Table of Contents - ohsaa

Table of Contents - ohsaa

2008 Baseball Manual For Coaches and Officials OHIO HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 4080 Roselea Place – Columbus, OH 43214 (614) 267-2502 - (614)...

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2008 Baseball Manual For

Coaches and


OHIO HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 4080 Roselea Place – Columbus, OH 43214 (614) 267-2502 - (614) 267-1677 (fax)

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Introduction Cover Letter for Baseball Coaches

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OHSAA Mission Statement


Calendar 2008 Rules Interpretation Meetings 2008 Season Important Dates OHSAA Contact Information Coaches OHSBCA Clinic Items of Interest Coaches Code of Ethics Miscellaneous Items Rules Information Rules Changes Major Editorial Changes 2007 Minor Editorial Changes 2007 Point of Emphasis OHSAA State Association Adoptions Game Procedures Ejection Report Form Procedures Medical & Safety Reference Information Weather General Information Officials Officials Associations Code of Ethics Uniform Requirements Sportmanship Focus on Sportsmanship Regulations OHSAA Tournament Regulations OHSAA General Regulations – 2007-08 OHSAA Baseball Regulations – 2007-08

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Baseball Coaches and Officials


John Dickerson, Assistant Commissioner


December 3, 2007


Information for the 2008 Baseball Season

Please find enclosed in this mailing information that will help you to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. All information included in this manual is important. See agenda for umpire or coach specific pages. This manual may also serve as a reference throughout the season, so please keep it accessible. The manual will be posted to the baseball page on the OHSAA web site at by the end of December. Please note that the state rules interpretation meeting IS MANDATORY for high school coaches and all officials. The details and information about these meetings can be found on page 3 of the manual. We appreciate your taking the time to carefully review this information. Have a great season!

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OHIO HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, Ohio 43214 614-267-2502 FAX 614-267-1677 Web Site for E-Mail:


Baseball Schools and Officials


John Dickerson, Assistant Commissioner

Subject: 2008 Rules Books and Rules Interpretation Meetings

Please pay close attention to the information presented in this mailing. Enclosed are the following materials: 1 - 2008 Baseball Rules Book 1 - BB Bulletin 07-08 OHSAA Adoptions 1 - 2008 Case Book* 1 – Listing of Local Association Contact Personnel 1 – Sports Regulations for Baseball 1 – Preseason NFHS Baseball Guide *

* Officials Only

OHSAA requests that umpires and coaches carry a rules book with them at all games. In this way, if a rule is misapplied or misinterpreted, reference to the rules book can be made and correction made if warranted.

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OHSAA MISSION STATEMENT The Ohio High School Athletic Association's mission is to regulate and administer interscholastic athletic competition in fair and equitable manner while promoting the values of participation in interscholastic athletics as an integral part of a student's educational experience. The OHSAA represents its member schools by recognizing and promoting academics, the safety of participants, good citizenship and lifelong values as the foundation of interscholastic athletics.

CALENDAR Schools sponsoring interscholastic contests in boys baseball must be represented by the head varsity boys baseball coach, assistant boys baseball coach or athletic administrator at one of the meetings listed below. Any school failing to meet the requirement will be ineligible for OHSAA tournament competition. Baseball umpires who fail to attend one of these meetings will be suspended the following year and will be ineligible for tournament assignments in the current year. Individuals attending the rules meeting must be in attendance within 10 minutes of the start of the meeting and remain until the conclusion of the meeting to receive attendance credit. INTERPRETERS John Dickerson Roger Hendrix Kyle McNeely Phil Kiser

Email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

2008 BASEBALL RULES INTERPRETATION MEETINGS SITE # 11. JD 12. JD/JW 13. PK 14. RP/RH 15. PK 16 JD/JW 17. RP/RH 18. PK 19. JD/JW 20. PK 21. RP/RH 22. JF/KM 23. JF/KM 24. RP/RH 25. JD/JW 26. JF/KM

DATE Fri., Jan. 18 Thurs., Jan. 24 Thurs., Jan. 24 Mon., Jan. 28 Mon., Jan. 28 Wed., Jan. 30 Wed., Jan. 30 Wed., Jan. 30 Mon., Feb. 4 Tues., Feb. 5 Tues., Feb. 5 Wed., Feb. 6 Thurs., Feb. 7 Thurs., Feb. 7 Tues., Feb.12 Tues., Feb. 12

CITY Columbus Ashland Youngstown Lakewood Tiffin Belmont Albany Madison Holland Archbold Minford Lees Creek Bethel New Philadelphia Copley Piqua

27. 28. 29. 30. 31.


Wed., Feb. 13 Thurs., Feb. 14 Thurs., Feb. 14 Tues., Feb. 19 Tues., Feb. 19

North Ridgeville Chillicothe Lima Mayfield Zanesville

32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.


Thurs., Feb. 21 Thurs., Feb. 21 Sun., Feb. 24 Tues., Feb. 26 Wed., Feb. 27 Mon., Mar. 3

Kettering Marion Springfield Dublin Cincinnati Columbus

PLACE BB Coaches Clinic, Hyatt Regency Ashland H.S., 1440 King Road, Cafeteria 44805 Austintown-Fitch H.S., 4560 Falcon Dr. 44515 Lakewood H.S., Aud., 14100 Franklin Blvd. 44107 Columbian H.S., Aud., 300 S. Monroe St. 44883 Union Local H.S., 66779 Morristown Road 43718 Alexander H.S., 6125 School Road 45710 Madison H.S., 3100 Burns Rd., Madison 44057 Springfield H.S., 1470 S. McCord Rd. 43528 Four County Career Center, Rt. 66 & St. Rte 34 43502 Minford H.S., Cafeteria, 491 Bond Rd. 45653 East Clinton H.S., 174 Larrick Rd. 45138 U.S. Grant Vocation School, SR 125 45106 Buckeye Career Center, 545 University Dr. N.E. 44663 Copley H.S., 3807 Ridgewood Road 44321 Upper Valley JVS, Hartzell Lecture Hall, 8811 Career Drive 45356 North Ridgeville H.S., Cafeteria, 34600 Bainbridge Rd 44039 Unioto Junior High School, Aud., 160 Moundsville Rd. 45601 Bath H.S., Cafeteria, 2850 Bible Rd. 45801 Mayfield H.S., Cafeteria, 6116 Wilson Mills Rd. 44143 Ohio University-Zanesville, Elson Hall-Aud. 1425 Newark Rd, 43701 Kettering Middle School, 3000 Glengary Drive, 45420 Tri-Rivers Career Center, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd. 43302 North H.S., Cafeteria, 701 E. Home Road 45503 Dublin Jerome H.S., 8300 Hyland-Croy Rd. 43016 Princeton H.S., 11083 Chester Rd. 45246 Make-up Mtg. – OHSAA OFFICE, 4080 Roselea Place 43214 $50.00 Registration Fee for this meeting only.

