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MEMBERS & VISITORS: The “New Life in Hope” Series is a great way to learn more about faith, Hope and meet others. Come share or just listen in! God calls us to be lamps “plugged” in and connected. A Christian connects with the global church “locally.”

Saturday, October 8 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Hope Lutheran Church Please consider donating some baked goods to be sold here at Hope on October 8 at the fair. Please bring your goodies to the fair by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, or drop them off Friday night.

TWO PART SERIES: October 2 @10 am in the Fellowship Hall Part 1 Why Jesus? October 9 @10 am in the Fellowship Hall Part 2 Why Church?

A sign-up sheet is available in the Narthex.


New Member Sunday, October [email protected] either 9 am or 11 am worship.

October 30

The color of the day will be red! Feel free to wear red!

Did you know you can become a member of a Christian Church by Baptism or if you are already a baptized Christian, you simply affirm your faith and Baptism. Make yourself at home- it’s God’s house! See Pastor Lisa!

We begin a yearlong celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation Movement. September was Reformation & Marriage October 30 will focus on the Reformation and the WORD! Luther translated the Bible into German. It was a painstaking process but he was determined to get God’s Word in people hands! The printing press was also helping the Word spread. Today we are still called to spread the word! On October 30 a special welcome to Tim Weir and guests from Gideons International, an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through sharing God’s Word.


All Saints Sunday is when we remember and give thanks for loved ones who have died in the past year. We remember them with open hearts, their lives and their love. Each All Saint’s Sunday it is our custom to light a candle in memory of each loved one who has entered life since the last All Saints’ Sunday of November 1, 2015 to current the Sunday, of November 6, 2016. Please fill out an All Saints form found on lobby counter. If you like to share of picture on the screen when we call each name, please send the name and your favorite picture electronically to [email protected] or loan us a picture by Sunday, October 30th, for us to scan and return to you. See Ruth Oehler Altar Guild for more information.

FALL OUTDOOR WORK DAY COMING If anyone can help with Fall outdoor cleanup which is mainly cutting back and cleaning up the Mediation Garden and the front perineal bed, please contact Jay Swiecki at 513-312-3679. This will probably be on a week day, which seems to work for a lot of people. If we have 5 or 6 sets of hands, it doesn’t take long. Mary Beth Taylor, Property

October 2016

WORSHIP SCHEDULE 9 am Contemporary Worship 10 am Welcome Hour 11 am Traditional Worship

!   1

it was rebuilt. Hurricane damage was sustained in 1870 and 1995. Yet, the church still stands and welcomes people from all over the world! Frederick Lutheran Church has invited Lutherans from all over the world to celebrate its anniversary and reformation! Anyone want to go to St. Thomas?

THOUGHTS FROM PASTOR Our Reformation history is very special! 500 years ago Martin Luther, a monk, posted his 95 theses (95 concerns) on the church door in Latin for peers and faculty to discuss. Unbeknownst to him, copies were made and circulated widely due to the invention of the printing press. Luther did not intend to leave the church. He wanted reform. Instead, a Reformation movement launched and many new churches were born!

How can we celebrate? Our Connect will be worshipping with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters Saturday, October 29th @ 4 pm at Our Lady of Visitation 3172 South Rd. 45248. You are invited! This will be a great opportunity to honor our history and shared heritage! Anyone want to go to the West side of Cincinnati?

How can we celebrate? On October 31 in Lund, Sweden, Pope Francis will take part in a commemoration of the anniversary with Lutheran World Federation and the Lutheran Church of Sweden. Professor Michael Root, a scholar on Lutheran and Catholic relations, noted this will be a prayer service thanks to years of dialogue with the Vatican. Organizers co-produced a booklet, From Conflict to Communion, and it will be very interesting reading for Catholics and Lutherans alike! It tells the history of the Reformation in a way that both Lutherans and Catholics can find accurate without blaming one another. So, does anyone want to go to Sweden this month to celebrate?!

