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The Kaldron Yearbook Collection


The Kaldron: 1980

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K a l d r o n ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Lawrence Lee Pelletier Library

A llegheny College

Kaldron 1980 A lle g h e n y C o lle g e M e a dv ille , P ennsylvania 16335

nee upon a tim e, m any years ago, A lleghen y C ollege had a president. One score and five years ago, th a t p resident decided to set o u t on a new quest. At th a t tim e a regal c o u n c il was convened by the c o u rt of A llegheny to a p p o in t a new leader. The highest trib u n a l in the land ordained Law rence Lee P elletier as the sixteenth leader o f the K ingdom upon the H illtop. Since th a t tim e when all the people atop the M ount o f M eadville heralded the co rin a tio n o f Dr. Pelletier, there have been m ore new s tru ctu re s built, m ore scutage raised, and m ore new citizens in the Land o f A llegheny than ever before. But perhaps m ore im p o rta n tly, Dr. P elletier has to u ch ed the lives o f many people. He has, fo r exam ple, gone to hospitals to give the coveted Sheepskins to the in firm ed and a ilin g . It is because o f these acts o f unselfish devotion to his kingdom , th a t we, the E ditors and S taff o f the Kaldron 1980 d edicate this m a n uscript to Dr. Law rence Lee Pelletier, P resident o f A lleghen y C ollege, 1956-1980.

.c 4 o-
Table of Content^

D edication ...................... S tud en t Life .................... Special Events .............. C lubs and O rganization s Greeks .............................. S ports .............................. S eniors and F aculty . . . A d v e rtis e m e n ts .............. C redits ............................

e are so b o re d !” was the cry often heard resounding fro m all corne rs o f the K ingdom . Then one day, these criers banded to g eth e r into a sm all trib e ca llin g them selves K aldron. This little band o f people, in an e ffo rt to relieve the m o no ton y fo u n d in the land o f A llegheny, decided to create a c h ro n ic le o f th e ir dream s, stories, and fantasies. Herein lies the result o f the tria ls and trib u la tio n s o f th is trib e o f dedicated people w ho have, perhaps, fille d th e ir need fo r e x c ite m e n t. . . a t least fo r the tim e being. DG

Student Life

aces in the clouds Are no lon g er m ovie stars, Or sin g in g idols. They are classm ates, Friends. Castles in the sky Are able to be reached for, And touched . No lo n g e r som ething to be dream ed of, B ut so m e th in g to be w orked for. Faraway places, Faraway goals, A re n 't so fa r away anym ore. J.P.

Movin’ In


Picnics Activities Fair


Freshmen Olympics

Tft . vr







Sun Day

Senior Week


~sf —

A 4



pecial Event5 Mh >% i


m o v ie s

, PLkVa^


D R r \ IH # \ l' S f e ' s \ K e R 5


O a m c ^ 4c o M c c e i s , C E h -lS lT » o *» *» ,


O P t N lN b J ^ lN rt lt S . ; *


» • . * * • *



- - -


nee upon a term , fa ir m eds and o th e r s undry o th e r gentle fo lk bid fare to books, th e ir to il, th e ir care, and sally fo rth to various and su nd ry special events. A diverse people be we, and diverse be o u r events. M instrels, jo n g le u rs , dance tro o p s; tro u b a d o rs, m im es and fools, play rou n d as the meade flo w s and la u g h te r peals. For a w atch, a n ig h t span o r long as a fo rtn ig h t the quest is not fo r b o o klo re ; the quest is fo r joy, fo r cup-m ates; deepening o f the soul and peace in the heart. P onder anew where we have lept afte r o u r quest. LA

m m m

Black Orchid


The Physicist

Women's Weekend



y^t- -fjn] .

Orchesis Mercer Ellington





Dave Mason


..........— — -............... ........ .

— —— — -----

— ----------

— .. . —


c.c. All Nighter f in d


o u

^ o n c m

f o


in b


Sweethearts Cafe Beaux Strategem

Graham Nash

South side Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

And Leah Kunkel i■ f • ;.V

' V

v*r ' >

*•*? '

. \ i l H

r jt/i • /,! O J . / » » \v . / y i v / . • if, / ■/

4 /# ^


r *

T r~ r



■ ***'







^ ^ • i t)ffrtia M ih iih g M r‘a ' ' - r v ' - i , .


• .




D /a e cir/c? N J5

The Marquis

Belle of Amherst


Goodtimes Weekend

Black Weekend Terrapin I

Clubs & Organizations

h ro u g h o u t the ages, on the M o u n t o f M eadville, the g o o d c itize n s w o u ld , fro m tim e to tim e, o rg a n ize to share th e ir lives w ith each o th e r as w ell as th e rest o f th e to w n s p e o p le . As th e p la n tin g seasons passed, and the seasons o f sn o w cam e and w ent, these hardy fo lk s began c a llin g them selves “ c lu b s ” and “ o rg a n iz a tio n s .” These a ctors and actresses w o u ld often p e rfo rm fo r, and e n ric h , th e masses. They w o u ld act, sin g, dance, display th e ir cra fts, and ed u ca te th e fo lk in the to w n o f A lleg he n y and the region know n as M eadville. These c lu b s and o rg a n iz a tio n s b ro u g h t jo y in to the lives o f you ng and old, and c o m m o n e r alike. W ith o u t these players, life in A lleg he n y w o u ld be d u ll indeed. DG

Alpha Phi Omega Lambda Sigma

S. C.A.

American Society for Personnel Management

Religious Activities


Wind Symphony

Outing Club H L i. -





T 1 \

, «J—






Aujsaucny COUAfcS


iw » y

5 K E .B THE w o e e

Allegheny Community Exchange


Chemii Club

Computer Science Club

Allegheny Allemanders


■Bsa ■

79 8 O


Greeks M ta M tM ir O M N '


8 i inm * M

nee upon a tim e, not enough years ago, there was a g ro u p o f craftsm en and m aidens w ho all had a desire to unite and fu lfill com m on goals. Sadly, the citize n s o f th is land had no means th ro u g h w h ich to jo in to g e th e r in to one. That is, u n til one day, Fratos, the Bearer o f B ro the rh oo d , appeared to these tow n spe o ple. He show ed them the way to jo in to g e th e r and rule them selves. The results o f the labours o f Fratos, s till visible today, soon came to be know n as S o ro ritie s and F raternities. And it cam e to pass th a t these folks, a lth o u g h fro m m any parts o f the land, came to be know n as the Greeks in the K ingdom . DG

enlrtCOUNCIL IHaycFi-P

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Gamma Delta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Kappa Gamma




HELP the Delts HELP THE HOLY M IL L H E o f Allegheny College

on their

3rd annui

I'AII-W® fc aw


Phi Kappa Psi


O X QMmoi



S p o rts


s each new season ro lls around T here are many a thletes to be fo u n d . P ra cticin g , playing, and also tra in in g They can be seen even w hen it’s ra in ing . S tru g g lin g at the b e g in n in g of a season Because the re is a special reason. W hen the sea son ’s over and done The best have proven th a t they are n um b e r one! L.P.


