Table of Contents - SERSC

Table of Contents - SERSC

International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016) Table of Contents Improving Wireless Security for Cooperation of Untrusted...

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Table of Contents - SERSC
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International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

Table of Contents Improving Wireless Security for Cooperation of Untrusted Secondary Transmitters 1 Yayan Ma, Baoyun Wang

A Study on the Big Data Log Analysis for Security


Kyung-Sik Jeon, Se-Jeong Park, Sam-Hyun Chun and Jong-Bae Kim

Performance evaluation of Collaborative Learning and E-commerce Security: Comprehensive Ability of China's PE Teachers to Use Computer 21 Zhang Yan, Wei Dongyi, Liu Yichong, Long Xiaodong and Tao Ganchen

Email Spam Filtering Based on the MNMF Algorithm


Zun-xiong Liu, Shan-shan Tian, Zhi-qiang Huang, Jiang-wei Liu

Multilevel Decentralized Protection Scheme Based on Moving Targets


Mikhail Styugin and Nikolay Parotkin

Study on a Dynamic E-business Application Framework Based on Web Service-Based SOA 55 Xueqiang Yin

Implementation about Thread and Internet-based Motion Receiving Imitation Controller for Humanoid 65 Hee-Jung Byun and Su Goog Shon


International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

An Anomaly Detection Framework for Detecting Anomalous Virtual Machines under Cloud Computing Environment 75 GuiPing Wang and JiaWei Wang

Schema Theorem Based on Probability for Multigenic Chromosomes Genes Expression Programming 87 Huifang Cheng, Jianli Zhao and Haitao Wang

A Combined Model of Clustering and Classification Methods for Preserving Privacy in Social Networks against Inference and Neighborhood Attacks 95 Ali Zaghian and Ayoub Bagheri

Security Analysis Algorithm





Authentication 103

Zhang Qiu-yu, Ren Zhan-wei, Xing Peng-fei, Huang Yi-bo and Yu Shuang

A Novel Iris Authentication Using ECDSA


Srinivasan Nagaraj and Dr. G. S. V. P. Raju

Joint Fingerprinting and Encryption in the DWT Domain for Secure M2M Communication 125 Conghuan Ye, Zenggang Xiong, Yaoming Ding, Xueming Zhang and Guangwei Wang and Fang Xu

Research on New Multi-Feature Large-Scale Image Retrieval Algorithm based on Semantic Parsing and Modified Kernel Clustering Method 139 Tiejun Wang, Weilan Wang


International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

New Secure Load Sharing Algorithm in Network Layer


Mouhcine Chliah, Ghizlane Orhanou and Said El Hajji

Fixture Design for Automobile Oil Receiving Tray Reaming and Milling 167 Hu Hong and Cui Yaxin

Predator-Prey Models on Interaction between Computer Worms, Trojan Horse and Antivirus Software Inside a Computer System 173 Munna Kumar, Bimal Kumar Mishra and T. C. Panda

The Design of WLAN Wireless Access Protocol based on Certified NFC


Jinjin Pan, YunLi, ZhigangJIN and Xunjun Wang

A Zero-Watermark Scheme for Identification Photos based on QR Code and Visual Cryptography 203 De Li, Zhe Liu and LiHua Cui

Some Clustering-Based Methodology Applications to Anomaly Intrusion Detection Systems 215 Veselina Jecheva and Evgeniya Nikolova

Security Authentication Method of Speech Perceptual Hashing Based on Fuzzy Commitment Scheme 229 Zhang Qiu-yu, Ren Zhan-wei, Huang Yi-bo, Yu Shuang and Hu Wen-jin


International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

Information Concealing Based on Outer P-sets


Tan Xiao-dong and Ruan Qun-sheng

Phishing Attacks and Defenses


Junaid Ahsenali Chaudhry, Shafique Ahmad Chaudhry, Robert G. Rittenhouse

Research on Immunity to Electric Impulsive Interference of ZPW-2000 Track Circuit in Station 257 Xiaochun Wu and Guoqing Li

Non-interactive Security Framework for Mobile Device based Academic Monitoring System 265 B. Muthusenthil, C. Vijayakumaran, Hyunsung Kim

Robustness and Security of Router-level Internet and Complex Networks Examples under Hybrid Networks Attacks 277 Xu Ye, Shen Yang, Wang Zhuo

A Lightweight Certificate Revocation Scheme for Hybrid Mobile ad Hoc Networks 287 Huaqiang Xu, Rui Wang and Zhiping Jia

A Robust Watermarking Scheme for City Image


Ruichen Jin and Jongweon Kim


International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

An Enhanced Biometric-Based Three Factors User Authentication Scheme for Multi-server Environments 315 Youping Lin, Kaihui Wang, Baocan Zhang, Yuzhen Liu, Xiong Li

A New Low Complexity NLOS Identification Approach Based on Minimum Slope and Kurtosis of Energy Block for 60 GHz System 329 Xiaolin Liang, Hao Zhang, Tingting Lv, T. Aaron. Gulliver

An Improved Kernel Clustering Algorithm for Mixed-Type Data in Network Forensic 343 Min Ren, Peiyu Liu, Zhihao Wang, Lin Lü

Distinguishing Attack on CPB-Based Cipher COSB-128


Tran Song Dat Phuc, Changhoon Lee

Eye Region Activity State based Face Liveness Detection System


Xu GuangZhu, Yin PanLong, Lei BangJun, Zou YaoBin, Yang JiQuan

Research on Life Prediction of Train Control Center Based on Random and Fuzzy Theory 375 Xiao Chun Wu and Jian Wu

Improving Distributed Forensics and Incident Response in Loosely Controlled Networked Environments 385 Irvin Homem, Theo Kanter and Rahim Rahmani


International Journal of Security and Its Applications Vol.10, No.1 (2016)

Oriented User Group Verifiable Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme


Xueyan Liu and Zhanming Li

The Design for Heat Flux Sensor of High Transient and Large Range in the Explosion Field 427 Guo Yu-yan, KongDe-ren and Chen Jing

Copyright Management for Mix Music

437 Jeongseok Jo and Jongweon Kim

A Security Architecture Model of Oil and Gas SCADA Network Based on Multi-Agent 449 Jian Zhang, Li Yang and Haode Liao