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Part One THE SELF-LEADER SECRET GREATEST KEPT SECRET OF ALL TIME COPYRIGHT INFORMATION All materials available on this site are protected by copyri...

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Part One


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Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

The Self-Leader I stopped in my tracks at work. Like a bad dream, I realized the leaders have wealth and prestige and that I would never have much. Even worse, I realized that my routine-rut job was structured to serve the leaders, from the leaders of the company I worked for to the leaders of the land who got a chunk of whatever I earned. “I make just enough to get by, with maybe a little left over for spending,” I said out loud. “I’m on the wrong road, heading toward the wrong future. I work hard; I’ve worked all my life, but my hard work is making the leaders rich!” I stopped to think: The rich and powerful leaders did not work their whole lives to make someone else happy. But I did. I, along with the majority of people, worked my whole life to make the leaders happy. At that moment, I became flush with determination to somehow wake up from this bad dream into a better world with a better life. Out of nowhere, a voice spoke to me: “The secret to getting rich is to become The Self-Leader!” A New Concept: Integrated Knowledge I drove home from work that fateful day wondering, Who is the self-leader? All I could figure was that the self-leader captured for himself the rewards and wealth from his efforts in life. “I must set off on a journey to discover in myself the selfleader,” I said. “But where do I begin my journey?” Deeply troubled, I felt I had no power in life. “Knowledge is power,” a very wise man once said. So I decided to start my journey seeking knowledge at my place of work. The next day I began to seriously study my place of work for the first time. I observed other people doing their jobs and even asked them questions. Immediately I noticed the more I started to learn about the business, the more power I felt. So, I became the pupil, and my place of work was the school. As I educated myself about the business, I acquired more and more integrated knowledge. After just one week, I could feel that this process of building integrated knowledge would 5

The Self-Leader Secret inevitably deliver more and more power, promotions, and pride. Also, I started having fun. I rediscovered that education was fun! I always felt that my school days were the happiest days of my life. In fact, I now realized that when my education ended, a sad stagnation began. I realized that man was meant to use his powerful brain to learn. Man is happiest when he is learning, I thought, unhappy when not learning. So I decided to keep on learning — right on into the working world. That learning process was my ticket to success and happiness. Only this time, good money instead of good report cards was my reward. The Trap Without first identifying my stagnation trap, then success would have been forever impossible, the hardest thing in the world for me to attain. What was the trap that caused my financial and emotional stress? That trap was the opposite of my ticket to wealth and happiness — the opposite of integrated knowledge. That trap was unintegrated knowledge in the form of specialized tasks. You see, the opposite of integration is specialization. Doing the same set routine of specialized tasks every day caused me a lifelong rut of stagnation. Our leaders put me in my seemingly inescapable stagnation trap. Yet wealth and happiness now seemed attainable with another way of thinking that had never been introduced to me. That other way of thinking was: integrated thinking. With integrated thinking, I was no longer trapped by specialized tasks in an inescapable routine rut. Although very natural, my mind had been conditioned not to work that way. My mind, as everyone else, had always been trapped in a small sphere of specialized thinking…just following a very limited routine of specialized tasks that my leaders laid out for me. Now, with integrated thinking, I began to lead myself. Rise from the Trap Integrated knowledge came from my self-education process at work. The more I learned about different aspects of the 6

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time business, the more free I felt from my specialization-trap. My learning process, I realized, was a function of curiosity. My specialization-trap, put on me by my leaders, had killed that curiosity. But I remembered when I was a child. I remembered my never-ending curiosity. That curiosity was a natural part of man, and I felt it coming back. My job became exciting and fun again as I learned more and more about the business! The business I worked for, as boring as it seemed before, now took on a life of its own. My curiosity and excitement grew, soon motivated by a promotion. “This is how I was meant to live,” I said out loud one day while driving to work. “These have become the best days of my life!”


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step One Project Curiosity (Inside Secret) As I gained more integrated knowledge about the business, I seized opportunities that I could never foresee while stuck in my specialized rut. To build my integrated knowledge, I developed a program at work called Project Curiosity. I simply expressed to my peers and superiors an interest in what they were doing. I asked questions. I explained to them that I wanted to learn more about the business and that their jobs were very important parts to the business. Most felt flattered and spent as much time with me as I needed. They also felt proud of their work, and I reflected to them what good workers they were. That not only was the right thing to do, but the mutual respect that I established began to build my leadership role toward the future. As I gained integrated knowledge, I gained more and more power and control over the business. That was pleasantly unavoidable. Responsibility began to flow in my direction. People began to come to me for answers — for leadership. “Don’t be bashful,” I told myself. “Use your integrated knowledge and give them guidance. Take control.” I realized I had been taught not to take control, just to do as I was trained. “Our leaders do not want us to gain integrated knowledge and take control,” I told my friends. I knew that I had never acquired integrated knowledge before simply because I was never introduced to the concept. I was never shown how, and I never saw anyone else going after integrated knowledge. But acquiring integrated knowledge and taking control was actually very natural…and fun. It sure beat my boring routine rut. Indeed, acquiring integrated knowledge was rooted in my nature — rooted in wonder and in the curiosity to learn…a very strong and natural desire during childhood that was lost in adulthood as I became specialized. I now loved Project Curiosity; I resurrected my nearlyforgotten child of the past within. For the first time as an adult, I would go to work “to play”. 9

The Self-Leader Secret Breaking Free (Inside Secret) For years, I had been caught in one routine rut with the same specialized tasks every day, year after year. My specializationtrap cut me off from discovering my own creativity, which cut me off from wealth and happiness. Man is equipped with the greatest mind in the animal kingdom, and he is capable of this powerful thing called integration. Integration is the opposite of specialization. Through integration, man enters the new and wonderful world of creation. I stepped one foot into that wonderful new world as I began creating better ways of doing things at work. I felt exhilarated! Around this time, I read a book about Milton Hershey. I realized that integration was behind Milton Hershey’s phenomenal success. It got me thinking; take the simplest money-making unit, I thought, the one-man, one-cart candy vendor selling his homemade candy creations. Say that candyman quit his job as an educated accountant to become this entrepreneur. He would face a challenge, for he would be too specialized. He must be good at everything needed to succeed, not just accounting. He must develop and make the candy; he must service his equipment and fix it when it breaks down; he must advertise perhaps through non-conservative yelling; he must be streetwise to handle troublemakers; he must clean his cart to keep his candy appetizing; he must do his own crude research and development to outcompete his street-smart competition; he must figure out the best times and places to sell; he must organize and order supplies to smoothly meet inventories; he must purchase raw food supplies and must time perishable inventory properly; he must purchase needed equipment. He must stay competitive. Perhaps he gets creative and invests in an artist who paints an appetizing design on his cart. Or maybe he gets really clever and installs fans that blow a sweet chocolate aroma in the faces of passersby. He must do everything. He must be sure that his intake is greater than his output of money. He must keep track of inventories, supplies, monies, even marketing data. He must become aggressive. He must figure out the best places to sell. Although his competition may not like his aggressiveness, that is all part of marketing. “Where do I stand at 5 o’clock? In 10

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Times Square or in Greenwich Village?” He has to figure out all these different things. He cannot remain specialized and survive. He cannot just be an expert accountant. He cannot just be an expert service mechanic. He cannot just be an expert marketer or just an expert candymaker. No matter how delicious his candy creations, he will not sell his candy with a dirty, broken-down cart. On the other hand, no matter how good his janitorial and mechanical skills, he will not sell a thing with awful-tasting candies. No matter how expert his marketing techniques, he will not sell for long if he runs out of candies. No matter how expert his accounting, he will not survive unless he integrates everything needed for success. I realized that from that entrepreneurial atom emerged the understanding, the indisputable core of anyone producing money and power — from a candy vendor on the streets of New York to the presidents of corporate America fifty stories above. That indisputable core is: integration. I stood up and began pacing back and forth in my home talking out loud, like a professor talking to his class: “To grow, become more successful, and put more values into society — thus, build more wealth and happiness for oneself — requires integration, not specialization. Specialization just puts us in stagnation-traps. We all know this because of our specialized routine-ruts. Our value creation is limited to our specialized tasks. We can’t grow; we can’t bring more values to society, thus more wealth, pride and happiness to ourselves and our families. We handle the same specialized job every day, day after day. And since we can’t put more values and more of our own creativity into our specialized jobs — into society — then we stagnate. We will not experience growing wealth and happiness during our lifetimes, not this way.” I stopped pacing. I sat down and sank into deep thought: What is the path to growing wealth and happiness? I believe, for the first time in my life, I know the answer. The path to growing wealth and happiness is: creating greater and greater values for society. If we are specialized and cannot put more values into society, then we have no growing wealth and happiness. We have no growing power, period. If not growing, then we are slowly dying. Indeed, without growing wealth and 11

The Self-Leader Secret happiness, then stress and stagnation creeps in. Our enthusiasm for life, love, and happiness tires, fades, and then dies as we grow older. I stood up and started pacing and “lecturing” again. My mind, for the first time in many years, was on fire. “Imagine a street vendor who is specialized as opposed to integrated because he works for a distribution company and does only what he is told,” I said. My hands were moving around as I talked. “Everything is prepared for him: he is told when and where to stand every day. He loyally stands at his corner from 11:00 am to 7:30 p.m., every day. He does that for ten years, twenty years. He still stands there every day, as an old man. He never became integrated, thus his unique creativity never flowed. He was robbed of an exciting life! “Now, contrast that poor man to Milton Hershey: Milton Hershey started off working in a candy factory, and later he pushed a candy cart in the streets. But Hershey learned integrated thinking. He began integrating all the aspects of value production. Through integration — integrating everything needed for success from the secret ingredient of his chocolate to the growing distribution system of his candy — he rose to breathtaking success and wealth. Most importantly, he felt the growing happiness of bringing more and more values to society. He brought the greatest value to society: that is, he provided jobs — thousands of jobs! …We must put an end to our stagnation traps!” Why Our Leaders Specialize Our Workplace (Inside Secret) Why do our leaders make our jobs specialized traps? I went to see my father who was a former Senior Research Scientist for Du Pont. I explained everything to him. My father smiled knowingly as I said, “Dad, first consider the integrated thinker, say that success-bound Milton Hershey type. He figures out what it takes to be successful. And he relies on no one. He is tough and independent. He digs for integrated knowledge and begins to build his way out of his rut towards success. He does that — digs for success — on his own. And no matter what company that integrated thinker works for, no one can stop him. That’s 12

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time right, he who gains integrated knowledge will easily integrate all aspects of success. He is going to rise to the top of that company. He will soon begin nipping at the heels of the people in upper management, and he will eventually take over their jobs.” My dad smiled at my vigorous pursuit and said, “I know all about that from my days at Du Pont.” “Now, let me ask you, Dad, couldn’t leaders of big businesses today, without explicitly realizing what they’re doing, over the decades shape their companies’ jobs into specialized traps to discourage integrated thinking? Couldn’t they shape their companies’ jobs into specialized traps to stop integrated thinking and suppress competition from within so they can remain on top unchallenged?” My Dad raised his eyebrows and nodded. “They protect their livelihoods,” I continued. Now, I was on a roll. “The integrating Milton Hershey type is independent, does not really need a boss or supervisor, and is destined to take control of the company…whereas the specialized worker is a quiet slave always dependent on his leaders, on those above him. Instead, imagine independent integrated thinkers rising throughout today’s companies. No way. Today’s business leaders discourage integrated thinking to stop competition from within. …They’re like a hoax.” I stopped to think for a moment. “The white-collar hoax,” I added. After another pause, I continued, “A hard-driving integrated thinker such as the original founder exerts the energy and effort to keep his company dynamic, competitive, growing, and full of opportunities — through building his company’s momentum instead of just riding it. After a few generations, however, those companies become filled with lazy executives. Those companies, with the white-collar hoax sitting on top, slow down and become uncompetitive, bureaucratic, specialized structures. “When an employee beats the odds, becomes a competitive integrated thinker, he or she or she starts rapidly rising in the company as did Lee Iacocca at Ford under Henry Ford II’s leadership — a third-generation grandson. Ford II suppressed and then fired Iacocca. But Iacocca eventually became president of Chrysler, and he became very successful. 13

The Self-Leader Secret “In corporate America, I suspect the executives above you at work subconsciously do not want to encounter an integrated thinker. Those above you, from your boss to the CEO, do not really want you to accumulate integrated knowledge about the business. Today’s executives are very different than the founders and first-generation executives.” My dad nodded. “I can really relate to everything you’re talking about,” he said. “The president of Du Pont disliked the greatest value at Du Pont — integrated thinkers. Lazy leaders really don’t like workers’ initiatives to acquire integrated knowledge. Management gives those employees resistance. Bigbusiness leaders today are often lazy, insecure people. That’s why they implicitly discourage us from rising up.” “But the original business leaders are not at all like that,” I said. “I’ll tell you a story about William Durant, the founder of General Motors. Even before cars, he was co-owner of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company. He built the carriages that horses pulled. In 1890, a young man in his twenties named Charles Nash was employed by Durant-Dort Carriage Company and was put in the blacksmith department pounding iron all day long. Not long after he was there, this young man walked through the doors of Durant’s easily accessible office. ‘I’m wasting my time,’ he said. ‘You can get a power hammer there. It would cost about $35.00 and do more pounding in a day than I can do in a month!’ Durant took the young man’s suggestion and then put him on a drill press that prepared cart braces for attachment. A few days later, Durant visited Nash at his new station. Nash’s station looked like none of the others: Nash had rigged it with an overhead spring and a treadle that left both hands free and doubled output. Durant was so impressed, he said, ‘Charlie, we’ll get another man here. Come with me.’ Durant equipped all the stations with a spring and treadle. “Durant put Nash in another department and another and then another. Nash gained more and more integrated knowledge and rapidly moved his way up. He began integrating all aspects of the business. With Durant’s encouraging and nurturing manner, Nash broke through the specialized rut of just pounding iron all day long. He rose to the top. 14

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time “Nash went on to become, in 1910, the President of Buick; in 1912, the President of General Motors; and then four years later he left General Motors to start Nash Motors Company. I know you remember the Nash Rambler. Nash Motors Company later evolved into American Motors.” I paused to shake my head. Then I finished, “We won’t have rising Charles Nashes today because everyone is suppressed; everyone is discouraged. The leaders don’t want us to acquire the all-powerful secret to success — integrated knowledge. They only want our routine effort that maintains the business that they ride for all the wealth.” Beating The Odds (Inside Secret) I stopped for a breath and realized I was not finished. I continued, “Occasionally someone does beat the odds as did Lee Iacocca. That someone discovers integrated thinking. And occasionally someone leaves his specialization-trap to start his own business. He’s forced to break free from a specialized routine in order to survive. Even that small entrepreneur, say the cart-pushing candyman, can’t remain specialized. He can’t just be a good customer-service man and merely laugh and greet everyone. He has got to do everything. He must acquire a basic level of integrated knowledge to survive.” “You’re so right,” my father said. “But let me warn you, when you beat the odds and beat the management above you and succeed with integrated thinking, or if you leave to start your own business, then aspiring leaders in government will eventually strike and often destroy your integrated efforts. Every businessadvancing integrated thinker including every entrepreneur fears authorities — fears local authorities, fears federal authorities, the IRS, FTC, EPA; fears legal authorities, such as litigious lawyers. Every business-advancing integrated thinker carries that fear. Remember, I ran into FDA authorities when I was soaring ahead on cures to diseases at Du Pont.” “You know, we all sense the dishonesty and destruction in our government. But can the ordinary person really put together the hoax and expose the frauds? No, we just know that dishonesty goes on in our government, yet we’re too specialized 15

