the benn sisters' album launch - Tim Edey

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12 JANUARY 2013


NICE AND EDEY ALL THE WAY David Hennessy talks to guitarist, box player and singer Tim Edey about his solo career and playing alongside some of the greats of Irish traditional and folk music


inning two awards at The BBC Folk Awards, 2012 was certainly kind to Tim Edey. The guitarist, box player and singer from Kent and of Irish descent, took 2012’s Folk Musician of the Year award as a soloist while his duo with harmonica guru Brendan Power was crowned as the best double act: “It has been a bit of a crazy year. To be honest, we never thought we would get anything like that (award). We were quite amazed.” he toldus at the Irish World. To list the people Tim has played with would be to detail all the important players the traditional scene has known over recent years. These include The Chieftains (with whom he tours as a member of their band for European gigs), Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, Altan, Mary Black, Lunasa, Michael McGoldrick, The Barra MacNeills, JP Cormier, Vinnie Kilduff, Seamus Begley, Session A9, Julie Fowlis, Frankie Gavin and many more. Tim can be seen playing both as a soloist and part of a duo at various locations over the coming months. “I do play a lot with different bands and duos and stuff but I’ve played solo for a good few years and now we’re trying to do a bit more of it. I suppose it is a bit of a novelty,” Tim will be playing a solo gig at London’s King’s Place this Friday January 11 but can also be seen at this month’s Celtic Connections in Glasgow: “That’s a brilliant festival. It’s like the whole of the Irish scene and the Scottish scene coming together. I’m play-

ing there with a London-Irish musician, Luke Daniels. I’ve played it a couple of times with Sharon Shannon and people like that and you get a lot of people like that coming over.” Having played with so many big

names, what has stood out for Tim? “It was a dream come true to play with Sharon. When I was growing up, Sharon was a huge inspiration. “I play with The Chieftains a good bit and I think that for me was a real turning

Tim has successfully combined a careeer as a soloist and a band player

point and honour. The other one, which I always dreamed of, happened when I was playing in Dublin with Seamus Begley, Christy Moore was there and he liked my guitar playing and he wanted me to play some guitar and box on his Folk Tale so I recorded with Christy. That was amazing. He was a lovely man and it was amazing in studio, you can see why he is where he is.” It is no exaggeration to say he has played with many of the trad greats still on the scene, does Tim have any ambitions of musicians he would like to play with? “To be honest, I would love to do a lot more with The Chieftains. I’m playing with them in May for a couple of European gigs. I think I would just like to take my own show and aim to try and be as successful as any of these or even half as successful because they’re just fantastic.” Tim’s apprenticeship as a musician started when he was just 15, playing with his guitarist father and Enda McCabe. This early start and the musical family he came from explains his vast achievements. Now aged 32, Tim lived with Seamus Begley in Dingle for four years. Recently, he made his own guitar tuition DVD that aims to help anyone looking to learn the basics. The DVD is available from his website. Tim will be playing at King’s Place, London on January 11, at Celtic Connections on January 19 (guest of Luke Daniels) and 20 (solo). In February, the award winning duo of Edey and Power tour the UK and Ireland. From May he will be on tour with The Chieftains. For any more information, please see:

THE BENN SISTERS’ ALBUM LAUNCH Carrie and Leanne Benn were in Conway’s 3 recently to launch their brand new album Girls’ Night Out along with Shaun Loughrey and his band.. Photos Lucia Butler

The Benn Sisters fans turned out in force

Shaun Loughrey, Bernadette Beatty, Carrie and Leanne Benn, Caroline Hayes, John Forde