Spring 2005 THE A SPLUNDH TREE A Shoot Out Is Comin’ . . . Take Aim! Polish up that camera lens and sharpen your eye, and then take aim (with your ...

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Spring 2005


A Shoot Out Is Comin’ . . . Take Aim! Polish up that camera lens and sharpen your eye, and then take aim (with your camera, of course) at the people and equipment you work with everyday. Or capture the natural environment all around you. Pick your best prints or digital photos and enter the Corporate Communications Department’s annual photo contest, Shoot Out 2005. Your shot could win you a first, second or third place cash prize of $150, $100 or $75 respectively. The winning photos (including one Honorable Mention in each category) will be published in the Autumn/Holiday 2005 issue of The Asplundh TREE. Entries received by May 27th will also be considered for possible use in the 2006 Asplundh Wall Calendar, so don’t delay! The contest challenge extends to Asplundh employees, customers and their immediate family members. As always, your “target” categories are: „ Work Related—Look for a new perspective on your everyday work routine or emergency situations. Check your pictures carefully because any sort of safety violation will get your photo disqualified, and that would be a shame, let alone dangerous! „ Nature—Take advantage of Mother Nature’s endless supply of surprises. Whether it’s a landscape, seascape or a wildlife shot, we’d love to see it. You may submit color or black & white prints, 35mm slides, or high resolution digital images on disc—no negatives, please. You may also enter more than one category with up to 10 photos total. Please package your photos carefully and be sure to enclose your name, address, phone number and the category you wish to enter on a separate piece of paper. A brief description of each picture would be helpful. Entries will not be returned unless you specifically request it. Fire off your entries to: Shoot Out 2005, Corporate Communications, 708 Blair Mill Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 or e-mail [email protected]

Wall Calendar Deadline: May 27, 2005 Shoot Out Deadline: July 29, 2005

THE A SPLUNDH TREE Spring Issue 2005 Contents Safety Success Is No Accident ....................... 1 Ice Wreaks Havoc in the Midwest ................. 4 Management Update ....................................... 6 Innovative Techniques in Vegetation Management ............................ 8 Creative GF Transforms Toy Trucks .............. 8 Orchids ............................................................. 9 Crews & News ............................................... 13 Retirees Honored ........................................... 19 New Product Review ..................................... 20 Merit Awards ................................................. 21 Tee Off for the TREE Fund ......................... 22

On the Cover Foreman James Danielson of the Larry Gauger Region uses an ATV mounted with tanks and Widecast nozzles to perform an Ultra Low Volume cut stubble application on a 220 kV transmission line for PECO Energy. See related story on pg. 8. (Photo by General Foreman Joe Schultheis)

Managing Editor Corporate Communications

Make the Most of Your Digital Photos

Patti Chipman

Writer/Editor Kristin Wild

Assistant Editor/Graphics Specialist

1600 x 1200

275 x 206

You’ve just taken the photo of a lifetime on your digital camera. You rush to the store to have an enlargement made of your masterpiece. You rip open the envelope, eager to gaze upon your photographic genius. However, what you see is a blurry, discolored mess. This cannot be the picture you took, can it? It can be, if you’re not making the most of the resolution setting on your digital camera. Digital photos are made up of little dots called pixels. Image resolution refers to the actual number of pixels in a photo. The more pixels in your image, the higher the resolution, and the better the photo. For example, look at the photos to the left. The higher resolution image at 1600 x 1200 pixels is sharper and has more detail than the one with only 275 x 206 pixels.

To get the most pixels in your photos, be sure your camera is set to the highest resolution available. While this takes up more memory, the higher resolution is important if you plan to make enlargements of your photos, or if you’d like to publish them in a periodical, such as The Asplundh TREE. Please see your camera’s Owner’s Manual for specific instructions on how to change your resolution settings.

Ronnie Gauker The Asplundh TREE is a family magazine, published quarterly for all employees and friends of the Asplundh companies. Asplundh welcomes requests to reprint or otherwise duplicate this magazine, in whole or in part. Please contact the Managing Editor of Corporate Communications at the address below for permission, or call 1-800-248-TREE (in the U.S. or Canada). ©2005 Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

Asplundh Tree Expert Co. 708 Blair Mill Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Printed on recycled paper

A Message from Gil Niedenthal Director & Corporate Safety Officer If you haven’t already heard this, the top management of the Asplundh Tree Expert Co. is fully committed to our safety vision: Safety First ... No One Gets Hurt! As the new Director & Corporate Safety Officer, I join our sponsors, managers, supervisors, general foremen, foremen, crew and office personnel in sharing that vision by implementing our corporate safety policy: To provide each employee with a safe place to work, free from all recognized hazards. We want everyone to go home the same way they came to work! On January 3, 2005—the first official working day of the New Year—Asplundh Tree Expert Co. President Scott Asplundh reiterated that message to all employees during a safety stand down held on that day. Just taking the time to remind everyone to focus on safety is a strong enough message, but it was especially important just after the holiday break and the start of a new work day and work week—a peak period for accidents, statistically speaking! This safety stand down followed a late December push to inform all Asplundh employees and their family members of the company’s safety vision, policy and

S Foreman Dale Riley of the Joe Schneider Region in Wisconsin shows one of the ways he remembers the message President Scott Asplundh gave during the safety standdown on January 3 ... he wrote “FOCUS” on his work gloves to help keep distractions from diverting his attention to safe work practices.

S General Foreman Jesse Nesbitt of the Dave Puckett Region in Ohio sent in this photo of General Foreman Dannie Six’s pickup, which is now a rolling billboard for Asplundh’s safety vision: ‘Safety First ... No One Gets Hurt!’ Jesse says their crews working on the property of South Central Power are fired up about the new safety program!

principles. Letters were mailed to each employee’s home address and packets of wallet cards, office posters and Region Policy Manual inserts were sent to all managers to distribute to employees. If you haven’t received your wallet card with the company’s safety vision, policy and principles printed on it, please let your supervision know.

mission to make sure we meet our goals. On the following pages you will see just some of the many ways we are working to improve training and recognizing safety achievements at Asplundh.

I’m proud to say that there are many projects in the works to help us achieve a world-class safety program and I am on a

S Director & Corporate Safety Officer Gil Niedenthal (standing, fifth from R) took a moment to get a picture with his hard-working staff during the Asplundh Supervisors’ Meeting in March. Standing (L to R) were: Scott Thompson, Shawn Smith, Benny Lovelace, Pat Jacobs, Ray Apking, Chuck Combs, Gil Niedenthal, Kevin Forgue, Bill Cherry, Eric McCrum and Tracy Hawks. Seated (L to R) were: Alex Teran, Rick Sankolewicz, Rick Bentley, Kevin Booher, Carlos De La Torre, Tom Mata, Andrew Salvadore and Duncan Isberg of Asplundh Canada, Inc. While assuring compliance with safety regulations is their main responsibility, this group can also be called upon as a training resource to employees wherever they may be working. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

It’s great to see that our safety process has not only been adopted by company management, but many folks in the field are also taking it to heart. Check out the photos above and if you have any good safety ideas, be sure to let your regional safety superintendent know.

S Regional Safety Superintendent Brian Liening (L) of the Dave Morrison Region in Maryland presented $25 Cabela’s gift certificates to General Foreman Oscar Gonzalez (center) and Foreman Miguel Pineda (R) for receiving complimentary reports on their good driving habits from the SafetyFirst Program. More awards await those who practice safe driving behavior!

Hazard Recognition Training Offered in Spanish by Rick Bentley, Safety Training Manager As part of Asplundh’s continuing effort to provide each employee with a safe place to work, free from all recognized hazards, the first Hazard Recognition Training classes were successfully completed in February 2005. The first sessions were conducted with employees from Region 190 in Orlando and West Palm Beach, Florida.

workforce. Bilingual instructors from the Safety Dept. and the local region conduct the training sessions.

Hazard Recognition Training is an all-day classroom and hands-on field training program developed by the Corporate Safety Department for our ever-growing Hispanic

All instructors and employees who help with demonstrations receive pocket knives in appreciation of their participation. All attendees receive

Employees at all skill levels are given the knowledge and techniques (in their native tongue) which are needed to recognize or eliminate hazards, and to safely perform tree operations.

W The first Hazard Recognition Training attendees pose with their certificates after the all-day session held on February 5 in Orlando, Florida. Some of the topics covered included chain saw safety, traffic control training and hazard/danger tree assessment.

certificates of completion at the end of each training day. The first training sessions focused on the topics listed in the captions below, but the subject matter can be tailored to fit specific regional needs. In April, Region 190 will continue training employees in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Interested regions with Hispanic employees should contact Safety Training Manager Rick Bentley at 267-246-2847 ([email protected]) for scheduling of future training sessions.

S The Company’s training trailer, which can accommodate 28 employees, was on site. It has a miniature power line (primary and neutral) energized at 4 kV for live demonstrations on the effects of electricity. Above, Safety Supervisor Alex Teran shows the effects of electricity on a green tree branch. He also conducted a session on tree felling techniques and proper notches and back cuts.

S Another great turn out for Region 190 crews took place in Orlando on February 12!

W A third session was held on February 19 for Region 190 crews in West Palm Beach, Florida.

X Graduates of the fourth Hazard Recognition Training session pose in front of the Company’s training trailer on February 26 in West Palm Beach.

S The correct way to inspect tools and equipment was covered by Regional Safety Superintendent Jose Alarcon. He also reviewed the proper method to use in completing a DOT Post Trip Inspection on a truck.

S Regional Superintendent Juan Echazabal instructed the class on tree rescue techniques. He also gave a lesson in and demonstration of aerial lift rescue and a knot-tying practice session. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Annual Training Completed for Regional Safety Superintendents by Pat Jacobs, Manager of Field Safety Services Four Regional Safety Superintendent Professional Development Programs (RSSPDP) were conducted across the country during November and December 2004. In the last issue of The Asplundh TREE, we showed graduates of the November 16-18 session in St. Louis, Missouri. Congratulations to the participants shown at right who completed a rigorous agenda of topics covering compliance, auditing, accident investigation, training and communication, as well as Liberty Mutual’s “Train The Trainer” course for Decision Driving. These folks are our “first responders” when it comes to proper safety management. They conduct on-the-job training, job observation and appraisal, inspections of tools and equipment, and assure compliance with manuals.

W Atlanta, Georgia (L to R): Shawn Smith, Ron Miller, Benny Lovelace, Gary Parker, Eric McCrum, Rick Tobey, Rick Bentley, Rock Chase, Scott Thompson, David Hawley, Dennis Mauk, Bruce McQueen, John McLamb, Max Sanchez, Richard Hilliard, Leonard Hall and Pat Jacobs. X Phoenix, Arizona (L to R): Pat Jacobs, Reggie Charlesworth, Chuck Combs, Alex Teran, Mike Spitler, Tom Mata, Bill Cherry, David Bloch, Tim Cook, David Fulford, John Lehmann, Wallace Carranza, Al Martinez, Harry Juarez, George Riggs, Tripp Good, James Smith and Rick Bentley.