Bethany Hiram Thiel Case Reserve C arnegie-M ellon W ashington & Jefferson John C arroll Geneva


A lliance Kutztow n State O berlin Grove City Wash. & Jeff. John C arroll Hiram Behrend Case Western Reserve C arnegie-M ellon E dinboro State Bethany


Women’s Volleyball

AC Behrend 2 V illa Maria* 3 Athletes in A ction 0 W estm inster 0 Seton H ill 2 Behrend* B fe Lakeland C om m . C ollege 1 Baldw in-W allace 1 Geneva 3 H 2 W estm inster" 3 Grove C ity 0 Then k 2 M ercyhurst 0 M ansfield State T o urnam ent 8th/16 T heil* 3 G annon 2 Geneva* W W 3 Indiana 2 M ercyhurst* 3 Grove City* 3

OPP 3 0 2 2 0 2 2 2 1 0 2 1 3 2 0 0 3 1 0


Individuals Sw ickley, P ittsburgh Fencing Club, 1 W om en’s T hird Place CMU, P ittsb u rg h Fencing Club, 1 M en’s Fourth Place 1 W om en’s Fourth Place Teams CMU, WVU M en’s Foil W om en’s Foil

CMU 3-6 WVU 3-6 CMU 5-11 WVU 8-4 i n

Epee In te rco lle g ia te Novice IUP, CMU, CSU, Cal. State, 1 First Place — M en’s 1 Second Place — W om en’s


CMU 1-8





Water Polo

Ice Hockey



Men’s Tennis

AC Robert M orris Behrend John C arroll Hiram Case W estern Reserve W estm inister W & J Geneva C arnegie-M ellon Thiel Grove City

6 4 6 7 8 8 5

8 4 8 First in PAC's/8 team s 5

OPP 3 5 3

2 1 1 4 1 5 1

9 9

Men’s Basketball

Geneva Queens Susquehanna Grove City Adrian Hiram Lock Haven St. Lawrence W & J. Case WesternReserve Hiram Theil John Carroll Carnegie-Mellon Bethany Case Western Reserve W. & J. Theil Hiram Carnegie-M ellon John Carroll Bethany W illiam Patterson W ashington and Lee PAC’s 1st place

Women's Basketball

Behrend W estm inster Villa Maria Grove City Thiel Behrend* Geneva* C larion State Villa Maria* M ercyhurst Grove City* Theil* M ercyhurst* W estm inster* *WKC

ACC 57 59 57 36 57 49 46 31 52 37 38 36 54 39

OPP 64 64 64 73 68 53 60 71 49 68 66 67 63 58


Lebanon Invitational Orange Bowl Classic

3rd/16 teams 17th/36 teams AC Mt. Union 35 St. Lawrence 15 Theil 36 John Carroll 15 W.&J. 17 Slippery Rock State 8 Edinboro State Tournam ent 3rd/8 teams West Liberty State 25 Pitt-Johnstown 20 Central 9 Case Western Reserve 40 Hiram 23 Baldwin-W allace 25 Ohio Northern 14 Edinboro State 18 Youngstown State PACs 3rd/6 teams NCAA Division


OPP 9 36 13 27 26 34 24 33 36 15 26 19 30 30 34


h- f A

w m sm rnm m m m m

Mens’ Volleyball

S lippery Rock 10-15/15-1/15-12/15-9 Geneva 3-0 IUP 4-15/13-15 25-9/25-4 ESC IUP 9-15/15-13/15-11/10-15/13-15 S lippery Rock 15-6/8-15/16-14/11-15/17-19 P.S. New K ensington 15-10/6-15/6-15/7-15 Geneva 15-3/15-2/15-7 E dinboro 15-8/15-8 15-7/15-4 CMU P.S. New K ensington 15-13/10-15/7-15/13-15 Semi Finals PSUNK over ESC 3-0 Semi Finals AC over IUP 15-5/12-15/3-15/15-9/15-7 Finals AC vsc PSNK 13-15/6-15/11-15

Mens’ Swimming


Saint Law rence S lippery Rock State W estm inster W.&J. Bethany Edinboro State John C arroll Grove City Case W estern Reserve Kenyon Hiram Carnegie-M ellon 1st in PAC's Tied 4th in NCAA Division III

AC 45 64 49 60 68 60 60 47 58 40 62 63

OPP 68 34 64 46 38 53 53 66 52 64 49 43

Womens’ Swimming

Cleveland State St. Law rence W.&J. Kent State Slippery Rock State John C arroll Indiana B uffalo

AC 58 83 77 64 54 77 63 72

Behind the Scenes


Men’s Track

Mt. Union Thiel Hiram Case W estern Reserve John C arroll W &J C arnegie-M ellon Bethany Geneva T hird PAC’s E ight Teams Grove City W estm inister


Women's Track

AC 47.5

C a lifo rn ia State Fairm ont State C larion E dinboro State Mt. U nion B aldw in-W allace M ansfield State 6-1 Record

63 80 66

OPP 76.5 44 62 46 47



Lacrosse i




Duquesne John Carroll John Carroll W&J W &J Behrend Behrend Case Western Reserve Case Western Reserve Geneva Geneva W estminster W estminster Bethany Bethany Mercyhurst Mercyhurst Grove City Grove City Thiel Thiel Hiram Hiram

