table of contents - Prostate Cancer Centre

table of contents - Prostate Cancer Centre

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Executive Director & Chair ’s Message Board Member List 02 05 Bret Hart 06 Rapid Access Clinics 08 M AN VAN TM 1...

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TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Executive Director & Chair ’s Message Board Member List

02 05

Bret Hart


Rapid Access Clinics


M AN VAN TM 10 MAN VAN Sponsorship Men’s Health: Know Your Numbers

12 14

Research 16 Volunteers 18 Doug Richards


Volunteer Overview


Partnerships 22 Village NUTraiser


Priddis Greens Golf Tournament


Remington Golf Tournament


Donor List




Financial Summary


Financial Statements


Hope for the Future





Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre fights prostate cancer through: rapid access to innovative, personalized clinical care; proactively providing current medical information on the importance of early detection and reducing lifestyle risk factors; one-on-one peer support; academic and industry research; all in a one-stop patient-focused, not-for-profit, premier medical facility.

E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R & CHAIR’S MESSAGE Men who come through Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre have the unique opportunity to customize their care all under one roof. Our ``rapid access`` model allows patients to quickly see urologists, choose personalized care options with the help of experts and access support systems throughout and after treatment – all under one roof. Our community plays a large part of Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre’s ability to provide care to our patients. The donations we receive from individuals, corporations and third party events allow us to excel with our current programs and services and grow to better meet the needs of patients. We receive no government funding so without you, the Centre would not exist.

Our team of volunteers is another major part of the success of the Prostate Cancer Centre. Their dedication to the Centre and the patients they see has allowed us to flourish. Our volunteers provide knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive listening to people needing someone to talk to. The dedication, commitment and passion of the volunteers who staff our resource centre, information desk, information clinics and our MAN VAN™ is second to none. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to use your donations to fund our programs and services so that The Centre can continue to provide life-changing services to our patients and their families. We measure our success and collect data

Pam Heard, Executive Director

Jon C. Truswell, Chair

to prove to you that we are worthy of your support in providing the best possible care quickly and efficiently. We count on you to continue on this journey with us.

Green’s Charity Classic golf tournament has ensured that the Centre has been able to move forward – even in the lean years. His generous involvement on our Board and committees will be greatly missed.

We would like to extend our thanks to the Board members for their commitment to the Prostate Cancer Centre. We say goodbye to 4 Board members. Chris Moser was on the board from 2015 to 2016 and helped us identify the need for estate planning. His skills contributed to the addition of wills as a way to donate to the Centre. Thank you. Jim Peplinski‘s celebrity profile, community status and diversified business skills have been a great asset to the Prostate Cancer Centre’s Board of Directors. Thank you for sharing your valuable time over the years and for helping us score a “Guinness World Record”. Bas Wheeler has served on our Board since 2007. His willingness to lead and sustain the annual Priddis

Mike Wilson, the Prostate Cancer Centre’s past Chair’s direction and vision for the future has enabled the Prostate Cancer Centre to exceed all expectations and become world renowned. His philanthropic generosity has enabled us to initiate and sustain the Prostate Cancer Centre’s essential programs. We consider you an esteemed role model and are also honoured to call you a lifelong friend of the Centre. We would also like to thank our staff and volunteers for the passion that they bring to The Centre on a daily basis. Together, we can make life better for people living with prostate cancer and strive towards a future without it.



BOARD MEMBERS Jon C. Truswell, Chair


Mike Wilson, Past Chair

“You can count on us” is a statement that Calgary’s Prostate Cancer

F. Andrew Abbott

Centre lives and breathes every day. This statement is why men who

walk through our doors have access to the finest programs and services.

Bill Brooks, Calgary Herald

Patients and their families count on us to deliver the highest quality

Dr. Kevin Carlson, Chief Urologist

programs and services such as Rapid Access Clinics and the MAN VAN .

Dr. Bryan J. Donnelly, Seaman Research Chair

We continually count on our community of donors and sponsors

Dr. John Dushinski, Urologist

to commit their time and provide financial support, so that we can carry

David Ferguson, Retired Executive


out our services for men. As we grow, we strive to support even more men in Calgary and southern Alberta, giving them a fighting chance and peace of mind in knowing they are being provided with the best care.