Manager of Field Safety Services Pat Jacobs and Safety Training Manager Rick Bentley shared in the presenting duties. However, several exercises required each participant to also take an active role. They got firsthand practice in the 4-step training method: tell, show, try it out and follow up. Now they have returned to their regions and are putting their RSSPDP training to good use, promoting a safe work environment.

W Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (L to R): Rick Bentley, Greg Hallstein, Bobby King, Mike Seward, Jack Atteberry, Stew Leonard, John Terault, Wayne Goodwin, Steve Cypher, Ed Smallwood, Joe Hertz, Al Dashnaw, Don Patterson, Randy McQueeny, Marc Sirois, Rick Sankolewicz, Brian Liening and Pat Jacobs.

Safety Success on a Regional Level W On Saturday, January 8 this safety-minded group of supervisors, general forepersons and permission specialists from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont got together in East Hartford, Connecticut to complete the Decision Driving program and review various changes in safety and training. Supervisor Dan Duncan, with the help of General Foremen Dave Trudeau, Keith Harris, Sean MacPhee and Operational Training Supervisor John Terault lead the Decision Driving portion. John reviewed a number of topics including 2005 Regional Documented Job Briefing forms, CPR/First Aid training schedule, Safety Conference Call schedule, and updates to the Employee Training Certification Program. These dedicated folks are doing their part to prevent accidents and retain employees through training.

W Congratulations to these Barry Suddreth Region Foreman Safety Award Winners for the last quarter of 2004! A TV and a portable DVD player were presented to Foremen Lee Keeter and Bruce Parham (center L and R) of the Suddreth Region in the Carolinas for their outstanding safety performance. Showing appreciation for the “safety first” qualities of these men were (L to R): Asplundh Supervisor Matthew Pence, General Foreman Jason Bauguess, General Foreman Rickie Morris and Duke Energy Coordinator Terry Waugh. Lee Keeter’s excellent safety record also played a part in his recent promotion to general foreman. Both Asplundh and Duke Energy are “safety first” companies and strive to meet their safety goals together.

The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Winter Storms Wreak Havoc in the Midwest T

he last week of 2004 and the first weeks of 2005 were full of drama as several hundred thousand people in Ohio, Indiana, Kansas and Kentucky celebrated the holidays and New Year in the cold and dark due to ice-damaged trees and power lines. The first ice storm struck on December 24, 2004 and affected parts of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The second ice storm took place January 4-5 and hit eastern Kansas, as well as parts of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky again! The two ice/snow events in the Midwest caused over 1,500 Asplundh employees to leave their homes and families to help their fellow employees and utility linemen in restoring power. In both storm events, American Electric Power (AEP) called on Asplundh for extra help. In the December ice storm, there

were approximately 125 Asplundh tree crews plus 60 UtiliCon linemen mobilized to work for AEP in the Dave Sachs Region for several days. After the January 5 storm, approximately 200 tree crews were sent to AEP in Indiana and Ohio. In the December ice storm response, an additional 10 tree crews and 13 UtiliCon linemen were sent to help Jeff Duncan Region crews working on the property of Dayton Power & Light in Ohio. In eastern Kansas, after the January 5 ice storm, the Mel Riley Region had almost all of its local crews on storm work while it hosted an additional 148 tree crews from eight states and nine Asplundh management regions. Aquila put 20 of those crews to work clearing ice-laden branches from their power lines

and Westar Energy took the other 128 crews to supplement their storm response team. Within a couple of days most of the Aquila crews moved over to Westar to help complete their storm restoration work.

W This sign must have been predicting the future! It was placed near an Asplundh crew working along an icy AEP power line in Millersburg, Ohio just after the Christmas ice storm. Less than two weeks later, another major ice storm system hit the Midwest and a new influx of Asplundh crews came to assist.

S With sub-zero temperatures and wind in early January, a bundled up Foreman Steve Jimmerson of the Mel Riley Region worked to remove heavy ice-covered limbs from an Aquila line in Conway Springs, Kansas.

S In Wichita, Kansas, Asplundh crews from several states faced many streets full of ice-laden branches on the ground and on top of Westar Energy power lines. Over 200,000 customers were without power, some for 10 days.

S No, this isn’t the Midwest ... but this might be where the ice storm system began! A New Year’s Day storm in California called Foreman Mike Medinas and crew to work in the Yosemite Division of Pacific Gas & Electric to help them as they tranferred a tree-connected power line.

S Bill Crane of Mulvane, Kansas sent us this photo of Journeyman Pat Wilson getting set up to remove some sagging oak limbs, which had been heavily coated with ice.

S This AEP 69 kV line in Lima, Ohio was no match for the heavy ice which snapped wooden poles and trees, knocking out power to over 200,000 customers in Indiana and Ohio.

The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Georgia Got It, Too To top it all off, another ice storm on January 28 targeted the Atlanta, Columbus and Macon areas of Georgia. Approximately 37 Asplundh crews from the Mike Smith Regions in Florida and Mississippi came to assist the David McLamb Region crews already working on the property of Georgia Power. Over 260,000 customers were out of service initially, but within three days, the ice-damaged trees were cleared and power was restored.

W AEP Forestry Supervisor Mike Chedester sent in this photo of a tracked Jarraff crew from the Dave Sachs Region clearing ice covered limbs along an AEP right-of-way in the Western Ohio District after the January 5 ice storm. He and Asplundh Supervisor Keith Confere were pro-active in moving two of these units into the storm stricken area after realizing their value during the Christmas ice storm. X An Asplundh bucket crew prepared to clear ice storm debris in Coshocton, Ohio after the Christmas ice storm so an AEP line crew could replace the downed power line.

Storm Orchids See pgs. 11-12 for “Orchids” by employee name In a letter from Marsha Ryan, President & Chief Operating Officer of AEP Indiana Michigan Power ...At the height of the [January 5th] storm, 114,700 customers were without power, nearly 85 percent of the [six-county Muncie] district’s customer base. The damage from broken trees, poles and downed wires was devastating. ...On behalf of Indiana Michigan Power and our customers, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance. Your crews worked efficiently and, even more importantly, safely. They truly served the people of east central Indiana who were in need.

From a letter to Vice President Mel Riley signed by the top executives of Westar Energy in Kansas ...We have received many positive comments from our employees and our customers regarding the crews who came from other areas of Kansas and from other states to help us complete more than 360,000 power restorations affecting more than 211,000 customers. ...Your employees left their homes and families to take on a daunting task. They worked long hours in harsh weather conditions. We appreciate their willingness to do so.

From a letter accompanying one of 15 giant thank-you cards sent by Tim and Shelly King, owners of a Hallmark store in Union City, Indiana, to Asplundh and other emergency crews ...The card you have just received was signed by the grateful citizens of Union City, Indiana and Ohio, and surrounding communities to say, “Thank you for a job well done.” ...One thing they all shared was how much they appreciated the many power crews and tree service crews who worked extra long hours in adverse and sometimes dangerous conditions for days to get the power restored to our area.

From a letter to Manager Dave Ellifritz sent by Robert Marshall, President & CEO of Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc. in Kentucky ...I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the help and support provided by your organization during the recent ice storm restoration efforts over the holiday season. Your contribution was invaluable in our ability to restore service quickly to our consumers impacted by this event. From a letter to Manager Jeff Duncan sent by Dayton Power & Light Co. employees in Ohio ...What a way to end 2004 and to welcome in 2005—two massive ice storms! ...We are extremely grateful for the wonderful response all the tree crews gave to the recent emergencies. Crews were very diligent and unselfishly gave up their holidays to put the needs of others first by working to restore power to over 100,000 homes. Thank you for all your hard work and determination to persevere through long hours, icy field conditions and cold temperatures. This would have been a lot more difficult job to tackle, withour your expertise and commitment. Thanks again.

From a January 11, 2005 e-mail to Asplundh’s general mailbox ...Just wanted to send a sincere “thank you” to all of your crewmen who have been working in my hometown of Lynn, Indiana (Randolph County). ...The guys are doing a great job and it’s soooo appreciated. I know they are doing the best they can, as quickly as they can, and working long, strenuous hours. Please let them know how much all of us here in Lynn appreciate their hard work and efforts!

The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Attention Hurricane Heroes! Take Advantage of Central Florida Vacation Deals! To express appreciation to the people and companies who participated in last fall’s hurricane relief efforts, the Central Florida Visitors & Convention Bureau is offering Asplundh employees and their immediate family members a FREE information packet and DISCOUNTS on lodging, attractions and events in central Florida. For example, employees can receive free admission to Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, the Historic Bok Sanctuary and Fantasy of Flight with reduced rates for family members. Your family can stay in a fully-furnished 3- or 4-bedroom vacation home with a pool for as little as $80-$100 per night! Central Florida is also home to 554 lakes and you’re never far from major airports and theme parks. Take advantage of these special value offers by presenting a photo ID and proof of employment at Asplundh—a ‘Hurricane Hero Company’. A current paycheck/direct deposit stub will do. To receive your FREE information packet , you may call 1-800-828-7655 ext. HH or go online to the web site listed below and make sure ‘Asplundh’ is in the company name field: index.php?source=asplundh These special offers for Asplundh employees and their families are good through December 31, 2005.

Management Update New Managers in the Field and Home Office Carl Junghans, former supervisor in Connecticut,

gas exploration, and most recently with a major utility in Missouri. Responsible for a 25-member Corporate Safety Group, Gil is playing a key role in developing a world-class safety program for Asplundh and UtiliCon. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Gil also earned a master’s degree in occupational safety from Columbia Southern University in Alabama. He is a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist, and is an active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the National Safety Council.

was promoted to manager of Asplundh vegetation management operations in Connecticut and parts of New York and Massachusetts in February. Vice President Doug Gober sponsors his region. Carl joined Asplundh as a general foreman in 1988 with 11 years of management experience in grounds maintenance and tree farming. In 1995, he advanced to supervisor over Asplundh crews working for utilities and municipalities in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Carl earned an Asplundh Outstanding Performance Award in 2004. As a manager, his responsibilities include overseeing crews working for various investorowned utilities, as well as municipal and telecommunications accounts in Connecticut, western Massachusetts and the outer boroughs of New York City. A graduate of Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist and member of the New England Chapter of the ISA.

