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PRESS NOTES Running time is 95 minutes. Rated R for sexual content including brief nudity, and some drug use.

Press Contacts: NEW YORK




Janice Roland

Lisa Danna

Chris Libby

Adam Spielberger

Falco Ink 850 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10019 P: 212.445.7100 [email protected]

Ginsberg/Libby 6255 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 P: 323-645-6820 [email protected]

Ginsberg/Libby 6255 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 P: 323.645.6812 [email protected]

42 West nd 2200 West 42 St New York, NY 10036 P: 212.277.7558 [email protected]et



Synopsis As Fernanda (Rooney Mara) enters her senior year at Tanner Hall—a sheltered boarding school in New England—she’s faced with unexpected changes in her group of friends when a childhood acquaintance, the charismatic yet manipulative trouble-maker Victoria (Georgia King), appears. Shy and studious, Fernanda is usually the voice of reason among her friends— adventurous and sexy Kate (Brie Larsen) and tomboy Lucasta (Amy Ferguson)—but when she begins a complicated friendship with Gio (Tom Everett Scott), an older family friend, she decides it’s finally time to take some risks. Jealous of Fernanda’s exciting relationship, Victoria begins to sabotage Fernanda’s plans and plots to publicly humiliate her. Meanwhile, Lucasta struggles with her newfound feelings towards another classmate, and mischievous Kate is too preoccupied with making her teachers nervous to pay much attention to her actual classes. However, as each of the girls flirt with adulthood, they realize they still need each other to help get through their first grown-up decisions—and the consequences they bring. Directed by Francesca Gregorini and Tatiana von Furstenberg, Tanner Hall also stars Amy Sedaris and Chris Kattan. Featuring designs by Diane von Furstenberg Studios. Produced by Julia R. Snyder, Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini. Executive producer Richard L. Bready.

The Birth of Tanner Hall Tanner Hall was conceived by “writers on bed rest”, a term that Tatiana and Francesca used when referring to themselves during the months in which Tanner Hall was being gestated. They would lounge in bed for hours, trading stories, of experiences they’d had, anecdotes they’d heard, things they’d witnessed in boarding school. Soon four characters emerged – Fernanda, Victoria, Kate, and Lucasta. These characters became the heart and soul of what would become Tanner Hall, a spirited, poignant and droll coming of age tale. Tatiana and Francesca’s vision was to create a timeless piece not bound to any decade in particular. They wanted it to have a magical, almost ethereal quality, to evoke the period in our lives where everything is new and undiscovered and possible. In keeping with that vision, the music, costumes, furniture, hairstyles and cars were purposefully taken from several different decades so that it is a world suspended in time, infused with fantasy but grounded in reality. TANNER HALL

Most important to the writer/directors was that the film treats the tumultuous issues of coming‐of‐age with respect, audacity and humor. Tanner Hall does not talk down to teenagers, turn them into caricatures or have a moral agenda. It works on two levels, it’s relatable to teens and nostalgic to the ‘older set.’ With New England autumn as the backdrop and an old, crumbling yet majestic boarding school as the setting, the Tanner Hall girls stumble their way into adulthood, a sometimes painful, sometimes exhilarating, and often awkward journey, one that the adults in their world are taking for the second time around. No one is exempt from the unrelenting, transitional phases of life. But this first, monumental transition, from girlhood into womanhood, finding your place, discovering your sexuality, and switching reliance from your family onto your friends, is the driving force behind Tanner Hall.

Q&A with Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini This is your first feature film. What gave rise to the idea for this story, and is it in any way autobiographical? Francesca Gregorini (FG): A few years back, I had just gotten into screenwriting and sold my first script to HBO. We were walking the dogs, and talking about stories from our teenage years, when it occurred to me that these stories would make a great film. I told her [Tatiana] we should write a film together, set in a boarding school and then she could really put some of her tales to good use. Naturally there are some autobiographical elements combined with things we'd witnessed in boarding school, and many other parts that we made up completely. You will certainly find characteristics of both of us in each of the 4 main girls and if you spend even a half hour with us it will be very apparent to you which girls are most like me and which ones are most like Tatiana. Tatiana von Furstenberg (TvF): For me, I relate the most to the character of Kate. My sexuality during the time that I was in school was really more of an extension of play. It was thrilling, and more fun than I had ever known. Much like Kate, my antics led nowhere, but I’ll never know what wreckage I left behind. Fernanda is an aspiration character for me. Because she is reserved, and not attention seeking—I was always intrigued by people like that, and curious to know what was behind their stillness. FG: Both of us went to boarding school in England, me as a day student, Tatiana as a boarder, so we know that landscape well and it was the perfect setting in which to isolate these girls and really delve into their hearts, in this precarious coming-of-age time in their lives.