Dr. Eric Hyndman, Urologist Richard (Rick) Lancaster, Retired BluEra

These reasons alone demonstrate how the Prostate Cancer Centre

Jim Peplinski, Jim Peplinski Leasing

has transformed into a centre of excellence which men and their families

Dr. Dean Ruether, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

can count on in their battle against prostate cancer.

Dr. Shelley Spaner, Mayfair Diagnostics Keith Steeves, NAL Resources Maryse St.-Laurent, C orporate Director, Turquoise Hill Resources Bas Wheeler, Rusty Spur Ventures Inc.




In February, 2016 famous WWE wrestler Bret Hart was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. For several years he was having his PSA tests, as getting checked was important to Bret. Even through the fear of first hearing he had cancer he knew he could count on Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre to provide him with the best treatment options possible. “I’ve been in a lot of fights in my life but my most recent fight was the most challenging. I have always been known as a WWE pro-wrestler, today I am also known as a prostate cancer survivor, something I never thought I’d have to call myself. Growing up with Stu Hart as my Dad wasn’t always easy. Times were often tough and money was short. Dad was still invincible; he could beat anyone and anything. He didn’t allow us kids to take the easy road or back out of anything. Feeling sorry for myself was not in my vocabulary.

Dad taught me from a very young age that you needed to suck it up and get on with life. I wasn’t allowed to be a quitter in anything (The one exception in my life was when Dad allowed me to quit the school play because I was required to wear leotards. No son of Stu Hart would be wearing tights in public! Who knew I’d grow up wearing tights for a living – and pink to boot.) I have travelled many miles in my career but always yearned for my hometown. After my prostate cancer diagnosis, I needed to find the best place in the nation to get my cancer treated. Being born and raised in Calgary, it was a thrill for me to realize the best centre in the nation was in my hometown. The fine folks at the Prostate Cancer Centre and my local urologist helped me conquer the biggest and meanest giant I’ve faced. Together we made sure prostate cancer was put to the mat – and stomped on. My Dad’s legacy lives on in me. He taught me it’s important to be loyal, to stay local whenever possible and to

always remember where I came from. Times were often tough for me growing up – times are tough in Calgary right now. The importance of staying and supporting local hasn’t changed.” Bret had the option to be treated anywhere in the world but after checking out his options he narrowed his search down to #1 – Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre, an experience he compares to his wrestling career – the best there ever was, ever is and ever will be. Thank you Bret for sharing your journey with the world, and encouraging men to make sure they are alive and to make every minute count by getting checked early.


survivability rate when prostate cancer is caught early


Centre into a one-stop shop for men throughout the continuum of care for prostate cancer.

RAPID ACCESS CLINICS AND PROGRAMS Rapid Access Clinics Include: • RAC I: Rapid access to a urologist • RAC II: Access to treatment option education by specialists • RAC III: Access to post-operative care • RAC IV: Access to support for incontinence and erectile function • RAC V: Active Surveillance (men who have lowgrade cancer, not requiring immediate treatment)

The number of men being operated on for prostate cancer is growing and additional time has been allotted to the operating room to accommodate this. This increases every program we offer particularly our RAC IV program, access to incontinence and erectile function. Wait time for a referral to a urologist averages at 11 days. We continue to work with onsite partner, EFW Radiology to keep biopsy referrals at fewer than 20 days. Both of these numbers


are outstanding. Initiatives that were developed in 2016 include a new introduction class for men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy, mindfulness classes to augment our exercise program; and research with the Tom Baker medical staff into decision making processes for men with prostate cancer. Implementation will start in 2017. Men and their families can continue to count on us to offer them the programs and support that they want and need.

men accessed our programs and services in 2016

• RAC VI: Access to advanced prostate cancer clinics As in other areas of the Prostate Cancer Centre, our core programs are seeing patient numbers increase and clinics are becoming busier. We’re consistently adding and trialing new clinics and programs. These continued additions contribute to the goal of transforming the Prostate Cancer


days to see an urologist from a family doctor, referral or MAN VANTM clinic




30,000 MEN AND COUNTING When the MAN VAN program launched in 2009, the mission was clear; connect with as many men as possible and educate them on the importance of early prostate cancer detection. Since then, the MAN VAN has ventured through the streets of Calgary and down the gravel roads of rural Alberta, providing free baseline PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) tests to over 30,000 men. For many men, health is not always top of mind, and it can be very difficult to fit regular doctor visits into their schedules. A quick visit to the MAN VAN is often the first step to becoming more proactive about their health. The recent addition of our “Know Your Numbers” health initiative has expanded the services the MAN VAN provides. Measurements for body mass index, blood pressure and blood sugar, in addition to PSA, can prevent future health problems and result in happier, healthier men.