Richard “Kelly” Runkle, former supervisor in Indiana, advanced to manager of Asplundh vegetation management operations in parts of Indiana and Ohio in February. His region is sponsored by Vice President Steven Asplundh. In 1993, Kelly came to work for Asplundh as a general foreman in Ohio with six years of prior line clearance experience with our former subsidiary, Tree Preservation Co., as well as a private tree service in his home state of Indiana. In 1998, he was promoted to supervisor overseeing Asplundh crews working on the property of Cinergy-PSI in Indiana. In his position as manager, Kelly is responsible for overseeing all Asplundh vegetation management operations on the property of Cinergy and various municipal and rural electric cooperative accounts in both Indiana and Ohio. A 1995 graduate of ASTP and an ISA Certified Arborist, he is also a member of the UAA and Indiana Arborist Association. Kelly has twice received special corporate recognition for controlling equipment costs.

Gil Niedenthal joined Asplundh in January as its corporate safety officer and director. He reports directly to Scott Asplundh and George Graham, Jr., the respective presidents of the Asplundh Tree Expert Co. and UtiliCon Solutions, Ltd. Gil brings to the corporation over 15 years of experience as a safety professional. He has worked in ship building, manufacturing, oil and

New Field Supervisors Announced Ezekiel Klomp, former regional safety

Michael Morris, former general foreman in Maryland, advanced to supervisor under Vice President Dave Morrison in November 2004. The Morrison Region is sponsored by Vice President Gregg Asplundh.

superintendent in Texas, was promoted to field supervisor in November 2004 under Vice President Allen LeBlanc. Vice President Chris Asplundh, Jr. sponsors the LeBlanc Region in central and southern Texas.

Michael came to work for an Asplundh crew in his home state of Maryland in 1993. Within two years he was promoted to foreman and then field coordinator, working on the property of Baltimore Gas & Electric. By 1996, Michael advanced to general foreman and the following year, he graduated from ASTP. As a supervisor, Michael’s responsibilities include overseeing Asplundh vegetation management crews working on the property of Baltimore Gas & Electric. He is an ISA Certified Arborist, as well as a Certified Maryland Tree Expert, Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor and licensed pesticide applicator. Michael has also studied business management at the Community College of Baltimore County in Essex, Maryland.

Ezekiel joined the company in 1993 to work on a tree crew in Arkansas. By the following year, he had moved up to foreman and in 2002, he transferred to the LeBlanc Region in Texas where he advanced to general foreman and later regional safety superintendent. Ezekiel’s supervisory responsibilities include overseeing Asplundh vegetation management crews on the property of Austin Energy in central Texas and outsourcing crews currently working in Indiana for AEP. He is a 2003 graduate of ASTP, as well as an ISA Certified Utility Specialist, Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor and licensed pesticide applicator in Texas. Ezekiel is also an active member of the Texas Vegetation Management Association. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

New Field Supervisors Announced continued Scott Richter, former supervisor in Wisconsin, transferred into the Kevin Dove Region as a supervisor in December 2004. Vice President Doug Gober sponsors the Dove Region.

John Mulvihill, former general foreman in southeast Pennsylvania, was promoted to supervisor under Manager Larry Gauger in November 2004. The Gauger Region in Pennsylvania is sponsored by Vice President Doug Gober.

A native of Wisconsin, Scott joined Asplundh as a general foreman in 2000 with approximately 20 years of prior experience with another line clearance contractor, working in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. In 2002, Scott was promoted to supervisor under Vice President Joe Schneider in Wisconsin. Now working under Manager Kevin Dove, Scott is responsible for overseeing Asplundh vegetation management crews working on the properties of Alliant Energy and American Transmission Company in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. He has twice earned corporate Outstanding Safety Performance Awards. A certified Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor, Scott is studying for the ISA Certified Arborist exam.

John got his start with the company in his home town of Philadelphia in 1979. He moved up through the tree crew ranks to general foreman in 1992 and in recent years, has overseen corrective tree work for PECO Energy, a system he has worked on for over 25 years. As a supervisor, John’s responsibilities include tracking production and coordinating projects for Asplundh crews working on the property of PECO Energy. He has taken various computer training courses through the utility company and has completed training courses in carpentry and automotive technology. A 1994 graduate of ASTP, John is also a Certified Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor, a Pennsylvania licensed pesticide applicator and a member of the ISA and UAA. He is preparing to take the ISA Certified Arborist exam.

Mario Patino, former general foreman for our

Max Sanchez, former regional safety superintendent

Outsourcing Region in Florida, advanced to supervisor in February under Vice President Pat White. The White Region is sponsored by Vice President Chris Asplundh, Jr.

in Florida under Vice President Eugene Wyatt, advanced to supervisor in March. Vice President Matt Asplundh sponsors the Wyatt Region. Born in Cuba, Max first came to work for an Asplundh crew in South Florida in 1986. He soon became a foreman, but then left the company in 1993 to help with his family’s water distribution company. When the company was sold five years later, Max returned to Asplundh and in 1999, he was promoted to general foreman. As a new supervisor, his responsibilities include overseeing Asplundh lift, manual, mowing and other specialized equipment crews on the property of Florida Power & Light in the North Florida Distribution Area. Max is a May 2004 graduate of ASTP, as well as an instructor for Red Cross First Aid/CPR, Decision Driving and MOT/DOT. He is currently preparing to take the ISA Certified Arborist exam.

Mario joined an Asplundh crew in his home state of Texas in 1997 with two years of prior experience. By 1998, he had advanced to general foreman, working in Louisiana. Later that year, he transferred to Florida where he has been training and overseeing Asplundh crews throughout the state, as well as various outsourcing operations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maryland. Mario’s responsibilities as a supervisor in the White Region include overseeing Asplundh vegetation management crews working on the properties of various municipal electric and cooperative accounts from Fort Myers to Jacksonville. A graduate of the December 2002 ASTP, Mario holds a Florida pesticide applicator’s license and is studying for the ISA Certified Arborist exam.

Arturo Perez, former general foreman in the Chicago, Illinois area, was promoted to supervisor under Manager Larry Gauger in November 2004. Vice President Doug Gober is the sponsor of the Gauger Region in Illinois.

Jack Thompson, former general foreman in eastern Tennessee, was promoted to supervisor under Vice President Larry Kirk in February. The Kirk Region is sponsored by Vice President Steven Asplundh.

A native of Mexico, Arturo first came to work for Asplundh in Texas in 1980. He advanced to foreman in 1984 and then left the company a few years later to work for other line clearance contractors in Illinois. Arturo returned to Asplundh in 1999 as a general foreman, first in Michigan and then in the Chicago, Illinois area. As a supervisor, he oversees lift and manual crews working on the property of Commonwealth Edison in the Chicago South, North and Central areas. His bi-lingual skills are valuable in the development and leadership of the Gauger Region’s Hispanic workforce. Arturo is an April 2003 graduate of ASTP and is currently preparing to take the ISA Certified Arborist exam. He holds an Illinois pesticide applicator’s license. The Asplundh TREE

Jack joined Asplundh as a general foreman in February 2001 when the line clearance operations of the Bartlett Tree Expert Co. were acquired. He brought to Asplundh over 18 years of line clearance experience in Tennessee and Virginia. As a new supervisor, Jack is responsible for overseeing Asplundh vegetation management crews working on the property of American Electric Power (AEP) in parts of Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. He is a September 2001 graduate of ASTP and is a Decision Driving Instructor for the Kirk Region. Jack is studying for the ISA Certified Arborist exam.


Spring Issue 2005

Innovative Techniques for Vegetation Management by Joe Lentz, Arborchem Products Division Manager


anaging the right-of-way (ROW) corridor to promote lowgrowing forbs, herbs, grasses and shrubs is essential for creating a competitive environment. Halting a plant community’s natural succession at the shrub stage is essential to providing long-term environmental and economic benefits to the utility and its customers.

For more information, please contact your local Asplundh manager or call Joe Lentz at 215-760-9420. You may also e-mail [email protected] W At left are two ULV Widecast nozzles mounted on an ATV with 15- and 25gallon tanks. A combination rate of Accord (3 qts.) + Escort XP (1 oz.) + Arsenal (14 oz.) is blended in Thinvert RTU and applied at a rate of five gallons per acre (gpa) on one-year-old resprouts. The swath width is 25 feet. At five gpa, each fill-up will treat eight acres.

The primary objective of a sound vegetation management program is to provide a high percentage of control to all undesirable species on the ROW. The tools chosen must then allow the contractor to be productive while having no off target damage. There are many factors to consider: „ History (methods used in the past) „ Brush density „ Height „ Species „ ROW type (transmission vs. distribution) „ Sensitive areas „ Environmental concerns Asplundh has been working with utilities across the U.S. in developing an ultra low volume (ULV) application technique that meets the objective of managing vegetation while providing reliable power cost-effectively.

W After one year, the ULV Widecast application via ATV provided up to 95% control of targeted vegetation. This lowprofile application method is highly productive and is an excellent way to reclaim a right-of-way for future low-profile ULV backpack applications.

Ultra low volume has been integrated into ROW applications at rates varying from 1 to 5 gallons per acre. Application methods include: ULV Backpack, Cut Stubble, Broadcast, and Side Trimming. Many of the invasive weed managers throughout the U.S. have endorsed these methods because of the ultra low rates and selectivity. Partnering with this group has provided creditability to utility ROW vegetation management programs by helping to educate the public and environmental groups in the new ULV technology. Operational applications or demonstrations have also been documented with GPS coordinates and GIS mapping software.

Creative GF Transforms Toy Trucks Over the past three years, General Foreman Robbie Wood of the Barry Suddreth Region in North Carolina has used his model-making skills to transform plastic toy Asplundh lift and chipper sets into ‘Puddle-jumpers’, split dumps and roll-back trucks. At left you can see the results of his skill with sawing, drilling, glueing and re-attaching lifts, chip boxes or outriggers. If only it was this easy with real trucks! Robbie has been into making models of trucks and cars for years so he knows just where to go to get the right tires and materials. A 12-year Asplundh veteran, Robbie oversees crews on the property of Duke Energy and in addition to his model-making hobby, he is devoted to his wife, April, and 15-month-old daughter, Cassidy (photo behind trucks). For tips on how to transform your own toy trucks, e-mail Robbie at [email protected] The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

O rchids ALABAMA Clinton Bell and Trimmer/Climber Don Smith, Alabama Power Co. Tommy Stargel and Steve Wilson and Trimmer/Climbers Justin Nix and Jesse San Miguel, Cullman Electric Co-op.