TIME 8:00 A.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M.

COORDINATOR Dan Burtscher John Mang Nick Nichols Brett Willoughby Tom Bechtel Phillip Lightfoot Joe Horoszko Dan Miller Robert Wurm Bill Newman Charles McMillan Doug Eyers David Gilmore Ed Galloway Deron Brown

7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M.

Cheryl Opperman Glen Schmidt David May Mike Makohus Gene Bess

7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 4:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 6:00 P.M.

Bernie Harris Lyle McWilliams Hubie Moon Dan Steiner Jerry Fick John Dickerson

Those coaches or umpires who do not attend a regularly scheduled rules interpretation meeting or the scheduled make-up meeting may request a special make-up meeting from one of the interpreters listed above. Such meeting must be held no later than Monday, April 7, 2008. The fee for a Special Make-up Meeting is $50.00. Requests after the above date must be addressed to the Commissioner. Page 3

IMPORTANT DATES 2007 OHSAA Baseball Calendar February 25

First Day of Coaching Pitchers and Catchers Only

March 10

First Day of Coaching

March 21

First Day H.S. Preview Permitted

March 31

Season Begins

May 5

Non-Interscholastic Competition No Longer Permitted

May 10 – May 17

Sectional Tournament

May 19 - May 24

District Tournament

May 29 - May 30

Regional Tournament

June 5 - June 7

State Tournament

June 14

Coaching and Season Ends

August 4 - September 1

Coaches' No Contact Period

OHSAA CONTACT INFORMATION OHSAA Office – 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, OH 43214 ~ 614-267-2502 ~ 614-267-1677 (fax)



John Dickerson

Assistant Commissioner State Rules Interpreter

Henry Zaborniak

Assistant Commissioner

Sharon Shoemaker

Administrative Assistant

Kyle McNeely

State Rules Interpreter

Phil Kiser

State Rules Interpreter

Roger Hendrix

State Rules Interpreter


E-Mail Oversees the sport & coordinates the [email protected] tournaments Oversees officials programs & tournament assignments Assists in the coordination of the sport & tournaments Conducts state rules interpretation meetings and fields rules inquiries Conducts state rules interpretation meetings and fields rules inquiries Conducts state rules interpretation meetings and fields rules inquiries

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[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] NA

Coaches Attending the OHSBCA Clinic January 17, 18 and 19, 2008 Hyatt Regency Hotel – Columbus

There will be a state rules interpretation meeting Friday, January 18, 8:00 – 8:40 A.M. If attending, please be prompt as time is limited because of other planned sessions. For those attending, please bring the attendance card that was included in this mailing. Thank you for your cooperation.

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• 1. High school baseball teams will be allowed to play 27 games on 23 dates. Doubleheaders may be scheduled on non-school days or when there is no school the next day. It is not permissible to schedule more than 27 games. • 2. The Rawlings R100 is the official adopted baseball of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. It will be the baseball used in all sectional, district, regional and state tournament games.

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COACHES CODE OF ETHICS (From and the NFHS Baseball Rules Book) The function of a coach is to educate students through participation in interscholastic competition. An interscholastic program should be designed to enhance academic achievement and should never interfere with opportunities for academic success. Each student-athlete should be treated as though he or she were the coaches’ own, and his or her welfare should be uppermost at all times. Accordingly, the following guidelines for coaches have been adopted by the NFCA Board of Directors. The coach shall be aware that he or she has a tremendous influence, for either good or ill, on the education of the studentathlete and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character. The coach shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession. In all personal contact with student-athletes, officials, athletic directors, school administrators, the state high school athletic association, the media, and the public, the coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct. The coach shall take an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse. The coach shall avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with players. The coach shall promote the entire interscholastic program of the school and direct his or her program in harmony with the total school program. The coach shall master the contest rules and shall teach them to his or her team members. The coach shall not seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules. The coach shall exert his or her influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators, both directly and by working closely with cheerleaders, pep club sponsors, booster clubs, and administrators. The coach shall respect and support contest officials. The coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of officials or players is unethical. Before and after contests, coaches for the competing teams should meet and exchange cordial greetings to set the correct tone for the event. A coach shall not exert pressure on faculty members to give student-athletes special consideration. A coach shall not scout opponents by any means other than those adopted by the league and/or state high school athletic association.

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Your professionalism is of the utmost importance. Your athletes and fans will follow your lead. If you are respectful of the game and the officials, your athletes and fans are more likely to do the same. If you are disrespectful of the game and the officials, it will be reflected in the words and actions of your athletes and fans. Officials aren’t perfect and mistakes will be made, but it is all part of the learning process for our young student-athletes. So please take those disappointments and turn them into positive learning experiences. What you permit, you promote.

Pre-Season Preparations

Scheduling Conflicts

During your pre-season preparations, invite a local official(s) to meet with your team during pre-season workouts. It allows the officials to meet your athletes and discuss new rules. It gives your athletes an opportunity to ask questions and have a discussion prior to game days. We would also recommend inviting an official to a pre-season meeting with your parents. Again, it provides a forum for healthy discussions and an opportunity for your parents to learn more about the game.

Certainly, scheduling conflicts are going to arise. PLEASE COORDINATE WITH YOUR ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATOR TO ENSURE THAT OFFICIALS ARE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE OF ANY CHANGES. When dates, times, and / or locations are changed it not only affects the officials scheduled for that game, but also other games they are scheduled to work. Thanks so much for your assistance!

Importance of Coaches Vote

Each year coaches are required to vote for the tournament officials for the following year. Please take advantage of this opportunity and take the time to carefully identify the officials for whom you are going to vote. Voting is now done online and information regarding the voting procedure will be sent electronically to school athletic administrators. Please vote conscientiously and help us identify our most outstanding officials! Your involvement is critical to ensuring that we can provide the best officials for our tournament.

Inquiries Our OHSAA office is here to help as needed, but depending on the time of the year it can be difficult to reach us. However, there are other sources of assistance. Our website ( includes a great deal of information that covers many of the inquiries we often receive. The website provides baseball regulations, general sport regulations, tournament regulations, uniform regulations, etc. Your OHSBCA Officers are another great resource for you as well. Their contact information can be found on their website (

Coaches’ Comments to the News Media – OHSAA Media Regulation 18 OHSAA Bylaw 8, Section 2, reads in part, “Great care shall be exercised in the selection of officials, well in advance of the contest and agreed upon by schools involved. When the contest begins each school waives all of its rights so far as objecting to the officials.” Public criticism of officials is a direct reflection upon those who were responsible for assigning the officials to the game. Officials are trained and expected to make no derogatory comments regarding the players, coaches, or schools. Coaches are expected to follow the same procedure. Failure to follow this request will result in disciplinary action.

