The QubicaAMF dinner

The QubicaAMF dinner

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Wroclaw - a little known delight It is probably true to say that many, if not all, of the visitors to the 48th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup would never have gone to Wroclaw but for the tournament. But we would have missed a gem. It is a truly charming city. Dating back to the 10th century, it boasts amazing medieval buildings and bridges over the river Oder. But it also has modern infrastructure to be proud of, much of which was constructed for ‘Euro 2012’, the European football championships. Wroclaw is also hosting the World Games in 2017 and has been chosen as the European City of Culture for 2016. Quite a few accolades for this lovely city. Some of the players were to go on a tour of the city later in the week and returned full of enthusiasm for what they had seen As we flew in, we could see a modern elliptical building, standing proud over the surrounding area. It’s the Sky Tower, home of Sky Bowling, the venue for our event which was hosted by Marek Maciejewski, owner of the centre. It is also the home of Fitness Academy, a very well equipped gym with a superb spa, opposite the bowling centre and also owned by Marek. All the bowlers and officials had free membership for the duration of the World Cup.

Sky Tower glinting in the winter sun

The Market Square and Christmas market by night

The Christmas market in Rynek was a popular destination for World Cup visitors, including QubicaAMF staff: Judy Howlett, our international media co-ordinator, on the left, Tina Quirke, Assistant Bowling World Cup Manager, on the right and Bernard Gibbons, Tournament Director, underneath

A group of players and guests pose for a photo inside the cathedral

A view of the cathedral at night

An example of the Wroclaw street sculpture


Keeping it in the family We often talk about the ‘World Cup Family’ and this year was no exception with three married couples taking part. In the parkland near the bowling centre were numerous trees covered with mistletoe, a vital part of Christmas celebrations in many countries where lovers are meant to kiss underneath the mistletoe.

Here we see Marin and Samy-Anna Tranier of New Caledonia and also Marcio and Lara Jesus of the Azores keeping up the custom. Marin and Samy-Anna met at the Bowling World Cup in 2002 and married in 2009

Returning champions Three players taking part had previously won the title. And one of the coaches also has a Bowling World Cup on his list of achievements. Here we see Ann Maree Putney (Australia), champion in 2007, Aumi Guerra (Dominican Republic), champion in 2010 and 2011 and aiming to make history and be the first bowler ever to ‘threepeat’, Tomas Leandersson (Sweden), champion in 2000 in Lisbon and now coach to the Swedish team, and Michael Schmidt (Canada), champion in 2005 and 2010 4

We then caught up with Khaled and Hela Meziou of Tunisia who posed for the camera outside the Sky Centre and in front of the replica of the Profile of Time sculpture by Salvador Dali

Happy Birthday! Several players celebrated their birthdays during the tournament and each was presented with a small birthday cake, complete with candle.

Here we see Terje Roosi of Estonia, Yuka Ooshima of Japan, Fabian Lopez of Mexico, Elkhan Feyzullayev of Azerbaijan and Syafiq Rhidwan Abdul Malek of Malaysia with their cakes.

Blanka Hanusikova of the Czech Republic celebrated her birthday by becoming was the first woman from her country to qualify for the second round. Here we see her in front of the leaderboard celebrating her achievement


The Opening Ceremony This year the opening ceremony was held in the atrium of the Sky Centre. Competitors marched in, with musical accompaniment, and received their certificates of participation from QubicaAMF Worldwide’s President and CEO John Walker and local tournament director Piotr Przewlocki. They then walked up to the balconies overlooking the atrium so they could watch the rest of the ceremonies. As is the custom, the host nation came in last. Pawel Bielski, Poland’s representative this year and also a member of the BWC 300 club (he hit his perfect game in Singapore in 2004), took the oath of fair play on behalf of all the players, with Blazej Wisniewski taking the oath on behalf of the officials. John Walker and Addie Ophelders, President of the European Tenpin Bowling Federation, welcomed everyone to the event before Malgorzata Danek, the Chief Executive of the Sky Tower, officially opened the 48th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup. Next we watched local folk dancers in action And then we were treated to a lovely buffet. What a start to the tournament!