AC 2 4

0 9 14 6 2

8 10 8 11

9 5 5 2 5 6

6 4

0 1 2



AC 5 2 9 5 11 10 3 9 9 0 3 10 10

Robert M orris C larion B ehrend Geneva* V illa M aria Thiel Grove City* V illa Maria* M ercyhurst M ercyhurst* Thiel* Behrend* W estm inster* *WKC

OPP 6 7 31 7 1 4 15 7 8 11 1 16 11

Seniors and Faculty

11■i;j 1 11i.i1iilii;liiii Lijiiili.iii,

W V 1 *T 7


s with any kingdom w ithin the recesses of ou r dreams, there must be a king, his wizards and the leaders fo r the townspeople. The King has a large and diverse court known as the W izards of Academia. Were it not for these mystical men and women, the fair citizens up on the hilltop w ould sally forth into the Land of Reality ill-prepared to jo ust with the dragon and the cyclops. The seers m ystically transform the peons into great thinkers. The leaders of the Kingdom are those people who have had the spells of the Wizards cast upon them fo r sixteen seasons. The people, w ho have endured the hurt, as well as the joys, put upon them by the Sorcerers, lead the citizens of Allegheny to greater levels of confidence. This makes the pains less painful, the joys more rewarding, and fo r this, the people throu gh ou t the land are very grateful. DG

Mark Jonathan Berg 104 Oakland Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 14750

Mary Elizabeth Abel 31 Oregon Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15205

Leslie Karen Ainsworth 306 Meadow St. Meadville, Pa. 16335

Michael Andrew Berman 731 Melsser St. Franklin Square, N.Y. 11010

Thomas Richard Alessi 203 Myrtle St. Jamestown, N.Y. 14701

Kenlo Ann Bertram RD 1 Saegertown, Pa. 16433

Robert Joseph Anderson 144 Ridgewood Drive Coraopolis, Pa. 15108

Mary Abel

Leslie Ainsworth

Thomas Alessi

Robert Anderson

Mark Berg

Michael Berman

Kenlo Bertram

Donald Best Jr.

Jill Ann Bidwell 1037 Centergate Drive Bethel Park, Pa. 15102

Amy Louise Apel 3384 Douglas Drive Murrysville, Pa. 15668

Mark Eric Bier 221 Lawrence Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15238

Sherri Ann Babcock ^31 Maple St. Cumberland, Md. 21502

Robert Blackburn 624 East Beau St. W ashington, Pa. 15301

Jeanne Kaye Baker Box 411 Rd. 2 Oil City, Pa. 16301

Linda Diane Baker 652 M eadowbrook Drive North Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120

Amy Apel

Sherri Babcock

Jeanne Baker

Linda Baker

Jill Bidwell

Mark Bier

Robert Blackburn

Elizabeth Blake

John Anthony Bamonte 1215 Arizona Avenue Natrona Hghts, Pa. 15065

Elizabeth Blake 314 Lake St. Evanston, III. 60201

Frank Borroni 389 Second Avenue Koppel, Pa. 16136

M onica Megan Barone 1287 Earlford Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15227

Charlyce Boulden 3860 Rodman Apt. E NW W ashington, DC 20016

Carol Ann Batdorf 707 Warren St. Reading, Pa. 19601

Jacque Lyn Battersby 7386 Eagle M ills Rd. Waite Hill, Ohio 44094

Donald L. Best Jr. 1201 Edith Drive N. Huntingdon, Pa. 15642

Barbara Jane Boyd RFD 1 Box 71A Tonawanda, Pa. 18848

John Bamonte

M onica Barone

Carol Batdorf

Jacque Battersby

Frank B orroni

Charlyce Boulden

Barbara Boyd

Richard Boyers

Sarah Elizabeth Baxter 1385 Deepwood Drive Upper St. Clair, Pa. 15241

Richard Leighton Boyers 45 Roycroft Boulevard Snyder, N.Y. 14226

John Barr Brautigam 1480 Cambridge Avenue N. Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120

Sarah Jordan Beckman 2239 South Shore Drive Erie, Pa. 16505

Margaret B. Brayer 20 Harrison Circle Pittsford, N.Y. 14534

Barbara Lynn Beckwith 3604 Ashland Drive Bethel Park, 15102

W illiam J. Breuer 611 82nd St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209

Lewis James Belfont 15 Harrison Street W hite Plains, New York 10604

Sarah Baxter

Sarah Beckman

Barbara Beckwith

Lewis Belfont

John Brautigam

Margaret Brayer

W illiam Breuer

Susan Brewer

Susan Ann Brewer RD 1 West Elm St. Oneida, N.Y. 13421

Paul Peter Brookhart RD 1 Box 494C Branchville, N.J. 07826

Carolyn Anne Claypool 255 Broadway M onticello, N.Y. 12701

W illiam H. Brown, Jr. 1024 Thornberry Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15237

Laura Louise Clements 408 Tidball Avenue Grove City, PA. 16127

Darlene Janelle Burris RD 2 Box 249 Monroeville, N.J. 08343

M onica Elizabeth Coard 142 W ashington Street Dorchester, MA 02121

Laurie D. Butterw orth RD 3 Box 476 Meadville, PA. 16335

Paul Brookhart

W illiam Brown, Jr.

Darlene Burris

Laurie Butterw orth

Carolyn Claypool

Laura Clements

M onica Coard

Susan Cole

Susan Rebecca Cole 148 Maryland Drive Carnegie, PA. 15106

Terrence Curtis Coles 707 Helena Street Braddock, PA. 15102

Bruce Campbell 1035 West 8th St. Ashtabula, O hio 44004

Karen Renee Capalbo 26 Hudson Street Nutley, N.J. 07110

Michael J. Com pitello 57 North Moger Avenue Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 10549

Sarah Card 43 Crestline Road Rochester, N.Y. 14618

Perry Constantino 535 Mercer Road Butler, PA. 16001

Alison McKee Cares 505 Riverview Drive Ann Arbor, Ml. 48104

Bruce Campbell

Karen Capalbo

Sarah Card

Alison Cares

Terrence Coles

Michael C om pitello

Perry Constantino

Laura Cook

Sandra Kerr Coooper 136 West 75th Street New York, N.Y. 10023

John Carothers 2733 T illia Street Allison Park, PA. 15101

Rita Louise Coppolo 570 Church Street St. Marys, PA. 15857

Harold Kennedy Cathcart RD 1 Cambridge Springs, PA. 16403

Tim othy James Corcoran 3015 Mt. Alister Road Pittsburgh, PA. 15214

Kathryn Ann Chakurda 151 Del Rio Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15236