ARIZONA Antonio Avalos and Trimmer/ Climber Jaime Campuzano, Salt River Project (two letters were received) Ronald Reed and Groundman Esteban Galindo, Tucson Electric Power Company

ARKANSAS General Foreman Curt Cline, Foreman Willie Winship and Trimmer/Climber Jason Haarmeyer, AEP

BRITISH COLUMBIA Mike Musterer and Crew Members Ivan Chong and Jordan Rasmussen, BC Hydro

DELAWARE General Foreman Kevin Gant, Foreman Gary Williams and Crews, for volunteering their Saturday off to clear a field for a district camporee, Boy Scout Troop 903 Ariel Gonzalez, Jr. and Apprentice Joe Rundstrom, Conectiv Asher Loveland and Groundman Robert Mooney, Choptank Electric Co-op.

Letters and telephone calls were received complimenting the following foremen and their crews working on the property of the utility or organization listed below the employees’ names. This listing covers all “Orchids” that were received in the Corporate Communications Dept. between November 25, 2004 and March 20, 2005. For their outstanding job performance or special volunteer efforts, we say . . . Thank you and congratulations! Supervisor Tim Jessup and General Foreman Rick Shoults, for their support of the Flanzer JCC and SarasotaManatee Jewish Federation’s Israel SuperFest on Sunday, February 6, Florida Power & Light

their time on a Saturday to help Habitat for Humanity and Florida Baptist Disaster Relief of Washington County remove a tree downed by Hurricane Ivan that had fallen on to a storage building, Gulf Power Co.

From a letter to General Foreman James Rowland of the David McLamb Region in Georgia, concerning work performed by Foreman Walter Watson, Trimmer/Climber Shawn Peoples and Crew Member Grant Dewesse for Georgia Power Co.: ... This team approached me in a very respectful manner, identified themselves, and clearly stated their concern with the safety of me, my family and my residence. ... They were very conscientious and were here to make my property safer in the event of storms and the like. They did not talk over my head and explained what their role was and when they were expected to be in my area. ... At the end of the conversation, we shook hands and I walked away feeling comfortable. Two days later, they cut down the scrubs and limbs that created a potential hazard for [the] power lines and electrical service. My yard was left cleaner than they found it, and I was touched by the professional service. Lee J. Stewart From an e-mail to Railroad Division Supervisor Garland Plymale, regarding the work he and his crews have done in Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin for Canadian Pacific Railroad: I want you to know that I feel blessed to have someone as dedicated and thorough [looking] after our program and interests. You are a person that makes a difference, and all of us here appreciate your effort. In many parts, it’s hard to find someone that you can trust. Trust isn’t something that people really have ... even though they might say they do. It’s something that is earned over time with a lot of demonstrated commitment. Thank you for another great year. Angelo Dalcin

General Foreman Francis Chase, Foremen Rolando Dominguez and Juan Hernandez and Crews, General Foreman Mike Adams, Permissions Person Jimmy Harrison, Florida Power & Light Foreman Dennis Douglas and Apprentice Olin Paul, for donating



The Asplundh TREE

General Foreman Craig Faulk, Foreman Chris Purcell and Groundman Marvin Hood, Georgia Power Co.


Spring Issue 2005

General Foreman James Rowland, Foreman Walter Watson, Trimmer/Climber Shawn Peoples and Crew Member Grant Dewesse, Georgia Power Co. General Foreman Dan Yarger, Foreman Vince Rogers and Crews, Cobb Electric Membership Corp.

HAWAII Guy Holt, Trimmer Irv Carvalho and Groundmen Rudy Nakooka and Daryl Ranis, Maui Electric Company

ILLINOIS Railroad Division Vice President Tom Mayer, for donating an item to, and his continued support of, the “For the Children Handcar Races” charity auction, Union Pacific Railroad Railroad Division Supervisor Garland Plymale and Crews, Canadian Pacific Railroad

INDIANA General Foreman Todd Dawson, Foreman Brad Stauffer and Trimmer/Climber Adam Dawson, Cinergy

IOWA Tim Woltering and Apprentice Brycen Woltering, Muscatine Power & Water

KENTUCKY Bobby Avera and John Litchfield, Trimmer/Climber Steve Southall and Crew, Paducah Power System Manager Dave Ellifritz, Supervisor Rob Earlywine, General Foreman Jeff Holder, Foremen Robert Butler, Bill Johnson, Mike Johnson, Dean King, Mike Payne, Roger Rudd, Trimmers Brandon Ferrell, Jason Hall, Nolen Johnson, Brian Jump,

Terry Potts, John Shuman and Jason Chace and Apprentices Patrick Lates and Nate Oyer, Swift, for their outstanding work, Rochester Gas & Electric professionalism and knowledge, Owensboro Municipal Utilities Rick Maston and Henry Rose and Trimmer/Climber Jim Clark, LOUISIANA New York State Electric & Gas Corp. Supervisor Kenny Cuevas, General Larry Oyer and Journeyman Foreman Todd Brooks, Trimmer/ Mark Tuttle, Climber Rickie Bryant and Rochester Gas & Electric Groundman Derrick Bolden, AEP Supervisor Kenny Cuevas, General Foremen Donald Cruse and Steve Larson, Foremen Ralph Dickerson and John Williams, Trimmer/ Climber Detrell Williams and Journeymen Fredrick Bell and VaShaun Sellers, AEP

OHIO Michael Boutilier and Groundman Ryan Tice, for their courtesy and professionalism while working on the Emerald Ash Borer removal project in Wood County, Ohio with the Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Department of Agriculture General Foreman Mark Burwell, Permissions Person Bill Dodd

OREGON From a letter to Vice President Dave Puckett regarding line clearance work in Marietta, Ohio for Allegheny Power:

Foreman Dave German and Trimmer/ Climber Jason Beever, Private Work

As a member of the Marietta City Tree Commission, I have been the contact person for the Asplundh crews for the past several maintenance pruning cycles. The latest cycle is now complete, and it must be declared a success. Over the years, [Permissions Person] Bill Dodd and [General Foreman] Mark Burwell have worked closely with us in designing a process of informing the residents and referring questions and concerns to the Tree Commission if appropriate. I did not receive any calls, and was able to correct a couple of people who told me the trees were being butchered. As you are aware, many people misinterpret what they see, but when the reason for doing it that way is explained to them, they understand. ... In addition, the quality of pruning has more closely matched Marietta Tree Standards over time, and the established channels of communication were liberally used. Marilyn Ortt

General Foreman Rick Panetta, for donating wood chips for a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout project, Private Work

From a letter to Sponsor/Vice President Steve Bostock, about a Doug Smith Region crew helping the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism:

MARYLAND General Foreman Domingo Bonilla, Foreman Misael Moreno and Groundman Jose Portillo, Potomac Electric Power Co.


NEW HAMPSHIRE General Foreman Paul Arno, Foreman Tom Hatfield, Trimmer/Climbers Corey Hall and Travis McMann, for for volunteering their time to chip and remove brush piles from around the office of the Jefferson Historical Society in Jefferson, New Hampshire, Public Service Co. of New Hampshire

NEW JERSEY Railroad Division Supervisor Mike Heridia, Foreman Angel Magallon, Trimmer/Climber Hugo Chavez, Journeyman Nahum Gonzalez, and Groundmen Juan Garcia and Antonio Zuniga, The Township of Millburn

NEW YORK Shannan Austin, Journeyman Mike McLaughlin, Groundman Brandon

General Foreman Kelley Watson, Work Planner Kevin Remington, Foremen Sam Marshall and Art Sands and Trimmer/Climbers Art McEarney and Charles Peel, for sensitively respecting the wishes of a family of a terminally ill woman by rescheduling the removal of a maple tree so she could watch it change color one final time last autumn, AEP/Public Service of Oklahoma

Let me just tell you again how much we appreciate the company’s help at one of our parks. ... I found [General Foreman] Doug Newton’s name by using your web site and making a few phone calls. He [and Asplundh] has been a great friend to Sesquicentennial State Park. We asked Doug if he would consider using the park as a “drop-off” site for your tree-trimming crews. It saves you gas mileage and saves us from buying mulch. So far, we have completely renovated the area around our old bathhouse. We are going to start spreading the mulch in the picnic area when more loads come in. ... It really is a great partnership for both of us. Lou Fontana, Director of Corporate Affairs

General Foreman Eric Cunningham, Foreman Steve Morgan and Trimmer/ Climber Dave Morris, for volunteering their Saturday off to help chip Christmas trees for the Gladstone High School Booster Club, Portland General Electric Co.

PENNSYLVANIA Journeyman Art Keefer and Crew, Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. Tim Knepp, Trimmer/Climbers Scott Knepp and Andrew Romig and Journeyman David Romig, Pennsylvania Power & Light

SOUTH CAROLINA General Foreman Doug Newton and Crews, for delivering wood chips to the Sesquicentennial State Park near Columbia, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.

TEXAS Supervisor Kenny Cuevas, Foreman Brian Barnett and Trimmer/Climber Jesus Rivas, AEP

VERMONT General Foreman Sean Macphee and Crews, Central Vermont Public Service

WASHINGTON NORTH CAROLINA Supervisor Matthew Pence, General Foremen Jason Bauguess, Chris Creed, Danny Davis, Paul Keeter, Tim Taylor and Tommy Williams and Crews, for working safely and tirelessly on a problematic circuit near Lake Norman in Denver, North Carolina, Duke Energy

The Asplundh TREE

and Crews, Allegheny Power

OKLAHOMA Jeff Osburn and Journeyman Onzo Howell, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. Ismael Rodriguez and Crews, City of Lawton


Spring Issue 2005

Steve Bryant, Journeyman Dan McLennan and Apprentice Kris Baker, Snohomish County PUD General Foreman Jamie Culp, Foreman Tony Mabry, Trimmer/Climber Nick Hancock and Journeyman Charles Micks, for their help clearing brush and debris for the Fuel Reduction Project in

Shaddox Springs, Underwood Fire Department

Allen Daniels and Trimmer/Climber Arlie Wilson III, AEP

Hill, Randall Talbert and Jerry Turner and Journeyman James Kiser (SC), (See story on page 12) Progress Energy (FL)

area in September 2004, Alabama Power Co. (FL)

