Table of Contents - Mater Academy Lakes High School

Table of Contents - Mater Academy Lakes High School

Awareness Tips On Your Way: Don’t wear flashy jewelry. Put your name on everything. Don’t leave your luggage unattended. Don’t display large amounts o...

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Awareness Tips On Your Way: Don’t wear flashy jewelry. Put your name on everything. Don’t leave your luggage unattended. Don’t display large amounts of cash. Keep the things you may need easy access to in a carry on bag, as you will not have access to your luggage until you check-in to the hotel.

On Motorcoach: Remain seated whenever possible. Hold the seats when you move about in the motorcoach. Be careful when opening overhead bins. Listen to your trip sponsor (i.e. band director, choir director, class sponsor) so you don’t miss anything important. When you arrive at a destination, REMAIN SEATED, until instructed to exit the motorcoach.

At Hotel: Do not reveal your room number to unfamiliar people. Keep your key in a safe place. Do not enter your room if someone is following you. Let them pass you first. Know where stairs and fire exits are. Use all locking devices in your room. Do not leave your door open while you get a soda or ice. Someone might sneak in. Use peephole to identify whom is at your door. Make sure hotel personnel are legitimate before letting them in .If you are not sure then call the front desk to verify. Do not leave valuables in the hotel room. Get a safety deposit box. Do not climb on windows or balconies. Report suspicious activity to your trip sponsor.

Out and About: Travel with a buddy and/or chaperone. Avoid unlighted areas. Avoid shortcuts and walkways between buildings. Use main entrance to hotel. Be wary of strangers. Be in your room at curfew times. Room Check – Tape the doors


Theme Parks: Listen closely to your trip sponsor for instructions. Look on the park map and familiarize yourself with the locations of the first aid center and security office. Use sunscreen before you go. Use a fanny pack instead of a purse – if you carry a purse, make sure it has a strap and carry it with the shoulder strap across your body, instead of hanging off your shoulder. Use a money clip instead of a wallet. If you carry a wallet, keep it in your front pocket instead of your back pocket. Have some sort of ID with you. Bring your disposable camera with you (With your name and phone number on it). Do not carry large amounts of cash. Stay with your group/chaperone/buddy. Anticipate long lines at some of the attractions. Do not be annoyed or frustrated - in most cases, the line is worth the wait. Use the FASTPASS (Disney) or EXPRESS PASS (Universal) system when you can. It saves on wait times. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Going Home: Be sure you remove all belongings from the room. Check under the bed, in the shower, and in all drawers. If you have items in a safety deposit box, be sure to remove them. Refresh your backpack with everything you need for the ride home.

Travel Related Websites: Student Youth Travel Association – Consumer Resource Center Traveler's Health Information

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State (Travel Warnings)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Washington D.C. Travel Update

Canadian Governmental Warnings

Air Travel

Note: School rules are in effect at all times. Remember your actions and behaviors are a reflection on your city, your school, and your family. Make them proud! This information was compiled from resources of: Student Youth Travel Association, American Hotel and Motel Association, and Professional Convention Management Association.


Suggested Packing List The following is a suggested list of items to pack for your trip. Your list may vary depending on your destination, time of year you are traveling, length of trip and specific school requirements. Check with your trip sponsor for specifics related to your trip. Enough clean clothes for the duration of your trip plus one additional outfit in case of stains or in the event that you need dry clothes due to inclement weather or water rides at the attractions. Check with your trip sponsor to see if you are required to bring specific items, such as: uniform, khaki pants, school shirt, etc. Personal Hygiene stuff: toothbrush/ toothpaste, mouthwash, DEODORANT, etc.

