Taking Notice Sunset Aquarium

Taking Notice Sunset Aquarium

Newsletter for CALVERT SCHOOL Enrolled Students Spring 2011 No. 96 Taking Notice Corin Katzke, Sixth Grade, Galena, Alaska, standing in front of t...

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Newsletter for CALVERT SCHOOL Enrolled Students

Spring 2011

No. 96

Taking Notice

Corin Katzke, Sixth Grade, Galena, Alaska, standing in front of the Equestrian Monument to Bartolommeo Colleoni in Venice. The same statue is highlighted in his Calvert A Child’s History of Sculpture text!



As the palm trees rest, and the sun is half under, the tide rolls forward. Skylar Onstot

Fish Pretty, dazzling Swimming, moving, blooping Very fast swimmers indeed Aquarium

Seventh Grade Arlington, Washington

Tyler Williams Fourth Grade El Paso, Texas

I stood there, staring at her complexion, bewildered by what was going through her mind. Her wrinkles under her worn-out aged eyes, still green from when she was young, were strangled with what looked like stress to the naked eye. Her lips, pulled down at the sides, were pale and cracked. Her khaki slacks were folded up twice from the bottom on the right leg. The other pants leg was lightly hanging there, undisturbed by the heavy wind. Her red-collared blouse was untidy, unbuttoned in different spots. The little swing, which she sat upon, barely moving in the fierce wind, looked as old as she looked. It was only big enough to fit two people on it at the same time. The blades of green, wet grass looked as though they had not been cut in years. Tall and thick, they were just tickling the bottom of the brown splintery seat. The white frame, which held the swing, was a dirty brown and green color and looked like it couldn’t support any weight at all. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the woman for more than a half of a second though. She was gazing down at what her hands held. It looked like a beaten old book, the kind you see when you visit an old antique shop. It seemed as though you could blow the dust off of the tattered brown covering. She didn’t betray a speck of emotion while she stared down at the slightly white-looking paper. There was something on the pages though. It looked like drawings or pictures of some sort.

Mary Latona Eighth Grade Andover, Massachusetts

Calvert Connection showcases Calvert School students’ best artwork, poetry, compositions, photographs, and achievements. This newsletter allows students to share accomplishments with other Calvert homeschoolers.

The Barnstead Envelope

The Kiteboarder Above the waves, between the rocks, kite and board and bar in hand. It goes down, he goes up, zipping fast away from land. Over the mountain, down the hill, nothing provides a greater thrill. Across the meadows, smooth as glass, you can imagine them being grass. The win has dropped, so has the kite. He tries to move it with all his might. It quivers, it hops, it stands on end, and WHOOSH, it jumps and takes flight.

Connor Rudzki Sixth Grade Norman’s Cay, Exuma Bahamas


“You awake one morning. There is no electricity, no phone service, and nothing can move in or out of your town.“ This is the question asked by Paul Hodgdon of a Transitions Towns group in Barnstead, New Hampshire. After reviewing the Transition Towns goals, Paul decided he wanted to join the local group in an effort to move toward local sustainability, and away from dependence on oil and coal. Upon joining, he found that the group could not agree on a set of goals. He pondered the questions posed by the group to one another, and came up with an idea, a group exercise, and a project, to help the group find and focus on a goal. This project he entitled “The Barnstead Envelope.” In Paul’s presentation of “The Barnstead Envelope”, he asked each member a survey of three carefully worded questions. “What do you feel is most important for the survival of all the people in town?” “What physical resources are needed in order to fulfill the needs of the people?” “What skills are needed to fulfill the needs of the people?” After the group answered those questions, Paul entered their answers on a spreadsheet. During the next meeting, he presented to the group the result of their hard work in a formal presentation. He then asked them to answer another set of questions. “What skills do they each possess which are needed?” “What friends do they each know who have the needed skills and could be invited to the group to fill in the required skills?” His next question encouraged the group to focus on a set of goals. “What project would they want to do which would fulfill a need of the town?” By democratic vote, he took the poll and the group moved forward on their first meaningful project, a micro-hydro generator. The group has since progressed, planning further projects and encouraging others to find their own transition to resiliency. Without Paul’s contributions of insight, imagination, focus, and dedication to move this group forward, the adults might have remained stuck or possibly disbanded altogether out of frustration.