Amy Elizabeth Chalmers 171 Dickson Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. 15202

Laura Ann Cook 601 Skokie Avenue Highland Park, IL. 60035

Sandra Cooper

Rita C oppolo

Tim othy Corcoran

Susan Cox

Kevin Robert Chura RD 7 Meadville, PA. 16335

Susan E. Cox 442 Maiden Avenue La Grande Park, IL. 60525

Paula Coyle 46 Hawthorne Road New Canaan, CT. 06840

Rosemary Cicero 4116 Bigelow Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA. 15213

Elizabeth Ann Creed 1415 North Creek Road Lake View, New York 14085

Patricia Ellen Clark 9 Packanack Lake Road Wayne, N.J. 07470

Mary V. Crouse 9465 Northgate Drive Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Mark Gregory Clarke 4037 Impala Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15239

Paula Coyle

Elizabeth Creed

Mary Crouse

Frederick Cullen

Frederick John Cullen 824 Pinecrest Drive Mckeesport, Pa. 15135

Jane Miriam Earll 711 East 31st Street Erie, Pa. 16504

Catherine A. Cunningham 107 Eastview Dr. RTE 1 New Concord, OH 43762

Steven Jay Endersen 45 Utica Street Jamestown, New ork 14702

David Michael Curran 160 Gateshead Drive Me Murray, PA. 15317

Marc Francis Fallon 215 South Drive Butler, Pa. 16001

Sarah Jean Daniels 111 East Case drive Hudson, OH 44236

Jonathan Hays Darling S 5381 Old Lake Shore Road Lake View, N.Y. 14085

David Curran

Sarah Daniels

Jonathan Darling

Jane Earll

Steven Endersen

Marc Fallon

Brigid Feldman

Philip Ferraro 11 Colum bia Avenue Cranford, N.J. 07016

Sarah M. Davidson 41 Robin Lane Northford, CT 06472

Lisa Kay Fields 2346 vista Court Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598

Jon Michael Davis 62 Mendham Road Bernardsville, N.J. 07924

Stephen C. Defibaugh St. Paul Homes RD 3 Greenville, PA. 16125

Sarah Elizabeth Delano 115 Inglewood Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15228


Priscilla Ann Fifield 39 Hillview Road Holyoke, Mass. 01040

\ Sarah Davidson

Jon Davis

Stephan Defibaugh

Sarah Delano

Philip Ferraro

Lisa Fields

Priscilla Fifield

Kenneth Filman

Linda Sue Fletcher 10 Hoffman Avenue 011 City, Pa. 16301

Kim E. Diefenderfer 42 Sum m it Road Greenville, PA. 16125

Lucille Folino 553 Beall Way Sewickley, Pa. 15143

Florence Richele Diggs 1638 Laketon Road Pittsburgh, PA. 15221

Bradley DeMaison

Kim Diefenderfer

Richelle Diggs

Linda Fletcher

Anamarie Dinunzio

Lucille Folino

Elizabeth Forbes

Elizabeth Ann Forbes 5149 Graham Drive Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124

Susan Foster 1416 W hirlw ind Hill Rd. W allingford, CT 06492

Charles Paul Dombrowski 411 Vineyard Drive Gibsonia, Pa. 15044

Kelly Diane Fox 676 South Avenue W hitman, Mass. 02382

Anthony Donatelli II 266 Eastwood Avenue Deer Park, N.Y. 11729

Donald Robert Dorer Box 96 Montrose, N.y. 10548

Laurel Beach Dyson 7 Seven Oaks Circle Madison, N.J. 07940

Kenneth Scott Filman 185 Stanley Drive Centereach, New York 11720

Mary Christine Finlay 26 Judson Street Braintree, Mass. 02184

Bradley Paul DeMaison RD 7 Box 226 Talon Street Meadville, PA. 16335

Anamarie Dinunzio 1204 Carlisle Street Natrona Heights, Pa. 15065

Brigid Ouinn Feldman RD 1 Brookville, Pa. 15825

im Charles Dom browski

Anthony Donatelli

Donald Dorer

Laurel Dyson

Susan Foster

Thomas Carl Fox 720 Liberty Street Franklin, Pa. 16323

m Kelly Fox

Thomas Fox

Bernard Franc

Bernard Franc 20 Elwyn Avenue Carnegie, Pa. 15106

Antonia M. Frederick Box 779 Allegheny College Meadville, Pa. 16335

Stephen Anthony Grande 49 Chapel Woods W illiam sville, N.Y. 14221

W. Randall Frederick 150 Montana Strret Pittsburgh, Pa. 15214

Eliot Green 173 Spring Street Meadville, Pa. 16335

Donna L. Freeman 7211 West W illow Way Fairview, Pa. 16415

M argquerite S. Fuller 607 Darrington St. SE W ashington, D.C. 20032

Mark Greenly 3412 Hershey Road Erie, Pa. 16506

Antonia Frederick

Randall Frederick

Donna Freeman

M arguerite Fuller

Stephen Grande

Eliot Green

Mark Greenly

Anne Greer

Deborah Ann Galbo 704 Davenport Street N orthboro, Ma. 01532

Shelby W arrington Grier 1410 Old Pottstown Pik Westchester, Pa. 19380

Judith G. Gangemi Box 234 Allegheny College Meadville, Pa. 16335

Laura Susan G riffith 7336 Samuel Lord Drive Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