Allen Daniels and Trimmer/Climber Arlie Wilson III (WV), for their “can do” attitude and high level of General Foreman Randy Parker General Foreman Chris Pratt and Foremen Antonio Briceno and Carlos productivity while clearing debris caused General Foreman Ron Hynes, Foreman Crews (TX), coming to the aid of Tovar and Crews (TX), for their help by a January ice storm in Muncie, Neil Deacy and Groundman Nethanel Monroeville residents after Hurricane Ivan AEP (IN) from Daytona Beach to Melbourne, Webster, for volunteering their time devastated the area in September 2004, Florida, during the hurricane restoration General Foremen Louis Kempton to Boy Scout Troop #572’s Christmas Alabama Power Co. (AL) and Keith Parks, Foremen Edward tree recycling fundraiser, Castle, Kevin Parks, Dan Porter and Puget Sound Energy Brian Stotridge, Trimmer/Climbers General Foreman Ron Hynes, Casey Conrad, Daniel Diaz, Patrick From a letter to Vice President Will Willis regarding Colorado Foreman Ed Tarantino, Trimmer/ Franz, Ricky Hamilton and Jim crews sent to Gulf Power property to help with the hurricane Climber Corey Norrbom and McCoy III and Journeyman Genardo Groundman Don Teter, restoration efforts in Northwest Florida: Palomo (OH), for their hard work and Private Work dedication to helping quickly restore Hurricane Ivan hit Northwest Florida throughout the night of power in Albany, Indiana after the September 15th and left behind unbelievable destruction and Permissions Person Ryan Lakin, January ice storm, Foreman Terry Lane and Crew, devastation. The sights of all the damage were overwhelming and our AEP (IN) Puget Sound Energy emotions were almost as devastated as the landscape. ... I am grateful (two letters were received) to all those who came from out-of-state to help restore some sort of Foremen Terry Lane and Steve normalcy to our lives, but I owe a special debt of gratitude to [General General Foreman Ricky Vaughan, Youngerman and Crews, Foreman] Adam Pena and his crew. As they cleared trees for the Foremen Donald Brown, Kevin Pierce County Public Works & Utilities electricians to come restore electricity in my neighborhood, I noted Davis, Bill Minger, Logan Sawyers Tony Lofranco and Journeyman that I was concerned about a huge oak tree broken and leaning and Raymond Underwood, Rod Grinaker, for delivering several close to the power lines that could cause me problems. It was their Trimmer/Climbers Sean Bedsaul, loads of wood chips to the Newport “quitting time”, but they continued working and cut the tree before Danny Bourne, Robert Cahall, Presbyterian Church in Bellevue for quitting for the day. Their act of kindness was the encouragement I Barry Davis, Anthony Edwards, use on their grounds, needed on an overwhelming day. I sincerely appreciate the caring Scotty Jones, Jason Lambert, Puget Sound Energy folks, such as Mr. Pena and his crew, and I do hope you will pass Derrick McCarn, John Pistory, Randy Seavey and Clinton along my gratitude. General Foreman Don Milbourn and Vaughan and Groundmen John Charles E. Ellis Crews, for donating their time to Dunn, Tommy Hawks, Gary remove several trees on the property of From a letter to Vice President Dave Ellifritz in Kentucky, concerning Newman and Anthony Phillips (VA), the Parkway Presbyterian Church, the work of Foreman Allen Daniels and Trimmer Arlie Wilson III for giving their all to the January ice Puget Sound Energy during the ice storm restoration in Muncie, Indiana for AEP: storm restoration efforts in Muncie, General Foreman Don Milbourn, AEP (IN) Just a quick note [to] thank you for sending Asplundh crews to Foremen Gary Easton and Max Supervisor Keith Confere, General work in Muncie, Indiana on [the] ice storm. I am a line supervisor Reynvaan and Crews, for their work Foremen David Ayers, Scott Brenner, for Kentucky Utilities who worked in [the] area also. I want to on the Puyallup and Stillaguamish Ernest DiBacco, Chris Fechuch, River Authorized Projects, praise two guys of yours who went above and beyond anything I Elijah Gilliam (OH), Tracy Gwin U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers needed them to do. Allen Daniels and Arlie Wilson III did a super (VA), James Hayhurst (OH), Floyd job with their bucket truck. They did as much as two other crews Carlos Rodriguez, Trimmer/Climber Marcum (IN), James Torok, Lance combined. Allen is a great worker, and I wish he could do my Travis Hayes and Journeyman Weston (OH) and Darrin Wilson (IN) regular trimming. Francisco Rodriguez, and Crews, for their hard work and Puget Sound Energy Steve Lonlin determination in the Canton, Columbus and Newark areas during the December WEST VIRGINIA ice storm, AEP (OH) Supervisor Buddy Baker, General efforts last summer, General Foreman Stephen Ford, Foremen Dorsal Holland and Paul General Foreman Larry Cutright, Florida Power & Light (FL) Foremen Fred Crawford, Mike Workman, Foreman Paul Turley Foreman Perry Brown and Crews, Gordon and Jason Hunt and General Foreman Adam Pena and and Crews, for coming to the aid of the residents of Apprentice Davy Conwell (MO), Crews (CO), for remaining on duty AEP central Ohio after a severe Christmas for their hard work during the post past quitting time to put a Cantonment, ice storm in 2004, hurricane restorations for Charley, General Foremen Jimmy Dalton Florida resident’s mind at ease by AEP (OH) Frances and Jeanne, and Louis Mullins, Foremen Lando removing a tree that was leaning Florida Power & Light (FL) Adkins, Tony Bryant and Stacie precariously close to the Gulf Power Co. General Foreman Greg Parkinson Adams and Crews, power lines after Hurricane Ivan hit the and Crews, for their fast response and General Foreman Ronald Fountain, AEP willingness to work hard to clear power Foremen Kenneth Duncan, Gary Neil Deacy, Journeyman Joe Najar and Groundman Nethanel Webster, Private Work


The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

lines of fallen debris caused by a heavy Vice President Dave Sachs, Supervisor Mike Carrier and Crews, for their ice storm on Christmas day, Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Co-op. (OH) hard work clearing power lines so electricity could be restored to over Vice President Dave Sachs, 160,000 customers in the Akron and Supervisor Mike Carrier, General Mansfield areas within six days of the Foreman Dave Hodges, Foremen January 5 ice storm, Mike Polomsky and Ed Williamson FirstEnergy/Ohio Edison (OH) and Journeyman Jason Hilliker, for General Foremen William Ailstock their professionalism, dedication and outstanding work ethic while helping to (VA), David Ayers, Scott Brenner, Jan Cory Chambers, William restore power, despite extreme working Dunaway, Chris Fechuch, Jeff Fizer, conditions, after the January 5 ice storm , Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Co-op. (OH) Elijah Gilliam, James Hayhurst,

Bobby Lane (TN), Wes McKinney (VA), William Morris, Steve Perdue, David Sweeney, Winston Thurman (VA), Dave Tuttle, Ritchie Tuttle and Lance Weston and Crews, for their help clearing debris caused by an ice storm on January 5 in the Lima area, AEP (OH) Blume Tree Service General Foreman Lynn Armstrong, Foremen Michael Smith and Anthony Towner, Trimmer/ Climber Charles Jackson, Journeymen Larry Herndon and Frederick Manuel

and Apprentice Darran Isby, for their efforts to minimize property damage while clearing debris caused by a January wind storm in the Memphis area, Memphis Light, Gas & Water (TN) Supervisor Mark Fecteau, Work Coordinator John Ziarniak and Crews, for their outstanding work and customer relations after high winds knocked down a box elder tree, threatening property and power lines in the Whitefish Bay area in November 2004, WE Energies (WI)

From a letter to Vice President Dave Sachs in Ohio, regarding his Region’s help on Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative’s property after the January ice storm: Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative would like to express their sincere gratitude for your assistance during our recent ice storm. Your crews did an amazing job and represented the Cooperative “family” with professionalism, dedication, and outstanding work ethic despite the extreme work conditions under which they labored. ... We feel that everyone gave 110% of themselves to providing the best possible service to our consumers under the conditions we faced during the recent ice storm. ... We appreciate each and every crew that volunteered to assist Lorain-Medina during the recent ice storm. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Markus Bryant, General Manager, Brad Warnement, Director of Engineering & Operations, and Kim Hinkle, Operations Manager From a letter to President Scott Asplundh about the customer service skills of Permissions Person John Ziarniak and crews who work on the property of WE Energies in the Joe Schneider Region in Wisconsin: Please allow me to compliment you on the service I received from your company, a local crew and in particular an exemplary employee of yours here in southeastern Wisconsin – John Ziarniak, a local Asplundh Work Coordinator. ... This past Saturday, as a result of high winds, we had an old box elder that split at the base, up the trunk and fell across the high power lines and against the transformer pole in our back yard. It created a very hazardous situation. ... John assumed instant command of the situation, answered my many questions, and then patiently answered those very same questions from my wife. He listened to us; he was candid, realistic, totally honest, concerned and empathetic. ... The others in the crew were very accommodating. When it came time to do the actual dangerous work associated with the windfall, John didn’t abdicate the job, but rather strapped himself up and did the cutting – which kept his crew safe and eased my concern. ... I manage a sales force of about 40 people and ... I will be using my experience with Asplundh and John as a case study in customer relations at our next meeting. Warren and Candace Lillund

W Boy Scouts Appreciate Asplundh Crew’s Help—Last summer, high winds and heavy rains from Hurricane Charley wreaked havoc on power systems in west and central Florida. The Boy Scouts of America’s Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation in Lake Wales, Florida lost its power during the storm. The scouts couldn’t have been happier when they saw Barry Suddreth Region General Foreman Ronald Fountain (center, white hard hat) and his crew from South Carolina arrive on the scene to help. Ronald and (L to R) Foremen Jerry Turner, Randall Talbert, Kenneth Duncan, Gary Hill and Journeyman James Kiser worked for a week clearing debris from Progress Energy’s storm damaged right-of-way so the power could flow once again to the camp. Camp Ranger John Bull was pleased with the crew’s hard work and wrote in a letter to Barry, “You are lucky to have people like these working for your company.”

Haven’t seen your name in the Orchids section lately? Then be sure to send a copy of your recent thank-you letters to: The Asplundh TREE magazine, Corporate Communications, 708 Blair Mill Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Don’t forget to include the full names of any co-workers who helped out on the job, as well as the utility customer property you were working on.

The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Crews & News Sportsmen’s Corner

S General Foreman Jeff Fizer’s son, 10-year-old Jordan, was in his blind for less than seven minutes last November when he harvested this 160-lb. (field dressed) white tail buck. Jordan, who has been hunting for three years now, took down the buck with a muzzle-loader rifle in Hocking County, Ohio, making it his second kill. Proud dad Jeff oversees crews in the Dave Sachs Region on American Electric Power property in Columbus, Ohio.

S Ted Coon, a journeyman on WE Energies property in the Joe Schneider Region, had a very exciting time hunting black bear this past autumn. On September 9, 2004, the second day on stand, Ted shot this 317-lb. black bear in Sawyer County, Wisconsin from 18 yards with a 60-lb. draw Martin Howatt Hunter recurve bow. While harvesting this bear was thrilling, the story really began the day before. Ted had been on stand for hours, and just before dark, three different black bears (two of shooting size) came and took turns laying down in the bait he had set out. Ted sized up the last of the bears in his sights, but it had gotten too dark to get a clear shot. Those three may have gotten away, but Ted got his bear the next day. Ted’s story was also featured in the Wisconsin Outdoor News!

