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FALL 2017



we are HOPE





Insidehiu FALL 2017

4 President’s Perspective 6 Leadership at the Core 10 Decades of College Dreams


12 Prepared for Launch 14 A Pipeline of Support 15 An Evening Under the Sea


16 Servant Leaders in Action 19 Forward Progress 20 Faculty in Focus 23 HOPE in the Desert (cover story) 27 The Rebound of NCC Athletics


28 Royals Recap 30 Driving for Dollars


32 Alumni News & Notes 34 Honor Roll of Donors 42 Accolades 43 Remembering Lisa Wilson

InsideHIU is published by the Office of Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement Staff Michael Mulryan, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Megan Austin, Gift Recorder & Database Manager Reyes Baca, Development and Marketing Associate Rhonda Fox, Director of Publications Troy Gardner, Director of Church Relations & Development Jane Jech, Director of Church Relations & Development (NCC) Joe McCarthy, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

27 Art Direction & Graphic Design: Joe McCarthy Photos: Michael Maiolo, Joe McCarthy, Heston Quan Writers/Editors: Reyes Baca, Joe McCarthy, Cynthia Wright HOPE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 2500 East Nutwood Ave | Fullerton, California 92831 | • Hope International University is a regionally accredited Christian university founded in 1928 that integrates faith, service and learning. Through undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs with faculty and staff dedicated to student success, our students experience a transformative educational experience and are prepared to make an impact with their lives. Our diverse student body represents over 35 states and 40 countries around the world.

President’s Twenty years ago, under the presidency of Dr. Leroy Lawson, we became the first institution in the Independent Christian Churches to make the transition from college to university. For our first 34, years we were known as Pacific Bible Seminary. For the next 34, we were Pacific Christian College, and on September 1, 1997, we officially became Hope International University. Dr. Lawson’s visionary leadership provided a foundation for the progress we’ve experienced over the past two decades in which we have had record enrollment, record numbers of graduates, and received numerous recognitions for quality and excellence in Christian higher education.

WHEN OUR SCHOOL ASSUMED THE NAME HOPE, WE PROCLAIMED THIS IS A UNIVERSITY THAT WILL MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE. WHAT’S IN A NAME? At our opening Convocation service this year, I reflected on what our name means to me and the importance of our mission. To some, the word “hope” implies uncertainty or wishful thinking. However, it is one of the most powerful expressions in the Word of God and is used in the Bible more than 270 times.


Hope means “to look forward to with confidence or expectation.” Biblical Hope is a term that communicates bold confidence in the power of God to accomplish everything he has promised. It’s not a weak fantasy, a wish, or a dream. It is an expression of faith that can overcome even the most severe adversity. Hope meets challenges with courage and assurance, knowing the victory is already won. It takes us from a point of insecurity to one of boldness and dynamic action. Hope is a message that lifts people out of despair and brings them to a point in their lives where they can confront any obstacle with strength and a spirit of optimism. Romans 15:13 encourages us with this perspective, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” When our school assumed the name HOPE, we were proclaiming this is a university that will make a significant difference. It will instill within the lives of its students a passion to become servant-leaders who recognize they can change the world. Like Moses, Abraham, Peter, and Paul, they will allow the power of God to work through them and will tackle the kinds of problems that most people avoid. They will be prepared to face whatever trials may come their way and to do so with integrity and Christlike character because they didn’t simply attend a school called Hope, they embody the very meaning of the word. STAY THE COURSE While a name is important, what is more critical to any school is its mission. Here is the original mission statement of Harvard, the oldest university in this country, founded in 1636. “To be plainly instructed and consider well that

Perspective 13

the main end of your life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ.” You’ve probably heard of Harvard University, but you would not recognize that as their mission today. How about Yale University, established in 1701 by ten ministers? Its mission was expressed in this way. “Every student shall consider the main end of his study to wit: to know God in Jesus Christ and answerably lead a Godly, sober, life.” What happened at Harvard and Yale? It’s called “mission drift.” Drift doesn’t happen suddenly. A sharp turn in a boat, plane, or car is easily noticed. But a gradual drift off course is almost imperceptible. And the next thing you know, you are going in a different direction all together. Today, these universities would likely characterize their transformation as an evolution in which they responded to meet the needs of a changing world. Mission drift in a Christian University is not an organizational problem, it is a human problem. It happens when faculty, administrators, trustees, and students allow subtle influences to distract them from the reason the institution was founded. Without a doubt names, teaching methods, technology, locations, curriculum, and many other variables will change. But the mission should stand the test of time and be the litmus test for every decision. Drift can happen gradually when leaders get distracted by the many pressing demands they face each year. HIU was founded in 1928 and next year we will be celebrating our 90th anniversary. HIU exists “to empower students through Christian higher education to serve the church and impact the world for Christ.” The mission serves to keep a school on the right track. It is our responsibility to ensure we keep our focus on the mission of producing the best graduates possible who

will make a difference by impacting the world for Christ. That’s why we are not apologetic about integrating g g faith into the curriculum. We

IT IS A MATTER OF WHAT CHANGE TAKES PLACE IN THE LIVES OF STUDENTS AND WHAT THEY DO AFTER GRADUATING. expect students to participate in chapel and we encourage them to take part in Christian service projects and to be involved in a local church. The greatest achievement of any university is not based on the win-loss record of an athletic team. It is not a matter of the number of students enrolled, how much money is in the endowment, how many books are in the library, the location, or the beauty of buildings on the campus. It is a matter of what change takes place in the lives of its students and what they do after graduating. We are proud of the achievements of our alumni who are impacting the world for Christ, and look forward to where God will lead this University in the decades to come.



LEADERSHIP AT THE CORE SERVANT LEADERSHIP has been at the core of Hope International University since 1928, long before the term “servant leadership” became part of leadership training vocabulary. Formally, the University’s Leadership Core programming has grown over the course of more than two decades into a program that received broad acclaim during the University’s last accreditation with the WASC Senior College accr University Commission (WSCUC). &U

“Once WSCUC asked, we realized that we needed to illustrate what we were doing,” added Dr. Mark Comeaux, Vice President for Student Affairs.

Administration programs. Leadership Core was born in the College of Arts and Sciences at HIU and has impacted the curriculum of 42 of the institution’s courses.

Alexander and Comeaux, both ambassadors of the program, partnered to create a clear picture of how Leadership Core works in both the academic and student affairs areas, and components of that presentation are featured with this article. The picture that

All student leaders, including student ERG\RIˉFHUVVPDOOJURXSOHDGHUVUHVLGHQW assistants, and activities interns, are required to register for the Foundations of Leadership course early in their HIU careers, during which they participate in such projects as mentoring other students and taking the well-known Strengths-Finder test to assess their own potential leadership styles. Alexander said this all gives students a context for their remaining years of study and experience.

Our leadership core has grown into a program that received broad acclaim during the last accreditation evaluation. WSCUC had seen references to Leadership Core in many of HIU’s accreditation documents,” explains Dr. Paul Alexander, Vice President for Academic Affairs, “and the group asked us to present the program in greater detail.” 6

emerges is the picture of a program proggra ram m that iss elemental to the mission on of HIU. Many colleges and universities feature leadership training in their schools of business, particularly in Master of Business

As juniors, many student leaders opt to skip an easier requirement and, instead, engage in a unique leadership experience or project on campus, in their hometowns, churches, or in the local community. These projects have ranged from raising money to build a new church nursery environment to working with a property management company to collect former tenants’ abandoned furniture and sell it for charity. “Students may not carry out the project on their own; by its very nature, this project requires the collaboration of others,” said Comeaux. “There are several components that must be included: each student must

set a vision, serve, declare an end to the project, and then assess its success.”

elementary school students who need extra encouragement.

Leadership Core students make up a high percentage of HIU students who are engaged in service projects locally and globally. Four times each year, students travel to Latin America with Amor Ministries (founded by Gayla Congdon, BA ‘77 and MA ‘89, and her husband Scott) to build houses for people living in deep poverty, or for Amor’s annual Global Gathering, which convenes individuals and organizations that share Amor’s mission to impact poverty world-wide. Closer to campus, the Hope Mates program pairs HIU students with

A high percentage of these students are already in leadership positions, so, sometimes, upperclassmen are resistant to the training, because they think they already know everything. Alexander remembered one student who spent half the semester with his arms crossed during class meeting times. “Every semester, though, almost every student has an ‘Aha!’ moment to share, even the student who kept his arms crossed,” he laughed.

Both Alexander and Comeaux were pleased by WSCUC’s positive response to their presentation, but they are even more excited by the capacity for growth in the program and by the difference it makes for HIU graduates. Alexander envisions that HIU will be the pre-eminent leadership learning school, where graduates are known to be seasoned leaders the day they cross the graduation stage. “We want to take the barriers away,” said Comeaux, “and help students go beyond what they ever thought they could do.”


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A PLATFORM FOR ADVOCACY Last November, HIU sophomore Cheyenne Gallego competed in the National American Miss (NAM) pageant and won Miss Orange County through a series of interviews and an essay explaining “Why Do You Want to be Miss OC?” In January, she represented California in the pageant phase where she was named the 2nd runner up for the national title. Advancing to the international competition this summer, Cheyenne won the title of “International United Miss.” Currently an Elementary Education Major at Hope International University, Cheyenne has been participating in pageants since middle school. However, she views the coveted crown and sash as keys that open doors of opportunity for her to speak on behalf of the people that matter most to her.

Gallego uses her pageantry platform to advocate for the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, VSHFLˉFDOO\FKLOGUHQ&KH\HQQHZDVLQVSLUHGE\DSURJUDPVKH participated in during high school, called Best Buddies. Best %XGGLHVLVDQRQSURˉWRUJDQL]DWLRQGHGLFDWHGWRHVWDEOLVKLQJD global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-toone friendships, integrated employment and leadership training for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Upon graduation from HIU, Cheyenne plans to continue using her voice to advocate for the “least of these” through teaching in the VSHFLDOHGXFDWLRQˉHOGȢ,IHHOWKHUHLVVRPXFKXQWDSSHGSRWHQWLDO for those with intellectual development disabilities,” Cheyenne comments, “It takes someone with a loving heart to work with these students and help them reach their full potential.”

TO MEXICO WITH AMOR Each semester, a group of students led by Bryan Sands (BA ’01), HIU’s Director of Campus Ministries, travels to Tijuana, Mexico, to build a home for a family in need. Over the course of four separate day trips, a basic KRPHLVEXLOWFRQFUHWHˊRRUZDOOVURRI stucco, windows and doors. Although there is no electricity or plumbing, even these simple houses are more substantial than many of the makeshift homes in the region.

pastors. These pastors also continue to visit each family served, building a long-term relationship and sharing the love of Christ.

“One of the great aspects about these trips is it gives all the participants a better perspective,” Bryan says of the outreach. “These trips help us take our eyes off of ourselves and focus on others’ situations. The experience helps us appreciate what we have and challenges us to be more giving to those in real need.”

HIU has partnered with Amor since the QRQSURˉWȠVLQFHSWLRQKHOSLQJFKDQJHOLYHV both domestically and internationally through the program. HIU’s partnership with Amor continues to provide many varied opportunities to serve. In January 2017, student leaders joined the Amor team and other participants from around the world in a Global Gathering to learn about how to promote justice in each participant’s own domestic region.

The families who receive these homes are evaluated and prioritized by the Ministry Planning Board made up of local Mexican

More than thirty years ago HIU alumna, Gayla Congdon (BA ‘77, MA ’89), founded $PRU0LQLVWULHVDQRQSURˉWRUJDQL]DWLRQ whose mission is to change the world, one family at a time, through life-changing outreaches and mission trips – see


DECADES OF COLLEGE DREAMS Orange County educators are delighted to call Hope International University a partner with its AVID programs. The name “AVID” is an acronym for “Advancement Via Individual Determination.” It was designed to teach skills and behaviors for academic success, provide intensive support with tutorials and strong student/ teacher relationships, create positive peer groups for students, and develop a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination. Sue Blandford, the AVID Coordinator from Rancho Alamitos High 6FKRROLQWKH*DUGHQ*URYH8QLˉHG6FKRRO'LVWULFWZULWHVWKDW “HIU is an important partner with Orange County AVID schools, EHFDXVHLWRIIHUVˉUVWJHQHUDWLRQFROOHJHVWXGHQWVWKHRSSRUWXQLW\ WRZRUNZLWKDSULYDWHQRQSURˉWXQLYHUVLW\7KH8QLYHUVLW\ HPSKDVL]HVWKHEHQHˉWVRIDWWHQGLQJDVPDOOHUSULYDWHLQVWLWXWLRQ such as more personalized attention and smaller class sizes. My RZQVWXGHQWVKDYHEHQHˉWHGIURPDWWHQGLQJ+,8EHFDXVHRIWKH accessibility of the faculty and staff.” Many of the students involved in their schools’ AVID programs are underrepresented in higher education and their backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances create obstacles to the pursuit of higher education. HIU wants to help students overcome those obstacles through its partnership with AVID, offering institutional support for college enrollment and additional resources on campus for those AVID students who do enroll at HIU. Each year, HIU’s Vice President for Enrollment, Teresa Smith, attends the Orange County AVID Program’s Awards Ceremony and offers a guaranteed $12,000 annual scholarship to each student who graduates from a local high school AVID program.


“Unfortunately, very few students are able to take full advantage WKHVFKRODUVKLSEHFDXVHWKHLUIDPLOLHVȠˉQDQFLDOFDSDFLW\OLPLWV their ability to enroll,” said Smith. “The University offered 49 AVID scholarships for this fall, but only 14 of those students have registered, which is a fairly typical year.” There is still a big gap between the amount of the aid and the total cost of an academic year. Even with additional scholarships, WKDWJDSRIWHQLVWRRODUJHWREHˉOOHGZLWKWKHIDPLOLHVȠUHVRXUFHV Additionally, there are sometimes challenges with families who EHOLHYHWKDWVWXGHQWVQHHGWRˉQGIXOOWLPHZRUNLQVWHDGRI “wasting” time in college. Smith applauds AVID teachers for their diligence in helping students persevere. She told the story of one student who was pulled out of his high school classes when his father became ill, and the son was expected to take his place as a migrant worker. Through the tireless efforts of his teacher, the young man returned to school. “Some of the situations are heartbreaking,” said Smith, “but these teachers give their all to help students think beyond their present condition and stay in school.” HIU serves as a link between high school AVID programs and the college experience. The University interacts with Orange County AVID high school programs, offering college recruitment events, including campus visits for students. Most important, HIU is the only college or university in the County that provides guaranteed scholarship funding for any AVID student who enrolls at HIU (the University also works with AVID students outside the County).

In order to promote strong performance at the college level, HIU piloted a Summer Institute for College Success in 2016 for a group of incoming high school seniors from nearby Valencia High School. The Institute is designed to acclimate students to college life and the rigors of study at the higher education level, while promoting enthusiasm for pursuit of a college degree, and will be expanded to include other local high schools in 2018. Smith hopes that the University will be able to partner with schools, districts, and programs to raise additional scholarship funding, because she believes that investing in AVID students will yield spectacular results. In fact, according to the 2UDQJH&RXQW\2IˉFHRI(GXFDWLRQ$9,'JUDGXDWHVȝPDQ\ RIZKRPDUH(QJOLVKOHDUQHUVDVZHOODVˉUVWJHQHUDWLRQ college-bound students – outpace the national average in college enrollment. In the Fall of 2016, 77% of regional AVID students were accepted into college; the national average for that time period was 69.7%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “HIU and AVID are ideal partners, because our service orientation is a great match with AVID values,” said Smith, “and we are passionate about this partnership, because we help promote the idea among students that ‘you CAN go to college – you CAN make your dreams come true!’”



PREPARED FOR LAUNCH HIU+NCC Commissions 2017 Class of Servant Leaders On Saturday, May 13, 2017, Hope International University proudly conferred degrees upon undergraduate and graduate students who successfully completed their chosen courses of study. Drawn from the student body of 2,000+ students representing 31 states and more than 25 countries, these graduates now join more than 13,000 alumni who carry HIU’s legacy of servant leadership to locations across the globe.

the audience that “we can’t change our past but we can choose to grow and learn from it.” He encouraged graduates to consult God with every decision, because “decisions today determine our destination tomorrow and the stories of our lives. Yes, you are graduating, but you’re certainly not done. Keep writing your story while looking to God – the author and perfector of our faith – for guidance.”

Undergraduate student speaker Johannah Wade spoke of the many meaningful relationships she fostered at HIU, and reminded the audience to continue building upon that support system. April Congdon, graduate of HIU’s online program, celebrated the success of graduates with this charge: “Here’s to overcoming and to transforming the world, bringing God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven today and every day.” Graduate student speaker Julie White reminisced that during her Master’s program she was “challenged to question what I believe and why I believe it.” White concluded her address, saying, “Learning has been an adventure; living it is the next adventure.”

Nebraska Christian College held their 71st Commencement on Saturday, May 20, 2017, conferring degrees upon 27 graduates. Reid Milliken, Pastoral Ministry Major, shared his testimony, and Glen Elliott* gave the Commencement Address to the NCC Class of 2017 as well.

Commencement speaker Glen Elliot* (BA ’77, MA ’82) spoke of allowing God to work in and through one’s life to write “a better story,” reminding 12

*Mr. Elliot earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Hope ,QWHUQDWLRQDO8QLYHUVLW\ WKHQ3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJH +HLVFXUUHQWO\ the Lead Pastor at Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, AZ, where he’s been for 19 years. He has helped establish church planting partnerships in Tucson, Vail and Sierra Vista, and internationally in countries such as Kosova, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Cuba and India. Glen and his wife, Jolene, have been married 37 years. They have two adult children, Wendy and Brad, and one grandchild, Lillian.