Elizabeth M errill Gates 65 W oodruff Avenue W akefield, R.l. 02879

Mary Louise Geering 4001 West River Pky. Grand Island, New York 14072

Anne Jeffrey Greer PO Box 28 Granite Springs, N.Y. 10527

Patricia Ann Grodski PO Box 141 Riverhead, N.Y. 11901

Deborah Galbo

Judith Gangemi

Elizabeth Gates

Mary Geering

Shelby G rier

Laura G riffith

Patricia Grodski

Diana Gross

David Wayne Geyer 824 Wall Avenue Pitcairn, Pa. 15140

Diana Lynn Gross 320 West 9th Street Erie, Pa. 16502

James F. Guenther 4040 Page Street Erie, Pa. 16510

Wallace Scott Gibbons 2642 School Street Wenatchee, Wa. 98801

Mary Jane Guthrie 307 North 3rd Street Appollo, Pa. 15613

W illiam Preston Gibson 89 Richdale goad Needham, Ma. 02194

Thomas John Haffely 363 Devonshire Rd. Zelienople, Pa. 16063

Sarah Hammond Gleason 39 W indm ill Road Pittsford, N.Y. 14534

David Geyer

Wallace Gibbons

W illiam Gibson

Sarah Gleason

James G uenther

Mary G uthrie

Thomas Haffely

Susan Handy

Susan Joan Handy 4276 Grannis Road Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Amy Bishop G oldsmith 149 Kellogg Drive W ilton, Ct. 06897

Laura Jean Hanson 11375 Parkside Road Chardon, Ohio 44024

Donald Stanley Good 1812 W arrick Drive Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Carlotta M. Harrison 3705 Ellamont Road Baltimore, Md. 21215

Thomas James G oodrick 550 South Eighth Street Sharpsville, Pa. 16150

Lisa Marie Grabowski 355 Stanley Street North Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120

Carol Lin Hartley RD 1 Box 173 Clarion, Pa. 16214

Amy G oldsm ith

Donald Good

Thomas G oodrick

Lisa Grabowski

Laura Hanson

Carlotta Harrison

Carol Hartley

Karen Harvey

Karen Lou Harvey 161 Lenape Lane Berkeley HGTS, N.J. 17922


Stephen E. Haynesworth 2249 Taylor Road Cleveland Hgts, Ohio 44112

David Jacobson 252 Avery Terrace Painseville, Ohio 44077

Tracey Sue Heimberger Box 37 Saltsburg, Pa. 15681

Donna Margaret Jarka 7 Wayne Place Commack, N.Y. 11725

Lynda Beth Hess 127 Allan Drive Beaver, Pa. 15009

Allison Lee Hiltner 6174 Collie Drive Bethel Park, Pa. 15102

James G ilbert Johannes 1751 Emery Drive Erie, Pa. 16509

Stephen Haynesworth

Tracey Heimberger

Lynda Hess

David Jacobson

Donna Jarka

James Johannes

Anne Johnson

Anne Elizabeth Holden 68 Pleasant Circle Canton, Ma. 02021

Craig Stephen Jones 3534 Raymoor Road Kensington, Md. 20795

Michael Scott Holden RD 4 Box 40 Apollo, Pa. 15613

Linda Diane Jones 311 Fox Run Trail Aurora, Ohio 44202

Laurie Blythe Holding 1814 Concord Drive Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Jeffrey Richard Hopper 208 Berkely Drive Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055

Robert Marsh Jones 420 Glenview Drive Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068

Anne Holden

Michael Holden

Laurie Holding

Craig Jones

Linda Jones

Robert Jones

Diane Kamola

John S cott Houston 30 Coolidge Circle N orthborough, Ma. 01532

Allison Keenan 317 Loomis Street Meadville, Pa. 16335

Paul David Howell 1081 Kings Way Alliance, Ohio 44601

Jung Sil Kim Box 1515 Alleheny College Meadville, Pa. 16335

John Houston

Eric Houze

Paul Howell

Patrick Howley

Kimberly Kastelic

Allison Keenan

Jung Sil Kim

Richard Klein

Scott Alan Hum 995 Dale Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. 15330

Richard Allen Klein 25 City View Avenue Jamestown, N.Y. 14701

Howard Allan Klions 534 East College Street Meadville, Pa. 16335

Tim othy Robert Hurley PO Box 42 Armonk, N.Y. 10504

Jeffrey Carl Knight 248 Doncaster Road Brighton, N.Y. 14623

Susan Ruth Husted 526 W. College St. Apt. 5 Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Fields Lee Jackson Jr. 48 Park End Place East Orange. N.J. 07018

Diane Lisa Kamola 81 Valentine Street Glen Cove, N.Y. 11542

Kimberly Ann Kastelic 118 Barnett Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239

Eric Charles Houze 203 Oak M anor Drive Natrona Hgts, Pa. 15065

Patrick Thomas Howely 354 Nod Hill Road W ilton, Ct. 16897

Anne L. Johnson 808 Sequoia Lane Vestal, N.Y. 13850

Alice D. Kolman 11335 M itscher Street Kensington, Md. 20795

S cott Hum

Tim othy Hurley

Susan Husted

Fields Jackson

Howard Klions

Jeffrey Knight

Alice Kolman

Michelle Kotulak

M ichelle Marie Kotulak 1149 James Street M onroeville, Pa. 15146

Katherine E. Kraus 150 Colony Court Snyder, N.Y. 14226

Faith Lyman Lyman Farm M iddlefield, Ct. 06455

Erica Beth Landesman 57 W albrooke Road Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583

Edna Ann Lyon 218 East Trevitt Street Bryan, Ohio 43506

Charles David Lanigan 267 Susquehanna Avenue Lock Haven, Pa. 17745

Georgianna LaRocque Route 100 Box 196 M illwood, N.y. 10546

Stacey Anne Lyon 120 Sherbourne Road Syracuse, N.Y. 13224

Katherine Kraus

Erica Landesman

Charles Lanigan

Georgianna LaRocque

Faith Lyman

Edna Lyon

Stacey Lyon

Janet McCamy

W. Frederick Lascheid 159 Main Entrance Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. 15228

Sandra Lee M acMillan 105 Carm alt Avenue Punxsutawney, Pa. 15767

Denise Lynn Laude 78 Carlton Terrace Cresskill, N.J. 17626

Daryl Clinton Madden 22-41 W hitestone Expwy Whitestone, N.y. 11357

Michael Edward Leong 7 Bergen Court H untington Sta., N.Y. 11746

Cindy Fran Levine 6E Weavers Hill Greenwich, Ct. 06830

Michael John Madonia 944 East 31st Street Erie, Pa. 16504

Frederick Lascheid

Denise Laude

Michael Leong

Cindy Levine

Sandra M acM illan

Daryl Madden

Michael Madonia

Susan Malley

Dov Levine 8 Mercury Avenue Colonia, N.J. 07067

Robert A. Marchman 358 Adelphi Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11238

