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Testing Quality Assurance - Hitachi Consulting

Technology Solutions Practice Testing Quality Assurance Testing Services S O LU T IO N OV ERV I EW Software is at the heart of industry and a key en...

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Technology Solutions Practice

Testing Quality Assurance Testing Services S O LU T IO N OV ERV I EW

Software is at the heart of industry and a key enabler for driving better business performance. Today, more than ever before, software quality is a major influencer of IT spend and ROI. At the same time, the pace of change and complexity of IT systems has never been greater – and for organizations achieving time, budget and quality objectives has never been more challenging.

Our Services

At Hitachi Consulting, we believe improved software testing can make a fundamental difference to your business performance – faster time-to-market, better customer experience and improved scalability for growth to name a few. Most importantly, it plays a fundamental role in mitigating risk and reducing the cost of poor quality.

We take a holistic view of quality, seeking ways to bring quality forward in the delivery lifecycle and enrich best practice methods with industrialized IP, tools and frameworks to expedite testing delivery.

Our global TQA team is an integrated part of Hitachi Consulting’s Technology Solutions business. We combine specialized independent testing services, technology and business expertise to implement advanced testing techniques across the entire delivery lifecycle – driving quality into the solutions delivered to your business and end customers.

TQA’s services range from strategic consulting to comprehensive testing outsourcing solutions. Our multi-shore delivery capability allows us to provide cost-effective services tailored to the needs of each engagement and flexible demand-based service models for longer term requirements.

Consulting Our range of consulting services focus on helping organizations implement more efficient and effective software testing across everything from core IT solutions to specialized solutions such as embedded software, mobile and cloud. ■■

Test Strategy


Test Assurance


Quality Assurance


Agile Testing & Continuous Delivery


TMMi Assessment


Testing Centre of Excellence


Technology Selection

Our consultants combine expert knowledge of industry best practice (ISTQB, TMMi), extensive industry and technology domains experience and TQA frameworks to significantly reduce time-to-value and embed a benefit driven approach from day one.

Professional Services At TQA, we apply appropriate methods, tools and frameworks across the delivery lifecycle to significantly reduce testing effort and time. We also embed smarter communications to underpin multi-shore delivery models, reducing the risk and increasing effectiveness of leveraging distributed teams.

48% of users are less “likely to use an app again if they’re unhappy with the app’s performance. (Compuware)

How will you confidentially embrace your digital strategy for tomorrow’s generation? Our professional services cover: ■■ ■■


Test Management Independent Testing for Projects & Programs Provision of Specialist Teams (e.g. Security, Performance, Automation)

TQA has the breadth of skills to support the full testing lifecycle and depth of technology experience to support the most complex solutions.

which encapsulates the operating model, services, technology and people. Embedded within the TCoE are processes for continuous improvement and demand-based resourcing, which allow us to optimize delivery over time and provide flexibility for your changing requirements. Typical outsourcing models include: ■■

Outsourcing Our outsourcing solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise, business unit or even major multi-year programs. At the core of our outsourcing engagements is a ‘Testing Centre of Excellence’ (TCoE),

By leveraging our industry partnerships and wider Hitachi Consulting capabilities, we can extend the outsourcing scope to include provision of software licenses, management and hosting of test environments or even outsourcing of other delivery functions (e.g. PMO).



Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) for all non- functional testing services (performance, security and automated testing) Centralized TCoE for all testing services (at a regional business unit or group level) Program level TCoE providing Test Management, E2E Integration Testing, Test Assurance and Non-Functional Testing in multi-vendor environments

What if you could deliver “20% more to the business in 70% of the time?”

Will your system scale and perform to satisfy customer demand? Our Capabilities TQA is structured around four core specialist areas of expertise. Our respective teams work closely with our technology teams, industry partners and technology providers to bring innovation and best practice into our core service offerings.