David Sevcik, Customer Insights Manager Bayer – Crop Science Division.

“Our partnership the Prostate Cancer Centre and the MAN VAN is a perfect fit for Bayer as a life-science company, focused on improving the lives of Canadians. This mobile unit has allowed our farming customers, and others in rural Alberta, to access a critical tool towards proactively managing their health. We understand that convenience is key and hope that the farming community will continue to utilize resources such as the MAN VAN to improve their overall health management, and remain strong members of our rural landscape. Get out and get tested!” Al Driver, President & CEO, Bayer CropScience Inc.


men received PSA tests





M A N VA N T M S P O N S O R H I P The MAN VAN program exists because of the support of our volunteers and the generosity of sponsors. Thank you. Together we are saving lives one man at a time!




clinics in 57 communities

of men had never received a PSA test


men received PSA tests

97 3034

PIONEERING GIFTS OVER 500K clinics in Calgary & area

men received PSA tests


Agrium Inc. Bayer CropScience

of men had never LEG ACY GIFTS OVER 250K receivedBirthday a PSA Boys test “50th” Celebration Monsanto Penn West Petroleum Ltd.

S U S TA I N I N G G I F T S ( O V E R 1 0 0 K )


Calgary Fire Dept (Crews of 32 & 41) Inter Pipeline Ride For Dad

G O L D ( TO $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 ) Alberta Farmer Express

S I LV E R ( TO $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 )

97 3034

AltaLink ATB Financial Brad Remington Homes Canadian Canola Growers Association FortisAlberta Inc.

clinics in Calgary & area

men received PSA tests


of men had never received a PSA test

B R O N Z E ( TO $ 5 , 0 0 0 ) 106.7 The Drive BASF Blood Tribe Dept. of Health

Cabelas & Deerfoot City Calgary Police Association Canada Malting Chinatown Seniors’ Centre Foundation City of Calgary The Co-operators 85th Street ConocoPhillips Cowboys For Cures Drumheller Co-op Husky Energy London Drugs Luke Chan Mike Church 65AA Classic Ball Tournament Okotoks Dawgs PROSTAID Calgary Provost Insurance Raymond James Ltd. RBC Private Banking Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Shaganappi Motors Shell Canada Standens Stantec Tommy Gun’s Okotoks Tsuu T’ina Health Unit Vermilion Energy Western Electrical Management





3% High BP D

Men count on us to help them understand their numbers. Their numbers are Body Mass Index, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure. The “Know Your

Numbers” (Men’s Health Initiative), powered by the MAN VAN



High BP S

High BP DS


has been

High BP S

13% 6%

well received by men in both Calgary and southern Alberta, with


a consistent growth in popularity. High BP DS


Blood Pressure Category (%)

81% Blood Pressure Category (%)

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS In 2016, the Prostate Cancer Centre operated a total of 27 clinics with a men’s health component. Data from over 1,300 men has been collected, and we are gaining insight into some interesting numbers and trends. These graphs demonstrate comparisions in the blood pressure of 1,300 men in our database, to those at a single corporate event. According to our data, the men at the corporate event appeared to have a much higher percentage of normal blood pressure levels, 81%, compared to the database average, 56%.

The discrepancy between these two groups could be due to a proactive employee health program. Gathering larger numbers of men in the database will allow us to also look for other trends that will enable us to support individual men, promote preventative health for men, partner with likeminded organizations and raise awareness for the Prostate Cancer Centre as a leader in men’s health. Some feedback responses include: • “I like how it keeps men aware of all aspects of their health” • “...that the visit was an overall good/positive experience”


• “Felt that it was a very professionally run program”

men have engaged in

100% of participants said they would recommend the

Know Your Numbers

“Know Your Numbers” program to a friend or family member.