Kathleen Linn 221 W invhester Road Lakewood, N.Y. 14750

M argaret Rose Marshanke 2868 M ckoon Avenue Niagra Falls, N.Y. 14305

Dov Levine

Eric Linberg

Kathleen Linn

Peter Lippman

Kimberly Mance

Robert Marchman

Margaret Marshanke

Gregg Mason

Patrick M. Livingston 517 Fordham Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15226

Gregg Claude Mason 4337 W hitney Way Erie, Pa. 16511

Ted Allen Matthews Jr. RD 2 Orme Road Ligonier, Pa. 15658

Sarah W oodbridge Loach 104 M eadowbrook Court Charlottesville, Va. 22901

Michael David Maul 4737 Brentwood Dvive Wi 11iamsvi I le, N.Y. 14221

Robert Gibson Long 3224 Comanche Road Pittsburgh, Pa. 15241

Mark W. Lusk 11 West Street Holley, N.Y. 14470

Susan Marie Malley 1611 Plank Road Webster, N.Y. 14580

Kimberly Jeanne Mance 2 Stone Road Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514

Eric Raymond Lindberg 5046 Don Street Finleyville, Pa. 15332

Peter Lippman 45 Mac Leay Road Montville, N.J. 07045

Janet Eve McCamy 2002 garrick Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235

Jodi W. May 218 Mohawk Drive River Edge, N.J. 07661

Patrick Livingston

Sarah Loach

Robert Long

Mark Lusk

Ted Matthews Jr.

Michael Maul

Jodi May

Claire McCance

Claire Carter McCance 9 N iblick Lane Littleton, Co. 80123

Robert Thomas M cDermott 306 Harrison Avenue Vandergrift, Pa. 15690

Paul John Nemergut 30 Crocus Street W oodbridge, N.J. 07095

Robert Ernest McGarity 64 Sequams Lane West Islip, N.Y. 11795

Kevin Michael O 'C onnor 59 Hauk Road Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235

Elizabeth Joan McNair 8 Chautauqua Court Oil City, Pa. 16301

Gale Carol Olsson 51 Lakeside Drive Farmingville, N.Y. 11738

Anne Jessie Mercer 102 Mayo Road Wellesley, Ma. 02181

Michael Ophardt 380 Gallup Road Spencerport, N.Y. 14559

Robert M cDerm ott

Robert McGarity

Elizabeth McNair

Anne Mercer

Paul Nemergut

Kevin O’Connor

Gale Olsson

Michael Ophardt

Roberta Ann Miljus 2315 Dutch Ridge Road Beaver, Pa. 15009

Grant Douglas Ordiway Crescent Avenue Clarion, Pa. 16214

Linda sue M iller 11510 Patapsco Drive Rockville, Md. 20852

Hichard A. O rtoski 208 Charles Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Cynthia M ills 2740 Harvey Avenue Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068

Deborah D. M inarick 366 Avenue East Bayonne, N.J. 07002

Raymond Patrick Parker 1135 W ashington Road Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 15228

Roberta M iljus

Linda M iller

Cynthia M ills

Deborah M inarick

Grant Ordiway

Richard Ortoski

Raymond Parker

Angela Parks

Stephen Henry M itchell One Mayberry Lane LynnField, Ma. 01940

M. Angela Parks 1138 North Negley Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

Sharron Ann Patterson 528 Diehl Court Meadville, Pa. 16335

Brian Curry Moore 206 Collegiate Drive Johnstown, Pa. 15904

Cathy L. Patty Z.E. Patty Box 38530 Houston, Tx. 77088

C hristopher L. Morgan 6 Crescent Road W inchester, Ma. 01890

Linda Ann Pepitone 34 Ash Drive Northford, Ct. 06472

James Paul Morgan 1414 Canal St. SW #11 W ashington, D.C. 20024

Stephen M itchell

Brian Moore

Christopher Morgan

James Morgan

Sharron Patterson

Cathy Patty

Linda Pepitone

Julia Pfeiffer

Mary Rose Morris 105 W inchester Drive Brick Town. N.J. 08723

Julia Sybilla Pfeiffer 36 Old Boston Road W ilton, Ct. 06897

Peter J. Pietrandrea RD 2 Wampum, Pa. 16157

Jill Deanne M orrow RD 1 Oakview Drive Meadville, Pa. 16335

Antionette M. Pinkney 1128 West Tioga Philadelphia, Pa. 19140

Cynthia A. Nauman 1400 Clearview Drive Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Corinne Elizabeth Price 1507 Fernledge Drive Allison Park, Pa. 19143

Linda Elaine Nemec RD 2 New B righton, Pa. 15066

Mary M orris

Jill M orrow

Cynthia Nauman

Linda Nemec

Peter Pietrandrea

Antoinette Pinkney

Corinne Price

Karen Primus

Karen Yvette Primus 2022 Alden Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19143

.._____ ■ ■X .

Ramsey Pualwan Box 208 Spencer, Ma. 01562

Philip Henry Rybecky 2 Grove Place Port W ashington, N.Y. 11050

Robert L. Purvis RD 3 Box 13 Valencia, Pa. 16059

Steve James Saines 75 W allkill Avenue M iddletow n, N.Y. 10940

Lisa Marie Rackliffe 97 Crater Lane Kensington, Ct. 06037

Paul Edward Raczynski 46 Bahia Circle Land 0 Lakes, Fla. 33539

Melody Ayn Salzman 28 W inoka Drive Huntington St., N.Y. 11746

Ramsey Pualwan

Robert Purvis

Lisa R ackliffe

Paul Raczynski

Philip Rybecky

Steve Saines

Melody Salzman

Gwendolyn Sands

Gwendolyn Sands 125 W hittem ore Street Tewksbury, Ma. 01876

Gregory Rademacher 461 Prospect Street Nutley, N.J. 17110

Brian David Scarborough 17894 Captains Cove Lakewood, O hio 44107

Deborah Ann Ravin 155 Boxw ood Circle Hamburg, N.Y. 14075

Kim Lori Schaeffer 948 Old Rock Hill Road W allingfor, Ct. 06492

Deborah Lynne Reed PO Box 1341

S. James S chm ittle Jr. 44 East Pearl Street Albion, Pa. 16401

Richard F. Reimers 173 East A irp ort Rd. Butler, Pa. 16001

Gregory Rademacher

Deborah Ravin

Deborah Reed

Richard Reimers

Brian Scarborough

Kim Shaeffer

James S chm ittle Jr.