Comfortable shoes! You will be doing a lot of walking. Poncho or light rain coat. A watch. Each person is responsible for arriving at designated report times ON TIME! ID – adults will need to have a valid form of photo ID / minors can use a school ID (photo ID’s are preferred, even for minors, but not required unless airfare or a cruise has been booked). Money – for snacks, additional meals and souvenirs. Some meals are generally included in the trip package, check with your trip sponsor for details regarding trip inclusions. (If all meals are included on the trip, $40.00 is generally sufficient – for students. If all meals are not included, we generally recommend an additional $7-$15 per additional meal.) Sunglasses. Sunscreen / lip balm with sun block. Bathing suit & beach towel, if your trip includes free time at the pool, a trip to the beach, or a trip to a water park. Check with your trip sponsor if you are unsure. Instrument &/or music if your group will be performing or participating in a musical workshop. A book or some sort of personal entertainment for the flight/motorcoach drive. CD players, personal game units, etc. are generally allowed as long as you have headphones and/or can mute the volume on the game unit. (Check with your trip sponsor for approval.) Keep in mind that, each person is responsible for their own personal belongings; therefore, we suggest that you leave all valuables at home.

*** REMINDER ONE suitcase and ONE carry on bag per student***


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For specifics regarding your child’s trip, contact the trip sponsor/director for details. However, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding student travel. Who is Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc.? Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. is a full service tour company specializing in student group travel. Our primary emphasis is developing festival and performance tours for middle and high school bands, choirs and orchestras. How long has Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. been in business? Established in 1993, Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. has over a century of combined experience in the travel industry. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. is registered with the state of Florida as a seller of Travel and a member of the American Bus Association (ABA), Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and adheres to a strict code of ethics to maintain that membership. Who will chaperone my child’s trip? Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. requires that each trip sponsor/director assign a reasonable amount of responsible adults as designated chaperones. The exact number of chaperones will vary by group depending on school requirements. Chaperones will assist in supervising students in the hotel, at the pool, and will stay with them at all times during the course of the trip, unless the students are given free time at an attraction. Additionally, a tour director will escort the group throughout their trip and be available on-call 24-hours a day. When will I know my child’s flight schedule? Your child will receive their flight schedule from the trip sponsor/director approximately two weeks prior to departure. All airline tickets are sent directly to the trip sponsor/director. Flight numbers and times are subject to change up until departure. Will my child need a passport to board the plane? For domestic flights, a passport is not required, however everyone IS required to have some sort of photo ID. Adults will need to have a valid form of government issued ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID, military ID, etc.). Minors will be allowed to use alternate forms of photo ID, such as student ID. What will my child be doing on the trip? Your trip sponsor/director, along with your Kaleidoscope Adventures representative have put together a customized itinerary for your group. Contact your trip sponsor/director for a copy of the itinerary if you did not receive one. 10

Where will my child be staying? Your child will be staying in a nationally recognized hotel that meets Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. guidelines and approval. The rooms are generally within interior corridors without balconies. Since each trip is customized to meet the needs of the group, you will need to check with your trip sponsor/director for specific hotel information. How can I reach my child in case of emergency? In the event that you need to contact you child during the trip, you can call the Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. office at 800-774-7337. We can then contact the tour director that is escorting your group. (NOTE: If the group is at a theme park, or if the group has free time to explore a city on own, this process will take longer. However, your child will receive the message by the end of the day.) You can also leave a message for your child at the hotel. Check with child’s trip sponsor for hotel information. He/she should have all of the hotel information approximately two weeks prior to the trip. Will there be a phone in my child’s room so I can get in touch with him/her? YES. There will be a phone in each room at the hotel for incoming calls only. We instruct hotels to turn off all phones and pay per view television in all rooms. Students may receive calls in their rooms from the outside, but cannot call out. Most hotels place extremely high surcharges on calls made from rooms, even on toll free calls. Students will usually be able to call from room to room, at the trip sponsor/director’s discretion. Students may call home from the hotel lobby pay phone and are encouraged to do so especially on their arrival day to let you know their room number. Will my child get to choose who he/she rooms with? A rooming list will be put together by the trip sponsor/director and the students will most likely be allowed to choose whom they room with, although rooming assignments cannot be guaranteed. Students stay four to a room with double beds in each room. We suggest that the roommates ride the same bus to expedite the check-in process. NOTE: There is a $5.00 name change fee for every name change once we receive your final rooming list. Will my child be allowed to stay in the hotel alone if he/she is not feeling well? NO. If a student becomes ill and must stay in a hotel while the group is out for the day, a chaperone must stay with the student at all times. What medication may my child bring? All medication taken on the trip must be kept and administered by the trip sponsor/director or a designated chaperone (as instructed). Will there be any Tylenol or Advil available for students that have headaches? This is at the trip sponsor/director’s discretion. Follow the standards set forth by your school &/or school board. We recommend that the trip sponsor/director or a designated chaperone carry a first aid kit with: band-aids, antibacterial ointment, sunscreen, etc. ALL MEDICATIONS NEED TO BE KEPT AND ADMINISTERED BY THE TRIP SPONSOR/DIRECTOR OR A DESIGNATED CHAPERONE. How many bags of luggage can my child take? Your child should limit their luggage to one suitcase and one carry-on. This will expedite check-in and checkout, as well as allowing more space for storage on charter buses. Each student may be asked to handle his/her own luggage and instruments (per instructions of director) when loading and unloading charter buses, and upon checking in and out of the hotel. 11

