The Catholic Foundation 2010 Annual Report

The Catholic Foundation 2010 Annual Report

The Catholic Foundation 2010 Annual Report Our Mission The Catholic Foundation promotes compassionate charitable giving and stewardship that serves...

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The Catholic Foundation

2010 Annual Report

Our Mission The Catholic Foundation promotes compassionate charitable giving and stewardship that serves donors and the needs of our community.

What do Catholic Foundation

donors do? They help kids go to Catholic schools. They make sure they have the food they need. And the books. When the rain is getting through, they help fix the roof on an old church. When a growing community is not being served, they help us build a new church. They help take care of our elderly. They help care for our ill. Wherever the community of the Diocese of Dallas is in need, they respond.

Over the last 25 years, our donors’ generosity has enabled The Catholic Foundation to do $68 million worth of good, with results that have touched every person in every parish. In the following pages, you will read about the good things Catholic Foundation donors make happen. You will also learn how you can help do more good with the Foundation and its donors. 

Dear Friends, As we look back at 2010, The Catholic Foundation is grateful once again for the tremendous impact our donors have made throughout the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and beyond. They have done amazing things. On the following pages we have tried to answer the question “What exactly do The Catholic Foundation’s donors do?” We realize that the list is endless. They support schools, keep churches standing and help people in our community in need. As you will read, our donors do good. Donors supported our mission with $5.3 million in gifts in 2010. As stewards of these and other funds, the Foundation’s investments grew by 14.3 percent, exceeding expectations. A good year for both. In 2010, The Catholic Foundation provided $5.0 million to worthy organizations. Grants were made from both restricted and unrestricted funds with $1.3 million from the Unrestricted Endowment Fund and $3.7 million given from Donor Advised and Designated Funds. Our donors make good things happen. For 55 years, The Catholic Foundation donors have quietly and faithfully met the needs of our community through the many planned giving programs offered by the Foundation. During the last 25 years alone, more than $68 million from the unrestricted endowment and donor-established funds has been provided

Edwin M. Schaffler President & CEO

through grants to various religious, educational and charitable organizations. Behind every dollar of that $68 million are donors – people with a heart longing to help others. Throughout parishes across the Diocese, plaques hang in churches and schools that showcase a grant received from The Catholic Foundation. Missing from those plaques are the pictures of each and every donor that made these grants possible. These individuals are humbly changing lives not for praise and recognition but because their faith leads them. All of our donors deserve our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for stepping up to make a difference. The impact from their gifts lasts beyond their lifetime, and can be found in a new roof over a sanctuary, new textbooks or a much-needed school bathroom renovation. The impact can be seen in the face of an elderly woman who is living in a beautifully renovated senior home or the smile of a young child who, without financial help, would not be walking into his first day at a Catholic school. Donors of The Catholic Foundation do so much. Their generosity can be seen and felt throughout our Diocese and beyond. We are thankful for the trust placed in The Catholic Foundation to carry out a donor’s philanthropic vision. On behalf of the board of The Catholic Foundation, we thank each and every one of you for the good you have done.

Thomas E. Merkel Chairman of the Board


The Legacy Circle was established in 2009 to recognize individuals and families who made The Catholic Foundation a permanent part of their charitable legacy. It is with a profound sense of gratitude that we thank the following members of The Catholic Foundation Legacy Circle.

Anonymous Members (11) Joseph & Dorothy Abraham+ David M. & Martha Alameel Rev. Jude Anton+ Agnes Mary O’Rourke Atherton+ Robert & Margaret+ Baillargeon

Cornelia Baird+ Augustine Ballinger William Barrett+ Jane Dunkerley Barrington+ Mary Baumgartner+ Patricia Beeby+

Donors Do Good. n 2010, thanks to the generosity of our donors, The Catholic Foundation did $5.0 million worth of good, with grants to worthy churches, schools and nonprofit institutions in the Diocese of Dallas and beyond.


As in years past, our donors’ giving spirit gave inspiration and impetus to dozens of desperately needed initiatives that keep parishes ready to inspire congregations, our schools ready to nurture and prepare students; and our social institutions ready to serve those in need. What did our donors help us do in 2010? Our donors’ generosity means that when a church burns down we can help rebuild it – bigger and better than it was before. It means when families are facing hard times, they can still send their children to Catholic schools. It means feeding our young and old who are hungry. In 2010, our donors helped us do all this, and much more.