Equipment – Rawlings

Rawlings R100 is the “Official Baseball” of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. For 2006, our tournament ball will continue to be the Rawlings R100.

Page 8

2008 BASEBALL RULES CHANGES 1-1-2 1-1-2 1-3-6 2-22-3 3-2-1 3-2-4 6-2-4 Pen. 10-1-9

Clarified the role of the head coach in terms of his communications with the game umpires. Clarified the head coach’s duties in terms of supply the umpire-in-chief with his team’s lineup card. Modified when a pitcher’s glove is removed from the game. Modified the definition of obstruction. Modified the coaches’ box rule. Modified the head coach’s attendance at the pre-game conference. Modified the penalty for an illegal pitch. Modified umpire uniform options.

Major Editorial Rule Changes 8-3-2

Modified when a runner is obstructed and added appropriate rule reference.

Minor Editorial Rule Changes 6-2-4c

Clarified illegal pitch rule reference.

Point of Emphasis (For a complete discussion of these points of emphasis, see page 67.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Batter hit by pitch Obstruction Coaches Professionalism Team personnel location Pitching requirements Non-adult bat/ball shaggers and pitcher/catcher protectors Game management Good sporting behavior

Requests for baseball rule interpretations or explanations should be directed to the state association responsible for the high school baseball program in your state. The NFHS will assist in answering rules questions from state associations whenever called upon.

Page 9


Pages 67 - 69

The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee and the NFHS Board of Director believes there are areas of the game of interscholastic baseball that need to be addressed and given special attention. These areas of concern are often cyclical, some areas need more attention than others, and that is why they might appear in the rules book for consecutive editions. These concerns are identified as “Points of Emphasis.” For the 2008 high school baseball season, attention is being called to: hit batters, obstruction, coaches professionalism, team personnel location, pitching requirements, non-adult bat/ball shaggers and pitcher/catcher protectors, game management and good sporting behavior. When a topic is included in the Points of Emphasis, these rules are important enough to reinforce or they have been misinterpreted. Batters Hit By Pitch: The committee is concerned that batters are still attempting to earn an undeserved awarded base by “taking one for the team. The rules are very clear prohibiting a batter to allow himself to be hit by a pitch. The umpire needs to correctly determine his attempt and if necessary award a strike if the situation calls for a strike call. The batter has to make every attempt to avoid being hit. This is a risk minimization concern and ultimately a sportsmanship issue. Obstruction: Obstruction in its simplest form is an act either intentional or accidental, verbal or physical that hinders a runner or changes the pattern of play. Fielders, particularly catchers and first basemen, are not allowed to deny access to the base without possession of the ball. Each player on offense and defense have areas where they can be positioned that reduces excessive contact. Plays where the ball, fielder and runner all converge at the same point – the “train wreck” – are a part of the game. If the fielder’s action while not in possession of the ball denies the runner access to the base, obstruction should be called. Umpires must be aware that collisions might include malicious contact (by the offense or defense) and those penalties supersede the penalties for obstruction. Coaches Professionalism: The coaching staff sets the entire tone of a contest and season. Quite frankly, the students look up to the coaching staff as role models and will repeat what the coaches say and imitate how the coaches act. This role as a mentor is a very serious and honorable role. Coaches, have the opportunity to take advantage of “teachable moments” during contests that will contribute to the overall development of a young person through the sport of baseball. That is why so much emphasis has been placed on the coach in this year’s rules book. There is an emphasis on attending the pre-game conference, which sets a proper tone when interacting with the umpires. Controlling the dugout, modeling good sporting behavior and exhibiting ethical behavior are essential in providing an excellent lesson on being a good citizen and support the sole purpose of education-based athletics. Team Personnel Location: It is imperative that coaches are not on buckets outside the dugout or illegally extending the dugout toward home plate or allowing players to leave the dugout during live-ball play. The salient point of this acknowledgement is that it is not in the best interest of the students we serve. This is a risk minimization concern and the consequences could be disastrous. Pitching Requirements: There have been several rule changes that incorporate a pitcher’s movement and his position on the pitcher’s plate. The pitching requirements begin once he engages the pitcher’s plate. In NFHS sanctioned baseball there are only two positions the pitcher can possess – the windup and the set (also known as the stretch) position. The starting position of the non-pivot foot determines whether the pitcher is going to pitch from the windup or set position. Pitchers in the windup position are required to have their non-pivot foot in any position on or behind a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher’s plate. If a pitcher’s non-pivot foot is in front of that line and he attempts to pitch from the windup, he has made an illegal pitch or committed a balk. In the set position, he shall stand with his entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher’s plate and with his entire pivot foot in contact with or directly in front of the pitcher’s plate. He shall go to the set position without delay and in one continuous motion, he Page 10

shall come to a complete and discernable stop, which does not include a change of direction with both hands in front of his body and his glove at or below his chin. These requirements provide guidance that the batter and base runner(s) know when they can swing and run and when the pitcher is in a position to deliver the ball, creating a level play field for all involved with the game. Umpires must be aware of the position of the non-pivot foot. Going to the mouth while in contact with the pitcher’s plate is a balk, not because the pitcher goes to his mouth, but because the action simulates the start of the pitching motion. Non-Adult Bat/Bat Shaggers and Pitcher/Catcher Protectors: The committee is concerned that in order to minimize risk it is important that non-adult bat/ball shaggers and pitcher/catcher protectors wear a batting helmet that meets the NOCSAE standard. That is why Rule 3-3-4 was created last year to suggest that the protector have a glove and pay attention whenever team members who are loosening up in an area that is not protected by a fence or other structure. Game Management: All lines should be placed on the playing field to differentiate fair-ball territory and proper boundaries. Special emphasis should be placed on measuring and maintaining the correct height of the pitcher’s mound. The height of the mound is 10 inches. The suggested layout is found within the NFHS Baseball Rules Book for the sole purpose of maintaining consistency and minimizing risk. Attention also needs to be given to repairing holes around the pitcher’s plate and in the area where the pitcher steps with his non-pivot foot. Daily maintenance is encouraged. Schools desiring assistance may wish to contact groundskeepers at state colleges and universities for helpful suggestions and turf strategies. The on-deck circle should be to the side and away from home plate at least 37 feet if space is allowed. If the field does not allow for a safe on-deck circle placement, common sense should prevail and a secondary location (not the opponent’s ondeck circle) should be identified and utilized. Good Sporting Behavior: Umpires and coaches need to work together. Each contest is another opportunity for coaches and umpires to teach not only baseball, but also model good sporting behavior as well. The committee feels that the practice of attempting to intimidate the other team before, during or after the game is not acceptable. The positive values that are learned will serve the players long after their baseball experience has concluded. Game situations typically provide a coach the opportunity to identify a teachable moment to reinforce good sporting behavior.