W The early bird may get the worm, but the early hunter gets the big buck! Mel Riley Region Foreman Steve Jimmerson, an accomplished hunter, shot this 180-point B&C 300-lb. buck just after sunrise on December 9, 2004. The unlucky buck walked right out in front of Steve, who took full advantage of the opportunity. He aimed and mortally wounded the animal at 200 yards with his 700 Remington 30.06 rifle. After it was all over, Steve (L) took a moment to proudly display the buck’s impressive 21" spread. When not out stalking his prey, Steve “the Bone” oversees a crew on Aquila property in the Mel Riley Region in Western Kansas.

Home Office Honors W Employee of the Year—Assistant Editor/ Computer Graphics Specialist Ronnie Gauker of Corporate Communications was honored during the 2004 Holiday Assembly as the Home Office Employee of the Year. She joined Asplundh in April 2001 and has since earned a reputation for outstanding customer service and computer skills. In September 2002, Ronnie was the Employee of the Month and in December, she received eight nominations from co-workers, managers and a sponsor for Employee of the Year. In addition to the plaque and roses Ronnie received from Corporate Administration Manager Jim Hines, she was also presented with a $1,000 cash award and two round-trip tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. Congratulations Ronnie on a well-deserved honor!

S Whether it’s working or hunting, the first buck earned is always memorable! Just ask Jacob Pearson (L), who proudly harvested his first buck on a hunting trip with his father, James (R). The outdoors-loving pair were in Erath County, Texas on November 14, 2004, when they came across this 9-point non-typical buck. Jacob was in the right place at the right time, and he was able to take the 110-lb. (field dressed) buck with a clean shot from his 7mm Remington Magnum rifle. James works as a mechanic in the Tom Leverentz Region’s Mansfield yard, and will be celebrating his 25th anniversary with Asplundh this year. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Home Office Honors

30-Year Watches

S Pete Konen (third from L) was congratulated by Vice President Joe Schneider (second from L) for reaching a milestone of 30 years with Asplundh. He was presented with a speciallyengraved watch and a lunch was held in his honor where Supervisor Mark Fecteau, General Foreman Bill Fritz (back row), Pete’s wife, Cherie (second from R) and WE Energies Regional Forester Bob Szews (R) joined Joe in honoring Pete’s achievement. Pete joined the company in April 1973 as a climber and has spent his entire career in southeastern Wisconsin. He must have learned about dedication from his father, Dave (small photo, L), who retired from Asplundh after 33 years of service. Pete’s son, Ben, is also continuing the Konen family tradition and is currently working on WE Energies property as a journeyman.

S Employees of the Month—Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to introduce the latest winners of the Home Office Employee of the Month award. Honored in December 2004 at the Holiday Assembly was Dave Sheppard (L) of Customer & Field Liaison; Bismad Channey (center) of Payroll Input earned this distinction in February; and Stephanie Campbell (R) of Human Resources/Benefits was recognized in April. Thank you for your unwavering efforts to better serve the field and your co-workers in Willow Grove.

Lift Schools

S Daytona Beach, Florida—On December 2, 2004, Equipment Training and Inspection Supervisor Greg Homiller (front row, fifth from R) traveled to the Eugene Wyatt Region to conduct his lift inspection class. Held in Daytona Beach, the “Dirt Buzzard” was not only grateful for a little Florida sunshine in the winter, but he also appreciated the numerous employees in the region who gave up their Saturday off to improve their aerial lift knowledge and make their work environment a safer place. These crews work throughout Florida on the utility property of Florida Power & Light.

S Foreman James Tillett (center) received a specially-engraved watch from Manager Randy Parham (R) and a handshake of appreciation from Superintendent Troy Ball (L) to commemorate 30 years of loyal service and hard work. James started with Asplundh in June 1973 as a groundman in McKinney, Texas on Texas Power & Light property. In 1975, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and advanced to foreman the following year. By 1982, James found himself back in Texas, but four years later he moved once more, this time to Alabama. He worked for the City of Huntsville for two years before being transferred to Huntsville Utilities property, where he has remained ever since. One of James’ most remarkable achievements during his career is that neither he, nor any of his crew members, have EVER had an accident on the job! Congratulations! W Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada—On February 7, the “Dirt Buzzard” flew north to visit the Steve Christiansen Region in Nova Scotia, Canada. Greg Homiller, Equipment Training and Inspection Supervisor, met with Steve (kneeling, R), Supervisor Rick Williams (kneeling, second from L) and crews from the Fall River area to review and teach new lift inspection and safety practices. You may have noticed that the aerial lift in the background isn’t a regular ol’ lift. Greg got to demonstrate proper inspection techniques on a Timberjack, an off-road lift that is better suited to the rugged conditions these folks face on a daily basis.

The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Awards & Rewards

Jobs Well Done W McDonnell Region Crew Helps Preserve U.S. History—Last August, a crew from the Tom McDonnell Region traveled to the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park in Virginia as subcontracted crews for Asplundh Environmental Services, Inc. They were hired to help clear up trees that were damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. The National Park Service had a growing concern that the storm-damaged trees could fail, posing a serious risk to visitors and Civil War era historic features. General Foreman Mark Kisner, Lead Foremen Richard Loughry and Wayne Shacklette, Foremen Jeffrey Smith and William Tharpe, and Climbers Cooper Elliott and Steven McDonald spent seven weeks carefully removing trees and debris without damaging any of the park’s treasures. One challenging task was to remove an over 100-year-old red oak tree from the National Civil War Cemetery on Marye’s Heights in Fredericksburg. Seen above, the tree had grown over a few of the grave markers, which had to be preserved at all costs. The crew painstakingly guided a crane into the cemetery so sections of the tree could be cut and lowered to the ground, away from the tombs. Part of the stump was left above the stones so a Park Service archaeologist could carefully remove the last of the wood surrounding the markers without damage. Nice work!

S Asplundh Recognized at Hurricane Reception—A special reception was held by Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich on November 18, 2004 at the State House in Annapolis to thank Maryland utilities for their sacrifice and efforts to help restore Florida’s utility systems to normal after four hurricanes decimated the state last summer. Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) President Ken DeFontes invited 75 employees from the Dave Morrison Region, who traveled to Florida to aid in the restoration process, to join him at the reception. These employees were congratulated personally by Governor Ehrlich, and posed for a photo with (center front row, L to R) the Governor, BGE President Ken DeFontes and Asplundh Vice President Dave Morrison.

X Washington State Crew Tackles Tall Task—Duane Northrup of Clark Public Utilities called upon the tree experts of the Mick Kavran Region to handle some tough removals this February in Vancouver, Washington. Led by General Foreman Roy Kaufman, Foreman Sione Ngauamo, Journeyman Trimmer Jerry Tabor, Groundman David Lane and Apprentice Aram McVay spent a week and a half removing approximately 40 giant douglas fir trees that had grown too close to a critical overhead circuit. Every tree was over 100 feet tall, so the crew had to tie in and climb out of their 90-foot Altec aerial lift to remove the tops of the trees. Even though the trees were located in close proximity to a church parking lot, street lights and a busy highway, this crew was able to complete the work without any damage. Great job!

S Smitherman Region Employee Receives Top Honor—General Foreman Bobby Parker (R) of the Wendell Smitherman Region in Alabama was honored by Alabama Power Co. (APCo) with its Top Performer Award for 2004. Rickey Turner (L), Team Leader for APCo’s Mobile, Alabama Division, presented the award to a very surprised Bobby in front of his peers at APCo’s annual general forepersons’ meeting. Held at the utility’s headquarters in Birmingham, all of APCo’s contractors were eligible for the award. Bobby’s dedication and pride in his crew operations helped him receive unanimous approval for the recognition. Keep up the good work!

Region 447 Employees Committed to Excellence—Four employees from the Will Willis Region recently received Certificates of Excellence for their outstanding efforts throughout 2004. W Supervisor Charles Bynog, Jr. (second from L) was congratulated by (L to R) Xcel Energy Director of Vegetation Management Jim Downie, Vice President Will Willis and Sponsor/Vice President Keith Asplundh for significantly increasing co-op accounts over the past five years. X Supervisor Bobby Mitchell (L) was honored for hiring 180 employees in six months to work on Arizona Public Service’s Beetle Tree Program; Regional Safety Supervisor Al Martinez (center) earned his award for his dedication to improving the region’s safety program; and General Foreman David Fulford (R) was recognized for leading 30 crews from Colorado to help storm restoration efforts in Florida after the hurricanes. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

Family Album W Steven and Rebekah Morris are proud to introduce their first child, Tyler Michael. Looking festive in his red holiday cap, Tyler was born August 4, 2004, weighing 8 lbs., 1 oz. and measuring 20" tall. Dad Steven is a foreman and PI in the Mike English Region, working on Pacific Gas and Electric Co. property in Los Altos, California.

W This little guy with the big smile is Scottie Harkins, the first grandchild of General Foreman Victor “Skip” Vermillion. Scottie was born February 8, 2004, weighing 7 lbs., 7.5 oz. and measuring 21.5" long. Skip oversees crews in the Tom McDonnell Region on the utility property of Dominion Virginia Power.

X Let’s all wish good luck to Scott and Susan Brenner, who were married July 24, 2004. The happy couple were wed at the United Methodist Church of the Lakes in Canton, Ohio. They flew to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for their honeymoon. Soon after they returned home, Scott went back to Florida, this time with five crews to help the storm restoration efforts after Hurricane Charley. Scott is a general foreman in the Dave Sachs Region, overseeing crews on AEP property in the Canton area.

X Congratulations to newlyweds Doug and Megan Rakes, who tied the knot August 21, 2004 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. After the couple honeymooned in beautiful Jamaica, Doug returned to work in the Larry Gauger Region of Pennsylvania, where he’s a crew foreman on PECO Energy property in the Philadelphia area.

W The fun is definitely doubled with twins! Tyler and Taylor Bailey were born August 20, 2004. Taylor, who weighed 5.3 lbs., arrived two minutes before her brother Tyler, who weighed 6 lbs. at birth. Their dad, Chad, and grandpa, Rickey, both work in the Wendell Smitherman Region for Alabama Power Co. Rickey had to wait a month to meet his grandbabies, as he was already on Hurricane Charley storm duty in Florida. Chad was able to remain at home until he was sure his wife and children were doing well before joining his crews. Rickey is a supervisor throughout Alabama, and Chad is a general foreman in the western part of the state.

