The Ojai Foundation Annual Report, 2014-15

The Ojai Foundation Annual Report, 2014-15

The Ojai Foundation timeless wisdom ~ timely action Annual Report 2014-15 OUR MISSION To foster practices that awaken connection with self, others ...

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The Ojai Foundation timeless wisdom ~ timely action

Annual Report 2014-15

OUR MISSION To foster practices that awaken connection with self, others and the natural world. Council, the practice of listening and speaking from the heart, is at the core of all we do. OUR VISION A thriving, peaceful planet filled with community, connection and care. CORE VALUES Deep Listening • Relationship • Respect for All Life Truth • Simplicity • Gratitude • Beauty Service • Lineage • Story GUIDING PRINCIPLES Living Council ~ Living Community Nature as Mirror ~ Nature as Teacher Indigenous Knowledge ~ Wisdom Traditions The Beauty Way ~ Regenerative Design


Cover photo by Doug Ellis Photography. Inside cover aerial photography by Josh Dragge.

LISTENing to EARTH, LISTENing TO WATER Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, The Ojai Foundation’s founders made a deliberate choice to practice patience and to listen deeply before adding any structures, shrines or gardens. Silence on the Land, moving around the ridge, asking for guidance, observing the wildlife and sitting in circle to listen to each other, informed each decision to build, change or add to what was here. We bow in thanks to those who mindfully developed the Land so that those who visit may easily fall into the Land's natural embrace-a safe place to let go, to shed old skin, to deepen, or to begin anew. Building upon this original vision and canvas, The Ojai Foundation continues to improve the Land with keen attention to beauty and simplicity, and continues to offer a place of sanctuary, education and transformation to all who visit. The recent spin-off of our outreach programs, Council in Schools and Center for Council, has allowed us to refocus on land-based programming, Land and facilities improvements, and toward long-term visioning and planning. In the process, we have engaged many new volunteers and financial partners, served new audiences, grown our extended community, increased our earned revenue streams, and completed our fiscal year with ample reserves. Beyond the Land here in Ojai, we continue to be a hub and a wellspring for an ever growing global community of earth stewards and peacemakers who are sowing seeds of council around the world. This year's annual Gathering of Council Carriers brought over 70 council practitioners to the Land, and in 2017 we look forward to hosting the International Gathering, where council carriers from as far as Israel, Europe, Greece and Africa will come to drink from the source! Looking ahead into the 2015-16 fiscal year and beyond, a strategic planning and Permaculture Master Plan process is under way to envision 3, 5, 25 years ahead. Together we are asking: What do we want the Land and the work to look like in 25 years? 100 years? In the face of climate change and drought, what can we learn from listening to the water and working with its flow? How do we balance patience and care with a sense of urgency? Can we respond to the times and also listen for what will be needed in the future? How can we become an even more vital model for a rapidly changing world? It is with heartfelt thanks that we tell our story in these pages. We give thanks to those who came before us, and to those elders, staff members, teachers, volunteers and guests who have contributed heart and hand to the Land and mission, and to all our friends, far and wide, who support us with encouragement, wisdom, faith and resources.

STAFF Adam Rumack, Executive Director Judy Piazza, Director of Programs Leif H. Skogberg, Land Manager & Sustainability Director Stephanie Sacha, Business Manager Diana Kelly, Administrative Assistant Brooke Kettering, Hospitality & Volunteer Coordinator Amanda Canty, Beauty Way

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Laura Whitney, President & Co-chair Carolann Wolfgang, Co-chair Jeannette Rothweiler, Secretary Stephen MacIntosh, Treasurer Mathew Auric Doug Ellis Sanders Marvin David Lee Matt Schoen Paul Cummins, Emeritus

ELDER COUNCIL Leon Berg Gigi Coyle Marlow Hotchkiss Lola Rae Long Jack Zimmerman

With an overflowing well of gratitude,

Laura Whitney, President

Adam Rumack, Executive Director ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 • 3

Program Highlights This last year, the Land was abuzz with visitors of all ages for a total of 272 program days. While we continue to serve the Crossroads School and New Roads School senior rite-of-passage trip as we have for over 30 years, many new schools and youth groups are now coming to the Land for rite of passage, leadership training, ropes course and natureimmersion experiences. Our adult programs continue to thrive, including Council Trainings, Permaculture and natural building courses, work retreats, and transformative workshops with a variety of guest teachers. During their time here, each person gets a taste of simplicity, silence, community and connection. Living close to the land, one remembers what has been forgotten amidst the noise of modern life. Each visitor leaves with an expanded view of what’s possible in their own life and in the world, and with tools and practices for building a better future.

“Silence is valued, allowed, and appreciated by the community. Hidden areas that overlook the breathtaking valley allow for meditation and peace. For the spirit, I was able to let go, allowing my authentic self to run free from judgement, express with love, and forgive with grace. Laughter has filled my heart here. The community is pure love and acceptance. My time here has been magical. I do not want it to end.” ~ Iris

“Women Meeting at the Well.” Elder and wisdom carrier Chief Luisah Teish mentors young women at the Wisdom of the Ages Intergenerational Gathering, Fall Equinox 2014.