Page 11

Baseball Rules – By State Association Adoption Bulletin BB-07-08 l-2-9 page 13 Note: By state association adoption, a double first base is permitted. Not adopted in Ohio for baseball. 4-2-4 page 35 By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the umpire-in-chief a game may be shortened or the game terminated at any time. If there is no mutual agreement a game will be ended according to Rule 4 Section 2 and the following: A game may end any time after 5 innings or after 4 l/2 innings when a team is 10 or more runs behind and has completed its term at bat. If a game is called prior to the completion of a full inning after the fifth inning, the game becomes a suspended game in the following situation: The visiting team has scored one or more runs to tie the score or to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead. REGULAR SEASON ONLY. If a suspended game is to be completed it will be continued from the point of suspension with the lineup and battin order of each team the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules of the game (substitution may be made). Any suspended game, if it is to be resumed, will be picked up from the point of interruption. Once a game has started, it will not start over. Any suspended game, regardless of where it was interrupted, will be re-started from the point where play was suspended. 4-3 page 35 Note l: By state association adoption, a regulation called game, where a winner cannot be determined, shall be counted as 1/2 game won and 1/2 game lost for each team. NOT adopted in Ohio. Adopted in Ohio for regular season games Any suspended OHSAA tournament game shall be continued from the point of suspension at a later time. All OHSAA tournament games shall be played to completion per the playing rules. (The 10 rule would be applicable) 4-4-la page 35 and 36 No interscholastic contest is subject to forfeiture unless the contest has been started. Any scheduled regular season contest that is not started due to unforeseen circumstances such as, failure of team to arrive, strikes, school closings are "No Contest." Contests not played are not included in won-lost statistics. Page 12


page 36 Protests are not permitted.


page 42 Each state association shall adopt a pitching restriction to afford pitchers a reasonable rest period between pitching appearances. No player may pitch in more than l0 innings in a three day period. This regulation is mandatory. The following examples are all permitted: S 0 0 3 0 0 0 0

M T W 0 7 0 4 3 2 3 3 3 10 0 0 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 6 l

T F 0 7 5 3 3 3 7 0 0 7 0 6 0 9

S 0 2 0 3 3 4 l

The limit is on a player as a pitcher. If he can pitch with either arm he is limited as a pitcher, not ten innings per arm. A player pitching in an eleventh inning in a three-day period is considered an ineligible player. Any part of an inning is considered as an inning as per pitching rule. Suggested Speed-Up Rules pages 66 and 67 Any, all or any part of suggested speed-up rules have not been adopted in Ohio. However, in non-league games, coaches may agree to use any, all or any part of suggested speed-up rules. Agreement must be reached prior to the start of the contest.


EJECTION REPORT FORM PROCEDURES Following the contest, the official shall contact the Athletic Director or Principal of the violator’s school to advise the administration of the ejection. Contact may be made after the game if an administrator is present or by phone the morning on the first school day after the contest. ƒ ƒ ƒ

If there is an ejection, a report must be completed and white copy sent to OHSAA. The multiple ejection report form is acceptable. If multiple copy report is not available, go to web site, click on officiating, go to drop down screen, click on officiating-home, go down to #11 Coach and Player Game Ejection, print form and follow directions.

Page 13

MEDICAL & SAFETY REFERENCE INFORMATION The safety of our student-athletes is of utmost concern at all times. Information regarding the following important topics can be found at and at : • • • • •

Heat Stress and Athletic Participation Recommendations for Hydration to Prevent Heat Illness Suggested Guidelines for Management of Head Trauma in Sports Communicable Disease Procedures (can also be found in the front of the NFHS Rules Book) Links to the following sites: o Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine o Ohio Athletic Trainers Association o American Medical Society for Sports Medicine o Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth o National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) o Gatorade Sports Science Institute News

WEATHER (OHSAA Sports Regulation) ______________________________________

LIGHTNING AND INCLEMENT WEATHER Recognition and Management: Occasionally it may be necessary to interrupt an outdoor interscholastic athletic contest due to lightning in the area. Officials, coaches, certified athletic trainers, athletes and administrators should be educated regarding the signs indicating thunderstorm development. Due to the fact that this natural phenomenon is highly unpredictable, upon first sign of lightning or other threatening weather (thunder) the contest officials and school administrators shall monitor weather in the area. Upon the first indication that thunderstorm development is within 15 miles of the contest, the contest official shall suspend the competition until 30 minutes after the storm has left this 15-mile zone. In order to protect student-athletes, spectators and other participants, there shall be access to appropriate shelter in the event of such suspension. All contests suspended shall be resumed at the point of interruption. Weather can be monitored using the following methods: • Monitor Weather Patterns — Be aware of potential thunderstorms by monitoring local weather forecasts the day before and morning of the competition and by scanning the sky for signs of potential thunderstorm activity. • Flash to Bang — This method is used to assess how far away lightning is striking. It is determined by counting the number of seconds it takes to hear a clap of thunder after witnessing a flash of lightning. The number of seconds is then divided by five to get the distance, in miles, to the lightning flash. Generally, a 30-second or less flash-to-bang count suggests it is advisable to move the athletes from the field to a safe shelter. • National Weather Service — Weather can be monitored using small, portable weather radios from the NWS. The NWS uses a system of severe storm watches and warnings. A watch indicates conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop in an area; a warning indicates severe weather has been reported in an area, and everyone should take proper precautions. Page 14


Coaches Voting Procedures Please watch our webs site and be prepared to receive notification through your athletic administrator concerning the rating system that coaches will use to evaluate contest officials who are being considered for tournament assignments.

Officials – Change of Address

Please log onto MYOHSAA and make the appropriate contact information changes.

Thank you!