3 Jeffrey & Laurel Bellay Wilfred J. Bender+ Roscoe A. & Ofelia Betz Rev. Lawrence A. Beyer+ Art & Katie Bissonnette Jeff & Marjorie Boswell+ Msgr. William A. Botik+

Catherine Boyum+ Helen Braden+ Jerry Bradley Jim & Marina Bradley John Bradley Lucille Brantley+ Dave & Sandy Brennan

Gertrude H. Buchek+ Julia Buhrer+ Louise Buhrer+ Eileen Burke Michael & Mary Burns Jean & Herb Buschmann+ David L. Cannata

Gina A. Cannata Nicholas A. Cannata+ Catherine M. Caster+ Raymond & Mara Chavez Maxine Coghlin+ Carmen & Joseph Coleman Anthony Colombo+ +Deceased Members

Donors give support to Through the generosity of its donors, The Catholic Foundation supports many of our Catholic schools. In 2010, donors helped fund Catholic school scholarships, helped repair the gym and meeting room roofs at Prince of Peace, supplied new math and religion textbooks at St. Cecilia, and helped replace the HVAC at Good Shepherd. r

What We Do For Donors The Catholic Foundation offers an array of resources to help donors do more to help our community.

Making Philanthropy More Impactful With more than half a century’s worth of expertise in identifying and addressing community needs, The Catholic Foundation can carry out your philanthropic vision with grants to the people, programs and institutions that will produce the most positive results. You don’t have to be wealthy to make an impact. By combining and compounding gifts from many givers, The Catholic Foundation ensures a gift of any size contributes to making a positive difference – sending more kids to better schools, helping young mothers learn English and job skills, repairing and renovating churches, doing whatever is necessary to make our community a better place for all of us. An example of how we made giving more impactful in 2010: the partnership between The Catholic Foundation and the Children’s Education Fund. We contributed $75,000 to the Children’s Education Fund; however, by taking advantage of matching funds, that $75,000 led to $225,000 of tuition assistance to send kids in need to Catholic schools.

4 Wm. P. (Durbin) Comes+ Esther Connelly+ Thomas J. Connelly+ John K. Conway Lou Ann & Mike Corboy David M. Crowley+ Harry Crutcher+

Frank X. & Julia F. Cuellar+ Chris & Sheri Danze Elizabeth Danze & John Blood Leo & Wilma Danze Mauricio & Maria Delgado Mike & Carol Devereaux Bernie & Anne DiFiore

Fred & Kathryn DiFiore+ Barbara L. Dolezel+ Julie A. Dunn Art & Alice Durbin+ Irene Elizabeth Durbin+ Bernie & Donna Ehrler George Engle+

Bishop David E. Fellhauer Mrs. David G. Fox Michelle Friedrich+ Anna Belle Fritch+ Patty Fuller Charles O.+ & Peggy Galvin Marie Genevieve Galvin+

schools. Making It Easy to Give Our donors want to do good – not paperwork. The Catholic Foundation expertly handles the often cumbersome administrative aspects of charitable giving. We invest the funds, write the checks, keep the records and file the reports that go along with fulfilling your philanthropic intentions. We also have the flexibility to let you give in the way that is most convenient and most advantageous to your personal financial situation. From simply writing a check to the Foundation’s Unrestricted Endowment Fund to having us work with your professional advisors to create a fund that reflects your personal philanthropic vision, we do everything possible to facilitate your philanthropy. One popular way to give is through a donor-advised fund. In 2010, we granted $338,581 toward the construction of a 20-room addition to St. Joseph’s Residence in Oak Cliff. The funding came from donor-advised funds, fulfilling the philanthropic intentions of four different donors whose legacies include provisions for supporting the community’s poor and needy and its senior citizens.