How can we celebrate? On Sunday, October 30th a special celebration at HOPE will focus on how the Reformation spread God’s Word! The Reformation was not just a historical event. It is a movement to keep reforming the church and remain free in the Gospel. Everyone is invited to find a way to celebrate this movement of freedom, courage and grace at HOPE!

Pastor Lisa UPLIFTING WORDS FROM TRINITY My dear Hope family, Grace and peace from our Savior Jesus Christ to you all. I thought I might write a list of my classes to give you an idea of what I am studying. I have Person in Ministry which meets once a week for three hours with lots of good reading and exercises to get at what is really inside of us (talents and areas to improve). My second class is Old Testament 1 which can make your head spin with the knowledge that my professor has. Then Church History 1 is taught by the most gentle and understanding man. And I am learning two languages this semester: Greek and Espanol. This must some kind of a sick joke to have me trying to learn these both, but no, my advisor tells me it's part of the plan! And then I work in the library about 12 hours a week as well, which helps me pay for food and health insurance! I love my space in Columbus but my heart is missing my church family, my community in Cincinnati.  God's presence and peace be with you all. It is with great joy I sign this, (knowing you have brought me here). Kathi Boland, Seminary Student

How can we celebrate? Meanwhile, on a small island in the Caribbean, a Lutheran church will celebrate its 350th anniversary on October 30th. Frederik Evangelical Lutheran Church was established in 1666, the same year that Erik Nelson Smith took formal possession of the island of St. Thomas in the name of the Danish West India Company. I knew nothing about this church until I learned it would be my in t ern s h ip as s ign men t for 1998-1999 (my photo album will be on the lobby counter to share). This church went through many reformations! It was a hospital for a short time and operated schools for Lutheran children and later for slave children as well. Luther's Small Catechism, a hymnal, and a grammar book were all printed in the Creole language by 1770. Danish, Creole, and later English languages were used in the worship of the Congregation. The church building was gutted by the fire in 1826, but the walls remained sound, and !   2

The Simply Giving® Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is designed to help you conveniently make donations to your church. Through the Simply Giving Program, your payments are made through a preauthorized withdrawal from your bank account.

STEWARDSHIP NEWS! October is stewardship month, and we will be sharing stories about how we came to hope and lifting our ministries in prayer. Everyone will be asked to complete a Time & Talent sheet as well as a financial promise card for 2017. Stewardship is the heart of Hope, and October is the time to give thanks for all the ways we celebrate stewardship at Hope. Karen Schneider, Stewardship Chair

Give on Your Terms

You determine the frequency of your automatic payment – weekly or monthly. Your payment is deposited into the organization's bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account. Your payment is deposited into the organization's bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account.

HOPE’s PLEDGING 2017 Congregation’s like Hope vote on a new year budget proposed in November. The Financial Team develops a budget based on estimates of giving and pledges. Pledges are the ways we budget our giving for the following year. It is not in stone. It is a prayer goal.

Easy Giving You Can Count On --Convenience – Payment will still be made if you are out of town or on vacation. --Security – No lost or stolen checks. --Environmentally and Wallet Friendly – Save on checks, envelopes and postage.

Did you know there are several ways to make an offering? 1. Check or cash in your church envelope 2. “Simply Giving” electronic giving from checking or savings account. 3. NEW Credit or Debit Card pledges.

Pledge Form Make your pledge and choose your preference for giving. You can change your giving at any time!



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Pat Cook Michelle Hunt Karin Pendle Karen Schweinfest Jacob Fetterman Brayden Kuyper Lilliana Soult Bea Zimmer Andy Albright Elliot McMasters Evan Schweinfest Molly Abbott Isaac Williams Jennifer Huth Bill Mack Phillip Klayer Lisa Parks Brad Abbott Mike Schweinfest Will Wendel

21 23 24 25 27 29 30 31

Becky Reid Gary Freland Tom Toth Rhonda Greene Ron Long Jay Hunt Hope Schultz Sue Kelbley Zac Gabbard Don Schneider

Rachel Williams

YOUR CHANCE TO CHOOSE!!! "n October for stewardship season our  11 am organist,  Dale Renner,  invites the congregation to pick hymns each Sunday. Let inspiration rise like Hope! Invitation will be made in the announcements of worship seeking two hymns each week. So start browsing the ELW Evangelical Lutheran Worship book. See Dale or Pastor Lisa with your suggestions.
 !   3



CONNECT is a new way of involving both Youth and Families in our confirmation education (Baptism, Bible, Lord’s Prayer, Commandments, Creed, Lord’s Supper) through sharing, games, and field trips.  Adults are also encouraged to share their faith and be a part of the learning and activities.