The Self-Leader Secret to put together the fraud above us, no less a solution.” “But those who beat the odds and start rising up with integrated thinking are not too specialized to put together the fraud above us,” my father added, “perhaps even a solution.” “Yes, yes, I see,” I said. “Most people go to work, do the same set routine, then go back home. They can’t possibly expose the frauds in management and certainly can’t expose the frauds throughout our government. Ordinary people don’t know how business and the economy really work. They’re simply too specialized. They go to their jobs, go back home, and they’re none the wiser. They can’t really see and expose the hoax as long as they have no integrated knowledge.” “But through integrated thinking,” my father added, “they begin to know how business works, then how the economy really works, then how big government really works against the economy. At that point, they not only see the hoax throughout government, but begin to see and expose the frauds. Without a doubt, integrated knowledge threatens our leaders in government as well as in big business. Therefore, our government pushes down entrepreneurs and all others who rise up through integrated thinking.” At that moment, I remembered a movie I saw years ago called Tucker, a true story: Back in the ’40s, a lone genius of society, just a working man named Preston Tucker, defied the Establishment and developed the Tucker Torpedo — the car of the future. It was the car America loved. Yet, just before mass production began, political big-business leaders teamed together with regulatory bureaucrats in the SEC and with a dishonest judge from our decadent legal system to destroy Tucker. Those dishonest people, our establishment-leaders, destroyed Preston Tucker, an entrepreneurial genius who rose up from just a working man on the assembly line. He rose through integrated thinking to bring an unprecedented value to society. After our leaders destroyed Tucker, he got very sick and, his life ruined, he gave up and died. …Yes, Dad was right, I realized. “Integrated thinking is discouraged by our big companies, by our big government, and by our public educational system, controlled by our government,” I heard my father saying. “Society is suppressed into a big specialization-trap,” I heard 16

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time myself saying. “Integrated thinking is our only way to put more and more values into society — our only way to build our happiness and wealth! Our leaders suppress our only way to happiness and wealth. And they even use fear and intimidation against entrepreneurs and others who rise up with integrated thinking!” “We feel disillusioned as adults, son. Life and love are not what we once thought they would be. But we have no clue that life is so much less than our youthful expectations and hopes because our leaders are not treating us right!” Our Leaders Are Wrong To Us! (Inside Secret) My father stopped talking, for he saw me suddenly drift into my own thoughts. I could not shake off my thoughts about Preston Tucker: Just what did those big-business and government leaders destroy? Yes, they destroyed Preston Tucker. Yes, they destroyed that beautiful Tucker Torpedo that America loved. But they destroyed even more — they destroyed the greatest value one can bring to society: They destroyed the tens of thousands of jobs and new opportunities that Tucker would have brought to the working class. Now I understood why so many people suffer in silent frustration, and I said, “For decades, human potential has been systematically battered down and destroyed…like Preston Tucker and his car company that would’ve created thousands of jobs. Jobs are being destroyed. Opportunities for us disappear with those lost jobs. Even worse, tender youth and their new businesses that would bring a plethora of new jobs and opportunities to the world cannot rise today in the face of debilitating laws, regulations, litigation, and lawsuits. Recessionary times are politically created conditions! Society’s long-term standard of living is suffering. Why? Integrated thinkers can’t rise. Thus, prosperity for the people sinks. Prosperity is being drained from the people to preserve the livings of lazy leaders!” My father, a very wise man, seemed astonished at my understanding about the state of things today. My father’s eyes told me how proud he was of me. 17

The Self-Leader Secret Good-Bye Wealth and Happiness (Inside Secret) I thanked my father for his worldly advice. While driving home, I pondered the life I dreamed about in my youth and how I never found that life. I started thinking about another movie I had seen years before, City Slickers starring Billy Crystal. I remembered a scene where the three main characters were sitting together, one had a gun and was contemplating shooting himself because he was caught in a stagnation-trap with no way out. He was crying. I remembered that another character played by Billy Crystal desperately said something like No! Remember when we were kids, and we’d play ball, and the ball would get stuck in a tree? We’d yell, ‘Do-over!’ and we’d just play it over again. That’s all you need to do now — a do-over. Do your life over again. Do a do-over; we’ll all do a do-over. But I now understood why the movie never really answered the problem of their stagnation-traps and their disillusionment of life. The director and the writer of that movie sensed the hopelessness, but did not understand we are all trapped in specialization. They did not know that our leaders put us in these traps. “The problem is bigger than us!” I shouted in my car. “The problem is beyond our control and not our fault. And just before we die, we know we’ve been robbed for all eternity. We just don’t know how or why or by whom. We never find the life we dreamed about in our youth.” …Now, I was determined to not only make a lot of money, but to have the complete life of my dreams as well. They Use Us…And Use Us Up! (Inside Secret) When I returned home, I unlocked my door, walked inside my house, went straight for the phone and quickly punched out a phone number. “Hello?” answered my brother. “Eric, it’s me,” I said. “It’s…it’s after midnight. Is something wrong?” “I’ll tell you what’s wrong. We’re all stuck. Our taxes keep going up in order to pay for the leaders who drain society. Yet, we don’t even know what’s really happening. Eric, your wealth 18

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time and happiness is suppressed. Your time on earth, to experience everything you ever will, goes by in a flash. What a tragedy to look back and know you missed out. Your leaders cause you to miss out! You must not let that happen to you and your loved ones! We’re all stuck in a big stagnation-trap! But I don’t think our lives need to be like that. We can break free!” Leave the Leaders’ System…Discover the Self-Leader System (Inside Secret) My brother and I talked for forty minutes. After we hung up, I sat at my kitchen table and began writing in my diary: “To free myself from the leaders’ system requires a powerful countersystem. I’ll call it: The Self-Leader System. The Self-Leader System has begun unfolding before me day by day. I can feel the self-leader growing within me every day, deep in my soul. I have begun building a base of integrated power inside that no establishment-leader can stop. I will not be denied. I will not die unfulfilled, without experiencing wealth, prosperity, and romantic love. I will experience the good life. I will build the Self-Leader System, step by step, until it breaks through the establishment-leaders’ money/power monopoly. I will make sure my loved ones and I get the life really worth living. Hereafter, I will enthusiastically educate myself about my place of work. Over the next few weeks, I will acquire the basic knowledge of how everything works.” Things really started to roll. The Golden World (Inside Secret) The next day, when I returned home from work, my brother was sitting on my front doorstep waiting for me. “I want to know more about our phone call last night. I want to learn about The Self-Leader System.” “A Golden World awaits us, Eric,” I said, “a world you always wanted but never found. You belong in that world of super happiness and wealth. Remember when we were boys, and we felt life had so much to offer...excitement, wealth and romance? A tremendous hoax hid that world from us. I’m just 19

The Self-Leader Secret now uncovering the Self-Leader System that’ll take us into that world. As I uncover the Self-Leader System, I’ll give you lessons and assignments along with me. I can get you started today; here’s your first assignment called Project Curiosity: Start educating yourself on the different aspects of the business at work. As you initiate this process, you must not be afraid to take on opportunity — camouflaged sometimes as unwanted responsibilities. But realize, those seemingly unwanted responsibilities are just part of getting used to change. We’re taught to avoid change. But you’ll go through a lot of changes as you go through The Self-Leader System and gain more and more integrated knowledge. Those changes will require some getting used to at first. Before long, what seemed unpleasant before will become the most exciting part of your career — change…the opposite of a routine rut. Like me, you’ll quickly start having fun. You’ll rapidly go through changes as you discover a world of wealth-building actions all around you. At that point, you’ll be ready for your next lesson. Here, I’ll write down Lesson One:”

The Self-Leader System Lesson One (Inside Secret) Start Project Curiosity to educate yourself about the business and acquire a general overview of integrated knowledge. Project Curiosity is your starting line to wealth. After a week of Project Curiosity — learning the business inside and out — you will begin to see integrated clusters of wealth-building actions all around you. Those clusters that build wealth with no limits will have you motivated for the next lesson, which I now believe will turn out to be an incredible shortcut to wealth!


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Two The Self-Investment Plan (Inside Secret) After a few weeks with Project Curiosity, I knew all the basic responsibilities at my place of work. Now I saw how those basic responsibilities could be grouped into wealth-building jobs. Indeed, the company’s basic responsibilities, instead of being static routine chores, could be grouped into dynamic moneymaking clusters. I could see how those integrated wealth-building clusters could become the wealth-building jobs within the company. I secretly planned to target and take over one of those lucrative wealth-building jobs. I called my secret plan my SelfInvestment Plan. I realized the purpose of business was to BUILD VALUE for consumers and BUILD WEALTH for the business. The areas of purpose in the company were those integrated clusters of responsibilities that could BUILD VALUE and WEALTH as opposed to specialized responsibilities that could build nothing. I realized that in today’s specialized working world, the purpose of business was lost. Instead of tightly integrated responsibilities designed to build value and wealth, most jobs consisted of unintegrated specialized tasks that just maintained the business. Instead of integrated means to build value and wealth, the specialized tasks are ends in themselves — dead-end routine chores to just turn in, causing dead-end jobs. Almost no one’s job dynamically BUILDS the business, I thought; nearly everyone’s job just MAINTAINS the business. People just maintain, stuck in their boring routine ruts. As everyone maintains the existing business, the third, fourth, fifth-generation leaders keep riding the business. Jobs should instead consist of the purpose of business — BUILD VALUE and WEALTH. And now I saw how value/ wealth-building purpose could be found throughout any business. Those areas of purpose — areas of building value and wealth — are the true ends into which the job responsibilities must converge; then those responsibilities become potent integrated MEANS to build value and wealth, not impotent specialized 21

The Self-Leader Secret ENDS (i.e., dead-ends) to routinely turn in. …The ends of responsibilities must build value and wealth — the purpose of business. My exciting Self-Investment Plan would pull together all the scattered, specialized responsibilities into the most leveraged clusters of integrated knowledge — areas of purpose…of building value and wealth. My Self-Investment Plan would first define the areas of purpose (i.e., areas that build value and wealth) at my place of work. I would define and then acquire one of those dynamic areas of purpose at my place of work — a dynamic job that I could build and grow without limits. From a dead-end job to an open-ended job! All germane responsibilities would come together into a synergistically integrated force — my job. No longer static ends in themselves, the company’s basic responsibilities would now become dynamic means with which to push forward their purpose…to build, build, build value and wealth! So, I systematically transformed my dead-end job into a wealth-building job. After defining the potential money-making jobs for my place of work, I chose the one I wanted and steadily took over each of its responsibilities, one by one. ...No one really knew what I was doing, but I eventually had a wealthbuilding job! And soon thereafter, I was able to creatively build value and wealth! First, as seen in Diagram One on the next page, I listed the company’s basic responsibilities. Then, as seen in Diagram Two, I defined those basic responsibilities’ money-making purposes. Then, as seen in Diagrams Three and Four, I restructured the company on paper into the wealth-building jobs. I silently selected the wealth-building job I wanted, and I remembered: all responsibilities were built on details. I forced myself to master and absorb the details that made up those responsibilities I needed. The details were mine for the taking, for people were happily relieved of nitty-gritty details. Then, lo and behold, the responsibilities began to flow my way; my stagnation-trap steadily transformed into a wealth-building job! As I started taking over more and more of the responsibilities of my targeted wealth-building job, I realized that, until now, I had just maintained my specialized tasks, hopelessly stuck in my 22

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram One Process To Determine Areas Of Purpose FIRST: LIST THE BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF YOUR COMPANY (MY EXAMPLE BELOW)

Basic Responsibilities: Buy Television Spots Set Up TV Commercials Buy Space (newspapers, magazines) Set Up Space-Media Ads Rent Mailing Lists Set Up Mailings Manage Database Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs


The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Two Process To Determine Areas Of Purpose NEXT: DEFINE THE RESPONSIBILITIES’ PURPOSE Each basic responsibility needs a purpose. For, a responsibility cannot exist by itself. For example, look at the first responsibility on the list (next page): buy television spots. Could buying TV spots exist on its own if not for the television marketing program? Of course not. That responsibility is dependent on the television marketing program. The television marketing program is the purpose of the first responsibility on the next page, the purpose of buying television spots. The television marketing program is an area of purpose. Buying television spots along with nine other responsibilities integrate into the television marketing program, which will become clear over Diagrams Two, Three, and Four. As we will learn, one person will handle that fully integrated area of purpose, the television marketing program. Randomly running down the list: could buying ad space in newspapers exist on its own? No. It needs a purpose. Could renting mailing lists (known as list brokering) exist on its own? No. It needs a purpose. Could accounting exist on its own? No. It needs a purpose. Could order processing exist on its own right? No. It needs a purpose. And so on. Today, however, the responsibilities on the next page are established as departments in traditional direct-mail companies, existing on their own as ends in themselves instead of integrating into their purposes. That common practice of making the basic responsibilities ends in themselves is why most jobs today are specialized, closed-ended ruts. For, no way exists to build a mere responsibility that is split from its integrated, open-ended purpose. Again, how can one build renting mailing lists without that responsibility being integrated to its purpose: the direct-mail marketing program? Yet, list brokering is treated as an independent department in nearly every direct-mail company today. To determine the purpose of each basic responsibility, simply finish the sentence: “This responsibility exists due to _________________________.” For example, “Buying television spots exists due to the television marketing program.” My example of this process is done on the next page. Several of the responsibilities exist in more than one purpose. For example, accounting could not exist on its own. That responsibility is dependent on, for example, the television marketing program. The television marketing program is its purpose. Also, other accounting records exist due to other marketing programs. Therefore, that responsibility will exist in more that one purpose, as seen on the next page. Do not get tied up on technicalities if you have trouble grasping the process. By the time you get through Diagram Four, the process will become clear. 24

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Two Process To Determine Areas Of Purpose (continued) Basic Responsibilities: Buy Television Spots: Responsibility exists due to: Television Marketing Program. Set up Television Commercials: Responsibility exists due to: Television Marketing Program. Buy Space (newspapers, magazines): Responsibility exists due to: Space-Media Marketing Program. Set Up Space-Media Ads: Responsibility exists due to: Space-Media Marketing Program. Rent Mailing Lists: Responsibility exists due to: Direct-Mail Marketing Program. Set Up Mailings: Responsibility exists due to: Direct-Mail Marketing Program and Database Marketing Program. Manage Database: Responsibility exists due to: Database Marketing Program. Keep Data/Statistics: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Keep Books: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Do Accounting: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Control Order Processing: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Control Shipping Products: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Control Product Manufacturing: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Control Customer Service: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. Control Computer Needs: Responsibility exists due to: Each of the marketing programs. 25

The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Three Process To Determine Areas Of Purpose OVERVIEW OF BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES AND THEIR AREAS OF PURPOSE Basic Responsibilities:

Areas of Purpose:

Buy Television Spots

Television Marketing

Set Up Commercials Buy Space (newspapers, magazines)

Space-Media Marketing

Set Up Space-Media Ads Rent Mailing Lists

Direct-Mail Marketing

Set Up Mailings Manage Database

Database Marketing

Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Four Process To Determine Areas Of Purpose LAST: PUT TOGETHER THE AREAS OF PURPOSE Now pull the basic responsibilities together by their moneymaking areas of purpose: Television Marketing: Buy Television Spots Set Up TV Commercials Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs

Space-Media Marketing: Buy Space Set Up Space-Media Ads Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs

Direct-Mail Marketing: Rent Mailing Lists Set Up Mailings (purchasing, printing, lettershop) Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs

Database Marketing: Manage Database Set Up Mailings (purchasing, printing, lettershop) Keep Data/Statistics Keep Books Do Accounting Control Order Processing Control Shipping Products Control Product Manufacturing Control Customer Service Control Computer Needs

Observation As you can see, the areas of purpose form into specific marketing programs — wealth-building jobs. As the company grows, those marketing programs divide into specific marketing projects — into new wealth-building jobs. Every job always remains a wealth-building job. You will see how that is possible as the Self-Leader System continues. 27

