booth Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Bostock Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Bostock Ms. Cassandra I. Bowyer Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Bowyer Ms. Barbara P. Boxwell Mr. & Mrs. Dean R. Boyce Mr. Kevin Boyle Mr. Fred Braakman Mr. & Mrs. Adriaan Braam Dr. Kathy D. Brace Dr. Kerry V. Brace Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Bramel Mr. Edward Brand Mr. Blake Branham Mrs. Margaret Braun Mrs. Freda L. Brause Mr. Michael Bravo Ms. Theresa M. Brazil Ms. Sandra Brewster Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Brickman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Bright Dr. & Mrs. Erland J. Brock Ms. Terry Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Brown Mrs. Linda J. Brown Mr. Ryan Brown Mrs. Kirsten Brown-Garcia Mr. Jerome P. Bruning Mr. & Mrs. Anatoly Brunton Ms. Lynn A. Bryan Ms. Lucy Bryant Mr. Stephen Budkey Mr. Keith Burden

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) Rev. & Mrs. William H. Burke Mr. Jeffrey C. Burnham Mr. William Burris Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Peter M. Buss, Sr. Mrs. Susan A. Byers Rev. Gabriella Cahaley Mrs. Jeanette P. Cain Rev. Christine Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. John Camperson Mrs. Alixandra Capozzi Mr. Mark Cappetta Ms. Awilda Caraballo Ms. Devon Carberry & Mr. Carey Smith Ms. Kristen Cardwell Ms. Judith A. Carson Ms. Kathleen M. Carson, D.V.M. Rev. & Mrs. Eric H. Carswell Mr. William R. Cass Mr. & Rev. John Caughman Dr. & Mrs. Gunnar J. Cederbom, M.D. Ms. Sandra Champlain Ms. Heawon Chang Mr. Robert H. Chappell, Jr. Ms. Christine Childs Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Childs Mrs. Helga S. Childs Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Karin Childs Mrs. Lisa Childs Mr. Walter L. Childs, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Childs III Mr. Ho Chul Choi



Dr. Richard R. Cirulli Dr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Clark, Sr. Mr. Shaun Clarke Ms. Irene Clegg Ms. Constance Cleghorn Mr. & Mrs. David M. Closterman Dr. Wendy E. Closterman & Mr. Michael W. Pigg Mr. & Mrs. Marvin B. Clymer Mr. Darin Coats & Ms. Mary Kay Andersen Mr. & Mrs. William T. Coffman Dr. Regina Cofrin Mr. & Mrs. Floyd W. Cohoon Mrs. Charis P. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Colin S. Cole Mr. Stephen Coleman Mr. Lawrence D. Conant Rev. Julie D. Conaron Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Conger Ms. Marlene Connell Mr. John Connolly Ms. Maggie Cook Mr. David W. Cooper Mr. Geoffrey Cooper Mr. & Mrs. George M. Cooper Mrs. Lisa Hyatt Cooper & Mr. Kent Cooper Mr. Richard H. Cooper Mrs. Sylvia R. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Costello Mrs. Patricia R. Crahan Mr. Ivan Crampton Mr. & Mrs. Eliot W. Cranch Mr. & Mrs. Mark Critchley Ms. Valerie Curnow

Miss Yona D’Angelo Mrs. Carolyn Dallara Mr. & Mrs. Scott Daum Ms. Josee de Backere Mrs. Kazuko de Bie Mr. Denis V. R. de Chazal Mr. & Mrs. Edmond P. de Chazal Mr. Jean L. de Chazal Dr. & Mrs. James B. de Maine Mr. Ronald O. Decker Mr. & Mrs. Greg Degi Mr. & Mrs. James E. Delane Dr. James W. DeRuiter Mr. James Desiderius Mr. Thomas S. Devereaux Ms. Elizabeth DeVries Ms. Karen M. Diefenbach Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Diener, Jr. Mr. Raymond DiLuzio Mr. Dennis Dingen Mrs. Barbara C. Doering Mr. & Mrs. Dale Doering Rev. Dr. & Mrs. George F. Dole Mr. Caid Donahue Mr. Robert Doriss Ms. Jean P. Dougherty Dr. & Mrs. Forrest E. Dristy Mr. George Du Bois Ms. Carmen DuBois Mr. Keith Ducharme Mr. Brandon Duhon Ms. Cheri Dunn Mr. & Mrs. K. Norman Dyck Mrs. Vera Dyck Ms. Melissa J. Dzeba Mr. Frank Eastburn Rev. J. Clark Echols, Jr.

Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) continued Mrs. Patricia Echols Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Echols Mr. & Mrs. Justin D. Edmonds Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Mark O. Elder Mrs. Suzanne M. Elder-Cochrane Ms. Betty J. Eldridge Mr. David F. Elgart Mr. Douglas Eliason Mrs. De Ette Ellis Mr. Lon Elmer Ms. Hilda V. Epp Ms. Pamela Erdely Ms. Jane R. Ervin Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lee Evans Mr. & Mrs. Carolton Evans Ms. Penelope Farmer Mrs. Hilda M. Farrar Mrs. Janet D. Farrell Ms. Naomi Farren Miss Cynthia M. Farsadi Ms. Tamara Farsadi Ms. Katie Feick Mrs. Karen Feil Ms. Helen Ference Maj. Gen. & Mrs. Frederick A. Fiedler Ms. Stephanie Finch Mr. Brad Fisher Mr. John Fitzgerald Mrs. Cindy Fitzpatrick Mr. Donald C. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. A. James Fix Ms. Phyllis A. R. Flores Rev. Thomas Xavier Floyd Mr. Joseph E. Fodor

Ms. Maureen Folan Mr. Mikael Folkesson Mr. Gustav Fornander Ms. Sidney Franks Ms. Meghan Fraser Ms. Candace Frazee Mr. Tye Frazier Mr. Mark Fredenburg Ms. Laura Fridely Mr. Lionel Friend Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Frost Dr. David Fuller & Dr. Janet M. Krettek Mrs. Kathleen L. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Kent B. Fuller Mr. Scott D. Fuller Ms. Linda Fung Mr. Richard Fyock Mr. Kent Gale Mr. Vincent Gambino Mr. & Mrs. George R. Gantz Mr. Thomas R. Garber Ms. Janet L. Garcia Mr. Joseph Gargano, Esq. Mrs. Bonnie J. Gates Mr. Anthony Gatti Mr. Dennis Gaudet Dr. Michael B. Gehl, M.D. Ms. Linda Geibel Mrs. Lynn P. Genzlinger Mrs. Muriel Genzlinger Mr. & Mrs. Neil Genzlinger Mr. & Mrs. Vance Genzlinger Mr. Alexander J. Gibson Ms. Heidi Gibson Mr. Gerard Gil Mr. David Gilbert Mr. David G. Gilson

Mrs. Margaret Y. Gladish Rev. & Mrs. Nathan D. Gladish Mrs. Shirley G. Gladish Dr. Sylvia M. Gladish Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gladish Mr. Robin Glasco Mr. Shawn Glasco Rev. Dr. Thane P. Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Glover Mr. Gerald Godwin Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Goerwitz, Jr. Mrs. & Mr. Cecelia Gomes Ms. Pamela Gonzalez Rev. & Mrs. Daniel W. Goodenough Mr. Timothy M. Gordon Mr. John Gosson Mr. Yoshiro Goto Mr. & Mrs. William C. Gough Ms. Ann V. Graber Mrs. Bettina C. Graber Mr. Donald L. Granger Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Grappone Ms. Emanuela Grasso Ms. Shirley M. Gray Dr. John A. Grayzel Ms. Diana Green Ms. Karen Green Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Green Ms. Kimball Greenough Ms. Mary Greenough Mr. David Grier, Jr. Miss Diana L. Griffiths Mrs. Gwynne V. Griswold Ms. Evelyn W. Gross Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Gruber Ms. Carol F. Guile