How did you become filmmaking partners and how did you collaborate and divide up the daily responsibilities of writing, in preparation, on set and in editing? TVG: Francesca and I have been best friends since meeting in college. So we navigated through the years of self‐discovery, adulthood and defining what our lives would be together. We have always collaborated on one another's projects. Writing together gave a purpose to all of the time that we wanted to be spending with one another. FG: We wrote the first draft of Tanner Hall together, literally side by side. It was fun and exciting but an often grueling process, as we are both very passionate about our vision and choice of words. This was remedied, quite successfully, by then taking separate passes at scenes and then switching computers and rewriting each other, until we agreed that we were done...."for now.” TVF: Pre‐production utilized my strengths as a director, whereas shooting relied on Francesca's active engagement with the camera and her tenacious push for interesting and hard to accomplish shots. Locations, casting, costumes and set design—those are the departments that I really enjoyed directing. And, those are the departments that deliver largely during pre‐production. I loved making the decisions about each character—what they would wear, how each girl would set up their dorm room, the feeling of the school through the furniture, locations and color palette. We walked through the blocking of the movie during tech scout, and had very different experiences. I acted out every scene. Inhabiting the beats of the movie was very helpful in preparing for production. Francesca, whose visual sense is much more related to the camera, utilized the same Tech Scout to envision shots. FG: Being on set was by far my favorite part of this process. I love working with actors. I love telling story through pictures and finding the right way to frame a shot. I love the whole collaborative process. Tatiana was more involved with the production design and costume departments and I was more involved with the cinematography department (headed by Brian Rigney Hubbard), so we both got to express our vision on the look of the film, but came at it from different sides of the lens. TvF: We established something that we used successfully throughout the filming and cutting of the film. It is very simple: turn the decision over to whoever feels more passionately about it. FG: I know this may not sound like a very effective method, but it really worked for us, ninetynine percent of the time. Editing was a completely different story. No one adequately prepares you for the infinity that is editing. It was like a giant, living, breathing jigsaw puzzle. There is something extremely satisfying about finding the right takes, the right shots to make a scene work and then switching around the order of scenes to maximize the story.


How did Rooney Mara become involved in the film? What made you want to cast her? TVF: We took a lot of time with casting and met with several different girls. We were looking for natural beauty, someone who didn't wear a ton of make-up. Most people we saw were too energetic or too over the top—and then Rooney walked in. She blew us all away with her audition. The interesting thing about Rooney is that she gives very little in her performance that it doesn’t feel like a 'performance.' That's how earnest and truthful her audition was. Rooney is someone who is so present, you know that she is truly believing the words she's saying but not performing them. We wanted her for the role of Fernanda immediately, but Rooney needed a bit of convincing at first. She first read for the role of Lucasta and wanted to have that role instead. Thankfully she did take the part of Fernanda and ended up winning two awards for her role, one at the Gen Art Film Festival and another at the Hamptons Film Festival. We could not have been more thrilled with her work. FG: Like all the other girls we auditioned, we brought Rooney in based on her head shot, which did not do her justice, because she was much prettier in the flesh. We were looking for natural ability, a certain essence, a certain genuineness that sometimes is best captured in a young actress that has not been through the Hollywood mill. She is a very interesting mix of sweetness, depth, vulnerability and bravery. Her obvious beauty is really just the tip of the iceberg, what lies beneath is really the magic. She came in and read for Lucasta and landed the role. We continued our search and cast all the other parts but were stuck as to the lead role of Fernanda. It is an important part because she is the narrator, the girl who takes us on this coming-of-age journey. Once we'd been through pretty much every young girl in Hollywood, Tatiana and I circled back to Rooney, as someone we could see in the role, someone whose essence was truly compelling. We knew she was the girl. There is just something to her, something going on at all times in her eyes that draw you in, in such a way that you don't want to look away, you don't want to miss anything. And that can't be taught, that is just something magical that she has and we were fortunate enough to discover and capture on film. How did fashion inspire the look and feel of the film? TVF: Our main intention with costumes was to include wardrobe pieces from several decades in order to accomplish the timeless feel of the film—vintage clothing from the 30's, boots and denim from the 70's, etc. At all times we tried to represent four decades of fashion mixed together. Francesca and I wanted to stay away from any trends. One of the things that is so condescending about teen dramas is the assumption of trends. There were no trendy hairdo's or technology, it had sort of a neutral elegance you might say. We wanted to show real people, not just actors playing characters. Not everyone is going out and buying new clothes all of the time. We didn't want any of the characters to have store bought trends. Their personality has to come from within, not from their fashion. Our goal was to create a world that is unified and TANNER HALL

magical, and somehow aspirational. A film has to transport you to somewhere you want to be, somewhere where you can learn and be inspired. FG: Fernanda's amazing look is really all Tatiana (literally her wardrobe, from her closet). I would like to take credit for some of it, but truly can't. I did however inspire Lucasta's look. That I can take credit for. We made an effort to make Tanner Hall a timeless movie, since coming-of-age is such a timeless topic. Our fashion (and furniture, cars, hair styles, etc...) is not really tied to any specific decade. You will see pieces and influences from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc... To be able to incorporate all those elements was really fun and adds a real unique texture and feel to the movie—a defining look. The location you use for Tanner Hall is lovely and becomes a sort of inanimate character unto its self. How did you find this spot and arrange to use it? TvF: Francesca and I met in Providence, Rhode Island when we were at Brown University. It was very significant to both of us that we were back in the place where we began our friendship, making something enormous together. Producer Julie R. Snyder is from Rhode Island, and through her we connected to locations that were far from the Brown University campus. TvF: Tanner Hall is set in a world that is deliberately timeless. The intent behind doing this was to tell a story that could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. To accomplish this sense of being suspended in time, we included furniture, architecture, music and clothing from five decades. There is no technology, no trends. There is another folkloric aspect of the movie, the Middlewood's are exaggerated characters a la "oral history" (boarding school legends, village legends, family legends – insulated worlds have legendary characters). We had a real window of opportunity to make this movie. The actual school is composed of three locations: a men's club in Pawtucket is the dorm rooms, Carey Hall in Newport for the Majestic exteriors and stunning stairs and foyer and all of the academic rooms and the shower stalls are at Nathan Bishop middle school in Providence. FG: We give much of the credit to our amazing production designer, Ray Kluga, for making these three disparate locations flow seamlessly as one on screen. Do you have a favorite scene in the film? FG: I love the mother/daughter scene in the church kitchen because it captured such a fragile moment when Fern has matured just enough to own her truth and express it. Visually, I love the dance sequence, Mr. Middlewood’s fantasy rain sequence, the basement hook-up scene, the 'Romeo and Juliet' through the broken pane of glass scene.