The Self-Leader Secret boring routine rut. Finally, I was moving toward an open-ended job! I discovered creativity within me, a hidden ability I never knew I had in me! When I first told my brother about the Self-Investment Plan, he could not believe his ears. “That’s too good to be true,” my brother, said. “You mean, I can pull together job responsibilities at work that make me kind of my own boss — like an entrepreneur? You mean, I can actually build profits for the company and for myself? I’d love that! Right now, work feels so meaningless. I feel so bored and stagnant!” Time to Move Beyond the Establishment System (Inside Secret) I went on to explain to him that most companies turned their basic responsibilities into specialized jobs. Therefore, those jobs had no money-making purpose and could never build value and wealth and grow. But once a person identified the basic responsibilities’ money-making purposes at work, then he or she could pull together on paper the jobs with money-making purpose — the company’s potential wealth-building jobs — and target one. Like me, that person could steadily take over a purposedriven job. “Generations of corporate executives split apart the integrated areas of purpose into dead-end specialized tasks,” I explained. “Areas of purpose, areas that can build value and wealth, rarely exist today, long since obliterated into ends-in-themselves responsibilities …into specialized jobs and departments not integrated with making money. “The company I previously worked for,” I pointed out, “made each of its basic responsibilities a separate job or department. Therefore, those departments and their jobs could never build wealth and grow. Once I identified the basic responsibilities’ money-making purposes, then I could pull together the company’s areas of purpose.” My brother went home with the diagrams of the SelfInvestment Plan. A week later, he and I got together again. He had gone on a crash program of Project Curiosity at work and had already determined the company’s basic responsibilities. He 28

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time had sketched out his Self-Investment Plan with the company’s areas of purpose, its wealth-building jobs. He was very excited. The first thing he said when we got together was: “The wealthbuilding jobs are dynamite! They can grow without limits and depend on no one but yourself! And it’s all so simple! Why doesn’t every business do this? This is an amazing breakthrough!” I had never seen my brother like this. “Listen, Eric,” I said, “until now, PURPOSE, the very reason for business and the very reason for working and living, was lost to the lazy leaders of big-business who could not remain competitive in an environment of self-integrating men and women with purpose. By removing integrated knowledge and purpose among the masses, the leaders can rise above us all…to live off our efforts and capture all the success for themselves.” My brother sighed and nodded, but he looked a little confused. “Sometime in the first half of the twenty-first century,” I continued, “all businesses will have to change from dead-end specialized jobs to open-ended integrated jobs — jobs integrated with building wealth. Those wealth-building jobs will transform ordinary people into integrated thinkers and self-leaders. And integrated thinkers and self-leaders will eventually begin building greater values for the consumers. Of course, the lazy bigbusiness and big-government leaders need us to be specialized thinkers and their followers. Again, they couldn’t remain competitive in an environment of self-leaders. Having removed money-making purpose from our livelihoods and motivation from our souls, the establishment-leaders now easily float above us all and live off our routine efforts. We’re their slaves.” “You mean, big-business leaders won’t want this breakthrough?” my brother asked. “They choose not to set up like this? Why not? Their businesses would boom and their employees would get rich!” “And that is exactly why every business eventually has to go this way,” I said. Then I explained further, “When that day comes and ordinary working people can lead themselves, the comfortable establishment-leaders will lose their supervisory roles over us. So, they will discourage the Self-Leader System. Nevertheless, I think we have discovered a treasure. You see, 29

The Self-Leader Secret dead-end static responsibilities pulled together into integrated wealth-building jobs are like torn pieces of a treasure map brought together. Useless apart but priceless together, those responsibilities, once brought together into their money-making purposes, will lead us to the money, to the good life.” Eric nodded. “Without people building new wealth, the leaders can keep their jobs and ride the old wealth,” he said. “Corporate executives have become too comfortable to encourage dynamic areas of purpose throughout their companies. Instead, corporate executives have divided the responsibilities into specialized tasks, just static ends in themselves — jobs that cannot build wealth.” “But all that must now change for you,” I said. “Responsibilities must no longer be divided into specialized ends in themselves; they must be integrated into the means to an end. That end is the purpose of business — to BUILD VALUE and WEALTH. Responsibilities divided into specialized tasks and scattered into dead-end specialized jobs is the old power game of divide and rule. Our leaders stay on top with no competition from within.” My brother nodded again. “You must now execute your Self-Investment Plan,” I continued. “You must pull together those dead-end tasks into open-ended wealth-building clusters. Pull together the basic responsibilities into integrated areas of purpose. Otherwise, you can’t grow. You can only MAINTAIN. If you maintain your automatic, specialized tasks for the rest of your life, then you’ll sink into miserable stagnation. Imagine what it must be like to just order mailing lists week after week where I work, doing just as one is told, for an entire lifetime…versus building the entire mailing program with no limits!” “How did this happen?” my brother asked. “Why don’t I have integrated knowledge? Why does tradition split apart the responsibilities that need to integrate with their money-making purposes? Why does tradition make the simple responsibilities ends in themselves instead of integrated means to build their money-making purposes…which can be built to no limits? Why does this happen? As you said, only areas of purpose can build wealth and value. So why are all jobs non-growth, dead-end 30

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time responsibilities in which people cannot build wealth, cannot grow, thus stagnate? …Just why does tradition obliterate purpose throughout business?” “There are two reasons — one innocent and one not so innocent,” I said. “During the early twentieth century, firstgeneration business leaders such as Henry Ford discovered the power of the division of labor as it applied to labor-intensive manufacturing. The results were so powerful, business leaders innocently yet erroneously applied the division of labor to mindintensive business. The division of labor in its raw physicallabor mode boosts manufacturing but wreaks havoc on business. The division of labor must instead evolve into a physical/mental mode — into the shortest physical and mental movements — to building value and wealth. Those shortest physical/mental movements are the wealth-building areas of purpose — the twenty-first century wealth-building jobs. That next evolution of the division of labor is the division of essence. Let it be known: the purpose — the essence — of business is: BUILD VALUE and WEALTH.” My brother smiled and nodded. “Now, the other reason our jobs are specialized ruts is not so innocent,” I continued. “Unintegrated and uncompetitive against anyone integrated, lazy business leaders, perhaps subconsciously, evolve specialized business structures to protect their own livelihoods. In fact, I’m convinced that specialization happens subconsciously as a natural result of leadership-laziness: Corporate executives over the past century, beginning a couple of generations after the early industrial empire builders, routinely delegate specific responsibilities into static jobs. They don’t build dynamic areas of purpose and create dynamic wealth-building jobs. For, those executives don’t have the competitive energy or drive to handle or manage such dynamic jobs and people. Today, whether innocent or not, nearly all businesses follow this path-of-least-resistance tradition. The working world is a big stagnation-trap.” My brother shook his head. “Now, Eric, I’m going to test you: How far can the head of a purchasing department grow?” “Only so far as the business allows; he cannot build 31

The Self-Leader Secret purchasing,” my brother said. “Yet, that responsibility becomes an end in itself in traditional companies — a specialized dead-end job with no integrated power, no purpose,” I said. “Now, let me ask you: How far can the head of a list-brokering department grow?” “Just as far as the mailings grow,” Eric said. “He can’t build list brokering.” “Exactly. …How far can the printing department grow?” “Just however many books get sold.” “But how far can the direct-mail marketing program grow?” I asked him. “That’s a dynamic area of purpose that builds wealth,” he said. “There’s no limit.” “Very good!” I said. “You remembered that each responsibility in business can be attached to its money-making purpose. Therefore, list brokering is merely a responsibility that could not exist or grow without its purpose: the direct-mail program. If list brokering is a department — an end in itself — no self-made growth can come to that dead-end job. No self-leader can rise.” “Ordinary people like you and me must instead pull together the responsibilities into their money-making purposes,” Eric said. A light went off in Eric’s eyes. “I get it!” he exclaimed. “This is how we go from ordinary to extraordinary!” I smiled. “Yes,” I said. “Ordinary people have ordinary lives. Now, we can have extraordinary lives! Pull those basic responsibilities together into the integrated means to push forward their purposes. I call those integrated wealth-building responsibilities: mentally integrating responsibilities. You see, those responsibilities come together into the same purpose for one mind to integrate. That one person discovers the power of potent integrated knowledge — discovers synergy among that integrated cluster of wealth-building responsibilities. He discovers the power of integrated thinking, which leads to creative thinking. Creative thinking leads to building values. That cluster of mentally integrating responsibilities was traditionally disintegrated and divided throughout the company among different people who just turned in their specialized tasks. They suffered from stagnation with their dead-end responsibilities. They suffered 32

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time from the mental impotence of specialized thinking. But responsibilities pulled together by purpose and integrated by one mind lifts us from the ordinary into the extraordinary.” “Why is that?” “Because now that ordinary person discovers the purposedriven life! The mentally integrating responsibilities come to life within his mind and that ordinary person races forward into value-building/wealth-building ventures with no limits. There’s nothing else like it!” “I can already feel myself changing with integrated thinking,” Eric said. “Every thought now connects with creating value and making money! This is exciting! Now I can look around me at work and see that most people today have no power. They’re trapped by specialized thinking. I can now feel how people tomorrow will have genuine power — self-power — liberated by integrated thinking. Instead of slaving their lives away for their leaders, they’ll really live their lives for themselves! They’ll build their own success and wealth! That’s what I’m going to do now.” “Exhilarating,” I said. “Now, Eric, I’ve written down Lesson Two, your assignment for this week:”

The Self-Leader System Lesson Two (Inside Secret) After having spent a few weeks on Project Curiosity, you can identify your company’s basic responsibilities. At this point, I want you to engage The Self-Investment Plan to figure out the wealth-building areas of purpose at work. Next week, your plan will be to take over one (or more, eventually) of those exciting open-ended, wealth-building areas of purpose. You will do that by ending a lifetime of investing in your leaders, by instead investing in yourself. But for this week’s lesson, work on your SelfInvestment Plan. You gave me a good start, but study your process used to determine the areas of purpose. Eric, escape the zombie-like routine of your specialized rut. Do 33

The Self-Leader Secret this by pulling together mentally integrating responsibilities — responsibilities that must be integrated by your one mind to move business forward. Former dead-end responsibilities must now fuse together into open-ended wealth-building responsibilities. In other words, responsibilities must now come together into a dynamic wealth-building area of purpose for you to move forward. Those mentally integrating responsibilities will finally serve their purpose: to BUILD VALUE and WEALTH. …Next week you’ll begin investing in yourself to take over one of those exciting wealth-building areas of purpose!


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Three Investing In Self (Inside Secret) I came to work the next day determined to take over one of those areas of purpose to have my own wealth-building job. My father once told me, “To understand the vast universe first requires digging into and understanding the tiniest subatomic particles.” Similarly, to understand vast wealth first requires digging into and understanding the tiniest nitty-gritty details, I figured. So, I came to work this particular morning ready to really dig in. I started really digging into my job like never before. I took full command of every detail in my job and of every detail related to my job. Little did I suspect that digging into and mastering the nitty-gritty details was a direct investment in myself. Not knowing any better, I previously never really mastered the nitty-gritty details. I never bothered. Instead, I just did my work — just automatically turned in my duties as I was told. Never finding the simple key to investing in myself, I had served the establishment-leaders all my adult life. That seemed to change as I directed my efforts to getting in and understanding the procedures, roots, current purpose and all the reasons behind the nitty-gritty details: the what, why, where, when, and how. I learned the integrations behind why they were originally formed, how they currently operated, what exactly they accomplished, when and where they applied, and the full and finished purpose and reasons behind how they served the business…including how they served my superiors’ jobs. To do that, I reached into my superiors’ jobs and began understanding their areas of the business as well. Some superiors did not like this intense and specific digging, but they could not stop it. Only by learning the end-purpose, full procedure, and operational reasons behind every detail could I begin to master the details. Then, with that understanding of the full procedure and purpose of every detail, I determined whether the purpose was best served by the way a detail currently existed…or if I could improve the detail to better serve its purpose. The details 35

The Self-Leader Secret now moved into my realm of control and integrations. I began to evolve into the internally guided, integrating mode. I began to think — not just follow what was taught, but integrate what was best. I was evolving beyond leaders, discovering self. Indeed, by mastering the nitty-gritty details, I now truly ran my job through my own integrated thinking. I dramatically improved my efficiency. I dramatically strengthened my job. Then it dawned on me: before now, I never really ran my job through my own thinking. Instead, I blindly followed. I robotically did and routinely turned in my responsibilities, just as I was taught. Until now, I merely maintained my job originally established on someone else’s integrated thinking — probably on the founder’s integrated thinking years before. Before now, I never knew about digging to understand the roots and integrations behind every detail. I never knew about mastering those details to run my job on my own integrated thinking, adjusting and advancing the details to better serve their purposes. No, I knew only about following and turning in responsibilities as I was taught, not a clue about mastering details and responsibilities, which ignited my own integrating powers…and turned on my creativity! I felt my competence grow. As a rising integrated thinker, I took more and more control, and more and more business naturally flowed my way — to the man in control…the burgeoning self-leader. Instead of just turning in my duties via my set, specialized routine, I aggressively took over those responsibilities and improved them. This must be how Charles Nash felt, I remember thinking. My control spread over more and more of the business. My mind would never again function through static, specialized thinking in which I functioned automatically in a zombie-like state, for now I had discovered dynamic integrated thinking. I passionately improved more and more chunks of business and success. I was becoming a marketdriven businessman. I was exhilarated! My value to the world began to grow, and so did my happiness!


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time The Self-Leader’s Success Path (Inside Secret) A phenomenon began to occur: At my place of work, as in any company — well managed or poorly managed — responsibilities would get routinely delegated to subordinates. As I mastered and absorbed those responsibilities, more and more responsibilities flowed my way, to the man in control. That phenomenon began moving me toward success as I acquired greater and greater integrated knowledge and power. Mastering and absorbing responsibility was a direct investment in myself and my success. Responsibilities and opportunities began to flow my way that I could never before imagine or know existed. As I rose from my specialization-trap, I knew that the success of all self-made, powerful and wealthy people grew through this phenomenon as they mastered details and absorbed responsibilities, and, as a result, opportunities flowed their way they could have never imagined. Eventually, like them, I would embark on an unforeseen journey into success, power, and wealth. This self-investment path with the details was my only way to take control of my life as a burgeoning self-leader. I wrote in my journal: “In any company, a person is given certain responsibilities. Those first, delegated responsibilities determine his or her capacity to eventually move forward. If the boss gives a responsibility to me, I now take that responsibility into my own realm of integrated thinking by mastering every nitty-gritty detail. I fully take over that responsibility. The average person does not. “The average person is stuck in the following mode, and I am not. The difference is: who absorbs and masters the responsibilities given to them? My peers do not. I do. Therefore, I build my integrated knowledge and control. Especially in staid, bureaucratic companies, lazy managers like to delegate. As I take over those responsibilities, they become mine. Unbeknownst to those managers, I have begun to acquire my own area of purpose.”