Page 15

BASEBALL-SOFTBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATIONS – 2007-2008 PLEASE CHECK MYOHSAA FOR MEETINGS CENTRAL DISTRICT CAPITAL WEST UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bob Powers, Secy., 1475 St. Rt. 665, London 43140. P: 740-852-3062; B: 740-852-2454; C: 740-506-2624. Email: [email protected] CENTRAL OHIO BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Dan Steiner, Secy., 4441 Wetmore Road, Columbus 43224. H&F: 614-263-3040 C: 614-638-9687. Email: [email protected] HUB OF OHIO SOFTBALL, Larry Black, Secy., 768 W. Main St, Westerville 43081. H: 614-891-5063 C: 614-313-9477. Email. [email protected] LANCASTER UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, John Stoughton, Secy., 153 King St, Lancaster 43130. H: 740-329-6000. Email: [email protected] LICKING COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Ron Wintermute, Secy., 495 Moull St. Newark 43055. P: 740-344-2066. Fax: 740-344-5165; C: 740-334-0426.Email: [email protected] MARION UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Lyle "Joe" McWilliams, Secy., 875 Leetonia Road, Marion 43302. P: 740-382-4094. Email: [email protected] ROUND TOWN UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Robert Good, Secy., 9485 Winchester Road, Groveport, 43125. H: 614-8372960; B: 740-983-5070; C: 614-582-2328.Email. [email protected]

EAST DISTRICT CAMBRIDGE UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Thomas Goduto, Secy., 1001-C Oakland Blvd. Cambridge 43725. P: 740-4397678. Email: [email protected] COSHOCTON COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Sue Sheck, Secy., 50697 St. Rt. 541, Coshocton 43812. H: 740-6226364; B: 740-622-0211 Ext. 135; C: 740-502-1050. Email: [email protected] MID-OHIO VALLEY BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, Bob Fuchs, Secy, 51993 Country Blvd., Clarington 43915. H: 740-4839006: B: 740-483-2700. Email: [email protected] MID-OHIO VALLEY SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION, Darrell Veyon, Secy, 614 North 8th Ave., Paden City, WV 26159. H& F: 304-337-8437; B: 304-652-8848; C: 304-771-0012 Email. [email protected] or [email protected] Page 16

MUSKINGUM VALLEY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Gene Bess, Secy., 2530 Oakwood Ave., Zanesville 43701. H: 740-4531805; B: 740-455-9700; F: 740-455-9710; C: 740-221-2674. BF: 740-455-9710. Email. [email protected] OHIO VALLEY BOARD OF APPROVED BASEBALL UMPIRES, Ronald Pickens Jr., Secy,. 47 Pleasant Drive, Wheeling WV 26003. H: 304-242-8773; C: 304-280-5796. Email: [email protected] OHIO VALLEY BOARD OF APPROVED SOFTBALL UMPIRES, Tom Bechtel, Secy, 18 Austin Ave., Wheeling WV 26003. H: 304-242-4457. W: 304-234-3641. F: 304-234-6420 C: 304-639-6326.Email. [email protected] OHIO-WV UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Mark Erb, Secy, 128 Alta St., Marietta 45750 H: 740-373-7835; C: 740-350-7786. Email. [email protected] STEUBENVILLE UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Jeffrey Saunders, Secy., 826 Lawson Ave., Steubenville 43952. H: 740-282-2679; B: 740-598-4164 TUSCARAWAS COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, David Gilmore, Secy, 537 Wilcoxen St., Uhrichsville, 44683. H: 740922-4739; C: 330-260-7886. Email. [email protected] NORTHEAST DISTRICT ASHLAND UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Dan Burtscher, 674 Courtwright Blvd., Mansfield 44907. H: 419-756-0736; B: 419-347-7744 ext. 1273; C: 419-631-2147 Email. [email protected] CANTON UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Dr. Robert Rhodes, Secy., 1616 Peachtree Street SW, North Canton 44709. P: 330494-9900 F: 330-499-1388. Email. [email protected] COLUMBIANA COUNTY BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bob Woomer, Secy., 148S. Surry Rd, East Liverpool 43920. H: 330-386-0444; B: 330-385-4224; C: 330-853-1538 Email. [email protected] DIAMOND UMPIRE ASSOCIATION, Tim McGoldrick, Secy., 450 Bruce Dr., Brunswick 44214. H: 330-225-7097F: 330-225-8782; B: 440-891-3775; C: 440-570-5407 Email [email protected] or [email protected] EASTERN CUYAHOGA COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Mike Makohus, Secy., 1587 Biltmore Rd. Lyndhurst 44124. P: 440-460-0515 B: 216-831-8322. Email. [email protected] ELYRIA AREA UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Cheryl Opperman, Secy, 46750 Peck-Wadsworth Rd, Wellington 44090. H: 440-647-4908; C: 440-315-5080 Email. [email protected] Page 17

GEAUGA COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, John Fuduric, Secy., 12927 Princeton, Huntsburg. 44046. H: 440-6365192. C: 216-862-4161. Email. [email protected] GREATER CLEVELAND UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Nick Nichols, Secy., 5102 Herman Ave., Cleveland, 44102. H: 216961-5409; B: 216-432-5016 ext. 4072 Email. [email protected] OR [email protected] LORAIN- CUYAHOGA UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bob Estranek, Secy, 355 Ravenglass Blvd, Amherst, 44001. H: 440396-6003; B: 440-899-6118; F: 440-835-7772; C:440-396-6003 Email. [email protected] or [email protected] NORTHEAST UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Joseph Horoszko, Secy., 7970 Mentor Ave., # I-7, Mentor, 44060. H & F: 440255-5014. Email: [email protected] NORTHEASTERN OHIO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Michael J. Smith, Secy., 5 Biscoff Avenue, Conneaut 44030. H: 440599-8968 B: 440-599-7212; C: 440-812-3756 Email. [email protected] or [email protected] PORTAGE COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Deborah Steinel, Secy, 5335 Taylor Rd, Atwater 44201. H: 330-9473421; B: 330-428-0189. Email. [email protected] SUBURBAN UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Steve Monchak, Secy., 41 Manning Drive, Berea 44017. H: 440-243-2389; B: 216-689-6904; Fax: 216-689-8073. Email [email protected] or [email protected] SUMMIT UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Ed Galloway, Secy., 365 Selden Avenue, Akron, 44301. H: 330-773-6346; B: 330-764-8839; C: 330-472-3076. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] TRUMBULL INTERSCHOLASTIC UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Melvin Staats, Secy., 654 Braceville-Robinson Road SW., PO Box 94, Newton Falls 44444. P: 330-898-7679; Fax: 330-898-8603; B: 330-898-7679; C; 330-770-5675. Email: [email protected] WAYNE COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Ron Dessecker, Secy., 481 N. Elm Street, Orrville 44667. H: 330-682-8722; F: 330-684-1153; B: 330-287-5499; BF: 330-287-5498; C: 330-621-1202 Email: [email protected] YOUNGSTOWN METRO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, John Mang, Secy., 2474 Vollmer Dr., Youngstown, 44511. H: 330793-6665; F: 330-793-0090; C: 330-502-6665. Email: [email protected] NORTHWEST DISTRICT FIFTH DISTRICT UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Robert Wurm, Secy., 813 E. Lawrence St., Montpelier, 43543. H: 419-485-8289. Email: [email protected] Page 18