FROM NCC TO WC “I remember being a bit unsettled my senior year of high school,” begins David Schomer, a recent graduate of NCC’s Worship Arts department. “I came to a student’s Senior Worship Project (annual worship concerts put on by graduating seniors) and just knew this is what I needed to pursue. Who would have thought this road would lead to Willow Creek Church in Chicago?” David recalls having periods in his life where he wasn’t following after Jesus, but instead was forging his own path. “I have had my share of pain, heartache, disappointment, parents who didn’t stay together…yeah, I was a pretty normal, good-yet-lost kid!” His youth pastor wouldn’t give up on him and gave him a place to serve – in the high school band at youth group. This lit something in him to pursue a ministry degree and pursue something more at Nebraska Christian College. “My youth pastor invested so much in me; he called ministry out of me,” recalls David. “The last four years have shown me that nobody gets to where they are going by themselves. For me, its been professors, worship leaders, and pastors allowing me to do

internships, residency, learning and honing my gifts. When I step back and consider all of the people who have blessed me along the way, it’s a lot to digest and be thankful for,” says David.

my wife and I decided that Willow Creek was WKHULJKWˉWȣ

David’s path echoes that of many recent NCC graduates. His freshman year, he jumped right in, serving where he could, attending sessions at The Institute with respected leaders from all over the country. He worked in Admissions and spent considerable time off campus serving in local churches.

“We had been looking for a worship leader in student ministries at the North Shore Campus for some time,” says Rachel. “I had been asking around for recommendations and was given 'DYLGȠVQDPHȣ5DFKHODQGKHUWHDPˊHZ David up a couple of times for interviews and auditions. Eventually the decision was made: the Schomers were formally invited to become “Creekers.”

One of the speakers he met at the Institute was NCC alumna, Rachel Lang (’10). She was SUHVHQWLQJZKDWKHUˉUVW\HDULQPLQLVWU\ZDV like at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. She had already taken the road to Willow some years earlier. Rachel and David’s paths would cross again four years later. David had several ministry leaders pursuing him to join their staffs. “Honestly, I read the paper about how college grads can’t get jobs LQWKHLUFKRVHQˉHOGȣVD\V'DYLGȢDQGWKDWȠVMXVW not been my experience. In fact, I’d even say having so many options during your senior year is quite overwhelming! We kept praying and seeking wise counsel,” says David. “In the end,

Rachel Lang is glad they did.

“I have a lot to learn,” says David, “but I look back and think of all of my pastors, professors, chapels, events, church services, and other serving opportunities. Nobody gets anywhere without a bunch of people helping them along the way. I will be paying this forward for the next generation. Who knows, maybe there’s some ninth grader that needs ministry called out of them just like it was called out of me.” And just maybe their road will lead that ninth grader from WC to NCC.

willow creek church chic ch iccag icag agoo,, il



A PIPELINE OF SUPPORT Douglas Coker, who served as President of his family’s company, Koppl Pipeline Services, Inc., for many years, continues a family tradition of almost 90 years by supporting Hope International University (HIU). Koppl Pipeline and HIU are about the VDPHDJHDQGKDYHERWKEHQHˉWHGIURPWKH dedication of Leo T. Koppl, Coker’s maternal grandfather, and his family. Koppl had a third-grade education when he started the Koppl Company in 1923, after having worked as a blacksmith. His lack of formal education did not limit him; despite the suffering the family endured during the Great Depression, he built a company that continues to prosper nearly a century later. The company has long specialized in hot taps (cutting a hole in a pipeline under SUHVVXUH DQGOLQHVWRSV FXWWLQJWKHˊRZWR a pipeline under pressure), in order to make repairs. Clientele includes water districts, energy companies, and private businesses; the company assists that clientele with cooling systems, water pipes, fuel pipes and various industry-related mechanical devices. /HR.RSSOȠVFRQQHFWLRQWR+,8 WKHQ3DFLˉF Bible Seminary) was forged through his friendship with and respect for the man who baptized him, Dr. James Hurst, Pastor of First Christian Church, Huntington Beach. Hurst became the ˉUVWRIˉFLDO3UHVLGHQWRI 3DFLˉF%LEOH6HPLQDU\ in 1930, two years after the institution’s


founding. Koppl supported the school ˉQDQFLDOO\VHUYHGRQWKH%RDUGRI7UXVWHHV for many years, and supported the institution throughout his lifetime. “Grandpa loved Jim Hurst and the school, VRKHVXSSRUWHG3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJHDV much as he could,” said Coker. The family business moved to Montebello in 1938. Doug’s parents moved their family from the beach to Montebello in 1953. Doug’s grandfather taught him to be a “sweeper” in the company shop when he was very young, and he became the shop foreman at the age of 19, which was thrilling, as he was then his own father’s boss. “I got to work side-by-side with my grandfather,” Coker recalled. “I learned so much – he had workers who stayed with him for 20 or 30 years.” Coker married his late wife, Sue, in 1962. They have four children: Ruthie, Mary, Carol, and Billy. Mary (Coker) Kott graduated from 3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ College in 1992.

Coker attends the University’s annual Spirit of Hope Gala, and he continues the support that his grandfather initiated so many years ago, recognizing the shared values and history of his family and the University. “Now that it’s Hope International University, it’s a great school, still,” he said. “It’s got a great name for itself.” Coker’s son-in-law now runs Koppl Pipeline Services, Inc. Coker remains actively involved in the company and has been a member of Park Avenue Christian Church, Montebello, since 1962.

AN EVENING UNDER THE SEA Alumni, donors, and special guests enjoyed a VIP reception on the closing night of HIU’s production of The Little Mermaid, complete with “under-the-sea” themed desserts. HIU student ambassadors, administrators, and staff also participated in the event before DGMRXUQLQJWRWKH3DFLˉF$XGLWRULXPIRUWKHFDSWLYDWLQJUHQGLWLRQRIRQH of Disney’s most-beloved tales. “This popular annual tradition allow us to show apprecition to all those whose generosity supports HIU’s mission and students,” said President John Derry, “and it is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of the very students they support.” 7KHUHFHSWLRQZDVSDUWRIWKHˉQDOSURGXFWLRQRIWKH6SULQJ Musical’s run, an annual production that is popular in the local community. This is the twelfth year in which special matinee performances are held for neighboring elementary and high schools. Following those shows, student audiences are invited to “meet and greet” with the HIU cast.

The Little Mermaid was produced by Ember Williams, who has directed HIU’s musicals for more than a decade.



HOPE FOR HEALTH CARE Den Shelby %$ȟ FDPHWR+,8 WKHQ3DFLˉF Dennis CChristian College) knowing that he wanted to Ch work in the “helping professions.” With the w JJXLGDQFHRI3URIHVVRUV%XQJDUG7LIˉQDQG Pavelski, he focused on the goal of pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. M TThat Tha Th ha goal became painfully real during his ssenior se enniio year, when Shelby was severely burned. shared His sh His Hi har ared ed experiences with burned and physically disabled patients in the hospital led him to focus on social work LQWKHPHGLFDOˉHOG+HHDUQHGKLV06:DQGWKHQZKLOHZRUNLQJ as a clinician, discovered an aptitude for leadership. He has held a number of administrative positions in psychiatric and acute rehabilitation facilities, including the CEO position at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, and he currently serves as the CEO of Wilson Medical Center in Neodesha, Kansas, focusing on the FKDOOHQJHVLQWKHˉHOGRIUXUDOKHDOWKFDUH

“I know that God has placed me in rural health care for a reason,” said Shelby. “Seeing the rural California hospital where I was born close down several years ago fueled my passion for doing all I can. My ministry calling is to serve in rural America and advocate for access to quality health care locally.” Dennis says that HIU prepared him well academically, with faculty who set and maintained high standards, and who helped him internalize the truth that health care is ministry. The servant leadership model that he saw in the classroom and in practice KHOSHGVKDSHKLVRZQOHDGHUVKLSVNLOOVDQGKHˉQGVKLVJUHDWHVW rewards in growing and developing people while helping staff and colleagues perform at optimal levels. He regularly encourages college-bound students to pursue an HIU education. Shelby has been married to his wife, Judy, for more than four decades. They are parents to Alison (BA ‘03) and Lindsay, and grandparents to Reese, Parker and Merrick.



Austin Sanford (BA ‘15) says he began his HIU basketball career as a “fan of Jesus, but not a follower.” HIU Basketball Coach Bill Czech and Team Chaplain Nelson Cook began making spiritual inroads in Sanford’s life almost immediately. Nelson ZDVTXLFNWRQXUWXUHWKHVSLULWXDOˉWQHVVRI team members and Coach Czech’s personal tragedy, the loss of his wife to cancer, made a big impact on Sanford, as he watched the coach rely on his faith.

church offered free rides to its noon services each Sunday.

His true conversion (he had been baptized at the age of eight) didn’t occur until his junior year at HIU, and when two of his teammates were being baptized at a nearby church, they invited him to attend and also to follow Christ in baptism. Shortly thereafter, Sanford became part of Crosspointe Church’s college ministry in Yorba Linda, mostly because the

Sanford’s volunteer involvement with Crosspointe Church’s youth program led to him being hired as the High School Pastor when the position was vacated.

Austin recalls Dr. David Matson, Professor of Biblical Studies, telling him, “There are no free rides for athletes in my classroom.” That class, which focused on the Gospel of Mark, opened Sanford’s mind and heart to the possibility of ministry as a profession. He accepted God’s call to ministry, not really knowing where it would lead.


He is eager to go to seminary and build upon his HIU foundation, and he is grateful for the University’s impact in his life.. Although he camee to HIU for basketball, Austin believes he got a lot more than that. Sanford said that the faculty, staff, and team members became like family WRKLPDQGKHLGHQWLˉHG$WKOHWLF'LUHFWRU -RKQ7XUHNDVDIDWKHUˉJXUH “My love for athletics changed my life because it brought me to Hope,” he said. “It was the ultimate game-changer!”


THE LAW OF HOPE Kelly Galligan (BA ‘14) grew up in Orange County, part of a large and HQHUJHWLF&DWKROLFIDPLO\+HUEURWKHUVZHUHDOOLQWHUHVWHGLQˉQDQFH but Galligan’s passion for literature and language led her to pursue an English degree. It was soccer, though, that initially attracted her to Hope, as she had played club soccer under Joe Lurker, the HIU Men’s Soccer Coach, who introduced her to then-HIU Women’s Soccer Coach, Aaron Seifker. Kelly, like many students, found that her college years were a time of growth and a time of questioning her faith. Her Catholic background was very different from HIU’s Thursday Chapel Services, where she ˉUVWH[SHULHQFHGDWUXO\LQWHUSHUVRQDOUHODWLRQVKLSZLWK*RG “In those Chapel services, I saw my own peers being very comfortable with approaching God,” she said, “and the overall environment was warm and loving.” She credits Natalie Hewitt, Associate Professor of English, with inspiring her to go from “athlete to geek,” becoming more studious and discovering more about herself and her aspirations. Cora Alley, Chair of the English Department, showed her how to “go beyond the words on a page and to put heart into writing.” Outside her major ˉHOGRIVWXG\6WHYH(GJLQJWRQ'HDQRIWKH&ROOHJHRI$UWVDQG Sciences, and Roberto Sirvent, Associate Professor of Political and Social Ethics, challenged her to learn history and politics, and to study them with an analytical and questioning attitude. Galligan believes that she was positioned to succeed in a top law school and in her dream job because of HIU’s healthy-growth environment and the academic preparation she received. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she attended University of California, Irvine (UCI) School of Law. “My experiences and interests drew me to a career as a corporate transactional attorney,” Kelly explains. “I love the minute details in contracts and drafting artful language to express exactly what I want to convey.” After passing the Bar Exam, she went to work for the regional ˉUPRI5XWDQ 7XFNHUMRLQHGLWVFRUSRUDWHGHSDUWPHQWDQGQRZ concentrates predominantly on mid-market mergers and acquisitions for local companies.

Kelly (fourth from left) as featured on the cover of the July 2017 Orange County Lawyer Magazine

“I was fortunate to have attended HIU and UCI’s School of Law, two schools that emphasize the importance of helping and being kind to the less fortunate,” said Galligan. “In my profession, that means providing legal services to those who cannot afford to hire an attorney, and practicing the law in a professional, ethical, and understanding fashion.” “As an Orange County native, I am aware of the vast number of disadvantaged people in our community,” she explained. “Given this, and my corporate law experience, I have focused my pro bono efforts in helping disadvantaged entrepreneurs and small businesses.” It is through her pro bono work that Galligan exercises both the “heart” skills and the analytical skills she developed at HIU.



Upo being presented the great professors with Christian integrity, a Upon 22017 NCC Distinguished sense of urgency and a great ability to teach Alumni Award at and inspire students to get out into the Homecoming, here are ˉHOG RI PLVVLRQV DQG HYDQJHOLVP IRU &KULVW some of Joel Burkum’s Seeing their passion and devotion provided UHˊHFWLRQV RI 1&&ȠV a continual nurturing of my desire to learn impact NCC on his life: and then “get out there in the world and DO something for Jesus.” “Nebraska “N Christian Colle College was one of the I can’t imagine how different my life would largest-c largest-contributing factors to be had I not had NCC as such an integral part my decision to enter Christian ministry of my life. I am grateful to NCC on so many and missions full-time. As a boy, I spent levels, from happy childhood experiences countless hours at NCC’s Park Avenue campus and exposure to real Christians, to New Way in Norfolk. My dad (Lowell Burkum) was Singers as a high school student, to meeting the music professor at the school, and we my wife, to sitting under the tutelage of gifted lived just a block away from all the exciting teachers and being challenged academically, campus action. as well as “evangelistically.” I thank God for what NCC has done in my life.” One of my great joys and inspiration was the privilege of our family’s hosting a great Joel was part of the original team at Deaf number of missionaries and speakers who Missions that started the “Omega Project,” a visited the campus frequently, and often, monumental undertaking to translate and my house. I sat in awe of these missionary capture in video the entire Bible in American ȢJUHDWVȣ DV WKH\ VKDUHG WKHLU ˉUVWSHUVRQ Sign Language. Now called “The ASLT” or stories of God at work in their countries. American Sign Language Translation, this Being at NCC-sponsored or hosted events SURMHFWLVQHDUFRPSOHWLRQRIWKHˉUVWHGLWLRQ allowed me to see missionaries up close. of the entire Word of God in ASL. This They became my heroes. project has sparked interest in several other countries which are now translating the Bible A Korean student named Mansoo Lee, who for deaf people into sign language. visited our home often, exposed my family to the language, music, food and culture Burkum wrote, produced and directed “The of Korea. He introduced me to Modern Art Finger Food Cafe Show,” a Christian video (being a good modern artist, himself). He program for “families touched by deafness,” shared harrowing stories about being a along with friend and co-writer, Marshall Christian in a hostile environment. Once, Lawrence, of Elkhart, Indiana. when threatened at gunpoint to renounce Christ or die, he replied, “How can I deny him One day in late 1992, Joel received a call from with my lips, when he is Lord of my heart?” DeAnn Sampley that changed his life. She had called to ask Joel to travel to Romania As a student at NCC, I was impressed with to make a video of her church’s missions trip the amazing amount of talent and wisdom to work at an orphanage in Bucharest from bundled up in the faculty of our little college. which she and her husband, Michael, had Not only were these teachers smart, they adopted a deaf boy. Joel agreed to make were passionate about the Gospel. So many the video, thinking it would be a one-time


trip to Romania. But, seeing the conditions of orphans and abandoned children on that ˉUVWWULS -RHOIHOWFDOOHGE\*RGWRUHWXUQWR Romania to serve the suffering and neglected children. After months of constant references to and retelling of stories about Romanian orphans, Joel’s wife, Penni, said that he must have contracted “Romania-on-the-brainia,” because he just couldn’t stop talking about those kids. In 1995, Joel and friend Walt Blankenship, founded For God’s Children International (FGCI), a mission designed to “provide hope, dignity and love in Jesus’ name for God’s precious, hurting kids in Romanian institutions. For the next 10 years, Joel worked at Deaf Missions by day, and out of his home doing FGCI work by night. In 2005, Joel, feeling called to work more in Romania with orphan children, left Deaf Missions to work for FGCI full-time. Berkum is currently the Executive Director of FGCI which serves children, special needs adults and Roma (Gypsies) people in Romania and Moldova, Lakota Indian children in South Dakota, and operates a Bible Camp in Louisville, NE (Camp of the Good Shepherd) where it is hoped that FGCI will soon establish its international headquarters. Joel with Ionela, the girl who inspired FGCI’s new Individual Specialized Needs Care (InSNC) program.


FORWARD PROGRESS HIU Adopts New Online Learning Platform In order to better serve our faculty, students, and administrators, Hope International University has replaced the former online learning platform with a leading online learning platform called Canvas. Integrating the same Web technologies that power sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Canvas is currently used by more than 2,000 universities, including all Community Colleges in California.

practical application, and clinical training are central to the curriculum. The faculty guides students through academic studies, clinical courses, self-assessment measures, and professional development, all of which provide a rich educational experience. Faculty members are current practitioners who bring their professional experiences to the classroom.