Prayers requested for Building Hope Serving God in our community: Pastor Lisa and Mary Beth Taylor will be attending the Intentional Integration Workshop on behalf of Hope. This workshop is hosted by Clippard YMCA Christian Emphasis team and Colerain Police Department.


CONNECT and Confirmation is a shared youth ministry with our sister church, Gloria Dei. Come and get connected!

Spiritual Life Ministries at Hope includes Stephen Ministry, Prayer Chain, Visitations and Membership. One of the challenging prayers for Spiritual Life is to check on people and to review our active membership. Active membership for any church is determined by participation: communing or contributing. Some families request a transfer or resign their membership. Spiritual Life tried to contact several families this summer to see where they are in life and let them know that they are missed. Last year in 2015, 15 people were added to Hope membership and 7 were removed due to inactivity or passing away. For 2016 the following families were removed by the September Council with regrets but also thanksgiving for their ongoing journey as beloved children of God: Rob and Suzie Dell Family, Lisa and Scott McHenry Family, Kathy Harris (Jackson), Steve Angst and Steve and Natasha Rook.

Gloria Dei € 10/2 Ways to connect with Old Testament GENESIS ART Mission Sheltered Paws Gloria Dei € 10/16 Ways to connect with Old Testament JOSEPH. Guest: Frank FIELDTRIP € 10/29 4 pm ReformaUon CelebraUon Roman Catholic Church @ Our Lady of VisitaUon 3172 South Rd. 45248 Father Mark Burger

NURSERY STAFF: 9am Rhonda Greene 11 am Kurt Glardon Kayla Terbrueggen


Lord, thank you, for the gift of each member and may we all find a way to be connected in the great body of Christ.

Purpose We are called build a thriving ministry with youth and families. Hours 12 hours a month (may vary month…but can be 3 hours/week)

YOU ARE INVITED Gather up your children and bring them for the 10 am Sunday School featuring a new curriculum that engages, inspires and digs deeper according to your child’s age.


Three top priorities: 1) Weekly church attendance–We hope the youth minister will get to know the worshiping community particularly families with youth. 2) Technology relationship building and connections 3) Further Develop Our Youth CONNECT on certain Sunday nights

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: [email protected] Our Fellowship Hall continues to be requested in the community! Thanks everyone for getting the word out! Request forms online !   4



10 am Tuesdays Bible Study @ Atria, 9191 Roundtop Road

Can you spare ½ hour for LIBERTY NURSING HOME?
 Every 4th Sunday, Hope leads worship @ Liberty Nursing Home on Livingston Rd.

1 pm

Wednesdays Bible Study @ Hope Fellowship Hall

Make note on Wednesday, October 12, this Bible Study will meet at the Leonhardt’s office at 800 Compton Road, Suite 5. 10 am Sundays

TIME: 1:30 pm Just come & listen volunteer for music and reading! See Pastor Lisa.

Bible Study @ Hope Library


*****Also note there will be no Bible Studies on October 25 or 26 due to Pastor Lisa being away.

November 20th 2 10 am in Sanctuary! This is where all members of Hope elect council and prayerful decide budget for ministry 2017.


Nominate someone for Council? What if everyone took a turn on Council? Terms are 2 years (start in January with orientation). Council is just 12 disciples following Jesus and caring about the church in ministry.