men die of prostate cancer annually in Alberta

RESEARCH In 2016, the Prostate Cancer Centre participated in 10 research studies. These studies included scientific research to understand how cancer develops, research to better diagnose and treat prostate cancer; and clinical trials to test new and emerging treatments to reduce morbidity and mortality from prostate cancer and other urological diseases. The contribution by the Prostate Cancer Centre to the success of these studies was significant. Patient recruitment goals were surpassed in over 90% of the studies. The quality of work conducted and data collected, has the Prostate Cancer Centre recognized as one of the top research facilities in Canada. By the end of 2016, we assessed and followed more than 125 patients on a regular basis (as compared to 50 patients

in 2015). Over 1200 study patient visits were conducted. Activities at these visits included biological sample collection, questionnaire completion, medical histories, physical exams, ECGs, vital signs, medication dispensation, patient teaching, patient & family support. In previous years, patient enrolment for studies primarily consisted of referrals from the urologists that were directly involved in the research studies. The recruitment success in the past year was possible as a result of numerous referrals from physicians at the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. In many cases physicians were looking for new treatment options for their patients when standard care treatments were no longer effective.

Members of the research team at the Prostate From left to right: Lora, Cody, Jen, Lori, Camille, Claire (front), Anne-Marie, Joseph & Dave

Cancer Centre



VOLUNTEERS The 2016 Bill Brooks Benefit Committee.

DOUG RICHARDS Initial meetings to determine feasibility, numerous trials and errors and much success with little background history was the process Calgary’s own Prostate Cancer Centre deployed prior to opening its doors in 1998. Today’s centre of excellence barely resembles the small beginnings of its former self. One thing that remains the same is the importance of our volunteers and prostate cancer survivors sharing their journey with others. Today the hub of our Centre is our robust and inclusive volunteer program that consists of 75 men and women who provide their valuable time and talent to ensure men and their loved ones in Calgary are supported throughout their journey with prostate cancer. The first of these individuals was Doug Richards. His journey began in 1998 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Over $8.5 million was raised over 19 years.

He chose to participate in a study with Dr. Bryan Donnelly that included having cryotherapy to remove the disease. At his time of diagnosis, there was no one to talk to and no centralized location that would assist him through his journey. He spoke with Dr. Donnelly once his treatment was complete and was “volun-told” that it would be appreciated if he would become one of the first volunteers for the Centre (formally named the Prostate Cancer Institute at the time) and share his experiences. Doug bought in wholeheartedly and helped select materials that would assist men through their journey. He also agreed to share his story with anyone who needed to hear it. One of Doug’s many accomplishments was becoming a co-founder of the Par 4 Prostate Golf Tournament that ran for five years and was formed by a group of “survivors”. The tournament brought in much needed

funds for the Centre and cemented many friendships for life. Today, almost twenty years later, Doug can still be found in the Resource Centre at the Prostate Cancer Centre sharing his journey with newly diagnosed patients. He is currently undergoing a reoccurrence of the disease that has him enrolled in a unique and inclusive study at the Centre. When you ask Doug why he still spends time at the Centre he says he feels blessed to have survived the disease for so many years and loves to support Calgary’s centre of excellence and the men that require its services every year.




COUNTING ON VOLUNTEERS It’s impossible to measure the impact our volunteers make every day at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. We have over 70 caring individuals that make up our volunteer team and help ensure the Centre runs like clockwork. They arrive early, leave late and make every minute count. The volunteer program started almost 20 years ago with a few patients who had the desire to share their experiences and help out newly diagnosed men who were looking for peers to share their experiences with the disease. Today it consists of many more of these men, as well as a whole group of other volunteers who are willing to share their time and talent with our organization. The duties they perform are diverse and constantly need to be re-vamped to take into account patient visits and new programs.

Some of these include: • Patient support • Manning an information desk for the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology • Running the Resource Centre • Biopsies & Clinic support • Running the Resource Centre Library • Rapid Access clinics support • Life after prostate cancer support • Patient phone call reminders • Set up and take down for medical information sessions • Preparing packages, brochures and patient take home information • Community presentations • MAN VANTM program clinic hosts • MAN VAN drivers • MAN VAN maintenance

The list goes on and on... and it is almost impossible to put a value on the time, expertise and energy each one of them puts into the Prostate Cancer Centre. Our volunteers are our greatest asset.