In addition to academic course requirements, students are placed in community-based clinical training sites where they undergo An industry leader since its launch in 2011, Canvas is highly real-world training experiences with diverse clientele. The students regarded for its reliability, functionality, easy to use, native tools, and ZRUN ZLWK VXSHUYLVRUV ZKR KDYH KDG VSHFLˉF WUDLQLQJ LQ PHQWDO customer support. health supervision and meet rigorous supervision standards. The Counseling Psychology program at HIU accepts students from Ȣ,ȠP WKULOOHG ZLWK WKH WUHPHQGRXV EHQHˉWV RXU VWXGHQWV ZLOO around the world and is dedicated to training students to work with experience using Canvas,” remarked Dr. Paul Alexander, HIU’s Vice diverse populations. President for Academic Affairs. “The communication and collaboration tools are state of the art and really fun to use. The faculty are excited Innovative 3-year Business Degree Program Launched to leverage these new tools to make learning robust, engaging and transforming.” With the ever-changing demands of higher education, increases in tuition, and highly competitive job market, HIU’s College of Business New Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Management has developed an innovative and intensive new Prepares Students for LPCC Careers undergraduate program in which students can earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration in just 3 years, completely online, Hope International University’s College of Psychology proudly VDYLQJVLJQLˉFDQWWLPHDQGPRQH\LQWKHSURFHVV announces the addition of a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program to its Online Graduate studies. This fully online Tuition for this program has been reduced to an amazingly affordable 61-unit program is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences cost of $5,000 per year, which means that motivated students who (BBS) for licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor complete the program in 3 years will invest only $15,000 in tuition (LPCC) in the state of California. – less than a local State University! This program requires students to complete 120 units, and can be personalized to each individual Professional clinical counseling includes conducting assessments student’s goals and objectives. HIU’s robust online learning platform for the purpose of establishing counseling goals and objectives to SURYLGHV PD[LPXP ˊH[LELOLW\ DOORZLQJ VWXGHQWV WR FRPSOHWH WKHLU empower individuals to deal adequately with life situations, reduce courses virtually anywhere, anytime! stress, experience growth, change behavior, and make well-informed, “We intentionally designed this program to save students time and rational decisions. money while expediting entry into their chosen profession, but without The curriculum integrates both theory and practice, grounded in compromising the quality of HIU’s stellar educational experience,” Christian principles. Sound research skills, theoretical teaching, says Andrew Paine, Assistant Professor of Business and Management.



CORA ALLEY CELEBRATES 40 YEARS AT HIU What lead you to become a professor?

In 1976, I jumped at the chance to teach the science of writing, the craft of literary analysis, and the art of storytelling at HIU (then 3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJH :KHQ,EHJDQP\PLQLVWU\DW+,8,ZDV the youngest member of the faculty; now I am the longest-serving, full-time faculty member at Hope, now in my 41st year! Daily, I count it one of the greatest honors of my life to teach students how to weave the “Story of God” into the “story of their own lives.” I pray that my students learn to take the pulse of the stories they write (as though their stories were living things); may they always feel the heartbeat of God at the center! Let’s silence the whine of bad stories with the roar of God’s truth.

What made you choose to teach (and continue) at HIU?

People often ask me, “How can you do the SAME job in the SAME place for your entire professional life?” My answer is always the SAME: “It is never the SAME”! Every wide-eyed, enthusiastic incoming class of students brings fresh perspectives, bubbling with GUHDPVIRUEXLOGLQJDEHWWHUZRUOGWKDWJORULˉHV*RG,PD\KDYH taught my subject before, but I have not taught it to this student before—that makes it a NEW adventure for both of us! I consider it a “sacred trust,” which my students and I enter into when we begin our journey together. Whether it is in the classroom, over a cup RIWHDLQP\RIˉFHRUFKDUWLQJWKHFRXUVHRIWKHLUOLYHVGXULQJDQ academic advising appointment, that “sacred trust” between us is a holy bond that I take very seriously. My ministry at HOPE has brought all nations within the reach of P\LQˊXHQFHDVHDFKVHPHVWHUEHJLQVZLWKDGHOLJKWIXOEOHQG of students of all nationalities, speaking many languages, and representing a patchwork quilt of colorful cultural heritages. I love the diversity in the Body of Christ. I marvel at how quickly we all meld into one family of believers; we seem to know instantly that we will spend eternity together; we might as well start the feast now! I will always cherish my role of announcing students’ names as they stepped onto that graduation platform. Students became graduates; graduates became alums, and they took a part of my heart with them with every step. They have become my “Great cloud of witnesses,” so to speak; I have done all I can to be worthy of their trust. So many have returned to grace my life with their visits, letters, Christmas cards, phone calls, and photographs of beautiful babies! I have had the privilege of being called a “Grand Professor” when I have the children of my former students in class. I recognize the name, and I smile as I say, “Your parents were ˊLUWLQJLQP\FODVVȣ

20 20

How has being a professor at HIU impacted your life?

HIU has given me roots and wings.. I have been allowed to soar on wings as I travel throughout WKLVPDJQLˉFHQWZRUOGVSHDNLQJ writing, training, teaching, mentoring, ng, publishing, and meeting countless old IULHQGVIRUWKHˉUVWWLPHEXW,KDYHDOZD\V HDOZD ZD\V \VV seen the “night light” of my roots at HOPE burning brightly in my RIˉFHXSRQWKHUGˊRRURIWKH1XWZRRGEXLOGLQJ:KHWKHU,DP dissecting the Socratic argument in C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, or teaching a freshman composition class exactly where those bits of punctuation really belong. I love to learn; I love to teach, and I live to express that learning through the spiritual lens of Christian truth.

What do you enjoy about teaching here?

My colleagues at HOPE have become family. As the years marched E\RXUIDPLO\RIEURWKHUVDQGVLVWHUVLQ&KULVWJUHZWRˉOOP\OLIHLQ ways I could never have imagined! Some of my dearest life-long friends are people I get to work alongside! What a privilege; what a joy! The Christmas cards that grace our home each December celebrate a lifetime of “Velcro Kids”—these are students who blew into our lives, shared their hearts, and simply STUCK to us, like Velcro! They have become “family”—we celebrate triumphs and tragedies together. We may not have brought our “Velcro Kids” into this world, but we have had the privilege of equipping them to go into this world. I have always been in awe at being allowed to earn my living preparing young men and women to be world-changers for Christ, but that awe was multiplied when the walls of my classroom exploded, and I began teaching online! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting working professionals, who balance work, family, and school. These adult learners are heroic, and I enjoy being their cheerleader! I embrace the challenge of translating on-ground course material into online the format; I think course-writing is fun! I have been delighted to discover that all my years of “right-brain, creative” energy has not quieted my “left-brain, techno-savvy” skills!

Are you ever going to slow down?

Only when I’m driving, and then only if the light is red! So far, I see no red lights in my future; I’m having too much fun!

FACULTY IN FOCUS Wayne Brazil, M.A., LMFT, W ((Psychology and Counseling) hhas opened a second therapy llocation in Tustin to augment the FFullerton location. Wayne is an aadjunct Professor in the Master’s M t ’ program.

JJoseph Cho, D.M.A., (Music) ddirected Shekinah Chamber eensemble at the Crowell AAuditorium. During summer bbreak, Dr. Cho has been to Korea tto teach church choir seminars andd preachh att several churches in Chung Joo and Seoul.

Kelly Dagley, Ph.D. Cand., K ((Old Testament) enjoyed the oopportunity to teach a four week midweek series on the w PPsalms at Parkcrest Christian CChurch in Long Beach, CA this last l spring. i She Sh also l guest lectured a graduate Old Testament course on Ruth and women’s experience of migration for a Loyola Marymount University extension course in Garden Grove.

JJohn Hendee, M.A., (Ministry and BBiblical Studies) made two, two week training trips to Kenya and w Uganda (January and June) in U 22017. He also made a two week ttrip to Cameroon in August with Youth Y th With A Mission. Mi i He is helping train hundreds of African leaders in his Relational Evangelism using It’s All About Relationship (IAAR) curriculum. He continues offering this course online 5 times a year. He also teaches the IAAR lessons to new students each semester on campus at HIU. His newest book will be out in 2017: “Transform Your Ministry by Building Relational Evangelism into It’s DNA”.

Wm. Curtis Holtzen, D.Th., W ((Philosophy and Theology) ppresented the paper “Faith: Human and Divine” at Heythrop H CCollege, University of London. He cco-edited the book “Connecting Faith Philosophical and Theological F i h andd Science: Si Inquiries” (Claremont School of Theology Press, Fall 2017) and wrote the essay “Is There Anything Natural about Methodological Naturalism? An Assessment of Plantinga’s Critics” for that volume.

He also contributed the essay, “Believe It or Not, God Has Faith in You” for the book Uncontrolling Love: Essays Exploring the Love of God (SacraSage Press, 2017). Holtzen is finishing his first monograph “The Faith of God” for IVP Academic (Summer 2018). He continues his membership in the American Academy of Religion, Wesleyan Philosophical Society, and Society of Christian Philosophers.

Karen McReynolds, M.A., K (Science) served as an AP Reader, ( evaluating 1,200+ AP Biology e essays at the annual Read in e Kansas City, Missouri June 10 – K 18, 1 2017. She also participated in Association’s conference i the th American A i Scientific S in Golden Colorado, with the theme “Exploring New Heights for Science and Stewardship”.

David L. Matson, Ph.D., (Biblical D Studies) received the award for S the t “most significant StoneCampbell history article” at C the t twentieth anniversary celebration of the Stonec Campbell C b ll Journal J l for f his work on the Lunenburg Letter. He also presented a paper at the StoneCampbell Journal conference and published a book review in the Stone-Campbell Journal (forthcoming). His article “Double-Edged: The Meaning of the Two Swords in Luke 22:35-38” will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature. His essay, “The Scholar and the Bible,” appears in the current issue of Leaven.

Robb R C. Ring, D.Min., (Ministry and a Human Development) received his Doctor of Ministry r degree from Concordia d Theological Seminary this May. T

Roberto Sirvent, JD, Ph.D., R (Political and Social Ethics), ( had h an essay published (with Duncan Reyburn) in the D edited volume, Sport and e Militarism: Contemporary Global M Perspectives (Routledge, 2017). The essay is titled, (Rout “Uniforms and Unanimity: Reading the Rhetorical Entanglement of Militarism and Sport through Mimetic Realism.” Professor Sirvent also taught a seminar at the Yale Summer Bioethics Institute in July.

Phil P Towne, Ph.D., (Intercultural S Studies), completed a Ph.D. d degree from Fuller Theological Seminary S and was awarded the t Popular Religion Award for f his dissertation. He was also recently named name as the new Chair of the Intercultural Studies department at HIU. In June of 2017 he presented some of his research at the annual American Society of Missiology Conference in Wheaton, IL.

Andrew Wood, D.Min. (Missions), A along with his teenage son Alex, a taught English and the Bible t in i Beijing, China for two weeks in i July and worshipped with a Chinese house church. Earlier in C the year he started an English tutoring ministry for immigrants in his hometown of Papillion Nebraska.

Michael Shepherd, M.S.M., (Intercultural Studies and Political Science) presented a paper entitled “Whose Reason? Whose Experience? Wesleyan Interpretation in an Era of Multicultural Identity” at the annual conference of the Wesleyan Philosophical Society at Asbury Theological Seminary. He led a workshop series about responding to cultural change at the Week of Missions conference at Winema Christian Camp in Oregon. He also joined the Advisory Board of the Gianesschi Center for Nonprofit Research at California State University-Fullerton and led a workshop on Cultivating Cultural Proficiency at their annual conference.

Peace Amadi, Psy.D, (Counseling P & Psychology), is founder of The Pink P Couch, a blog and digital ccommunity that challenges women to “get to the heart of the w matter;” co-founder of The Ruby m Project Project, a non non-profit profi that empowers girl survivors of abuse & trauma using the creative arts. A former beauty queen (Miss Nigeria in America 2007); and an emerging media personality, Dr. Amadi can now add “featured TEDx speaker” to her ever-evolving resume: Peace spoke on March 5, 2017, at TEDx in UC Davis, San Francisco. Her live TEDx Talk (now on YouTube) addresses social media and self-esteem.



PHOENIX, Arizona, is the fifth-largest city in the country, and WITH the median age of the population a youthful 32.9 years, it is no wonder that SEVERAL Hope International University alumni have found this desert landscape to be fertile soil for cultivating thriving Christian churches. >>>


HIU Alumni and Supporters BRING HOPE TO THE ARIZONA DESERT HIU and Supporters Find Desert to be Fertile Soil for Ministry CALAlumni JERNIGAN ArizonaChristian pioneer Darrell Central Church Duppa, who gave the city of Phoenix its name, saw the ruins of the prehishis home Jernigan as Youth Pastor at Central toric Hohokam tribe, and declared that a city wouldBack riseinfrom thestate, ashes. Hisserved prediction proved to Christian. University President Leroy Lawson was serving as Senior Central Christian Church reaches an average of 10,000 people be accurate; the Phoenix region is home to nearly 4.5 million people, numerous cultural resources, WKURXJKVHUYLFHVRQˉYHFKXUFKFDPSXVHVHDFKZHHN 6HQLRU3DVWRU Pastor at Central Christian years later, after Jernigan had served for franchises in all four major professional sports leagues, and is a hub for two major airlines (VistCal Jernigan is a 1978 graduate of HIU, and he says he never imagined nearly two decades. One day, Lawson asked him how long he had thought he would serve as a Youth Pastor. a life in the ministry when he was growing up in Arizona. 3KRHQL[LVWKHÀIWKODUJHVWFLW\LQWKHFRXQWU\DQGWKHPHGLDQDJHRIWKHSRSXODWLRQLVD\RXWKIXO Ȣ,WKRXJKW,ZDVJHWWLQJˉUHGȣ-HUQLJDQODXJKV “I cameyears, from a broken, dysfunctional home, ” recalls Jernigan. “I livedInternational 32.9 so it is no wonder that some of Hope University alumni have found this in a non-Christian home with my mom and my sister, and I was desert landscape to be fertile soil for cultivating thriving Christian churches. In fact, Lawson had chosen Jernigan as his successor as Senior Pastor. headed for trouble.” This article focuses on three forces for Christianity in Phoenix: two HIU and Jernigan spent some time asalumni Lawson’spastors apprentice andone earned a longtime pastor supporter; all three also share the experience of having served on the University’s +HZDVEHIULHQGHGE\WHDPPDWHVZKRUDQWUDFNDQGˉHOGZLWKKLP master’s degree from Fuller Seminary. He has served since 1999 as Pastor.for servant leadership and commitment Board of Trustees. Theirsummer storiescamp exemplify a sharedSenior mission and they invited him to a Christian during the summer after his cause junior year high school. He said that summer rocked his to the of inChrist in their community. “Those apprentice years helped me understand who I am and what I world and he neverPastor, looked back, after meeting Jesus atChurch camp. Cal Jernigan, Central Christian was made for,” he remembers. “It’s perfectly clear, in hindsight, where &HQWUDO&KULVWLDQ&KXUFKUHDFKHVDQDYHUDJHRISHRSOHWKURXJKVHUYLFHVRQÀYHFKXUFK Jernigan educational goal was admission to Arizona State University, God was leading me.” campuses eachto week. Senior but Pastor Cal told Jernigan where he planned study engineering, something him he is a 1978 graduate of HIU, and he says he never roleinasArizona. Senior Pastor and in his community has been instrumental imagined life in the ministry when was growing needed to looka elsewhere. Some of his friends werehe connected with Hisup in the growth“Iof lived Centralin Christian Church, and hashome also ledwith to great +,8 WKHQ3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJH   DQGKHGHFLGHGWRJRWR3&&IRU “I came from a broken, dysfunctional home,” said Jernigan. a non-Christian VSLULWXDODGYHQWXUHVZKLFKKHFDOOVȢPRYLQJLQWRWKHGLIˉFXOWUHDOPV one year for the purpose of getting a Bible background. His mother my mom and my sister, and I was headed for trouble.” told him that she had saved for ASU and wouldn’t share a dime with of leadership.” +HZDVEHIULHQGHGE\WHDPPDWHVZKRUDQWUDFNDQGÀHOGZLWKKLPDQGWKH\LQYLWHGKLPWRD&KULVhim, if he moved to California and PCC. tian summer camp during the summer after his junior in high, He said that “Our summer “Weyear are building a bi-partisan ” Cal states. love of Christ LVJUHDWHUWKDQRXUDIˉOLDWLRQZLWKDSROLWLFDOSDUW\  :HDUHOHDUQLQJ rocked his world and he never looked back, after meeting Jesus at camp. 6KRUWO\DIWHUWKHEHJLQQLQJRIKLVˉUVWVHPHVWHU  WKHEXVLQHVVRIˉFH to love those who are different, Christianstodon’t always staff kindly told Jernigan thatgoal he needed money if he Jernigan educational was more admission to wanted Arizonahow State University, where heand planned study en-do that well.” to remain. Despondent, Jernigan wandered to the swimming pool gineering, but something told him he needed to look elsewhere. Some of his friends were connected and sat, deciding that he would have to leave school. As he slumped ZLWK+,8 WKHQ3DFLÀF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJH DQGKHGHFLGHGWRJRWR3&&IRURQH\HDUIRUWKHSXUSRVH there, a woman passed and asked him why he was so sad. He told This particular aspect of his calling began with Jernigan’s epiphany of a Bible background. His mother told that had saved andjustwouldn’t share he she had to learn to lovefor the ASU “other,” not the tight-knit group her getting his story and they talked for awhile. The following Monday, whenhimthat with shared values, and he says that he has learned to “speak a aKHZHQWWRWHOOWKHEXVLQHVVRIˉFHVWDIIWKDWKHZDVGURSSLQJRXW dime with him, if he moved to California andWKH PCC. staff told him that his bill had been paid in full and, for the next four language I didn’t know existed and, now, I’ve been invited into realms 6KRUWO\DIWHUWKHEHJLQQLQJRIKLVÀUVWVHPHVWHUWKHEXVLQHVVRIÀFHVWDIINLQGO\WROG-HUQLJDQWKDW I didn’t even know existed.” years, the woman who had spokenifwith next to to theremain. pool and herDespondent, he needed more money hehim wanted Jernigan wandered to the swimming husband, Lois and Harold Rayburn, of Los Alamos, New Mexico, paid pool and sat, deciding that he would have to leave school. Astraveled he slumped there, a woman passed He recently to Abu Dhabi to meet with other evangelical for Jernigan’s education. and asked him why he was so sad. He told her his story and they talked for awhile. The following pastors, as well as Muslim imams and Jewish rabbis. The forum 0RQGD\ZKHQKHZHQWWRWHOOWKHEXVLQHVVRIÀFHVWDIIWKDWKHZDVGURSSLQJRXWWKHVWDIIWROGKLP Between his sophomore and junior years, Jernigan was hired to focused on creating peace among Muslim countries. work as a PCC at the paid same camp where he met Once four years, the woman who had spoken with him that his billrecruiter had been in full and, forJesus. the next Jernigan was also invited to the Vatican with a group of clergy to again, his summer camp experience proved to be life-changing, as Rayburn, next to the pool and her husband, Lois and Harold of Los Alamos, New Mexico, paid for he recognized his call to ministry during those months. He credits discuss unity between Protestants and Catholics. “God is taking me Jernigan’s education. on a journey to see what he is doing in the world,” he explains. “This DQXPEHURI3&&LQˊXHQFHVZLWKKLVSUHSDUDWLRQGXULQJWKRVH\HDUV and said that his life and ministry wouldn’t be nearly as rich without stuff matters, and the only way to introduce Jesus to people is to be their friend. Between hisat sophomore and junior years, Jernigan was hired” to work as a PCC recruiter at the same his preparation PCC.