Will my child need to take their instrument? That depends on whether or not your group will be performing. Check with the trip sponsor/director to be sure. If your group will be performing or participating in a musical workshop, your child will need to have his/her instrument, music and any extra parts that they may need. Can my child bring a blanket & pillow on the trip? YES, especially for groups traveling overnight by motorcoach. Keep in mind that everyone is responsible for keeping up with their own belongings. Remember to take everything with you when checking out of the hotel. When will we check into the hotel? Generally, hotel check-in is in the evening of your arrival date. If you have a morning or afternoon arrival, you will go directly to your activity for the day. Most hotels do not allow group check-in before 3:00 pm (or later). Check your final itinerary for specifics. Final itineraries are generally sent to the trip sponsor/director two weeks prior to your trip. Are personal CD players, game units or cell phones allowed? CD players, personal game units, etc. are generally allowed as long as you have headphones and/or can mute the volume on the game unit. (Check with your trip sponsor for approval.) Keep in mind that, each person is responsible for their own personal belongings; therefore, we suggest that you leave all valuables at home. Will my child be able to change once the group reaches their destination? This depends on the destination, activities planned for the day, arrival time and the policies set forth by the trip sponsor/director. If time permits, generally students will have to change in a public restroom at a rest area close to the destination. Therefore, if your group plans on taking a few minutes to freshen-up prior to arrival, we recommend that a change of clothes and personal toiletries be kept in a small carry on bag, as they will not have time to access their main luggage. What happens if it rains? In the event of rain, generally speaking, the day will continue as planned. Theme parks do not give refunds for inclement weather. Therefore, we recommend that everyone pack a poncho or a light raincoat for the trip. In the event of severe weather, the situation will be handled on a case by case basis, and the trip sponsor/director will be required to sign off on any changes made to the itinerary. How much money should my child bring? If all meals are included on the trip, $40.00 is generally sufficient for snacks and souvenirs (for students). If all meals are not included, we generally recommend an additional $7-$15 per additional meal. *Some meals are generally included in the trip package, check with your trip sponsor for details regarding trip inclusions.


Will my child need money for gratuities / tips? Check with your trip sponsor for specifics. However, here are some general guidelines: Tour Director - a standard gratuity of $1.00 per person, per day is recommended. Meals/activities booked directly through Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc.; the gratuity has already been included and will be taken care of by the Tour Director. Motorcoach driver(s) – if booked by Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc., the gratuity has already been included. If booked directly by the school, a standard gratuity of $1.00 per person, per day is recommended. Meals on own, a standard gratuity of 15% of the bill is recommended for sit down meals. For fast food meals, gratuities are generally not expected. Can we use traveler’s checks? Adults can use traveler’s checks. Although they are normally treated “same as cash”, be sure to have proper ID available to present when using traveler’s checks. Minors are discouraged from using traveler’s checks, as many vendors do not accept them from minors. Can my child order pizza from the hotel room? Generally speaking, yes, except on Disney property. However, this is at the discretion of the trip sponsor/director. Some groups require that a chaperone order the pizza for the student(s) and have the pizza delivered to a chaperone room, rather than a student room. Will there be food/restroom stops en route to the destination? This, too, is at the discretion of the trip sponsor/director. Keep in mind that this should be planned ahead of time, so as not to violate any D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) regulations by having the driver on the road more than the legal time allotted per day. Can we have food or drink on the bus? This varies from company to company. Many motorcoach companies do allow food and beverage on the motorcoach, with an additional cleaning deposit. If you are booking your own transportation, check with the motorcoach company for details. If Kaleidoscope Adventures is booking your transportation, we will advise you of the motorcoach company’s policies. Contact your Kaleidoscope Adventures representative prior to your trip if we have booked your transportation and you are still not sure of the food/beverage policy. What happens if my child’s trip is cancelled? With all the tour packages offered by Kaleidoscope Adventures you have the option to purchase travel insurance. Please check with your trip sponsor for specific details.