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) Mr. Dean Gunther Miss Martha Gyllenhaal Ms. Sooki Ha Ms. Megan Hagins Ms. Kathleen Hahn Mr. Roderick Hale Ms. B. Charlotte Hall Mr. Darryl Hall Mrs. Lesley Hall Mrs. Barbara Halle Ms. Elfa Halloway Ms. Doris A. Halterman Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Hammond Mr. Paul R. Hammond Ms. Anjuli Hararah Ms. Annie Hardy Mr. Charles Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Byron L. Harris Mr. John Harris Mr. Neal K. Harris Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hatheway Dr. Glenda R. Hawley Dr. Donald R. Haworth Mrs. Priscilla A. Hazlett Ms. Jeanne Heacox Miss Sarah J. Headsten Dr. John D. Heilman Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Heinrichs Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Helm Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Henderson Ms. Leslie Henderson Ms. Thelma P. Henderson Ms. Wendy Henner Mr. Erik Henriksson Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Hernandez Mr. G. R. Hewitt



Mrs. Cathy Hickok Mr. Roy Hight Mrs. Adriana Hilbert Mr. Ray Hill Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Hill Mr. Ross Hill Mr. Frederick E. Hille Ms. Jeannette Hille Mrs. Roberta S. Hitchcock Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hitchner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hodge, Jr. Mr. Nathan Hoffman Ms. Pamela Hoffman Mr. Michael Hofmann Ms. Juanita F. Holifield Mr. Erik Holm Mr. & Mrs. Dean N. Holmes Mr. Donald R. Holt Ms. Maude Honemann Mr. Michael Hoogwater Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Horner Drs. Donal & Susan Hotalling Ms. Kathleen A. Houghton Mr. Robert Hovis Dr. John D. Howard Mr. Robert A. Huber Ms. Pamela Hughes Ms. Virginia P. Hughes Mr. Christopher Huckportie Ms. Elizabeth A. Husk Mrs. Robin R. Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. Garry Hyatt Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hyatt Mr. Wynne S. Hyatt Ms. Jenny Ilasi Dr. Massimo Introvigne Dr. & Mrs. Frank R. Jackson Ms. Janna Jacobsen

Mr. Patrick Jacquez Mr. Guy James Dr. & Mrs. Leon A. James Mr. Jerry Jaquish Ms. Helen E. Jarvi Mr. & Mrs. Neville Jarvis Dr. James C. Jeffries Mr. Brett Jenkins Ms. Karen M. Jennison Rev. & Mrs. Yong J. Jin Ms. Frances Joe Mr. & Mrs. Hyland R. Johns Mrs. & Mr. Cassie Johnson Mr. James E. Johnson Mr. Robert B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Roddy L. Johnson Dr. Jack Jones Mr. Jon Jonsson Ms. Fortuna Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Charlesworth Joseph Ms. Fredeline Joseph Mr. Patrice Josset Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Junge Mr. & Mrs. Gerard R. Jutras Ms. Maria Kaminska Mr. & Mrs. Argo D. Karallus Dr. & Mrs. Laurence H. Kaufman Mr. Ian K. Keal Mrs. Jenny Keal Ms. Monique Kearney Mr. David J. Keating Mr. Jesse Keeler Mr. David A. Keith Rev. Michael J. Kell, PhD Mr. Cory Kelly Mrs. Marjorie M. Kelly

Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) continued Mr. Barry S. Kendler Revs. Brian & Linda Kent Mr. Saturnin Kepa Ms. Mary J. Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kerr III Mr. Florian Kersten Mr. Julian Kim Dr. Peter King Mr. William S. Kingdon Rev. Dr. J. Theodore & Dr. Mary Kay Klein Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Klinder Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kline Mr. & Mrs. Glen O. Klippenstein Mr. & Mrs. Marc Klippenstein Mrs. Esther P. Knierim Mr. Donald R. Knizley Mr. & Mrs. Alan N. Knofla Ms. Maria Koelmans Mr. David Kopa Rev. Darryl W. Kozak Mr. Ernest K. Kpodo Mr. & Mrs. Vernon J. Kraus, Jr. Mr. Daniel Krenn Ms. Karen Kristen Mr. Gordon S. Kuphal Ms. Linda T. Kuzyk Mr. Garrick Lahoda Mr. & Mrs. Alan W. Laidlaw Ms. Christine M. Laitner Mr. Tancrede LaMontagne Ms. Galina Lang Mr. Scott A. Lang Dr. Dale L. Lange Mr. Sandro Langello