camp where he met Jesus. Once again, his summer camp experience proved to be life-changing, as The experiences of Jernigan’s own life, growth, and ministry serve as Ȣ7KHrecognized ODWH -RKQ 5RZHhis ZDVcall OLNH to D GDG  DQG *DU\7LIˉQ UHWLUHG 'HDQ  he ministry during those PRQWKV+HFUHGLWVDQXPEHURI3&&LQÁXHQFHV a perpetual to continue support of HIU. perp pe rpet etua u l motivator m confronted me on some stuff… I really wasn’t’t much to with his preparation during those years and said that his life and ministry work with,” Cal says. “Professor Mont Smith (now wouldn’t be nearly asmyrich without his at PCC. “My preparation life has far exceeded what I could have asked or deceased) encouraged me in future ministry try imagined, im ” Cal says. “We are committed to provide “John Rowe (late Administrator) ZDVOLNHDGDGDQG*DU\7LIÀQ UHby teaching me that being a pastor is workingg the means for thoseI really who do not have them, as they with fantastic pursuingme a fantastic tired Dean)people, confronted on some stuff… wasn’t much to prepare to follow God’s call at HIU.” mission, and serving a fantastic God. ” work with,” he said “ Professor Mont Smith (now deceased) encour-

ASHLEY WOOLDRIDGE Christ’s Church of the Valley Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) reaches es an average of 27,178 people through services on seven campuses each week (as this magazine goes to print, CCV prepares to open its eighth campus). Ashley Wooldridge, who this Fall becomes CCV’s Senior Pastor, is a 1999 graduate of HIU. Ashley grew up in the towns of Wilcox and Sierra Vista, Arizona, and attended a church of moderate size with his family. “Ministry was never on my radar,” says Wooldridge, whose father, a teacher and football coach, was his role model. He planned to go to one of Arizona’s universities, but learned about Christian colleges when he was in high school, and he thought, “That’s amazing! I can get a non-ministry degree, but at a Christian school – I have to do that!” He FKRVH+,8 WKHQ3DFLˉF&KULVWLDQ&ROOHJH EHFDXVHKHFRXOGSOD\YROOH\EDOO and get a teaching degree at the same time. Halfway through his four-year degree, he spent some time in a high school classroom and decided he didn’t want to do that, after all, so he completed a business degree. He believes he graduated at the perfect time, because the young Intel Company was so “desperate” for personnel that they hired him, even though he hadn’t graduated from one of their preferred institutions. His wife, Jamie (Fraley, BA ‘99), also worked for Intel. “HIU prepared me to be a good employee and to be a Christian representative LQWKHZRUNIRUFHȣKHUHˊHFWVȢ,FDPHWRXQGHUVWDQGWKDWQRPDWWHUZKDWˉHOG you’re in, you’re representing Jesus.” Five years into his eight-year career at Intel, Wooldridge felt the call to fulltime ministry, and he believes that his time at Intel was part of the overall preparation. Intel is a leadership-intensive environment, and, in addition to that leadership training, Intel paid for his Master of Business Administration degree. He also attended seminary before accepting the call as Executive Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in the Phoenix area. “I got a lot more leadership training than most pastors get, especially if they go directly from school to ministry,” Ashley says. “I would have been illequipped before my Intel experience.” Even after becoming a part of the pastoral staff, Wooldridge felt no compulsion to preach; he just loved the church. The Senior Pastor had to invite him, repeatedly, to preach, before Wooldridge responded positively, and Wooldridge is grateful for that delay. “Some young ministers only want to preach, and preaching can actually be addictive,” he comments. “It is a gift – and I do have a passion to preach now -- but it can cause a pastor to forget about the other ways to serve, and preaching is really just a small part of it.” >>>

>>> continued

Wooldridge believes that he has become Senior Pastor at an exciting time.

possible from his congregation to attend the institution.

“People keep indicating downward trends in the church, but the opportunities to transform people’s lives are great!” Ashley exclaims. “ We can impact culture like never before.”

In 1978, with the blessing of First Christian Church and its Pastor, Dr. Bill Voice, a group of 30 people, including the Hostetler family, established Chaparral Christian Church in adjacent Scottsdale, which has grown into membership of about 2,000, with an average attendance of 500. Hostetler urged the new church to continue its relationship with HIU.

:RROGULGJH LV FRQˉGHQW LQ +,8ȠV UROH in preparing ministers and laypersons and he and his congregation are ardent supporters of the University. “Training leaders for the church is a priority,” he says, “and our partnership with HIU is vital, because everything rises and falls on leadership.”

LARRY HOSTETLER Retired Pastor, Chaparral Christian Church; Former HIU Trustee Larry Hostetler became became the Youth Minister for First Christian Church in Phoenix about the same time that HIU (then PCC) moved to its present campus in Fullerton, and he endorsed the College in the most tangible way: by sending as many students as

“Over the years, through the seventies, eighties, and nineties, Chaparral’s best associates came from PCC and then HIU,” Larry states. For a number of years, Hostetler directed the Arizona Evangelistic Association, a collaboration of Christian churches, and he says that Christian colleges and universities are meeting a similar need by serving as the cohesive element of Christian churches. He is particularly encouraged by the merger of Hope International University and Nebraska Christian College, as well as President John Derry’s continuing leadership. “This merger bodes well for churches in the west and midwest,” he says. “Churches need the leaders that are produced at HIU; the school has a history of providing strong leaders, and strong leaders make for strong churches.”

/DUU\ EHOLHYHV WKDW +,8 KDV VLJQLˉFDQWO\ LQˊXHQFHGWKH5HVWRUDWLRQ0RYHPHQWDQG that ministers who have been educated at Hope are vital to the future of the Church around the world. He considers it an honor to have served on the HIU Board of Trustees, especially during the time period when Dr. John Derry accepted the Presidency. “It was my privilege to serve on Hope’s Board for well over a decade, during which time crucial decisions were made that have served the University well into the present time,” he says. Hostetler, now retired from Chaparral Christian Church, is still a regional Christian leader and continues to serve as a goodwill ambassador for HIU. He and his wife, Marion, remain steadfast supporters and are proud of their association with the University. Marion is also an alumna of HIU, as the 2003 recipient of an Honorary Doctoral degree, awarded in recognition of her work in blending worship styles through her ministry. Both Hostetlers appreciate their longstanding relationship with HIU and the impact of HIU and its students and alumni on their own ministry. “I will be forever grateful for the incredible experience God granted me in serving Chaparral, and with the part Hope played in its success,” Larry concludes.

HIU+NCC ALUMS MINISTERING IN AZ CHURCHES Brian Bardzik (BM ‘15, MA ‘16) ........Christ’s Church of the Valley Dennis Bloodworth (MA ‘00)............Christ Church of the Valley Roger Blumenthal (BA ‘87) ...............Pantano Christian Church Kelsey Branderhorst (BA ‘12) ..........First Baptist Church of Scottsdale Mary Cartwright (MA ‘92)...................Chaparral Christian Church David Coyne (BA ‘89, MA ‘95)............Heights Church Nathan Dalrymple (BA ‘99) ...............Mountain View Christian Church Brad Dorman (BA ‘02)...........................Christ’s Church of Flagstaff Justin Doyle (MA ‘14)............................Christ’s Church of the Valley Glen Elliott (BA ‘77, MA ‘82)...............Pantano Christian Church Jeffrey Elzey (FS ‘05).............................First Christian Church Perry Emerick (BA ‘96) .........................Central Christian Church of Arizona John Enabnit (MA ‘85) ..........................Broadway Christian Church Jim Hammond (MA ‘97) .......................Verde Valley Christian Church Lindsey Harden (BA ‘05) .....................5HˉQHU\&KULVWLDQ&KXUFK Lisa Horner (MA ‘11) .............................Christ’s Church of the Valley Steve Hutchins (BA ‘93) ......................Central Christian Church of Arizona Cal Jernigan (BA ‘78) .............................Central Christian Church of Arizona Brianne Johns (BA ‘03).........................Central Christian Church of Arizona John Klundt (BS ‘91) .............................Broadway Christian Church Dean Kuest (BA ‘90) ..............................Christ’s Church of the Valley Paul Lewis (BA ‘86, MA ‘92) ...............Palm Valley Church David Lockard (MA ‘13) .......................Verde Valley Christian Church Lewis Marsh (BA ‘75) ............................Christ’s Church on the River Marty Neese (BA ‘65, MF ‘86) ..........Sun City West Christian Church

Brooke Norton (BA ‘14) .......................Central Christian Church of Arizona Daniel Norton (BA ‘16) ........................Central Christian Church of Arizona Zebadiah Ohlan (CHC ‘05) .................First Christian Church Kari Powell (BA ‘92) ..............................Central Christian Church of Arizona Jared Prickett (BA ‘03) .........................City Bible Church Chris Reed (MA ‘08) ...............................Christ’s Church of Flagstaff Robert Reed (MA ‘13) ...........................Christ’s Church of the Valley Mark Reiswig (BA ‘01) ..........................Catalyst Church Trent Renner (MA ‘00) ..........................Christ’s Church of Fountain Hills Emily Rockey (BA ‘01)...........................Central Christian Church of Arizona Ryan Russell (BA ‘96) ...........................Central Christian Church of Arizona Chad Ryan (MA ‘07) ...............................Christ’s Church of the Valley Steven Schembri (BA ‘03) ..................Christ’s Church of the Valley Shawna Seeger (AA ‘97, BA ‘97) ......Christ’s Church of the Valley Stephanie Shumate (MSM ‘09) .......Redemption Church Sean Smith (BA ‘95)...............................5HˉQHU\&KULVWLDQ&KXUFK Julie Spier (MA ‘09)................................Trinity Church Dustin Tappan (MA ‘07) .......................Christ’s Church of the Valley Jon Taylor (BA ‘87)..................................First Christian Church Matt Thompson (BA ‘03).....................Sun Valley Community Church Dave VanDonge (MA ‘13) ...................Christ’s Church of the Valley Ashley Wooldridge (BA ‘99) ..............Christ’s Church of the Valley Joshua Wyatt (BA ‘09) ..........................Crossroads Church Randy Youngblood (BA ‘83) ..............Thunder Mountain Community Church



FOUR NEW TEAMS COMPETE THIS YEAR This Fall, Nebraska Christian College (NCC) welcomes the return of athletics to the campus. As of the 2017-18 school year, NCC now offers four intercollegiate sports – women’s soccer, men’s soccer, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball – with plans to add more teams in the future. NCC competes in the NCCAA Division I, Central Region, and is actively pursuing membership LQWKH1$,$7KLVZLOOEHWKHˉUVWWLPHLQ1&& history that the school is offering athletic scholarships to student athletes. NCC’s vision is to build a competitive athletic program while continuing to nourish the spiritiual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of all student athletes as they prepare for their respective vocations.

NCC hired Willie Williams (‘06) as Athletic Director, who also serves as Head Coach of men’s basketball. Williams has hired several coaches; he and his new staff have been actively recruiting Christian student athletes. As the culmination of a thorough and strategic process, the NCC Department of Intercollegiate Athletics proudly unveiled its new mascot and logos. After soliciting input from various constituents within the NCC community, SENTINELS was chosen from a wide-ranging list of suggestions.

NCC Athletic Director Willie Williams (‘06)

'HˉQHGDVDJXDUGLDQRUSURWHFWRU SENTINELS represents the culture and ethos of NCC well. Synonyms include: clude: lookout, sentry, defender, watchman, an, and gatekeeper.

New athletics logos were developed and adopted to represent 1&&DWKOHWLFVSURJUDPDQGWHDPVERWKRQDQGRIIWKHˉHOGRI play. The SENTINELS icon depicts the front view of a sentry’s helmet. The cross that prominently adorns the helmet represents NCC’s Christian roots, heritage, and belief system. It is identical to the cross element used in the institutional logo of Hope International University which merged with NCC in 2016. The shape of the opening in the face of the helmet depicts a person engaged in worship at the foot of the cross, arms raised in praise and adoration.


For the third time in four years, HIU had multiple teams qualify for the NAIA postseason, and nearly all of our teams qualified for their respective GSAC conference playoffs. BASEBALL: The Royals became the quickest team to earn a GSAC Championship in HIU Athletics history by clinching the title in just its second season (see next page). By winning its way through the NAIA Opening Round (3-0) and advancing to the NAIA World Series, they became the second-fastest team to do so in the history of the NAIA. Cameron Baranek, $OO*6$& FHQWHU ˉHOGHU DQG 1$,$ $OO$PHULFDQ (honorable mention), was drafted in the ninth round of the 2017 MLB draft by the Miami Marlins. MEN’S BASKETBALL: The Royals continued WKHLU VWUHDN RI VXFFHVV ZLWK WKHLU ˉIWK FRQVHFXWLYH appearance at the NAIA National Championship in Kansas City, MO, and their second GSAC Regular Season Championship. The Royals ended the regular season undefeated at home and were 17-1 at home in 2016-17 with the only loss coming in double overtime against The Master’s in the GSAC Tournament Championship game. The Royals bring back all but two players from the 2016-17 roster, including GSAC Player of the Year Liam Hunt and All-GSAC point guard Donny Punter. Head Coach Bill Czech was again named GSAC Coach of the Year for Men’s Basketball, and will head into his ninth season of coaching at HIU in the 2017-2018 season.


WKH5R\DOVVLQFHWKHSURJUDPȠVˉUVWVHDVRQLQ Brian Tressler, who presently owns the majority of the Top 25 times for HIU, and Ronda Ackley, a perennial NAIA Scholar-Athlete, both competed well in their ˉQDOVHDVRQIRU+,8 GOLF: The Royals maintained steady growth in their third season of competition for both the men and women – the men’s program improved on its *6$&7RXUQDPHQWˉQLVKZLWKDEHWWHUVKRZLQJ at the 2017 tourney, while the women were able WR UHFRUG D WHDP ˉQLVK LQ HYHU\ HYHQW IRU WKH ˉUVW time in program history. Allison Weiderman led the women all season long and capped it with a CoSIDA Academic All-District recognition, a prestigious award that honors athletic and academic success and is competed for by collegiate athletes spanning all levels (NCAA, NAIA, and junior colleges).

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Ending their season FRPSHWLQJ LQ WKH *6$& 7RXUQDPHQW 6HPLˉQDOV WKH Royals will continue their road back to success with a new head coach, Beck Flanagan, who is already working to strengthen the program in the 20172018 season.

MEN’S SOCCER: The Royals made their third straight postseason appearance after getting off to the best start in the program’s history with a 10-0-4 record to begin the 2016 season. Thales Serra was named GSAC Co-Player of the Year and was one of four All-GSAC selections for the Royals in 2016; Serra was joined by keeper Ryan Brown, forward Joel 3DORPDUHVDQGPLGˉHOGHU&HVDU&UX]0DUWLQH]LQWKH 2016 All-Conference ranks. HIU ended the year with an 11-4-4 overall record and returns the bulk of its talent on the pitch for 2017. GSAC Awards committee chose Samuel Semanda to represent the conference as the A.O. Duer Scholar for his outstanding scholarship, character, and citizenship.

CROSS COUNTRY: Coach Dan Whittington PDGHKLVLPSDFWRQWKHWHDPLQKLVˉUVW\HDUDWWKH helm; under Whittington’s direction, the HIU runners SRVWHG  QHZ SHUVRQDO EHVW WLPHV DQG ˉQLVKHG ahead of their projected placement by the GSAC’s preseason estimate. The Royals also said good-bye to two of their founding team members that had run for

WOMEN’S SOCCER: The Royals continued to progress under second-year head coach Matt Sanger. The team returned to the GSAC playoffs in 2016 after compiling a 9-6-2 record in the regular season and posted the second-highest scoring total in the history of the program with 54 goals during the year. The majority of his talented team returns for the 2017-

2018 season, including All-GSAC selections Jazzmyn Esquivel and Jacqueline Talley. SOFTBALL: Continuing the team’s rapid climb towards success, the Royals’ second-year coach, Dennis Blas, guided the Royals to the highest win total in program history and a 30-17 overall record. 7KH 5R\DOV DOVR TXDOLˉHG IRU WKH *6$&7RXUQDPHQW for the third time in four seasons. Alejandra Guillen was named the Conference Player of the Year. TENNIS: The tennis programs continued their rebuilding process in 2017. Kyle Rae, a UK transfer, was named an NAIA All-American (honorable mention) and an All-GSAC player in his sophomore campaign for HIU. TRACK: The Royals welcomed several new runners to the ranks in 2017 but struggled with injuries all season. Coach Whittington has already signed a recruiting class that will more than double the ranks in 2017-18 and should be competitive in the distance events next year. MEN’S VOLLEYBALL: The Royals competed in DQXQDIˉOLDWHGJURXSLQJLQDQGVWDUWHGVWURQJ with a 9-5 record midway through the year and multiple wins against both NAIA Top 10 teams and 1&$$RSSRQHQWV7KH5R\DOVˉQLVKHGZLWKWKUHH straight wins and will build on that momentum in the coming season. WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL: The Royals will continue to groom their young roster under the direction of Coach Jessica Walker in 2017. HIU brings back All-GSAC outside hitter Katie Landazuri for her senior season in 2017 as one of the feature players offensively. Breanna Kirklen will represent the GSAC and HIU on the national level as A.O. Duer Scholar, presented to one male and one female junior student-athlete in any sport who have excelled in scholarship, character, and citizenship.