Edith Quintanilla (El Salvador)

Seyed Hamidreza Seyed Azizollah and Sara Ataei Kajouei (Iran)

Kestutis Gudauskas and Violeta Musteikiene (Lithuania)

Steeve Thia Song Fat and Nasheeha King (Mauritius)

Bayarkhuu Sambuu and Ulziikhorol Khalzan (Mongolia)

Paolo Lopes and Ana Vierira (Portugal)

Mohammed Alnajrani (Saudi Arabia)

Mathieu Berges and Joelle Company (Switzerland)

Giorgio Clinaz and Patricia de Faria (Venezuela)

Addie Ophelders addresses the audience

Pawel and Blazej take the oath

The folk dancing


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The QubicaAMF dinner This year’s QubicaAMF dinner for key customers and VIPs was held in Pieprz i Wanilia. Paulina Maciejewska, who owns the restaurant, is Marek’s daughter and treated us like royalty. The dinner is also the opportunity to recognise the individuals and companies who have supported the event, including the local sponsors. This year we recognised three local sponsers: Milon, Panatta, and the city of Wroclaw, who all received plaques. Of course, the whole event would not happen but for one person, our much admired Bowling World Cup Manager, AnneMarie Board. John Walker presented her with a gift in gratitude for all her hard work.

Sponsor companies Milon and Panatta together with the Mayor of Wroclaw Rafal Dutkiewicz receive their commemorative plaques

Marios Nikolaides was the WTBA technical delegate at this years’ tournament. He is here on the left, with Hero Noda, our wonderful official photographer

Marek Maciejewski receives his plaque as host of the 48th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

Anne-Marie with the WTBA’s Jose Gandique, President of the Pan American Bowling Confederation

Here we see some of the QubicaAMF guests during John Walker’s speech

Paulina Maciejewska


Qualification The first hurdle for the players was to qualify for the top 24. In four squads, everyone played 20 games over four days. When the dust settled, Andrej Sergeev of Russia and Blanka Hanusikova made it to the second round while Adam Shrubb of Gibraltar and Martha Karatzoula of Greece were the ones to miss out. Adam consoled himself with the knowledge that his was the best ever result by a Gibraltar player.

QubicaAMF’s Gerry Barrett and Max Santaga share a joke as they oil the lanes

Baiba Baltmane of Latvia stretches before her set


Adam Shrubb

Martha Karatzoula

Dave Smart from Global900 measured up lots of equipment for players

Martin Slavkovski of Slovakia studies the schedule

Milki Ng of Hong Kong shows off her spare ball with her country’s flag

Swiss player Mathieu Berges talks to coach Beat Grauweiler


Horacio Bustos (Argentina)

Jimmy Ravez (Belgium)

Julia Lam (Macau)

Adile Sevgi Michajlow (Turkey)

Meet the players


Well, hello again! The Bowling World Cup is not just competitive; it is also one of the friendliest tournaments there is. Many people return year after year meeting new friends and catching up with people from previous competitions. The same goes for many of the QubicaAMF staff who come from various countries and meet once a year.


Bernard Gibbons, our tournament director, meets a model reindeer at the Christmas market

Cliff Adair, assistant tournament director enjoys himself at the QubicaAMF dinner

QubicaAMF staff members Laurie Pearce and Luca Maranini, who run the scoring and results system. They provide a CD of the full results for everyone at the end of the event

We could not run the tournament without our marvellous local lane marshalls. They all receive certificates to mark their work and here we see the group. Thank you!

They say cooking is the new rock ’n’ roll and two of our male players are keen cooks. They ventured into the kitchen in the bowl restaurant - watched closely by chef Szymon Lozowy! Here we see Ben Copeland of Australia checking the pot while Lyndon Walters of Wales smile to the camera

And part of the restaurant is a well stocked bar, where Scotland’s Steven Gill put his bar tending skills to work

Close to the main entrance to the Sky Tower is a complicated road junction, which traffic engineer Jiri Hindrak of the Czech Republic had a look at

Aksana Sinitsa of Belarus plaits the hair of Russian Alena Korobkova

We had excellent internet access throughout the bowling centre. Here Melonie Lister of New Zealand works on her netbook

Estonia’s Kert Truus, whose hobby is power lifting, made good use of the free membership of the gym

We are also grateful to our volunteers. From preparatory work, here putting together the souvenir packs, to all the work behind the scenes, they worked long hours. Many, this year, were university students who spoke at least two or usually three or four languages, perfectly. Thank you too!