The Self-Leader Secret The Golden Key (Inside Secret) I now specifically hunted for the details and responsibilities that were part of my targeted area of purpose. I steadily took control of my chosen wealth-building-job-to-be. Before now, the word “success”, when it came right down to it, left me wondering “what the heck do I do?” But now, I knew exactly what to do. I previously did not master and absorb responsibilities (i.e., opportunities) that went my way. So all growth had stopped, and all hope had ended as nothing positive happened. As a young man, stagnation had already engulfed me. But all that now changed. Opportunities kept flowing to me. No longer a follower but now an initiator, I now created my own opportunities. Know Your Destiny (Inside Secret) The next day my brother stopped by. As we sat down in the living room, I could not wait to talk: “Eric, I can now become anyone’s ‘fortune teller’. Let me tell you your future. It’s easy. I just need to observe whether or not you leave behind leaders and discover self. I can best explain it with a story.” My brother listened closely as I told my story… “Walter Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Corporation, first worked for a railroad line adjusting locomotive valves. An old veteran was training the young Walter Chrysler the highly complicated art of adjusting locomotive valves. But the old man liked drinking too much. One evening, the old man wanted to go drinking in town. In the middle of the job, he turned toward Walter, said good night, and headed for town. Surprised and confused, Walter was left on his own with a pressing deadline. Adjusting locomotive valves was very complex, even for a veteran. But young Walter Chrysler did not panic. He dug into the nitty-gritty details like never before. He mastered and absorbed the giant responsibility that night. Not long thereafter, he began improving valve adjusting through his own integrated thinking. Soon, he did not need the old veteran. Soon thereafter, he did better than the old veteran himself. …The young Chrysler’s decision that frightful night to dig into the details like 38

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time never before and to master the responsibility of adjusting valves had planted the seeds of integrated thinking and self-leadership, which years later blossomed into Chrysler Corporation. “Walter Chrysler couldn’t know, while sitting there digging into the nitty-gritty details on those valves, how he was going to build a giant American car company. While mastering and absorbing the details on his own, he couldn’t see how he was investing in himself and how his actions would initiate a selfperpetuating process of integrated thinking that eventually led him to building his own empire. “This integrated thinking causes opportunities you often don’t foresee to start coming your way…bigger and more lucrative things ahead. What happened to Chrysler? He became the best valve man for a railroad line. One day, he was called into an unsuspected meeting with some prominent businessmen. That meeting resulted in Chrysler advancing from a valve adjuster into a major management position, a major promotion. In time, William Durant pulled Chrysler from locomotives into General Motors where he rose to the top. Eventually, Walter Chrysler started Chrysler Motors and built it into one of the three big American car manufacturers.” My brother listened closely to my story of Walter Chrysler. When I noticed the intensity in Eric’s eyes, I emphasized my point by saying, “Walter Chrysler could have never guessed, back when he was digging into the nitty-gritty details that night while the old man went out drinking, that he’d someday build one of America’s big-three car companies. But imagine that night: not knowing what he was doing with those valves but really digging into the details and thinking hard and taking the responsibility into his own command to run on his own integrations. That attitude and character-development set a precedent of integrated thinking. Throughout his life, he mastered more and more details and responsibilities to steadily build a bigger and bigger success puzzle. Always remember, Eric, the success-bound process of integrated thinking leads to opportunities one can never foresee or imagine.” “People have no idea how they block their own futures before they ever get started,” Eric said out of the blue. “No one wants to hear that he or she is sabotaging his or her future. But we 39

The Self-Leader Secret avoid the only path to becoming the self-leader — mastering and absorbing nitty-gritty details.” Eric stopped talking, but I could see he was busily thinking. I watched his eyes light up. He looked directly at me and said, “But, the road to success now seems so down-to-earth and so attainable.” He nodded and said, “Success really all comes down to just the most simple thing: master the details and absorb the responsibilities — especially those responsibilities of my targeted area of purpose.” “Exactly,” I said. My hand dropped to my lap with a slap of finality. “And, you don’t even have to abandon your security. I know you have a family to care for. You don’t have to do anything risky like starting your own business. At work, just dig into the details and absorb the responsibilities.” Eric’s eyes lit up. “It’s not so out of reach anymore…I mean, to become rich and powerful,” he said. “I mean…think about it: if not for mastering details and absorbing responsibilities, Walter Chrysler could have easily ended up as a 65-year-old mechanic at some gas station complaining, ‘Where did I go wrong? What happened to my dreams?’ If that were the scenario, then you could trace his life of stagnation right back to that night the old man left to drink and the young Walter Chrysler did not dig into those valves and master that responsibility. Instead, his seed of success goes right back to that night because he did dig into the details and master that responsibility to start his journey into integrated thinking. I guess you can say that on that night, young Walter Chrysler became a man — a successful man.” My brother took a deep breath and continued, “These past couple of weeks have made me rediscover an excitement for life that I’d forgotten about. Also, I get an overwhelming sense every day of having been used for years. I feel every day that my peers are all being used and used up. I feel great, but I feel bad for them…like I wish I could help them. I mean, I have a good friend who’s stuck doing construction. He’ll never get something better.” “Eric, this process works at any level; let’s take your friend, the construction worker. Well, he might ask skeptically, ‘What big-time success could I possibly get as a physical laborer?’ Easy to answer him. I’d tell him: Just take over whatever 40

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time responsibility falls in front of you; take over responsibilities and make them run on your own integrations. You’ll become like a Charlie Bannon before you know it. Charlie Bannon, by the way, is the main character in a book called Calumet K. By mastering and taking over nitty-gritty details and responsibilities, Bannon quickly took control of large construction sites — the ‘areas of purpose’…those wealth-building jobs — for the company that hired him. I’d tell your friend: Once you become like a Charlie Bannon, you’ll eventually take charge of even more. You could eventually become the company’s president, or possibly start your own successful construction company. As you get hooked on integrated thinking, you’ll never stop absorbing integrated knowledge and could even someday become a powerful real-estate magnate or developer. Start off as a construction worker and become a Donald Trump! But the key is: whatever detail or responsibility falls in front of you, master it! And keep in mind a clear plan — a clear target — to take over the basic responsibilities that jell into an exciting wealthbuilding job, such as taking over a construction site. The sooner you take control of the basic responsibilities integrated together by the same wealth-building purpose, the sooner you’ll build wealth and release the creativity now buried somewhere deep in your mind.” “Can you imagine?” Eric said. He smiled. “On the other hand,” I continued, “if your friend doesn’t dig into the nitty-gritty details and take integrated control of responsibilities, he’ll remain on his current path in life. He’ll just follow a specialized routine; he’ll always be a construction hand. I can then predict a mediocre future of stagnation and camouflaged unhappiness. For, he’ll just continue spending his energy to support the plush lifestyle of the leaders. But now, your friend can actually change. If he starts investing in himself and starts absorbing details and responsibilities, I can then predict a powerful future of success and happiness. The prediction will be true. For, he’ll have become the self-leader.” I noticed my brother seemed a little emotional. I said, “Throughout your life, Eric, you and I and everyone else got stuck in routine ruts. Those stagnation-traps drained the youthful excitement completely out of us. We’ve been squeezed into those 41

The Self-Leader Secret stagnation traps because our business and political leaders shut down opportunities everywhere. They shut down opportunities both by making our jobs specialized and by generating more and more laws and regulations. All those new laws, all their lawyers and lawsuits, and all those funded bureaucracies and regulations strangle forward progress of American businesses and opportunities for us. All those laws, lawyers, and regulations suppress our society. As society is suppressed, each individual is held captive in his or her stagnation-trap, unable to rise.” “But we elect our politicians, Mark. Do we choose this fate?” “No. We’ve been tricked.” “But, if we don’t choose this fate of stagnation, then why can’t we move up?” “We don’t move up because the opportunities aren’t there,” I said. “And we don’t know how to make opportunities for ourselves. We don’t know how to break through suppressed, specialized thinking into dynamic, integrated thinking. If we could find a way, I know each and every one of us would unleash our potential and reap the rewards. We wouldn’t spend the rest of our lives trapped in our limited jobs that leave us financially stressed out and emotionally empty.” “The Self-Leader System is the way,” Eric said. “As long as we’re led by career politicians and politically ambitious regulatory bureaucrats, politically fed lawyers, politically driven judges, political businessmen, political journalists, and political activists,” I added, “then society and nearly everyone in that politicized society will be trapped, unable to move forward. The only ordinary people who won’t suffer stagnant, wasted lives are those who discover self-leadership through integrated thinking — the only way out.” “I get it! With integrated thinking, we don’t wait for our leaders to make opportunities for us, for they work against us. With integrated thinking, we’ll become self-leaders and make our own opportunities!” I nodded and smiled. “How do I accelerate becoming a self-leader right at my place of work?” “To do that,” I answered, “you absolutely must leave behind specialized thinking, which traps you in a zombie-like rut as a 42

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time ‘slave’ for the well-to-do leaders. Integrated thinking frees you to be a dynamo for yourself. Until now, all your efforts have gone into the success of the leaders. Yes, you’ve been used and used up as the leaders live off your efforts. How do you become the self-leader and put all your efforts into yourself so that you rise to success, power, and wealth? You must determine you are ready for integrated thinking and dig into the specific, nittygritty details. …So, here we go — back to your assignment:”

The Self-Leader System Lesson Three (Inside Secret) Having done your Self-Investment Plan (Lesson Two) in which you determined the areas of purpose and planned the one you want to go after, you are now ready to invest in yourself and absorb the specific wealth-building responsibilities of your targeted area of purpose. You must first master the details and responsibilities of your current job. Then, spread out and systematically master and take over the details and the mentally integrating responsibilities of your targeted area of purpose — your targeted wealthbuilding portion of the business. Once you absorb detail by detail, take over responsibility by responsibility, and acquire that open-ended wealth-building area of purpose, then you will move ahead into building wealth. And that’s exciting! Understand every detail directly related and indirectly related to each responsibility. Know not only how the details work, but the reason they get executed a certain way, the original integrations behind those details. Only then can you move those details into your own realm of integrations. Only then can you improve those details to best serve the responsibility and its money-making purpose. Only then can you make the responsibility your own. You cannot just follow the way the responsibility and its related details are done now. For one thing, the responsibility is 43

The Self-Leader Secret currently part of someone’s specialized routine rut and does not serve its money-making purpose. You must understand it all — all the details both directly related and indirectly related…to the point you can do everything yourself. Then and only then do you know the details enough to begin integrating and improving their roles. Starting tomorrow at work, I want you to dig into every detail of your job like never before. I want you to master those details to the point that you actually improve many of them to better serve their purposes. Then I want you to push forward into your Self-Investment Plan. Absorb and take over the responsibilities of your targeted area of purpose. Do not stop until, like me, you can build wealth for the company and for yourself.


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Four The Fast-Track Method (Inside Secret) For the first time, I began building wealth. It felt good! I began moving ahead into new self-made opportunities. As those opportunities grew, so did the demands on my time. Soon I was under impossible time pressures. At the end of one high-paced day, I looked at my schedule book. That day’s tasks looked something like this: • Do In-Basket • Organize work for others • Call Jim T. of Pacific Envelope • Draft letter to supplier • Meet with secretary • Review inventory report • Work on new brochure Those tasks were checked off as completed for that day. The following tasks were never finished: • Write to second supplier • Call about new quotes • Meet with programmer • Update marketing data • Organize most current files • Talk to long-time employee about friction building • Review new brochure with the foreign department Before going home, I rotated the unfinished tasks above into the next day. My schedule for the next day, with the rotated tasks, looked like this: • Be sure to write letter to second supplier • Be sure to get new quotes • Be sure to meet with programmer • Do not leave till update marketing data • Be sure to finally organize files • Make sure I talk to that long-time employee • Set up time first thing with foreign department to review brochure 45

The Self-Leader Secret Aside from the rotated tasks, I also listed the following two tasks: • Must meet with boss for three-hour weekly meeting in afternoon • Must prepare for meeting all morning I knew I was quickly getting just plain out of control. Iron-Grip Control (Inside Secret) So, I did something unique and radical: I set up my days like a manufacturing factory…say, like Ford Motor Company’s assembly-line. But instead of manufacturing cars, I manufactured success and money. As did Henry Ford, I applied the division of labor to my “manufacturing factory”. Later came the vital ingredient of creativity. But at first, I divided my work into the smooth physical movements of labor. Then, like Henry Ford's record-smashing assembly-line, I broke all conceivable records in my manufacturing of success and money. My new working format enabled me to double then triple then quadruple my capacity by integrating work into smooth physical movements like an assembly line. Diagram Five on the next two pages shows just three days of tasks I did. Amazed at my soaring capacity and control with my new system, I called my brother over to share the news. I first showed my brother the three days of tasks completed under my new system (Diagram Five, next two pages). “How did you easily handle that overwhelming list in just three days?” he asked. I looked at him and smiled. “Consider the task of delivering the overwhelming number of pieces of U.S. mail each day,” I said. “If that mail were dumped into large piles for the mailmen to fill their bags and start delivering — the first letter to an address perhaps on the west side, the next letter perhaps to the south side, the next letter back to the west side — the physically disjointed mail-delivery system would get hopelessly behind.” “Of course, that’s obvious,” my brother said. “Similarly, the physically disjointed, traditional work schedule gets hopelessly behind,” I continued. “As the mail must be 46

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Five • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Three Days Of Completed Tasks Call Stuart to uncover lucrative French Canadian magazines for ad Write letter to Nightingale-Conant to rent profitable list Copywrite revolutionary video-tape production Call and negotiate KCI masterfile for potential European profits Call Jim Tegtmire, review in detail envelope quotes Write Stuart C. about discount on older, large mailing lists Write telex-letter to British on organizing Europe mailing Make format corrections on new “exploding envelope” idea Fill out and send 2nd-class application to post office Meet with Teri to further organize Summit Meet with Helen to supervise IBM computer process Hold interviews for job opening Arrange insertion in Strategic Investing Newsletter Organize business trip to Europe this weekend Call InterMarket Magazine to negotiate “exploding envelope” Call around other video shops for better deal Write telex-letter to Peter R. in England about lettershop process Study costs, set-up costs, overall company costs Review lettershop invoices and correct problems developing Train new employee Call Data For Graphics, typesetters about ads Write telex-letter to Irish Agency: business center in Ireland Review financial records; develop financial statement Meet with WW, president Call Better Investing and negotiate “exploding envelope” Write Newsletter Management about their list, negotiate their list Write Brian K. of Boardroom a note about discounting list Write Bernard letter preparing extensive meeting in Canada, Oct. Go through in-basket (each day) Organize sections in office for daily inspection Study job applications for customer service and accounting (continued next page) 47

The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Five

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Three Days of Completed Tasks (continued) Call Don P. about space ad Call Bill Levine with final Moneysworth edits Write two letters to authorities Make purchase order to Linden Computer Services Review Helen W.’s writing: edit, copywrite new profitable product Review accounting procedures with HW Call Maclean Hunter, leads on big Canadian lists Call “La Opinion” to inquiry about new, Spanish-speaking market Write letter to HUME about doing business together in Canada Make corrections in Andrew’s invoice Meet with Melinda Call Blue Shield to establish new insurance policy Meet with Vicki Meet with Linde Call Newsletter Management to confirm deal Write “mass” letter for “exploding envelope” concept Write Canadian DMA for leads on printers Design brief coupon for split test on free-offer newsletter Make and send “exploding envelope” mock to Don Perry Develop outline and start copywriting report with FW, joint venture Review all data and effects on finances, set up new incoming data Meet with Shelly Call Lori D. of Success Magazine to run inquiry ad Call LA Times to run classified and get information on other ads Call Metro Mail, quotes in acquiring phone number, telemarketing Write telex-letter to Peter R. in England about invoice Meet with Teri Call PSA computer shop for schedule to put up names Call the National Enquirer about ad Call Mega Media about inquiry ad in Globe Call West Coast Video about production