Paul Hodgdon Seventh Grade Barnstead, New Hampshire

Light Blue Light blue looks like the sky where the planes soar. Light blue sounds like pebbles dropping in a shallow pond. Light blue smells like fresh air. Light blue tastes like refreshing water. Light blue makes me feel cool and comfortable.

Plants sprouting from seeds Giving animals some food Helping out the Earth.

Renzo Alcordo

Isaiah Lee

Third Grade Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Third Grade Ann Arbor, Michigan


The Fishing Trip It was a nice and sunny Saturday when my Dad and I were going fishing. When we arrived we had to stop at the office to get fishing passes. Then we drove on down to the lake. I was getting so excited because we were getting close. We finally arrived at the lake. Then we got all of our fishing gear out of the truck, and I got out my black spin bait and put it on my leader. I cast it out a couple of times. When I was reeling in the second time—BOOM! I had a baby Bass. Later on, I caught 5 Bluegill. When I took my last cast, Daddy said the day was over, so I loaded my gear in the truck and left with a smile on my face.

Tommy Welsh Fifth Grade Bowie, Maryland

CALVERT Connection

My Bedroom

Mars Ball

My bedroom is a mess. It makes me always stress. I clean it up every day, but still it always gets this way.

Grace Hall

Dreaming about tomorrow’s game against one of the fiercest teams in the league, Riley’s Fighting Irish, Ethan Frank smashes another home run so far that it sails right up to Mars. Waking himself up, he runs after the ball and looking around discovers that he’s not on the bus anymore traveling to the game. It’s cold, so dark that he can’t really see, and very dry out here, so dry that it feels like his skin is evaporating. He calls for help, but when his voice tries to say “help,” it sounds like a frog’s throat croaking, “Ribbit.” Feeling around on the ground, his hands feel crumbly dirt down by his feet. He crawls on his knees to find his ball in the darkness, but he can’t even see his hands in front of him. Crawling straight ahead for what seems like an hour, his hand touches something cold and worn, a rock, but with ridges. As he slides the rock into his hand, it feels like a cold baseball with seams popping out. “Oh no.” he thinks, “My baseball has turned into a rock.” As he holds on to the rock, Ethan feels like his hand is getting heavier and it’s freezing. His arm begins to feel weird as he slowly realizes that everything here on Mars seems to be dead. Little by little, segments of his body are getting frozen solid. His legs can’t move anymore. His lips can’t speak. His life is quickly turning into a rock… cold, cold rock! At the moment that his brain begins to freeze, a distant noise so familiar rings in the darkness and a light goes on in his head. Ethan opens his eyes to find that he’s on the bus, shivering from the cold of the air conditioning with his baseball still clenched in his hand.

Third Grade Shreveport, Louisiana

Judah Ehart

Tomorrow I will try and see How clean that I can try to be So I don’t have to face the doom Of cleaning up my stinky room.

Rainbow Slides

Jackie Blair

I wish I could ride on rainbow slides and glide where the clouds float freely I’d chat with the blue birds and sing with the sun, and learn what the moon finds truly fun.

Third Grade Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Flora Kelly Fifth Grade Newville, Pennsylvania

I Like to Gaze at Stars I sometimes like to look outside at night when my mom and dad are sleeping. I like to sit under the stars and gaze at them for hours. I imagine myself flying in the sky on a shooting star. My hair in the moonlight becomes sparkle and glitter. I can imagine myself holding the earth in my hand. Watching all the people of the earth do their living would be unbelievable. When my mom comes to check on me, then the ride is over on the shooting star. But gazing at the stars will never stop.

Sir–Barks–Alot Theo Theo is my lab who’s yellow. He’s a puppy and not very mellow. Theo is wiggly like a worm. He shakes his behind when he walks and squirms. He hops to his toy like a rabbit, And then he will pounce and grab it. Theo chews like a goat— He eats five gallon buckets, glasses and wood; More than any normal dog could. My barking dog Theo I sure do love. He was a present sent from above.