W General Foreman Don Tibbs of the Jeff Duncan Region in Indiana became a grandpa for the first time with the October 3, 2003 birth of his granddaughter, Audrey Danielle. She’s her grandpa’s pride and joy! Don is in charge of several crews on Northern Indiana Public Service Company property.

X With toy chain saw in hand, one-year-old William Austin Petrey looks ready to join the “orange army”! Delighted parents, Cassandra and William Jr., welcomed their new baby into the world on February 18, 2004. Measuring 20" and weighing 6 lbs., 11 oz., young William could be the next generation of Petreys to join Asplundh. His father and grandparents, William Sr. and Leah, all work in the Kelly Runkle Region of Ohio. Foreman William Jr. and Trimmer Leah work on Cincinnati Bell property, and William Sr. is a foreman on the utility property of Cinergy. The Asplundh TREE

X Jody and Leigh Ann Messick said “I do!” in front of family and friends last summer on August 7, 2004. After they were married at the First Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, the wedded duo flew to Maui, Hawaii to enjoy their honeymoon. Jody is a foreman in the Tom McDonnell Region, working in and around the city of Richmond on the utility property of Dominion Virginia Power.


Spring Issue 2005

Special Events

S Volunteers Help Jamboree Climb to New Heights—Employees from the David McLamb Region eagerly jumped at the chance to the help the Southern Chapter ISA set up the course for its tree climbing championship. Held Saturday, March 5 in Savannah, Georgia, General Foreman Craig Faulk (not pictured), Jason Taylor (L), Breeland Walker (center) and Angel Diaz and Anthony Walker (second from R and R, respectively) were thanked for their help by Savannah Electric Manager of Forestry Jack Roddenberry (second from L), Sponsor/Vice President Steve Bostock (third from L) and Manager David McLamb (third from R).

S Asplundh Tourney is Fun on the Greens—On September 18, 2004, the Mel Riley Region hosted its ninth annual Asplundh Open Golf Tournament at the Gardner Golf Course in Gardner, Kansas. Asplundh employees were joined by our customers from Aquila, Kansas City BPU, West Central Co-op. and Westar Energy for a shotgun start, four-person scramble format tournament. After 18 holes of friendly competition, (L to R) Mike Reed, Bruce Reed, Larry Adams and Ken Stegall of Aquila emerged victorious as the winning team of the day. Asplundh General Foreman Greg Chapple won the Longest Drive Competition and Teri Balentine of Team Aquila won the Closest to Pin contest.

Community Service

S Crew Volunteers to Make School Playground Safe Again—On October 2, 2004, (R to L) Barry Suddreth Region General Foreman Martin Roberts, Foremen Sandy Jarvis and Dennis Patterson, Trimmer Billy Watkins and Journeyman Alex Ramirez donated their time to remove a rotting oak tree in the playground of Mountain View Elementary School in Morgantown, North Carolina. This crew volunteers their time each year to maintain trees on the school’s property, but this was the first time they had to perform a removal. The community was hesitant to part with the majestic tree, but when Martin and his crew patiently explained that the tree could fail and endanger the students, the debate was over and the tree was removed without incident.

S Employees Celebrate at Holiday Dinner—Asplundh Canada Inc. employees in the Remo Maddalozzo Region of British Columbia got together with their extended “orange blood” family and celebrated the holidays with a dinner and awards night on November 27, 2004. Applauded for reaching their 20th anniversaries in 2004 were (L to R) John Hildebrand, Ernie Turra, Tim Mitchell, Mike Land, Ed Maddalozzo and Remo Maddalozzo. Employees who worked accident-free were also entered into a safety drawing for prizes. But one of the best parts of the night was the silent auction to benefit former employee Shane McGregor, who was badly injured in 2002. Prizes were donated by BC Hydro, the Home Office and Foreman Marty Lundy. These generous folks raised $1,300 to help Shane and his family. W NJ Shade Tree Federation Annual Meeting—Before the trade show crowd arrived, Supervisor Tom Anderson of the Martin Arriola Region was all ready to answer questions about line clearance and tree maintenance at the 79th Annual New Jersey Shade Tree Federation Meeting. Held October 29-31, 2004, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the meeting allowed arborists, shade tree commissioners, academics and other professionals in the field to learn more about selecting, planting, and caring for the “right tree in the right place”. Tom recently celebrated his 50th anniversary with Asplundh, and his dedication to the Federation was recognized two years ago with its highest honor, the “Certificate of Appreciation” award. The Asplundh TREE

S Everyone Benefits from X-mas Tree Mulching—Mulching Christmas trees after the holidays not only helps the environment, but can also be used as a fund raiser for civic groups and provide much needed mulch to the community. That’s why General Foreman Kerry Castle and Foreman Adrian Gutierrez of the George Meyer Region in Oregon gladly fed old trees into the chipper at the Hillsboro Stadium on Saturday, January 8. A local Boy Scout troop collected the trees for a small fee, Asplundh donated the chipping services and the mulch was given to the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department to be used throughout the park system.


Spring Issue 2005

Training Times

S November Foremen’s School—John Terault, Jr., Operational Training Supervisor, held another session of his Foremen’s School for employees in the Carl Junghans Region in Windsor Locks, Connecticut on November 17-18, 2004. General Foremen Keith Harris and Howard Wilson, Permissions Person Fran Demerski and Foreman Pete Wicklund assisted John in the two-day course. They taught and shared experiences with the following new, existing and up-and-coming foremen to help them better manage their day-to-day operations: Raymond Arnson, Dave Wheeler, Jose Valentin, Steve Young and Nicholas DelMastro.

S December ASTP Graduates—Field Personnel Manager Ryan Swier once again invited employees from across North America to the Home Office in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania to attend the Asplundh Supervisory Training Program. Held December 6-10, 2004, the attendees were (front row, L to R): Bob Zehler, New York; J. Emilio Huerta, Pennsylvania; Adalberto Mancera, Illinois; Jack Mitchell, Jr., Michigan; Glen Best, Ontario, Canada; and Jess Nesbitt, Ohio. In the middle row were (L to R): Steve Atteberry, California; John Solano, Florida; Jeff Fizer, Ohio; Tony Skinner, Alabama; Bob Naegele, California; Carlos De La Torre, Florida; and Aubrey Osborne, Ontario, Canada. Standing in the back row were (L to R): Norris Frazier, Louisiana; Bill Pearson, Florida; John Cleckler, Alabama; James Edwards, Virginia; Inacio Brutus, Florida; Robert Osborne, Florida; and Truman Beck, Texas.

David, Greg and Max at the Job Fair

Rocky Training S Job Fair and New Hire Training in Florida—Supervisors Rocky Robinson, David Hawley, Greg Cook and Max Sanchez of the Eugene Wyatt Region joined forces last November to attract, train and retain the best employees to work on Florida Power & Light property. They organized a job fair and a two-day training course to give the supervisors a chance to meet with potential transmission crew candidates and explain what Asplundh is about. After the new hires were selected, they joined existing crew members for two days of classroom training to get everyone on the same page. All facets of transmission work were discussed, including Florida DOT Work-Zone Traffic Control, Liberty Mutual’s Decision Driving program and CPR/First Aid.

S February ASTP Graduates—On February 28 - March 4, 2005, 15 general foremen from 12 states traveled to the Home Office to attend the Asplundh Supervisory Training Program. Led by Ryan Swier, Field Personnel Manager of Training and Development, the graduates were (back row, L to R): Mike Anderson, Virginia; Scott Brenner, Ohio; Richard L. Hilliard III, Florida; Aaron Stanger, California; Mark Lohse, Illinois; Leo Medina, California; Ralph Cepeda, Texas; Tracy Gwin, Kentucky; Eric Bussiere, Wisconsin; and Frank Beeman, Florida. Seated in the front row were (L to R): Joseph Donlon, Pennsylvania; Tony Chambers, North Carolina; Robert Goodin, Kentucky; B.J. Giles, Alabama; and Mark Davis, West Virginia. W October Foremen’s School—On October 20-21, 2004, the Carl Junghans Region hosted a Foremen’s School in Windsor Locks, Connecticut for new and veteran foremen, as well as crew members who have exhibited leadership potential. The school, led by Operational Training Supervisor John Terault, Jr. (kneeling, L), was held over the course of two days, and focused on various topics to help the participants achieve greater crew safety and professional success. The participants were (back row, L to R): Jason Donovan, Noel DeLeon II, Carol Spaulding, Antonio Lopes and Gordon Thrall. Kneeling in the front row were (L to R): Roberto Rivera and Barry Haber. The Asplundh TREE

S Tree Workshop Helps With Hazard Tree ID—On November 10, 2004, the Bemis Woods Forest Preserve in Oak Brook, Illinois played host to a hazard tree workshop for ComEd foresters and employees from the Larry Gauger Region. Led by Asplundh Technical Services, each participant studied selected trees throughout the preserve for defects. Technical Services Manager Geoff Kempter then brought the group together to discuss their findings and review common identifiers.


Spring Issue 2005

Retirees Honored

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement to the following: Donald Carlson

David Dunn

Gary Norton

Larry Spurgeon

Claude Castle

Roger Franklin

Jennings Perry

Mary Stahl

Jim Cronlund

Marlow Larson

Lanny Quick

Journeyman, Washington First employed March 1970 Retired February 2005 Foreman, Tennessee First employed August 1976 Retired March 2005 Handyperson Willow Grove, Pennsylvania First employed September 1959 Retired December 2004

Ed Danko

General Foreman, Pennsylvania First employed May 1971 Retired January 2005

Dolores Dugan

Administrative Assistant Willow Grove, Pennsylvania First employed February 1988 Retired February 2005

Foreman, Missouri First Employed October 1993 Retired February 2005

Journeyman, Washington First employed January 1994 Retired December 2004

General Foreman, Oklahoma First employed November 1984 Retired February 2005

General Foreman, Ohio First employed August 1961 Retired January 2005

Work Planner, Illinois First employed October 1999 Retired March 2005

Foreman, Illinois First employed October 1999 Retired January 2005

Frederick Lemkau, Sr.

George Riggs

Foreman, Minnesota First employed December 1975 Retired December 2004

Supervisor, California First employed June 1963 Retired January 2005

John Marczak

Payroll Supervisor Willow Grove, Pennsylvania First employed August 1966 Retired January 2005

W Retired and ready to go fishin’ is Foreman Claude Castle (center) of the Randy Parham Region in Tennessee. Claude retired in March with over 28 years of honorable service to the company and was presented with a fishing rod and reel as a token of appreciation by Manager Randy Parham (R) and General Foreman James Blevins (L). Claude has worked his entire Asplundh career, plus 16 years, on the property of Chattanooga Electric Power Board. Randy also gave Claude an Asplundh pen for an honest tally of fish and a light so “we will know the real size of the one that got away, even if it’s in the dark!” We wish Claude the best of luck in his retirement!