TvF: My favorite is Gio and Fern's scene together in the basement. It is sweet, climactic and we deliberately directed it so that Fern not only makes the first move, but initiates every step forward in their love scene and always gives her okay. This was important so that Gio is not perceived as a predator. This relationship is mutual and begins as a sincere friendship, but the physical and emotional attraction is undeniable, and they both submit to this truth. Each girl in Tanner Hall has her own curiosity about sex and her unique way of expressing it. How did that roster of postures develop during the writing of the script? FG: Sexual activity on film is, in and of itself, ultimately not that riveting. It's the getting there and the consequences after that really hold the drama and the tension. TvF: Exactly. The enormity of feelings is what resonates when you think about sexuality in adolescence. The emotion is so much more significant than the actual act. FG: Once we came up with the characters and they lived in our hearts and our heads, they pretty much dictated where they wanted to go, what they wanted to do, sexually and otherwise. As far as the casting goes, we spent a lot of time finding the perfect girls. We couldn't be happier with their performances and what each of them brought to their characters. What are the characters in Tanner Hall most concerned about? What do they think the future holds for them? TvF: Boarding school becomes home, and the friends who witness you in your rawest hours as you discover pleasure, shame, anger, freedom, injustice, devotion, betrayal become your family. Therefore, I have always thought of the story of these four girls who live together in a boarding school as a family drama. It was intentional that schoolwork, classes and career choices were secondary to the story—this was about four friends emerging as human beings. FG: As Tatiana said, this is really more of a family drama, set in a school rather than a ‘school drama.’ I think what these girls are going through and what they are most concerned about is very universal in theme. They want to belong, they want to feel loved, they want to find themselves and have as much fun as possible in the process. TvF: There will never be enough rules, or locks, to keep the powerful and natural force of "coming of age" from happening. Emerging as your own person is awkward, uncomfortable and calls upon courage. Being in situations that you are not mature enough to process, but discovering your own limits and your own pace. Pushing through the boundaries of childhood and busting into adulthood happens in families and it happens in boarding school.


Are you working together on another future projects? FG: Our 'partnership' is really as life-long friends. Working together, with the concentration of stress that writing/directing and producing puts on a friendship, was very scary at times, because no project, however fabulous and earth shattering it might be, is worth the price of our friendship. Moving forward, I have nearly completed a feature film script that I will be looking to set up and direct. And Tatiana has just finished shooting a short that she will be cutting. So, we are both happy and engaged in our work. We have something that is in the early stages of development now that we are looking to work together on. TvF: Our partnership is for life.

ABOUT THE CAST ROONEY MARA – Fernanda Rooney Mara began her career several years ago, shortly after enrolling as a student at New York University. Since then, Mara landed roles in several independent films, including Dare and The Winning Season, both of which debuted at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Mara co-starred alongside Jackie Earle Haley and Thomas Dekker in the latest installment of A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as with Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt. In 2010, she starred as the ex-girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s The Social Network. The Sony film, written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, tells the story about the founders of Facebook. Most recently, Mara wrapped production in Stockholm on the David Fincher directed/Scott Rudin produced U.S. adaptation of the popular Stieg Larsson book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In a three-picture deal, to include The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Mara will portray the female lead, Lisbeth Salander, opposite Daniel Craig and Robin Wright. Sony will release the film in December 2011. On the small screen, Mara’s credits include memorable guest starring roles on NBC’s “ER,” A&E’s “The Cleaner,” ABC’s “Women’s Murder Club,” and NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU.” Mara is the Founder of the non-profit organization Faces of Kibera, which provides critical care and assistance to poverty-stricken orphans in Kibera, Kenya.


GEORGIA KING – Victoria Georgia is a Scottish actress best known for her roles as Harriet, the lead girl in the 2008 film Wild Child and as Sophie in the 2009 horror film Tormented, which she starred opposite Alex Pettyfer and Tom Hopper. King recently wrapped filming One Day opposite Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, and Chalet Girl opposite Bill Nighy and Brooke Shields. She also starred in Paramount Vintage’s The Duchess opposite Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes. Currently, King can be seen on the front cover of Screen International, and in their feature titled “Stars of Tomorrow.” She currently wrapped Cockneys vs. Zombies, and is shooting Jerusha Hess’ Austenland opposite Keri Russell and Jennifer Coolidge. BRIE LARSON – Kate At just 21 years old, Brie Larson has already built an impressive career as one of the more versatile young actresses working today as she moves effortlessly from one genre to another with every project she takes on. Larson is garnering substantial acclaim for her portrayal of Kate, Toni Collette’s sarcastic and rebellious daughter, in Showtime’s breakout drama, “United States of Tara” which was created by Academy Award®-winning writer Diablo Cody and based on an original idea by Steven Spielberg. Her film career has grown considerably with various roles in various films, including 21 Jump Street, which is set to be released in 2012. Audiences got to see two very different sides of Larson in 2010 as she starred in both Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg. In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Larson plays rock star Envy Adams, former flame of Michael Cera. In Greenberg, she stars as a young temptress trying to flirt with Ben Stiller, a New Yorker traveling west to try to figure out his life. Scott Rudin produced this film for Focus Features. Larson’s star has continued to rise with her appearance in two indies that will come out in 2011: East Fifth Bliss opposite Michael C. Hall, and Oren Moverman’s Rampart with Woody Harrelson and Robin Wright. She will next be seen in the lead female role in the Columbia TriStar remake of 21 Jump Street, alongside Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Larson’s past work includes the dark comedy Just Peck starring Marcia Cross and Kier Gilchrist. She earned critical praise for her role in the independent feature, Remember the Daze, singled out by Variety as the “scene stealer” of the film opposite Amber Heard and Leighton Meester. A native of Sacramento, Larson started studying drama at the early age of six as the youngest student ever to attend the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. She recently appeared on stage at the prestigious Williamstown Theater Festival as Emily Webb in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. TANNER HALL