Steven Schwartz

Daniel P. Reininga Shore Acres D unkirk, N.Y. 14048

Maureen Scully 334 C onnecticut Drive Erie, Pa. 16505

Barbara Jean Richardson 2613 Lynnhaven Drive Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Santina Scutaro 181 Coates Avenue N. Lake Ronkonkom a, N.. 11779

Lee Erin Riley RD 1A Russell, Pa. 16345

R. DavidiRipley 1331 Main Street #2 Phoenix, N.Y. 13135

David Bond Seamans 880 North Parkway Road Allentown, Pa. 18104

Daniel Reininga

Barbara Richardson

David Ripley

Maureen Scully

Santina Scutaro

David Seaman

Fred Seguiti

Susan Tabb Robertson McKean Road RD 1 Ambler, Pa. 19002

Fred Anthony Seguiti 1208 Martin Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Lester Saul Seidenberg Box 841 Southern Pines, N.C. 28387

Linda Jane Roese 4761 Edenwood South Euclid, O hio 44121

Nancy Jean Schoolbraid 1499 M ountaintop Road Bridgewater, N.J. 08807

Amy M arguerite Rose 120 Rosehaven Drive Renfrew, Pa. 16053

Kathleen Anne Ryan 1128 Clover Street Rochester, N.Y. 14610

Steven Lee Schwartz 279 North Syracuse Avenue N. Massapequa, N.Y. 11758

James Burdette Simons 427 Maple Lane Sewickley, Pa. 15143

Susan Robertson

Linda Roese

Kathleen Ryan

Lester Seidenberg

Nancy Schoolbraid

James Simons

Kathleen Singleton

Kathleen E. Singleton 1184 St. Vincent rive Monroeville, Pa. 15146

Scott Alan Smith 614 King Road West Chester, Pa. 19380

Lisa Swoboda 106-D M artin Lane W ilm ington, DE 19807


Sarah Frances Swift 615 Southlawn East Lansing, Ml 48823


Rebecca Lynn Smith 1951 W allace Road Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Cherylann Kingsley Tacy Fairview St. PO Box 225 Lee, MA 01238

Scott Smith

Suzanne Smith

Elise Sonz

Sarah Swift

Lisa Swoboda

Cherylann Tacy

Patti Ann Thom pson 508 G ilm ore Street Meadville, Pa. 16335

James Spaulding 256 Roscommon Place McMurray, Pa. 15317

Susan Kathleen Thom pson 12 Filbert St. Jamestown, N.Y. 14702

Ellen Ann Spetrino 867 Lafayette Drive Akron, Oh. 44303

Susan Kay Tibbens 630 Palm Street W ashington, Pa. 15301

Karen Marie Stateczny 2350 Crittenden Road Alden, N.Y. 14002

Pamela Jean Steele 184 Cottonw ood Drive W illiam sville, N.Y. 14221

James Spaulding

Ellen Spetrino

Karen Stateczny

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Patti Thom pson

Susan Thom pson

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Thomas Traub

Thomas Lumis Traub 87 Fawn Ridge Drive M illington, N.J. 07946

Shirpey Tupper 335 O akridge Drive Schenectady, N.Y. 12306

Kristen Lyn Stephan 1047 Amherst Street McKeesport, Pa. 14131

Carol Anne Stockdale 13 Edwin Court E. Rockaway, N.Y. 11518

Bruce Alexander Turner 31 Fairfield drive Fairport, N.Y. 14450

Erica Stuckenrath 2111 Spencer Road Silver Spring, Md. 20910

Eric Wood Turner 301 Orchard Lane Sewickley, Pa. 15143

Karen M uriel Sturtevant Raymond Road Auburn, N.H. 03032


Kristen Stephen

A Carol Stockdale

Erica Stuckenrath

Karen Sturtevant

Shirley Tupper

Bruce Turner

Eric Turner

Vicki Underhill

Vicki Anne Underhill 6230 Foxglove Lane Erie, Pa. 16505

Janice Jeannine Urey 1030 West First Street Oil City, Pa. 16301

Susan Kathleen Stutz 89 Norman Drive Ramsey, N.J. 07446

Robert Blake Vest 401 Valleybrook Drive Silver Springs, Md. 20904

Kimberlee Ann Sullivan 128 Elbrook Drive Natrona Heights, Pa. 15065

Robert W illiam Viggiano 4 Valley Veiw Drive Ramsey, N.J. 07446

Eric John Swan 32 North Street Broadalbin, N.Y. 12025

Robert Alfred Sweeney 10 Scout Road East W alpole, Ma. 02032

Valery Thaden

Rebecca Smith

Valery J. Thaden 35 Leverrett St. Fredonia, N.Y. 14063

Susan Stutz

Kimberlee Sullivan

Eric Swan

Robert Sweeney

Janice Urey

Robert Vest

Robert Viggiano

Diana Voorhees

Diana Lynne Voorhees 3116 Haskell Road North East, Pa. 16428

Elise Margaret Sonz 2044 Dogwood Drive Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076

Suzanne Smith 124 Vista Drive East Haven, Ct. 06572

Lizabeth Watson 149 College Park Drive M onroeville, Pa. 15146


W illiam David Watt 303 Clarem ont Crive Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068

James Paul Wheeler 825 W oodburne Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15226

Roger W illis 110 Forest Road Lakewood, Oh. 44107

Ronald Paul W illoughby 351 Clair Drive Jpper St. Clair, Pa. 15241

Peter W. W ilson 521 General S cott Road Wayne, Pa. 19087

Derran Kent W imer RD 4 East Pine St. Ext. Grove City, Pa. 16127

Peter Jefferies W olfson 309 Wells Street Westfield, N.J. 07090

W illiam M. Yarbenet 115 Oak Tree Pass W estfield, N.J. 07090

Valerie Sue Yokim 114 N. Church Street Dubois, Pa. 15801

Diane Louise Zahm 7469 Ridge Road W. B rockport, N.Y. 14420

Brian Jeffrey Zink 2342 Vandy Drive Palmyra, N.Y. 14522

b est 1111

a r R hoda’s Family Shoes and Repair 887 M arket Street MEADVILLE, PENNA. 16335 724-3222

HAMBURGERS Y ou're gonna love W endy's H ot-n-Juicy Ham burgers. Lots of Meat. Lots of Toppings.