In August we served 163 families (192 children, 315 adults). Since Thanksgiving will soon be here, we are collecting holiday food for October: canned fruit and vegetables, boxed stuffing and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, soup or beef stew, macaroni & cheese, brownie or cake mix, turkey gravy canned sweet potatoes. Blessings, Walt & Carol Watson

Thank you Jen Byrne, Mary Bryant and Mike Schweinfest for serving on the nominating committee! So far the positions open on council: Positions Up for Re-Election or Open election ... President, Spiritual Life,Treasurer, Worship & Music, Stewardship, Fellowship, and Evangelism (nominee will be appointed by Council for 1 year to complete Melinda Tenhundfeld's term)

ALWAYS NEEDED: BROWN PAPER GROCERY BAGS!! The next SONday for collection of donated items from Hope is Sunday, October 30th. Your generosity to those who are in need of food is always appreciated. Check out the new space in the Narthex/lobby for collection.



The WHOO is gathering on Thursday, October 27th, at Queen City Radio @6 pm.

To wrap up the summer season, tHe First Lutheran Clothing Closet is looking for donated shorts and tops for men and women. In addition, if you could help with any of the following, we would greatly appreciate it.

A carpool will leave from Hope at 5:30 pm. Queen City Radio was the Albright's place of business and is now a new restaurant in OTR located at 222 W. 12th Street  in a 1929-era filling station. The bar has 7,665 square feet of space. Food at the bar  will be from Queen City Whip, a food truck by  Elias Leisring of Eli’s BBQ and another chef, Ian Sobek. (The truck will be parked outside the bar.) It serves comfort/ballpark food. On the current menu are burgers made with a ground chuck-brisket blend from Mackie Meats at Findlay Market, falafel, a chili dog, fries and milkshakes. All are welcome to come!

Deodorant  Women's bras size 32 & 40 Men's & women's sneakers Men's jeans any size but especially waist sizes 30 & 32 Long sleeved t-shirts Men’s XXL t-shirts Men's white athletic socks Large and up men’s hoodies Men’s and women’s jackets (no long coats) Women’s jeans size 6 & 8 Women’s underwear size 7 Bath towels Tampons Sleeping bags or twin size blankets Backpacks for adults

Blessings to you, and thank you so much for your prayers and support! Kristine DeAnthony, Coordinator For questions regarding volunteering at First Lutheran Church, see Jerry or Joy Ivins. 5 

Thank you so much, Dr. Karin Pendle, for all the years you have spent arranging worship assistants and selecting hymns for 11 am worship. We have been so blessed to have such a knowledgeable musicologist invest so much time with great care. We are grateful. Pastor Lisa and the Worship and Music Team

OCTOBER THANK YOUS, LETTERS, ETC. Thank you to the Leonhardts and Hamiltons for taking care of the altar for the next two Sundays while I am visiting my mother who is celebrating her 91st birthday. Ruth Oehler, Altar Guild Dear Pastor Lisa and Hope Church, Thanks are given for your visits and your prayers for my healing. Your constant prayers and support during this difficult time for me and now during the severe illness means so much to me and our family.

Thank you for all the ways so many of you have been a tremendous blessing this summer and making so many improvements happen to our church building! From painting, to cabinets, to floors, to banners, soap dispensers, fences, bushes, room occupancy, cleaning,  and plumbing!   A special thank you to Jerry & Joy Ivins, Pat and Mick Cook, Ray and Nan Davis, Mike and Karen Schweinfest, Rhonda Greene and Everett, Brad Byrne, Jay Swiecki. Kathi Boland and the one and only Pastor Lisa who had so many visions for us this summer!!  You all are the BEST!   Mary Beth Taylor

I have received the peace that passes all understanding, but also the love that passes all understanding. I stand in awe of God’s Grace and Mercy. God Grace abides with you. With all thanks and appreciation, Judi Wendel

Thank you, Mick Cook, for painting the doors and the frame as part of our lobby entrance renewal: red for Reformation!

Thank you Deputy Fire Chief Danny Ficke children’s message and 33 years of firefighting!