Bowling is a sport for all ages as shown by our competitors. Here we see the youngest and oldest in each section: Fabian Lopez of Mexico who turned 17 during the tournament; Fekadu Asrat from Ethiopia, 54; Lucrecia Lopez Jove from Argentina, 62; and Yuka Ooshima from Japan who also celebrated her birthday in Wroclaw, when she became 19


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The round of 24 The leaders were away and clear but the excitement was all lower down the leaderboard in the men’s section. Canadian Michael Schmidt came from 22nd place after the qualifying 20 games to shoot a total of 1915 and pull himself up the leaderboard. With one game to go, he was into the next round by 15 pins, but Matt Chamberlain of England and James Gruffman of Sweden were chasing hard. In the end it was Matt who went through to the round robin, leaving James and Michael to think of what might have been. It was much the same in the women’s section although the final place in the top eight was much clearer. The cut was made at 6099, Jane Sin of Malaysia, who was 82 pins ahead of 9th place, Heidi Thorstensen of Norway. The scoring in the women’s section was sensational. There was only one set over 1900 for the men but two for the women, from Aumi Guerra and Kirsten Penny. The overall average for the top 24 women was 212.24, for the men 212.47. The top 8 women were out averaging the men – just! – by 224.64 to 224.39.

Our top 24 men in front of the World Cup Trophies

Our top 24 women

James Gruffmann who just missed out and Heidi Torstensen who also finished in 9th place






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www.Qubica A m 16

Joining the 300 club It was the second set of qualifying games when Danielle McEwan of the USA shot the tournament’s first perfect game. The young student of psychology and education was delighted and said: “It’s actually my first ever sanctioned 300! I’ve had perfect games in open play and unsanctioned tournaments and it’s just great to get one in an event like this.” It was the 10th perfect game by a woman in the history of the event. The question then was whether the men could match her. No-one did in the qualifying games. Come the round of 24, former champion Michael Schmidt hit the first 11 but left a single pin. In the very next game, our third place player from last year, Mykhaylo Kalika of the Ukraine, came up with the goods. And he did it in front of a TV crew from his native land, here to cover the tournament. Mykhaylo’s previous game had been a 152 and coach Ron Hatfield explained: “We made a really big change. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn’t, but this worked like a dream!”

Danielle’s 12th ball heads to the pins

Danielle all smiles after her 300

Mykhaylo with coach Ron Hatfield

Farewell to one of our press stalwarts Hazel McCleary has covered many Bowling World Cups for the Canadian media. “But I’m not as young as I was,” she said, “and the time has come for me to stay at home a bit more. This will be my last World Cup as a working member of the press gang!” All in the media room and many of her other friends and admirers contributed to small gifts to mark the end of an era. But as John Walker said: “I don’t believe we will not see her again. She’ll be back, maybe not working, but we will see her!” The presentation to our admired colleague

And we all look forward to that. 17

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The round robin When it came to the position round of the round robin, Marshall Kent of the USA and Andres Gomez of Colombia were already assured of their place in the stepladder finals. But it was a tight race to see who would make it in 3rd place. Before this final match, Hareb Al Mansoori of the UAE was 48 pins up on Syafiq Ridwhan Abdul Malek of Malaysia which meant Syafiq needed to win by 19 pins to go through. He shot 209 to Hareb’s 161, so it was Syafiq who advanced to the arena finals. The top three for the women were set before the position round and it was just a question of the order they would finish in. Aumi Guerra of the Dominican Republic, was in pole position, with Kirsten Penny of England in 2nd and Shayna Ng of Singapore in 3rd. Danielle McEwan (USA) was the one to miss out, finishing fourth in her first World Cup. Again, the women scored higher than the men. Top man’s score for the 8 games of the round robin was 1788, by Syafiq. Six of the women beat that, with five of them shooting over 1800. Overall average for the men in the round robin was 220.18, for the women it was 224.47.