In addition to working as an actress, Larson has simultaneously nurtured an ever-growing musical career. At 13, she landed her first record deal at Universal Records with Tommy Mottola who signed her sight-unseen. Her first release in 2005 led to a nationwide tour. AMY FERGUSON – Lucasta Amy Ferguson, born and raised in southern Ohio, debuted her acting talents in local children's theater productions. She left Ohio to pursue an acting career via modeling in New York and abroad. New York was where she landed her first film role as Dana in Garden State, written and directed by Zach Braff who also starred in the film. This standout role brought her to Los Angeles where she began working in independent films. She has starred in Weapons, directed by Adam Bhala Lough, as Nikki, a tough adolescent, alongside Paul Dano. The movie went to Sundance and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. She played a darker role in An American Crime with Ellen Paige, directed by Tommy O' Haver. Ferguson has worked in a variety of genres from drama such as Footsteps directed by Gavin James to comedy Walk Hard directed by Jake Kasdan, as well as dramedy Spooner directed by up-and-coming Drake Doremus. She recently completed Baby O directed by Charlie Matthau. Her film, Douchebag just premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival this year and Ferguson was named one of seven actors to watch for at Gen Art. Amy can be seen in small role in David Fincher’s The Social Network and has just been cast in the untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film, set to shoot this summer. Ferguson is also a singer/songwriter. She plays guitar and piano, and her music is beginning to be placed in films. She co-wrote a song with Damien Rice for the film Mikybo and Me entitled “Steal a Mule.” She also has a piano piece that she wrote for Tanner Hall. Ferguson also spends time with her sister, Anna, working with the World Peace and Yoga Jubilee, a conference dedicated to spreading the message of peace and equality for all beings. TOM EVERETT SCOTT – Gio With a handful of diverse roles, Tom Everett Scott has developed a reputation as one of the industry's most versatile actors, showing up on the big screen, small screen and stage. The Massachusetts-born actor graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Drama before traveling to New York City to learn his craft. Scott first came to Hollywood's attention as the soulful drummer in That Thing You Do, Tom Hank's feature film directorial debut. Other film credits include the drama Storage, the animated sci-fi Mars Needs Mom, the alien thriller Race to Witch Mountain, the romantic comedy Because I Said So (opposite Diane Keaton), Sexual Life, Attraction, Boiler Room, One True Thing (opposite Meryl Streep), The Love Letter, Inherit the Wind (opposite George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon), Sundance favorite River Red, Top of the Food Chain, An American Werewolf in Paris and Dead Man on Campus.


With an impressive and diverse film slate, Scott’s television credits include FX’s Sons of Anarchy, ABC’s Cashmere Mafia, TNT’s Saved, NBC’s hit shows ER, Will & Grace, Law and Order, and ABC’s Grace Under Fire. Most recently, Scott starred on TNT’s critically-acclaimed series, Southland. Scott’s Broadway debut was in the Tony nominated show, “Little Dog That Laughed.” Scott's theater credits include a revival of “Dead End” at the Ahmanson Theatre, Roger Kumble's smash‐hit production “Turnaround” and off-Broadway productions of “The Country Club” and “Touch.” His love for theater, inspired by such repertory theater companies as The Wooster Group and Steppenwolf, led him and friends to launch aTheaterCo, a New York based theater group focusing on original works. It was through aTheaterCo that Scott became involved with the project “River Red,” which he initially directed for the stage, then later produced as a film. Scott made his feature film writing and directing debut with the short comedy Glock which won Best Short Film at the Gen Art Film Festival. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. AMY SEDARIS – Mrs. Middlewood This 5’0” Grecian spitfire hails from North Carolina and studied and performed with Chicago’s Second City. Her New York theater credits include “Wonder of the World” (Lucille Lortel Award Nomination), “The Country Club” (Drama Dept), “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” “Talent Family Plays” (written by David and Amy Sedaris), “Jamboree,” “Stump the Host,” “Stitches,” “One Woman Shoe” (Obie Award), “The Little Frieda Mysteries” (Encore Award), “Incident at Cobble Knob” (Lincoln Center) and most recently “The Book of Liz” (Drama Dept). Sedaris’ regional theater work includes “The Country Club” (Long Wharf). Amy’s television credits include being a regular on “Exit 57” and “Strangers with Candy” (both on Comedy Central) and recurring roles on NBC’s “Just Shoot Me”, HBO’s “Sex & the City”, USA’s “Monk,” TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland,” and Fox’s “Raising Hope.” Her latest film projects include Beware the Gonzo, Snowflake, Dedication, Shrek 3, SemiPro, Snow Angels, Bewitched, Strangers With Candy – The Movie, Chicken Little, Full Grown Men, Romance & Cigarettes, Maid in Manhattan, School of Rock and Elf. October 2006 saw the publication of Sedaris’ best-selling book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. In November 2010, her second book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People was released and instantly became a New York Times bestseller. Sedaris stars opposite Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Sommerville in Josh Shelov’s film, The Best and the Brightest, which was released in June. Also, she voices the role of Jill in Puss in Boots, which will be released by DreamWorks in November of this year. Sedaris works to support her cupcake and cheeseball business.


