the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds.

the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds.

In early church times “the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds.” —Acts 6:1, MSG It’s still happening today! Coming alongside ch...

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In early church times “the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds.” —Acts 6:1, MSG It’s still happening today!

Coming alongside church leaders & laborers “Leaps and bounds!” Don’t you love it? It resonates with our hearts, and we’re sure it does with yours as well. It reflects what we’re about in Navigator Church Ministries and how we desire to come alongside you. We partner with church leaders and laborers to develop generations of disciples in everyday life—where they live, work, and play! “I will build my church,” Jesus said, and “[you] go and make disciples.” Far too often we get that backwards—striving to build the church and hoping Jesus will make disciples. As David Platt puts it, “The last thing you and I want to do is waste our lives on religious activity that is devoid of spiritual productivity—being active in the church but not advancing the Kingdom of God.” Let us know how we can come alongside you in your passionate pursuit of the Great Commission in your church. Let’s work together toward growing a culture in which disciples really do increase in numbers by leaps and bounds!

Roy & Margaret Fitzwater Co-Directors, Navigator Church Ministries

Growing intentional Disciplemaking Cultures (GiDC) How do you move disciplemaking from a ministry of the few to the heart of a church’s culture and into the community? It happens when pastors and ministry leaders commit to modeling, maturing, and multiplying cultures of life-to-life disciplemaking! We offer a biblical, proven “growth pathway” as we partner with your church or ministry to build such a culture. Our goal is not a one-size-fits-all approach but a process to help you and your team customize a practical strategy for making disciples who make disciples. Our process emphasizes the following initiatives toward culture building: ▶  Bible studies for personal conviction ▶  Coaching for practical application ▶  Training for skill development ▶  Resources for fruitful ministry ▶  Life-to-life relationships for continued growth

NCM Life & Leadership Coaching Get ready for a life-transforming experience that will help you live and lead more intentionally, relationally, and generationally. Through coaching, our goal is to provide you with the resources and training that will help you flourish in your life and ministry. Our team of trained and certified coaches are ready to serve you. We will pair an experienced coach with a pastor, pastor’s spouse, ministry leader, ministry staff, business leader or community leader to help him or her develop a practical life plan, a vision for ministry, and a strategy for living out God-centered priorities in everyday life.

NCM Seminars & Resources Through the years God has given Navigators a host of resources to help people know and grow in Christ. Today we offer seasoned and newly created resources (some in Spanish) you will find invaluable in your life and ministry. Here’s a sampling:

A Woman’s Journey

The 2:7 Series

Workshops & Bible studies:

Recently updated, The 2:7 Series ® focuses on having a more personal, intimate relationship with God. (Find a wealth of leadership tools at

The Ways of the Alongsider More than a Bible study or a program, this Biblecentered guide is a fresh approach to making disciples in life-to-life ways.

Written for women by women who know this journey firsthand, this relational series could revolutionize your life, church, and community.

▶  The Invitation (a disciple’s devotional life) ▶  Discipling Others ▶  Purposeful Leaders ▶  Picture of a Disciple ▶  Spiritual Warfare ▶  And more

What others say about NCM . . . “Creating intentional disciplemaking communities has always been the heart of Christ for His people. The need has never been greater than today. I highly recommend the NCM team and the process they use to help you make this mission a reality in your church.” —Randy Frazee, Pastor & Author

“We have begun creating a process of discipleship at the church and have reorganized our leadership accordingly. Several intimate discipleship groups are meeting and lives are being changed for Christ . . . one at a time!” —Jen Howat, Pastor

“Navigators have provided us with biblically based, time-tested leadership and coaching to help our 100 years ‘young’ Lutheran Church become a disciplemaking church. These are exciting days for us, just as Christ intends for His Church!” —Daniel M. Powell, Pastor

“Navigators have been, in many ways, the spiritual parents of the contemporary discipleship movement, and we are honored to partner with them. Working together with Navigators will, I believe, bring about a great blessing for many churches and a great advance in the Kingdom.” —Mike Breen, Pastor & Author, 3D Movements

We envision churches where “the disciples [are] increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds,” and we would value an opportunity to come alongside you! Take the next step toward fulfilling your vision of making disciples who make disciples! Contact us today!

Navigator Church Ministries 3820 N 30th Street  •  Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Phone: (719) 594-2446 Email: [email protected] •

The Navigators Navigator Church Ministries 3820 N 30th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904