Ms. Leona Lapp Mr. & Mrs. H. Bjornar Larsen Ms. Judelon LaSalle Ms. Evelyn Lauchengco Mr. Ragnar Laukkanen Mr. Brian Lauthen Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Leach Mrs. Janice D. Leach Ms. DebbieJo Lederer Rev. & Mrs. Junchol Lee Mr. & Mrs. L. Courtland Lee Mrs. Nancy S. Lee Mrs. & Mr. Nancy LeFevers Mr. Iain Legg Ms. Debra Leicht Mr. Lawren Lelko Ms. Valerie LeMaster Dr. & Mrs. G. Michael Lemole, Jr. Ms. Valencia Lemond Mr. Richard A. Leo Ms. Briene Lermitte Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jay Lermitte Ms. Ling Li Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Libby Ms. Simone Lienert Ms. Jennifer Lilly Ms. Nancy Lindman Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Lindrooth Mrs. Evangeline L. Lindrooth Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. Lindsay, Jr. Mr. Richard K. Lindsay Mr. Talbot S. Lindstrom Mr. Richard Lines Mrs. Joyce B. Loding

Mrs. D’Ann Loomis Mrs. Judith A. Lopacki Mr. Paul M. Lopez Mrs. Andrea LoPinto & Mr. Robert Carr Ms. Phoebe L. Loughrey Ms. Peggy Love Ms. Susan B. Love Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Roderic D. Lowry Dr. Joyce Lum Ms. Rhonda Lummiss Ms. Sharon Lykins Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Lynch Mrs. Ruth B. Lynch Rev. Renee Machiniak Mr. & Mrs. Lecoast Mack Dr. Barbara R. Mackey Ms. Catherine Mackie Mr. Donald Madden Dr. Chieko J. Maekawa Mrs. Francoise Mahenc Mr. & Mrs. Albert Maletsky Mr. Gerald T. Mancill, Jr. Mr. Brian J. Mann Dr. Chris Manning Mr. Peter Manti Mr. Benito Maray Mr. Johann C. Marcus Ms. Mary Margolis Ms. Ivy G. Marsh Mr. Burdell Marshall Ms. Raquel A. Martin Ms. Anna R. Martinian Mr. Kurt Matthews Mr. Samuel R. Mattox Mr. Marlin R. A. Mattson, M.D.

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) Ms. Penny Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mayer Mr. Barry Mayron Mr. John McAlpin Ms. Barbara McCabe Dr. Karen McCarthy Ms. Maude McCarty Mr. Steven McChristian Mr. & Mrs. Terry R. McClarren Mr. William McConnaughy Ms. Joeanna McConville Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. McCormick Mr. Robert McDonald Mr. David McGuire Mr. Omari McKinney Ms. Valerie Jean McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. McMaster Ms. Katherine E. McQueen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. McQueen Mr. & Rev. A. Edwin Uber III Mr. Taylor D. Meeks Mr. Marco Merced Mr. & Mrs. Brian Merchand Dr. Bernardo A. Merizalde Mr. Piotr Michalski Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. C. Midyett Ms. Martha Milanya Mrs. Doris A. Millam Rev. David Millar Ms. Dorothy Miller Mr. Jay Miller Ms. Lyla G. Miller Mr. Michael Miller Mr. Stephen H. Miller