FINDLAY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Chad Snyder, Secy., 716 Apple Blossom Dr., Arlington 45814. H: 419-365-9419; B: 419-424-7301; C: 419-957-2208. Email. [email protected] FREMONT UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Mark King, Secy., 210 Yacht Club Drive, Fremont 43420. H& F: 419-334-7349; B: 419-334-5698 ext 431 F: 419-334-2609; C: 419-307-3547 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] LIMA UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Dave May, Secy., 5705 Clover Ridge, Elida 45807. H: 419-339-1840; B: 419-331-2580; Fax: 419-331-4484; C: 419-235-8381 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] METROPOLITAN TOLEDO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Daniel Miller, Secy., 5714 Mallard Pointe Ln. Sylvania 43560. C: 419-467-4944. Email: [email protected] MIAMI-ERIE UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, D. Edwin Oberlander, Secy, PO Box 314, 06733 N.B.-N.K. Rd., New Knoxville 45871. H: 419-753-2077; C: 419-305-4731. Email: [email protected] MIDWEST BUCKEYE BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Charles “Ron” Golemon, Secy., 726 Prospect Ave., Van Wert, OH 45891. H: 419-238-4435; B: 419-238-4322; Fax: 419-238-5346; C: 419-771-0822. Email: [email protected] NORTH CENTRAL OHIO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Gerald Czernewski, 60 W. Prospect St., Mansfield 44907. H: 419-5245291; B: 419-564-8816. Email: [email protected] NORWALK AREA UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Steve Schumm, Secy., 37 Executive Dr, Norwalk 44857. H: 419-668-8994. Email. [email protected] SANDUSKY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, John H. Cornwell, Secy., 2102 Aspen Run Dr, Sandusky 44870. H: 419-625-9537; B: 419-671-2736; F: 419-624-3349. C: 419-271-1383 Email: [email protected], or [email protected] TIFFIN AREA UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Brett Willoughby, Secy., 1750 Driftwood Drive, Tiffin 44883 H: 419-448-0256; C: 419-618-1799. Email. [email protected] WOOD COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Gary L. Rosplohowski, Secy., 4055 Suder, Toledo 43611. H: 419-726-0160; B: 419-262-1522. Email: [email protected]

SOUTHEAST DISTRICT ADAMS COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Ernest Butts, Secy, 1470 Graces Run Road, Winchester, 45697. P: 937695-0196 Page 19

ATHENS UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Phil Lightfoot, Secy., 556 Church St., Logan 43138. H: 740-385-7901: B: 740-3853030: Fax: 740-385-2252; C: 740-603-3758. Email: [email protected] CHILLICOTHE UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Glen Schmidt, Secy., 40 Delaware Street, Chillicothe 45601. H: 740-774-1671: C: 740-703-0977. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] IRONTON UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bernard G. Hensley, Secy., PO Box 4017, Ironton 45638. H: 740-532-3810; B: 740-525-6802; C: 740-525-6802 JACKSON BASEBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION, B. Keith Wilson, Secy., 238 High Place, Jackson 45640. H: 740-2863939: B: 740-286-7586 PORTSMOUTH UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bill Newman, Secy., 2535 Ritchie, Portsmouth 45662. P: 740-353-6257 RIVER CITIES BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Charlie Brown, Secy., PO Box 970, Ceredo WV 25507. H: 304-486-5139 SOUTHWEST DISTRICT BLUE CHIP HIGH SCHOOL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Jerry Fick, Secy., 3016 Ambler Drive, Cincinnati 45241. P: 513-5632755; F: 513-563-0701; C: 513-673-9900. Email – [email protected] BUTLER COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Thomas Groskopf, Secy., 6343 Tall Timbers Ct., Mason, 45040. H: 513398-9735; B: 513-886-0516; BF: 513-241-8303. Email: [email protected] DARKE COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Steve Kauffman, Secy., 2355 St. Rt. 49, Arcanum 45304. H: 937-692-6278; C: 937-313-8968; Fax: 937-692-8993. Email: [email protected] GREATER DAYTON UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Brian Warner, Secy., 921 Columbus Hines Way, New Lebanon 45345. P: 937-687-3116. Email. [email protected] GREENE COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Jess Bowman, Secy., 380 Georgia Dr., Xenia 45385. H: 937-372-0816; B & Fax: 937-374-1971; C: 937-286-1704. Email: [email protected] KETTERING UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Bernie Harris, Secy., 3632 Twinbrook Lane, Kettering 45429. H: 937-299-5053: B: 937-296-2486; Fax: 937-296-3338; C: 937-232-3586 SOUTHERN OHIO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Robert Young, Secy., 6380 Euclid Road, Cincinnati 45236. P: 513-793-9789; Fax: 513-793-2227; B: 513-793-5151; C: 513-227-6989; Email – [email protected] Page 20

SOUTHWESTERN UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Mike Wheeler, Secy., 6363 Panhandle Rd, Hillsboro 45133. H: 937-9872025; B: 513-573-6684; C: 937-205-1030. Email. [email protected] SPRINGFIELD UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Hubie Moon, Secy., 800 Ogden Road, Springfield 45503. H& F: 937-323-7818; C: 937-605-0833 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] TOP OF OHIO UMPIRESASSOCIATION, Eric Shroyer, Secy., 11859 Co. Rd. 59, DeGraff 43318. H: 937-585-6131; F: 937585-3426. Email: [email protected] WEST CENTRAL OHIO UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, James Heatherly, Secy.,603 S. Third St., Tipp City 45371. H: 937-506-2186. Email. [email protected] WILMINGTON UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, Charles McMillan, Secy., 95 SR 72 N., Sabina 45169. H: 937-584-4776; C: 937218-2041

Page 21


Officials at interscholastic athletic events are participants in the educational development of high school students. As such, they must exercise a high level of self-discipline, independence and responsibility. The purpose of this Code is to establish guidelines for ethical standards of conduct for all interscholastic officials. Officials shall master both the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to enforce the rules, and shall exercise authority in an impartial, firm and controlled manner. Officials shall work with each other and their state associations in a constructive and cooperative manner. Officials shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession in all interaction with student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, colleagues, and the public. Officials shall prepare themselves both physically and mentally, shall dress neatly and appropriately, and shall comport themselves in a manner consistent with the high standards of the profession. Officials shall be punctual and professional in the fulfillment of all contractual obligations. Officials shall remain mindful that their conduct influences the respect that student-athletes, coaches and the public hold for the profession. Officials shall, while enforcing the rules of play, remain aware of the inherent risk of injury that competition poses to student-athletes. Where appropriate, they shall inform event management of conditions or situations that appear unreasonably hazardous. Officials shall take reasonable steps to educate themselves in the recognition of emergency conditions that might arise during the course of competition.

UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS The approved uniform for interscholastic baseball umpires is the Fechheimer gray color pants with an MLU navy shirt with the OHSAA embroidered logo on the right breast (Note: It is not permissible to wear a long sleeve garment under a short sleeve shirt). Undershirts or t-shirts shall be red. When needed, a navy blue jacket or coat shall be worn. Official OHSAA apparel shall be purchased from only OHSAA authorized dealers. All umpires on a crew must be dressed alike. Navy caps with OHSAA printed in block letters on the crown must be worn and shall be purchased only from licensed dealers. No jewelry may be worn except wedding band, medical ID, religious medal, or a timing device. Emblems and patches are not permitted on the officiating uniform. Penalty - Fine not to exceed $100.