In just its second season of the program, HIU’s Baseball team punched a ticket to the NAIA World Series by going undefeated during the Opening Round in Lima, Ohio. The Royals came from behind in all three of their Lima Bracket games in Ohio (hosted by UNOH) and completed a perfect 3-0 run with a pair of wins against Middle Georgia and a win over their host UNOH. HIU improved to 35-18 overall for this historic season and with a 9-6 record against teams in the NAIA Coaches’ Top 25 poll, including a 6-2 record against teams in the Top 10. The Royals also managed DQLPSUHVVLYHUHFRUGRQWKHLUKRPHˉHOGDQGZLWQHVVHGWKH ˉUVW QRKLWWHU LQ SURJUDP KLVWRU\ SLWFKHG E\ *HRUJH &DVWLOOR -5 Lakewood, CA) on Mar. 11 The Royals set a number of career marks and season bests over the FRXUVHRIWKHVHFRQG\HDULQFOXGLQJWKHLUˉUVWFRQIHUHQFHWLWOHWKHLU

ˉUVW1$,$2SHQLQJ5RXQG&KDPSLRQVKLS DQGWKHLUWULSWRWKH1$,$ World Series. The Royals travelled to Lewiston, ID for the 61st World Series hosted by Lewis-Clark State (ID) that ran from May 26-June 2, losing 2 straight to end their truly remarkable season. When asked for his reaction to the World Series berth, Head Baseball Coach Erich Pfohl replied “To be able to give these guys the opportunity to go compete [at the World Series] after all they’ve given our coaches and me...I’m truly speechless and so happy for them.” In the opinion of Coach Pfohl, “this [year] was just special – as special as anything I’ve been a part of a baseball program and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that [everyone in the program] has done for us. It’s never fun when it comes to an end, but we were happy to be a part of the World Series and we certainly hope to be back here, hopefully for many years to come, and with a better outcome.”

GAINING HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE $IWHUSOD\LQJLWVˉUVWWZRVHDVRQVDW9DOHQFLD+LJK6FKRRO HIU’s baseball team is moving it’s practices and home games to Duane Winters Field at Amerige Park in Fullerton this fall. Approved by the City Council on July 18, the two-year agreement with the City of Fullerton grants HIU use of the ˉHOGIRUIRXUPRQWKVLQWKHVSULQJ -DQXDU\WR$SULO DQG two months in the fall (the third week of September to the second week of November). HIU’s baseball team will also continue holding sports clinics and programs for children in the community. “With the baseball history that Fullerton has,” Mayor Bruce Whitaker said, “it’s wonderful to see this stadium more fully utilized.”

Amerige Stadium, Fullerton


DRIVING FO Annual HIU Golf Fundraiser Breaks Giving Record for Fifth Consecutive Year Last Spring, Hope International University held its 11th Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for student scholarships and departmental programs. Hosted at the beautiful Monarch Beach Golf Links in Dana Point, the 2017 tournament raised just over $57,000, breaking last year’s record and VXUSDVVLQJWKHPDUNIRUWKHˉIWKFRQVHFXWLYH\HDU The annual HIU Golf Tournament continues to serve as an important and successful fundraising event. Since HIU’s inaugural golf fundraiser in 2007, the event has raised a cumulative total of over $450,000 to fund scholarships, programs, and initiatives. Participants included avid HIU supporters, donors, friends, church leaders, and pastors, as well as University administrators and staff. After the friendly round on the spectacular coastal course in 'DQD3RLQW WKHGD\FXOPLQDWHGLQDQDZDUGVDSSUHFLDWLRQGLQQHUDW&HGDU&UHHN,QQLQ6DQ-XDQ Capistrano. Congratulations to our course contest winners: Chuck Puckett (Putting Challenge) and Joel Harworth (Closest to the Pin).

Michael Bailey



President John Derry and the HIU Advancement team expresses deep appreciation to all of our JHQHURXV VSRQVRUV ZKRVH VLJQLˉFDQW FRQWULEXWLRQV KHOSHG PDNH WKLV \HDUȠV HYHQW VXFFHVVIXO especially our top fundraiser, University Trustee Chuck Puckett. Tournament sponsors included Arthur J. Gallagher & Company, Christ’s Church of the Valley San Dimas, Church Development Fund (CDF), Direct Print & Promotions, First Christian Church Huntington Beach, Journey Christian Church, Payne Janitorial, Peter C. Foy & Associates, Proline Electric, and7KH5HˉQHU\ Christian Church in Goodyear, Arizona.

For more information about participating in the 2018 tournament next Spring, contact Troy Gardner, Director of Church Relations & Development: 714-879-3901, ext. 2210 or [email protected]

R DOLLARS 2017 NCC Golf Challenge Participants Brave the Heat for Students

kay porter & roberta courter

This summer, Nebraska Christian College hosted its annual Golf Challenge to raise funds for student scholarships and programs. This annual event brings together NCC supporters and friends for an friendly day of fellowship and camaraderie. 6SHFLDO WKDQNV WR DOO RXU SDUWLFLSDQWV DQG JHQHURXV FRUSRUDWH VSRQVRUV ZKRVH VLJQLˉFDQW contributions helped make this year’s event a success, including Lee Sapp Ford, Sysco, Aromas Bliss, Curry Dental, Faithlife, Asset Strategies, Sapp Bros., Gene’s Auto & Truck Service, and Rent-A-Van, Inc.

For more information about participating in the 2018 NCC Golf Challenge, contact Jane Jech, Director of Development & Church Relations: 402.935.9400 or [email protected]




A lumniN ews &N otes [ 1970s ] Guy Glimpse (BA ’74) retired July 5, 2017 from Capital Group Companies after 16 years. He celebrated by taking a trip to Ireland. Carol Matthews (BS ‘74, MBA ‘02, MA ‘16) graduated from HIU in 2002, with an MBA in Non-profit Management, which served her well for six years as she volunteered for local nonprofits. In 2014, Carol returned to HIU, pursued an MA in Ministry and Christian Leadership, and graduated in October 2016. Since then, God has done miraculous things to help Carol create a platform to grow His work, through ministry. On May 25, 2017, Carol received approval for her 501(c)(3), Bestowing HOPE Ministries. The ministry is based on Matthew 28: 18-20, and the primary focus is on “hard-to-reach” souls. Thus far, the ministry outreach includes working with seniors who no longer drive and incarcerated women. Additionally, the

organization provides meals to under-served families and individuals a couple of times per year. The annual Ladies Spring Tea, focuses on reaching unsaved women, and, as funding allows, providing funds to a nonprofit in South Africa.

life of Moses entitled “Living Beyond the Frame.” She also recently completed licensing as a Foursquare Pastor. She is often called upon to speak at conferences and retreats, both domestically and internationally.

[ 1980s ]

Andrew Phillips (BA ‘85, MBA ‘06) recently moved to Washington DC to begin a job as a Process Improvement Specialist for the Federal Government. His wife, Gina, passed away in 2015. They had been married for 28 years.

Donna Burns 9RO]%$ȟ  and her husband Rob have 8 children. Three of their children are biological and five are adopted, keeping Donna busy as a homeschool parent. She also enjoys interpreting for the deaf at her church. Cheryl &URFNHWW%$ȟ DQG Harlan Harris (FS ‘ 88) have been married since 1988 and have 2 daughters: Cheylan (20) and Taryn (18). Living in the Seattle, WA area, Harlan has been at Microsoft as a Program Manager for 17 years and serves at their local church as part time Worship Leader. Cheryl was published about 10 years ago, a Christian Development study on the

[ 1990s ] Tammy Daughtry *DOOHJRV AA ‘91, BA ‘92) and her husband, Jay, helped to bring a state-wide awareness to the National Stepfamily Day. They created a special experience for step-couples and hosted an event at their Counseling Center for Modern Family Dynamics. Tammy and Jay are also speaking at the FamilyLife Stepfamily Summit this fall that involves leaders from

Leone Cole, Christian missionary to Japan since 1937, peacefully passed away on Friday, March 24, 2017, in Iruma City, near Tokyo, Japan after many years of lying bedridden and decades of being legally blind. Leone first went to Japan as a missionary with her husband, Harold, in 1937. They were forced to return by the State Department due to the imminent outbreak of World War II. While in the USA, SA they had three children, finally returning to Japan in 1947. Eleven years later, at age 40, she gave birth to a son, who lives and teaches in Japan, and who cared for her while she was bedridden in her final years. Harold and Leone’s ministry included starting Osaka Bible Seminary, preaching, teaching, a children’s ministry, a women’s ministry, working with lepers, building homes, building campsites, visiting prisoners, operating a printing center and various community outreach services. They started the Ono Christian Church, which later EHFDPHWKHODUJHVWDQGPRVWVXFFHVVIXO-DSDQHVHFKXUFKRIWKH&KULVWLDQ&KXUFKRI Christ brethren in Japan. Both are graduates of Hope International University. Harold passed away in 1977 after battling cancer. Leone then started a ministry in Long Beach working with Vietnam and Thai refugees and visiting the sick and shut-ins of the church. In 1981 she decided to return to Japan as a single missionary, where she supported herself teaching English Bible classes and English classes for children. She also taught American-style cooking and wardrobe classes, visited prisoners and supported the local church.

FamilyLife, Focus on the Family, and hundreds of leaders from around the country. Linh Doan (BA ‘95) serves as the 5th President of Union University of California. He is also the Senior Pastor of Thanh Le Bapist Church in Anaheim, California. Karen Green (BA ‘94) and her husband of 20 years, Matthew, are co-pastors at Twin Lakes Foursquare Church in Osage City, Kansas. They have four sons, Wyatt 15, Ethan 14, Trent 13 and Zachariah 8. Karen also serves as the State Coordinator for their District in the area of family care for pastor’s wives. Together, Karen and Matthew also serve as Divisional superintendents in Northeast Kansas ministering to the pastors of five churches and a church plant. Steve Phillips (MA ‘90) and wife, Colleen, began their missionary venture 40 years ago when their sons Nate and Josh were toddlers. Their third child, April, was born in Chile and is now 32 years old. Both sons are now married. Nate and Vanessa have two children (Vania and Lucas) and Josh and Danica have three children (Justin, Matthew and Amy).

[ 2000s ] With great joy, Michael (BA ‘08) and Andrea “Andi” :LOGHUPXWK%$ȟ Berryman were placed with a 6-week-old baby boy during the week of Christmas, 2016. They have adopted him and named him Dakota Charles. Andi currently works as full time Youth and Family Ministries Director and Michael works full time at an elementary school. After graduating from HIU, Andrea “Andi” Bowens %X]]HOO BA ‘06) earned a Masters of Education in School Counseling from Liberty University in 2011. She is employed at Coastal Horizons in Wilmington, NC as

a Parent Education Specialist. Andi’s job is to implement and facilitate two parenting programs. One is entitled ‘Strengthening Families’ and the other is ‘Incredible Years’. Andi married Derek Bowen in 2013. They currently live in Wilmington, NC with their Australian Shepherd and Dachshund. Annette Foy 0DWLYR0%$ ‘05) and husband, Justin, announce the arrival of their first child, daughter Jirah born in May 2017. The family lives in Bellingham, WA. Zach Gibson (BA ‘05) and wife, Kristi, announce the birth of their third child, Zachary Ryan Gibson born on January 17, 2017. Zachary was welcomed into the family by his two sisters, Karleigh and Mckenzie. The Gibsons live in Pasadena, MD, where Zach is the pastor of Community at Arundel Christian Church. Joe Parla (BA ’02, MED ‘05) has been hired to serve as the new principal at Avaxat Elementary in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. Parla has been the Assistant Principal at Vail Elementary School in Temecula for two years and he has 15 years of teaching experience in Temecula Valley Unified, at the Pechanga School and at Trinity Lutheran Christian. Parla holds an administrative services credential and a multiple subject teaching credential. David (BA ‘05) and Angela %LFKDQ%$ȟ Radford are in their 11th year of marriage. In that time Dave and Angela have welcomed Paige (5) and Amelia (1) into the world. Dave works for UC Davis as a high school college adviser and coaches volleyball at Shasta College. Angela works for the Spring Rivers Foundation preparing and hosting outdoor education field trips. Micah Rodriguez $OVWRQ%$ ‘00) and her husband Dimas are

A Alumna’s Book is “Living Proof” of Hope for those Living with Disabilities w YYvette Cabrera (BA ‘14) has published a book with wi Balboa Press. Living Proof is a tribute to inclusiveness and optimism that tells the story of a young woman living with visual impairment as she traverses the public school system. Cabrera’s book is based on a paper she had written on the policies of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as her own personal experiences. In her book, Cabrera strives to help readers explore commonalities, rather than differences, between people who are disabled and those who are not. Cabrera hopes that readers will recognize that a disability does not mean a person is incapable of living an ordinary -- or extraordinary -- life. Regarding the journey of her own life, she acknowledges that HIU provided a solid launch pad for her literary career. “HIU was a place where I was able to further build upon my foundation of faith, through the personal and professional friendships made there, all while I furthered my education,” she said. Cabrera is working toward a master’s degree in counseling. She wants to bridge the gap between both disabled and general populations by promoting selfawareness as a path to self-advocacy.

thrilled to announce the birth of Ezra Dimas Rodriguez born on July 20, 2017. Michele Rodriguez &XWKLOO BA ‘05) and Jorge celebrated 10 years of marriage. They have three children, Carson (7), Ava (5) and Broden (2). The Rodriquez’s continue to live in Murrieta. Michele is now teaching in Perris at a K-8th grade school. After teaching physical education at a middle school for the last 10 years in San Marcos, it has been fun for Michele to change to teaching the same subject at an elementary age level. Bryan Sands (BA ’01) published his first book, “Everyone Loves Sex So Why Wait?” which released in America and Australia in April of this year (Leafwood Publishers). In

May, Bryan was interviewed by Dr. Sean McDowell, whose father started the “why wait” movement. Additionally, this year, Bryan has published nearly ten articles with RELEVANT Magazine. Bryan has done interviews with radio stations across the United States, Canada, and Australia. In July, Bryan was on AIR1 with Big Wave Dave (99.5 FM) discussing sexual faithfulness. For more, visit Kayleen Santanello )UHDP BA ’06) and husband, Ryan, are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Evangeline, on April 13, 2017. The Santanellos are currently living in Dallas, TX. In the spring of 2016, Marlene Soffera (BA ‘02) contributed several pages of “Q&A” commentary from a pastor’s

perspective to a Barna Report. In the fall of 2016, Marlene moved from southern CA to Milwaukee, WI to become the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church of God. Russell Stevens (MBA ‘00) was awarded his Ph.D. in Business Management in August of 2016. He teaches online for HIU, Geneva College, and on a contract basis for a number of small Christian colleges and universities. He and his wife, Kathy, live in Salisbury, NC.

[ 2010s ] Seth Aguilar (BS ‘13) has been living in China for the past 4 years. Currently he is traveling all over China working as a brand ambassador for an American health supplement company. Becoming fluent

in Chinese, he is teaming up with another Christian brother to start his own business specializing in data analysis for large companies. Marcella Brazelton %DLOH\%6 ‘13, MA ‘15) accepted a position with a growing dance ministry in Costa Mesa, CA, Dance 4 Joy Ministries, a nonprofit, believes that everyone should have access to quality dance instruction. Their vision is to teach the art of dance in a God-honoring environment. The students participate in community events where they are given the opportunity to use dance to share the Gospel. Ashley Brouillette +ROGHQ%$ ‘10) is happy to announce that on October 22, 2016 her last name changed from Brouillette to Holden when she married her best friend, Scott Holden. Kerry Goad (BA ‘12) graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with a Biblical Studies emphasis on May 6, 2017. Kandis Hutton 0DJLOO0)7ȟ  and husband, Ryan, welcomed baby Wren Brianne Hutton on June 3, 2017. The Huttons live in Anaheim Hills, CA. McKayla Kennedy (BA ‘15) has been honored with two writing awards for contributions on She works as a children’s ministry coordinator at Canvas Church in Upland, CA as well as a substitute teacher for Western Christian High School. Alfred Kimmel (BA ‘13) and his wife Mayra Santos are reunited after Mayra completed her immigration process and arrived in the USA on December 20, 2016. James Marshall (MA ‘15) is proud to announce the birth of his daughter in March 2017. James is working as a school administrator at a non-public

school serving students with special needs. Drew Meyer (MA ‘13) is the Young Adult Pastor at Rimrock Church in Rapid City, SD. Brittany Rineer :RROVWUXP%$ ‘10, MED ‘14) recently started a school that reaches out to students who struggle in school or need a healthy, Christcentered and individualized atmosphere. She has enjoyed seeing many lives impacted by God. Brittany, her husband Glen, and their two children currently live in Anaheim, CA. Heather Silva 0F$GDPV%$ȟ MFT ‘14) and her husband David announce the birth of their first child, Madison Elizabeth Silva. Madison was born on April 9, 2017. Heather is currently the MFT Program Coordinator at HIU’s Anaheim Campus. Emily Thompson :DOF]DN BA ‘11) and Jacob celebrated five years of marriage in May. They have just bought their first home in Queen Creek, AZ. Emily is working for United Healthcare as a long-term care case manager. Faith Wilson (BA ‘15) will be attending Fuller Theological Seminary this fall. She is currently in a new job as the Assistant Pastor at Burbank First United Methodist Church. Joshua (BA ‘10) and Caitlin (BA ‘12) Wilson have moved to Washington where Josh has taken a job as a night chaplain at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA. Josh, Caitlin and their daughter Eliana are enjoying time together as they make their transition to their new home.