Dear Hope, Please let the faithful people of Hope know that they are in my prayers! I spin through the church directory on my phone to see their individual beautiful faces and pray for each of them. May God continue to hold them in the palm of His hand and over flow each one’s life with the continual knowledge of God’s presence, peace and joy! Prayers of strengthening for you! Kathi Boland


Thank you to everyone who helped with the lobby cabinets, walls and front doors. Everette learned new power tools for ministry from Mick Cook! Congratulations to Bea Zimmer, Visiting Angels employee of the month. Way to go Bea! Two new engagements at Hope! Congratulations to Alita Glardon and John Simpson and Phil Klayer and Annie Lucas on their recent engagements. We are so happy for both couples! Dear Hope friends, I thank my God every time I think of you and Paul to the church at Philippi and me to Hope on Blue Rock! I am so glad to call you friends and happy that we can continue to do God’s work together. Special thanks for the flower surprise a few weeks ago— Hope’s love at work again! Peace, Jodi Keith (soon to be Pastor Jodi)!

Dear Pastor Lisa, Just a quick note to say thank you for everything over the past year. What a wonderful start it turned out to be. I am so thankful for the opportunity to expand creative kids while serving children as part of Hope! Thank you for your leadership, prayers, and always positive guidance. Laura Davis, Creative Kids Learning Center Director

God’s Work Our Hands sent teams like this one into Colerain and Harrison to deliver goodies of

MORE NEWS FOR YOU! Martin and Katie Luther visited Hope and shared about the Reformation and Marriage!

appreciation to those who protect and serve! Pictured here: Bill Pott, Kathy Mushaben and Carol Pott with Colerain firefighters. Kathi Boland is at Trinity Lutheran Seminary taking Spanish, Bible and Greek. Kathi and Chris Boland were on a waiting list for Pinnacle Pointe for November and were going to store stuff and move in with her sister. (Their house had closed in mid-Sept ember.) Pinnacle Pointe Apartments called and said they had a cancellation and their apartment would possibly be ready in a week. Amazing!  They only have to move once! They are so excited!  They will join other awesome neighbors at Pinnacle Pointe like Christa Russo and Erin and Matt Murray!

The above are Colerain firefighters from the Springdale Rd fire station near Taylor Elementary School.

Lunch Bunch in September with Ginny Pfalzgraf, Steve Hamilton, Lana and George Albright

The Fellowship Committee planning the Pork Throw Down at the home of Kathy Mushaben.


I’M CLEAN 500th

This year, the ELCA is celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation. To help commemorate this event, the Worship Committee has planned an Advent celebration called: Martin Luther’s Christmas Tree. Each week in Advent we will add a LIVE fresh spruce or fir tree to the altar area. On Christmas Eve the tallest tree will be brought to the altar to represent new life and growth through the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Church reformer Martin Luther once had a nightmare about being judged by the evil. From a scroll, Satan was reading all the sins Luther had ever committed. “What hope of heaven do you have as a miserable sinner?” the devil accused. Feeling despondent, Luther remembered the cross. “There’s one entry which thou hast not made, Satan,” he said. When the devil inquired about it, Luther responded confidently. There’s one entry which thous hast not mad, Satan,” he said. When the devil inquired about it, Luther responded confidently, “The blood of Jesus Christ hie Son cleanseth us from all sin.” (I John 1:7).

Would you like a LIVE Christmas tree to plant? The LIVE trees (worth over $100) will be purchased through White Oak Nursery. $20 Raffle tickets will be available October through December. 5 winners get to choose one of the five trees: 4-5 foot tall Blue Fir or Norway Spruce. On January 1, 2017 winners can take their tree home or it can be planted in Hope yard in the Spring.

Praise God that he sent Jesus to be our Delivered (Psalm 18:2) so we are no longer held hostage by Santa’s accusations! from The Newsletter Newsletter, October 2016





10/2 10/9 10/16 10/23 10/30 11/6 11/13 11/20

10 am New Life in Hope in Fellowship Hall 10 am New Life in Hope in Fellowship Hall 10 am History of Lutheran Church: recognizing racism in Fellowship Hall 10 am QuenGn’s Middle Eat up close and Wow in Fellowship Hall 10 am Coffee with Gideon Bible Guest Timothy Vehr in Fellowship Hall 10 am All Saints Need a HopeliRer-by Stephen Ministers on Good Grief Help in Fellowship Hall 10 am Exploring the ELCA Social Statement on Sexuality & Marriage in Fellowship Hall 10 am Fall CongregaUonal MeeUng

Contributed by Butch Royse 8 

Dear Partner in Ministry,
 On October 31, 2016, we will make history. Lutherans and Catholics from around the world will come together for the anniversary of the Reformation. The Lutheran-Catholic commemoration will take place in Lund, Sweden, with a Common Prayer service led by Pope Francis, The Lutheran World Federation President Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan and its general secretary, the Rev. Dr. Martin Junge.

