Taste of Home Catering

Taste of Home Catering

Taste of Home Catering Cold Appetizers Prices are based on 25 piece selection, unless otherwise stated Disposable plates-cocktail napkins and servin...

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Taste of Home Catering

Cold Appetizers

Prices are based on 25 piece selection, unless otherwise stated Disposable plates-cocktail napkins and serving utensils may be purchased upon request

Brochettes of Melon Prosciutto Fresh Mozzarella Drizzled with fresh basil, shallots & olive oil $46

Tri Tortellini Skewers

Served with roasted garlic parmesan dip $44

Caprese Skewers

Fresh mozzarella-grape tomato & fresh basil Balsamic Glaze


Marinated Antipasto Skewers

Genoa salami-provolone cheeseRoasted red pepper- fresh basil-black olive Balsamic glaze


Mediterranean Skewers

A refreshing skewer of marinated artichoke hearts- sun dried tomatoes-mozzarella cheese- kalamata olive Greek Vinaigrette


Fresh Fruit Kebobs

Seasonal honeydew- cantaloupe-pineapple-grapes and strawberries Served with a cream cheese fluff dip


Smoked Salmon Puff

Thinly sliced smoked salmon Crème fraiche & fresh herbs Served in a puff pastry bun


Garden Style Pastry Puff Mini puff pastry sandwich with Cucumbers thinly sliced radishes Garlic herb boursin cheese


Mini Chicken Caesar Salad Cups Caesar Salad in a bite size biscuit cup


Chicken Salad Puffs Mini cream puffs filled with Traditional chicken salad


Creamy Deviled Eggs

Decorated with cream cheese flowers


Crab Salad and Asparagus Flower Baby endive leaves filled with Crab salad & asparagus tips


Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Spears A mixture of boursin cheese and honey mustard Spread on prosciutto and wrapped around a Fresh piece of asparagus


Snow Peas stuffed with Boursin & Feta Cheese Harvest Vegetable Canapés

Our specialty cream cheese spread decorated with thin slices of cucumbers- squash- radishes and shredded carrots


Cucumber Canapés

Cucumber flower nestled on a boursin cheese Decorated bread round Sprinkled with fresh dill


Crabmeat Canapés

Crabmeat salad decorated on a bread round Great for hand passing


Mini Shrimp Cocktail Bites

Shrimp cocktail nestled on a bed of seasoned cream cheese-cocktail sauce- garnished with fresh chives


Rolled in chopped pecans


Garden Spinach Dip

Fresh baked bread filled with fresh spinach dip on a decorated platter


Greek Layer Dip

Seasoned cream cheese-hummus- chopped cucumbertomatoes-green onion-kalamata olives And crumbled feta cheese Served with seasoned pita chips


Southwest Layer Dip With ground beef Served with tortilla chips

$40 Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Spread Served with pita chips Fresh veggies $50

Marinated Bocconcini

“Little mouthfuls” of tender fresh mozzarella, marinated in virgin olive oil with roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, garlic and fresh basil. Served with a side of pesto grilled crostini


Fresh Vegetable Display

Celery-Carrots-cucumbers-zucchiniYellow squash-grape tomatoes Choice of Ranch- Spinach Roasted Garlic Parmesan Dip

Small serves 25 Large serves 50

$50 $70

Grilled & Chilled Marinated Vegetable Display

Asparagus-zucchini-yellow squash-carrotsTri colored peppers-Portobello mushrooms Served with our roasted garlic parmesan dip Balsamic glaze- shredded parmesan cheese Served Room Temperature

Small Serves 25-30 Large Serves 35-50

$60 $98

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display Carved seasonal fruit display Cantaloupe-honeydew-pineapple -grapes & strawberries

Small Serves 25-30 Large Serves 35-50

$55 $90

Gourmet Cheese Lovers Tray Sharp Cheddar-Swiss-ProvoloneHerbed Goat Cheese Garnished with Seasonal Fruit Assorted Crackers

Small Serves 25-30 Large Serves 35-50

$62 $82

Baked Brie En Croute

Wrapped in puff pastry and served with baguette rounds & crackers Garnished with grapes & berries Your choice of filling Caramel & Walnuts Apricot or Raspberry with almonds Spinach-mushroom & scallions Serves 25

$55 Antipasto Display

Sliced baby Genoa salami-Sopprasetta-Fontina – Provolone & fresh mozzarella cheese- olive saladroasted red peppers-marinated artichoke hearts Sliced Italian Breads

Serves 25 guests $80

5815 S. Madison Street Hinsdale, Il 60521 • 630-323-7979 • tasteofhomecatering.com

Taste of Home Catering

Cold Appetizers

Prices are based on 25 piece selection, unless otherwise stated Disposable plates-cocktail napkins and serving utensils may be purchased upon request

Tomato Bruschetta

BLT Turkey Biscuit Platter

Pesto grilled baguette topped With marinated tomatoes-fresh garlic-basil Garnished with shredded parmesan

Mini turkey-avocado, bacon, lettuce & tomato Stuffed biscuits

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta

Baked Ham & Cranberry Cream Cheese





Chopped peaches-strawberries and bananasServed on a butter cinnamon & sugar toasted crostini

Sandwiches served on Cinnamon raisin bread.