W After 45 years of loyal service to the company, Handyperson Jim Cronlund (R) can hang up his Asplundh orange uniform and really relax. Corporate Administration Manager Jim Hines (L) presented a plaque of appreciation to Jim in front more than 300 employees at the Home Office who attended the Holiday Assembly in December 2004. It was in 1959 that Jim first came to work in the Maintenance Department of Asplundh’s headquarters, which were in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania at the time. His friendly demeanor and interest in history were well-known around the Home Office and will serve him well in his retirement. Best wishes Jim! The Asplundh TREE

Asplundh Brush Control Co. Secretary, New York First employed March 1993 Retired February 2005

Ed Wood

Foreman, Maine First employed January 1989 Retired February 2005

W During the Home Office Holiday Assembly in December 2004, Corporate Administration Manager Jim Hines (L) thanked Human Resources/Benefits Supervisor Mary Stall (R) for her 14 years of dedicated service to Asplundh. Mary joined the company in August 1990 to work as a clerk in Central Records. Three years later, she advanced to unemployment specialist in the Human Resources/ Benefits Department and in 1996, Mary was promoted to supervisor. Always cheerful and helpful, she was also disciplined in her work ethic. Mary has recently moved to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area to be closer to her family. Enjoy your retirement, Mary!

Polly Torrance

General Foreman, New York First employed July 1970 Retired January 2005

Foreman, Texas First employed May 1988 Retired November 2004

Robert Smith, Sr.

Human Resources/Benefits Supervisor Willow Grove, Pennsylvania First employed August 1990 Retired January 2005

Charles Wolfe, Jr.

Ramiro Rosas

Crew Member, Ohio First employed March 1998 Retired December 2004

Trimmer, Indiana First employed October 1999 Retired January 2005

In Memoriam Raymond Wise, a retired foreman who worked for Asplundh in Michigan for almost 30 years, passed away in Canton, Ohio on February 5, 2005 at the age of 77. Born in North Carolina, Raymond joined Asplundh in Michigan in 1960 with several years of prior tree service experience in Ohio. He retired in 1989 as a foreman. Raymond is survived by his wife of 54 years, Dolores; a daughter, Jodie Weitekamp; two grandchildren; three great grandchildren; a brother and two sisters. We send our condolences to the family and friends of Raymond.


Spring Issue 2005

New Product Review Light Weight Chain Saw, Strong Performance STIHL’s MS 192 T chain saw is the tough little brother of the MS 200 T and it replaces the MS 191 T. Weighing only 6.6 lbs., the MS 192 T is the lightest gasolinepowered chain saw made by STIHL. Standard features include: „ Quad Power™ engine „ IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetor, designed to automatically adjust the air/fuel ratio when the air filter becomes clogged and maintain the engine’s correct RPMs.

„ High-tech ignition module for

maximum power output „ Tool-less air filter access „ Tool-less fuel and oil caps with retainers „ Translucent fuel and oil tank „ Purge pump primer „ Built-in retractable lanyard ring „ Side access chain tensioner Optional features include: „ ElastoStart™ „ 14" Lightweight Ematic™ bar (3005 000 7409) is 38% lighter than the standard guide bar (3005 000 4809)

Specifications: Displacement ..............30.1 cc (1.84 cu. in.) Engine Power ...................1.3 kW (1.7 bhp) Weight (powerhead only) .....3 kg (6.6 lbs.) Fuel Capacity ................... ..250 cc (8.5 oz.) Chain Oil Capacity ............ 160 cc (5.4 oz.) OILOMATIC® Chain ......61 PMN/63 PM1 Recommended Guide Bars .....12", 14", 16" (30, 35, 40 cm) STIHL ROLLOMATIC® To place an order for the MS 192 T, use the EQ-138 Power Saw Order Form and fax it to 215-784-1371 or e-mail [email protected] For more information, feel free to call STIHL toll-free at 1-800-GO-STIHL.

STIHL’s MS 192 T

A New Side-Trimmer With Better Traction and Flotation The new 8-wheel drive Jarraff offers side-trimming mobility with minimal maintenance. Capable of traveling from rocky/hilly terrain to lowland/swampy areas, the 8-wheel Jarraff provides twice the traction and flotation of a standard 4-wheel design. It also offers greater stability and a lower center of gravity for a smoother, safer, more comfortable ride.

The center oscillation point for the Jarraff’s extreme duty articulating frame is extra durable. The boom’s carbide tip blade provides top of the line cutting power and it comes equipped with limb deflectors for greater operator protection.

Specifications: Maximum Cutting Height ...................75 ft. Working Height ..........................12 ft. 8 in. Width .............................................9 ft. 1 in. Length ..................................................25 ft. Weight ........................................28,850 lbs. Speed ............................... Approx. 11 mph Ground Pressure .............................. 4.2 psi Boom ................................ Non-conductive telescoping fiberglass Saw Blade ............... Specifically designed, 24 in. diameter, 3,200 rpm Fuel Capacity ............... 45 gallons, approx. 2 gallons per hour

This 8-wheel model offers independent differential locks in the front and rear, allowing users to make adjustments for sensitive areas. For added safety, the unit also comes equipped with a failsafe internal wet brake. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005


Merit Awards P

aying attention to your surroundings and moving quickly when you see a life threatening situation are skills which we all are expected to have, but don’t always put to use. However, there are at least five Asplundh employees who can proudly say they have proven their skills in recent heroic acts and for this, the Asplundh Tree Expert Co. has bestowed upon them Silver Merit Awards. Our congratulations and thanks go to all of them for their actions.

Assistance With Burning Tractor A typical autumn activity—mulching fallen leaves—turned into an emergency for Mr. Walter Weir of Dallas, Pennsylvania on November 1, 2004. On that afternoon, Foreman Jason Lasinski and his crew of Jason Jimenez, Scott Stoner and Kevin Whitesell were pruning trees along a 66 kV line for UGI Utilities, Inc. They had noticed Mr. Weir next door using his lawn tractor to mulch up the dry leaves on his property. Moments later, they saw a fire start under the tractor and Mr. Weir was still sitting on it. Not knowing if he was hurt or unaware of the situation, they immediately ran to help him off of the mower and shut it off. Using the fire extinguisher from their truck, the crew was able to control the flames before they ignited the fuel tank or spread across the ground. In a thank-you note from Mr. Weir, he described the crew’s good deed and said ...

S Silver Merit Award recipients (far L to R) Trimmer Kevin Whitesell, Foreman Jason Lasinski and Trimmer Jason Jimenez posed for a photo with (center to far R) General Foreman Ed Danko, Tim Sutliff of UGI Utilities, Inc., and Supervisors Harold Rinehimer and Dom DeRosa. Trimmer Scott Stoner, who also received a Silver Merit Award, was unavailable for the photo. This helpful and dedicated crew were congratulated by their supervision for rescuing an elderly gentleman from his burning tractor and extinguishing the fire on November 1, 2004.

“I could have been seriously injured, but thanks to these caring men, I am fine. A little shaken, but fine. There aren’t many people in this world today who would have done what these men did and for that I am truly grateful. Please convey my sincere gratitude to this fine crew.” We thank you Jason and crew!

Rescue From Mobile Home Fire Christmas 2004 was bittersweet for Duke Energy Customer Service Representative Bessie Lee of Pelzer, South Carolina. On the morning of December 23 she almost lost her parents

X Foreman Gary New (center) recently received a handshake of appreciation and a Silver Merit Award pin from Sponsor/Vice President Gregg Asplundh (R). Also offering his congratulations was Vice President Barry Suddreth (L) who thanked Gary for his quick action on December 23, 2004 when he carried a little girl out of a burning mobile home. She had collapsed from smoke inhalation as she tried to escape the house with her grandparents, who were disoriented and injured by the smoke and flames. The Asplundh TREE


Spring Issue 2005

and 10-year-old daughter in a mobile home fire. Thankfully, Foreman Gary New of the Barry Suddreth Region was driving to his worksite on a Duke Energy right-of-way with his crew when he spotted the fire. A former volunteer fireman, Gary jumped out of the truck as they slowed to go around the corner. He ran to the burning mobile home as little Vashni Lee collapsed in the porch doorway from smoke inhalation. She and her 4-year-old brother, Jared, had spent the night with their grandparents, Robert and Queen Daniels, who owned the mobile home. Young Jared had already escaped and the Daniels, who were suffering from burns and smoke, were struggling to get out as well. Gary scooped up Vashni and ran her next door to her mother, Bessie Lee’s home. The South Greenville Fire Department soon arrived, but the home was completely destroyed. Vashni and the Daniels were taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment, but all survived. In a newspaper article about the event, Ms. Lee said of Gary, “You and my son are my heroes!” Little Jared had come out of the mobile home first and told his mom about the fire. “This is the best Christmas I ever had,” she said, because her family is alive after the fire that took her parents’ home, their Christmas tree, as well as all their presents. Gary helped to give them the best gift of all—the gift of life. Great job!

Tee Off for the TREE Fund Register Soon for Asplundh’s 11th Annual Golf Outing What better way to spend a summer morning than on the greens to raise some “green” for a good cause — the Tree Research and Education Endowment (TREE) Fund! Join us on Sunday, August 7 at the Springhouse Links, just minutes away from the ISA Conference hotel, the Gaylord Opryland. The four-person scramble gets started at 7:30 a.m. and wraps up with an awards luncheon, sponsored by Terex Telelect. Your $150 registration gets you a great day of golfing fun, prize opportunities and lunch, as well as a warm spot in your heart, knowing that you have helped the TREE Fund provide research grants and scholarships to advance the industry in which you work. Hole sponsorships (including golf for two or four people) are also available for $750 and $1,250. Visit for a registration form.

is a Proud Sponsor of . . . Make a pledge today to support one of the riders! Each full-tour rider makes a commitment to ride over 450 miles and raise $3,500 or more for the TREE Fund. Thanks to corporate sponsorship from companies like Asplundh, your taxdeductible contribution will help fund research and scholarships, which expands our knowledge of tree care and promotes best practices. Visit or call 217-239-7070.

International Headquarters 708 Blair Mill Road Willow Grove, PA 19090

To benefit the


Jackson, MS to Nashville, TN August 1-6, 2005

Don’t Miss the TREE Fund’s Gala Auction Folks attending the 81st Annual ISA Conference and Trade Show in Nashville will not want to miss a chance to bid on dozens of spectacular trips, tools, artwork, jewelry, equipment, etc. at the 7th Annual Gala Auction for the TREE Fund. Make an offer on a special Asplundh-sponsored getaway weekend. You could get a great deal and you’ll definitely have fun while supporting a worthy cause!