SEE THE HOPE DIRECTORY EASILY It’s a FREE App for your phone or computer! 1. FOR PHONE go to your apps and down load FREE instant church directory. FOR COMPUTER In the address bar (URL)—type in —      2. The screen will ask you to submit your email address as it appears in the church directory 3. You will be sent an email with a password or link embedded in it. 

After 500 years, both Lutherans and Catholics share the joy for the positive elements of the Reformation, rejoicing together in the gospel and acknowledging that we are sent together as the body of Christ to serve the world. The joint commemoration witnesses to the reality that what unites us is more powerful than what divides us. This event is an opportunity to open doors to new possibilities, strengthen relationships, work together to promote peace, reconciliation and joint diaconal work around the world. As a sign of unity, Lutheran World Service and the Catholic agency, Caritas Internationalis, will commit to a Declaration of Intent, promising to work together in programs world-wide.

*Changes are continuously made as they occur. REGISTER NOW FOR LUTHERAN MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER Fast-paced modern life provides many obstacles to giving the Gme and aWenGon to our marriages that they need to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE, but a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend provides a concentrated and safe environment to do exactly that. Spread the word about the next Lutheran Marriage Encounter offered in Ohio, which will be held in the historic HOTEL MILLERSBURG in the heart of Amish Country - Holmes County. It takes place November 11-13th. 

You can be a part of this exciting moment in history. • Pray for Christian unity, and commend and That's where registraGon takes place too. In Christ, with thanks, David & Jean Fell ExecuUve Couple, Ohio


$9.39 was donated this quarter! Thank you!

encourage continued local Lutheran-Catholic dialogue and engagement. Discover other events and resources the ELCA is lifting up at as we prepare to observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Our faith calls us to see the world as interdependent, and in preparation for this anniversary, we are given the opportunity to witness to God’s healing toward reconciliation. At a time when violence and fragmentation seem to be the way, this joint commemoration offers something different. Dialogue is possible and produces good fruits: Conflict can be left behind, and the common hope we all have in Christ is celebrated. The transformative power of our shared faith can lead us to compassionate common service and joyful witness. Thanks be to God,

It works just like Amazon (Amazon Prime) does...except with AMAZONsmilles: Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Hope Lutheran Church.

HAVE YOU RE-ENROLLED? Check the bottom of your Kroger receipt, does it say HOPE?

Thank you for linking your Kroger’s Card to HOPE! You have to confirm you registration annually. 1.Visit 2. Sign in to your online account, or create an account 3. Find and select your organization, and click “Enroll” Our 5 digit number is 80286 and thank you for your support!

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton
 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

opportunity for Hope at Taylor Elementary School will not happen due to some requirements in the agreement Hope would need to sign. “God’s Work, Our Hands” is organized for Sunday, September 11. Members will deliver food trays and water to area police, fire and administrative buildings. The Stewardship Campaign for 2017 will kick off on October 2. Carmen Hasdorff, Spiritual LIfe: A motion was made to passed to remove 6 families from membership for various reasons. Susan and Kristi Cowan, Worship and Music: The next committee meeting is scheduled for October 5. The new liturgy will begin September 11. The council passed the motion to accept with regrets the resignation of Melinda Tenhundfeld as Evangelism Chair. Pastor Lisa: Pastor circulated a letter and materials from the Synod for review. The council will review Hope’s mission statement in the new year.