Our top eight men. Standing, left to right, Mykhaylo Kalika (Ukraine), Marshall Kent (USA), Matt Chamberlain (England), Syafiq Ridwhan Abdul Malek (Malaysia) and Hareb Al Mansoori (UAE). Seated left to right, Andres Gomez (Colombia), Takashi Taniai (Japan) and Pascal Winternheimer (Germany)

Hareb Al Mansoori

Our top eight women. Standing, left to right, Shayna Ng (Singapore), Kirsten Penny (England), Rebecka Larsen (Sweden), Danielle McEwan (USA) and Krista Pollanen (Finland). Seated left to right, Jane Sin (Malaysia), Aumi Guerra (Dominican Republic) and Janine Gabel (Germany)

Danielle McEwan


The Grand Finals First to take to the lanes were the women: Kirsten was to play Shayna.Shayna prevailed by 2 games to nil, 246 to 215 and 221 to 191. She moved on to play Aumi. Aumi started like a train, winning the first game 269 to 224, but Shayna came back to win and amazing second game by 267 to 259. So a third game was needed and two big splits put Aumi at a big disadvantage. By the 9th frame it was all over and Shayna took the third game 247 to 169. Her set of 738 is a new arena record, beating the Philippines’ Lisa del Rosario’s 737 set in 2001. Shayna is studying for a sports science degree, and is coached by Remy Ong who himself has an impressive Bowling World Cup record, having competed five times with a best placing of 2nd in 2002. Shayna said: “I had to fight my way up from third but it did mean that I got used to the lanes for the finals and Remy really helped me make lots of adjustments, so many that I had to write them down to remember them. It has been a great experience working with Remy. This is my first world title and I’m a record holder as well!” The players were not the only stars in the arena. We were truly honoured by the presence of the former President of Poland and Noble Prize winner, Lech Walesa, one of the towering figures of modern history.. The men then took to the lanes. The men’s first match saw Syafiq beat Andres in three games. Andres won the first game 236 to 234 but Syafiq came back with 224 and 258 to Andres’ 201 and 213. Syafiq moved on to play Marshall Kent of the USA for the title. He bowled steadily and won by 2 games to nil, 236 to 225 and 237 to 221. He said afterwards: “I think I was lucky to play on the championship lanes first. I learnt how to play the lanes and I got better carry in the final match. It is such an honour for me and my country as I am the first Malaysian player to win this wonderful tournament.” His win actually meant that Malaysia and the USA were tied for top country but the trophy went to Malaysia as one of their players won the title.








President Walesa presents the trophy to Shayna

Shafiq and Jane with the top country award with coach Holloway Cheah.


Celebrations So the bowling was over and we were all invited to a sumptuous dinner in one of the major conference and event centres of Wroclaw. We were again delighted that Lech Walesa could join us. It is amazing to think that quite a few of the players here had not been born when he led the Solidarnosc trade union movement which eventually led to free elections in Poland and arguably to the eventual break-up of the Soviet Union. President Walesa spoke briefly to us, wondering why he had been invited. What did he have in common with bowling? The answer he said was ‘Strikes!’ The landmark tower by the conference centre

President Walesa speaking to us

All the trophies were presented at the dinner. First up were our high game players, Danielle and Mykhaylo who received their trophies and certificates from John Walker Then came our 3rd place players, Kirsten and Andres, next our runners up, Aumi and Marshall, and finally our champions, Shayna and Syafiq, who donned the champions sashes.


The titles of sportsman and sportswoman of the tournament are coveted. The players themselves vote and the trophies are traditionally presented by our champions. This year the titles went to Francisco Rodriguez of Spain and Angie Hartley of South Africa, seen here with their trophies. And sadly we said farewell to our Polish colleagues.

Our wonderful host Marek Maciejewski and his partner Magdalena Pecikiewicz

Artur Gorniak, QubicaAMF’s regional sales manager in Poland who did so much to bring the tournament to Wroclaw

Chief Marshall Blazej Wisniewski, General Manager Magdalena Partyka and Technical Support Manager Tomasz Janicki

Local Tournament Przewlocki



And we’re off to Krasnoyarsk for 2013 The 49th Bowling World Cup will be held in the 32-lane Sibiryak centre in Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia, Russia. The city, which is on the river Yenisei and relatively flat though surrounded by mountains, was decribed by the great Russian author Chekhov as the most beautiful city in Siberia. The Sibryak centre is on the second floor of a ‘World Class’ fitness and Hilton hotel complex. The owner and Chief Executive of the Sibiryak centre, Vladimir Egorov, is himself a bowler and the Head of Bowling Federation, Nikolay Babyuk, has bowled three times in the Bowling World Cup. There is more information about the city on It will be an exciting time for us!

