The Press Club of Cleveland 2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

The Press Club of Cleveland 2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

The Press Club of Cleveland 2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards Winners List STUDENT RUN MEDIA Best Print Newspaper Story 2 Year School First P...

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The Press Club of Cleveland 2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards Winners List

STUDENT RUN MEDIA Best Print Newspaper Story 2 Year School First Place Welcome back Staff Lorain County Community College Quick turnaround and thorough coverage by the staff on breaking news. Reports were solid, photography was good. Covered from many angles. Second Place Student Ambassador Fired for Criminal Record Dating Back 16 Years Ago Portia Booker, Bronson Peshlakai Tri-C Good story that raised interesting questions. Third Place Where History Lives: Every Day is Veterans Day at the Crile Archives Sara Liptak Tri-C Solid sidebar on a big event. Best Print Feature Story 2 Year School First Place Stronger on her own April Fuentes Lorain County Community College Well-written, compelling first-person account of domestic violence. Additional material helped the story. Second Place Sharing Rides Cuts Traveling Costs Bronson Peshlakai Tri-C A good example of how to use first-person without making the story all about you. Third Place Beating dope Joshua Hudgens Lorain County Community College Best Print News Story 4 Year School First Place The courting of Cope: Behind the scenes of a $1 million withdrawal Doug Brown, Frank Yonkof, Rachel Kilroy Kent State University Just outstanding. This entry could have been a contender in the professional competition. This is what journalists do, dig, dig, dig until they get the information that others don’t want to give them. Second Place

Board highlights praise, hides criticism in Lefton evaluation Doug Brown, Rex Santus Kent State University Again, excellent reporting that raises good questions about the president’s rubber-stamped raises. Third Place Kent welcomes first president in 100 years Staff Kent State University Well-written account of a breaking news event. Best Print Sports Story 4 Year School First Place 90Ksu reached with help of department money Doug Brown Kent State University Outstanding effort ... easy winner in this category ... excellent watchdog reporting on how the athletic department is spending taxpayer dollars. Graphics and other related materials bolstered a strong report. Worth of publishing in Plain Dealer or Beacon Journal. Second Place The beginning of a new era: Former Blue Streak and NFL QB Tom Arth named head football coach Zach Mentz Carroll News Lot of interesting facts about the new coach; go easy on the superlative adjectives. Let him earn those. Third Place Myers-led Blue Streaks trounce Capital, 37-10 Joe Ginley Carroll News Best Print Feature Story 4 Year School First Place KSU professor searches for his mother, a Holocaust survivor Leighann McGivern Kent State University Other college students should study this story for a lesson in how to write an engaging feature. Interesting from start to finish. I feel I know the professor a little by the time I get to the end. Second Place Arts on campus take center stage Alexandra Higl Carroll News Good job of rounding up campus events. Third Place Video Music Awards make a scene Alexandra Higl Carroll News Well written. Best TV News Story 4 Year School

First Place TV2 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Former Kent State employee charged with sexual battery Brian Presley Kent State University Second Place Preparing for President Barack Obama’s visit to Kent Kaitlyn LeBeau Kent State University Third Place Evil Dead: The Musical Jay Summers, Tyler Stackpole University of Akron

OPEN CATEGORY General News Column First Place Gas-station clerk’s firing sparks outrage Bob Dyer Akron Beacon Journal Nice way of reporting within a single column. The reader gets both sides of the controversy in a narrative style. Second Place TAPS: The bugle call that says farewell Cliff Radel The Cincinnati Enquirer Good way of linking the experiences of the bugler in with his calling of Taps. Interesting profile. Third Place Endorsing Obama is historic decision Andy Young The Chronicle-Telegram Rarely do readers get to glimpse inside an editorial writer’s mind quite like this. Nice companion piece to the editorial itself. Sports Column First Place Heads held high, fans still believe Cliff Radel The Cincinnati Enquirer Wonderful - I felt as if I were there. You did an outstanding job of capturing the true essence of a ball game. You have a very interesting writing style...even if you’re a Reds fan - haha! Second Place Lessonss learned outweigh wisdom lost in Dad’s classroom Matt Markey The Blade (Toledo) A beautifully written piece. Crisp, fluid style and a poignant tribute to your dad. Third Place Kayla Harrison Tom Archdeacon Dayton Daily News An exceptional article on an extremely important topic. Extraordinary research!

Business Column First Place FTC’s secrecy on funeral homes fails consumers Sheryl Harris The Plain Dealer Terrific work in exposing a flawed public policy and funeral homes breaking the rules. A fine example of public service. Lifestyle First Place Some gifts just keep on giving Mary Beth Breckenridge Akron Beacon Journal Colorful, quirky topic, and the writer gives the subject wings. The more you read, the more it becomes clear that these odd objects and the humor attached to them are part of the ties that bind families together. Fun story! Second Place In the Paw-Paw Patch Steve Corso Edible Cleveland Interesting and informative examination of the pawpaw, with which I was not familiar. The author gives this overshadowed and all-but-forgotten fruit its moment in the limelight – and now it’s on my bucket list to try one! Third Place It’s all about moderation Lisa Abraham Akron Beacon Journal Intriguing glimpse into the mindset of a McDonald’s chef and the fast-food chain’s philosophy. The author captures the chef’s unapologetic attitude toward the chain’s controversial fare. Best In Ohio: Column First Place Tom Archdeacon Dayton Daily News A great variety of stories that reflected the local community, including parts that are not always highlighted. This reporter has a clear, interesting voice and an easily-read style. Second Place Joe Hallett The Columbus Dispatch A great range of columns that continuously put local issues into a national context. The voice was thoughtful but insistent on making the reader think more carefully about the topic. Third Place Cliff Radel The Cincinnati Enquirer The bugle column was well-done and especially memorable. The train column was also interesting; the columnist did a fabulous job capturing his excitement at being able to run the trains. Headline Writing Newspapers (Daily & Non Daily) First Place Much adoom about the Mayans Benjamin Nagy The Chronicle-Telegram Second Place Body of Work Staff The Plain Dealer

Third Place Bringing the pane: A glimpse into making stained glass Gary Seman This Week Newspapers Headline Writing All Other Publications First Place Hostel Takeover Matthew Hall Boutique Design Hostel Takeover grabs your attention, surprised when it turns out to be a remodel job Second Place It isn’t easy being...BLUE! Marjorie Thomas Parks and Rec Business Gets your attention to see what the blue is all about. Third Place Man or Beast? Jay Stowe Cincinnati Magazine Catchy title and graphic for a very sad story. Best In Ohio: Headline Writing First Place Wendy McManamon The Plain Dealer Lively, classy headlines – my favorites were “The Delicate Cycle” on a story about the historical evolution of women’s lingerie, and “Kiss Plants a Loud Smackeroo on its Fans” for a story on a Kiss Concert. Second Place Benjamin Nagy The Chronicle-Telegram Ssssss-cary moment for Vermilion man Favorite may have been “Mush to Discuss” on a story about a dog sled racer’s presentation to a class of schoolchildren. Third Place Bob Jacob Cleveland Jewish News Reviews/Criticism First Place The Dark Knight Rises Brad Keefe Columbus Alive Not your normal movie review. Nice writing in updating readers on a tragic story tied directly to a movie. Second Place TV Review: “Breaking Bad” Jesse Tigges Columbus Alive Missed the first four seasons, but Jessie makes you want to watch the final 16 episodes. Best In Ohio: Reviews/Criticism First Place Brad Keefe