THE ART OF PILGRIMAGE, a 4-day sacred journey experience into the local wilderness areas co-led by Steven Harper and Adam Rumack.

Under The Teaching Tree: 2015 Annual Gathering of Council Carriers

Total program days: 272. Total groups: 124. Total people served: 3,145. Snapchat ! Allan Energy ! Shubin and Donaldson Architects ! Patagonia ! Benefit Cosmetics ! Oxnard College ! Van Nuys High School ! International Studies Learning Center of Los Angeles ! Wonderland School ! Hendricks Institute ! Inka Medicine Wheel ! Lama Drimed ! Social Justice Council Project ! Crossroads School ! New Roads School ! Valley Outreach ! One Voice ! Brentwood School ! Sequoyah School ! Westside Waldorf School ! Awakening Young Minds ! Ventura Charter ! Oxnard High School ! Rio Mesa Merit High School ! Highland Hall School ! Oak Grove School ! Santa Barbara Middle School ! Sun Valley School ! Topa Topa Elementary ! Journey School ! Children of the Night ! Oxnard Business and Tech Academy ! Mariposa School ! Gardner Street School ! and more.

Doug Ellis Photography

Community Day of Service

EARTH • AIR • FIRE • WATER Land Stewardship Highlights

With our beautiful, earthen structures and our extensive solar energy systems, combined with the community building practices TOF lives and teaches, we continue as a living laboratory sharing ways to live in right relationship with each other and the earth.

Thanks to all those who supported our Stewardship & Sustainability Campaign, the following projects have been completed or are well under way:

Doug Ellis Photography

• Restoration of original water well • Upgrade of energy storage to return solar system to fully off-grid • Restoration of Pottery & HeART Studio • Regeneration of Council House living roof • Resurfacing of access road for safety and dust mitigation • Completion of “Maha Yurt” Council Hut • Upper Kitchen and bathhouse expansion


“I have only positive things to say about my time at TOF, from the beauty of the grounds and landscape, the goodness of the people

Photos by Doug Ellis Photography

and staff, how comfortable and at peace I felt there and how inspired I was by the Land and the practice of council.” ~ Bethany

“I cherish my experience at The Ojai Foundation. I still day dream about going back. Maybe someday.” ~ Kellie B.

It will take a village to raise the water. We have begun consulting with experts locally and from around the world, including Rajendra Singh of India, and Bernd Mueller of Tamera, Portugal, to build a water retention landscape that will utilize the Land Sanctuary’s ideal terrain and annual rainfall to create ponds, regenerate springs, and awaken the creeks to flow again. We envision this effort in working with water catchment as an inspiring model for how Southern California and the world can address drought, climate change and desertification. As we prepare for the El Niño storms, many hands will be needed to build the swales, small dams, and catchment basins to “slow it, spread it and sink it.” It will take a village to raise the water! Join us as we regenerate a waterabundant landscape on and below our ridge, demonstrating what's possible for a thirsty world.

Financial Report Statement of Activity for Fiscal Year 2014-2015* Revenue and Gains Program Service Fees 520,000 Council in Schools (special project) 147,060 Interest Income 410 Other Earned Revenue 33,680 ————————————————————— Total Revenue and Gains 701,150 Support Unrestricted Contributions 141,034 Designated Donations 195,304 __________________________________________ Total Support 336,338 Total Support and Revenue


Expenses Program Services Land Sanctuary 599,981 Council in Schools 175,020 —————————————————— Total Program Services 775,001 General and Administrative Depreciation Fundraising Total Expenses

141,789 111,651 8,526 1,036,967

Change in Net Assets


*This publication precedes the final FY2014-15 audit. For audited financials look for the IRS Form 990 on our website.

TOF’s Gigi Coyle with Rajendra Singh, “The Water Gandhi of India.” Coyle brought Singh to the Land and all were inspired by his vision of “many beautiful water bodies” at The Ojai Foundation.

We are never more than one grateful thought away from peace of heart. — brother David Steindl- Rast


Special Projects The Ojai Foundation is proud to serve as the fiscal sponsor for a variety of kindred projects. For a full description of these projects visit: Council in Schools (CIS). Providing council training, mentoring and support to public and private schools in Los Angeles and beyond. Visit: Global Council Web (GCW). A resource hub in development which will connect council and circle-based practitioners globally. Projects under way are: translation of the book The Way of Council into German, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Greek and Czech; a website; and the International Gathering of Council Carriers, the first of which will take place in 2017 at The Ojai Foundation.timeless wisdom ~ timely action

The Ojai Foundation One River Productions. An independent documentary film company bringing forward North American indigenous voices. Find their award-winning film BRIDGEWALKERS at Reinventing the Village: An& Ecology of Elderhood. STEWARDSHIP A book and film project by Marlow Hotchkiss. SUSTAINABILITY CAMPAIGN


1% for the Planet connects businesses that want to direct one percent of sales towards social and ecological good with 501(c)3 organizations making a difference. The Ojai Foundation is an approved beneficiary and is currently seeking corporate partners through this innovative program. Connect us! The Ojai Foundation is proud to be a registered nonprofit beneficiary.