• Meet with WW, president 48

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time physically integrated, so must one’s job. For example, the overwhelming U.S. mail gets divided into easy-to-handle, physical carrier-route deliveries. Similarly, my overwhelming job that previously never got finished gets divided into a few easy-tohandle physical movements that now always get done. “To divide my job into the physical carrier-route-like tightly integrated movements, I studied my three days of tasks. I identified six physical movements. I identified: (1) Phone Calls, (2) Letter Writing, (3) Copywriting, (4) Accounting, (5) Meetings, (6) Operations. Each movement is a raw physical act — a phone call, for example, requires picking up the phone and dialing no matter what the call is about.” “I’m beginning to see — physical movements,” Eric said. “Exactly, just like an assembly-line!” I said. “Now, before I demonstrate exactly how those basic physical movements provide the format to accelerate your journey to money and power, let’s review how I determined my physical movements. I want you to do a little exercise with my three days of tasks (Diagram Five). As you examine my three days of tasks, notice that I make a number of phone calls. Making phone calls, like driving in rivets on the assembly-line, requires a physical movement — picking up the phone and dialing. The movement remains the same no matter who one calls or what one calls about. Go through the list and put a #1 next to all phone calls.” I waited as my brother went through the list, marking phone calls with a #1. “Next you can see that I write a number of letters. To write a letter requires a physical movement regardless who I write or what I write about. Put a #2 next to the letter-writing tasks.” I waited. “I develop ads and product copy. Copywriting too is an independent movement. That is #3. Mark all copywriting tasks #3.” I waited. “I spend substantial time doing finances, bookkeeping, accounting, and invoice review. Mark all those financial movements #4.” Again, I waited. “Although many approaches and techniques exist for meetings, holding meetings still is a specific physical act. Mark all meetings with a #5,” I said. 49

The Self-Leader Secret I continued: “The five movements identified above may or may not apply to other jobs. But the next movement applies to nearly all mentally based jobs (desk jobs) and many physically based jobs (skilled and unskilled labor, addressed later in this chapter). To determine this final movement, look over the tasks; all but a few are marked off. The remaining unmarked tasks do not seem to link together into a related movement. Those disjointed, left-over tasks are the culprits of nit-picking work that shoot your days to shreds. Now we can finally corner them. You, too, will have disjointed tasks left over. Those seemingly disjointed tasks actually all fall under one physical movement — the physical movement of operating your job. Now you can capture those problem-makers into one movement to blast through in one shot. You will move forward all day long in other important movements, momentum not destroyed by nit-picking work. Number those now-harmless tasks with a #6.” I waited, then said, “Now notice the integration among the same unwieldy, three days of tasks when broken down into their physical movements. (See Diagram Six on the next page.) Look again at the unwieldy list of tasks (Diagram Five, pages 47 and 48) compared to the streamlined list of tasks (Diagram Six, page 51). Those streamlined tasks show my career divided into its smooth physical movements. Notice the assembly-line efficiency. …As my career continues to integrate, everything continues to move toward simplicity and efficiency.” Putting The Physical Movements To Work (Inside Secret) My brother still seemed in disbelief that I handled so many tasks. “How do you do it?” he asked. “Consider that small personal computers today can produce almost any image — abstract designs, quality pictures, even motion pictures” I replied. “The small home computers produce those advanced images through a two-step process: First, they break down complex images to their handful of fundamental shapes. Indeed, every shape on earth comes from a handful of fundamental shapes just as all colors on earth come from three fundamental colors — red, yellow, and blue. Second, the home computers interlock little specks of those handful of fundamental 50

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Six Physical Movements And Their Tightly Integrated Physical Tasks • • • • • • • • • •

Physical Movement #1: Phone Calls Call Stuart • Call La Opinion Call KCI • Call Blue Cross/Blue Shield Call Jim T. • Call Newsletter Management Call InterMarket • Call Lori D. Call Video Shops • Call LA Times Call Data-For-Graphics • Call Metro Mail Call Better Investing • Call PSA Call Don P. • Call National Enquirer Call Bill L. • Call Stuart, Mega Media Call Maclean Hunter • Call West Coast Video

• • • • • • •

Physical Movement #2: Letter Writing Write Nightingale-Conant • Write Bernard M. Write Stuart • Write letter for authorities Write telex British authorities • Write HUME Write telex to Peter R. • Write exploding-envelope letter Write telex to Francis L., Ireland • Write Canadian DMA Write Newsletter Management • Write telex to Peter R. Write Brian K.

Physical Movement #3: Copywriting • Script for Video Production • Write outline, start writing • Edit Helen W.’s new product joint book with FW Physical Movement #4: Accounting • Study costs • Understand HW’s procedures • Review invoices • Correct Andrews invoice • Review records • Data review • • • • •

Physical Movement #5: Meet with Teri Meet with Helen Meet with WW Meet with Melinda Meet with Vicki

• • • • • •

Physical Movement #6: Operations Corrections expl. envelope • In-basket each day 2nd-class application • Sections for inspection Interviews and training • Study job file Strategic Investing insertion • PO to Linden Prepare for European trip • Layout for newsletter Train new employee • Mock exploding envelope to Don 51

Meetings and People • Meet with Linde • Meet with Shelly • Meet with Teri • Meet with WW

The Self-Leader Secret shapes by the hundreds to form advanced images with incredible speed, power, and control. The ability to produce complex images becomes quite simple and efficient. “Similarly, my new wealth-building job breaks down to a few fundamental movements. Just as the many colors and many shapes reduce to a few fundamental colors and shapes, the many projects and deals in my wealth-building job reduce to a few fundamental movements. I interlock little tasks of those handful of basic movements by the hundreds to perform advanced business moves with amazing speed, power, and control. The ability to manage my complex wealth-building job becomes quite simple and efficient.” My brother said, “Ok, I can see the idea behind the few physical movements, but how do those physical movements make you so darned efficient? There are only so many hours in a day!” “I’ll tell you,” I said. “After determining my basic movements, I determined the approximate activity of each movement. In other words, I estimated the percentage of my 10-hour day that I should devote to each movement. Recognize that I estimated what I should devote, not necessarily what I was devoting at the time. I estimated these percentages: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Phone Calls Letter Writing Copy Writing Accounting Meetings Operations

20% 15% 10% 20% 15% 20%

or or or or or or

2 1.5 1 2 1.5 2

hrs. hrs. hrs. hrs. hrs. hrs.

“Then I made a daily-schedule breakdown: 8:00-10:00am 10:00-11:30 11:30-1:30pm 1:30-2:30 2:30-4:30 4:30-6:00

Phone Calls (2 hrs.) Letter Writing (1.5 hrs.) Operations (2 hrs.) Copy Writing (1 hrs.) Accounting (2 hrs.) Meetings (1.5 hrs.)

“Now, look over my schedule in action,” I said while showing 52

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time my brother my Week-at-a-Glance Schedule book. (See Diagram Seven “Three Days Interlocked” on the next page.) I do not schedule my tasks to time as does the traditional daily schedule. I schedule my physical movements to time.” “But how does that make you get so much done?” my brother asked. “Consider that the super-efficient assembly-line does not schedule tasks to time as in the hand-built days; it schedules the physical movements to time stations. The inferior traditional schedule that schedules tasks to time is like the inferior handbuilt car process during the early 1900s that scheduled tasks to time — to the time-consuming tasks of putting in and adjusting the steering wheel, then carrying over and hand-fitting the seats, collating the rubber and rim and then putting on the wheel, and so on. The traditional schedule misses the interlocking integration of scheduling the physical movements to time, out of which surface intensified, streamlined, physically integrated tasks like the intensified, streamlined tasks of a rivet-man in an assemblyline. Look closely at my schedule. (See Diagram Seven, next page.) I drive home my physically integrated tasks like the rivet man drives home rivets. Like the rivet man driving in rivet! after rivet! after rivet!…I push out phone call! after phone call! after phone call! I do not walk over and have a meeting, then pick up the phone to make a call, then try my hand at a little copywriting, then make another call, then draft a letter. Such a common scenario among businessmen can be compared to the old way of building cars by putting the seats in, then coming over and putting in the brakes, changing tools to work on the steering wheel, then stopping for a lunch break. No, I just ‘drive that rivet home’, drive it home. Upon integrating movements to time, you too will soar beyond all productivity records just as the development of the assembly-line soared past all productivity records.” Intensity (Inside Secret) “The new schedule doubled, tripled, then quadrupled my intensity,” I said to my brother. “I’ve learned that intensity is the most leveraged time-management tool. I’ve tried those time53

The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Seven The Money-Making Factory Three Days Of Tasks Interlocked

Strip in original artwork, enclosed.


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time management courses that offer unrealistic disciplines to find an extra hour to two hours in a day. Even if I could handle the disciplines, how much good is an extra hour? Aside from not being worth the effort, that extra hour would not make me a money/power giant. “But if I double my intensity, I basically double my capacity. Suddenly, I in a sense gain ten extra hours in my ten-hour workday. If I triple my intensity, I gain twenty extra hours in my ten-hour day. With a physically streamlined schedule, my intensity has surged to many times what it once was. “My physically streamlined schedule (Diagram Seven, page 54) deceives you as to just how much I really accomplish. Like observing a skillful athlete, the simplicity and ease tends to camouflage the significance of my working format. But, look at my planning sheet. (See Diagram Eight, pages 56 through 60.) That planning sheet gives you a perspective of the volume of my wealth-building job! To appreciate the intensity generated by my physically streamlined schedule, let me point out that everything on the five-page power-thinking list was done or was put into motion in one week. (Diagram Seven, “Three Days Interlocked” on page 54, shows Monday through Wednesday of that week.) “That happened by creating intense pockets of time interlocked to the physical movements. Now consider that you, your neighbor, your son or daughter in high school could handle my schedule. You could easily make phone calls, write letters, go through the in-basket and stay on my schedule. Save for actual hands-on experience, you could sit down tomorrow in the seat of my wealth-building job and orchestrate my highly complex career. With the division-of-labor schedule, any great wealthbuilding career can be yours.” The Underlying Concept That Allows Ordinary People To Handle Extraordinary Jobs (Inside Secret) I wrote in my diary the underlying concept behind my breakthrough: “Go back for a moment to the eighteenth-century economist Adam Smith who identified that dividing labor into smaller and smaller units could build wealth at greater and greater 55

The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Eight Power-Thinking List Week of 8/19 – 8/25

Europe • Read first test results • Determine results of British Postal Meeting; make decisions on mailing lists as a result of meeting • Boardroom negotiate price to rent entire file • KCI negotiate price Karen and lower price • Newsletter Management negotiate price...send letter to lower price • Nightingale Conant negotiate price • Cogan’s masterfiles such as Shindler masterfile • Then continue in big numbers from there

Expanding Envelope • • • • • •

Finishing designing and typesetting Have first batch printed InterMarket arrange Better Investing call for test Design letter to ad director of several magazines Call Money Making and try it there

Inserts • Send Strategic Investing order for October issue • Print 32M brochures; print 32M remittance envelopes • Test Newsletter Management with 300M universe

AMS Lettershop • Test new 8-page newspaper format • Test tabloid in larger size envelope; have Pacific Envelope print larger size envelope • Test placing conversion notice first • Test logo coupon vs. regular • Put some lists through women-purge program; test repeat of 2nd quarter Shindler to increase universe • Ticket to Success test; if looks good, go back to England test

Space Media • Test Moneysworth; Better Living; good space deals • Test Neothink® Management ad; go in all good publications that rejected original ad — send brochure • Test “Ticket to Success” ad in Spanish-speaking magazine; set ad through Stuart 56

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Eight (continued) Power-Thinking List Week of 8/19 – 8/25 • Test “Ticket to Success” ad in French-speaking Canadian magazine; check with Stuart if knows market • Test 1/6 page “Ticket to Success” ad in next issue of Success to demonstrate if nature of ad can run time after time such as Mellinger’s 1/6 page ads, year after year, building recognition and credibility. If so, study different magazines. • Test “Ticket to Success” bind-in card in magazine; test versus exploding envelope in InterMarket • Of course, pursue exploding envelope as indicated above • Classified ad • Pick up National Enquirer and determine best inquiry ad size • Pick up and study different publications and ads.

Canadian Market • Run “Ticket to Success” in several Canadian publications as a) a feeler ad, and b) good strategy for them to get used to us to accept 4-page or expanding envelope • Set Fiduciary loose on testing Canadian lists • Establish a Canadian mail house in October while in Montreal • Get a huge-volume list and mail via BMI into Canada • Test French brochure to French-Canadian names - via AMS 106 • Send Claudette letter for leads

Neothink® Management Book • Finish brochure and mail from England before October 1st to best 70M names • Finish WW • Finish final chapter • Ongoing product development

Gary’s Area • Finish brochure and mail from England hopefully before October 1st to all buyers minus RIBI names • Provide GT with necessary information to produce “A Day of Consultation” • Encourage and work closely with GT on developing cassette tapes on each concept — “Tape of the Month Club” • Begin developing brochure for monthly cassettes 57

The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Eight (continued) Power-Thinking List Week of 8/19 – 8/25

Keri’s Area • Encourage development and growth of Fiduciary Lists as it expands into large operation with perhaps added help • Encourage and work closely in BMI and mailings as KJ will become in charge of those mailings and acquiring the mailing lists • Shoot for first Summit in November: 1) Finish ad copy 2) KJ find out best time to mail prior to Summit 3) Mail to 3M RIBI Names 4) My good opportunity to do our first telemarketing test. If works, do them all and MH start for Integrated Management Associates 5) Have a blast in Las Vegas come November • Work with KJ to write out philosophical linkages of Paradise Valley to man’s nature...why different. Then will publish that in some mailing to monitor immediate interest.

Kay’s Area • Take a good list and run through “common-women names” program and pull out good select of women so Kay’s mini-company can make money while testing. Great source of names once get started; can establish “core” lists as does Integrated Management and have good income while pursuing more profitable lists. • Test three approaches; keep on 4-page format for test, for this is different ball game; after 1st test then may switch to 8-page format, depending on results of 3-way test. • Work closely with Kay to develop “Ticket to Success” 1/6 page ad for women. Test in low-cost magazine. • Could women be similar in nature to Japanese and other Far East cultures? Could they need to first develop trust with a company? Make 3-way test a 4-way test and test women’s “Ticket to Success” as an inquiry postcard through the mail. • Pending on British Postal Meeting, will eventually start testing from England once find substantial names to work with, which may warrant Kay traveling to England if her mailings really got rolling. • Set up and turn over profitable decline, invalid, bad-check program to Kay’s mini-company. A good sustaining income. • Finish questionnaire and insert to go with her booklist mailing to Neothink® names. 58

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Diagram Eight (continued) Power-Thinking List Week of 8/19 – 8/25

Frank’s Area • Provide FW with outline idea of book • Let FW read Neothink® Management book • Start program of weekly writing with FW

Helen’s Area • Work closely with Helen guiding her writing • Work heavily with editing as she provides me her drafts

Ruth’s Area • Develop makeshift video cassette with wedding tape, cutting, narrating, and dubbing in music and narration • Provide Ruth and John idea and makeshift videos • Let them do one on their own with my narration edits to their music and drama...great potential • Eventually perhaps blend in with GT’s tape-of-the-month product

Neothink® Newsletter/2nd-class project • • • •

Test the newsletter concept AMS 105 Work with FW and WW on newsletter Apply for 2nd-class mail Advertise back-end plus send out brochure to other 50% if more profitable • Pursue with local postal authorities and those in CA

Writing Projects Neothink® Management Book Neothink® Management brochure A Day of Consultation brochure Neothink® Summit brochure editing Children’s concepts, Neothink® Two chapters of “Money/Power Through Successful Love” Doris insert and questionnaire Booklist insert New product — Look and See Article about loving your work means making the most money, even if money means little to you • Letter to Peter • New CCL letter • • • • • • • • • •


The Self-Leader Secret Diagram Eight (continued) Power-Thinking List Week of 8/19 – 8/25 • Prepare consultation on Mini-Day and Power-Thinking for in-house meeting • Prepare consultation on Mini-Day and Power-Thinking for Summit • Never can lie — right brain. Support structure