Columbus Alive Concise and colorful film criticism with a healthy dash of humor. Fade out, indeed. Second Place Andrea Simakis The Plain Dealer Think theater is dull? Andrea Simakis would like to have a word with you. Third Place Shelley Mann Columbus Monthly Single Essay First Place PC push simply gets in the way Bob Dyer Akron Beacon Journal Oh my gosh - what a clever essay! Brilliant writing. At least you received a 10 in this competition - way to turn lemons into lemonade! Happy Day for People Who are Mothers to you, too! Second Place We’re hurting each other Doug Oplinger Akron Beacon Journal Extremely well written. A courageous essay to write. Third Place Spring’s lilac blooms stir proud family memories Jill Sell Nordonia Hills News-Leader Creative, extremely well written. You captured a piece of nostalgia in in a beautiful essay. Best In Ohio: Column First Place Bob Dyer Akron Beacon Journal Bob takes any subject and writes a wonderful essay about it. Good information and very enjoyable reading. Second Place Letter from Katie Katie Laur Cincinnati Magazine Enjoyed getting to know Kate through her personal story telling. Third Place Jill Sell Ohio Magazine You can relate to Jill’s story telling. Good writing. Obituary First Place Art Modell: The longtime Browns owner won 1964 title, moved team Mary Kay Cabot The Plain Dealer Winner was a breeze to read, unflinchingly honest look at the life of Art Modell that even a non-sports fan would read. A bold decision to put it on front page, considering how the city (still) reviles him. Well done. Second Place Betty Mauck: 1918-2012: Advocate for riverfront gave it touch of France

Mark Zaborney The Blade (Toledo) Third Place Local Vietnam war hero Marilyn Miller Akron Beacon Journal Single Editorial First Place An exchange of core values Michael Douglas Akron Beacon Journal Well-reasoned, thoughtful and powerful. This editorial had the right mix of insight, background and point of view to make for a compelling and direct argument. Second Place Don’t fiddle Mark Dodosh Crain’s Cleveland Business This piece was direct and to the point. The subject is dry but of tremendous importance. The clear writing and sound argument made it compelling throughout. Third Place Ending our love affair with guns Joe Frolik The Plain Dealer A passionate plea after a tragedy that incorporated the key conclusions shared by many with its own definitive conclusion. Best In Ohio: Editorial First Place “Get to it,” “Fish story,” and “Bad breaks” Mark Dodosh Crain’s Cleveland Business The direct voice and the clear explanations made for very effective editorials. The conversational tone was also effective. Second Place Andy Young The Chronicle-Telegram A solid array of articles that comment on specific community issues that need to be addressed, including supporting the First Amendment even when it public sentiment is against it. Third Place Dave Kushma The Blade (Toledo) The well-informed and well-written articles were a great read. The reporter’s style is straightforward and convincing. Analysis First Place Neighborhoods in peril Dan Horn, Lisa Bernard-Kuhn The Cincinnati Enquirer Effective, poignant and epic reporting about neighborhoods in transition with excellence use of data and interviews. Second Place Election 2012 ad watches Dispatch Public Affairs Team The Columbus Dispatch

This series analyzes political advertising and provides an important public service. Well done. Third Place A County Divided Brad Dicken The Chronicle-Telegram This is a revealing analysis of shifting voting patterns in one county with important political implications. Food Writing First Place Day of the Molly Moochers Donna Covrett Cincinnati Magazine An absolute joy to read. This made me hungry, and oh-so-jealous that I didn’t get to go on the writer’s morel mushroom hunting adventure. Second Place Tremont chef’s uplifting loss gives his new life new flavor Joe Crea The Plain Dealer Thorough, detailed look at an important issue that many chefs struggle with. Third Place Birds and bees cropping up Lisa Abraham Akron Beacon Journal Well written and funny. Technology Writing First Place State-back tax credits dry up Carrie Ghose Columbus Business First This is a thorough report on a technology tax credit that hit its $45 million cap early. The impact on eager startup businesses and possible political solutions is explained well. Second Place Convergys’ new view: social media monitoring James Ritchie Cincinnati Business Courier A company’s efforts to harness social media for business are detailed here, including issues of monitoring and credibility in the online universe. Third Place ‘Homemade’ 3D printer can make almost anything Jennifer Noblit This Week Dublin Villager A homemade application of startling new technology the 3-D printer is explored in this interesting piece. Medical / Health Writing First Place “That could be my son” Sharon Coolidge The Cincinnati Enquirer This is a comprehensive and look at dwindling resources for mental health treatment. The story on one mother’s struggle to find treatment for her son was powerful and the writer didn’t get in the way of a great story. Second Place

‘It was a love’ Carrie Ghose Columbus Business First A well done, moving and sensitive story about a physician grappling with his impending death. Third Place Heal thyself Carrie Ghose Columbus Business First This story is an example of how highly technical information can be explained clearly and simply. Politics / Government Writing First Place Protect the vote Barry Horstman The Cincinnati Enquirer This went above and beyond the call of duty in public service journalism looking in depth at such an important issue. The reporter and paper served voters well through this watchdog effort. Second Place Southeast Ohio poses blue-collar test for Obama Henry Gomez The Plain Dealer Well-written and reported, interesting look at one of the hot topics of the 2012 elections. Third Place 1st-year Ohio treasurer a no-show at deposit board; says CFO did able job Julie Smyth Associated Press Great enterprise work. Election 2012 Coverage First Place Romney, Obama prep. Dispatch Public Affairs Team The Columbus Dispatch Lively and thorough reporting on numerous aspects of the presidential race in Ohio, from the barrage of nasty political TV ads to bloated voter rolls to how economic woes have shifted some voters’ political affiliations. Excellent coverage, always remembering to include the voices of average folks. Second Place A Podiatrist and a Truck Driver Walk into a General Election William Powell Cincinnati Magazine Colorful, thorough look at how a haphazard series of events shaped a bizarre Congressional race that pitted two political newcomers against each other – a Republican podiatrist and a Democratic “average Joe” with a cat named Pokey. Third Place Why Ohio swings: geographic, economic diversity complicate Ohio, ‘close mirror’ of the nation Dan Sewell Associated Press Great “zoom-out” overview of the factors in play as the presidential candidates battled for votes in Ohio. Best in Ohio: Freelance Writer First Place Jill Sell Ohio Magazine

