Teacher Resource - Cricket Australia

Teacher Resource - Cricket Australia

YEAR 7-10 DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Cricket Smart Teacher Resource EYES ON THE PRIZE A design and innovation challenge In many rooms across the country,...

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Cricket Smart

Teacher Resource EYES ON THE PRIZE A design and innovation challenge In many rooms across the country, trophies awarded in recognition of achievements can take pride of place. Many are coveted for what they represent to the receiver and all come in different shapes and sizes. Compare the statuesque opulence of an ‘Oscar’ with the elegant simplicity of ‘The Ashes’ urn.

In this unit ‘Eyes on the Prize’ students will explore the latest digital tools available and create a realistic 3D model of a proposed trophy for the new Cricket Australia ‘Women’s Big Bash League’. The finished product should reflect real meaning and significance to the winning team.

Teacher Resource Year Level 7–10 Learning Area Design and Technology

EYES ON THE PRIZE A design and innovation challenge Resource Descriptor (2014 © Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

In this unit, ‘Eyes on the Prize’, students will explore the rich history of cricket through the evolution of the impressive trophies presented to winning teams taking part in international cricket competitions. Students will explore the latest digital tools and create a realistic threedimensional model of a proposed trophy for the recently announced Women’s Big Bash League. See appendix A for more details on the Women’s Big Bash League.

The students’ brief is to design and create an inspiring trophy which reflects the growing popularity of cricket as a sport which can be played by people from all walks of life. This unit contains a variety of activities aimed at researching the equipment and materials used to create international cricket trophies. By viewing, researching and learning about the trophies that are awarded to world class cricket teams, students will gain ideas and inspiration to create a memorable trophy for the players in the winning team of the Women’s Big Bash League. They will produce a trophy that reflects the inclusiveness of the sport of cricket and its growing popularity among girls and women and which encompasses the many facets of environmental sustainability. View the supporting resources for this unit of work at www.cricketsmart.cricket.com.au.

Unit Objectives In completing this unit, students will be expected to: • Explore prior knowledge of trophies, determine what needs to be known about trophies and identify the best sources of information about trophies and their elements • Investigate the materials and designs used to create historically important international cricket trophies • Compare and list the attributes of different trophies according to criteria • Use a decision making process to choose the most aesthetically appealing trophy • Consider and incorporate a task’s parameters to determine the major components of the task and work towards a solution that will satisfy the requirements of the brief • Produce plans, sketches and three-dimensional models of a proposed trophy


Y E A R 7–10 D esign a n d T echn ology

• Create a presentation of the trophy design with a view to winning the tender to design a trophy to be presented to the winning team of the Women’s Big Bash League • Create an evaluation tool and evaluate trophies made by class members in accordance with a set of mutually determined criteria • Reflect on technology skills injected into the major assessment task

Major Assessment Task Design, create and evaluate a model of the winning team’s trophy Task A By the end of this unit, students will have designed and created a model of a trophy to be permanently awarded to the winning team. Firstly, the model will be planned using detailed sketches or computer-aided design (CAD) that show the plan, front and side elevation views. Secondly, the model will be constructed. Construction materials and methods include, but are not limited to: • Regular household items (paper rolls, card, etc) • A rigid cardboard model, based on regular solid shapes and covered in papier mache • CAD using Tinkercad or similar software to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional designs • Printing a three-dimensional model using a 3D Printer • Using a laser cutter, CNC Router, engraver or similar technology to create a twodimensional design • Plywood/MDF, acrylic sheet, bamboo sheet, stone products, polystyrene sheet/balls, recycled materials, glue and nails Note: The trophy that students create is designed to be permanently awarded to and held by the winning team.

Task B Students will then create a digital presentation for the class representing ‘Cricket Australia’, showcasing their trophy design and including images of their model. This presentation will be the pitch students use to win the tender for designing the trophy for the winning team of the Women’s Big Bash League. Students will describe the environmental sustainability focus of their trophy; how its design is inspired by the inclusiveness of the sport of cricket, materials used in its production and its dimensions and measurements. The class can vote on the best presentation and trophy. Students can use the Fishbone Diagram in the Cricket Smart Student Resource (see p.4) to plan their presentation, using headings that are suggested.