Ms. Vicky Miller Ms. Roxane Minkus Mrs. & Mr. Anne Mitchell Mr. Stephen Mitchell Ms. Patricia Mobley Ms. Egle Moghbel Ms. Elizabeth Mohr Ms. Laurie Monico-Begay Ms. Sally B. Montgomery Miss Sarah A. Moore Mr. James P. Moran & Mrs. Jonne Van Meer Mrs. Betty Morey Mr. Clive Morgan Ms. Pauli Moss Ms. Elly Mulder Ms. Donna B. Mumm Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Murdoch Ms. Betty Jane Murdock-Hotchkiss Mrs. Lorna D. Murphy Ms. Jamie A. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Nash Ms. Martha Nassibou Mr. James A. Nauman Mr. Homer S. Needle Ms. Linda Neiheisel Rev. Kurt P. Nemitz Mr. Lars M. Ness Mr. Larry Newell Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Newkirk Mr. Forrest Newman Mr. Joseph Newton Col. & Mrs. Allison L. Nicholson Mr. William Nicholson Ms. Helga Noah Mr. & Mrs. Leroy A. Nordgren

Ms. Carolyn Norton Mr. Norman A. Norton Mr. Amirnaz Novid Ms. Lillian Nye Mr. Michael O’Brien Mrs. Tracy K. O’Brien Mr. Brandon O’Neil Mr. Kwame Ocran Mrs. Chelsea & Dr. Johanan Odhner Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Odhner Rev. & Mrs. Grant H. Odhner Mr. & Mrs. Heinz Okolowitz Mr. Emerson Oldham Mr. Jacob Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Olson Mr. David Oluwasuyi Mr. Salvatore Orlando Mr. & Mrs. Dempsey L. Orndorff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Oster Mr. Mark Overland Ms. Heather Owen Ms. Jacqueline Pace Ms. Barbara B. Packer Mr. Lawrence P. Pangaro Mr. John Pantelopoulos Mr. John R. Papa Mrs. & Mr. Amy A. Pappageorge Mr. Bimal Parakkal Mr. David C. Park Mr. & Mrs. C. John Parker Mr. Karl E. Parker & Ms. Linda Laing Ms. Sylvia D. Parker Ms. Vickie Parker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Parker

Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) continued Mr. Anthony A. Pearson Mr. Daniel Peet Ms. Amy L. Pemberton Mrs. Julie A. Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. O. D. Perkins Mr. Rodney Perkins Mr. Sean Perkins Mr. Filip Perkovic Rev. Dr. F. Gardiner Perry Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Person Mrs. Elizabeth F. Petrunak Mr. Pete Petterson Mr. & Mrs. Adolph A. Pezoldt Mr. Dennis Pfeifer Mr. William Phillips Mrs. & Mrs. Liana T. Piccinin Ms. Barbara G. Pieper Mr. Larry Pike Mr. Robert Pohle, Jr. Mr. Lee E. Poleske Ms. Debbie Pollizzi Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Pommier Mr. & Mrs. Luken W. Potts Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Powell Mrs. Jill P. Prichett Mr. John Prietchuk Ms. Julie Prince Mr. David Pumphrey Ms. Anna Quist Mr. & Mrs. David Radcliffe Dr. & Mrs. William B. Radcliffe Ms. Betsy Radinsky Mr. Ronald Rairigh, Sr. Dr. Eduardo R. Ramos Mr. Jeffrey Randolph Ms. Anne M. Rasmussen Dr. Judith Rausch Mrs. Leigh E. Ray

Mr. Robert J. Ray Mr. Douglas H. Raymond Mrs. Karen Reding Mr. Brian F. Redman Mr. & Mrs. Howard Reeher Ms. Louise M. Reese Mrs. Jennifer Regan Ms. Nancy Renn Dr. & Mrs. Mark W. Reuter Mr. Jonathan Reynolds Mr. Robert L. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Rhodes Mr. Timothy Rice Dr. Michael C. Richards Mr. & Mrs. William T. Rienstra Mr. G. David Ripley Rev. Dr. Rachel Rivers Mr. Michael Robbins Mrs. Jean B. Roberts Mr. Randy Roberts Mrs. Susan R. Robertson Ms. Diane Robidou Prof. Julia W. Robinson Ms. Leslie J. Robinson Mrs. Sheila Robinson-Kiss Mrs. Ana M. Rodriguez Mrs. & Mr. Regina Rodriguez Rev. & Mrs. Prescott A. Rogers Ms. Charise Rogosky Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Rose Rev. & Mrs. Frank S. Rose Rev. Dr. Jonathan S. Rose & Dr. Kristin King Ms. Michelle Rose Mrs. Noelene Rose Mr. Gary G. Rosenberg Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Roth Mr. Michael Rouleau