Very descriptive and vivid writing. Second Place Joel Oliphint The ledes really draw in the reader to captivating stories. Third Place Dave Ghose Columbus C.E.O. Magazine This author takes the reader on compelling stories of his subjects. Best in Ohio: Staff Reporter First Place Lisa Roberson The Chronicle-Telegram Second Place Erick Trickey Cleveland Magazine Third Place Robert L. Smith The Plain Dealer

BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS General News First Place Cincinnati firm likely suitor for Parmatown Mall Stan Bullard Crain’s Cleveland Business Second Place Wendy’s whiffs with its W burger, will continue value menu changes Dan Eaton Columbus Business First Third Place W&S eyes big Broadway development Tom Demeropolis Cincinnati Business Courier Features: Personality Profile First Place ‘It was a love’ Carrie Ghose Columbus Business First The opening graphs of the article do just profile writing should set out to do: entangle the reader in the life of the subject. Carrie’s writing does justice to the story of Dr. Carpenter, his family and his practice. Second Place Designing Dreams Dave Ghose Columbus C.E.O. Magazine Third Place Businessperson of the year: Dave Blom Carrie Ghose Columbus Business First

Features: General First Place Overcoming Obstacles How Shigeki Terashi helped Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing to full production Gregory Jones Smart Business Cleveland A great profile and way to localize a foreign disaster with global implications Second Place Lights, camera, dollars: Dayton’s movie scene Laura Englehart Dayton Business Journal Interesting look at how a small city is attracting hollywood dollars Third Place Day in the life: Mikey’s Late Night Slice Dan Eaton Columbus Business First Creative and well written! Features: Package First Place Pay escalation Dan Monk, James Ritchie, Jon Newberry, Steve Watkins Cincinnati Business Courier Second Place Power 100 Erick Trickey Inside Business Magazine Third Place Fit for the Job James Ritchie Cincinnati Business Courier Features: Trends First Place Feeling more at home Stan Bullard Crain’s Cleveland Business Second Place Post building boom, a bust? Stan Bullard Crain’s Cleveland Business Third Place A new view Steve Watkins, Dan Monk Cincinnati Business Courier Public Service/Investigative First Place Even with higher taxes, drillers still will drill Dan Shingler Crain’s Cleveland Business

The reporter does a good job at peeling back the layers of rhetoric with the help of analysts and makes what can be a complicated subject matter palatable for the reader. Job well done! Second Place Payday lenders’ auto loans crash with critics Richard Rouan Columbus Business First Third Place License to skill Dan Eaton Columbus Business First Departments or Columns First Place NEO Now Staff Inside Business Magazine Second Place Tips from the Top Michael Feuer Smart Business Cleveland Third Place One to Watch Jason Brill Inside Business Magazine Best Business Publication in Ohio First Place Cincinnati Business Courier Staff Second Place Inside Business Magazine Staff Third Place Columbus Business First Staff

GENERAL MAGIZINES News First Place The Other Serial Killer Erick Trickey Cleveland Magazine This was a very compelling story - excellent writing. Second Place Man or Beast? Jonah Ogles Cincinnati Magazine This one was a close second. It was interesting to take a deeper look at a story people elsewhere in the U.S. saw glimpses of for 48 hours. Third Place

An Abandoned and Malignant Heart Amy Brownlee Cincinnati Magazine This piece was well-written. Features: Personality Profile First Place Behind the Eyes of Dexter Davis Rebecca Meiser Cleveland Magazine A very interesting look at someone with an ordinary job - and an extraordinary gift. Second Place Perfect Host: Fisherman’s Wharf’s Niki Chalkias Beth Stallings Columbus Crave I liked this piece - I could actually hear a Greek accent in Nikki’s voice. Third Place Jim Tressel by Ben DiCola Ben DiCola akronlife magazine This piece kept me reading - which is not easy to do for someone who is not much into sports. Features: General First Place Say Cheeeeese! Why Kids Take the Pictures They Do Joel Oliphint Columbus Parent This was a really creative article - Kudos to the writer and editor who thought of the idea. Second Place Etsy Moms: Checking in with Columbus’ Craftiest Mothers Heather Weekley Columbus Parent The format of this article worked in its favor. The writing was good, the information interesting, but the format was good for busy parents who may only have a few minutes to read an article. Third Place Day of the Molly Moochers Donna Covrett Cincinnati Magazine My kind of article - an interesting look at a subculture within subculture. Features: Consumer First Place Champions of Breakfast Staff Cincinnati Magazine Everyone loves breakfast - great topic. Clever design and photography. Plenty of entry points with creative categories and sidebars. Well done! Second Place 25 Reasons We Rock Jim Vickers Cleveland Magazine

Love this. Clever concept and great design. This topic was even appealing to an outsider. Third Place Brew Crew John Ross Columbus Monthly Enjoyed the clean, simple presentation - both in editorial and design. Very informative and managed to relate a lot of information easily with various entry points. Features: Art First Place Behind the Eyes of Dexter Davis Rebecca Meiser Cleveland Magazine Wonderfully written - very captivating and enlightening. Such a unique story - great job bringing it to life. Beautifully designed, too. Nice package overall. Second Place There is No Crying in Show Choir William Powell Cincinnati Magazine Nice narrative offering an inside look at the world of show choir. Timely topic, well written. Third Place Storied Land Linda Feagler Ohio Magazine Fascinating story! Well written and complimented nicely with photos. Departments or Columns First Place Lake Effect Staff Cleveland Magazine A thoroughly delightful section. Great concept and execution all around. It can’t be discounted that some of the interview subjects here are great “gets,” the kinds of people you’d see in leading national magazines. I would’ve been happy to read these submissions on my own time, despite judging any contest. The interviews are enlightening and interesting, the content is presented in an engaging way. Can’t say enough good things about this section. Second Place The Dish Staff Cleveland Magazine Another home run from Cleveland Magazine. In my opinion, food should be the (forgive the pun) bread and butter of any city magazine and Cleveland has a pitch-perfect handle on how to present an engaging food section. The excellent photography is the star of the show, as it should be. Great ideas brought to vibrant life all over this section. Third Place Eating Out with Kids Jane Hawes, Colin Hawes Columbus Parent I love this idea. I don’t even have kids and I found this section to be exceedingly clever and interesting and fun. It’s great to get a little rundown from both mom and child, and I LOVE the dual rating system with marks from both, and love even more how they present it graphically instead of merely spelling it out. Good photography, well designed. I just really love the concept. Well done. Best Magazine in Ohio