CHRIS KATTAN – Mr. Middlewood Chris Kattan is best known for his many characters on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” which he joined in March 1996, completing his seventh and final season in 2003. Most recently, Kattan wrapped production on The Last Film Festival, a comedy in which he stars opposite Leelee Sobieski, Jaqueline Bisset and the late Dennis Hopper, and Hollywood & Wine with Norm MacDonald, Horatio Sanz and Chazz Palminteri. He was also seen in Scouts Honor, as well as in Undead or Alive, opposite James Denton. Kattan provided the voice for the character Polar Penguin in the animated film Foodfight! which also featured the voices of Eva Longoria, Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff. He also starred in the Christmas special The Year Without Santa Clause opposite John Goodman and Ethan Suplee, the Independent Film Channel’s three-part miniseries, “Bollywood Hero,” in which he played himself in an otherwise fictional comedy, and the VH-1 movie, Totally Awesome, opposite Tracy Morgan and Dominique Swain. Kattan received rave reviews for his performance in the independent romantic comedy, Adam and Steve opposite Parker Posey, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Other big-screen credits include, Undercover Brother, Corky Romano (the script of which was based on a character Kattan developed), and A Night at the Roxbury, written by Kattan and Will Ferrell and produced by Lorne Michaels and Amy Heckerling. Kattan was also seen opposite Brendan Fraser and Bridget Fonda in Monkey Bone and in The House on Haunted Hill, opposite Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Ali Larter and Taye Diggs and produced by Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis. Chris can currently be seen on the ABC series, “The Middle” with Patricia Heaton. TARA SUBKOFF – Gwen Tara Subkoff has acted in over 20 films, including, The Cell, As Good As It Gets, Freeway, American Pie, All Over Me, and The Notorious Bette Page. Subkoff was the creative force behind “Imitation of Christ,” an art project that by accident became an overnight international fashion sensation. She launched the project in 2001 incorporating feature actresses instead of models in her provocative guerilla runway shows. Using actresses such as Chloe Sevigny and Scarlett Johansson to star in the shows, Tara created staged performances instead of typical runway shows by combining politics and social commentary as layers to the fashion show’s live aspect. After directing and producing 36 fashion shows, Tara began to incorporate what she learned in directing these performances into her film experience. Deuteronomy, Subkoff’s directing debut, features Reese Witherspoon, Jason Schwartzman, Selma Blaire and Paul Sorvino. This film was screened at the opening of an “Imitation of Christ” show in 2002. In 2004, Subkoff wrote, directed and produced, The Other Side of Sunkissed, her second short. It was screened in Paris during fashion week. In the summer of 2008, she directed and produced TANNER HALL

Fame Fatale, exemplifying her ability to intertwine film and aesthetic sensibilities to a uniquely explorative end. She wrote, directed, produced and designed all the costumes for the movie. SHAWN PYFROM – Hank Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Shawn Pyfrom started acting at the age of four, and got his first role in a Holiday Inn commercial when he was five. His most recent work has been as a series regular on ABC’s hit show “Desperate Housewives” as Marcia Cross’s son, Andrew Van de Kamp. Pyfrom has been seen guest starring on such shows as CBS’ “CSI: Miami,” the HBO miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon,” NBC’s “Ellen,” ABC’s “The Drew Carey Show,” CBS’ “Touched by an Angel” (alongside Kirk Douglas) as well as many other prime time television shows and movies. In his spare time, Pyfrom enjoys reading, writing and painting.

ABOUT THE CREW FRANCESCA GREGORINI – Writer/Producer/Director Francesca Gregorini attended Brown University, majoring in Theater Arts with a minor in Semiotics. But it’s her life experience that she credits for her unique sensibility as a filmmaker. Her education started atop of the Spanish steps in a strict Roman Catholic school, encircled by nuns in black habits, celestial art and daily choir. By age eight it had morphed into fist fights on the hot asphalt of a chaotic Los Angeles public school. By age eleven, the isolation of a school deep in the English countryside. The ever-changing aesthetics was the culture shock, and the mixing and matching of various unrelated realities that would inform her point of view. Her artistic self first materialized in the shape of a songwriter. Expression through songwriting would be the focal point of her life—the filter through which everything would pass and be distilled into snapshots of her ever-changing universe, internal and external. It was at Brown University that the leap from songwriting to filmmaking would occur. Having always been a very visual songwriter, writing and capturing story through the lens of a film camera came as second nature. Her weapon of choice was a Super8 camera, with which she and her creative partner Tatiana von Furstenberg would film shorts around the world. For the next decade, she would write, record and perform music (touring with Mazzy Star), as well as shoot and edit shorts. It was only in the last few years that Francesca has dedicated herself solely to writing and directing film. Her first professional accomplishment was selling a pilot to HBO, which she co‐wrote with Joe and Anthony Russo (Fox’s “Arrested Development”), with Michael Costigan (Brokeback Mountain) on board as producer. TANNER HALL