Katie & Art Bissonnette L egacy C ircle D onors

5 Rev. Msgr. Glenn D. Gardner Jennifer & John Gates Joe & Marge Giangiulio Mary Agnes Gilbert Mary W. Giles+ Grover & Margaret Gillett Bishop Thomas K. Gorman+

Cora A. Green+ Kittie L. Green+ William R. Griffin Gertrude Dunkerley Griffith+ Ellen & John Grimes Cindy & Michael Grimshaw Msgr. John Gulczynski+

Richard A. & Billie Gump, Sr.+ John & Lorraine Gurun Jerome Guthrie+ Peggy & Tom+ Haden Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Hafertepe Joe & Isabell Haggar Beatrice M. Haggerty+

The Hanratty Family Olga Faye Harper+ J.R. & Lois Hefferin+ Ray & Ruth Hemmig Robert & Lorraine Hoch+ James & Catherine Hogan Rita & Joe Hogan +Deceased Members

Donors keep

churches Access to Philanthropic Expertise Your philanthropic giving is affected by family considerations, personal finances, estate planning, tax codes, estate laws and any number of other factors. We have been addressing these issues, donor by donor, for over 50 years. We have a deep expertise in working with donors and their professional advisors to craft the philanthropic solution that makes the most sense for each donor’s unique situation. Our expertise extends to helping you bring your philanthropic vision into sharp focus. We know our community’s current needs, its emerging needs and its ongoing needs, and we have established relationships with the institutions that are most effective at meeting those needs. In 2010, our established relationship with Catholic Charities, for instance, meant we were able to step in when a major source of funding was discontinued. Our ability to assist allowed Catholic Charities to continue an important program that provides meals for the elderly.

Margaret & Grover Gillett L egacy C ircle D onors

6 Kasey & Bill Hollon Harold & Rosemary Hylden+ Dorothy Irving+ Jean B. Iskra Rose A. Ives+ Cyril F. & Thelma Jakubco+ William & Mamie Jaspersen+

Walter E. (Ed) & Anita M. Johnson Paul & Lorraine Kaiser+ Msgr. Raphael Kamel+ Ursula Kaufman+ Agnes Anne Kelleher+ Margaret M. Kelleher+ Robert & Jane Kirby

Ellen & Chuck Kobdish Don & Miriam Krusemark+ Irene R. Layden+ Amelia Letuks+ Rose & Edward Lewis Mary & Larry Lucido Coletta Mackay+

Frank Paul Magnolia+ Edward R. & Genevieve L. Maher, Sr.+ Ruth F. Mangelsdorf+ J. Wm. Mangelsdorf, Sr.+ T.V. & Lou Ann Mangelsdorf Camille Manion

From replacing pews and repairing roofs to raising a new church from the ashes of one that burned to the ground, the generosity of our donors ensures parishioners have places to pray together. In 2010, we awarded $100,000 for the final phase of rebuilding St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff. r

standing. A Philanthropic Partner You Can Trust The Catholic Foundation has been earning a position of trust from our donors since 1955. We are governed by a board of trustees who are volunteers and respected leaders in our community. We provide careful stewardship of your monies, compliance with all relevant regulations, respect for your family and other responsibilities, unique insight into the needs of our community, and oversight of the effectiveness of your gifts. Our funds are professionally managed, carefully monitored, and independently audited; our grants are individually researched and assessed for effectiveness. Reports are provided to all donors through a secure online connection showing each donor’s charitable activity. We are proud to be a partner our community can rely upon, as well. In the aftermath of a fire that burned their small Oak Cliff church down, the parishioners of St. Cecilia struggled to find the resources to raise the funds for rebuilding. In the last two years, The Catholic Foundation has granted $200,000 to help rebuild a larger St. Cecilia that will serve as an improved resource for the entire community. Maureen & Joe Hafertepe L egacy C ircle D onors

7 Msgr. J.C. McCarthy+ Joseph McKinney+ Sr. Mary McLemore+ Wm. S. McLemore+ Patrick McNamara+ Brian & Sharon Mitchell Helen M. Mitchell+

Mark & Helen+ Monfrey Bob & Gretchen Montgomery Hicks B. & Vicki C. Morgan Thomas C. Morgan+ Terence M. & Nancy J. Murphy Thomas E. Murphy Tom & Anna Naughton+

Henry & Jane Neuhoff, Jr.+ Lydia & Dan Novakov Hubert & Laura O’Brien Pat & Neil O’Brien Julia O’Connor+ Thomas O’Dwyer+ Jane Osborne+

John Osborne+ Joseph+ & Adele Owens Ann & Pat Patrick Alma S. Peterson+ Charles H. Phipps Marie Pomberg+ Rev. John Przydacz+ +Deceased Members

Donors help


Acting as Good Stewards The Catholic Foundation is committed to prudent investment strategies that our trustees believe will lead to the optimal use of your funds in the charitable community. The Catholic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and as such offers maximum tax benefits afforded under IRS regulations. The Catholic Foundation also plays a key role in the physical stewardship of schools, churches and other institutions. From the kids jumping on the new gym floor at St. Mary’s School in Sherman to the parishioners kneeling in the new pews at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Grand Prairie, we help with the everyday work that touches parish life. We repair roofs, we renovate halls, we repair ACs, we remove mold, we help with the projects that keep our buildings ready to serve community needs.