STANDARD TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR GROUP TRAVEL AGREEMENT 1) Complimentary Tour(s): Group will receive one complimentary tour in double occupancy based on the number of fully paid passengers who travel per this contract. See front side of this Agreement for your ratio. It is the responsibility of the Group to submit a completed Rooming List by the date indicated on the reverse side. The Rooming List must name the person(s) taking each complimentary tour. The complimentary passenger(s) must actually travel with the Group to qualify for the complimentary tour. 2) Price, Included Items and Terms: The price of your tour is stated on the reverse side, based on quad occupancy for students and non-complimentary adults, double occupancy for complimentary adult(s). This includes tour services described in your proposal as included, and does not include optional tours or personal expenses (i.e., incidental charges at hotels). It includes most tips and gratuities but does not include gratuity for the tour director. Motorcoach driver gratuity is included when Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. is chartering the motorcoach. Motorcoach driver gratuity is not included if school is chartering the motorcoach. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc., will provide the itinerary, organize, administer and operate the tour according to the terms contained in the proposal. No changes can be made to the itinerary by the Group Sponsor/Director within 30 days before departure unless agreed to by both parties in writing and based on special consideration. The parties agree that the terms contained in the proposal and the Booking Form are expressly incorporated into this Agreement, and parties accept those terms. 3) Booking & Payment Deadlines: All Bookings must be placed with Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. before the final payment deadline, and no Bookings are accepted within four weeks before travel. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. must receive payments by the dates specified in the contract, or it will impose a late payment fee of $10.00 per passenger for payments that are 10 or more days late. 4) Name Changes & Additions: Any name changes or name moves made to the rooming list less than 35 days prior to departure will result in a $5.00 per name change/move fee. Additional travelers cannot be added less than 35 days prior to travel. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. will not accommodate additional travelers on arrival day. 5) The Group Sponsor/Director agrees to promote the trip through its completion, and to accept Bookings for the tour, unless the trip is canceled by Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. If this Agreement is broken or canceled by the Group Sponsor/Director after Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. receives passengers’ deposits, Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. is entitled to retain the tour’s non-refundable deposits, cost of supplies, and the operating costs. 6) The Group Sponsor/Director on behalf of each passenger must make group Bookings. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. assumes no responsibility for a Booking until it is confirmed by Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. upon receipt of the Rooming List and Application/Agreement Form completed by each passenger (and if a child, his/her parent or guardian), and all deposit payments specified in the contract must be current. Upon 14

receipt Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. will submit a final invoice to Group Sponsor/Director based on the Rooming List. Final payment is due by the date specified on the reverse side. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any booking until these criteria are met. 7) The Group Sponsor/Director and Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. will keep all information in this Group Travel Agreement strictly confidential. Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. offers this Agreement according to the terms printed hereon, and no changes to the terms are effective unless accepted in writing by an officer of Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. 8) Changes, modifications, waivers, additions or amendments to the terms of this Agreement shall be binding on Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. only if in writing and signed by its authorized officer. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and any other document between the parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof, the terms of this Agreement will prevail. 9) This Agreement is subject to final acceptance by Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. at its address printed on the reverse side hereof. The validity, interpretation and performance of the terms and provisions herein shall be governed by the laws and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state and county in which Kaleidoscope Adventures, Inc. company headquarters are located. In the event litigation is necessary to resolve a dispute arising from the Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs from the other party.