The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party by Mona Gardner The short story The Dinner Party takes place in __________around ____________ evidenced by: _______________, _______...

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The Dinner Party by Mona Gardner

The short story The Dinner Party takes place in __________around ____________ evidenced by: _______________, _______________, _________________, & _____________________. The story is told in _______________ point of view, and its tone seems __________________ & ___________________. The main conflict in this story is (circle one) internal or external and the two subjects conflicting are ______________ & _________________, which is a character vs. ______________ conflict. The protagonist of the story is ___________________ while the antagonist is _________________. In the story the guest at a dinner party are engaging in a heated discussion about ________________ and whether women possess as much emotional ______________ as men. The ________________ notices the hostess whispering to a servant who then puts a bowl of milk out on the porch, which cause the ______________ to realize that there’s a _________ in the room; therefore, he begins a _______________ among the guests to encourage them to stay still. The guests think they are staying still to prove whether ____________ or __________ are able to stay still the longest, while the American really just wants everyone to be still because _____________________________________ and he doesn’t want anyone to be _________. After the American sees the ______________ come from under the ____________ and out the door, he jumps up slamming the door after it, and men and women alike are startled. While the dinner guests at first think they have seen an example of real control from the American, the man, the American questions the hostess to discover that she knew the ____________ was in the room because it had been ___________________. The _______________________ of this story happens as dinner guests debate women’s reaction/emotional control in a crisis situation, and the ___________________ occurs when the problem of having a ________________in the room is revealed. The _____________________ takes place as the hostess and American quietly work to _______________________________. The climax of this story is when______________________ & ____________________________, and then the resolution comes when the ______________ informs the American that the ________________ _____________________________________. An example of ___________ in the story is that the topic of discussion was being tested and proven in the midst of the discussion. There were twenty guests at the dinner party, and all of the guests were minor characters except: _____________________ ________________ ___________________ _______________________ & __________________________.