Denise & Deacon Denis Simon L egacy C ircle D onors

8 Julia Pursley+ Joan & Ken Raff Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Rauscher Frank+ & Kathy Ribelin Dr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Rodriguez Velma Roland+ Archy & Jean Roper+

Mabel E. Rowley+ Len & Peggy Ruby Joseph E. & Grace Saar Alfred Salerno+ Dr. Robert F. Sasseen Beatrice Schubert+ W. Murray Schueth+

Charles & Catherine Schulze+ Mary Ellen Sheehan Mary Ellen Shields+ Ruth Sielaff James W. Simmons, Jr.+ Dcn. Denis & Mrs. Denise Simon Helen M. Sindermann

Bryan & Beth Smith+ Rita Gallagher Smith Msgr. Claude Smyth+ Ed & Diane Stanley Thomas A. & Susan H. Stanzel Rick & Patty Stark R. Cardis & Grace DeLee Stubbs+

As our community grows, so do its needs. Our donors support a range of social service initiatives, including expanding Spanish language ministries and caring for our elderly and economically disadvantaged community members. With the support of our donors, we gave $59,309 to Catholic Charities to continue the daily meal program for the elderly at the Brady Center, the Cross Family Center and Marillac Social Center. r

in need.

Helping You Create a Lasting Legacy Will your legacy of generosity live on beyond your lifetime? We can help you establish a permanent endowment fund named after you or your family to support the people and causes you care about even after your death. Or we can help you direct your resources to the Unrestricted Endowment Fund of The Catholic Foundation. Your giving will join with the giving of the generations before you and those to come. You will have contributed not only to any number of good works, but also to the building of an essential philanthropic resource for our community. The Catholic Foundation Legacy Circle honors individuals and families who have made long-term commitments to the Foundation through contributions including planned gifts such as bequests and charitable trusts; permanent funds; and funds that ultimately benefit our Unrestricted Endowment Fund. The names of these truly committed donors appear along the bottom edge of the pages in this report.

Please join The Catholic Foundation and its donors in making good things happen.

9 Deacon Charles & Linda Stump Hal F. Tehan Bill & Flo Theilig+ Robert E. Thomas Jere & Peggy Thompson Lucy V. Thurmond+ Mark S. Tolle+

Louis & Laura Tomaso+ Bishop Thomas Tschoepe+ Charles & Liz Tusa Thomas John Uhl+ Mrs. Joseph (Albertina) Uhrich Shirley & Gene Vilfordi Rev. J. Carl Vogel, Jr.+

Nidia Vosburgh+ Ed & Helen Waffle+ Ron Walters+ Msgr. Thomas W. Weinzapfel Ms. Marjorie Ann White+ Edwin Wilkins+ Robert S. Williams

Monica & Mark Wischmeyer Gordon & Sudie Worsham Marilyn L. Zavoina Mary Josephine Zbranek+ Inez M. Ziegeweid+ +Deceased Members

How to Become a Donor First

Outline your personal philanthropic goals.


Determine how much you wish to invest in philanthropy now and/ or through a simple designation in a will or trust.


Name the fund and name the fund advisors


Work with a Catholic Foundation professional to determine investment and spending policies for the fund.


Establish your fund with an initial gift and/or Translate your charitable intentions into a lasting legacy through your will or trust.


2010 Unrestricted and Discretionary Fund Grant Recipients Pastoral Reflections Institute – $10,000

Grants Made Partially or in Full from The Catholic Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Prince of Peace Catholic School – $25,000

Big Thought – $30,000

Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Parish – $50,000

Catholic Charities – $10,618 The Catholic Foundation Award Grant – $10,000

Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy – $1,161 St. Alphonsa Catholic Church – $20,000

The Catholic Foundation High School Scholarship Program – $60,000

St. Ann Catholic Church (Kaufman) – $25,000

The Catholic Foundation Scholars’ Awards – $8,000

St. Cecilia Catholic Church – $100,000

Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas – $15,000 Children’s Education Fund – $75,000 Christian Community Action – $9,240