volunteer hours were contributed in 2016



PARTNERSHIPS VILLAGE NUTRaiser When it comes to donors and community partners Jim Button is one Calgarian you can count on. As a Co-Founder of Village Brewery he uses beer as a social lubricant as he leverages his many experiences in marketing and building communities to create a more connected Calgary. Jim’s love of new ideas combined with a huge heart for the charities in his community, often finds him connecting new people with the seasoned friends he has collected over the years. His creativity coupled with his philanthropic spirit allows him to share his talents with community groups to raise both friends and dollars while creating laugher and memories. In 2013 the first Village “NUTRaiser” event was introduced using the delicate private parts of a bull and adding additional secret

ingredients that enhanced the final product. After the casks are made a huge party takes place on the eve of Stampede at BottleScrew Bills raising cain and dollars for Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. This newsworthy event continues to gain momentum each year and in 2016, the fourth annual NUTRaiser topped them all featuring Bill Brooks and Calgary’s, Brett Wilson and Bret Hart, two prostate cancer graduates, each of them creating their own unique prairie oyster cask. The 2016 event raised $15,000 bringing the total raised drinking the cloudy ale to more than $35,000 since its inception in 2013. It is people like Jim Button that we count on to help bring the community together and raise money to help Calgary men battle prostate cancer.

Brett Wilson, Jim Button & Bret Hart



PARTNERSHIPS PRIDDIS GREENS CHARITY CLASSIC The Priddis Greens Charity Classic has designated the Prostate Cancer Centre as the charity of choice since its inception in 1999. The event takes place annually at one of the finest golf courses in all of Canada.

of the event planning, collecting auction items and spending countless hours to ensure golfers are treated like royalty. An additional 100 Priddis volunteers share their time on the course for the duration of the event.

There is no event like the Charity Classic. It kicks off with an opening gala evening, followed by a two day golf experience like no other that draws a large group of dedicated golfers with huge hearts and wallets!

The generous Priddis Club members forfeit their premium golfing rights for two days to host this spectacular charity classic, held in honor of our Centre. To date, the funds raised exceed over $5 million. Thank you for raising awareness and much needed dollars for our Centre.

The Priddis Charity Classic Committee members work hard for months ahead

From left to right: Ed Huculak (Calgary Sun), Mike Wilson (Mike Wilson Team), Frank Albi (Global TV), Dave Gladney (Morrison Homes), Cody Clayton (Remington Development), Kody Stokes (Breckendridge Group)



PARTNERSHIPS R E M I N G TO N G O L F TO U R N A M E N T For the 4th consecutive year, golf enthusiasts gathered on August 17th at the Stewart Creek Golf Course to play to support the end of advanced prostate cancer. Even in this unstable economy, this sold out tournament raised $400,000 in 2016 with all proceeds coming to the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary. Thanks to the great group of guys that makes up Remington Committee Members – every one of you counts to make a difference for men’s health in Calgary.


Prostate Cancer Centre online community members

From left to right: Cail Cheverie, Randy Remington, Darwin Flathers, David Routledge, Randy Magnussen, Garry Holbrook, Cody Clayton, Alex Wong


GOLD ($25,000-$99,999)


Ernie and Leah Hagel * Kirk Hudson * Janice & Bruce McFarlane * Martin and Dianne Nowakowski – Sure Shot Golf Events  * Patricia & Laurence Murphy * Dr. Shelley Spaner * Dennis Zentner * Astellas Pharma Canada Inc. Charles and Grace Thomson designated fund at the Calgary Foundation * Stanley and Hilda M. Miller Memorial Fund * The Hotchkiss Family Foundation * The Lefebre Family * United Way of Calgary – Donor Choice Program B.A. Robinson Charity Golf Tournament * 2016 FortisAlberta Man up Month * Women for Men’s Health Spin-a-thon 2016 The Village NUTraiser *

V I S I O N A RY G I F T S O V E R $ 1 M I L L I O N


Arthur Davis, Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman W. Brett Wilson Agrium Inc. * Arthur J.E. Child Foundation Bill Brooks Annual Prostate Cancer Benefit * Birthday Boys “50th” Celebration * Priddis Greens Charity Classic * Remington Charity Golf Classic * The Canada Safeway Foundation * Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun

Philip and Susan Evans * Michael and Terry Wilson * Bayer CropScience * Calgary Health Trust KPMG LLP * Monsanto Canada Inc. Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Prostate Cancer Canada * Scott Land Stomp *

PINNACLE GIFTS OVER $500,000 The Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation - Ride for Dad Dox Flow Through Fund at the Calgary Foundation * Anonymous donations  *