HOPES BOTTOM LINE August 2016 General Fund Total


Beginning Balance All Revenues Expenses Transfers In Transfer Out Ending Balance

$ $ $ $ $ $

Memorial Fund
 Beginning Balance

$ 6,171.38

$ 5,404.05

Interest Income Disbursements

$ $ $

$ $ $


$ 6,286.43

$ 6, 286.43

$ 14,906.13 $ 14,417.60 $ 5.70 $ 0.00 $ 29,329.43

$ 14,867.53 $ 14,417.60 $ 44.30 $ 0.00 $ 29,329.43

$ 25,666.02 $ 0.00 $ 8.02 $ 986.00 $ 24,688.04

$ 25,610.46 $ 0.00 $ 63.58 $ 986.00 $ 24,688.04


33,901.15 15,940.59 13,518.28 986.00 0.00 37,309.46


115.00 .05 0.00

$ 40,882.13 $135,613.50 $135,353.75 $ 6,917.58 $ 10,750.00 $ 33,901.15

• •

885.00 .38 3.00

• • •

Mission Building Fund Beginning Balance Revenue Interest Disbursements Ending Balance

• •

Wilma Hoffman Fund Beginning Balance Deposit Interest Income Disbursements Ending Balance

From the notes of Sue Millard, Council Secretary THE NOVEMBER HOPE HERALD ARTICLES ARE REQUESTED BY SUNDAY, October 20th. ARTICLES MAY BE EMAILED TO [email protected] anytime before that date.

Val Schneider, Treasurer

CONGREGATION HIGHLIGHTS September 8 2016 Beulah Kroger, Financial Secretary: Giving for the year is behind $13,000 plus. Val Schneider, Treasurer: Income for the month of August was $2000 over the expenses. Judy Royse, Fellowship : T w o e v e n t s a r e scheduled: the Pork Throw Down on September 24 and the Progressive Dinner on February 11. October 14 is the next committee meeting. Kayla Terbrueggen, Christian Education: A new curriculum for Sunday School will begin on September 11 called, ”Dig In.” Mary Beth Taylor and Jay Swiecki, Property: New soap dispensers were installed. The Narthex remodel is nearly done. There was a discussion regarding the purchase of lettering and signage for various areas of the church. No decisions were made. Karen Schneider, Stewardship: The Whiz Kids

• • • • •



WORSHIP ASSISTANTS - October 2016 Sunday Oct 2 Contemporary Traditional Sunday Oct 9 Contemporary Traditional Sunday Oct 16 Contemporary Traditional Sunday Oct 23 Contemporary Traditional Sunday Oct 30 Contemporary Traditional






Cathy Klayer Ken Klayer Debbie Schrader Mary Bryant

Linda Hayden Jake Byrne Pat Speeg A. Boccino Crystal Beneker A. Kelbley Ryan Gries

R. Greene

Eva McMasters Pat Speeg MB Taylor Lee Reynolds J&J Ivins

K. Schneider

Butch Royse Judy Royse Ginny Pfalzgraf

Sue Millard Ruth Oehler Steve Hamilton Chuck Hasdorff

J. Thompson Aaron Byrne Hannah Tolle

Joy Ivins

K. Schneider

Mary Bryant Kathy Mushaben Crystal Beneker Barb Mack

Bill Pott Carol Pott John Kroger Beulah Kroger

E. McMasters R. Greene M. Schweinfest Isaac Williams Ray Beneker Kurt Glardon Jerry Ivins K. Terbrueggen

Lana Albright K. Schneider Mary Bryant Lucinda Hardin K. Schweinfest Carmen Hasdorff

Ruth Oehler Sue Millard John Kroger Beulah Kroger

Butch Royse Judy Royse Terry Heybruch Jerry Ivins

Olivia Byrne R. Greene Mary Bryant Morgan Byrne R. Beneker Kurt Glardon John Kroger K. Terbrueggen

Amy Bryne Brad Bryne Crystal Beneker Ryan Gries

K. Schneider

K. Terbrueggen young Beagle's Rose Hamilton Steve Hamilton

Kathy Mushaben Zoey Beagle R. Greene K. Schneider Ron Thatcher C. McMasters Ron Long Sadie Tolle Kurt Glardon K. Schweinfest Debbie Shrader K. Terbrueggen