St. Cecilia Catholic School – $38,824 St. Elizabeth Catholic School – $75,000 St. Joseph Catholic Church (Waxahachie) – $16,698 St. Mark Catholic School – $65,000

Diocese of Dallas Ministries Office – $12,400

St. Mary of Carmel School – $38,000

Good Shepherd Catholic School – $54,000

St. Mary’s Catholic School (Sherman) – $30,000

Grand Prairie Wellness Center – $11,835

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church (Garland) – $42,152

Heroic Media – $15,000

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church (Grand Prairie) – $22,000

Holy Cross Catholic Church – $61,500 Holy Family of Nazareth School – $10,000

St. Monica Catholic School – $20,000 St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School – $15,000

Grants Made Partially or in Full from the Following Named Funds Louise Buhrer Endowment Fund – $156,904 Bishop Dunne Catholic School Catholic Charities Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy St. Augustine Catholic School Leon and Victoria Gulczynski Memorial Retirement and Nursing Home Endowment Fund – $259,608 St. Joseph’s Residence Olga Fay Harper Senior Citizens Fund – $18,909 Catholic Charities St. Joseph’s Residence Dorothy M. Irving Memorial Fund – $65,517 Holy Family of Nazareth School Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy St. Philip the Apostle Catholic School William & Mary Jane Jaspersen Fund – $11,794 Notre Dame School Jane and Henry Neuhoff Fund for the Poor and Needy – $63,122 St. Joseph’s Residence Catherine O’Connell and Charles Schulze Endowment Fund – $13,760 Bishop Dunne Catholic School

St. Pius X Catholic School – $25,000

The Osborne Family Endowment Fund – $15,653 Catholic Chaplain Charity Fund Jesuit College Preparatory School

James L. Collins Catholic School – $20,000

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School – $20,000

The Roper Fund – $5,349 Bishop Dunne Catholic School

Jesuit College Preparatory School – $20,347

Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. – $10,000

John Paul II High School – $10,000

University of Dallas – $10,000

R. Cardis & Grace DeLee Stubbs Foundation – $8,165 Grand Prairie Wellness Center

Mary Immaculate Catholic School – $6,000

Work of Heart Award Program – $25,000

Mary Immaculate Parish – $20,000

Zero to Five Funders’ Collaborative Fund of the Dallas Foundation – $50,000

Immaculate Conception School – $10,000

Notre Dame School – $13,206

$3.7 million was granted from Donor Advised and Designated Funds, for a total of $5 million granted by The Catholic Foundation in 2010. 11

Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2010 (with comparative amounts as of December 31, 2009) 2010 2009

Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts and trade receivable Receivable from fund manager Contributions receivable Investments Agency funds Real estate held for investment Real estate held for sale Other assets

$ 837,829 $ 811,074 80,978 82,417 3,704,000 1,979,238 1,581,575 79,270,695 71,463,820 38,965,475 32,483,723 1,017,531 1,017,531 - 300,001 521,147 1,064,976

Total assets 126,376,893 108,805,117

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 398,468 410,938 Distributions payable 62,269 76,334 Grants payable 1,922,877 1,560,037 Liability to trust beneficiaries 3,059,212 2,823,112 Agency funds 38,965,475 32,483,723 Deferred revenue 4,335,802 4,087,561 Annuities payable 5,332,043 2,720,567

Total liabilities 54,076,146


Net assets Unrestricted 27,330,629 21,237,861 Temporarily restricted 19,003,453 17,921,620 Permanently restricted 25,966,665 25,483,364

Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

$ 72,300,747 $ 126,376,893


To see a full copy of our audited financial statements, please visit us at

$ 64,642,845 $ 108,805,117

Statements of Activities Year ended December 31, 2010 (with summarized financial information for the year ended December 31, 2009) Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted restricted restricted

2010 2009 Total Total

Revenue, Gains (Losses), and Other Support Contributions $ 2,533,997 $ 2,496,971 $ Investment income Dividends and interest 391,682 1,061,322 Net realized and unrealized gains on investments 5,856,662 2,049,725 Real estate income 12,407 12,599 Investment advisory fees 379,781 - Other 225,877 6,045 Change in value of split-interest agreements (8,726) (253,471) Net assets released from restrictions 4,291,358 (4,291,358)

295,044 $ 5,326,012 $ 3,485,895 58,129

1,511,133 1,722,154

187,313 8,093,700 13,125,358 - 25,006 12,865 - 379,781 321,875 (667) 231,255 8,513 (56,518) -