Doug Ellis Photography

Also, visit to read about the Center for Council’s (C4C) success in bringing council to prison communities, social justice organizations, and peace & reconciliation projects both nationally and internationally.

Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you. Let this darkness be a bell tower and you the bell. As you ring what batters you becomes your strength. Move back and forth into the change. `

— Rainer MAria Rilke ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 • 9 ANNUAL REPORT 2013-2014 • 9

In Gratitude k

CIRCLE OF SUSTAINERS: Individual donors of $1000 or more David Bryan Rinaldo & Lalla Brutoco Gigi Coyle & Win Phelps Douglas Ellis James Graham & Jeanne Dickenson Idoline, Biddle, Ellie & Angie Duke Rob & Kelila Heller Mark Ivener Krystyna Jurzykowski Bo & Dawn Kaplan Meredith Kaplan Kris & Meenal Kelkar

David N. Lee Caroline MacDougall & Jerry Isenberg Roger & Margot Milliken Max Milton Michael Olsen Jane Parkes Jeannette Rothweiler & Thomas Dikeman Faith Rumack Idoline Scheerer Julia Summers Laura & Jim Whitney Rosanne Ziering Jack Zimmerman

CIRCLE OF SUPPORTERS Doug Adrianson Elaine Alexander Camille Ameen Matthew Auric Lori Ellen Austein Aubrey Balkind Amber Bassett Robert & Mary Bauman Andrew Beath Judith Belzer & Michael Pollan Dena Belzer Ruth Belzer Leon & Glori Berg George Berg Aimee Bloom Eugene Boutom Mari Braveheart-Dances Delia Brinton John Broesamle Ann & Tom Carr Anne S. Carter Charles Casey Cantor Chayim & Marsi Frenkel Caroline & Stephen Chinlund Diana Conovitz Harriett Crosby Joy & C.S. Cummings Lynn Darnton Susan & Russell Davison Lisa & Chris Deleau John & Patricia Distad Lily & David Dulan Robyn Edwards 10 • THE OJAI FOUNDATION

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Ruth & David Rosner Adam Rumack Joe & Nancy Scheerer Ken & Deb Schmitz Matt & Taralee Schoen Carl & Veronica Schwartz Hiroji Sekiguchi Tauheedah Shakoor-Curry Wendy Simon Judith Sims Leif H. Skogberg Sharon Sloan Jim Sloan Alexis Slutzky Judith Ellen Smith Ruth & John Souza Brian Scot Stafford Sean Stewart Cathleen Straley Tyler Suchman Coline Tabrum Bonnie, Russ & Amber Tamblyn Kenyon Taylor Stuart Valentine Anthony Vollering Marion Weil Ronit Weintraub Meg West Ann Wheeler Marcin Whitman Nancy Whitney David Winett Cricket Wingfield Ann Wolf Deloria Zabriskie Marni Zweig


With a special acknowledgement to

Ananda Fund

Meredith Kaplan and Joshua Nelson,

Aileen Getty Foundation

Doug Ellis Photography

Angel Fund

and the

Beyond Boundaries/Biosphere Foundation

Happy Valley Foundation.

Blue Door Fund Herb Alpert Foundation

And much love and gratitude to the many


volunteers who gave countless hours and

Omega Point Institute

boundless care toward our work and mission.

Pamelia D. Strayer Charitable Trust ProThera, Inc. Jewish Community Foundation Rosenthal Family Foundation RSF Social Finance Scheerer Family Foundation Seahorse Fund Snapchat The Brotman Foundation The Tides Foundation William Froelich Foundation Wilmington Trust WWW Foundation Zebra Organics LLC Ojai Community Bank Pampalone Family Revocable Trust Rainbow Bridge Jane Carroll Design Pulice Trust Greater Kansas City Community Foundation The Hendricks Institute The Davey Tree Expert Company Alan B. Slifka Foundation Seeley W. Mudd Foundation Gale Family Foundation Inc.

There are no shortcuts in creation. Things happen by the planting AND sowing of seeds, and do not appear all at once.. WE must have the humility of spirit to recognize how small, in a sense, is the success we can achieve in a single lifetime.. We cannot do it all. But what we can do is set things in their right direction.. — Laurens van der Post

Crowell, Weedon & Co. Robert Robles Architecture Inc. ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 • 11

Doug Ellis Photography

Throughout the Land we place clay water vessels both to quench the thirst of the creatures we share the land with and also as a prayer for the return of water. Consider nourishing the Land and people by making a financial contribution or by joining our community of volunteers. Invest in The Ojai Foundation’s work on behalf of future generations. Visit us online, dial 41-444 and text OJAI, or use the enclosed envelope. THANK YOU!

x Printed on 100% recycled paper. Graphic design by Laura Whitney.

THE OJAI FOUNDATION P.O. Box 999 Ojai, California 93024 805.646.8343 [email protected]