Brian Bryne Jen Bryne J&J Ivins

K. Schneider

Kurt Glardon K. Terbrueggen R. Greene

Kurt Glardon C. Hasdorff K. Terbrueggen


Sara Beagle Tim Beagle K. Schweinfest Elaine Tingle

Prayer Leader

Ron Long

Jerry Ivins

Joy Ivins

Bonnie Long

Sunday Nov 6 Cathy Klayer Pat Speeg Jake Byrne R. Greene Ray Davis Kristina Cowan Ken Klayer Jeanne Fuller Maria Huth Janet Freland Debbie Schrader Crystal Beneker A. Kelbley Kurt Glardon Ginny Pfalzgraf Sue Kelbley Mary Bryant Ryan Gries K. Terbrueggen Bonnie Long Liturgist for October: Tim Beagle Acolyte Coach @ 9 am Nan Davis Liturgist for November: Carmen Hasdorff Acolyte Coach @ 11 am Carmen Hasdorff Coffee Maker @ 9:00 am: Kayla Terbrueggen or Dylan Vogelsong Coffee Clean-up @ noon: Crystal Beneker

Ron Long

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16 9:00 AM Contemporary Serv 10:00 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Serv 1:00 PM Gina Thompson/ Fellowship Hall 6:00 PM [email protected]

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24 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON open

NEW MEMBER SUNDAY 9:00 AM Contemporary Serv 10:00 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Serv 2:00 PM Worship @Liberty 30 Pastor Lisa away SONday 9:00 AM Contemporary Serv 10:00 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Serv

10:00 AM Bible Study @Atria 9191 Roundtop 5:30 PM Stewardship Mtg./ FH 7:00 PM Sp. Life Mtg./Fellowship Hall 4 10:00 AM Bible Study @Atria 9191 Roundtop

11 10:00 AM Bible Study @Atria 9191 Roundtop

18 10:00 AM Bible Study @Atria 9191 Roundtop



28 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON open 11:30 AM Office Open 1:00 PM Bible Study @ Hope Fellowship Hall 3:30 PM Creative Kids 7:30 PM Choir/Sanctuary

5:00 PM Vivian's Victory Fellowship Hall

5 10:00 AM 10 to 1130am 11:30 AM Office Open 12:00 PM open picnic Fel1:00 PM Bible Study @ 2:00 PM Worship and Music 3:30 PM Creative Kids and 3 more… 12 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON 11:30 AM Office Open 12:00 PM open picnic Fel1:00 PM Bible Study @ 3:30 PM Creative Kids 6:00 PM Praise Band/Sanc7:30 PM Choir/Sanctuary


Saturday 30

29 Pastor's Day Off



19 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON 11:30 AM Office Open 12:00 PM open picnic Fel1:00 PM Bible Study @ 3:30 PM Creative Kids 6:00 PM Praise Band/Sanc7:30 PM Choir/Sanctuary




8 9:00 AM Craft Show 9-3

Pastor's Day Off

13 7:00 PM Hope Council/Fellowship Hall

1 Hike for Hospice



Pastor's Day Off 6:00 PM Fellowship Team @ Ivins


22 11:00 AM Jodi Keith Ordination/GSLC 1:30 PM Ginny Pfalzgraf mtg/ Fellowship Hall





Pastor's Day Off

Pastor Lisa away 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON open 6:00 PM Praise Band/Sanctuary 7:30 PM Choir/Sanctuary 1

31 9:30 AM First Lutheran serve food 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON open

Wednesday 27


9:00 AM Contemporary Serv 10:00 AM Sunday School 10:00 AM NEW MEMBER #2 11:00 AM Traditional Serv

Eastern Time Time Zone

October 2016


10:00 AM Bible Study @Atria 9191 Roundtop

2 10:00 AM 10 to noon SON 11:30 AM Office Open 12:00 PM open picnic Fel1:00 PM Bible Study @ 3:30 PM Creative Kids 6:00 PM Praise Band/Sanc7:30 PM Choir/Sanctuary

Pastor's Day Off

6:00 PM WHOO @Queen City Radio

3 Pastor's Day Off

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