(318,715) (1,005,484) - -

Total revenue, gains (losses), and other support 13,683,038 1,081,833 483,301 15,248,172 17,671,176

Expenses 1,270,780 1,312,037 3,679,744 2,545,986

Grants Distributions Annuity payments and distributions to beneficiaries Development Management and general

1,270,780 3,679,744

- -

- -

382,525 833,073 1,424,148

- - -

- 382,525 376,774 - 833,073 827,890 - 1,424,148 1,295,761




Total expenses

7,590,270 6,358,448

Change in net assets 6,092,768 1,081,833 483,301 7,657,902 11,312,728 Net assets at beginning of year 21,237,861 17,921,620 25,483,364 64,642,845 53,330,117 Net assets at end of year $ 27,330,629 $ 19,003,453 $ 25,966,665 $ 72,300,747 $ 64,642,845


To see a full copy of our audited financial statements, please visit us at

Board of Trustees Thomas E. Merkel Chairman Walter E. Adams Alan D. Bell Jim Burke Thomas W. Codd, Jr. O. D. (Dan) Cruse Lisa F. Dickson Raul Estrada Most Rev. Kevin J. Farrell, D.D. Jennifer Staubach Gates

Charles L. Gummer Robin P. Hartmann* Thomas W. Horton G. Charles Kobdish John R. Kraft John R. Landon Victoria P. Lattner Kathy Muldoon Joseph C. Murphy David M. Rosenberg David A. Small David B. Woodyard

Executive Staff Edwin M. Schaffler President & CEO Cheryl Unis Mansour Vice President of Development R. Michael George, CFRE Senior Development Officer Carol P. McDonald, CPA Chief Financial Officer

Advisory Council Lydia Haggar Novakov Chairman


Carol Atwell Ackels Lawrence Ackels, Jr. Thomas F. August Win Bell Glen A. Bellinger Robert H. Berg, CFP Robert M. Bertino, Jr. Santo Bisignano, Jr. Regis W. Campfield Karen M. Carney Luis D. Carrera Samuel Chang Raymond M. Chavez Charles Clark, Jr.* Barbara J. Coffman Marlyn Conrow Carolyn Crutcher Kevin M. Curley Levy Curry Alfredo Duarte Charlie Fechtel Gregory J. Fisher Dan Flaherty Joel K. Fontenot Amy Fox

George R. (Read) Frymire G. Michael Gruber Michael D. Haddad Charles M. Hansen, Jr.* Rep. Will Hartnett Monica Herrera, M.D. Vince Hess Kathleen Hoover Joseph V. Hughes, Jr. Bill Keffler Joseph M. Kern* Margo Keyes John B. Kiser Walter N. (Nick) Kuntz III* Joyce Lacerte Leamon (Lee) Lafayette Scotty Landry Jerry Lastelick Norma L. Longwell Michael Lynch Gail Madden Michael F. Maguire T.V. Mangelsdorf* Nancy Cain Marcus Colleen Martin Sara Martineau John D. McConnell, M.D. Jerry McElhatton

J. Mitchell Miller Regina Montoya Thomas J. Moore Randall Muck Terry Murphy Dr. Albert W. Niemi, Jr. Daniel P. Novakov Hubert J. (Hugh) O’Brien* Neil J. O’Brien* Scot O’Brien Mary C. Oliver Kevin P. O’Meara Dan O’Neal Bill Orender Geoffrey C. Orsak, Ph.D. Aileen Pratt Stephen C. Rasch Dwight Riskey Marcos G. Ronquillo Timothy P. Rooney Len C. Ruby* Andres Ruzo Joseph E. Saar David Saller Gwendolyn Satterthwaite C. Gregory Shamoun Brian Shivers Deacon Denis G. Simon