Applications A dedicated team specializing in testing Oracle, SAP and Microsoft enterprise ERP and CRM applications. ■■



Expert knowledge of core business processes (finance, HR, payroll, supply chain manufacturing, sales, customer service, etc.) Structured test processes for implementations and upgrades TQA accelerators for automation and performance testing (e.g. Oracle Test Factory)

In addition to providing project delivery services, we also support BAU through ongoing manual and automated testing of functional and non-functional testing of patches, upgrades and changes to applications in the operational environment.


We understand that although the underlying testing principles are the same, different solutions (such as mobile, business intelligence and embedded software) require specific processes and techniques to be applied for testing to be efficient and effective. Our technology testing expertise covers: ■■

Custom Apps (.NET, Java)


Business Intelligence


SOA and Enterprise Integration


Portals and Collaboration Solutions


Embedded Software and Management Systems





As well as being experts in technology, we pride ourselves in being innovators in our approach, leveraging both traditional and modern delivery methods such as Agile, Continuous Delivery, TDD and BDD.

Automation 34% go to a competitor’s “mobile app if they’re not happy with yours.” (Compuware)

Industry analysts report “that testing on IT programs

Our specialist technology test engineers provide deep expertise across a spectrum of technologies, industries and environments.

Our automated testing team develop and deploy solutions using industry tool sets, custom development, TQA frameworks and an industrialized delivery processes to significantly reduce implementation and maintenance effort. Over the past decade the use of automated testing tools and techniques has become common place in IT delivery.

and projects typically exceeds 53% of all effort.

Requirements for more agile delivery, solution interoperability with a plethora of technology devices and increased solution complexity have all driven a need for smarter ‘automated’ testing processes to be established. If you would like to know more about the potential benefits automation can bring to your business, speak to us about our “Automation Strategy Assessment” and get a true picture of the potential value to your organization: ■■

Faster time-to-market


Improved agility


Better quality

Performance Performance of your IT systems is often intrinsically linked to key business objectives, whether critical to scaling efficiently to meet peaks in demand, driving customer experience or simply meeting SLAs. Despite the criticality, the need for performance testing is often overlooked or considered too late in the lifecycle – leading to ineffective testing, operational inefficiency and sometimes critical failures. At TQA, our Performance Engineering team focuses on early identification and quantification of performance requirements to ensure associated risk is mitigated through a strategy that is not only right-sized, but right-timed.

Alliances and Partners To complement our core service offerings and provide our clients with best in class testing services we work closely with a select number of leading industry partners and our strategic alliance partners (HP Managed Services Partner, Oracle Diamond Partner, PerfectoMobile Premier Plus Partner and Microsoft ALM Gold Partner).

TQA: Delivering measurable and sustainable business performance improvements through quality. ■■

Process and Methodology

Tools and Technology

TQA follows industry best practice as defined by ISTQB, TMMi Foundation, IEEE and other thought leading organizations. Our methodology and processes are encapsulated within Hitachi Consulting’s methodology and supporting TQA tools, frameworks and IP closely aligned to specific functional or technical domains.

TQA leverages a broad spectrum of commercial and open source tools.

All TQA consultants follow the ISTQB certification path, but many have related industry qualifications (such as ITIL, SCRUM and PRINCE2) and technology certifications from vendors (such as HP, Oracle and Microsoft).

We believe that technology plays a vital role in testing and know the importance of selecting the right tools to support the process and solution being delivered. We regularly assist clients in tool selection exercises and if required, we are able to provision, resell, host and manage testing tools under our strategic partnerships with HP, Oracle and Microsoft LARs.




An independent testing practice focused on delivering specialised and transformational services to improve quality and drive measurable results A global team providing a true multi-shore delivery capability that balances local needs with cost-effective delivery Deep business, process and technical expertise covering a broad spectrum of platforms, technologies and application types combined with professional testing know-how 100% focused on delivering services that drive better business performance through high quality applications and services

For further information on TQA’s full range of services or for assistance with a specific inquiry please contact [email protected] For more information please visit www.hitachiconsulting.com

14643 Dallas Parkway Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75254 USA www.hitachiconsulting.com

Ph +1 214 665 7000 Fx +1 214 665 7010

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