At the signing of the official World Cup contract, left to right Nikolay Babyuk, Anne-Marie Board, Alexei Shiryaev (Country Manager, QubicaAMF Russia & CIS and Head of Moscow Representative Office), Vladimir Egorov and Ron Wood (Senior Vice-President of QubicaAMF Worldwide)




Argentina Horacio Bustos, Lucrecia Lopez Jove Australia Benjamin Coupland, Ann-Maree Putney Austria Benjamin Kubalek Azerbaijan Elkhan Feyzullayev, Viola Zharko Azores Marcio Jesus, Lara Jesus Belarus Siarhei Tazin, Aksana Sinitsa Belgium Jimmy Ravez, Katrien Goossens Brazil Claudio Goto, Marina Suartz Bulgaria Kaloyan Ivanov, Marina Stefanova Canada Michael Schmidt, Felicia Wong Catalonia Moises Perez Ibanez, Noelia Ratrero Medina Chile Adrian Reyes, Constanza Bahamondez Colombia Andres Gomez Costa Rica Andres Valverde, Viviana Delgado Cruz Croatia Mise Mrkonjic, Ivana Krajacic Cyprus Andreas Christoforou, Myria Kastori Czech Republic Kiri Hindrak, Blanka Hanusikova Dominican Republic Rolando Antonio Sebelén, Aumi Guerra Egypt Mohamed El-Serafy, Menatallah Ahmed Hassan Sultan El Salvador Edith Quintanilla England Matt Chamberlain, Kirsten Penny Estonia Kert Truus, Terje Roosi Ethiopia Fekadu Asrat, Rita Defranco Finland Jarmo Ahokas, Krista Pollanen France Thierry Sacco, Wendy Bartaire French Guiana Steeve Calumey Germany Pascal Winternheimer, Janine Gabel Gibraltar Adam Shrubb Greece Leonidas Maragkos, Martha Karatzoula Guernsey Garry Hale Hong Kong Joshua Chow, Milki Ng Hungary Gyorgy Bodis, Nora Szabo Iceland Magnus Magnusson, Gudny Gunnarsdottir India Dhruv Sarda Iran Seyed Hamidreza Seyed Azizollah, Sara Ataei Kajouei Iraq Maher Aneed Ireland Simon English, Aimee Kellegher Israel Nati Volfart, Tali Yitzhk Italy Amedeo Spada, Helga Biagia Di Benedetto Japan Takashi Taniai, Yuka Ooshima Jersey Nathan Jarvis Jordan Ammar Yamin, Manal Al Hijjawi Kazakhstan Yuriy Sazonov, Yelena Grishinenko Latvia Arturs Levikins, Baiba Baltmane Libya Redha El Fazzani Lithuania Kestutis Gudauskas, Violeta Ona Musteikiene Macau Derek Lee, Julia Lam Malaysia Syafiq Ridhwan Abdul Malek, Jane Sin Mauritius Steeve Thia Song Fat, Nasheeha King Mexico Fabian Lopez, Lilia Robles Mongolia Bayarkhuu Sambuu, Ulziikhorol Khalzan Netherlands Michell Stinissen, Danielle van der Meer New Caledonia Marin Tranier, Samy-Anna Saba New Zealand James Kelly, Melonie Lister Northern Ireland Tony O’Hare, Caroline Horan Norway Mads Sadbaekken, Heidi Thorstensen Oman Ghalib Albusaidi Pakistan Janet Shaikh Peru Adolfo Vargas Philippines Rowen Jay P Bautista, Krizziah Lyn B Tabora Poland Pawel Bielski, Joanna Merklejn Portugal Paulo Lopes, Ana Vierira Qatar Mubarak Al Muraikhi Reunion Stephane Severin, Virginie Merlo Romania Arpad Vass, Alina Orlanda Russia Sergey Andreev, Alena Korobkova Saudi Arabia Mohammed H Alnajrani Scotland Steven Gill, Holly Fleming Singapore Keith Saw, Shayna Ng Slovakia Martin Slavkovsky, Alena Baluchova Slovenia Josko Hlede, Anja Musar Kalan South Africa Guy Caminsky, Angie Hartley Spain Francisco Rodriguez, Cristina Mas Lazaro Sweden James Gruffman, Rebecka Larsen Switzerland Mathieu Bergès, Joelle Company Thailand Phoemphun Yakasem Tunisia Khaled Meziou, Hela Meziou Turkey Taygun Erkeskin, Adile Sevgi Michajlow UAE Hareb Al Mansoori Ukraine Mykhaylo Kalika, Olena Mishchenko USA Marshall Kent, Danielle McEwan Uzbekistan Bekzod Tukhtaniyazov, Svetlana Klimoyts Venezuela Giogio Clinaz, Patricia de Faria Wales Lyndon Walters, Lynne Walker