Ella Bissette Sixth Grade Jacksonville, Florida

Fifth Grade Gaithersburg, Maryland

CALVERT Connection


Making the Most of the Advisory Teaching Service Each year a classroom teacher gets to know a new set of students and their families. Soon a teacher will know each student’s unique qualities. Some will be perfectionists, dreamy, reluctant, distractible, ambitious, curious, shy, engaged, talkative, or quiet. Not only are students different from one another, the concerns and goals of each parent can also vary. The goal of the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service is to provide the students and Learning Guides instructional and strategic support.

The goal of the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service is to provide the students and Learning Guides instructional and strategic support. Since an ATS teacher does not have the benefit of the day to day interaction with their students, they depend on learning about the students’ temperaments, interests, and learning styles from the Learning Guide. Also, the Advisory Teacher welcomes learning about specific areas that the parent would like addressed. Sometimes a parent asks the Advisory Teacher to encourage the student to work harder, write neater, or concentrate more on taking notes and studying content.This can take some pressure off the adult working with the student at home. Other times a parent will let a teacher know that the student can be anxious so to soften their remarks in a letter. 4

The Student Information Questionnaire that is found in the front of the ATS tests is very helpful, so please send it in with Test 20 and be sure to make use of the supplementary information section to let the teacher know more about your child and any specific area of guidance that you would like to have. Throughout the year communicate with the ATS teacher by sending notes with questions, observations, or concerns along with the tests so that the teacher knows how best to approach supporting your child’s development. In addition, it helps the ATS teacher to know more about how a student performs in the various subjects during the daily lessons. Did the material come easily, were there topics that the student particularly was interested in, or were there any subjects or skills that were especially challenging? You can also ask that a teacher respond to you in a separate note and not directly in the ATS letter to the student. Throughout the year communicate with the ATS teacher by sending notes with questions, observations, or concerns along with the tests so that the teacher knows how best to approach supporting your child’s development.

Before sending in an ATS test, go over all the papers and instructions to be sure that you are sending all

the required pieces. In the older grades some of the assignments are quite complex, so even an independent student will benefit from the Learning Guide double checking that the requirements have been met before submitting the work. Working through the lessons in the order they are presented and submitting the ATS tests one at a time will ensure that the Advisory Teacher’s guidance will be relevant and helpful. Working through the lessons in the order they are presented and submitting the ATS tests one at a time will ensure that the Advisory Teachers guidance will be relevant and helpful.

Once the test and letter are returned, take a moment to read the letter along with your child and go back to the test to study the corrections. Especially in the upper grades, some of these concepts can be really challenging, and extra guidance from parents may be needed. Help your child realize that we all make mistakes, but those mistakes can be one of the best ways to help us to learn. If you or your student has any questions or concerns about the returned test, please contact an Education Counselor immediately. The Education Counselor will work with you and the Advisory Teacher to ensure that the goal to enhance the Calvert students’ educational experience is met.

CALVERT Connection

Advisory Teacher Service Award Recipients Calvert Advisory Teachers are grade level specialists who bring their years of experience to guide and support their students. Calvert recognizes those teachers who have dedicated many years of service as a Calvert Advisory Teacher and presents awards to the teachers for each decade of service. This year we celebrate three teachers with twenty years of service and one teacher with thirty years of service. However, the best rewards that Advisory Teachers receive are the kind words from students and their families. These are excerpts from some of the many notes these teachers have received over the years. TWENTY-YEAR RECIPIENTS

Dear Mrs. Milchling, We love your notes! I feel like we get to know you as a person. And, as Gretchen a mom, I am so Milchling appreciative of Grades 4 and 5 your encouragement to our son. I would definitely call this year successful with the easy to follow and implement curriculum. Having you as a teacher is helpful to make us feel guided and connected, so we are not just floating around.