Marinated Shrimp Bruschetta

Mini Bacon-Tomato & Basil Sandwiches

Jumbo shrimp sliced with grape tomatoes-cucumbers – green onion- capers & garlic Served on a toasted baguette


Gourmet Petite Sandwiches Sold by the dozen

Oven Roasted Turkey

Cranberry mayo- Swiss- lettuce-tomato Served on a petite croissant


Honey Baked Ham

Honey mustard-cheddar-lettuce-tomato Served on a mini pretzel roll


Twist on a favorite!!


Mini Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

Marinated pork tenderloin served on a petite French roll with a lemon tarragon sauce


Mini Rib-Eye Sandwiches

Thinly sliced Rib eye served on grilled garlic bread with Aged Provolone cheese drizzled with parsley olive oil


Beef Tenderloin Sandwich

Roast Beef

Thinly sliced tenderloin layer over spinach Topped with caramelized onion- horseradish cream Served on fresh baked French bread


Grilled Beef Tenderloin Fillets

Horseradish cream- caramelized onion Served on a Brioche roll


Sliced fresh mozzarella-tomato-fresh basil Balsamic glaze Served on a mini French roll


Grilled Vegetable

Balsamic glaze Served on mini French roll


Croissant Classics

White Albacore Tuna Salad or Traditional Chicken Salad

Specialty Sandwiches Classic Tea Sandwiches


Served open faced on a grilled crostini brushed with pesto and garnished with horseradish cream


Gorgonzola and Butter Crusted Tenderloin

Thin sliced turkey- crisp bacon- fresh tomato- red onion and herbed cream cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla Sliced into pinwheels


Tuscan Roll Up $47

Shredded Veggie Pinwheels $40

Whole Smoked Salmon Presentation

Garnished and decorated with lemon fins- capers- chopped eggs-green onion-dill cream cheese Served with pumpernickel & crackers Serves 50 guests


Citron Vodka Smoked Salmon

Displayed with tomatoes-capers- fresh lemonCream cheese & chives Served with cocktail rye & crackers

$ 95

Shrimp Cocktail $32/ #

Shrimp marinated with tomato juice- VodkaCelery salt-tobasco & limes Garnished with green olives & celery sticks Seasonal ice bowl 2# minimum


Antipasto Jumble Platter

Marinated salami-provolone cheese-artichoke quartersFresh mozzarella- grape tomatoes-black olives & fresh basilbalsamic glaze


Pinwheel Mini Sandwiches

Homemade Idaho Potato Chips



Assorted with turkey- ham & roast beef

Stacked high on a toasted crostini, shredded lettuce- Caesar Smoked Salmon Pinwheels dressing-provolone cheese- Genoa salamiSmoked salmon- capers- red onion and black olives rolled in a flour Tomato-basil sprinkled with lemon pepper tortilla with cream cheese and horseradish mustard sauce.


Serves 15 guests $125

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail Cocktail anyone?

Shredded carrots- radishes & green onion-red pepper Baby spinach with a peppercorn ranch cream cheese

Italian Sub Stackers

Served room temperature Sides of Dijon mustard -Hellmann’s mayo Honey mustard Petite Croissants-Brioche – Pretzel rolls

Turkey Club Pinwheels


Honey Mustard Biscuit Platter $48

Pineapple Brown Sugar Virginia Ham Platter

Served open faced on a roasted garlic crostini and garnished with caramelized onion

Garlic herb cheese- roasted red pepper- fresh basil Genoa salami- provolone cheese wrapped in Sun-dried tomato tortilla

Biscuits stuffed with thinly sliced ham, Butter and chopped green onion. Served with a honey mustard dipping sauce


Served on a decorated platter with a seasonal ice bowl served with homemade cocktail sauce and lemon wedges 2# minimum

Decorated tray of 50 pcs An assortment of chicken, ham, tuna, crab, Ham & cucumber salad Decorated with cream cheese flowers


Grilled Beef Tenderloin Platter

Sliced tenderloin of beef brushed with olive oil- cracked black pepper corns and fresh herbs Served room temperature with spreads of horseradish creamroasted garlic parmesan sauce and stone ground mustard Served with Brioche rolls Serves 15 guests


Lipton Onion Dip

Fresh Fruit Salsa

Served with homemade Cinnamon sugar tortilla chips


5815 S. Madison Street Hinsdale, Il 60521 • 630-323-7979 • tasteofhomecatering.com