Page 22


The OHSAA challenges everyone to take positive steps toward positive sporting behavior. It is the responsibility of each of us to serve as a positive role model and set high expectations for others. ADMINISTRATORS Athletic departments are comprehensive, pre-eminent teaching departments with a subject matter all their own: selfconfidence, leadership, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, respect for others, strategic thinking, dedication, the importance of rules, and sportsmanship. These are true life lessons and participation in athletics provides another forum for learning. Coaches and Officials are responsible for promoting sportsmanship and positive behavior on the field. Administrators, we need your continued assistance in promoting sportsmanship and controlling fan behavior in the stands! Let the parents and fans know what you expect! COACHES Your athletes will demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors they have learned from you, either through direct instruction or through observation of your actions. Never underestimate the influence you have on your players! You must: ƒ

Abide by and teach the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.


Set a good example for players and spectators to follow.


Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Treating them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment, will serve to create a positive impression of you and your team.


Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.


Develop a program that rewards participants and spectators for displaying proper sportsmanship and enforces penalties on those who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.

It is difficult to develop a great finisher, a great centerback or a great goalkeeper. That is true. However, your greatest challenge is to develop mature young adults who will become great citizens and role models in your community. OFFICIALS Your job is not an easy one, but the official must be aware that they are an important component in the educational development of students. To carry out this responsibility, you must: ƒ

Know the rules and mechanics of our sport and the philosophy behind them.


Get fit and stay fit. An official with all of the rules and mechanics knowledge and people skills in the world does no good if he or she cannot physically keep up with play.


Maintain professional and ethical relationships with athletic administrators, especially in the area of fulfilling game contracts.


Work cooperatively with fellow officials during games and within the referees’ association to improve members’ performances. Page 23


Maintain at all times and when interacting with all participants, an attitude of civility and professionalism.


Practice effective preventive officiating as much as possible before, during, and after a match. The quiet word, proper signals, timely verbal instructions, a simple thank-you to a player for avoiding an unsporting act, and wellthought-out pre-game conferences with the teams and other game officials will result in an improvement of sportsmanship by eliminating the chance for things to go wrong.

STUDENT-ATHLETES You serve as a role model for your younger siblings, young fans in the stands, your teammates, and your classmates. Set high expectations for everyone and help them follow-through! You must: ƒ

Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility, and the privilege of representing your school and the community.


Live up to the standards of sportsmanship established by the school administration and the coaching staff.


Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with others. This will assist everyone in the achievement of a better understanding and appreciation of the game.


Treat opponents as you would like to be treated……with respect.


Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Treating them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment, will serve to create a positive impression of you and your team.

CONCLUSION Good sportsmanship is everyone’s responsibility. It is the essence of interscholastic athletics. Remember…some may question an official’s call or a coach’s substitution, but no one can question the value of good sportsmanship.

Note from Roxanne Price, Chair of the OHSAA Sportsmanship Ethics, and Integrity Committee: As we prepare for the upcoming seasons, we wish to emphasize to each of you the importance of your leadership role in sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. The professional manner in which officials and coaches conduct themselves prior to, during and following a contest unquestionably impacts the behavior of others involved. The OHSAA has joined the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in its quest to improve sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. We are involved in an ongoing campaign in every sport to do just that. Printed below is the mission statement of the NFHS concerning sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. Please take the time to read and digest this statement and then carefully consider your impact upon the players, officials, coaches, and fans. Thank you and have a great season. NFHS Sportsmanship Mission Statement Good sportsmanship is viewed by the National Federation of State High School Associations as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others. The ideals of sportsmanship apply equally to all activity disciplines. Individuals, regardless of their role in activities, are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others and model good sportsmanship.

Tournament Regulations Tournament Regulations are available at (after approval at the February 14 Board meeting). On the website, under “Sports & Tournaments” select baseball. They are listed under tournament information on the left side.

OHSAA GENERAL REGULATIONS OHSAA General Regulations are available at Page 24

BASEBALL 2007-08 1.



1) Interscholastic Participation

1.1) No team or individual may play more than two games per day.

1.2) An individual may play in a reserve game and a varsity game in the same day. Participation in both counts as two games in contest limitation of 27 contests on 23 playing dates. Doubleheaders must be played on nonschool days or when there is no school the next day. Penalty — See Sports Regulation 16.

1.3) Any scheduled regular season game in baseball which is not started due to unforeseen circumstances, such as failure of team to arrive, strikes, school closings, is “No Contest.” Games not played are not included in won-lost statistics. 1.4) Interrupted Games 1.41)



A game called for any reason, where a winner cannot be determined (4-31), or any game called at any time for mechanical failure (artificial lights, water systems, etc.) will be treated as a suspended game. If the game is to be completed, it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the lineup and batting order of each team exactly the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspensions subject to the rules of the game. Such game will be completed unless both coaches agree not to do so. A game which has gone five innings and is called while an inning is in progress and before it is completed and the following situation prevails shall be a suspended game: The visiting team has scored one or more runs to tie the score or to take the lead and the home team has not retaken the lead. There cannot be a tie game. Games are won, lost or suspended.

1.5) Any suspended OHSAA tournament game shall be continued from the point of suspension at a later time. All OHSAA tournament games shall be played to completion (10 run rule applicable). 1.6) A game ends anytime after five innings when a team is 10 or more runs behind and has completed its term at bat. 1.7) No player may pitch in more than 10 innings in a three day period. Any part of an inning counts as one inning. (Regular season and tournament games)

1.8) Previews — A preview may be scheduled and played only during the period of time beginning with Friday (March 21) before the season begins and ending with the date of the first regular season game of the teams involved. A preview may not exceed four innings for any one player or team and shall be played according to National Federation Baseball Rules.


2) Out of State Travel

A baseball team may travel out of state to compete in contest scrimmages, previews and games in states or provinces in Canada that are contiguous to Ohio regardless of distance to travel. The states include Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The province includes Ontario. Additionally, a baseball team may travel out of state one time per sport per interscholastic season to compete in states or provinces in Canada that are not contiguous to Ohio provided there is no loss of school time.

A baseball team may not travel out of state to practice.