YEAR HOST CITY & COUNTRY WINNER COUNTRY 1965 Dublin, Ireland Lauri Ajanto Finland 1966 London, England John Wilcox USA 1967 Paris, France Jack Connaughton USA 1968 Guadalajara, Mexico Fritz Blum West Germany 1969 Tokyo, Japan Graydon Robinson Canada 1970 Copenhagen, Denmark Klaus Muller West Germany 1971 Hong Kong Roger Dalkin USA 1972 Hamburg, West Germany Ray Mitchell Canada Irma Urrea Mexico 1973 Singapore Bernie Caterer Great Britain Kesinee Srivises Thailand 1974 Caracas, Venezuela Jairo Ocampo Colombia Birgitte Lund Denmark 1975 Manila, the Philippines Lorenzo Monti Italy Cathy Townsend Canada 1976 Teheran, Iran Paeng Nepomuceno Philippines Lucy Giovinco USA 1977 London, England Arne Stroem Norway Rea Rennox Canada 1978 Bogota, Colombia Samran Banyan Thailand Lita de la Rosa Philippines 1979 Bangkok, Thailand Philippe Dubois France Bon Coo Philippines 1980 Jakarta, Indonesia Paeng Nepomuceno Philippines Jean Gordon Canada 1981 New York, United States Bob Worrall USA Pauline Smith Great Britain 1982 Scheveningen, Netherlands Arne Stroem Norway Jeanette Baker Australia 1983 Mexico City, Mexico You Tien-Chu Chinese Taipei Jeanette Baker Australia 1984 Sydney, Australia Jack Jurek USA Eliana Rigato Italy 1985 Seoul, South Korea Alfonso Rodriguez Mexico Marjorie McEntee Ireland 1986 Copenhagen, Denmark Peter Ljung Sweden Annette Hagre Sweden 1987 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Remo Fornasari Italy Irene Gronert Netherlands 1988 Guadalajara, Mexico Mohammed Khalifa al-Qubeisi UAE Linda Kelly USA 1989 Dublin, Ireland Salem Al-Monsouri Qatar Patty Ann USA 1990 Pattaya, Thailand Tom Hahl Finland Linda Graham USA 1991 Beijing, China Jon Juneau USA Asa Larsen Sweden 1992 Le Mans, France Paeng Nepomuceno Philippines Martina Beckel Germany 1993 Johannesburg, South Africa Rainer Puisis Germany Pauline (Smith) Buck Great Britain 1994 Hermosillo, Mexico Tore Torgerson Norway Anne Jacobs South Africa 1995 Sao Paolo, Brazil Patrick Healey Jr USA Gemma Burden Great Britain 1996 Belfast, Northern Ireland Paeng Nepomuceno Philippines Cara Honeychurch Australia 1997 Cairo, Egypt Christian Nokel Germany Su-Fen Tseng Chinese Taipei 1998 Kobe, Japan Cheng-Ming Yang Chinese Taipei Maxine Nable Australia 1999 Las Vegas, USA Ahmed Shaheen Qatar Amanda Bradley Australia 2000 Lisbon, Portugal Tomas Leandersson Norway Mel Isaac Wales 2001 Pattaya, Thailand Kim Haugen Norway Nachimi Itakura Japan 2002 Riga, Latvia Mika Luoto Finland Shannon Pluhowsky USA 2003 Tegucigalpa, Honduras C.J. Suarez Philippines Kerry Ryan-Ciach Canada 2004 Singapore Kai Virtanen Finland Shannon Pluhowsky USA 2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia Michael Schmidt Canada Lynda Barnes USA 2006 Caracas, Venezuela Osku Palermaa Finland Diandra Asbaty USA 2007 St. Petersburg, Russia Bill Hoffman USA Ann Maree Putney Australia 2008 Hermosillo, Mexico Derek Eoff USA Jasmine Yeong-Nathan Singapore 2009 Melaka, Malaysia Choi Yong-Kyu Korea Caroline Lagrange Canada 2010 Toulon, France Michael Schmidt Canada Aumi Guerra Dominican Republic 2011 Johannesburg, South Africa Jason Belmonte Australia Aumi Guerra Dominican Republic 2012 Wroclaw, Poland Syafiq Rhidwan Abdul Malek Malaysia Shayna Ng Singapore