Mrs. C. P. Rowcliffe Father Vincent J. Rumain, D.D. Mrs. & Mr. Jana Rupchin Ms. Theresa Russo Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Rutledge Ms. Abigail Ryan Mr. Carl J. Sabol Ms. Joan Salat Mr. & Mrs. Carlos H. Saloio Mr. Andres Sanchez Mrs. Edminda Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Sands Mr. George Sas Rev. & Mrs. Thomas J. Satterfield, Sr. Mr. Kenneth W. Sauter Mr. Gerald Sawatzky Ms. Thelma R. Saxe Ms. Nancy E. Schade Mrs. Kathleen Schiel Ms. Rose Schiweck Rev. & Mrs. Arthur W. Schnarr, Jr. Mrs. Kirsten Schoenberger Mr. Everett L. Scholfield Ms. Britni M. Schorran Mr. Ernst J. Schrader, Jr. Ms. Michelle Schroepfer Mr. William Schuck Ms. Karen Schuitema Mrs. Susan S. Schurmeier Mr. & Mrs. Brian H. Scott Ms. Shamalah-Allah Scott Mr. Ethan Scroggins Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Seckelmann, Sr. Mrs. Diane Seekamp Mr. R. Wesley Seekamp

2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report


Contributors for the Year 2016 (Annual Memberships and Gifts) Ms. Elizabeth Settle Mr. Timothy C. Shanley Dr. Fitzhugh L. Shaw Dr. Sylvia M. Shaw Dr. W. Elizabeth Shepard Mr. David Shepherd Ms. Elizabeth Sheppard Ms. Kimberly Shine Mr. Michael Shirley Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Shotwell Ms. Hope Shoulders Mr. William A. Shute Rev. Jane Siebert Mrs. & Mr. Jode Siedschlag Mr. Mauricio Sierra-Siegert Mr. Drew Signor Mr. Tiago Silva Ms. Wendy Silver Ms. Sharon A. Simeon Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Simonetti Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Simons Mrs. Janet D. Simons Rev. & Mrs. Jeremy F. Simons Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Simons Ms. Helen R. Sioris Mr. Walter N. Sipila Dr. Wickham Skinner Ms. Anna-Marie Smith Mrs. Audrey M. Smith Mrs. Chara M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Garrett R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kyle G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln K. Smith Rev. & Mrs. Malcolm G. Smith Mr. Marlyn F. Smith, Esq. Ms. Nancy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Smith Mr. Richard Smith



Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Willard D. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John A. Snoep Mr. & Mrs. Brett R. Snyder Dr. James Snyder Mrs. Dolores B. Soderberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Sommer Mrs. Carolyn S. Soneson Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Soneson Mr. Francis C. Spataro Mr. Ernie Spaunhurst Ms. Jeannine Spinner Mr. James P. Sprague Ms. Sharon Spruell Ms. Helene Staley Mr. David H. Stebbing Mr. Clint Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Stevens Dr. Rosalee Stilwell Ms. Suzanne Stockment Mrs. Trudy Strauss Ms. Patricia G. Street Ms. Jane E. Streicher Mrs. Janina A. Stroh Miss Marilyn J. Stroh Ms. Lois C. Sundquist Mr. George Supol Mr. Anthony Sutton & Mrs. Carolyn Brehm Mr. Ryan Swain Mrs. Linda S. Swanberg Mr. & Mrs. Warren S. Swiger Ms. Anne T. Synnestvedt Dr. & Mrs. Dan A. Synnestvedt Mr. & Mrs. James B. Synnestvedt Mr. Justin Synnestvedt Mr. Leo Synnestvedt

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2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report



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2016 Swedenborg Foundation Annual Report



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