3) Ejection for Unsporting Conduct

See Ejection Policies for Players and Coaches under Section 10 of the General Sports Regulations. 88

2007-08 BASEBALL

4) Non-Interscholastic Participation

4.1) A member of an interscholastic baseball squad (any student who has played in a scrimmage, preview or regular season/tournament game as a substitute or starter) sponsored by the Board of Education shall not participate in a non-interscholastic program (tryouts, practice or contest) as an individual or a member of a team in the sport of baseball during the school’s season (Bylaw 10-3-1). 4.2) A member of a school baseball squad (any student who has played in a scrimmage, preview or regular season/tournament game as a substitute or starter) sponsored by the Board of Education may participate in non-interscholastic baseball prior to and after the school season under the following conditions: 4.21)




The number of interscholastic baseball players from the same school on a non-interscholastic squad is limited to four on the roster of that non-interscholastic squad. A roster is defined as all the members of the entire squad on that non-interscholastic squad.

Note: Graduating seniors who are participating on a non-interscholastic baseball squad after their final interscholastic contest of the season in the sport of baseball are exempt from this limitation.

There is no limit on the number of baseball squad members from the same school participating on the same squad during the period June 1-July 31.

A player may continue to play with a non-interscholastic squad in a national qualifying tournament in excess of the four player limitation after July 31 until the squad is eliminated but no later than Labor Day.

Non-interscholastic participation includes tryouts, training, practice and competition.

4.3) A student may not play in a non-interscholastic baseball contest, game or scrimmage, while a member of the school baseball squad, until the student’s school team has completed its schedule. This includes tournaments when applicable.

4.4) An intramural team is a non-interscholastic team (Bylaw 10-2-1) and all rules for non-interscholastic teams apply.

The purpose of this special “All-Star” regulation is to provide an opportunity for the interscholastic team sport coach to coach players from his or her own school in a competition that has the following components: 1) Participants shall be selected from at least four schools. 2) All participants shall be graduating seniors or students completing their athletic eligibility at the end of the semester. 3) Participants shall play in no more than two All-Star games. 4) Participants shall not participate until after they have participated in their final contest for their school (Bylaw 10-3-1). Penalty: For a senior, violation of this regulation may result in the loss of athletic eligibility for the balance of the school year. For all other students, the penalty may result in loss of eligibility for the ensuing season in the sport in which the student participated in the All-Star contest.



4.5) All-Star Games — There are many directors of non-interscholastic competitions that use the term “All Star” in describing their events. Student-athletes in team sports who wish to participate in one of these “all star” competitions outside the interscholastic season of their sports may do so without jeopardy to eligibility provided the students maintain compliance with Bylaws 10-3-1 and 10-3-4.

BASEBALL 2007-08

4.6) Individual Non-Interscholastic Competition Dates:

A baseball athlete who has not participated for a school team in baseball that season must cease non-interscholastic baseball competition four weeks (28 days) prior to the Monday of the State Tournaments in baseball in order to be eligible for OHSAA tournament competition provided applicable Bylaws and Regulations have been followed. DATE: May 5, 2008

4.7) Participation in indoor baseball is not a violation of OHSAA non-interscholastic team Bylaw 10-3-3 for student-athletes.

4.8) In accordance with Bylaw 10-3-5, interscholastic baseball coaches are prohibited from coaching their own interscholastic squad members in indoor baseball except for 10 days from June 1 – July 31.

5) Instructional Programs

See Regulations for Instructional Programs under Section 4 of the General Sports Regulations.

6) No Contact Period — Coaches

See Regulations for No Contact Period — Coaches under Section 7 of the General Sports Regulations.

7) Penalties

7.1) The maximum penalty for violation of Bylaw 10-3-1 (participation with a noninterscholastic baseball squad while a member of the school’s interscholastic baseball squad) or any OHSAA regulations for any member of the school squad EXCEPT a senior is ineligibility for the remainder of the interscholastic baseball season or the ensuing baseball season. For a senior, the maximum penalty shall be ineligibility for the remainder of the school year. 7.2) The penalty for a coach for violation of Bylaw 10 (non-interscholastic teams) may include suspension, probation, public censure, fine not to exceed $1,000 per occurrence, or such other penalty as the Commissioner may deem appropriate.


1) Coaching and instruction may begin — March 10, 2008.

NOTE: Pitching and catching candidates may begin throwing with pitching instruction two weeks prior to this starting date — February 25, 2008.

2) First game — March 31, 2008.

3) Deadline date for OHSAA Tournament — April 21, 2008.

4) Coaching and Season end — Saturday after state tournament (June 14, 2008).


5) Scrimmage or Previews — Maximum of four scrimmages or three scrimmages and one preview. Any contest played in a non-contiguous state must count as a game.

6) Regular season games permitted — Maximum of 27 (on 23 playing dates). Doubleheaders may only be scheduled on nonschool days, or when there is no school the next day. 7) Rules — National Federation Baseball.

8) Officials:

8.1) Varsity — All must be OHSAA Class 1 or Class 2 Baseball umpires.

8.2) Reserve/Junior Varsity — All must be OHSAA Class 1 or Class 2 Baseball umpires.

8.3) Freshman — OHSAA Class 1, 2 or 3 Baseball umpires recommended.


2007-08 BASEBALL


1) Coaching and instruction may begin — March 10, 2008.

NOTE: Pitching and catching candidates may begin throwing with instruction two weeks prior to this starting date — February 25, 2008.

2) Date first game may be played — March 31, 2008. 3) Coaching and Season end — June 14, 2008.

4) Scrimmages permitted —A maximum of two scrimmages per year.

5) Regular season games permitted — Maximum 17 and one postseason tournament. 6) Rules — National Federation Baseball.

7) Officials — OHSAA Class 1, 2 or 3 Baseball or Softball umpires recommended.

2008 2/25 Pitcher & Catcher Coaching Begins 3/10 Coaching Begins 3/31 Season Begins 5/5 Non-Interscholastic Date 5/10-5/17 Sectional 5/19-5/24 District 5/29-5/31 Regional 6/5-6/7 State 6/14 Season Ends 3/23 Easter Coach — No Contact Period


2009 2/23 3/9 3/30 5/4 5/9-5/16 5/18-5/23 5/28-5/30 6/4-6/6 6/13 4/12 8/10-9/7

2010 2/22 3/8 3/29 5/3 5/8-5/15 5/17-5/22 5/27-5/29 6/3-6/5 6/12 4/4 8/9-9/6

2011 2/21 3/7 3/28 5/2 5/7-5/14 5/16-5/21 5/26-5/28 6/2-6/4 6/11 4/24 8/8-9/5

2012 2/20 3/5 3/26 4/30 5/5-5/12 5/14-5/19 5/24-5/26 5/31-6/2 6/9 4/8 8/6-9/3

2013 2/25 3/11 4/1 5/6 5/11-5/18 5/20-5/25 5/30-6/1 6/6-6/8 6/15 3/31 8/5-9/2


2010-2014-2018 IV III I II

2011-2015-2019 I IV II III


2008-2012-2016 II I III IV