Francesca’s next project is Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, a feature she wrote and will direct, also starring Rooney Mara (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network) as well as Helena Bonham Carter. It will shoot in the UK in winter 2012, with producers Gail Eagan (The Constant Gardener) and Andrea Calderwood (The Last King of Scotland). TATIANA VON FURSTENBERG – Writer/Producer/Director Tatiana von Furstenberg has always been drawn to and interested in the human experience and has therefore always connected to independent designers, artists, performers and philanthropic entrepreneurs. During her tenure at The Daily News, she wrote features about emerging artists, theater companies and galleries. When she moved to Los Angeles, she partnered with friends to open a store called Steinberg and Sons, with the intention of providing independent designers with a place to sell their wears. She also co-curated a mixed media show at the Alleged Gallery, and helped recruit performers like bullwhip artists and burlesque baton twirlers for Russell Steinberg's variety show "Below the Belt." It is the curating and appreciation of human talent that continues to interest Tatiana, and therefore also the creative collaboration of filmmaking. Tatiana has done Graduate work in Applied Psychology, and has trained as a teacher. Both helped prepare her for directing. She is also the Program Director of the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation, where she is continuously inspired by the work of many social service organizations. Tatiana generates narrative lyrics for a musical entity called “Playdate.” Tatiana is dedicated to telling stories, homemaking and the human condition. She lives in Los Angeles with her eleven year old daughter and their dogs. She met Francesca Gregorini while they were studying Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature at Brown University. They have been best friends, and have worked together ever since. Tatiana recently directed the DVF Fall 2011 advertisement campaign, collaborating once again with Francesca Gregorini and Bryan Rigney Hubbard. Tatiana is currently editing a short narrative film that she shot in Austria, called the Tyrolean Riviera, and is at work on a screenplay. JULIE R. SNYDER – Producer Julie began her film career in 1998 as the founding Business Development Director for the Newport International Film Festival (NIFF), which was praised as "The Best Fest of the Summer Season" in its first year by The New York Press. Under Julie’s leadership, NIFF cultivated an impressive slate of national sponsors and became a critically-acclaimed-destination film festival. During those five years with NIFF, Julie was a graduate student in the business school at the University of Rhode Island, where she received her MBA. After 12 years of event management, sponsor development and fundraising, she TANNER HALL

began a new career as a film producer. Julie dedicated the next four years to production experience, starting with the Farrelly Brothers film, Osmosis Jones. Other freelance jobs in film and TV projects included the 2002 “World Stunt Awards,” a 9/11 “ Tribute to the Heroes” for the Emmy Awards®, and a featured film presentation at the Democratic National Convention produced by Senator John Kerry (D‐MA). In 2002, Julie worked with Director Phillip Noyce on the pilot of Showtime’s acclaimed series “Brotherhood” as an assistant location manager. She was responsible for finding many of the key hero locations that defined the look of the series for its highly praised three‐year run. Phillip Noyce continues to be an integral part of Julie’s career serving as a mentor. After “Brotherhood,” Julie worked as location manager on various high‐profile film and television projects, working with established directors like Bruce Beresford, Rod Lurie and Mario Van Peebles. Credited film and TV include the TV pilots “Waterfront,” “I’m Paige Armstrong,” and the pilot for ABC, “House Rules.” Movies include Hard Luck and Normal Adolescent Behavior. In 2007, Julie founded her production company, Islander Films, which aims to tell compelling stories with an independent voice that serves a mainstream audience. She next produced Bastard with Kirsten Dunst, a short film that Kirsten wrote and directed which premiered at both Tribeca and Cannes. Julie just recently completed Picture Paris, written and directed by Brad Hall and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It was shot in LA and Paris. This was Brad and Julia’s first venture into independent filmmaking. The collaboration was successful and they presently have a feature in development. Julie currently has a slate of films in various stages of development. The first one shooting this fall is Falling Slowly starring Mandy Moore and Rodrigo Santoro. Chris Sparling, who wrote Buried, ATM, and recently penned a script for M. Night Shyamalan is the writer/director. RICHARD L. BREADY – Executive Producer Richard L. Bready is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nortek, Inc., a Rhode Island-based leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality branded products for ventilation, HVAC and residential comfort, convenience and entertainment for residential and commercial use. Nortek was previously a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange that was taken private by Richard L. Bready and other senior Nortek management together with Kelso & Co. in January, 2003. In August, 2004, Nortek was acquired by T.H. Lee, Richard L. Bready and other senior Nortek management from Kelso & Co. Mr. Bready joined Nortek as Treasurer in 1975 and was elected a Director in 1976. In 1977, he was elected Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and was elected President in 1979. In December of 1990, Mr. Bready was elected Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Nortek, Mr. Bready was an independent financial consultant and an audit manager with a major public accounting firm. TANNER HALL

Mr. Bready holds a master's degree in accounting from Northeastern University and a bachelor's degree in economics from Saint Anselm College. He holds an honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from Johnson & Wales University as well as an honorary Doctorate of Business Management from Roger Williams University. Mr. Bready serves on the Board of Directors of GAMCO Investors, Inc., Bank Rhode Island, Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc. and also serves on the Advisory Board of Sterling Investment Partners. Mr. Bready is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Roger Williams University, serves on the Board of Directors of Trustees of Johnson & Wales University, Professional Facilities Management, Inc.; Providence Performing Arts Center; Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC); the National Conference of Christians and Jews; the YMCA of Greater Providence; Saint Anselm College, and is a Trustee Emeritus of Trinity Repertory Company. He is a Corporation Member and serves on the National Council and Alumni Executive Forum of Northeastern University. In addition, Mr. Bready is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); American Management Association; Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce; National Association of Manufacturers and the Rhode Island Commodores. Effective July 1, 2011, Mr. Bready resigned as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nortek, Inc. BRIAN RIGNEY HUBBARD – Director of Photography Born in Cambridge, MA, Brian Rigney Hubbard entered cinematography through photography, painting and politics. Before attending NYU’s Graduate Film Program, Hubbard lived, worked and studied in Europe, South America and the United States. His interest in photography started as an alternative to painting while doing health work in Latin America, and his interest in cinema started as an alternative to muralism. Hubbard got his first chance in film when cinematographer Kirsten Johnson (The Oath) cast him in a club scene in Paris while he was working on set; he then assisted her on the documentary, Derrida. Brian returned to the U.S. and finished a French degree in photography at RISD while working in editorial and fashion photography. He then attended the NYU Graduate Film Program. During that time he met his mentor, Maryse Alberti (Poison, The Wrestler). Hubbard’s most recent credits include Circumstance directed by Maryam Keshavarz (Sundance 2011 Audience Award), The Order of Myths directed by Margaret Brown (Sundance 2008), The Adventure of Power directed by Ari Gold (Sundance 2008), La Sant Muerte directed by Eva Aridjis (L.A. Independent Doc Competition). Hubbard’s many awards and honors include a Visiting Artists Position at TischAsia – Singapore; being tapped by the Sundance Institute to shoot for the Sundance Director’s Lab; the Cannes Kodak Showcase; Wasserman Awards for Best Cinematography; Best Cinematography at both TANNER HALL