Internal Operations (Vicki, Helen, Shelly) • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hard copy checks of everything Install long overdue fine system “Shake-up” Set up “salvage” programs as discover mistakes Interview job applicants Search job file to bring in a customer service and public relations full time, ambitious employee; will determine how to set up as selfmotivated entrepreneur Daily organization put into office — becoming straight and tight; want to have the tightest office in the country Set up auditing control on everything, including bank check-in, check-out control on returns Bank-like control on all orders Bank-like control on all correspondence, computer work, and customer service with MH personal check now Collection to go to entrepreneurial-motivated Kay Fine system to clean up non-conscientious work Drawers and files and storage becoming a pleasure to enter, not a drag — every desk and cabinet Job file search — Accountant, customer service

Late Notes and Additions: Accounting • Search for CPA — run ad, contact RIBI customers • Numbers man — study response

Mailing list project • • • •

Orders 18-24 to Linden, to PSA, into 8C RIBI’s to Linden, to PSA Orders 8C & RIBI’s to MetroMail — phone numbers To Newsletter Management or Astro for telemarketing list 60

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time speeds. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, society divided labor into smaller and smaller units — into the physical movements of survival — and became highly integrated. In essence, many people now work for each individual making his clothes, farming his food, building his home, making his tools, his furniture and so on instead of each individual doing it all himself as done centuries ago. “As society became highly integrated through dividing labor, the economy became increasingly successful, and the act of living became increasingly easy. For instance, the street sweeper today lives with better choices of food, clothes, entertainment, travel than the aristocrats a few hundred years ago, even a few decades ago. Indeed, the division of labor changed the world forever. America became the most integrated thus the most prosperous civilization in the history of mankind. “In the early 1900s, Henry Ford catapulted the power of the Industrial Revolution. Ford Motor Company divided labor into the smallest possible units — into the physical movements of production — and created the world’s most integrated production method: the assembly-line. “The assembly-line integrated literally every split second of production. Dividing labor down to the precision movement of the rivet man, for instance, greatly intensified and simplified each split second for a tighter and tighter, no-waste integrated system. As Ford divided labor into smaller and smaller movements, his business went through production records with greater and greater profits. Indeed, the division of labor made Ford Motor Company the most integrated thus the most prosperous car company in the world. “Now the self-leader’s working format isolates the essence behind America’s rise to power and Ford Motor Company’s rise to dominance and captures that essence for the average person. The self-leader’s working format brings directly to the individual the division-of-labor secret. This division-of-labor schedule brings to the ordinary person the same power that lifted entire nations into modern prosperity and entire industries into mass production. Whether developing a country, a car, or one's fortune, the division-of-labor integration unlocks success.” 61

The Self-Leader Secret A Key Concept: A Powerful, New Technique — The Mini-Day (Inside Secret) My division-of-labor schedule put life under immediate, irongrip control. I seized control by treating each of my six movements as a separate day, or a mini-day. Treating each miniday as a full day in itself, I started each mini-day on time and ended each mini-day on time. When the mini-day time was up, that day was over, regardless of the amount of tasks that were or were not completed. For, the physical movements, not tasks, were integrated to time. Remember, I had established the most beneficial relationship of those physical movements to time. Therefore, I did not let one mini-day get more time, for another would get less, which if continued for long would force the integration to get off, force the imbalance of physical movements, force missed tasks needed to complete the integration like cars with missed lug nuts coming off the production-line. By staying strict with the mini-days, I was forced to stay integrated. I now ran a serious, integrated job building wealth week by week instead of comically chasing tasks day by day. I now had my personal assembly-line of productivity in place and turned it on each day. Immediately I felt good. I negated that annoying uncertainty that some work may not get done. I rapidly moved through the tightly integrated tasks of six mini-days. My daily schedule (see page 54) was called…the mini-day schedule: Phone Calls Letter Writing Operations Copywriting Accounting Meetings and People

was was was was was was

Day Day Day Day Day Day

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The physically integrated tasks lit up like a fuse racing to the powder. What took two hours rushing disjointedly before now took 15 minutes after some experience with the straightarrow mini-day schedule. My whole day caught fire. Each miniday was the opposite of the overwhelming, traditional all-day schedule in which lethargy set in like hand-building a whole car. 62

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Instead, I attacked each organized movement like the rivet man. Task followed integrated task at high speed with no hesitation. And knowing that once the mini-day ended, time was up for another 24 hours, added to the intensity. Like cramming for a final-exam deadline, the mini-day deadlines throughout the day stimulated tremendous natural intensity. I gained respect as would anyone on the mini-day schedule, no matter where one now landed on the power scale. I became a natural leader. I accomplished more in a day than I previously did in a week. Moreover, my mini-day intensity made me mentally energetic. That intense mental energy was needed to uncover and initiate new money-making projects. I began to make more money. I learned what it meant to work with moneydriven intensity. Quickly I moved above my peers as I quietly transformed into a high-powered, money-making machine. Others stepped out of my way in awe…ready to file in behind. Physically Based Job (Inside Secret) Respect. How about bringing that respect to the physically based job, to the bricklayer, I pondered. He can now gain respect. Say he feels ambitious and works harder. Well, he may lay 20% more bricks while his enthusiasm lasts. That’s it. How long can he endure that extra effort year after year while going nowhere? He lives in a rut! Yet, he would love to catapult out of that rut, I thought. That bricklayer just may have greater incentive than someone sitting behind a desk whose ambitions and incentives may go no further than getting the raise next month or next year. Therefore, that bricklayer and other physically based workers with this knowledge could actually become more competitive than the mentally based worker, I realized. I tried to put myself inside the mind of a bricklayer: How can I apply this mini-day concept, the bricklayer may say, if I work eight hours a day doing physical labor? How am I going to do it, for I work all day long? …True, he may work eight hours laying bricks, I thought, but that eight-hour physical movement (laying bricks) is considered a mini-day; an income mini-day I’ll call it. Now, that physical laborer must determine 63

The Self-Leader Secret the physical movements necessary to accomplish his ambitions. Whereas I determined the physical movements of my wealthbuilding job, the physical laborer must determine the physical movements needed to accomplish his ambitions, and he must structure those mini-days to either side of his income mini-day. This will pull the physical laborer out of his rut. I then remembered a book I had read as a boy about an American hero who pulled himself out of an impossible stagnation-trap. Yes, it can be done, I realized. It has been done. A great American hero did just that. He was a laborer at the turn of the twentieth century, a dock worker among the roughest ports of early nineteen-hundred America. That dock breed spoke illiterate English, crude, unrefined. This American hero dropped out of school early. He lived off the streets. He survived. He never had an opportunity. Like millions of others, he was headed for a dead-end life. A desire burned inside, though. He desired to pull himself out of the abyss. He desired to become a successful writer. In the early 1900s, an illiterate dock worker had essentially no chance to ever sell a piece of literature. But that man became the highest paid author in history! And if we adjust for inflation today, he is the highest paid author of all time. That man was Jack London. He wrote many adventure stories and best-selling novels including Call of the Wild, The Sea Wolf, Martin Eden. I remembered exactly how Jack London did it: He established four physical movements, four mini-days that would achieve his desire of becoming a writer: (1) reading, (2) intense grammar study, (3) self-education (a library-study program), and (4) writing. Those four mini-days were divided before and after his 12-hour income mini-day. Even after he pulled himself out of his rut and off the docks, he never stopped the mini-day system. He stayed on the mini-day system through all his fame and glory to the last days of his short life. I am inspired by Jack London, I said to myself. I shifted my thoughts from Jack London back to myself. I now built my own success as I myself dictated my own schedule. “Talking about being a self-leader!” I shouted in glee one afternoon. Moreover, I raced ahead into new money-making projects so quickly I was assigned two assistants. I wanted to get my 64

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time assistants into wealth-building jobs with mini-day schedules, just like myself. If they could build wealth, I figured, imagine how much more wealth I’d acquire! First, I would put both my assistants immediately into their own wealth-building areas of purpose. So, here is what I did: I put them on two money-making projects. Those two projects could grow into two wealth-building jobs with their own moneymaking purpose. Then, I set up proper tracking reports to follow every detail. My two assistants would grow into my very own profit generators. …I was preparing myself to someday start my own company to be filled with such profit generators. Early one morning, after I had gotten my assistants working hard on their own money-making projects, I called them into my office and said, “Start this morning: List on a pad every task you perform at work for the next three days. List each task AS YOU DO THE TASK for three FULL days. After the third day, bring the list to me. We will go through your list of tasks and determine the physical movements of your exciting money-making jobs as I did. Those physical movements will become your minidays. You’ll determine the time you should devote to each miniday and will then set up your mini-day schedule.” As my assistants, excited about making more money, were walking out my office door, I added, “Don’t take shortcuts! List three full days of tasks, not from memory, but as you perform the tasks. Start this morning, first thing.” After my budding profit generators left my office, I thought: But what if one’s job can’t be divided into mini-days? Let’s say someone works a physically based job, say he’s a construction worker, or a cook, or a bank teller, or a drafting artist. He’ll never become wealthy in those suppressed, specialized jobs. So, he has an important decision to make: Does he want to begin working toward leaving his job by placing the appropriate mini-days around his income mini-day? Or does he want to rise up and make a profitable career in the company he now works for? In both cases, he must immediately begin mastering details and absorbing responsibilities. He must begin performing details and responsibilities on his own integrations, steadily pulling together an area of purpose. That golden key to integrated power 65

The Self-Leader Secret will unlock success, regardless what decision he makes…or is plain not yet ready to make. If he decides to stay in his current company, he’ll before long absorb enough integrated responsibilities to establish mini-days for an area of purpose. For the first time, he’ll discover rapid forward movement. But if he’s ready to make the decision to move beyond his current line of work and to leave his current company eventually, I continued to ponder, then he must do the following: He must think BEYOND his job about what he wants. If he wants to start his own business, what are the physical movements to do that? He must place those physical movements, those mini-days, in the morning or in the evening, AROUND his job. Jack London was practically illiterate when he discovered the mini-day concept, developed the proper mini-days, and scheduled them before and after work and on his day off. Those minidays pulled him out of his rut and in just a few years made him the highest-paid author of all time. With the proper mini-days, any ordinary laborer will pull himself out of his rut. And then he will be able to mini-day his entire life. He must determine the physical movements that will pull him beyond his job — determine the physical movements that will raise him to his goals, perhaps raise him to starting his own business. He has no technique to figure out those particular physical movements — only his common sense. He can adjust the physical movements, the mini-days, after he gets on them and gains some experience using them. He may find he needs to add an entire, new mini-day. Or he may need to take away or change a mini-day. He may need to adjust the time allotted to the mini-days once he gets started on them after work and on weekends. But he must first GET STARTED and keep his current job as his INCOME mini-day until his new venture can financially support him. So, there are two ways for the physical laborer to get on the powerful mini-day schedule. One way involves eventually leaving his place of work; the other does not. The bricklayer, the cook, the bank teller, the drafting artist, for example, could actually rise in the company he or she works for by first defining the potential wealth-building jobs at work and then mastering the details and absorbing the responsibilities to steadily take over one 66

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time of those wealth-building jobs. It takes some work but can be done. He will steadily acquire more responsibility and authority. He can use that technique to take over a wealth-building job, as construction worker Charlie Bannon did in Calumet K. Then he can go on the mini-day schedule. My Profit Generators (Inside Secret) I knew, however, that my assistants, my profit generators, COULD mini-day their current wealth-building jobs. I made sure they listed every task as they did them for the next three days in order to best determine their proper mini-days. When they establish their mini-day schedule, I pondered, they will move past the low-intensity, unintegrated traditional schedule. They will move through clusters of integrations with assembly-line intensity. Bring On the Creative Mind and Pull In the Future (Inside Secret) I had been uncovering yet another powerful tool I called power-thinking, made possible because of the mini-day schedule. With power-thinking, I suddenly compiled FUTURE projects into today’s powerful mini-days. In other words, I compiled future money into today’s paychecks. Indeed, after I had been on the mini-day schedule for a couple weeks, suddenly I found myself done with all my work for the entire week by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. In a state of shock, I knew I had to create more work — create money-making projects to fill my week! Suddenly, I was forced to think creatively. I was forced to discover the creative person I was meant to be! I had to figure out and pursue new money-making projects that never existed before. I had to rise to the next level of integrated thinking — power-thinking. How exciting! Now with powerthinking, my very existence was changing into some dynamo I once fantasized about. The mini-day schedule, broken into its smooth physical movements, opened for me a whole new dimension to rapid success: this potent form of integrated thinking called powerthinking. The traditional schedule previously plagued me with 67

The Self-Leader Secret physical disjointedness, which blocked integrated thinking. The traditional daily schedule quickly got filled each day to its capacity, and I could only react day by day to the job at hand. My mini-day schedule, on the other hand, rarely got filled to its capacity and opened this new dimension of integrated thinking — power-thinking — that let me race forward and make more money. Indeed, with the mini-day schedule intact, I quickly began to pull in future wealth, goals, projects rapidly through powerthinking. I handled among other things a large, complex project overseas. I initiated major marketing programs in England and Ireland. The new programs were complex and could take many months to start. Instead, I did the following: I focused in my mind the end result. I actually saw in my head the completed project right up to the hundreds of thousands of marketing packages filling a containerized truck being lifted into the ship. In seeing that finished project, I swiftly began to see what I needed to do to achieve that full container. I began focusing on the suppliers I needed to contact, the shipping routes I needed to uncover, the postal systems I needed to work with, the schedules I needed to orchestrate. …I began integrating into the future. I thought about and imaged in my mind as many steps as possible to achieve that container full of my marketing packages and wrote the steps down. I called that list of steps my powerthinking list. But my power-thinking list turned into so much more than just projecting ahead, for I fed the projections into the high-intensity action units — the mini-days — that quickly got done. I determined the task or tasks needed to complete the first step listed on my power-thinking list, then injected the task(s) into the proper mini-day(s). I then did that for each step listed on my power-thinking list. I quickly took control. In one day I did, among several other things, the following: During my phone-call mini-day I called the major printing consultant in Ireland, contacted the marketing manager of the Irish An Post, called a printer in England and discussed a large test mailing; during my letter-writing mini-day I drafted a letter to the Irish postal authorities; during the operations mini-day I organized some data to indicate what mailing lists I would 68

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time consider using; during the accounting mini-day I did a brief cost analysis on mailing abroad; during my meeting mini-day I discussed the overseas possibilities with my in-house mailing list broker to set her in action, I also reviewed with two executive officers the tentative plan with nearly a full-scale layout. I did all that among other productive tasks in one day. I did more in one day toward completing that project than most would do in a month. By the next day, people on both sides of the Atlantic were moving into action, all moving the project toward completion. My high-capacity mini-day schedule opened the whole new dimension of power-thinking. I could suddenly power-think large, major projects and rapidly move them into action. The results pulled me up the ranks as I moved through important projects that others just thought about. I left my peers in my dust, for their low-capacity traditional schedules blocked them from powerthinking new money-making projects as they barely kept up with their routine jobs. They just reacted to business. I controlled and built business. The founder of the company was so impressed that he promptly gave me a major promotion, pay increase, and bonus. Rapidly Moving Forward With Iron-Grip Control (Inside Secret) The results just pulled me up the hierarchy. Into the miniday production-line I put through today, with power-thinking, what others would not even think about until sometime in the future. I cranked out several projects at one time as I compiled future projects into today’s mini-days. I went from ordinary to extraordinary. I rose to CEO of that company before starting my own company. Moving Toward a Self-Leader (Inside Secret) “Our minds are limited,” I wrote in my diary. “Look at myself not long ago. My deeply embedded resistance to selfleadership, my follow-the-leader mode, blocked this entire dimension of integrated thinking. After integrating five or six thoughts, my mind stopped integrating — needing external 69

