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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Workflow Management and Database e-BioFlow: Improving Practical Use of Workflow Systems in Bioinformatics Ingo Wassink, Matthijs Oo...

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Workflow Management and Database e-BioFlow: Improving Practical Use of Workflow Systems in Bioinformatics Ingo Wassink, Matthijs Ooms, Pieter Neerincx, Gerrit van der Veer, Han Rauwerda, Jack A.M. Leunissen, Timo M. Breit, Anton Nijholt, and Paul van der Vet MEDCollector: Multisource Epidemic Data Collector João Zamite, Fabricio A.B. Silva, Francisco Couto, and Mário J. Silva Epidemic Marketplace: An Information Management System for Epidemiological Data Luis F. Lopes, Fabricio A.B. Silva, Francisco Couto, João Zamite, Hugo Ferreira, Carla Sousa, and Mário J. Silva




Decision Support and Data Management in Biomedicine DCM Data Management Framework: A Data Warehousing Approach . . .


Shehla Khalid, Claire Surr, and Daniel Neagu Automatic Classification of Intrapartal Fetal Heart-Rate Recordings - Can It Compete with Experts? Vaclav Chudácek, Jifí Spilka, Michal Huptych, George Georgoulas, Petr Jankû, Michal Koucky, Chrysostomos Stylios, and Lenka Lhotská Clinical Informatics to Diagnose Cardiac Diseases Based on Data Mining Sung Ho Ha and Zhen Yu Zhang



Decision Support in Biomedicine (Short Papers) The Case-Based Software System for Physician's Decision Support Leonid Karpov and Valéry Yudin SASAgent: An Agent Based Architecture for Search, Retrieval and Composition of e-Science Models and Tools Luiz Felipe Mendes, Regina Braga, and Fernanda Campos

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Clustering of Protein Substructures for Discovery of a Novel Class of Sequence-Structure Fragments Ivana Rudolfova, Jaroslav Zendulka, and Matej Lexa A Comorbidity Network Approach to Predict Disease Risk Francesco Folino, Clara Pizzuti, and Maria Ventura Mining and Post-Processing of Association Rules in the Atherosclerosis Risk Domain Petr Berka and Jan Rauch

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Medical Data Modeling and Information Retrieval Optimized Column-Oriented Model: A Storage and Search Efficient Representation of Medical Data Razan Paul and Abu Say ed Md. Lauful Hoque


A Semantic Query Interface for the OGO Platform José Antonio Miñarro-Giménez, Mikel Egaña Aranguren, Francisco Garcia-Sánchez, and Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis


BioMedical Information Retrieval: The BioTracer Approach Heri Ramampiaro


Data Mining in Bioinformatics A Self-Organizing State Space Approach to Inferring Time-Varying Causalities between Regulatory Proteins Osamu Hirose and Kentaro Shimizu


Knowledge Representation and Data Management in Bioinformatics Retrieving Samples from Biobanks Claus Dabringer and Johann Eder Logical Knowledge Representation of Regulatory Relations in Biomedicai Pathways Sine Zambach and Jens Ulrik Hansen Smooth Introduction of Semantic Tagging in Genotyping Procedures . . . Alessio Bechini, Jacopo Viotto, and Riccardo Giannini


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Biological Data and Signal Processing Laboratory Kit for Oscillometry Measurement of Blood Pressure Jan Dvorak and Jan Havlfl;


Table of Contents Initial Analysis of the EEG Signal Processing Methods for Studying Correlations between Muscle and Brain Activity Helena Valentová and Jan Havlik Highlighting the Current Issues with Pride Suggestions for Improving the Performance of Real Time Cardiac Health Monitoring Mohamed Ezzeldin A. Bashir, Dong Gyu Lee, Makki Akasha, Gyeong Min Yi, Eun-jong Cha, Jang-whan Bae, Myeong Chan Cho, and Keun Ho Ryu

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