Dear Mrs. Gaddis, I am at loss for words on how to thank you for your kindness and considerations Barbara Gaddis along the way. Grade 3 I don’t know if you will be our advisor in the coming year, but that would be my wish. Still, whatever happens, it has been our good fortune to know you. Thank you for a wonderful year. We really looked forward to your letters. Our son has come a long way from the start of the year. I think he thought home schooling was going to be “easy.” He found it very challenging and rewarding. Thank you for a very satisfying year!

Please join us in the


Dear Mrs. Strand, It means a great deal to my daughter to have a teacher who communicates with her in such a warm, caring, and friendly manner. Mrs. Strand actually became part of her learning world and was referred to as one of her teachers. This is the first time that this has happened since we began home schooling.

CALVERT Connection

Dear Mrs. Jessa, Summer is at last here, though I must admit I was very sad when we finished the last Barbara Jessa chapter of A Child’s Grade 4 History of the World. Mrs. Jessa, we thank you for your comments and suggestions throughout the year. You have been very encouraging. My daughter eagerly read your letters. We received the grade five course the day after we finished this course! I was pleased to see that she eagerly opened the new box and is obviously enthusiastic about next term. Again, thank you so much for your continued encouragement.

Dear Mrs. Strand, We love your program, and your photo with your dog Cody has been a great inspiration Vicki Strand to our son. Thank Grades 2 and 4 you for all your support, positive suggestions, and kind words in your letters.

celebration of these fine teachers who have guided many Calvert homeschooled students over the years.


Madison Knowles, Fourth Grade, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, created cave art using natural pigments from her back yard. Ashes, dried peppers and chalky stones were used to create this unique piece of art. Elissa Shumaker Kindergarten San Antonio, Texas

s Submission

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JiaNan Shan, Third Grade, Hebei Province, China

CALVERT Connection

on Angelisa Thomps Eighth Grade yland Parkville, Mar

Megan McCully, First Grade, Tequesta, Florida

Emma Meissner, First Grade, Edgewater, Maryland

Chelsea Bagwell, Fourth Grade, Adair, Oklahoma, is shown here making a plant cell out of gelatin. CALVERT Connection

Cole Hills, Second Grade, Erie, Pennsylvania

Jade Barnett-Irons, Seventh Grade, New York, New York


The following Calvert School students have received a Completion Certificate between August 31, 2010 and March 31, 2011, earning an average of a 1 on their course tests. A 1 is the highest grade a student can earn. First Grade Danielle Aberle Wailani Achi Trevor Aguilar Chloe-Eloise Akouba Mallet Hind Akoum Muhammad A. Alam Aisha Al-Tarawneh Suha Ayub James B. (Tre’) Bailey, III Adam Beeman Avril Julianna Boniche Mattie Brown Seth Catlett Lucas Cimorelli Anthony Claringbold Benjamin Coe Harrison Cohen Benjamin Cook

Alexandru Corl Evan Couture Sebastien Cox Dayton Curry Aiden Drechen Rumaysa Drissi Madison Duke Jae Enochs Syeda Noor Fatima Forrest Garner Annabelle Geary Jessie Glenn Joseph Gong Ja’Mari Gower Vienna Greenlee Brown Shannon Grubba Lauren Guzy Paige Guzy

Abdullah Hagi Jaiden Hanley Mariah Hernandez Zaidita Cheyenne Hewitt Abigail Hiner Trinity Hutt Will Jenkins Sulaiman Johnson Lydia Kaiser Emma Karl Mitchell Kennedy Aishah Khan Garrett Kinder Gabriel Klar Nicholas Kmosko Finn Larsen Abdur-Rahman Lawal Stefan Aneshka Lea

Madison Alvarez Sanderson Aliyah Arkley Mikela Arnall Sara Ayub Dawson Baker Ivy Bergman Helena Berkshire Jonathan Bettner Raghav Bhat Jackolyn E. Blair Angelisa Blomquist-Hickle Jack Bloyer William T. Bond-Healey Cole Brewster Alinah Brun Summer Clark

Noah Clymer Jacob Coe Kiah Collins Massimo Conti Julia Curtiss Assiya Drissi Donald Ebaugh Micah Ehart Joe Flewelling Caroline Fuime Evan George Cate Gherardini Alyssa Giannone Jawairiyyah Haamid Nataszha Hadiwijono Abderrahman Hagi