First Place Cleveland Magazine Staff An excellent magazine all around. I had never seen it before judging this contest and now it’s among my favorite city magazines in the country. Great writing, design and photography. Wonderful section concepts. They’re great at executing the newer magazine content model – dividing content into smaller pieces with more entry points, and using striking visuals to complement or even replace traditional stories. There are plenty of ideas in this magazine that I will be sharing with my colleagues when the time comes to tinker with the content and design of our magazine. A+ Second Place Cincinnati Magazine Jay Stowe The only reason I voted this second place is that I was not allowed to vote for two magazines for first place and I had to make a choice. Still, a very impressive magazine for many of the same reasons I enjoyed Cleveland’s so much. The writing, design and photography are top-notch. The covers of both magazines submitted should win awards themselves. It’s another example of a magazine that has adapted swimmingly to the changing habits of modern readers — smaller chunks, more entry points, complementing stories with engaging visuals wherever possible. A+ again. Third Place Columbus Monthly Staff A good mix of light lifestyle kinds of content and more serious journalistic, reader-service pieces. Great photography, striking covers. In judging these magazines, my main criterion was: If I lived in this city, would I make it a point to pick up and read this magazine every time it’s published? Aside from my first two choices, which I found to be in a league of their own, Columbus Monthly was an easy yes. It’s engaging on such a variety of subjects that I think a person of any demographic could find plenty to enjoy.

TRADE PUBLICATION Trade Report First Place Checking in on Rental Michael von Glahn The College Store Magazine Solid reporting for a niche audience. Second Place David Novak: Global Vision Barney Wolf QSR Magazine Third Place Learning to Lead and College Bound - Celebrating the successes of VASJ students Emily Robinson VASJ Features: Personality Profile First Place For Tim Misny, success means far more than winning cases Richard Osborne VASJ Osborne did an excellent job of telling Misny’s story and his secrets to success in a very succinct way. Features: General First Place A Moving Experience Dan Angelo

The College Store Magazine Though a little heavy on photography, this is a great how-to story, perfectly packaged, that covers everything the reader needs to know about a move from start to finish. Features: Special Section/Package First Place Mobile Commerce: Parts 1 and 2 Michael von Glahn The College Store Magazine Von Glahn and his team put together what a special section is supposed to be - informative and educational with the right amount of analysis. The section was packaged perfectly without overburdening the reader with multiple breakouts and conveyed its message seamlessly Features: Trends First Place Reimbursement rollercoaster Jeffrey Bendix, Daniel Verdon, Lois Bowers, Robert McGarr Advanstar Communications Packed full of information and data, Bendix and his team did a superb job of fully explaining the data and impending changes in clear manner that thoughtfully used graphics and breakouts for a clean presentation. Departments or Columns First Place For Your Benefit Julie Miller Advanstar Communications Miller shows she knows her audience well, but instead of getting technical, she still has fun by explaining the subject matter in very interesting, relatable ways (i.e. the growing cost of health care comparisons to everyday items) Best Trade Publication in Ohio: First Place The College Store Magazine Staff The College Store knows its audience well and goes the extra mile to provide very informational content in a well packaged manner from start to finish. The team puts a heavy emphasis on a fun design that is easy for the reader to consumer - a must in today’s world of journalism. Second Place Boutique Design Matthew Hall, Mary Scoviak, Megan Krause, Kim Pegram Third Place Balanced Living Cleveland Jewish News

DAILY NEWSPAPERS Breaking News: Single Story First Place Justice’s case is closed Brad Dicken The Chronicle-Telegram Kudos for publishing such a long piece in such a short period of time. However it could have been tightened up better and would have benefited from another source who had read the report.

Breaking News: Consecutive Days - Same Topic First Place Shooting at Chardon High School Staff The News-Herald Excellent coverage. Enjoyed the use of multimedia: videos, twitter, photos. Would have liked to have seen more art in the online pieces throughout the series. Excellent quotes and nice touch of noticing the difference of the tone between the worried parents and not-so-worried students. Second Place UTMC suspends kidney exchange over human error Ignazio Messina The Blade Excellent storytelling about a case that at times could have gotten confusing for those without scientific backgrounds. Excellent source with the professor who had done the procedure several hundred times. Third Place Standoff ends with 1 dead Loren Genson, David Knox Medina County Gazette Well written in certain parts, but oddly organized. Many of the more interesting parts were put in the middle or end of the stories. Breaking News: Ongoing Coverage First Place Judge accuses officer of fabricating story Phil Trexler Akron Beacon Journal Breaking News: Single-Day Package First Place Haslam becomes Browns’ new owner Mary Kay Cabot, Bill Lubinger, Terry Pluto, Tom Reed The Plain Dealer Second Place Wrong-way crash kills 3 from BGSU Jennifer Feehan, Taylor Dungjen, David Patch The Blade (Toledo) General News: Single Story First Place What if he doesn’t come home Mary Beth Breckenridge Akron Beacon Journal The sacrifices of the 1 percent of Americans in the military for the security of the 99 percent have been widely reported. Less publicized are the sacrifices and stresses of service families on the home front. This report is impressive for its narrative organization and for its emotional impact. The stories of these three families should touch us all. Second Place What’s Next When An Invisible Life Shatters? Mark Curnutte The Cincinnati Enquirer Good balance in broadening a personal tragedy into the immigration debate.

Third Place Invader nears gate to Lake Erie Matt Markey The Blade (Toledo) This story mixes “menace” and science well in explaining a major threat to the Great Lakes fish population. General News: Multiple Stories- Same Topic First Place This is Breanna Sprenger Lisa Roberson The Chronicle-Telegram This is a beautifully told story of how the human spirit can triumph over almost any obstacle. This judge read the four installments nonstop and would have liked to continue through a fifth and a sixth and .... Second Place Saving Avondale Mark Curnutte The Cincinnati Enquirer An impressive commitment of time, resources and reporting talent. Third Place Clinging to dreams as debt piles up Carol Biliczky, Dave Knox, Betty Lin-Fisher Akron Beacon Journal A real eye-opener with astounding numbers and personal anecdotes about one of the major economic issues of our time Features: Personality Profile First Place TAPS: The bugle call that says farewell Cliff Radel The Cincinnati Enquirer Cliff Radel of the Cincinnati Enquirer for his elegant and evocatively sketched portrait of Vietnam veteran and retired businessman Larry Dupree, who blows taps at military funerals. The piece movingly gives its readers historical perspective through the eyes of an aging veteran. Feature writing of a high order. Second Place Broken Twice Evan Goodenow The Chronicle-Telegram Evan Goodenow of the Chronicle Telegram for a portrait of auto accident victim Alice Smith struggling through the aftermath of a tragedy that occurs in all our cities every day. Goodenow skillfully expands the piece to explore the political and financial complications that dog Smith’s recovery. Third Place Four decades of learning life’s toughest lessons Lisa Roberson The Chronicle-Telegram Lisa Roberson of the Chronicle Telegram for an inspiring profile of Glenn Faircloth, who overcame a homeless childhood to become a successful and admired leader of technical and vocational schools. Features: General First Place Fate brings closure to war victim’s friend Cliff Radel The Cincinnati Enquirer