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Honor Roll of Donors




his Honor Roll of Donors features individuals, churches, corporations and foundations that have made gifts through cash or pledge payments received by Hope International University between January 1 and December 31, 2016. Gifts received after December 31, 2016 will be recorded in the 2017 calendar year.

On behalf of the entire HIU administration, faculty, staff, and student body, THANK YOU to each and every donor. Your gifts are very much appreciated and vital to the sucess of our scholarship recipients, most of whom otherwise could not afford to attend HIU. You have impacted their lives, as well as countless lives that they in turn will impact as they take Hope to their corner of the world.

INDIVIDUALS (Contributions given to all funds) Hope Lifetime Associate $50,000 & Above Mr. Stanley E. Fulton Mrs. Lynn Londen Hope Presidential Associate $10,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Mr. Kent L. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. R. Mitchell Baird, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George J. Boose Dr. & Mrs. John Derry Mr. & Mrs. Gray Farley Hope Gold Associate $5,000 - $9,999 Dr. & Mrs. Paul H. Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Glenn L. Carpenter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Carter Mr. M. Douglas Coker Dr. & Mrs. Mark Comeaux Mr. & Mrs. Ted S. De Groot Mr. & Mrs. Reinhardt W. Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lukas Mrs. Iona Matson Mrs. Jennie E. Sink Mrs. Patricia Soderquist Mrs. Virginia L. White Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Young Hope Silver Associate $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Rich Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Jon L. Brainard Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Cherne’ Mr. & Mrs. Calvin E. Jernigan Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Moser Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Mulryan Mr. & Mrs. James R. Rice Mrs. Katherine J. Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Scotti Mr. & Mrs. Maurice B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor


Dr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Templeton Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Van Scoy Mrs. Barbara Wood Hope Annual Associates $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Mr. Donald R. Anderson Mr. G. Wayne Brazil Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Bremer Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Briggs Mr. Donald L. Brookover Mrs. Lingkit M. Chan Dr. Timothy H. Dally Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Denny Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Doolittle Mr. & Mrs. W. Troy Gardner Ms. Cheryl L. Graham Mrs. Gertrude E. Harris Mr. Michael Harrison Mr. Cameron M. Henderson Dr. & Mrs. W. Curtis Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hypes Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy A. Jernigan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Krikorian Mr. Robert E. Lasiter Ms. Betty A. Lee Dr. Jung Ae Lee Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Marcellin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Markum Dr. & Mrs. David L. Matson Mr. & Mrs. John S. McKinsey Mr. & Mrs. Anthony McMahon Dr. Tamsen Murray Mrs. Mae Neutzling Dr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Odor Ms. Alice Mae Palicz Mrs. Dorothy A. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Pohl, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Puckett Mr. & Mrs. Rick Smith Mrs. Mary A. Stark Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Chester E. Stilabower, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Taylor Mr. Paul J. Taylor Dr. & Mrs. George E. West Dr. & Mrs. J. Blair Wilgus Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus J. Yurek, III

$500 - $999 Anonymous Dr. & Mrs. Gene B. Appel Ms. Luanne Arredondo Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bates Mr. & Mrs. Wesley J. Beavis Mr. Donald G. Blumenthal Mr. & Mrs. Dean M. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. William O. Christy Mr. & Mrs. Tony Clark Mr. & Mrs. M. Marshall Combs Dr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Domene T. E. Fish Mrs. Susan K. Giboney Dr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Gillette Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Goudy Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Helper Miss Jessica L. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kuest Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Levy Mr. Howard Longballa Mr. & Mrs. David Lurker Mr. & Mrs. George R. McCalla, II Mrs. Barbara A. McMahan Mrs. Virginia K. Michael Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Mink, Sr. Ms. Anne B. Nutt Mr. & Mrs. Carl Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Pfohl Dr. & Mrs. James W. Price Dr. & Mrs. Kristopher C. Richardson Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Ronca Mr. Fritz A. Schermerhorn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schlachter Mr. & Mrs. Stan Schowalter Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Sherman Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shimmel Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Shrader Dr. & Mrs. Knofel L. Staton Mr. Craig & Dr. Laura Steele Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Weaver Mrs. Alice L. Witthauer Mrs. Krista Zipfel $100 - $499 Anonymous Mr. Thomas Adueni Dr. & Mrs. Brian W. Albright Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Alexander

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Alley Dr. & Mrs. David Alley Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Alley Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. &erson Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. &erson Mrs. Susett I. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Javier Arenado Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Ashley Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Augenstein Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Baker Mr. William C. Ball Mr. Kevin Baran-Maguire Mr. Thomas R. Barnes Mr. Fernando A. Bartolome Mrs. Dean A. Beagle Mr. Alexander S. Bell Mr. Bruce V. Benson Mr. Daniel C. Bilinski Mr. Nicolas S. Bilinski Mr. & Mrs. James F. Bogan Mr. & Mrs. Dave Bogan Mrs. Ann J. Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bond Ms. Margaret C. Booker Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Boyd Ms. Roberta F. Bramlet Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Bright Mrs. Sandra K. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Brosche Mrs. Michelle Browne Ms. Angela Bustios Ms. Evangelina R. Cabug Mrs. Ophelia Camero-Antekeier Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Carpenter Dr. & Dr. Sung Hwan Cho Mr. & Mrs. James A. Christl Miss Ruby L. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Collins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Colon Ms. Gloria Conaway Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Corey Ms. Jessica Cornea Dr. & Mrs. J. David Creech Mr. Cesar Cruz-Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Dagley Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Decker Mr. Jeffrey A. Dover Mr. & Mrs. Monte Downing Mrs. Toni C. Dunning Mrs. Lorraine Dupray Mr. & Mrs. Alex Echevarria


Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Edgington Ms. E. Jean Eggen Ms. Jacqueline M. Ehrman Mr. & Mrs. Tony Elias-Calles Mrs. Joan E. Elliott Mr. & Mrs. T. Scott Ellis Mr. David H. Farias Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Fazzio Mr. Francis M. Fields Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Fields Mr. & Mrs. John A. Fierro Ms. Kristin Fish Mr. & Mrs. Rodney L. Flint Dr. & Dr. Dan K. Fox Mrs. Lynda Fox Dr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Francis Ms. Danae A. Fumar Mr. & Mrs. Jose Gamez Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. George Mr. Larry Gooss Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Grebel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Griffith Dr. & Mrs. Scott P. Grooms Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Guitron, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David G. Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hartwick Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Hawkinson Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hendee Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hirzel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Hollywood Mr. & Mrs. Rodney C. Hoschouer Mr. Larry K. Howell Ms. Jasmine G. Hyacinth Mr. Andrew Ibarra, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Haig N. Jamgotchian Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Jech Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. Johnson Dr. Charles N. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Jondle Mr. & Mrs. Darrell C. Jones Ms. Jocelyn Juarez Mr. David E. Kendig Ms. Susan Khoenle Dr. & Mrs. Edward W. Kim, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Pete Kraemer Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Krause Mr. & Mrs. Randy R. Kreiling Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kruse Dr. & Mrs. Neil L. Kuns Mr. & Mrs. James E. Lain Mr. & Mrs. Burton K. Lalk Dr. Paul H. Leavens Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Lee Ms. Dellia-Chante LeMaire Ms. Sylvia M. Leoro Ms. Kathy Lewczyk Mr. & Mrs. Jason Lietzau Dr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Lines Mr. Walter C. Liss, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Long Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Lozano Mr. M. Edward Lugo-Bazan Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Maas Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Mahan Miss Rachel G. Malabuyo Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Mallory Mr. & Mrs. Onesimo F. Marasigan Mr. & Mrs. Phil Marcoe Mr. & Mrs. David B. Marriott

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Marsh Mrs. Mary A. Martin Mr. Christopher Mathaga Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mathis Mr. & Mrs. David J. Mattson Mr. & Mrs. Ron Maurel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Mayhue Mr. Paul & Dr. Dorothy J. McKowen Mrs. Karen McReynolds Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. McReynolds Ms. Olivia V. Mendizabal Ms. Rachel P. Miles Mr. & Mrs. Joey Mitchell Mr. Michael Mitchell Mrs. Raymona Montgomery Mrs. Myriam S. Morgan Mr. Gregory J. Morris Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mullins Mr. Gary Munoz Mr. Ronald Munoz Ms. Kathleen L. Murphy Mr. Ronald Murray Mr. James R. Mutter Mr. Carl E. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Delbert A. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Lam Nguyen Mr. & Mrs. M. Dave Nishinaka Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Odle Mrs. Norma O’Donnell Mr. Todd Osmundson Mr. & Mrs. Todd Osmundson Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Paltanwala Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parla Dr. & Dr. Robert A. Pate Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Patterson Ms. Denise Patton Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Patton Mr. Arron Percoco Mr. & Mrs. John Perry Mr. & Mrs. Scott Peterson Ms. Elizabeth L. Peterson Mrs. Mary Jo Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Phillips Mrs. Jody L. Pierce-Rothermel Mr. Mitchell Pohl Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Pullen Ms. Lori K. Reed Mrs. Bobbi J. Revels Ms. Pauline Reyes Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Rice Dr. Francine H. Rippy, D.C. Ms. Wendy A. Rittermal Ms. Yolanda Rivas Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Eric Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Bobby D. Robles Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Rodriguez Mrs. Rebecca Roeser-Budai Mr. & Mrs. James L. Rossman Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Rucker Mr. & Mrs. John D. Ruhlen Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Ruiz Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Russell Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sahlberg Mr. Edward F. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. David M. Schoch Mrs. Rebecca L. Schwarz Ms. Lindsey K. Shiomi

Mr. & Mrs. Evan M. Siggson N. C. Simmons Mrs. Erika N. Singer Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Slauson Dr. Glenn C. Snyder Mr. Frank Sorbello Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Stone Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Storey Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Strodl Mr. Harrison R. Strong Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stuart Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Suarez Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Todd S. Swain Dr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Swearngin Mr. John Swofford Mrs. Janet M. Tamble Dr. & Mrs. Peter V. Tasaka Mr. & Mrs. Jon D. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Tegel Ms. Ana L. Tejeda Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Terry Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Jeff R. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Tomlin Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Trautman Mr. & Mrs. John R. Treece Ms. Eleanor Tse Mr. Robert E. Urbanek Ms. Lorena Urzua Mrs. Ann L. Vaccaro Mr. & Mrs. David Vandonge Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Venegas Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Vicencia Mr. Jeffrey L. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Westfall Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Wigton Mrs. Dorothy R. Wiles Mr. & Mrs. Gavin B. Williams Mr. Robert Williams Mr. & Mrs. Timothy W. Winters Mr. & Mrs. John B. Wissler Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Witty Ms. Roxann M. Woodfork Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Worrell Up to $99 Mr. & Mrs. James Abeltin Mr. Stanley Abie Miss Ronda L. Ackley Mrs. Megan R. Acree Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Ahlberg Mrs. Kyungnam Ahn Mr. & Mrs. Brian O. Ajimine Mr. Frances Allen Ms. Enilda Alvarado Mr. & Mrs. Marcelo Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. Jerome L. Amante Mrs. Joann M. &erson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. &erson Mrs. Beverly Ashworth Miss Genieve R. Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Austin Bobbi Ayers Mrs. Lorilie A. Backus Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Bacon Ms. Betty J. Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert J. Bailey Mr. John L. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Baldwin Ms. Joanne Banker Mrs. Sharon N. Barnard Mr. David A. Beard Mrs. Milissa Bedell Mr. & Mrs. Richard Belliveau Mr. Darrell S. Bergman Marcella I. Bergman Mr. Ralph H. Bergman Ms. Elizabeth Binsack Ms. Julie Bogdanoff Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Brown Miss Raquel A. Buchanan Mrs. Melynda Bulger Ms. Ariel Campos Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cantacessi Ms. Glenna S. Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Carson Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Cervantes Mrs. Denise M. Chavez Mr. Tor& J. Cheltenham Mr. & Mrs. Dale Clark Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Clasen Mrs. Christine Clausen Mrs. Suzanne M. Cochran Mr. Wendell S. Count Mr. & Mrs. Paul Covert Mrs. Elma J. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Randall S. Crane Mr. George L. Cupa Ms. Catherine C. Czech Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dannemeyer Mrs. Gloria M. Davis Ms. Kim Davis Mr. Bryce De Groot Ms. Georgia DeClark Mrs. Lenore Denges Nena M. Doppenberg Dr. & Mrs. James L. Dorman Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Drage Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Dressel Mr. & Mrs. Pete Drey Mr. George E. Earls Mr. Ryan P. Ebel Ms. Sina A. Embrey Mrs. Gayle A. Emmons Mr. Phillip V. Esparza Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Fagan Ms. Sherrell Fairley Mr. & Mrs. Dale Fellows Ms. Nadine Fiala Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Fields Ms. Faye A. Filby Miss Amylia M. Fisk Mr. Roman Flores Ms. Ciara M Flynn-Zanze Mr. & Mrs. Evan L. Foote R.G. Foster Mrs. Cynthia A, Fowler Dr. & Mrs. Glen A. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Gilbert Mr. Bryan E. Glenn Mr. David Goldschmidt Mr. Alexio L. Gomes Miss Sybonei Gonzalez Mr. Issac S. Grayson

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Mr. & Mrs. James D. Grisham Mr. & Mrs. Erik Gruber Mr. & Mrs. Stan R. Guenther Ms. Mamie K. Guidry Mr. & Mrs. David K. Gunderson Mr. Otis E. Hackett Mr. & Mrs. R. Hafer Mrs. Sierra J. Halvorson Ms. Paula K. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Hartman Mr. & Mrs. C. Max Haslacher Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Hastert Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Hazlin Mrs. Rosely D. Herandez Mr. Jason & Dr. Natalie Hewitt Mr. & Mrs. Scott Holden Ms. Roman N. Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Kerry P. Hookstra Mr. & Mrs. Terry A. Hoover Ms. Gina M. Hylton Mr. Kenneth J. Isaac Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Jablonski, Jr. Ms. Mackenzie Jackman Miss Tosha T. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Jensen Ms. Ginger L. Johnson Miss Jennalee J. Johnson Mrs. Jill Johnson Mrs. Orchid Z. Johnson Mr. Richard M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Jones Mrs. Margaret L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. David Jordan Ms. Virginia G. Joyce Mr & Mrs. Chip Kavanaugh Ms. Debra Kayoda Mr. & Mrs. David T. Keeton Mr. & Mrs. Leon Kim Mr. G. Alfred Kimmel, III Mr. & Mrs. John W. King Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Kinney Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kott Mr. Benjamin Laube Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lebert Miss Elizabeth I. Lee Miss Kyungsoo Lee Mrs. Gloria LeMaire Mr. & Mrs. David R. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lindell Mrs. Sharon Long Mrs. Caselle Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Lopez Dr. & Mrs. Erik Maiershofer Mr. Michael Maiolo Ms. Nem Malabuyo Ms. Diana L. Marriott Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Marruffo Mr. & Mrs. David Martin Ms. Delores M. Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Masztal Mr. & Mrs. Bob P. Mathias Miss Amanda J. May Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. McCarthy Albany J. McKendell Mr. & Mrs. Chris B. McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Carson J. McMullen Mr. Mark A. Mesi Mr. & Mrs. Creig E. Miller Ms. Shauna Minder


Mrs. Lauretta Mohrman Mr. & Mrs. David G. Montgomery-Scott Ms. Anamarie Morris Mr. Ronald S. Mullins Mr. William J. Mullins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Naputi Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas J. Nelson Ms. Sheryl A. Nelson Nicholai Newman Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Nordstrom Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Olgin Ms. Patricia O’Toole Mr. & Mrs. &rew R. Paine Mr. & Mrs. David Parker Ms. Karen Pate Mr. & Mrs. Floyd M. Patterson Dr. Michael Peck Ms. Angelina M. Petersen Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Phillips Dr. & Mrs. Robbie D. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Pillsbury Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Plahy Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Prentiss Mr. Duane E. Rankin Ms. Breanna L. Rawding Mr. & Mrs. James S. Reed Ms. Georgia Rehm Ms. Jennifer Rich Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Rients Mrs. Cheryl K. Riley Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ring Ms. C&i Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Edward Romeo Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Salas Mrs. Ashley Salmeron Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo Salmeron Meneses Ms. Cristal E. Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Filiberto Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Jacob F. Schaible Ms. Barbara Jane Schilling Mr. John Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Ken Seydel Mr. & Mrs. Wyman S. Shanks Dr. & Mrs. Dean H. Shearer Ms. Joanne B. Sheerer Mrs. Regina A. Siegel Mr. Anthony L. Silva Dr. & Mrs. Roberto D. Sirvent Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sloan Mr. & Mrs. B. Smale Mr. Peter C. Smelser Mrs. Dora Jean Smith Mr. Richard Soltesz Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell W. Spann Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Sperr Mr. Joshua Steele Ms. Judy A. Steele Ms. Sharon K. Steele Mr. & Mrs. Chris A. Steiger Mrs. Janice Stroupe Mr. & Mrs. Tyson R. Stull Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Summerlin Miss Beverly J. Swanson Dr. Elizabeth A. Swift Sunday Tadlock Ms. Jacqueline R. Talley Miss Madison Tassi Mr. Spencer Taylor