Zachary Harlow Fern Hartley Jacob Spencer Hillis William Holland Trevor Hose Tylor Hose Amanda Huang Alyssa Jenkins Oscar Jimenez Jordan Johnson Sudarsan Kannan Amir Khan Abdur-Rahman Khwaja Gabriella Koshy Larkin Kramer Christine Lyford

Rayne Addie Dania Alqarawi Hollis Babineaua Savanna Bennett Benjamin Breschi TSephanya Brun Zuri Cassell Laura Curioli Matthew Daugherty Braden Dubois

Lily Ehart Andrew Emmons Donovan Floyd Eliza Geib Emily Green Jacobi Greszler Low Sim (Chloe) Hao Lydia Hericourt Micah C. Hiner Victoria Holland

Miranda Hughes Riyyan Izzathullah Nikhil Jammalamadaka Olivia Johnson Cory Keeley Myers Bilal Khan Muhammad Khwaja Alexander Kmosko Jeremiah Larson Casey Laux

Akeba Lee Reagan LoVecchio Marie Sophia Maurer Ethan McGarr Emily Medina Maximillian Moore Fynn Murray Rebecca Neale Camila Nemes de Meier Zachery Oliver Anthony Ortiz Mariam Osman Anastasia Peschke Emelie donn Pfingsten Husna Qamar Cassandra Rausch Izana Ray-Jorgensen Caton Redding

Brandon Riche Jean Pierre Robert Francisco Roca Noah Rodriguez Sumayyah Ross Anastasia Seckers Eric Silverman, Jr. Zachary Solis Aislin Stewart Matthew Thompson Sadie-Rose Adaya Tischler Colin Trybulski Jakob Wendland Ella Westerfeld Sophie Wheeler Aidan White Sage Whitehead Tytus Woodard

Mary Isabella Matthews Carolyn Nicole Matthews Kerstin McClosky Ashley Medina Ismael Mekias Shane Moss Macy Needs Aidan Nelms Ashley Newman Charles B. Oakes Kwesi O. Proctor Spasenija Radenovic Daniel Ruettiger Isabelle Ryan Hashim Saad Luisa Sherchenko

Montserrat Shriqui Abdullah Shuaib Sat Kartar Singh Sudie St. Yves Olivia Stanaway Spencer Stillion Oliwia Szymonik Daniel Warren Caroline Watkins Matthew Welsh Isaac Withers Justice Woodard Thomas Woodbery William H. Yenke

Shannon Ledee Isaiah Lee Paiton Lewis Samantha Mahon Jonatan Merit Kristine Meyer Starling Montieth Kristina Murtha Ibrahim Ali Ndir Princess Porch

Minah Rasoul Jonathan Redpath Savannah Rooker Nadia Sarhan Veronica Schweitzer Isabel Swann Audrey Timmins William Thomas Vaughn Andrew Spencer Wilson

Second Grade

Third Grade


CALVERT Connection

Congratulations! Fourth Grade Zain Abdullah Catherine Ahern Abigail Arkley Chloe M. Barbee Crystal Barry Isabella R. Berkshire Madison Bernal Jonathan M. Berry Isabella Bettner Roxy Blocksdorf Allison Briley

Kathryn Briley Scot Brown Gabriel Coe Priscilla Crumpler Jared Crymes Zoey Donahue Sage Donnelly Alexandre Duquesnoy Judah Ehart Lauren Gherardini Christopher Goodier

Emma Greene Benjamin Griffin Enzo Gutierrez Ryan Chase Hale Sarah Haynes Thomas William Hillis Lucie Horvath Christopher Gavin Hudspeth Fatimah Rizwan Khan Kurt Douglas Lefort Aden Marneweck

Sevanna Ahern Jonah Baird Emily Burgess Alexandra Catalano Jessica Chapman Katherine G. N. Clark Carlye Collison Sophie Decoppet Savannah DeLillo

Anthony Joseph Diapana Jerry Dittrich Theodore Dutcher Madelyn Ebaugh Christopher Eustes Sabahat Fatima Kelly Ann Green Micaiah Hiner Mary Carmen Hirami