the Aguilar/Semana de Cine Español Festival and the Semana de Cine Medina del Campo Festival. In addition to his feature film work, Hubbard photographed Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2011 campaign as well as the 1969 line for the GAP, the Emmy Award®-winning PSA “Latino Film Festival,” the Cannes Commercial Film Producers of Europe (CFPoE) award-winning spec commercial “Awakenings,” director Anne Paas’ music video “Oxidados/Plastilina Mosh” in the Young Guns Showcase at the Art Directors Club, as wells the documentary This Land in the Whitney Biennal. Hubbard has also done commercial, documentary and music video work for Sundance Channel, HBO, Moxie Pictures, Killer Films, Hypnotic/Fox Searchlight, @RadicalMedia, Chelsea Pictures, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Louis Vuitton, ELLE, Lancôme, Thom Browne, Scarlett Johansson and Michael Moore, among others. Brian now lives and works between New York, Los Angeles and Singapore. RAY KLUGA – Production Designer Ray Kluga began his career as an Art Director and quickly moved to the top of the field, working with such Directors as Martin Brest, Woody Allen, Robert Redford, Cameron Crowe, Nora Ephron, and Garry Marshall. Kluga’s first production design opportunity would come from Donald Petrie on his film Just My Luck starring Lindsay Lohan. From there, Kluga moved on to Ira and Abby, written by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt and directed by Robert Cary. He collaborated with Cary once again on Save Me, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Kluga also designed The Babysitters, which premiered at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival, Waiting in Beijing, which was filmed entirely in China, and The Weinstein Company’s Make It Happen, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Most recently, Kluga and Westfeldt teamed up once again, this time as Director/Designer on the highly anticipated Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig comedy Friends With Kids. Kluga has also made his indelible mark in television, as he is currently designing two of the most critically acclaimed television series, USA’s “Royal Pains” and Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” KAREN BAIRD – Costume Designer Karen Baird graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a major in Third World Studies and a minor in Visual Arts. After exploring film and video making in college, she decided to pursue a career that combined her love of film with a lifelong interest in fashion. Baird began at a film production company as an intern, eventually working as an intern on films with directors such as Wim Wenders and Michel Gondry.


In the last few years, Baird began to design her own projects, everything from commercials for Guitar Hero to music videos for Kylie Minogue and The White Stripes. After working with David Lynch on his latest film, Inland Empire, which was an amazing creative experience, Baird has worked on television shows such as Fox’s “Glee” and movies such as The Lovely Bones, Funny People, 21 Jump Street and The Muppets. ERICA NICOTRA – Costume Designer Erica Shanti Nicotra is a costume designer and artist. She lives in Los Angeles, though is an east coast native originally, hailing from Woodstock, Connecticut and Manhattan. Nicotra grew up in a textured world that converged two disparate aesthetics: one that combined the more traditional influence from her father in Connecticut with her mother's bohemian lifestyle on an ashram in upstate New York. In her early years, she attended preparatory school in Connecticut, alternative day school in Woodstock, and finally college in New York City. Her university studies include fine art painting at NYU as well as the New York Academy of Art, and fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Since graduating, Nicotra has maintained robust careers in both the fine arts and film. She has costume designed several feature films, as well as styles commercials and music videos. She keeps a painting studio in her home in Los Angeles and is represented by Opera Gallery in New York City. ROGER NEILL – Composer With a professional career spanning two decades, Neill has written music for over 20 feature films and hundreds of network television episodes. Best known for his thirteen seasons scoring the Fox primetime animated series, Fox’s “King of the Hill,” his numerous other television credits include CBS’ “Chicago Hope,” CBS’ “Michael Hayes,” and Fox’s “The Simple Life” as well as Disney’s animated series, “The Weekenders,” the NBC drama “UC: Undercover,” the Fox comedy “A.U.S.A,” and dozens of other series. Highlights of Neill’s film-scoring career include his distinguished work on Sofia Coppola’s kaleidoscopic Marie-Antoinette, for which he adapted and conducted the music of Antonio Vivaldi and Siouxsie and the Banshees with equal vigor. Other features include Ed Stone’s romantic comedy Griffin & Phoenix, the documentary feature The Killer Within with his score performed by the renowned Kronos String Quartet, and many other features such as Take and On_Line. As an orchestrator, conductor and arranger, Neill has worked on Will Ferrell’s modernday fairy tale Stranger Than Fiction, The Brothers Bloom starring Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz and others. Neill is also well regarded as an arranger and conductor in the recording industry. He has collaborated with such diverse and eclectic artists as Beck, Mellow, Spoon, David Sylvian, Jason Falkner, Natalie Merchant, Stereolab, Sondre Lerche, Stars of Track & Field and the French synth-pop group Air. In 2004, he conducted The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in concert with Air at the Bowl for a sold-out crowd of 17,000 ecstasy-charged music lovers. His most recent collaboration with Air was an orchestral concert at the Salle Pleyel in Paris in June 2010 A TANNER HALL