S U S TA I N I N G G I F T S O V E R $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 Stephen Mulherin John Stewart #nakedespy- espy experience  * Alberta Cancer Foundation * Arthur J.E. Child Foundation Endowment Fund at the Calgary Foundation Bennett Jones * Calgary Motor Dealers Association Estate of Henry Miasek Harvard Energy Inter Pipeline Ltd. Janssen Inc. Long Run Exploration Par 4 Prostate Cancer Golf Riddell Family Charitable Foundation Sanofi-aventis Canada Inc. Techworks

* Donors have given successive gifts and their cumulative gift total is recognized in the higher categories

S I LV E R ( $ 5 , 0 0 0 - $ 2 4 , 9 9 9 ) Brian and Gail Anderson * Andrew & Carolyne Abbott * Robert & Winnie Bezemer * Illya Boridy Carl Cheverie * Cam Clark * Robert and Margot Clerkson * Gordon Coli Jim and Donna Conroy * Anthony Cook * Jack and Bev Ellefson * Murray and Joyce Fox * Wayne and Mary Sue Gifford * Marilyn and Norm Gossett Vince Greco, * Dick and Lois Haskayne Brian and Dawn Hodgson Dapinder Kang

29 Allan Markin Robert Niven Alan & Shelly Norris * Scott Oldale * Richard Olver David Payce * Joe Pfaefflin * Benedict Polos Gord Ritchie Kenneth Roworth * Peter and Jean Saunders * Gregg Scott Jamie Tam 716011 Alberta LTD. * Annapolis Capital Limited * Aqueduct Foundation – Gaponow Family Foundation * ATB Corporate Financial Services * Brad Remington Homes * Brooks Corp. * Cadmus Fund At The Calgary Foundation * Cenovus Energy Inc. * Croation Canadian Cultural Centre Dave Gourlay ROOF & Friends * FORE Men’s Health Golf Tournament 2016 * FortisAlberta * Mary E. Kirkpatrick Memorial Fund at the Calgary Foundation * Men Made in Calgary 2016 * Mike Church 65AA Classic Ball Tournament  * National Bank Of Canada * Nickel Family Foundation RBC Foundation * Rockyview Golf Invitational 2016 Team Eberle The Canadian Brewhouse Ltd. * The Drive 106.7 – Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational * The Tenaquip Foundation * United Way Of Greater Toronto * In Memory of Arthur Davis *



BRONZE ($500-$4,999) Sandeep Aggarwal Peter Aiello Gerald Albert Irene Anderson Michael Aust Doris Basic Dr. Richard Baverstock Diane Beattie Michele Beitel Derrick Boivin Bill Bowden Norbert Brinkhaus Dennis and Stella Brunet Sheldon Budzak Dr. Kevin Carlson Alex Chupik Cynthia Cleary Dale Coburn Debra and Michael Curtis Gail and Kennith Damberger Denis Desrochers Gordon Dibb Tom Dodd George & Karen Doherty Dr. Bryan Donnelly Dr. Sarah Donnelly Drew Tumbach & Joanna Wright Dr. Martin Duffy Dr. John Dushinski Ken Elias Allan Elliott Stephen Ellis Dennis Erickson Andrew Fedorowicz Al Gajdostik

Peter Giannoccaro Richard J. N. Gilborn Craig Goodall Laurie Gordon Dr. Geoffrey Gotto Reuben Govender Cameron Grace Aaron and Wendy Hall Bryan Har Bret Hart Michael Hawitt Pamela Heard Brian Hellekson Brent and Bonnie Hemstreet Daniel Heng James Howie Kim Huynh Dr. Eric Hyndman Douglas James Arthur and Carla Johnson Barry Johnson Ronak Kanani Dr. Jun Kawakami Stuart Kidd Allan Klassen Alena Koss Brad Krusky Robert Lesoway Tim Logel Colin and Margaret MacDonald Cathy Macleod Linda MacNaughton Bruce Malcolm Larry and Monica Matthews Stan Mayer

Margaret McGill Tim McKaig Brent McLean Dr. Donald Metcalfe Neil Molendyk Lawrence Mutcheson Thomas Neiland Shelly Norris Collins and Ebere Nwabuogor Ken Rabb & Elaine Ori Marvin Pawlivsky Danny Pichur Lezlie Poyastro May Pringle Andy Rajic Neil Sabine-Pasley Scott Sangster Howard Sangwine Ron & Marion Schile Chuck and Ting Seto Monica Sieben-Kuhn Margaret Southern Donna Spaner Frank Spence Allan Stokes Donald Swanson Neil Switzer Evelyn Thomas Stephen Valentine William Veres John Werbicki Andrea Whyte Edward Wicks Donna Wood Gerry Wood