Mohamed Jama Victoria Elizabeth Jaques Joseph Johnson Taylor Kielb Annamaria Koshy Emmett Langan Daniel Laux Hannah Le Bouder Dariel Liakhovetski

Ann Caroline Abramczuk Ali Akoum Kyle Anderson Jade A. Barnett-Irons Ian Berkshire Spencer Cassel Mark Alden Durham

Andrew Ganobsik Isabella Trinity Gibson Brittany Guevara Adam Himmelman Sona Jain Rebecca Jarrett Benjamin Jenkins

Abdul Rahman Khan Madison Knoerlein Brandon Koop David Krizek Zachary Lapp Trevor Logan Curtis Martelletti

Isra Ameen Haya Mouchka Amram Katharina Brown Samantha Tracy Caps Adina Cohen Dale Arehl A. David

Mabelle Gako Davison Krissa Gaul Amy Marie Green Ajay J. Jain Baylee Jennings Wells Paul Latona

Etienne Le Bouder Charles Lechner Victoria LoRusso Zineb Messaoui Colin Meyer Jacob Molina

Samuel J. Beddow Nathan Braaten Jenna Marie Brown Madison Cindric Benjamin Dubuque

Nityananda Robert Escolin Noah Lee Foster AJ Gulistan Adeline K. Helland Christopher Himmelman

Aaminah Rizwan Khan Regan Lee Alyssa Ligenza Ethan Malloch Joseph Paul ‘BJ’ Noonan, Jr.

Shane Mckevitt Samantha Medina Iman Mekias Anna Mueller Michael Sasha Murtha John Nauertz Jemimah O’Regan Sebastian Parsons-Hall Priya Polanco Elora Rakes Gabrielle Schweitzer

Natasha Slaby Margaret Sniezek Keith Alexander Spring Natalie Teringo Eric Thompson Gabrielle Tristani Collin Weddle Thomas Welsh, Jr. Ethan White

Jarrett Sumner Little Kaitlyn Meyer Liv Elisabeth Olesen Ziaire Porch Victoria Prati Nina Rivera Antonina Rusetskaya Kristopher Dylan Saettele Cameron Tyler Sanford

Christina Schweitzer Rachel Sullivan Silas M. Sullivan Taylor Lee Thompson Trevor Verity Lauren Wainwright Ethan White Kada K. Williams

Evann Maxwell Yusuf Mekias Morgan Meyers Charles W. Moncure, III Joshua Morrell Machayla Murphy Ahmad Salih Ndir

Emma Poley Jessica Noel Ruettiger Savannah Slaysman Erika M. Smith Sabrina Marie Valentino Calvin Wainwright, III

Julia Mueller Nicholas Andrew Neumann Allegra Ocean Caitlin Paterson Esteban Segarra Martinez

Caroline Tillman Lauren E. Wilson Lukas Zubal-King

Annika Olesen Alexandra Pattillo Jackie Stockage Haley Thoman

Gretta Thorwarth Mario Vespa

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

CALVERT Connection


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Yoan Ganev, Eighth Grade, Wheeling, Illinois, performed with the Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra in the DePaul Recital Hall in Chicago. This was his award as a winner of the DePaul University Concerto Festival. To see Yoan’s performance, go to www.viddler.com/explore/Cephas/videos/2/

Kortney DeVito, Fifth Grade, Apopka, Florida competed in the AAU State Competition where she earned First Place in Floor, Beam, Bars, and All Around. She also earned Second Place in Vault. Kortney went on to compete in the AAU National Competition earning Sixth Place in Floor, Seventh Place in Bars, and Tenth Place All Around.

Erik Ellis, Eighth Grade, Billings, Montana was selected to compete in the National Geographic Bee held in Washington, D.C., representing the state of Montana. There were four homeschooled contestants! Erik has been with Calvert since Second Grade. To qualify for the bee, he competed in the school bee held by the local homeschool association. He then took a written test. Finalists were chosen from the top 100 scorers in their state. Erik was awarded a Certificate of Excellence.