A powerful story of a soldier’s remembrance of a dead buddy showing how loyalty, honor and luck can profoundly change human lives. A compelling narrative. Second Place Many shelter dogs mislabeled ‘pit bulls’ Tanya Irwin The Blade Third Place Passing angel revives dying runner at race Paula Schleis Akron Beacon Journal Public Service First Place Medical Billing: A World of Hurt Sarah Jane Tribble, Dave Davis The Plain Dealer The Plain Dealer did a magnificent job of penetrating the opaque world of medical billings as health reform topped the national agenda. The paper essentially broke the medical professionals’ billing codes for the average consumer, helping some people prevail and providing the rest of the public with an invaluable future resource. Well done. Second Place Protect the vote Barry Horstman The Cincinnati Enquirer Third Place America Today project Staff Akron Beacon Journal Investigative First Place City firefighters abuse system for years, Cleveland audit finds Leila Atassi, Rachel Dissell, Thomas Ott The Plain Dealer This series cracked open an entrenched practice of city firefighters gaming the system by abusing shift trades and sick time costing the city and taxpayers large sums of money and as importantly breaking the public’s trust. The series was well researched and clearly reported. Second Place Local solar company got loans despite money woes; Execs lent to selves at solar firm; Solar firm’s use of state aid questioned Kris Turner The Blade (Toledo) Third Place Children found in squalor Chelsea Miller The Chronicle-Telegram Business First Place Eaton Corp. Alison Grant The Plain Dealer Very well-done and fascinating series of pieces. Excellent detail.

Second Place Vucelic remembered for success, kindness Kaitlin Durbin Mansfield News Journal Very sweet profile. Third Place P&G vs. hedge fund Alexander Coolidge, Lisa Bernard-Kuhn The Cincinnati Enquirer Sports First Place College athletes and pain pills addiction Jodie Valade The Plain Dealer Very well written, packed with heartbreaking details and told in a lively narrative. Second Place Nate Ulrich on Trent Richardson Nate Ulrich Akron Beacon Journal Excellent writing. The devastating car ride was especially compelling. Third Place Kordero Hunter Tom Archdeacon Dayton Daily News Arts & Entertainment First Place Lucky stars can thank her Andrea Simakis The Plain Dealer Best Section First Place Record-Courier Sports Tom Nader, Tom Hardesty, Allen Moff, Colin Harris Record Courier A truly fine sports section that serves local communities with extensive area coverage. The outstanding layout and photos are particularly noteworthy. Excellent work. Best Daily Newspaper in Ohio: 100, 000 or less circulation First Place Akron Beacon Journal Staff Second Place The Chronicle-Telegram Staff Third Place The News-Herald Staff Best Daily Newspaper in Ohio: more than 100,000 circulation

First Place The Plain Dealer Staff With a beautiful and detailed design and sharp, tight writing, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is a newspaper any city would be lucky to have. Special kudos on the 27th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction special section, (2012) Final Four coverage and presentation, and West Side Market graphics and illustrations. Bravo. Second Place The Columbus Dispatch Staff

Non-Daily Newspapers Breaking News First Place Central football standout charged with rape Nate Ellis, Jarrod Ulrey This Week Pickerington Solid news report with two hours to work with. Was glad the alleged rapists statistics on the field were relegated to the jump page, but the reference to the alleged victim as a”girl” should have been woman. Good hustle, good report. Second Place Bay Village mayor suspends police chief Bruce Geiselman Sun News Good journalism work flushing out a tip, but writing was a bit vague for an outside reader. Features: Personality Profile First Place Iwo Jima Jew Carlo Wolff Cleveland Jewish News Great read. This man led an amazing life and the writer captured it well – so many smaller stories woven in one. Second Place Pulpit Pioneer Sue Hoffman Cleveland Jewish News Nice use of history, personality and sidebars to tell the story of a pioneer. Third Place Couple gave more than fill-up at longtime gas station Marla K. Kuhlman This Week Rock Fork Enterprise Nice to see a story about an older couple. Not many mom-and-pop gas stations out there anymore. Gives younger readers a chance to see what they missed. Good job. Features: General First Place Allies in Equality Jackie Mantey Columbus Alive This was a fun, fascinating read. The presentation was fantastic and the photos, spot on. Second Place At 109, Hudson icon celebrates 12-12-12 birthday for a second time Laura Freeman

Record Publishing Company Wow, what a well-told story of a hidden treasure right there in the backyard. God bless her! Third Place With demand growing, Brew Kettle expands Strongsville brewery Cory Shaffer Sun News You took a growing company and added a cold beer to get a great story about the American dream. Nicely done. Public Service First Place Diversity in Employment Sue Reid, Itamar Gat, Dave Lange Solon Times Very nicely done series. Second Place Levy revenue would go toward salaries, programs Kelly Kaczala, Melissa Burden The Press Great digging! Third Place Payday lenders’ auto loans crash with critics Richard Rouan Columbus Business First Sports First Place Simmons overcomes obstacle Jarrod Ulrey This Week Pickerington Fascinating and informational story. Powerful photos. Second Place Hiles shows he never says never Scott Hennen ThisWeek Johnstown Independent Incredibly inspirational tale. Third Place Henley overcomes obstacles Jarrod Ulrey ThisWeek Northland News Arts & Entertainment First Place Spin city: DJs rule Columbus nightlife; At Last: Josh Krajcik, six months after ‘X Factor’ Chris DeVille Columbus Alive Honestly, I think these should be two separate entries, with the piece on DJs winning first and the other getting second. The writer’s style is conversational and engaging, without being off-putting. In particular, the article about the DJ scene in Columbus is really well-done, taking on all aspects of the local music scene through the lens of these DJ-centered performances. The profile of the “X Factor” runner-up is also nicely executed, painting a great picture of a local boy done good. Far and away the best entries in the category.