£ C e c tf ic

Senior Class


v &ti


S u ife yl , ‘In c .

PHONE 336-1106 291 CHESTNUT ST. M E A D V IL L E , PA.

M E A D V I L L E ’ S K E E P S A K E D IA M O N D C E N T E R

\t\w m s CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 C om plim e nts of


D ow ntow n M a ll M e a d ville , Pennsylvania Phone 724-1115

Loeffler’s Flowers Van Tuil Photo Center

J IL L ’S DAIRY STORE C orner of B aldw in Street and Park Avenue M eadville, Pennsylvania

207 C hestnut Street M eadville, Pennsylvania Phone: 336-3151

For A LL o f yo ur co lle ge needs Best W ishes For A S uccessful Future!



fo r fa shions . . . fo r hom e . . , fo r sp o rts . . . fo r yo u r car ..




Shop by phone 000-0000

JCPenney Catalog Department

868 Park Avenue Meadville, PA

n feR N E S S

10% discou nt to students for purchase $10.00 & over w ith I.D. card




PAH PLACE AHTIQUES Monday thru Saturday 1-5:30 p.m. Roseville (C ollectors Items) Furniture Vintage C lothing, A rt Deco (1924-1940)

29 C hestnut Street M eadville, PA 333-1600

Bus. 723-3261 Res. 336-6013

. rr—


753 Park Avenue Meadvi l l e. Pa. 16335

Back Packs Hiking Boots

XC Ski Equipment Ski Clothing

882 Park A ve. M eadville, PA 16335 (814) 336-1205 I

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Nu-Du Hair Salon



v L-


- JE= N


,‘r - v


'■ J

PHONE 814-336-5109 16335

771 Park Ave. MEADVILLE PA.

DEAN’S JEWELRY DISTINCTIVE JEW ELRY AND GIFTS 252 C hestnut Street M eadville, PA. 16335

C o n g ra tu la tio n s Class of '80 On behalf o f yo u r frie n d s at

T rophies & M ugs engraved free W atch and Jew elry repair


O ffering assistance w ith yo u r banking needs at:


T* SHIRT G4U6RK Custom Silk Screening Headquarters for custom imprinted garments

AH MA* AVINUE 333-1450



The First Bank on Campus A llegheny C ollege Cam pus O ffice 520 N orth Main St. M eadville, Pa. 16335


The Varden Portrait For some people, a diploma is not enough.

flp lf

" \

* • ♦♦

I n

9 I

Some people feel that there should be more to graduation. More than just a diploma. A timeless commemorative o f your graduation is the Varden portrait. Your Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 30 years, the name Varden has meant the ultimate in portraiture. When you graduate, don’t settle for less.




For many years, longer than we have been here, the Kaldron has recorded each year of Allegheny's history. This year is no different. W ith each year, however, som ething new is tried. This year is. of course, no different. We apologize fo r any om issions that may have been made although it was not intentional. This yearbook has been a com bination of many joys and much more frustration. Karen was always the m ainstaff of the book. She kept us going as times got tough, and tried to stay sane at dead line time. Dan was hilarious and made us laugh when we were ready to cry. Sue brought in the pictures but un fortunately is thin kin g of driving a truck fo r the rest of her life. Go to it Sami To Lisa we owe many thanks to her art w ork and her own art staff. They have given us dreams that we can only im agine. Anne gave us the money that made the Kaldron possible and I tried to keep everyone sane by proving my insanity. A special thanks goes to Tim Ward, our Hunter representative, for putting up w ith a group like us and also to Helen and Ed who put up w ith much more abuse than they had to. But we extend a special thanks to you who made our year possible. Kris Editor: Karen Dietz Assistant Editors: Elsa Gronlund Dan G ifford Photography Editors: Dan G ifford Sue Byrnes Assistant Photgraphy Editors: Sue Byrnes Kathy Marchi Layout Editor: Kris Gobbel Business Manager: Ann Szuba Art Editor: Lisa Allen Assistant Art Editors: Steve Adams Jeff Allen Copy Editors: Joe Owens / Lenora Persinski Assistant to the Editors: Pam Steele Hunter Publishing Representative: Tim Ward Varden Studios: Jim McGee Photographers: Sue Byrnes M arcia Cambell Karen Dietz Dan G ifford Elsa Gronlund B rit Hyde Chris Kelly Kathi Marchi Nick M artino Skip McKallip Doug Nicklaus Pam Phar Leslie Ruhe Joe Spaeder Glenn Thompson Layout Staff: Sue Baker Eline Clark Kathy Colbert Barb Luftglas Pam Kimmel Marilyn Poe Cheryl Tershner Art Staff: Lisa Allen Steve Adams Jeff Allen Vince Donatelli Sue Molloy Pam Pharr Diane Very Cover Design: Lisa Allen Dedication: Dan G ifford Special Thanks: to Edward Lukasik fo r pu tting up w ith our boredom.

The blue cloudless sky encompasses each of us The cool breeze sw irls around and throu gh us, and we sit am ongst the trees and flowers enjoying the cool m orning dew. Our thoughts are free and easy flow ing w ith the m orning winds roam ing in and out to yesterday and tom orrow . There are mem ories contained w ith in that tree and hopes are bound up in that cloud and today is here before us in the faces that we see. Tears fall on m editations of pleasant memories and eyes glisten at the thoughts of life tom orrow But our thoughts of the present are quiet and pushed into the recesses of o u r minds. The person beside you says hello and brings you back to reality of afternoon. Our nostalgia and ou r dreams have not been wiped clean away, but taken from the trees and clouds and then placed securely back into o u r heads. We now live fo r this instant in looking towards the heavens and to the grassy slopes around and being here w ith friends to share those memories and hopes and most of all; to make new dreams together. Ditz