QUBICAAMF WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS 8100 AMF Drive, Mechanicsville, VA23111, USA. Phone (804) 730-4000. Fax (804) 559-8650 EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Via della Croce Coperta, 15, 40128 Bologna, Italy. Phone +39 051 4192611 Fax +39 051 4192602

THE 300 CLUB MEN Year Venue 1994 Hermosillo, Mexico 1995 Sao Paolo, Brazil

Name Jack Guay Jack Guay Patrick Healey Jr 1997 Cairo, Egypt Ahmed Shaheen 1998 Kobe, Japan Paul Boyle 1999 Las Vegas, USA Kenny Ang Mohammed Khalifa al-Qubeisi Shigeo Saito 2000 Lisbon, Portugal Tomas Leandersson Tore Torgerson 2001 Pattaya, Thailand Scott Norton 2002 Riga, Latvia Wayne Greenall Kai Guenther Paul Trotter 2003 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Bill Hoffman 2004 Singapore Matthew Berges Pawel Bielski Petter Hansen Chester King Andrejus Puskariovas Yahav Rabin Kai Virtanen 2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia Anders Ohman Steve Thornton Badr al Sheikh Tamas Szabo 2006 Caracas, Venezuela Osku Palerma (twice) Ryan Lalisang 2007 St. Petersburg, Russia Jason Belmonte Aygyrios Ketsetzis Ildemaro Ruiz 2008 Hermosillo, Mexico Nikita Koshelev Zulmazran Zukifli 2009 Melaka, Malaysia Choi Yong-Kyu 2011 Johannesburg, Lucas Legnani South Africa Jason Belmonte (twice) Biboy Rivera Tommy Jones 2012 Wroclaw, Poland Mykhaylo Kalika

WOMEN Year Venue 1997 Cairo, Egypt 1999 Las Vegas, USA 2000 Lisbon, Portugal 2002 Riga, Latgvia 2004 Singapore 2006 Caracas, Venezuela 2008 Hermosillo, Mexico

Name Shalin Zulkifli Jill Friis Diane Buchanan Lisa Paluzzi Wendy Bergen Laura Rhoney Sara Vargas Jasmine Yeong-Nathan Cookie Lee Danielle McEwan

2012 Wroclaw, Poland

Country Canada Canada USA Qatar England Malaysia UAE Japan Sweden Norway USA England Germany Australia USA Switzerland Poland Norway Philippines Lithuania Israel Finland Sweden England Saudi Arabia Hungary Finland Philippines Australia Greece Venezuela Russia Malaysia Korea Argentina Australia Philippines USA Ukraine

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Qualifying rounds

3 game series Men: 896 – Paul Trotter (Australia) 2002 Women: 803 – Aumi Guerra (Dominican Republic) 2011 5 game block Men: 1307 – Ahmed Shaheen (Qatar) 2002 Women: 1304 - Aumi Guerra (Dominican Republic) 2011 6 game block Men: 1537 – Petteri Salonen (Finland) 2007 Women: 1531- Lynda Barnes (USA) 2005 8 game block Men: 2088 – Tommy Jones (USA) 2011 Women: 1944 – Shalin Zulkifli (Malaysia) 2004 High average (after qualifying and top 24) Men: 246.22 – Osku Palermaa (Finland) 2006 Women: 241.00 – Aumi Guerra (Dominican Republic) 2011 Finals – Arena and stepladder High games Men: 300 – Kai Virtanen (Finland) 2004 Women: 298 – Jasmine Yeung-Nathan (Singapore) 2008 High series 2 game Men: 536 – Petter Hansen (Norway) 2004 Women: 528 – Shannon Pluhowsky (USA) 2004 3 game Men: 765 – Jason Belmonte (Australia) 2011 Women: 738 - Shayna Ng (Singapore) 2012

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