Second Place How Instagram is changing photography Jackie Mantey Columbus Alive A thorough look at an interesting and timely topic. Third Place Essential old village fixture to be reprised Jennifer Noblit This Week Dublin Villager Community / Local Coverage First Place Court hears taped testimony of police offer who fatally shot Dan Ficker of Parma Bob Sandrick Sun News Allegations of police misconduct and excessive use of force can divide a community. This coverage of a Cleveland police officer fatally shooting a local man presents all aspects of the incident and ensuing investigation in a comprehensive way, designed to inform and not enflame passions. Second Place Creekside saga Marla Kuhlman This Week Rock Fork Major development projects can be crucial for job creation and economic development, but foreclosures were all-tocommon during the recent recession. This news story looks at the important public and private efforts undertaken to revitalize a stalled project. Third Place Parma residents question City Council’s use of text messaging during public meetings Bob Sandrick Sun News News accounts and opinion pieces abound about teenagers and young adults obsessive use of social media. This provocative story looks at what may be the beginning of a new trend: elected and government officials use of social media during public meetings. Section First Place ThisWeek Hilliard Northwest News Aaron Blankenship, Scott Hennen, Brad Emerine, Dave Purpura This Week Hilliard The photos and design are strong. Great job on finding the “stories inside the stories.” Second Place Dublin Sports Jarrod Ulrey, Scott Hennen, Aaron Blankenship, Dave Purpura This Week Dublin Villager Nice variety of coverage. Strong use of photos. Third Place Tallmadge Express Sports sections Frank Aceto Record Publishing Company

Best Non-Daily Newspaper in Ohio: Community Newspaper First Place Stow Sentry Marsha McKenna Record Publishing Company The Stow Sentry was picked as the first-place winner because it provided readers with better hard news stories. The paper covers local government, politics and courts aggressively in addition to providing decent features on people and businesses. It dished out an ample helping of sports stories about school teams. Second Place Sun News Ray Jablonski The Sun Press had some very nice front-page photos and decent news stories. Third Place Sun Messenger Ray Jablonski Sun News Best Non-Daily Newspaper in Ohio: Alternatives First Place Columbus Alive Staff Columbus Alive is worthy of a first-place honor. Features are humorous, well-written and engaging, layout is easy to follow and artwork is good, if not terribly unique. A great resource for its readers.

PHOTOGRAPHY Spot News - Daily Newspaper First Place Chardon Shootings Thomas Ondrey The Plain Dealer Second Place Mourning Classmates Marvin Fong The Plain Dealer Third Place Not in Chardon Maribeth Joeright The News-Herald General News Daily Newspaper First Place Arson Destroys Home Karen Schiely Akron Beacon Journal Second Place DP2 Parmertor funeral Jeff Forman The News-Herald Third Place Flipped Truck

Chuck Humel The Chronicle-Telegram Sports - Daily Newspaper First Place Tough Loss Gus Chan The Plain Dealer Second Place Keystone Advances Anna Norris The Morning Journal Third Place Diving catch Dave Zapotosky The Blade (Toledo) General Feature Daily Newspaper First Place Whoooo goes there? Karen Schiely Akron Beacon Journal Second Place It’s Official Ed Suba, Jr. Akron Beacon Journal Third Place Feeling the Breeze Lisa DeJong The Plain Dealer Studio Photography Daily Newspaper First Place Left on a Doorstep Allison Carey The Plain Dealer Second Place Oscar food Ed Suba, Jr. Akron Beacon Journal Portrait/Personality Photography Daily Newspaper First Place Director on Stage Lonnie Timmons III The Plain Dealer Second Place Smitty’s Ed Suba, Jr.

Akron Beacon Journal Photo Journalism Daily Newspaper First Place A Life, Interrrupted John Kuntz The Plain Dealer Second Place Chardon school shootings Duncan Scott, Maribeth Joeright, Jeff Forman, Rachel Jackson The News-Herald Third Place Amish vs. the Government Marvin Fong The Plain Dealer General News Non-Daily Newspaper First Place Bradley family mourns Phillips Lorrie Cecil This Week Newspapers Second Place Candlelight vigil Chris Parker This Week Newspapers Third Place Students celebrate Safe Routes Hope Kinchen Chagrin Valley Times Sports - Non-Daily Newspaper First Place Football Flip Chris Parker This Week Newspapers Second Place Home Plate Collision Lorrie Cecil This Week Newspapers Third Place Loose Ball Josh Bickel This Week Newspapers General Feature - Non-Daily Newspaper First Place Kissy Face Lorrie Cecil This Week Newspapers

Second Place Snow Fun Chris Parker This Week Newspapers Third Place An Olympic Homecoming Josh Bickel This Week Newspapers Studio Photography Non-Daily Newspaper First Place Cream Corn Chris Parker This Week Newspapers Pictorial Non-Daily Newspaper First Place Butterfly Lorrie Cecil This Week Newspapers General Photo - All Others First Place Crave 10: Best restaurants, Kihachi Will Shilling Columbus Crave Second Place Veritas Tavern (lobster corn chowder) Jodi Miller Columbus Monthly Third Place An Irish Cupcake Tessa Berg Columbus Parent General Photo - All Others First Place Take Me Out to the Ballgame Will Shilling Capital Style Second Place Ruff Riders Tessa Berg Columbus Monthly Third Place 2012 Manny Awards photos Jeff Downie, Eric Mull Inside Business Magazine Portrait / Personality Photography - All Others First Place Photography

Tessa Berg Columbus Alive Second Place Behind the Eyes of Dexter Davis Eric Mull, Stephanie Antal Cleveland Magazine Third Place DevilStrip Dolly’s and the “Keep Akron Weird” movement Shane Wynn, William Teckmyer, Kathy Moorhouse Akron Life Studio Photography All Others First Place October Cleveland Magazine cover photo Barney Taxes Cleveland Magazine Photo Journalism - All Others First Place The Life of the Market Billy Delfs, Cheryl Koehler Edible Cleveland Second Place The New Normal Tessa Berg, Alysia Burton Columbus Parent Third Place Splendid Journey: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Jodi Miller Columbus Crave Pictorial - All Others First Place Whitehall Spotlight Tim Johnson Columbus Parent Second Place Roost to Restaurant Laura Watilo Blake, Cheryl Koehler Edible Cleveland Third Place Granville Spotlight Tim Johnson Columbus Parent Best in Ohio: Photographer First Place Ed Suba, Jr. Akron Beacon Journal Excellent variety of shots showing range of work. Loved the stop action, catching people in the air.

Second Place Gus Chan The Plain Dealer Lot’s of emotion caught in these pictures. Third Place Chuck Humel The Chronicle-Telegram Nice to have the tear sheets to see the content of the photos.