To find out how to complete a Fishbone Diagram scan the QR Code or use the URL. www.itcpublications.com.au/qr/fshsau



Alignment to the Australian Curriculum Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions Design and Technologies knowledge and understanding Years 7-8 ACTDEK029: Examine and prioritise competing factors including social, ethical and sustainability considerations in the development of technologies and designed solutions to meet community needs for preferred futures ACTDEK034: Analyse ways to produce designed solutions through selecting and combining characteristics and properties of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment Years 9-10 ACTDEK040: Critically analyse factors, including social, ethical and sustainability considerations, that impact on designed solutions for global preferred futures and the complex design and production processes involved ACTDEK046: Investigate and make judgments on how the characteristics and properties of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment can be combined to create designed solutions

Design and Technologies processes and production skills Years 7-8 ACTDEP035: Critique needs or opportunities for designing and investigate, analyse and select from a range of materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to develop design ideas ACTDEP036: Generate, develop, test and communicate design ideas, plans and processes for various audiences using appropriate technical terms and technologies including graphical representation techniques ACTDEP037: Effectively and safely use a broad range of materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to make designed solutions ACTDEP038: Independently develop criteria for success to assess design ideas, processes and solutions and their sustainability ACTDEP039: Use project management processes when working individually and collaboratively to coordinate production of designed solutions Years 9-10 ACTDEP048: Critique needs or opportunities to develop design briefs and investigate and select an increasingly sophisticated range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment to develop design ideas ACTDEP049: Apply design thinking, creativity, innovation and enterprise skills to develop, modify and communicate design ideas of increasing sophistication ACTDEP050: Work flexibly to safely test, select, justify and use appropriate technologies and processes to make designed solutions


Y E A R 7–10 D esign a n d T echn ology

ACTDEP051: Evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions against comprehensive criteria for success, recognising the need for sustainability ACTDEP052: Develop project plans using digital technologies to plan and manage projects individually and collaboratively taking into consideration time, cost, risk and production processes

General capabilities Literacy Numeracy Information and communication technology (ICT) capability Critical and creative thinking Personal and social capability Ethical understanding Intercultural understanding

Cross-curriculum priorities Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability (2014 © Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

(2014 © Lee Warren/Gallo Images)

(2014 © Getty Images)



Appendix A

Women’s Big Bash League announced by Cricket Australia, teams mirrored to men’s competition Updated 19 Feb 2015, 10:27amThu 19 Feb 2015, 10:27am

Cricket Australia has confirmed eight teams will compete in the inaugural Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL), to be launched in the 2015-16 season. The eight teams will be aligned to the pre-existing teams competing in the men’s Big Bash League (BBL), although the competition’s format is still under discussion. “We see T20 as the premium format of the women’s game and the WBBL is an exciting concept that will increase the promotion and exposure of women’s cricket,” Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said in a statement. “We want cricket to be the number one sport for girls and women in Australia and we believe that the WBBL can assist this goal by creating an inspiring visible pathway for the next generation of players, fans and volunteers. “Aligning the WBBL brands with the BBL brands will help cricket to appeal to a broader audience and gain greater exposure. “Our existing female domestic competitions are arguably the strongest in the world, with the continued success of the top-ranked women’s team, the Southern Stars, a testament to that.

We want cricket to be the number one sport for girls and women in Australia and we believe that the WBBL can assist this goal by creating an inspiring visible pathway for the next generation of players, fans and volunteers. James Sutherland


Y E A R 7–10 D esign a n d T echn ology

Photo: The likes of Meg Lanning will have their talents showcased in the Women’s Big Bash League in the 2015-16 season. (Getty Images: Brett Hemmings) Map: Australia

“The WBBL will build on this foundation and will create a clear participation pathway for girls and their families, who are already engaged with cricket through the BBL.” Sutherland says the decision, endorsed by the CA board on Friday, is vindication for the work the Southern Stars do on and off the field. “Players such as Meg Lanning, Alex Blackwell, Ellyse Perry and Alyssa Healy continue to be exceptional ambassadors for Australian cricket, both on and off the field,” he said. “They invest a huge amount of time and energy into their cricket and they each play an important role in promoting cricket as sport for all Australians. “With the introduction of a WBBL, we want young girls to be able to dream about growing up and following in their footsteps.”


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