The Self-Leader Secret guidance before going further. Now, my mind goes further. I do not stop and wait for external guidance. Instead, I move forward with my own self-guidance through power-thinking. I never stop moving forward. I keep on integrating more projects and keep on making more income. “The ordinary person can MAINTAIN his specialized job with automatic or externally guided routines. But to CREATE and BUILD one’s success requires integrated thinking. Therefore, man must remove the limitations of his mind, that is, specialized thinking…following automatic or external guidance. He must stop investing in the plush lifestyle of his leaders and instead start investing in himself. He must become the self-leader.” The Limitations Of The Mind (Inside Secret) To this day, I can still recall my feeling of exhilaration during this time of breaking bondage. While previously on the traditional daily schedule, for instance, I just reacted to routine priorities throughout the week. While on the mini-day/powerthinking team, by contrast, I created wealth-building projects into the future. Wow, what a feeling! With power-thinking, I suddenly soared beyond a specialized job. Now, I integrated the future. Never again would I just react to the present. I realized that without removing a simple, deep-rooted limitation — the traditional schedule — success would have forever stayed out of my reach, yet I could have MAINTAINED my specialized job just fine using the traditional daily schedule. After making that realization, I finally knew: Lazy business leaders need low-intensity, nonintegrated approaches like the traditional daily schedule so everyone stays specialized and stagnated…and uncompetitive. After making that more profound realization, I wrote the following diary entry: “Man’s deep-rooted resistance to becoming a self-leader — his deep-rooted tendencies for automatic or external guidance — previously kept me tied to the traditional schedule that essentially provided automatic, external guidance as I simply reacted to the business around me. Filled to my capacity using the physically disjointed traditional schedule, I could look and feel busy and important. Yet I only MAINTAINED my job for the leaders 70

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time and built nothing for myself. With physical disjointedness eliminated by the mini-day schedule, however, I discovered a superior capacity that opened the door to power-thinking. I now BUILD my job and my own wealth. Profits returned on effort spent rise dramatically with this potent form of integrated thinking — power-thinking — used with my new division-of-labor miniday schedule.” Moving Beyond the Specialized Mode Into the Integrating Mode (Inside Secret) Not long after I discovered the mini-day/power-thinking team, I had 22 projects on my power-thinking list. Underneath those projects were 150 steps needed to accomplish those 22 projects. Within one week, every step was accomplished or moved into flowing action. Before the mini-day/power-thinking team, I had problems just keeping up with my routine work, trapped in a routine rut, sinking in stagnation with no way to even think about just one forward-movement project in one week. How did I go from not accomplishing one project to moving through 22 lucrative projects a week? That was quite a leap! Going Beyond the Capacity of Your Mind (Inside Secret) Consider that the average person’s mind can focus on only one project at a time, with its five or six thoughts. His mind certainly could not cope with 22 projects, 150 tasks, for his mind would short-circuit and shut down. I, on the other hand, easily coped with 22 projects at a time, with its 150 tasks. I easily did that through power-thinking: First, I determined the steps needed to complete a project by focusing in my mind the completed project. I focused on one project at a time. I uncovered and listed the steps needed to complete the project. Then I put that project out of my mind altogether to make room for the next project. At this point, I had formed a maximumintegration puzzle piece to a success puzzle. I then concentrated on the next project. I imagined the completed project and wrote down the steps to reach that image. Now I had formed another maximum-integration puzzle piece to 71

The Self-Leader Secret the success puzzle. Then I cleared my mind and went on to the next project, and so on, each project forming another puzzle piece to the success puzzle. Those puzzle pieces snapped together through the mini-day schedule, and my growing puzzle pictures led me into Neothink®. I did my power-thinking on Sunday and injected my entire power-thinking list into my next week’s mini-day schedule. The human mind can focus intensely on just one project — no more. But with the use of special tools, ordinary people operate beyond their mental processing capacity. I see them in the Neothink® Society. The mini-day/power-thinking team is their twenty-firstcentury tool that lets them go beyond the capacity of their minds — their twenty-first-century tool to building major Neothink® success puzzles. This initial, simple step into Neothink® allows them to make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary! Power-thinking captures vague ambitions, goals, projects into tangible steps. The steps further break down into specific tasks when injected into the mini-days. Ambitions, goals, projects break down, down, down to earth…down to tasks that get done. By plugging those tasks into the intense mini-days, average people yank in faraway dreams right away, right down to quickaction reality. Mentoring My Brother (Inside Secret) That weekend my brother came over. I said, “Do I have a treat for you!” I went on to tell my brother about the miniday/power-thinking team. Then, I showed him my own schedule. My mini-day schedule had become an interlocked success puzzle that captured the highly integrated thinking — my powerthinking — for several major projects. All week long, every action, every move I made came directly from that highly integrated thinking. Every little task in the success puzzle integrated with several other tasks that moved major projects toward rapid payoff. Every little task integrated with the whole success puzzle. Although just a mechanical mini-day schedule, every action delivered integrated synergy that came from highly integrated thinking. “With power-thinking,” I said, “my journey into money and 72

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time power quickly took off. I get more done in a week than I used to in three months!” I paused, then told my brother: “But most amazingly, I’m creating brand-new money-making projects now. I can’t describe to you what that feels like!” “You don’t have to,” Eric said. “I’ll find out. Do you realize what you’re creating here? You’re going to free all ordinary working people. Man, this is exciting!” “You know, Eric, I was just an average Joe. But look at me now! Look at this,” I said, laying out my mini-day schedule and power-thinking list. “I’m moving through over twenty complex projects in one week! The mini-day/power-thinking team is a tool that lets me go beyond my normal capacity! I’m no longer an average Joe! I’m…I’m becoming a genius at work!” “Amazing,” Eric said while studying my mini-days and power-thinking list. “Now, you must set up your mini-days, Eric.” I looked straight into his eyes. “You’re going to reach forward, grab hold of your most ambitious goals and projects, and bring them back to you now. You can experience those accomplishments not only sometime within your lifetime, but right away and move on to even bigger and better accomplishments! Like me, you’ll immediately discover the exciting energy of moving through goals…and becoming extraordinary! Think about your ambitions, your goals. With the mini-day/power-thinking team, bring everything you want into the palm of your hand, right now. …Here is your assignment for this week:”

The Self-Leader System Lesson Four (Inside Secret) With an exciting open-ended, wealth-building area of purpose, you can race ahead into building wealth with the mini-day/power-thinking team. But even before you successfully take over an area of purpose, you can still get going on some form of mini-day/power-thinking format. 73

The Self-Leader Secret This tool will actually help you accelerate your efforts to take over an area of purpose as you can suddenly handle many times the responsibilities. So, at this point, although you do not yet have an entire area of purpose, I want you to mini-day your schedule the best that you can. List three days of tasks as you do them. Then integrate those tasks into their physical movements to establish your mini-days. Work on your mini-days for one full week before introducing power-thinking. Then over the weekend (next weekend), do your first power-thinking list. Inject that list into the following week’s mini-days. …We will get together for your next lesson two weeks from today. With your newly found rapid-forward-movement, you will then be ready to discover the keys to creativity (next).


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Five Secret Window To Creativity (Inside Secret) I was now receiving major pay raises at an almost unbelievable rate. With my own wealth-building job, racing ahead on my mini-day/power-thinking team, what I needed now more than anything was more and more creativity. I needed to create new ways to make money. I was about to discover my own private window to a whole new creative world. I was listening for a second time to an audio-cassette tape called The Dream Maker: William C. Durant, Founder of General Motors. The audio-cassette tape about General Motors and its founder told a story about one of its influential employees named Charles Nash. Remember, he had gone to work for William Durant before Durant founded General Motors, back in the late 1800s when Durant owned the Durant-Dort Carriage Company that built the carriages that horses pulled. I must again retell the story to help reveal the secret window to creativity. Here again is the story as told on the cassette tape: “In 1890, a 26-year-old man named Charles Nash began work in the blacksmith’s department. His first job was pounding iron. Within a few days he walked into Durant’s easily accessible office. ‘I’m wasting time,’ he said. ‘You can get a power hammer there. It would cost about $35.00 and do more pounding in a day than I can do in a month!’ Durant took the suggestion, and Nash was moved over to working on a drill press that prepared cart braces for attachment. The next time Durant came through the shop, he stopped at Nash’s machine. It looked like none of the others. Nash had rigged it with an overhead spring and a treadle that left both his hands free while working and doubled the output. Durant weighed the implications of this: ‘Charlie,’ he said, ‘We’ll get another man here. See if you can’t straighten out the trimming department for me.’ Promoted to the headship of that department, Nash wrestled with the problem of heavy expenditures on tacks. He found the answer in a short time. The carpenters held the tacks in their mouths while 75

The Self-Leader Secret working. The cheap, roughly finished brand the company was using cut their lips and tongues and they would spit them on the floor in exasperation, and lose them. A better grade tack proved the remedy. …So Nash went on probing, correcting, climbing up to the highest supervisory ranks.” As it turns out, Nash went on to become, in 1910, the President of Buick; in 1912, the President of General Motors; and then four years later he left General Motors to start Nash Motors Company and build the Nash Rambler. While listening to that story a second time, I had a eureka! experience. I suddenly knew why Charles Nash rose from the lowest ranks to the highest possible ranks and then beyond: Nash used the Self-Leader System. He mastered details and absorbed responsibilities — responsibilities after responsibilities — to acquire integrated knowledge. He did not know about the wealthbuilding areas of purpose within a company, per se, but he instinctively migrated to numbers and let numbers — as in improved profits — be his guide, just as the head of an area of purpose (i.e., a mini-company) would. Indeed, everything Nash did, he thought in numbers. First, he figured the cost of a power hammer versus the cost of his own labor. Second, he created a unique drill-press attachment, driven by a desire to double output. Third, he determined how to spend more money on better tacks to decrease losses and improve profits. Nash broke the code for creativity, so to speak, written in numbers. Using numbers to throw open the secret window to creativity, this young, inexperienced novice could see creative business advancements in a few days that veterans could not see in their whole lives. The numbers-integrating mode quickly lifted Nash out of the specialized routine rut of pounding iron all day long. That routine rut had trapped others for many years…and would have trapped them for life if not for rising creative thinkers like Charles Nash who pulled up society, standards of living, and opportunities for everyone. In short, the numbers-integrating mode activates one’s mind and sends it beyond following-a-routine specialized thinking… sends it ahead into a new life, a new world of creating-wealth integrated thinking. Think about it: the numbers-integrating mode activates the mind. 76

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time While thinking about Nash and his numbers-integrating mode, an earth-moving thought shook me to my core: All money/power giants — before they were giants — came to a point in their lives where they discovered this window to creativity! They all reached a point in their lives where they passionately studied the numbers. I had read about, for instance, how late into the night a young John D. Rockefeller could be seen hovering over a desk covered with accounting and marketing numbers. Rockefeller always said he had discovered “a whole other fascinating world” through the numbers. And that was when business took on great excitement for him. …Of course! The turning point of history’s most successful people came early in their careers when they discovered a whole new world through the numbers: Pierre S. du Pont, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, William C. Durant, Juan Trippe, Alfred P. Sloan, J. Paul Getty, Jay Gould, Milton Hershey, Walter Chrysler, Thomas Watson, Harold Geneen, Robert E. Wood. The numbers threw open their windows to creativity! Looking through that window into an exciting new world of creations and profits unlocked Nash’s creativity. To double output, among other things, he became creative and rigged the drill press. If not for looking at the details in terms of improving the numbers, Nash would have never seen through them to the creative side. He would have just kept pounding or stitching away, forever blocked from creativity, forever trapped in a rut. Instead, driven by the numbers, peering through the window to creativity in everything he did, he eventually entered the world of profitable creations. That whole other fascinating world led to the designing and manufacturing of his own cars…cars such as the famous Nash Rambler once driven all over America’s roads. That enormous creativity and talent would have forever remained behind a wall, trapped inside a dark corner of Nash’s mind had he not discovered the window to his creativity. At my eureka moment, while listening about Nash, I knew that powerful creativity existed in me and in all of us — locked inside a dark corner of our minds as we blindly serve our leaders. “This is it,” I wrote in my diary. “I’ve discovered the real freeing mechanism. Breaking the code for creativity written in numbers gives me a whole new level of almost total independence.” 77

The Self-Leader Secret Unlocking Our Talents and Creativity (Inside Secret) In the days that followed, I broke from any residual traces of the externally guided or following mode. For, now numbers became my compass for internal guidance. “Seek numbers,” I kept telling myself. “Seek the story that the numbers reveal!” I knew I must become emotionally tied to numbers, for becoming motivated over improving the numbers would release my creativity. Like Nash, I started small by studying the details and how they were done in relation to their payoff. Then I would improve that payoff. Like Nash, I quickly brought new efficiencies to the company. My window to creativity revealed advancements that even veterans did not see. I soon found myself pushing beyond operations into the powerful realms of product development and marketing. Every day, I could not wait to read the latest story of the numbers! I combined my efforts of mastering details and absorbing responsibilities with linking them to the numbers — to their costs/ efficiencies. I told my brother all about this new phenomenon and wrote about it in my diary: “I measure everything by numbers now. It’s a whole new world! A few months ago, I could not move forward without a boss or manager directing me. But now, my numbers-integrating mode puts me in an aggressive internally guided mode. With numbers as my guide, my mind is activated, and I see business advancements no one else can see. Then, I get busy implementing those advancements. It’s euphoric! I move forward on my own, with great confidence, through my own creativity. It’s great to be a winner!” I laughed at the irony that NUMBERS — all that logical leftbrain mathematics — were my keys to open my right-brain CREATIVITY. In fact, this is how our left and right brains work together in business for enormous success. Here I was, just a young man racing ahead into a wealthbuilding job. I was so excited by all this, I decided to start writing it down. And since I was in England at the time, setting up my European mailing project, I wrote my latest breakthrough about numbers and creativity in a letter and sent it to my brother: 78

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time Letter to My Brother (Inside Secret) “Hi Eric. I have decided to start writing this down. In this letter, I will tell you about the next step in The Self-Leader System. “To completely dump the externally guided mode in which you previously spent your life’s efforts on the leaders, to freely soar in the internally guided mode in which you invest all your life’s efforts in yourself, you must become emotionally tied to numbers. Soon enough, your creativity will become a puzzlebuilding process — building piece by piece toward more and more creative success as did Nash. Like Nash, you must snap together not just the details and how they are done, but their pay off as well. Then you must strive to improve that pay off. Your motivating force of improving numbers will quickly uncover advancements that even veterans do not see as it has for me. Then through power-thinking and the quick-action mini-days, you can quickly capture those advancements. As with Charles Nash, the numbers-integrating mode will bring even a novice power and a path to the top. “One sunny morning, you will wake up and know what it feels like to make a major difference in this world. Through mastering details and absorbing responsibilities and linking them to the numbers — to their costs/efficiencies as I did — you will see new ways to improve efficiencies, just like Charles Nash. “Start small in a big company — just making small efficiency improvements. As you become emotionally tied to the numbers, you will realize you can be creative and improve those numbers and rise to higher levels in the company. Building a ladder for yourself, you will feel an exciting passion to control the story of the numbers, bring out your creativity, and succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Know The Two Opposite Worlds (Inside Secret) “Eric, you will experience two opposite business worlds: 1) the following-mode world — your stagnant specialized-thinking/ externally-guided mode versus 2) the numbers-integrating world — your exhilarating integrated-thinking/internally-guided mode. 79

The Self-Leader Secret The first world locked you in a boring routine rut in which you built success and power for leaders; the second world will send you into an exhilarating, dynamic life where you will build success and power for yourself. “The numbers-integrating world will lift your integrated thinking to another level. And let me tell you, Eric, in the numbers-integrating world, you will be motivated. You will be a self-leader building your own success, measured by the numbers. You will still have routine responsibilities that you will have to turn in, of course. But focus part of your day beyond those routine responsibilities — your creative investment in yourself. Numbers as your guide, you will get used to puzzlebuilding integrated thinking to capture advancements for the business. Whether a large endeavor or small efficiency discovery, you will now bring values to the company that did not previously exist. The Numbers-Integrating World (Inside Secret) “When you first evolve into the numbers-integrating mode, you will see a story the numbers are telling you. Soon, Eric, you will go further: you will learn to control the story told by the numbers. Once you control the story of the numbers, you control the world around you. You will bring growing values into the world and begin making a difference. Wow, the feeling that brings you, Eric. Using the numbers to determine and guide projects of advancement, you will increasingly bring values into your company that did not exist before, just like Charles Nash. With time, you will learn to not only control the story of the numbers, but to actually write that story. I am getting there myself. I am not only determining projects for improvement and advancement, but I am now uncovering whole new programs, whole new essences for the business. Every day, I feel a growing excitement to carve my own destiny. Eric, nothing is more exciting than controlling life and injecting one’s own competitive creations into life.