Raymond D. Smerge Bonnie Smith Webb Sowden, Jr.* Marianne H. Staubach John L. Strauss* Charles J. Suscavage Merv Tarde Timothy P. Tehan Mary Templeton Michael F. Terry Jere W. Thompson* John M. (Mike) Thompson Wendy M. Traylor Charles J. Tusa* Thomas C. Unis, Jr. David L. Van Buskirk Frank Ventura Eugene E. Vilfordi Wm. Kim Wade Tucean Webb Rev. Msgr. Thomas W. Weinzapfel Joseph P. Wilbert, Jr.* Laura Fox Williamson Mark Wischmeyer * Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Former Trustees and Advisors Margaret Baillargeon+ Robert Baillargeon Charles F. Bartush+ John M. Bradley Robert E. Brice Carlos J. Cacioppo Bill Campbell, Jr.+ Hugh P. Campbell+ Raymond M. Chavez Harry J. Chris Charles Clark, Jr.* Joseph M. Coleman Mary Ann Collins Peter G. Collins J. Jan Collmer Walter Connolly Eugene Constantin, Jr.+ John Costello+ Dorothy Cousins+ Frank Crumley+ Carolyn Crutcher Murphy Dalton+ Thomas J. Donovan Felix Doran Garner Dunkerley, Jr.+ Joseph A. Durkin Eduardo Esteve Joseph Fechtel+ Richard J. Flynn Thomas C. Foley Charles O. Galvin*+ Most Rev. Thomas K. Gorman, Former Bishop of Dallas+• Most Rev. Charles V. Grahmann, D.D., Former Bishop of Dallas George Griffin Max H. Guillot+ Fred Guminski Ed Haggar, Sr.+ Joseph M. Haggar, Jr.

Joseph M. Haggar, Sr.+ Beatrice Haggerty+ Donald J. Hanratty Charles M. Hansen, Jr.* James J. Hartnett Michael F. Hazel+ Frank Heller*+ Robert E. Helms, Jr.*+ Raymond C. Hemmig Elaine Henrion+ J. Roger Hirl Kasey P. Hollon Thomas J. Hopkins Albert Hrubetz Francis P. Hubach, Jr. John F. Hughes Ruth Carter Johnson Claiborne H. Johnson+ Walter E. Johnson Joseph D. Kennedy Joseph M. Kern* J. Jack Kickham Wilfred B. Kirk+ Walter N. (Nick) Kuntz III* J.L. Latimer+ Tom Lazo, Sr. Gregory J. Liemandt+ Diane Liemandt-Reimann James J. Ling+ Sam Lobello, Jr.+ Edward W. Machir Edward R. Maher*+• Louis J. Maher+ T.V. Mangelsdorf* Mary T. Manning Thomas J. Marquez, Sr.+ Reuben D. Martinez+ James F. McCarthy+ J. Oliver McGonigle M. Joseph McHugh Joseph F. McKinney+ J. Patrick McLochlin

Nancy D. McLochlin Edmund A. Mennis Brian J. Mitchell Leo P. Morgan+ James M. Moroney, Jr.+ William Ben Munson III+ Mrs. John D. Murchison+ Henry Neuhoff, Jr.+ Joseph O. Neuhoff, Jr. Joseph O. Neuhoff, Sr.+ Carol O. Nicoud George A. Nicoud, Jr.+ Ray Nixon, Jr. Lydia Haggar Novakov Hubert J. O’Brien* Neil J. O’Brien* S.M. O’Brien+ Thomas A. O’Dwyer+ Tom F. O’Neill+ Morris L. Orr+ Teresa Haggerty Parravano Charles M. Patrick, Jr. W.G. Ragley+ Ann Rhoades Frank K. Ribelin+ Francis X. Riley Harry Roberts+ Archy M. Roper, Jr.+ Len C. Ruby* Bill Sachs+ Catherine Schulze+ I.F. Sentilles+ James W. Simmons, Jr.*+ Bryan F. Smith+ Dwight Smith+ G. Emmett Smith Webb Sowden, Jr.* Marvin R. Springer+ Susan Heller Stanzel Marianne H. Staubach Joseph C. Stephens, Jr.+ Sim E. Stokes III

John L. Strauss* Thomas M. Sullivan Jere W. Thompson, Sr.* John M. (Mike) Thompson Mark S. Tolle+ Most Rev. Thomas A. Tschoepe, D.D., Former Bishop of Dallas+ Charles J. Tusa* Thomas C. Unis+• Lewis F. Vasel+ Eugene E. Vilfordi C. Anthony Wainwright James L. Walsh Louis J. Weber, Jr. Joseph P. Wilbert, Jr.* Robert S. Williams Sam A. Wing, Jr. Fred Zeder+ + Deceased * Former Chairman of the Board • Founder


Let’s Do Good Now. You’ve seen the good our donors do and the many ways we help them do it. The next thing for you to do is to get in touch with us today, so we can start making a difference together tomorrow. Call 972.661.9792 or email [email protected]


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