Steve Zabawski David Zaluski Akira & Misae Masuda fund at the Calgary Foundation Almy Plumbing Inc. AMEC Americas Limited Barcelona Tavern Bashaw Concrete Prod Ltd. Benevity Community Impact Fund Bret Hart Father’s Day 2016 Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Calgary Chinatown Seniors Centre Bill Brooks Double Down 2016 Chrome your Dome – Tommy Guns 2016 Crescent Point Diner Deluxe Drumheller Co-op Ltd. Dukes Plumbing Inc Engineered Air – Resman Community Service Franklin Templeton Investments Corp Fraser Family Foundation Fraternal Order Of Eagles – Calgary Heritage Gibson Family Fund at the Calgary Foundation GTO Association of Alberta Imagine PLBG & Appliance LTD. Kester Holdings INC 7Z Farms Inc. Mackenzie Financial Corporation Nortec Plumbing and Heating Owen Hart Foundation Flow Through Fund at the Calgary Foundation Pete The Plumber Ltd. Radiology Consultants Associated RBC Foundation

RedPoint Media & Avenue Retro Mechanical Inc Ritchie Bros RJB Bathroom Renovations RMCC Investments Ltd Shark Club Calgary North SHE Lingerie Fashion Show Star Plumbing Inc. Team TELUS Cares Tower Mechanical UHN Toronto General United Way of Alberta Capital Region Western General Contracting Ltd. White Lake Colony Wiehler Mechanical Ltd. Wills Mechanical In Memory of Akira Masuda In Memory of Clifford Hammer In Memory of Orland A. McInnes In Memory of W.J. (Bill) Anderson In Memory of Edward Kuhn In Honour of Simon Brockett


men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer annually in Alberta





1% 12%




11% 37%


2016 7%






43% 24%


$3,145,942 22% 55%

39% 32%

  Restricted cash contributions recognized

  Restricted cash contributions recognized

  Fundraising expenditure

  Fundraising expenditure



  Programs expenditure

  Programs expenditure

  Research investigation fees

  Research investigation fees

  Admin expenditure

  Admin expenditure

  Rental revenue

  Rental revenue

  General expenditure

  General expenditure

  Interest & other

  Interest & other






Year ended December 31, 2016*

Year ended December 31, 2016*






Current Assets:

Deferred cash contributions recognized

Cash and cash equivalents Investments Accounts receivable Due from related parties

$ 2,311,904

$ 2,375,927









Prepaid expenses and deposits



Prepaid rent





Property and equipment



Long-term portion of prepaid rent


Restricted cash


Government sales tax receivable

$ 7,391,372



Research investigation fees



Rental revenue and expense recovery


406,305 54,722



Projects and/or programs



Contracted services




Office and other




Rent and occupancy





$ 7,039,250

Due to related parties



Government payroll tax payable











Interest and other

EXPENDITURES: Salaries and benefits

Events and recognition Advertising and marketing Excess of revenues over expenses before other items







OTHER ITEMS: Amortization of deferred capital contributions Amortization of property and equipment Excess of revenues over expenses







$ 529,589 $ 314,823

Net assets: Unrestricted Restricted for endowments





$ 7,391,372

$ 1,495,933


$ 102,559 $ 113,804

Deferred capital contributions

$ 1,398,944


Current liabilities:

Deferred cash contributions



LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Accounts payable and accrued liabilities


$ 7,039,250

*For complete 2016 Audited Financial Statement please contact [email protected]


HOPE FOR THE FUTURE By 2019 we want everyone living with prostate cancer in Calgary and area to be able to say:

“I can enjoy life” “I understand my treatment options, so I can make good decisions” “I feel part of a community and I’m inspired to give something back” “I was diagnosed early” “I get the treatment, care and aftercare I need that are best for my cancer and my life” “I am secure in my knowing my family will have a place to go if they need it”

“I would like to thank you (PCC) for everything and just want to tell you that what you do makes a difference to guys like me recovering from prostate cancer surgery.” — Grateful Patient