SWIC Work Ethic Taskforce

SWIC Work Ethic Taskforce

SWIC Work Ethic Taskforce Meeting Minutes May 9, 2017 Members present: Kevin Wachtel, Kristina Blankenship (phone), Michael Denny (phone), Brianna Mor...

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SWIC Work Ethic Taskforce Meeting Minutes May 9, 2017 Members present: Kevin Wachtel, Kristina Blankenship (phone), Michael Denny (phone), Brianna Morse (staff), Nancy Zemaitis, Leslie Crist (staff), Roy Vanderford Guests: Rob Moore, Will Colteryahn, Janet Rummel, Allison Naum The meeting was called to order at 8:36 am. Chair Wachtel asked for a review of the minutes. Rob Moore motioned for approval of the minutes, with a second by Will Colteryahn. Minutes were approved. Before information was presented by staff and taskforce chair, members shared information related to the Work Ethic Certificate they encountered since the last meeting. Rob Moore shared his positive connection with the Hoosier Hills Career Center. Member Nancy Zemaitis shared information regarding a meeting with the Transition Teachers. The program is not well known and asked that we increase our marketing. The discussion of marketing led to a request for a final application date for participating schools each year. Chair Wachtel and other members suggested August 30, 2017 if looking to participate in the 201718 school year. Ms. Crist and Ms. Morse suggested some internal mechanisms that may assist with this, including partnership with the DOE counseling grant, information sharing with the Work and Learn taskforce, information sharing with DOE’s Superintendent and Principal newsletter, special education and counselor newsletters, Counselor Talk listserv and education associations. Ms. Morse provided an update on current applications for review. Only one school caused concern with regards to serving students with disabilities. Ms. Morse will double check with the school contact. Members suggested a review of the language on the application. All schools approved, pending updates from Greenfield Central. Members and guests posed questions regarding adult education sites and Excel Centers and their ability to apply to participate. Chair Wachtel and Ms. Morse explained that this is being explored, but staff are currently at capacity. Criteria for this population would need to have the same value to employers. Central Nine staff, Mike Quaranta, Bea Northcutt and Allison Naum presented an overview of their program, which is a grantee and Career and Technical Education Center. Allison: seniors graduating early; Rob: yes, graduating early is an accomplishment; Michael: attendance would still need to be 98% Highlights include:   

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9 sending schools; staff has already met with potential juniors Working on roll-out to sending schools in 2018-19; has already collaborated with Beech Grove High School, as they are also a grantee 46 members on Advisory Council list: 35 active employers/advisory, include manufacturing, healthcare; school faculty from sending schools, Central Nine faculty, community based organizations WEC specific-program titled IMPACT Target participation: 50-75% of seniors opt-in; 25% of total senior population receives Business and student testimonials will be used for recruitment

SWIC Work Ethic Taskforce Meeting Minutes May 9, 2017     

Business recruitment through Advisory Council; will continue to recruit throughout summer IMPACT combined with PBIS; used visual communication program to create posters (student created) Community service partners; students responsible for contacting themselves, but C9 is providing students a list Student and parent are on Advisory Council Unexpected outcomes from businesses; implementing in their own workforce

Mr. Moore asked questions related to student evaluations. Ms. Northcutt stated that students are measured at CTE and sending schools, using performance evaluation “type” form which is signed at C9 and then counter-signed at sending school. Kevin: what can we do to help you; Bea: align academic standards and attendance from sending schools; Rob/Bea: local discretion is important Members posed questions related to target participation and outcomes, which C9 has aligned with the first year success of Greater Clark County Schools. Ms. Rummel and Ms. Zemaitis requested contact information for Hoosier Hills Career Center and their YES curriculum. The taskforce discussed upcoming end of year data points for schools who issued the certificates this school year. The meeting adjourned at 9:50 am.