Southern California native, Neill hails from El Cajon, in the unfashionable eastern quarter of San Diego County where gun racks outnumber surf racks. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree at USC, and a PhD in music composition from Harvard University. Neill is the recipient of many ASCAP and BMI awards, an Emmy® for his work on “King of the Hill,” and an LA Weekly Theater Critics Award, which honored his operetta The Beastly Bombing with Musical of the Year, 2007. LUCY COOPER—Co-Producer Lucy Cooper found early success as a producer on films like Transamerica while still 23 years old and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints at 24. Most recently, she produced Hesher, starring Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. She has made films and documentaries in Vietnam, Cuba, her native Australia, and across Europe and the United States. She is currently a partner and executive producer at ALLDAYEVERYDAY, a New York-based creative agency & production company with clients including Nike, Standard Hotels, Donna Karan and Comme des Garcons. LAUREN ZUCKERMAN – Film Editor Trained as a visual artist, Lauren Zuckerman has been working as a film editor since receiving her MFA at California Institute of the Arts. She has collaborated with Scott McGehee and David Siegel on several feature films including Bee Season, The Deep End as well as their debut Suture. Additional credits include Carlos Brook’s Quid Pro Quo, Jane Weinstock’s Easy, Lucas Reiner’s Gold Cup, Jefrey Levy’s S.F.W., Sarah Kelly’s Full Tilt Boogie, and Shu Lea Cheang’s Fresh Kill. Lauren has recently begun editing Billy Bob Thornton’s feature film Jayne Mansfield’s Car. MICHELLE BOTTICELLI – Film Editor Michelle Botticelli graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Film and Television. She has worked with such directors as Woody Allen, Frank Oz, Mira Nair, and Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Jim Taylor. Michelle recently reunited with Tim Blake Nelson, editing his comedy Leaves of Grass, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and stars Edward Norton, Keri Russell and Susan Sarandon. Michelle is currently cutting Cherry by critically acclaimed author Stephen Elliott. The movie stars James Franco and Heather Graham.


A Francesca Gregorini & Tatiana von Furstenberg Film Casting By Amanda Harding C.S.A & Amanda Koblin C.S.A. Costume Designer Karen Baird Erica Nicotra Music Supervisor Brad Worrell Music By Roger Neill Production Designer Ray Kluga Director of Photography Brian Rigney Hubbard Co-Producer Lucy Cooper Executive Producer Richard L. Bready Produced by Francesca Gregorini & Tatiana von Furstenberg Produced By Julie R. Snyder Written and Directed By Francesca Gregorini & Tatiana von Furstenberg

CAST and CREW Unit Production Manager Carrie Fix 1st Assistant Director Yann Sobezynski nd 2 Assistant Director Zachary May

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School Nurse Gretchen Coffin Vendor Student Candice Greg Attendent Preacher Poppet Father of Dart Girl Dart Girl Townie Townie’s Friend Victoria's Grandmother Child Victoria Child Fernanda Voice of Poppet Voice of Poppet Stunt Coordinator Kate Stunt Double Stunt Rigger Choreographer Waltz Dancers

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The Producers Wish to Thank Adam Callan Alesia Glidewell Alexandre von Furstenberg American Blueprint, Providence, RI Amy Fleetwood Ann Eysenring Antonia Steinberg Barbara and Richard Starkey Betty Wright Blackstone Valley Tourism Bobby G. Brian Cunha Brooks Brothers Carol Abizaid Carol Conley Cary Berger Cathy Hopkins Charles Avenengo Chris O'Donnell Chris L. Ward City of Pawtucket City of Providence Damien Brennan Daniel Bernato Diane von Furstenberg Studio Elizabeth Lenau First Universalist Church George Horvath Gianni and Augusto Gregorini Gill Holland Greg Troy Gregory Mastrianni Harvey, Dorothea and Ellen Snyder Herb Weiss Hilary Stabb In Memory of Egon von Furstenberg, my beloved Daddy xo In Memory of Lily Nahmias Halfin In Memory of Ezra and Nina Leboff In Memory of Marjorie and Howard Goldbach In Memory of Nonna Mimma and Zia Ena Gregorini Jake Sumner Jason Blum Jenny Peek Jim Arata Joe Russo Johanna Mancivalano


John Clapp John Faltus June Beallor Ken Rogers L.M. Kit Carson Lincoln Fire Department Lynn McCormack Mark Murphy Mark Sacco Mayor David Cicilline Mishnock Barn, Daniel & Kelly Abro Nancy B. Forman Pampered Birds Paul Ruotolo Phillip Noyce Providence Police Department Providence School Department Puma Puppets Cooperative of Boston, Sara Peattie Ralph Ciummo RI DEM Riverside Cemetery Russell Steinberg RVCA Salve Regina University Sketch Book and Mural by Jessica Pollak Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild Spurgeon Smith Stanley Stella McCartney Stephanie Kilmer Steve Swain @ Swainer.com Sunset Orchards The Carey Family To Kalon Club Tom Kravitz Town of Burriville Undrest Victoria Clay Mendoza Webster With profound appreciation and love to Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg for their loyalty, affection and unwavering support With grateful acknowledgement to Eric Eisner Special thanks to the State of Rhode Island and Steven Feinberg, Executive Director of the RI Film and TV Office Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild


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