DIGITAL MEDIA Newspaper Website First Place Dayton Business Journal Staff Great looking site. Headlines are attractive and make me want to open the article. Clean, streamlined, and organized site. Second Place Staff The Plain Dealer Easy to navigate and organized. Good work. Third Place Business Courier Staff Cincinnati Business Courier Nice headlines, organized, and consistent. Breaking News Story First Place Updated Tuesday morning: Storm winds darken much of Bay Village, down power lines, close schools Bruce Geiselman Sun News Second Place Restaurant owner dies hours after meeting President Obama Rick Armon, Stephanie Warsmith, John Higgins Akron Beacon Journal Third Place Pickerington Central standout Lewis charged with two counts of rape Nate Ellis This Week Newspapers Planned Story First Place Remaking West 25th Street and the Market District Staff Crain’s Cleveland Business The team left no stone unturned in this report and gave readers everything they’d ever want to know about the West 25th Street area. Second Place Rock Hall Induction 2012 Staff The Plain Dealer

A very, very close second with very compelling and thorough coverage of the 2012 inductees. Third Place Excellent driver? Snapshot lets you prove it Michelle Park, Steve Bennett Crain’s Cleveland Business Best Use of Social Media First Place Election Night 2012 Ann VerWiebe WKSU Very thorough entry that describes and details a well-thought out social media strategy (especially for the first time). Excellent use of a hashtag and overall supplementation to your on-air presence for those who might not be able to follow along via traditional media. Well done! Second Place 90.3 WCPN ideastream’s Facebook page Joseph Sheppa WCPN ideastream Good representation on Facebook, and it’s possible you’re trying to drive traffic to your online shows. The best posts are pictures and maybe pullout quotes/soundbites from interviews or stories. Third Place Man “flips off” President Obama’s bus Bruce Bishop, Rona Proudfoot The Chronicle-Telegram Mobile or Tablet App First Place WKSU iPad app Chuck Poulton, James Savage, Renee Volchko WKSU Large photos are appealing and easy social sharing options make this app very user friendly. Second Place Staff Great interface. Third Place Morning Journal Apps Staff The Morning Journal Magazine Website First Place Staff Columbus Parent Attractive, creative, and organized website. Great work! Second Place Columbus Alive Staff Nicely done. Great images. Television News Website

First Place Colleen Seitz, Mike Waterhouse, Staff WEWS-TV 5 Second Place WVIZ/PBS website Joseph Sheppa WVIZ Third Place Fox 8 News website Jessica Bates, Lyndsey Buckingham-Gibilisco, Jessica Dabrowski, Kara Landor-Sutyak WJW Fox 8 Radio News Website First Place Chuck Poulton, WKSU Staff WKSU Second Place 90.3 WCPN website Joseph Sheppa WCPN ideastream Online General News story First Place Student Impersonates Teacher at Ohio Online School For More Than a Year Molly Bloom Stateimpact Ohio Second Place Food vendors upset with MarketGarden traffic Tom Demeropolis Cincinnati Business Courier Third Place Jimmy Dimora investigation web staff WEWS-TV 5 Online Feature story First Place Madame Chairman Barney Wolf FSR Magazine Second Place Multicultural Dayton Olivia Barrow Dayton Business Journal Good concept. Third Place Horseowner Hansen makes cover of Blood-Horse

Jon Newberry Cincinnati Business Courier Blogs First Place Ride Along Taylor Dungjen The Blade (Toledo) Finally, a blogger who “gets it.” Personality, (love the intro video) good quality journalism and the behind the scenes info people clamor for. Well done, and keep up the good work! Second Place Cleveland Magazine Politics Blog Erick Trickey Cleveland Magazine Good use of graphics, voice, and overall blog format. Need to incorporate sharing icons. A big part of blogging is the author/voice and there were no pictures, no description in the profile. One of your bests posts was the health care reform post. Third Place The Daily Briefing Dispatch Public Affairs Team The Columbus Dispatch Enjoyed the timeline blog of the state of the state speech the best. Liked how you incorporated share buttons and your content seemed to generate a lot of feedback which is always a sign of success. Analysis First Place The Common Core Molly Bloom Stateimpact Ohio Infographics First Place Rock Hall Yearbook Staff The Plain Dealer Clever way to display info to readers ... illustrated nicely, user friendly. Second Place Growth Of Charter Schools In Ohio Molly Bloom,Yan Lu Stateimpact Ohio Nice colors, simple and easy to read ... good flow, nice clean type. Best Website in Ohio First Place Staff Second Place Colleen Seitz,Mike Waterhouse, Staff WEWS-TV 5 Third Place

Chuck Poulton,WKSU Staff WKSU

RADIO News First Place Second student dies following Chardon shooting Tim Rudell WKSU Good use of sound. Compelling story details. Second Place Ohio’s changing maple syrup business Kevin Niedermier WKSU Very good use of sound. Third Place Crime News Michelle Kanu, Nick Castele WCPN ideastream Good use of sound. Election 2012 Coverage First Place Election 2012 Coverage WCPN Staff WCPN ideastream Both stations should be commended for this superb partnership. The listeners win! Second Place Election 2012 Staff WKSU Great coverage of major races while not forgetting smaller ones. Third Place “Working Toward a Win in Battleground Ohio” Bill Cohen, Jo Ingles, Karen Kasler Ohio Public Radio In-depth coverage creates a sense of urgency and suspense. On-going Coverage First Place “Brown v Mandel for US Senate; Big, Bitter and Bizarre” Jo Ingles, Karen Kasler Ohio Public Radio Second Place Real Estate Market Feels Impact of Shale Boom Michelle Kanu WCPN ideastream Public Service First Place Be Well Anne Glausser, David Molpus, Mark Rosenberger, Kay Colby

WCPN ideastream Enterprising use of sound bites. Interesting information about health issues. Second Place Seclusion Rooms Ida Lieszkovszky, Molly Bloom, Jennifer Smith Richards Stateimpact Ohio Both sides of this obviously highly controversial subject covered well. Documentary First Place Old friends blaze trails in Canadian Rockies Jim Blum, Mark Urycki WKSU Good use of audio. Even better storytelling! In-Depth Coverage First Place “Brown v Mandel for US Senate; Big, Bitter and Bizarre” Jo Ingles, Karen Kasler Ohio Public Radio In-depth, fair reporting of a contentious election. Second Place Mental Health in Ohio Jails Amanda Rabinowitz WKSU Giving listeners a rare look into a segment of the community that often goes unnoticed. Great use of sound, too! Third Place Expansion, Competition, And Consequences: The Health Care Industry In Northeast Ohio Brian Bull WCPN ideastream Shining a light on a subject that is often under-reported. Human Interest First Place Kids needing assistance find a helping paw Brian Bull WCPN ideastream A touching piece that reaches out and grabs the listener. Nice job! Second Place Starbucks Order Gives Ohio Mug Maker A Jolt Amanda Rabinowitz WKSU Story proves that small towns can have a big impact. Great journalism! Third Place An Unlikely Teacher Takes Northern Ohio Teens Back to Their Indian Roots David C. Barnett WCPN ideastream Nice delivery and use of sound. Use of Sound First Place The Biology of Addiction Anne Glausser