Mrs. Vicky L. Telfer Mr. Isaiah Terrazas Rev. & Mrs. Scott A. Thayer Mr. & Mrs. Maurie R. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Thompson Ms. Theresa Thompson Ms. Hannah Thornton Dr. Carl & Lisa Toney Ms. Frida Tornez Mr. & Mrs. Mike J. Tucker Mr. & Mrs. John G. Turek Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Vail Mr. & Mrs. John S. Vandenberg Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Varno Ms. Charity Vasquez Ms. Jamie S. Vasquez Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Vaughn, Jr. Ms. Carol A. Veatch Ms. G. Jolaine Velazquez Mr. & Mrs. Paul Versteeg, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David I. Baxter Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Voortman Ms. Lilyanne Waldo Dana Walker Mr. & Mrs. David A. Warrell Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Warsaw, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Weaver Dr. & Mrs. John Webb Mr. & Mrs. Steve S. Welch Mr. Rick M. Welles Mr. & Mrs. Jim L. Wells Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. West Ms. Sandra Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. Allen M. Whitsett Mr. & Mrs. Karl Wiegelman Mr. & Mrs. Norman W. Wilson Miss Stephanie N. Wilson Ms. Andrea Wolford Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Woodard, Jr. Ms. Sierra Wylie Mrs. Debra A. Yonkers Mr. & Mrs. James W. Yuile Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Zanze Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Zeeb Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ziemer

$5,000 - $9,999 Anaheim First Christian Church, Anaheim, CA Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, Flaggstaff, AZ Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ Diamond Canyon Christian Church, Diamond Bar, CA Discovery Christian Church of Moreno Valley, Moreno Valley, CA Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA First Christian Church of Newbury Park, Newbury Park, CA First Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA Norco Christian Church, Norco, CA Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach, CA Rainier View Christian Church. Tacoma, WA $2,500 - $4,999 Chaparral Christian Church, Scottsdale, AZ Christian Church of Lemon Grove, Lemon Grove, CA Compass Christian Church, Chandler, AZ Downey First Christian Church, Downey, CA Gold Coast Christian Church, Oxnard, CA Newberg Christian Church, Newberg, OR Pomerado Christian Church, Poway, CA The Journey Christian Church, Irvine, CA $1,000 - $2,499


Camarillo Christian Church, Carmarillo, CA First Christian Church, Phoenix, AZ Knott Avenue Christian Church, Anaheim, CA Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, CA Mission Viejo Christian Church, Mission Viejo, CA Rosemead Christian Church, Rosemead, CA Southwest Christian Church, Temecula, CA Venture Christian Church, Murrieta, CA

$50,000 & Above

$500 - $999

Christ’s Church of the Valley, San Dimas, CA First Christian Church. Huntington Beach, CA

Colton Christian Church, Colton, CA Discovery Church, Simi Valley, CA First Christian Church of Victorville, Victorville, CA Needles Christian Church, Needles, CA

$30,000 - $49,999 Central Christian Church Arizona, Mesa, AZ


$10,000 - $29,999 Canyon Ridge Christian Church, LasVegas, NV Shepherd Church, Porter Ranch, CA University Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA

Central Christian Church Arizona, Mesa, AZ Christ’s Church of the Valley, San Dimas, CA First Christian Church, Huntington Beach, CA

First Christian Church Ministries, Kernersville, NC Knott Avenue Christian Church, Anaheim, CA $1,000 - $4,999 Garden Way Church, Eugene, OR Orrville Christian Church, Orrville, OH Northside Christian Church, Warrensburg, MO Dallas Church, Dallas, OR Placentia United Methodist, Placentia, CA First Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA First Christian Church of Newbury Park, Newbury Park, CA Normandy Christian Church, Seattle, WA Indian Creek Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN Shepherd Church, Porter Ranch, CA New Brunswick Church of Christ, Lebanon, IN Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA $500 - $999 Pathway Church, Wichita, KS Rivera First Baptist Church, Pico Rivera, CA $100 - $499 Andover Christian Church, Andover, MN Camano Chapel, Inc., Camono Island, WA CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS $30,000 & Above Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Wilson Pacific University, Inc. $10,000 - $29,999 Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Foursquare Financial Solutions

$5,000 - $9,999

Up to $99

Farmers and Merchants Bank Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation PCWA Provider Contract Food Service, Inc. Raytheon Company

AmazonSmile Foundation Chubb & Son Insurance Company J.P. Gergen Co., Inc. Lassen Canyon Nursery, Inc. Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. Pfizer Foundation The Christian House Ministries

$2,500 - $4,999 Contemporary Services Corporation Payne’s Janitorial Services, Inc. Proline Electrical Contractors Shield Stone Pet Hospital, Inc. $1,000 - $2,499 Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers, Inc. Boer Backhoe, Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Company Exelon Foundation Metrix Capital Group LLC The Boeing Company Gift Matching Program $500 - $999 Direct Print & Promotion Field’s Comprehensive Youth Services Fresh Beginnings Ministries Hondo500, Inc. International Business Machine K & J Air Conditioning Inc. Kiwanis Club of West Covina Peter C. Foy & Associates Professional Physical Therapy Association State Farm Companies Foundation Work Comp Resolutions, Inc. $100 - $499 Demes Gourmet Corporation General Electric Foundation Kim Kelley Productions Dani Q. Nguyen, D.D.S. Precise Designs Quality Soil Sciences Surf City Cruises and Travel The Wright Image

GIFT-IN-KIND DONATIONS Avalon Bagels to Burgers, Placentia, CA Brea Improv, Brea, CA Cheesecake Factory, Brea, CA Coco’s, Brea, CA Dr. & Mrs. Mark Comeaux, Brea, CA Dr. Timothy H. Dally, Altadena, CA Fox Theater Foundation, Riverside, CA Fratellino’s, Brea, CA Holiday Inn Fullerton, Fullerton, CA In N Out Burger, Irvine, CA Kathy Lewczyk, Fullerton, CA Luxe Aveda Salon & Spa, Fullerton, CA Mr. & Mrs. Anthony McMahon, Covina, CA Medieval Times, Buena Park, CA Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Mulryan, Costa Mesa, CA Nothing Bundt Cakes, Brea, CA Patty’s Cake & Desserts , Fullerton, CA Pieology, Fullerton, CA Mrs. Katherine Rowe, Fullerton, CA Sam’s Club, Fullerton, CA Schools First FCU, Santa Ana, CA South Coast Repertory Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA Spirit Cruises, San Pedro, CA Dr. Elizabeth A. Swift, Buena Park, CA Target, Fullerton, CA The Clubhouse Restaurant, Anaheim Hills, CA The Curtis Theatre, Brea, CA The Flame Broiler, Inc., Fullerton, CA The Hotel Fullerton, Fullerton, CA The Summit House Restaurant, Fullerton, CA

The Warehouse Restaurant, Marina Del Ray, CA Tutti Frutti, Placentia, CA Two Saucy Broads Pizza, Fullerton, CA ESTATES (Contributions given to all funds) Walter V. Bennett Betty Carl Kathleen Ann Ellstrom Bula Gladys Miller TRIBUTES (Contributions given to all funds) In Honor of Tim Shenkin In Memory of Harvey and Helen Beard Constance J. Roberts Bettye J. Ellis Bud & Jean Walter Donna Hahn Gordon R. Hahn Douglas A. Michael Dr. John P. Rowe Elda M. Lasiter Karen Gottschalk Leo T. Koppl Lertis & Kathryn Ellett Priscilla Painter Rachel Staton

Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If we have made an error or omitted your name, please advise us by notifying the Office of Institutional Advancement at 714.879.3601, ext. 2642, or email [email protected] You can mail corrections to Hope International University, Attn: Megan Austin, Office of Institutional Advancement, 2500 E. Nutwood Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831.


Honor Roll of Donors




his Honor Roll of Donors features individuals, churches, corporations and foundations that have made gifts through cash or pledge payments received by Nebraska Christian College between January 1 and December 31, 2016. Gifts received after December 31, 2016 will be recorded in the 2017 calendar year. On behalf of the entire NCC administration, faculty, staff, and student body, THANK YOU to each and every donor. Your gifts are very much appreciated and vital to the sucess of our scholarship recipients, most of whom otherwise could not afford to attend NCC.

INDIVIDUALS (Contributions given to all Funds) $10,000 & Above Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William D. Sapp Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickenkamp $5,000 - $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Bremer Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Tony Clark Mr. Ronald M. Cudaback Dr. & Mrs. Roger K. Curry Mr. & Mrs. James DePauw Mr. & Mrs. David Miller Mr. & Mrs. G. Wayne Moorhead Mr. & Mrs. Brad Randel Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Rowe Mr. Harold Sorensen $2,500 - $4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Beckenhauer Mrs. Eunice C. Boyd Mrs. Marilyn Brewster Mr. LaMoine Brownlee Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Eggleston Ms. Saundra F. Heroneme Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. K. C. Kelly Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Krause Mr. & Mrs. Merle L. Lore Mr. & Mrs. Gary McKillip Mr. & Mrs. Lewis O. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Rieke Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Ring Mr. Lee A. Sapp Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sapp Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smith Mr. Aaron Stanski $1,000 - $2,499

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Boelter Mr. & Mrs. Mackay S. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ivan L. Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Bryant Ms. Bernice L. Cade Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chaplin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chase Mrs. Christine Clausen Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Cousins Mr. Brett Crimmel Dr. & Mrs. John Derry Mr. & Mrs. Gary Devall Ms. Nancy Fager Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Fast Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gillespie Mr. Donald N. Holloway Mr. & Mrs. David A. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Ernel A. Henry Mrs. M. Marion Hoschouer Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne L. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kuebler Ms. Donna Lawson Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul McIntosh Mr. & Mrs. William C. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mulryan Ms. Hannah Newman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Niemann Mr. Benjamin H. Norvig Mr. Justin Norvig Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Peregrine Mr. Duane E. Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Dale Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Scheffler Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Sells Ms. Paula Smith Ms. Amber R. Stackhouse Ms. Stacey Swanson Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Swedburg Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Weber Mr. Clarence L. Werner Mr. & Mrs. Marc R. Willoughby Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Willson Mr. & Mrs. John O. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Randall E. Youngblood

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Carhart Mr. James F. Caton Mr. Sanford Chance Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Chepil Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Cole Mr. & Mrs. Knute Cotton Ms. Kathaleen J. Davis Mr. & Mrs. John C. Epperson Mr. & Mrs. John Fernandes Ms. Judy Gillen Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hagins Mr. & Mrs. Neal Hanley Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Hollingsworth Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Hopkins Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Huddleston Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Jech Mr. & Mrs. Al Juve Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Kandt Mr. & Mrs. David Kelly Ms. Barbara J. Kostal Mr. Marvin Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Matteson Mr. & Mrs. Russell P. McCracken Mrs. Mildred Meckley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Milliken Dr. Robert C. Milliken Ms. Carolyn M. Mitschke Mr. & Mrs. Brian Newton Mr. & Mrs. Alex Nigro Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Ohrenberg Mr. & Mrs. Erik L. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pomajzi Mr. & Mrs. Gail Portenier Ms. DeAnn Reed Mr. Jordan Reese Ms. Cindy Rieke Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sears Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Smith Mr. & Mrs. William H. Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Dick Wamsley Mr. Kevin Watson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weis Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Winter $100 - $499

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Garry K. Baker Mr. Jeff Ballard Mr. Connor Barr Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Beckenhauer Ms. Mary Bilsten Mr. & Mrs. Ian T. Blacker


$500 - $999 Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Abdouch Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. David Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cahill Mr. & Mrs. John L. Campbell Mr. Daniel Cano

Ms. Mary I. Ahrenholtz Mrs. Elaine Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Andrews Ms. Cristina Aragon Ms. Marcia Archambault Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Armstrong

Mr. Jonathan Arnold Ms. Rebecca A. Arnold Mr. Aaron Asay Mr. & Mrs. Troy Backhuus Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Bailey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ball Mr. & Mrs. Clark Bates Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Beckenhauer Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Becker Mr. Derek P. Beebe Ms. Susan Beebe Mr. & Mrs. Dan Beerman Mr. Curt Benson Mr. & Mrs. Randall Beridon Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Bleich Mr. Eric Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Bode Ms. Karen W. Borchers Ms. Cathryn M. Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Ron Broda Mr. & Mrs. Alan Brown Mr. & Mrs. Junior R. Burgus Mr. & Mrs. Lowell A. Burkum Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Buroughs Mr. Miles Buskirk Ms. Desiree Chance Mr. & Mrs. Dale D. Chitwood Ms. Elaine M. Collier Ms. Amy Collins Ms. Kathryn L. Coston Mr. & Mrs. Vic Coston Mr. & Mrs. William Crimmel Mr. & Mrs. George Curtis Ms. B. Joan Davis Mrs. Marvelee E. Davidson Mr. Mike Day Mr. & Mrs. Todd Deatrich Ms. Liz Deaver Mr. & Mrs. Tim DeFor Ms. Jennifer Denney Ms. Caitlin E. DePauw Mr. & Mrs. John DePauw Mr. Joshua DePauw Mr. & Mrs. Brian DeVore Mr. Bruce P. Dieter Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Dietrich Mr. Jeffrey A. Dirks Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Doolittle Mr. Daryl Dorsheimer Mrs. Phyllis R. Dye Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Edelman Mr. & Mrs. Brady Erickson Mr. Jim Ewing Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fichter

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fuhrer Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Fuller Ms. Jennifer Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Marcus O. Gebhard Ms. Ashley Gentile Mr. Jason Gentry Mr. Royce Gentry Mr. & Mrs. Larry Glandt Mr. & Mrs. Marc Gorsch Ms. Wendy Graff Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Gruber Dr. Thomas Guilliams Mr. James R. Hackel Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hannibal Mr. & Mrs. James Hardy Ms. Elizabeth Hawley Ms. Deborah Hayes Ms. Shirley Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Haynes Mr. Dennis Hedges Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Heilman Mr. & Mrs. Galen L. Helmkamp Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hintz Mr. John Hoppe Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hoppe Mr. Mark D. Hoyt Ms. Cheryl Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Jepson Ms. Julie Johnson Ms. Lois Johnson Ms. Natalie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Willard M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Gale Juhl Mr. & Mrs. David Kaisand Cristin Keeling Ms. Mary G. Keenan Ms. Jenna Keene Ms. Avis M. King Mr. & Mrs. David King Mr. & Mrs. Karol King Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Kinnan Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Knauss Ms. Raylene Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Krause Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lager Mr. & Mrs. Chester Lammert Mr. & Mrs. Ismael Lara Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Larson Mr. & Mrs. Herb Lash Dr. & Mrs. David B. N. Lee, M.D. Ms. Barbara Lewandowski Ms. Alisha Lohman Mr. & Mrs. James Lohman Ms. Debbie Lowrey Mr. & Mrs. Randall Maas Mr. Robert Makros Mr. & Mrs. Kent Mann Mr. & Mrs. Scott Marcum Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Marsh Mr. Virgil R. Marshall, III Mr. Josiah Martin Mr. David McArthur Ms. Annette J. McConnell Mr. & Mrs. Denton N. McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Michael McHugh

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence McLernon Ms. Christina Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Paul Milliken Mr. Peter Mitschke Mr. & Mrs. Rich S. Mohr Mr. & Mrs. Tommy J. Mohr Ms. Mollie N. Moltzau Mr. James Monacelli Mr. Jerry Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Joel R. Mortenson Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mueksch Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Murphy Mr. Ryan Musinski Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Myers Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Nigro Mr. Mike Olearnick Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Parker Mr. & Mrs. Rex Pearson Ms. Carmie Pfenning Mr. Jeffrey D. Philippi Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pierce Mr. & Mrs. William J. Poeschl Ms. Victoria Portch Mr. & Mrs. Max Potter Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Pratt Mr. Drew Ranney Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ranney Kris Ranney Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Raper Mr. Brendan Reed Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Reed Ms. Velma Reimer Ms. Marie Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Marvin B. Rhodes Ms. Cheryl Roberts Ms. Emelie Saccomano Mr. & Mrs. Arlin G. Sample Ms. Jacqueline Schaaf Mr. Keith Schall Ms. Ruby Scheffler Ms. Jonette Schue Ms. Kathleen Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Lyle L. Schwindt Ms. Laurie Sellden Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Shafer Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sheimo Mr. & Mrs. Rick L. Simants Ms. Christine Simon Ms. Catherine N. Smith Ms. Kathryn M. Smith Ms. Myra L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Norman Smith Ms. Karin Sparkman Ms. Sharon Speierman Ms. Catharine A. Steele Ms. Cathy L. Stiger Ms. Nancy S. Stroh Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Sturgeon Mr. Stephen W. Sturgeon Ms. Lee V. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. John M. Swedburg Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Thiner Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Thomas Mr. Rick Thomas Mr. Brad J. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Burdett Thompson Ms. Linda Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. John Turner Ms. Judy Vanegdom Asiel Vice Mr. Timothy Vice Mrs. Jacquelyn A. Waggoner Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Scott Warner Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn L. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Welch Mr. Scott Wellman Mr. & Mrs. Larry Whitbeck Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Williams, IV Ms. Rita B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Alex K. Williamson Ms. Claire Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wilson Dr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Wood Ms. Linda F. Wostrel Mr. Patrick Wren Mrs. Margie J. Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Todd Zohner Up to $99 Mrs. Doris J. Adams Mr. Braden Ahl Mr. & Mrs. Bern Ahlberg Mr. & Mrs. Dan L. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Steve E. Anklam Mr. Gregory P. Araujo Ms. Elizabeth Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Roger Austin Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Austin Mr. & Mrs. Randall A. Bach Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Baker Mr. & Mrs. Gary O. Barden Ms. Karen J. Beam Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Bean Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Bean Ms. Sara L. Beans Ms. Geraldine L. Benton Mr. & Mrs. Neil Berg Ms. Donna Beridon Mr. & Mrs. Tim E. Bessmer Mr. Dave Bouchard Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Braafhart Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brand Ms. Jenna Brenner Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Brown Ms. Ruby Brownlee Mr. & Mrs. Darrick L. Bumgarner Mr. Brett Burton Mr. Mark Buskirk Jodi Cabrera Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cade Mr. & Mrs. Rick Cavallaro Ms. Connie Chandler Ms. Cindy Chavez Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell E. Church, IV Ms. Janelle A. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Arlynn C. Close Ms. Amanda Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Frank Condello Ms. Rhonda Conner Mr. & Mrs. Dean L. Coulter Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cox J.E. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. Brent A. Crouse Mr. & Mrs. Ron Daharsh Dr. & Mrs. David V. DeFor Mr. & Mrs. Seth Denney Mrs. Janice H. Denton Mr. Greg Denver Ms. Erma DePauw Ms. Kayla DePauw Mr. Joseph Derringer Mr. & Mrs. Dan Dittman Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Draper Dr. & Mrs. R. Allan Dunbar Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Eberle Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Edmonds Ms. Lori Edwards Ms. Mellissa Ellenwood Ms. Beverly Engelmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Evans Mr. Philip L. Evans Ms. MardelleL. Ewing Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Field Mr. & Mrs. Stew Fielding Ms. Arlene M. Fischesser Mr. & Mrs. Ken Fiscus Mrs. Linda Fiscus Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Fisher Tracey Fisher Ms. Sharon L. Foreman Gerry Fossey Ms. Dee Ann Frerichs Ms. Phyllis A. Fryman Marti Gartner Ms. Caryn Gentry Jamie Gentry Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gerhardt Ms. Ruth Gibb Bailey Gibson Ms. Susan D. Graff Mr. Dwight Graham Ms. Margie Grauberger Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Griffith Mr. Chad Guernsey Ms. Vera J. Gustafason Ms. Joyce Guthrie Ms. Karen Haradem Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hardin Mr. Ryan Hardin Ms. Karen Harris Mr. Matthew D. Haumont Mr. & Mrs. Jason Heese Mr. & Mrs. Dwain Henden Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Herre Mr. & Mrs. William V. Herrick Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hiatt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hilt Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Hodges Ms. Donna Hodnefield Ms. Elaine Hoff Mr. Kent Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Holtzman Mrs. Marsha Hood Mr. & Mrs. Allen Hooser Mr. Bruce Hoppe Mr. Jacob Fredrick Hoppe Ms. Laura Horak Mrs. Sue C. Houdesheldt Mr. & Mrs. John W. Houston Mr. & Mrs. William N. Howard


Mr. & Mrs. George Howard Mr. & Mrs. Garry R. Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Marv Inselman Ms. Susan Jeffrey-Wheeler Ms. Denise Johnson Mr. Zachary Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Scott Jones Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kaihoi Ms. Laurie Kasik Mr. & Mrs. William S. Katz Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Ron Keller Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Keralis Mr. & Mrs. Jim Knutson Mr. & Mrs. Ted Kostkan Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Kots Ms. Erin Kraft Mr. Wyatt LaFever Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Larsen Ms. Melinda Lavalleur Ms. Carolyn J. Law Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Leach Mr. Dennis Leonard Mr. Kiel Lewandowski Mr. & Mrs. Scott Lewandowski Frances Linegar Ms. Sherry Linegar Mr. & Mrs. Will Little Mr. Kraig Lundberg Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lwere Ms. Ruth Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lynn Mrs. Darlene Mach Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne R. Maddox Mr. & Mrs. Nick Matiash Mr. & Mrs. Richard May Ms. Priscilla Mayland


Ms. Shelly McCaffrey Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. McClure Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. McConkey Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. McDowell Mr. Matthew McKnight Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Meekma Mr. Collin Messersmith Ms. Loraine Metzger Mr. & Mrs. Doren Michael Mr. & Mrs. Larye Mick Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Miller Mr. & Mrs. Dave Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Vern E. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Mittan Mr. Douglas Moats Mr. Benjamin Moeller Ms. Becca Moore Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mortensen Mr. & Mrs. William E. Moser Mr. & Mrs. John Mulholland Mrs. Shirley J. Murphy Mr. Carl Nagel Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Newland, II Mr. & Mrs. David E. Newton Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. Nicholson Jamie Nicolaus Ms. Sarah Norris Mr. & Mrs. John W. Northrop Mr. & Mrs. Andy O’Dea Mr. & Mrs. Steve Oeffling Mr. & Mrs. Steve Olson Ms. Megan Oswald Ms. Garnet A. Owen Ms. Atheana Parde Mr. & Mrs. John D. Patterson Mr. Robert Perry

Ms. Janet Petersen Mr. Robert Pfund Cassidy Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Craig L. Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Lee Polk Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Powell Mr. & Mrs. Dale Powell Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Rains Ms. Donna J. Rector P.J. Reed Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Reish Mr. Royce Reit Mr. & Mrs. Wallace L. Rendel Mr. Robert H. Ricker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ridenour Ms. Joli Robbins Ms. Nancy Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Salyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Savage Mr. Mike Schirmer Mrs. Elizabeth J. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schoberg Mr. & Mrs. Jerrod Schroeder Ms. Vicki Schulenberg Ms. Cheryl D. Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Brad Schwindt Mr. & Mrs. Mark Searcey Mr. & Mrs. Neal Shivers Mr. James Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sis Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Slack Mr. & Mrs. David A. Sleeger Ms. Natalie Smith mith Ms. Patricia ia Smith S Mr. & Mrs. rs Darrell Snyder Mrs. Linda d D. Sparks

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Spicer Mr. & Mrs. David F. Spiering Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Springer Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Stadler Mr. & Mrs. Tracy L. Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Steele Mr. & Mrs Randy Stemsrud Ms. Brittany Stevenson Ms. Elizabeth Stratton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swartley Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Sween Ms. Kerrilyn Symington Mrs. Linda C. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Tenney Ms. Maureen Thompson Mr. Gregory Townley Ms. Mary Ann Turner Mrs. Jo Ann R. Utterback Mr. Kirby VanNausdle Ms. Trudy Varvel Mr. & Mrs. Vernon L. Waldren Mr. & Mrs. Drexal Wall Mr. & Mrs. Bob Walter Robin Watson Mr. & Mrs. Randy Wehling Mr. & Mrs. Matthew D. Wentz Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wickenkamp Mr. & Mrs. Justin Widick Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Wilcox Ms. Wanda M. Wondercheck Ms. Mary Wright Ms. Rebecca S. Wright Ms. M Sharen Wright Mr. & Mrs. Bob Young Mr. Stephen P. Zimmerle

God B G

CHURCHES (Contributions given to all Funds) $30,000 and Above Calvary Christian Church, Bellevue, NE $10,000 - $29,999 Kingsway Christian Church, Omaha, NE Stonebridge Christian Church, Omaha, NE Wildewood Christian Church, Papillion, NE $5,000 - $9,999 Academy Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO Capitol City Christian Church, Lincoln, NE First Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA firstChristian Church of Norfolk, Norfolk, NE McCook Christian Church, McCook, NE $2,500 - $4,999 Antioch Christian Church, Marion, IA Central Church of Christ, Griswold, IA Christian Church of Broomfield, Broomfield, CO Christian Church, Wakefield, NE Clay Center Christian Church, Clay Center, NE Countryside Christian Church, Maryville, MO Florence Christian Church, Omaha, NE Footville Church of Christ, Footville, WI Lamar Christian Church, Lamar, CO New Hope Christian Church, Marshalltown, IA Rising Sun Church of Christ, Pleasant Hill, IA Valley Christian Church, North Platte, NE Worthington Christian Church, Worthington, MN Wymore Church of Christ, Wymore, NE $1,000 - $2,499 Carroll Church of Christ, Carroll, IA Christian Church, Maywood, NE Church of Christ, Rockwell City, IA Church of Christ, Sutherland, IA Cozad Christian Church, Cozad, NE East Side Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA First Christian Church, Beaver City, NE First Christian Church, Broken Bow, NE First Christian Church, Onawa, IA First Christian Church, O’Neill, NE

First Church of Christ, Atlantic, IA First Church of Christ, Cherokee, IA First Church of Christ, Ladysmith, WI Huron Christian Church, Huron, SD Indianola Church of Christ, Indianola, IA Iowa City Church of Christ, Iowa City, IA Journey Christian Church, Wayne, NE Julesburg Christian Church, Julesburg, CO Lewis Church of Christ, Lewis, IA Logan Christian Church, Logan, IA Madison Church of Christ, Brooklyn, IA Martelle Christian Church, Martelle, IA Mondamin Church of Christ, Mondamin, IA Mountainview Church, Westminster, CO New Life Christian Church, Albert Lea, MN New Market Church of Christ, New Market, IA Oakwood Park Christian Church, Sioux Falls, SD Pikes Peak Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO Rimrock Evangelical Free Church, Rapid City, SD Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Niwot, CO Third City Christian Church, Grand Island, NE Webster City Church of Christ, Webster City, IA Whiting Christian Church, Whiting, IA

Henderson Christian Church, Henderson, IA Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN Little Sioux Church of Christ, Mondamin, IA Murray Church of Christ, Murray, IA Park Church of Christ, Goldfield, IA Relevant Community Church, Elkhorn, NE Sheridan Christian Church, Sheridan, MO SONshine Christian Church, Smith Center, KS Southside Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA

Benevity Community Impact Fund, Nebraska Pibel Bible Camp Christian Builders Class Keenan Insurance Agency Camp of the Good Shepherd Affinity4 Intimacy with God Goodshop


ESTATES (Contributions given to all Funds)

$5,000 and Above

Herbert Clark Greta M. Milliken Lloyd Sparks Loren T. Swedburg Norma Jean Turner

$500 - $999

Gene’s Auto & Truck Services, Inc. Johnson Leasing Company The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation

Antelope Hills Christian Church, Canby, MN Auburn Christian Church, Auburn, NE Christian Church of Fairmont, Fairmont, MN Church of Christ, Table Rock, NE Cornerstone Church, Litchfield, MN Edgar Christian Church, Edgar, NE First Christian Church, Central City, NE First Christian Church, Rapid City, SD Northfield Church of Christ, Fort Dodge, IA Skidmore Christian Church, Skidmore, MO University Christian Church, Manhattan, KS $100 - $499 Church of Christ, Anthon, IA Church of Christ, Inavale, NE Church of Christ, Le Mars, IA Clearmont Christian Church, Clearmont, MO Cummings Christian Church, Cummings, KS First Baptist Church, Kiron, IA

EMC National Life McKay Production, LLC Omaha Community Foundation SWN Investments $2,500 - $4,999 EducationQuest Foundation Sapp Brothers Inc. $1,000 - $2,499

$500 - $999 Antioch International, Inc. Off the Clock Events Oshkosh Truck Credit Union State Farm Companies Foundation The Ling Group Widick Hoeft & Associates $100 - $499 Anderson Brothers Central Iowa Bible Camp Daycloud Studios Elkhorn Valley Bank Flatland Group Fort Street Veterinarian Gordian Ladies Intentional Churches Kootenai Christian Camp Moser Funeral & Cremation Service Rent-A-Van Omaha LLC STADIA

GIFT-IN-KIND Mr. and Mrs. David Miller, Westminster, CO Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Stewart, Red Oak, IA

TRIBUTES (Contributions given to all Funds) In Honor of Robert & Patricia Chitwood Roger & Joey Fletcher Nancy Hodge Betty Howell Prof. Ralph Johnson Howard Mickelson Harold Milliken Arvene & Neva Myers Harold Oestmann Merle & Donna Ring Marilyn Rose Doris Steel Norma J. Turner Marlene Williams In Memory of Ruth Bastron Olen & Irene Chitwood Cathy Macklberg Dieter Mary Dykhouse Marvin G. Crotzer Greta Milliken Curtis E. Reynolds Pauline Armentrout Ripley John D. Sleeger Loren Swedburg

Bless Y Bl You!!



WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT US... Third Best Christian University in California Hope International University has been named one of the best Christian Universities in California by Christian Universities Online (CUO), the trusted guide to Christian colleges and universities. HIU currently ranks #3 in CUO’s 2017 list of The Top 10 Christian Colleges & Universities in California. This ranking recognizes “intentionally-Christian” colleges and universities that excel in categories of personal attention to their students, selectivity, readily DYDLODEOHˉQDQFLDODLGDQGRYHUDOOVWXGHQWVDWLVIDFWLRQ As a private Christian university, Hope is committed to the integration of faith, service and learning. This GHGLFDWLRQ LV UHˊHFWHG LQ WKH XQLYHUVLW\ȠV PLVVLRQ statement, core values and statement of belief, the guiding lights for every activity, class and relationship on campus. The methodology behind this ranking began with schools that are members (or member eligible) of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Ranking was further evaluated based on the following ˉYH GDWD SRLQWV FROOHFWHG IURP SXEOLFO\ DYDLODEOH sources: 1)Faculty-to-student ratio, 2) Percent of fulltime beginning undergraduates receiving grant or scholarship aid, 3) Selectivity, 4) Overall retention rate and 5) Overall graduation rate.

ShareFaith Magazine’s Top 20 Worship Schools Hope International University has been recognized in the Top 20 Best Universities for Worship Ministry by ShareFaith’s online magazine for the second consecutive year. Schools are honored with this QRWDEOHDZDUGEDVHGRQˉYHFULWHULD  UHSXWDWLRQ   facilities; (3) faculty; (4) location; and (5) programs. HIU offers programs to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Worship Arts as well as a Master’s Degree in Worship Ministry. Balanced between theory and practice, our students learn how to design and facilitate meaningful worship experiences and how to serve alongside pastoral staff. Practical skills such as instrumental and voice lessons, leadership of a worship service, training others for ministry, and technical knowledge serve to craft a strong foundation for each graduate.


HIU’s Center for Music & Worship Arts (CMWA) provides students with the opportunity to impact the world as future worship leaders as they learn in the classroom and in real ministry settings. CMWA students cross the barrier between learning and application through the direct mentorship of faculty who are immersed in full-time ministry. ShareFaith’s online magazine curates blog articles relevant to today’s churches to inspire and inform those in Christian ministry. The website highlights innovative media and resources that equip ministry teams and platforms to teach with excellence.

Online Programs Recognized as 5th Best in California %HVW&ROOHJHVFRP KDV LGHQWLˉHG +RSH ,QWHUQDWLRQDO 8QLYHUVLW\DVWKHˉIWK%HVW2QOLQH&ROOHJHVLQ&DOLIRUQLD among secular schools, private schools and even state universities. California’s tuition rates have more than doubled since 2005, making college funding complex for students. Fortunately, due to the state’s continuously innovative online education system, students can easily integrate higher education into their existing lives. Those who enroll online can study at their own pace, and many students can work full time jobs as they complete their courses — a pragmatic way to compensate for California’s high tuition rates.  +,8RIIHUVDYDULHW\RIRQOLQHGHJUHHVVSDQQLQJˉYH academic colleges: arts and sciences, business and management, education, psychology and counseling, and Christian ministry and Biblical studies. Online degrees and courses are available for both undergraduates and graduate students, supported by one of the most comprehensive systems of enrollment and academic advisors among California online colleges. Students can access a live chat option for academic coaching prior to enrollment in an online program. Hope provides online learning programs to students across the U.S. and internationally. HIU maintains campus locations in Anaheim and Fullerton, CA, as well as in Nebraska and Washington state. The methodology behind this ranking is grounded in statistical data and a few consistently applied guiding principles, including academic quality,

affordability, and online competency. BestColleges. FRPȠV  UDQNLQJV UHˊHFW WKH PRVW UHFHQW GDWD available from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and College Navigator, both of which are hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics. Their goal is to objectively assess relative quality based on academic outcomes, affordability, and the breadth and depth of online learning opportunities.

2017 Best of Fullerton Award The Fullerton Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Fullerton area. Hope International University recently received the 2017 Best of Fullerton Award, winning in the Local Business category for the second consecutive year.  (DFK \HDU WKH )XOOHUWRQ $ZDUG 3URJUDP LGHQWLˉHV companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and their community. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. These exceptional companies help make the Fullerton area a great place to live, work, and play. The 2017 Fullerton Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to determine winners in each category. Final determinations are based on the information gathered both internally by the Fullerton Award Program and data provided by third parties. Only one winner is selected per category for each town. The Fullerton Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in a community. The organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Fullerton Award Program’s mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.


REMEMBERING LISA WILSON This summer, the HIU community was stunned to learn that our dear friend and colleague, Lisa Wilson, had been in a serious car accident. On August 6, 2017, Lisa passed away as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. She was a dedicated faculty member and served as a role model and mentor to the students; always encouraging them to strive to reach their full potential. As a colleague, Lisa was gracious, focused, kind and always professional. To the faculty, staff and students, Lisa was more than a colleague, she was a friend, a mentor, a valued advisor, and the heart of the clinical training for the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program. She will lovingly be remembered as a caring and thoughtful friend, for her love of horses, Dalmatians, and her SUHVHQFHDURXQGWKHRIˉFH

/LVD ˉUVW MRLQHG WKH 0)7 SURJUDP WHDP LQ  ˉUVW DV DQ Enrollment Counselor, then as Practicum Coordinator, and an Adjunct Professor. In recent years, she served as an Assistant Professor and MFT Director of Clinical Training. Lisa was licensed as both a Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor. As program chair, Lisa was preparing to launch our new Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program. Lisa will always be remembered for her gracious spirit, integrity, GHGLFDWLRQ DQG FRPPLWPHQW +HU FRQWULEXWLRQV WR WKH ˉHOG of marriage and family therapy, and the investment into the professional development of students will be greatly missed. Lisa gave freely of her time and effort to come alongside students.


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Each person is a unique recipe of faith, calling, gifts, talents, and passions. Our specialty is preparing students to live our their God-given purpose through their careers, relationships, hobbies, and service to their respective communities.