WCPN ideastream Quite creative! Second Place An Unlikely Teacher Takes Northern Ohio Teens Back to Their Indian Roots David C. Barnett WCPN ideastream A masterful piece. Third Place A Quick Bite at the Sandy Chanty: A taste of the past Vivian Goodman WKSU Sounds like a fun place to visit! News Writing First Place Homeowners Worry Property Values Plummet Due To Nearby Fracking Michelle Kanu WCPN ideastream Reporter’s delivery was good and energetic. The piece gave a concise but comprehensive look into the subject matter. Second Place An Unlikely Teacher Takes Northern Ohio Teens Back to Their Indian Roots David C. Barnett WCPN ideastream Good job of story telling in this piece. Good production values. Third Place Expansion, Competition, And Consequences: The Health Care Industry In Northeast Ohio Brian Bull WCPN ideastream Good use of sound. Radio Show First Place The Regina Brett Show: Overcoming Arrogance at Work Regina Brett, Danielle Wiggins, Jasen Sokol WKSU A lively and energetic show. Subject well covered from all angles. Good production values. Second Place The Sound of Ideas Mike McIntyre, Katie Baker, Paul Cox, Lawrence Caswell WCPN ideastream Energetic delivery. Topics both covered well. Third Place Around Noon on 90.3 WCPN ideastream Dee Perry, Dave DeOreo, Mark Rosenberger WCPN ideastream Good use of sound. Good interviewing skills. Best Radio Newscast in Ohio in a Major Market: (Cleveland- Columbus or Cincinnati) First Place Rick Jackson WCPN ideastream

Good delivery pace. Very good interaction with anchor’s traffic reporter.

TELEVISION News First Place Superstorm Sandy: From the edge of the storm Sara Shookman WKYC On-Going Coverage First Place Chardon Shooting Compilation staff WJW Fox 8 Second Place Prescription for Disaster Mary Stiene, Ali Ghanbari, Bill Sheil, Ron Mounts WJW Fox 8 Third Place “Cashing In On Cleveland” Ron Regan, Ted Kortan, Rob Gardner, Mel Watson WEWS-TV 5 Public Service First Place Race: Our Stories Staff WJW Fox 8 Second Place Building Better Neighborhoods Staff WEWS-TV 5 Third Place Against All Odds “AnnA story” David Nethers, Ali Ghanbari WJW Fox 8 Human Interest First Place Everyday is Memorial Day Ali Ghanbari WJW Fox 8 Second Place Hometown tour with Dee Haslam Sara Shookman WKYC Sports Report or Commentary First Place UFC Fighter STIPE MIOCIC: Cleveland’s Next Champion Chris Van Vliet, Ed Louloudis

WOIO-TV Spot News Videography First Place We Heard a Bam Bam Bam Ali Ghanbari WJW Fox 8 Feature Photography First Place U Got It! U Got It! Ali Ghanbari WJW Fox 8 Television Show First Place About Blood: Sickle Cell Anemia Mark Rosenberger, David Molpus, Kay Colby, Lauren Wilson WVIZ Second Place “The State of Ohio” Karen Kasler, Ron Corby Ohio Public Television Best Television Newscast in Ohio in a Major Market: (Cleveland- Columbus or Cincinnati) First Place Fox 8 News at 6 Sonya Thompson WJW Fox 8

VISUALS Single cartoon First Place 2012 Presidential Race Jeff Darcy The Plain Dealer Second Place It’s broken Jim Larrick This Week Newspapers Third Place Fact-Check 2012 Rich Williams Crain’s Cleveland Business Best in Ohio: Cartooning First Place Kirk Walters The Blade (Toledo) Second Place Jeff Darcy The Plain Dealer Third Place Rich Williams

Crain’s Cleveland Business Illustration Single image First Place Good Fortune Michaela Schuett Columbus Monthly Second Place Your Doctor as a Facebook ‘Friend?’ Tom Fisher The Blade (Toledo) Third Place Doctor-Patient Matchmaking Michaela Schuett Columbus Monthly Multiple Illustrations for One Story- All Publications First Place Rock Hall Rewind Chris Morris The Plain Dealer Outstanding! Really great work. Second Place Love and Sex in Columbus Michaela Schuett Columbus Alive Third Place Illustrations from feature, Work of Art Paula Pindroh, Jeff Suntala Cleveland Magazine Best in Ohio: Illustration All Publications First Place Michaela Schuett Columbus Monthly Second Place Chris Morris The Plain Dealer Third Place Ted Crow The Plain Dealer Infographics First Place 100 years later, a night still remembered William Neff The Plain Dealer Second Place Meet the Class of 2016 Monica Doud, Rob Musser, Michael von Glahn The College Store Magazine Third Place

Heard about crowdfunding Kevin Cox Cincinnati Business Courier Best in Ohio: Infographics First Place William Neff The Plain Dealer Single page design- Broadsheet First Place The Last Temple of Food Emmet Smith, Joshua Gunter The Plain Dealer Second Place Civility Mark Turner Akron Beacon Journal Third Place Find Cutie Wes Booher, Tom Fisher, Jeff Basting, Dave Murray The Blade (Toledo) Single page design- Tab First Place Whither reform Kevin Cox Cincinnati Business Courier Second Place Gifts that keep giving Kevin Cox Cincinnati Business Courier Third Place Keeping it simple Kevin Cox Cincinnati Business Courier Single page design- Magazine First Place Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Readers Alyse Kordenbrock Columbus Parent This layout is Inviting and clean - shows the products to their best advantage. Second Place The Optimism Continues Yogesh Chaudhary Columbus C.E.O. Magazine ‘A-1’ News Front- Daily and Non-Daily Newspapers First Place The Plain Dealer A-1 Staff The Plain Dealer

Second Place A-1 News Fronts from The Blade Doug Koerner The Blade (Toledo) Spread or Multiple Page- Broadsheets First Place Chaplain Lifts Spirits Rich Stallsmith, Kimberly Barth, Mike Cardew Akron Beacon Journal Second Place Matters of the Heart Mark Turner, Karen Schiely, Kimberly Barth Akron Beacon Journal Third Place MOCA’s cutting edge home Amanda Petkiewicz, Gus Chan The Plain Dealer Spread or Multiple Page- Tabs First Place The 50 things to eat and drink this year Emmet Smith, Allison Carey, Peggy Turbett, Gus Chan The Plain Dealer Fresh, beautiful and, need we say, appetizing! Second Place Rock Hall Rewind Chris Morris, Emmet Smith, John Soeder The Plain Dealer Covers: General Circulation Magazines- Sunday Magazines First Place Sweet Billy Delfs, Cheryl Koehler Edible Cleveland Second Place May Cleveland Magazine Cover Kristen Miller Cleveland Magazine Third Place Lifesavers Michaela Schuett Columbus Monthly Covers: Business Publications First Place September/October Staff Inside Business Magazine Second Place CEO of the Year Yogesh Chaudhary Columbus C.E.O. Magazine

Covers: Trade & Professional Publications First Place College Bound Emily Robinson, Richard Osborne, Anne Pillot VASJ Second Place Learning to Lead: VASJ students apply Christian values to life Richard Osborne, Emily Robinson, Anne Pillot VASJ Third Place The College Store magazine, November/December 2012 Monica Doud, Rob Musser The College Store Magazine Best Digital Image First Place Strongsville welcomes Rosewood Grill Cory Shaffer Sun News