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time A Motivational Force (Inside Secret) “In this numbers-integrating world, I see things others cannot see; I single-handedly improve the business, things that have never been improved before! What an impact that has on the owner! Remember the impact Nash had on Durant? You will first improve a simple procedure in operations, and everyone will see the improved numbers from that increased efficiency. While controlling the story of the numbers, even at that small level, you will feel a growing excitement. For, you will actually make a difference. You will feel motivated and want more. You will go through a process of capturing larger advancements and feeling more excitement for your work, just like Charles Nash. Motivated and guided by the numbers, your activated mind will exert more intense integrated thinking to capture more and more improvements and advancements, which will bring you more and more emotional and financial rewards. ...Through this ongoing growth process, you will eventually rise to the highest ranks of your company and later perhaps build your own successful company. Eric, lately I have actually been thinking about starting my own business. “As you rise to the top of your company, the survival pressures of the bottom line will stimulate you (and would stimulate entrepreneurs and those with areas of purpose that have bottom-line dynamics). The story of the numbers will tell you how well you are doing. You will become forever close to the numbers, Eric. Believe me, it is exhilarating!” Knowing the Numbers Better than Anyone Else (Inside Secret) My brother called me. “I can’t wait for my next lesson!” he said even before saying hello. “Come on over Saturday evening.” “I’ll be there.” When Saturday evening arrived, Eric and his family came over for a visit. When Eric found me in my study, he sat down on the leather chair and said, “I’m all ears, Mark.” 81

The Self-Leader Secret I leaned forward in my chair, rested my arms on my desk. I smiled at my brother and said, “You know…I’m really planning to start my own business. This numbers-integrating world is it. Combined with the other tools in this Self-Leader System, I know I’m going to do well, Eric.” “Wow, Mark, that’s exciting. This Self-Leader System really works. What exactly are you going to do?” “I’m going to start a publishing business, and I’m going to publish and market the Self-Leader System.” “Great idea! When are you going to do this?” “Not for awhile. First, I need to develop the Self-Leader System on paper. I have a lot to do first, and a lot of powerthinking to launch my business. It was this numbers-integrating mode that made me realize I can do this. I realized numbers ultimately drive the entire company — the marketing, product development, operations, and personnel. I must make it second nature to measure everything by numbers. Also, I embraced a numbers mini-day. That was a boon for me. While in that miniday, I learned about the marketing data, return on investment, costs to do procedures…even the littlest procedures in operations. The act of confronting numbers initially left me staring at my desk, not knowing what to do. But that time was not wasted. That time forced me to think in a way my mind was not accustomed to. I was learning how to break a code. Once I broke through, I discovered my creativity.” “Should I start a numbers mini-day?” my brother asked. “Yes. Schedule that numbers mini-day briefly, once a week at first. Slowly, over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to uncover ways to penetrate that mini-day, new ways to accumulate, learn about, and understand numbers, new ways to gather data, new ways to use those numbers to elevate your area of the business…maybe even new ways to improve the service or product, eventually new ways to market it. “You must study/calculate numbers/efficiencies in all areas of your wealth-building job, including the numbers as they pertain to operations and to personnel — the payoff to the payout. Set up that numbers mini-day at once, Eric. Get familiar with numbers. You can even reach beyond your job and ask questions; don’t be afraid of seeming naive. For, you’ll soon 82

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time know more, much more, than those blinded veterans from whom you ask the questions. You’ll begin to see advancements they’ll never see. Measuring everything by numbers, you really can rise to the top such as Charles Nash. In any case, you’ll become a prosperous self-leader. With numbers as your guide, you no longer need external guidance.” “The Self-Leader System is giving me a new life,” said Eric, “the life I used to only dream about.” “Someday, you’ll probably start your own business, too.” Eric burst into a smile and his eyes filled with tears. “I wrote down your next assignment, Eric:”

The Self-Leader System Lesson Five (Inside Secret) As you master details and responsibilities, link everything you learn to the numbers. Again, make it second nature to always think in terms of numbers for everything you do. Use this numbers-integrating mode to guide you to profitable improvements and advancements. Use the mini-day/power-thinking team to rapidly capture those advancements. Creativity you never knew you had will begin to flow. You’ll thereby eventually shape your destiny and make a difference in this world. Nothing is more exciting! The numbers-integrating mode will benefit you and anyone else who wants to climb the ladder. But he who captures one of the limitless areas of purpose, as you have, will fly higher and higher using the numbers-integrating mode as his wings. Set up your numbers mini-day right away. And never forget: everything you do, think numbers! Soon, I promise you, a unique creativity now trapped inside will come shining through. Believe me, Eric, it’ll surprise you! Nothing will stop you now. In a month or less, you’ll have advanced more than in all your years combined at your place of work! 83

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Six The Final Obstacle (Inside Secret) I was rising as an integrated thinker, rising above the clouds that block ordinary people’s views. Now, I began to see what was really going on above us. I called my brother and his family over for dinner a couple of weeks later. He brought his friend, the construction worker. After some small talk, I said to my brother, “Eric, you’re going to get everything you want out of the rest of your life: money, success, prestige.” “How can you possibly predict that?” he said. “Because, by the time you leave tonight, you’ll know how to knock over the only obstacle still standing between you and the self-leader.” My statement got everyone’s attention, and I continued: “Now, tell me, Eric, who gets the bulk of the money and the prestige?” “Certainly not the ordinary, hard-working person,” his friend, Santana, said. “Leaders of the Establishment, by contrast, enjoy lots of easy money and power,” I said. Santana nodded. “I’m talking about many of the big-business leaders, union leaders, bureaucratic leaders, leading lawyers, leading journalists, and leaders of our land — career politicians.” “We support the plush lifestyle of the leaders at work, in government, and in law,” Eric said. “As you know, Eric, the only way to claim your own future of wealth is to become your own leader…the self-leader. The self-leader does not use up his one and only life supporting someone else’s lifestyle. With the Self-Leader System, you have already redirected your daily efforts right back into yourself and will become wealthy if you do not fall to one remaining obstacle that I’ll explain here tonight.” My brother’s friend also seemed very interested, as I continued… “Let me begin with a story: I recently went to California to attend an infomercial seminar. An infomercial is a half-hour 85

The Self-Leader Secret TV show/advertisement. At the seminar, I met the well-known producers. “During a question-and-answer period, I stood up to ask one producer a question. In asking my question, I had to reference an infomercial I had recently done on my own at low cost. Little did I realize the message I had just given the crowd of hundreds of people. Reading between the lines, I had told them that I was a leader, that I was a self-leader…that I did not need to go to the authorities, the producers, the leaders to do my own infomercial. Instead, I had done it all myself. “Amazingly, at the next break, I had a crowd of people around me. In fact, I noticed more people around me than the well-known producers. These people wanted me to do their infomercials for them at low cost. All I needed to do was put out my hand, and people would have filled it with money. Why? Because I was a leader, and people are drawn to leaders. People are ready and willing to make the leaders rich. “One gentleman was persistent about me producing his infomercial. I told him no, that he must do it himself as I had done. That way, he would spend just an affordable few thousand dollars to learn and eventually achieve success, not a few hundred thousand dollars through a leader — that is, about twenty tries at thirty to fifty thousand dollars each to perhaps hit upon one success through the established producers. I told him that to become successful and wealthy, he must instead invest his effort and money in himself, not in a leader. He would then grow more and more resistant to failure with each inexpensive ‘lesson’. He would have a greater chance at success. Yet, to my astonishment, instead of being delighted by my insight, I saw fear in his face. He resisted and wanted me to be his leader. “Later I realized that all of us are drawn to leaders and will have a strong resistance to becoming self-leaders. In fact, that very resistance traps us in our routine ruts as our efforts endlessly go into building the lofty standards of living of the leaders.” My brother’s friend, Santana, interrupted me. “I feel that resistance. I feel it, but I want to get everything good out of life, too, especially more money.” “A new world of monetary and emotional wealth exists just beyond our awareness,” I said. “Our resistance keeps that great 86

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time world beyond our reach. Remember the world you imagined as a child? Remember you would daydream about becoming a millionaire when you grew up? You would imagine how you were going to spend all that money. Or, remember the excitement when you first fell in love — your first childhood sweetheart? That exciting sensation would always be with you when you grew up and got married, you believed. When you grew up, you would be somebody important; you would have a great mind and would achieve important accomplishments. You would be wealthy, in love, important and prestigious…so you thought.” “Whatever happened to that world?” asked Santana. “It’s waiting just beyond your horizon,” I said. “To understand the resistance that blocks you and nearly everyone else from ever discovering that world — the world you were meant to be in — let’s start by going back to the day you were born: When you came out of your mother’s womb into this cold, bright world, all your little body could do was cry. Your little body felt a strong resistance to this new world and wanted to go back into your mother’s womb. But this world offered life, which was beyond your awareness at that time. ...Let’s next fast forward to your first day at school. That first day was the first time in your young life that you were away from your mother. All your scared, toddler self wanted was to go back home to mom. Your little body and mind felt a strong resistance to the frightening, noisy new world. But the world of education offered you happiness in life, which was beyond your awareness at that time. ...Next, let’s go to the day you left home and moved out on your own into the real world. Remember the internal resistance to leaving home?” Santana nodded. He looked as though he wanted to say something. When he did not speak, I continued: “Nature puts a natural resistance into all animals — a resistance to leaving their known protected environments and moving out on their own into the unknown. If you ever witnessed a cat weaning her kittens, you observed firsthand this natural resistance in animals. The mother feline must get violent with her young ones to push them away. “As part of the animal kingdom, man too has this natural 87

The Self-Leader Secret resistance. We have a natural resistance to leaving our leaders, both our childhood leaders — our parents — and our adulthood leaders. We have a natural resistance to moving ahead on our own and becoming the self-leader.” “That’s nothing,” my brother said. “You’re just talking about growing up and moving out on your own.” “Not really,” I countered. “Although animals are on their own once they are weaned, they’re still controlled and guided by Mother Nature for their entire adult lives. Man is the only animal that can overcome the automatic controls of Mother Nature to control and guide himself. Nevertheless, man has had that capacity for only three thousand years. For over one million years prior to that, man was controlled and guided by Mother Nature all his life, as all other animals. Therefore, man harbors severely deep-rooted tendencies to be controlled and guided by external forces all his his case, by leaders. He harbors a severely deep-rooted, natural resistance to becoming the selfleader. “We steadily move beyond our childhood leaders, our parents, into better worlds beyond our awareness at the time — guided into those better worlds by our parents. But when we’re adults, we have no one to guide us into the better world beyond our awareness. Similar to the unknowing youngster at school his first day, beyond our awareness is a world that offers us our dreams. Finally, the Self-Leader System will guide us there. “Now let me ask Santana a ‘what if’ question: When you were a child, what if your resistance were allowed to control you, and you never left home, never went to school?” “Then I would have stagnated and grown more and more unhappy, year after year,” Santana said. “Well, that exact scenario happens when you grow up,” I said. “As an adult, your resistance is allowed to control you, and you never leave your leaders. You stagnate and grow more and more unmotivated, year after year…although you learn to live with it through entertainment, hobbies, and vacations.” “I see,” said Santana. “When I was a child, my parents pushed me into the world of education that offered me happiness in life, which was bigger than my awareness at the time. Similarly, now as an adult, the Self-Leader System will push me 88

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time into the world of the self-leader that offers me my dreams, which is bigger than my awareness at this time.” “Precisely,” I said, “but you must use discipline to keep on it. Otherwise, your resistance will take over again like the gentleman at the seminar who wanted me to be his leader. Never forget just how powerful that resistance is. Remember, only in the last three thousand years, a mere flicker of man’s existence, has man’s mind advanced beyond nature’s automatic controls. For over one million years prior to that, man had been guided and controlled by nature. Today, we still like to be guided and controlled. Those deep-rooted tendencies explain why we are drawn to leaders. “Clever people have discovered our deep-rooted tendencies that draw us to leaders, and they have gained unbeatable advantages by perfecting how to provide external guidance. Those ‘natural leaders’ include some of the most financially successful and prestigious people and often the most seemingly trustworthy people. For example, most politicians, presidents, many evangelists, network news anchors, and a portion of bigbusiness upper management took this shortcut. They rose to leadership, power, and wealth by taking advantage of the deeprooted following-mode tendencies in others. And they’ll always try to stop our progress into self-leadership to keep their prestigious positions in society. They largely control our lives.” “How exactly do those leaders control my life?” Santana asked. I thought about his question for a moment before answering. I wanted to be sure my answer did not come across wrong. I finally said, “Most establishment-leaders are vestiges of man’s deep-rooted urge for guidance. The need for external guidance became obsoleted with the rise of human consciousness three thousand years ago. Therefore, most establishment-leaders today create illusions that we need and benefit from their guidance. In turn, we accept them and want them for our authorities. They oblige and get their intoxicating rides in life, ruling over us. Our career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats and many corporate executives are on that stimulating ride. Moreover, they perpetuate our resistance to self-leadership by disintegrating our education and our jobs with specialized thinking and by defeating our 89

The Self-Leader Secret entrepreneurial business environment with legislation and regulations. “Discouraged since our school days, we never learned to integrate and guide ourselves. So we depend on leaders to integrate for us and to guide us. Career politicians do their best to suppress our integrated thinking — starting with inferior public education and culminating in punishing legislation and regulation against aggressive entrepreneurs. Even when we know our leaders are dishonest, we fear not having leaders. The leaders guide us all right; they guide us right into stagnation for their own propagation. We get trapped in a boring existence in which we just support their plush standards of living. …That is how they control your life. The Answer (Inside Secret) We finished dinner and went into the living room. “People,” I said, “will begin climbing out of their stagnation-traps using the Self-Leader System. But they have to overcome their builtin resistance against leaving the ‘protected world’ of automatic guidance from an authority, an authority that will ‘take care’ of them. Unlike all other animals, man has surpassed the automatic guidance of nature that now slows him down. That’s why man now lives in houses, not caves; he eats food from a grocery store, not a fresh hunt. Similarly, the average person can move beyond the automatic guidance of his routine at work. “The authority, the specialized corporate executives today, shape jobs into automatic routine ruts to block your integrated thinking and to nurture your resistance to becoming the selfleader. But by staying true to the Self-Leader System, the average person can soar past nature’s built-in resistance and the company’s built-in resistance against taking control. He can overcome all such resistance in order to take control of his destiny. He can become the self-leader and get everything he wants out of life!” Both my brother and Santana nodded and smiled. “Because of our deep-rooted link to the automatic guidance of nature,” I added, “the average adult still seeks the sanctuary of automatic guidance. Therefore, we seek automatic guidance 90

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time at work, and we seek parental-like leaders in our lives from our government, church, the media. We resist becoming the selfleader, so we never discover the better world. We never even know about our innate creative power and the happiness it generates. Our jobs support our resistance with automatic, specialized tasks that we routinely do year after year. So, we remain in this insulated world, slowly sinking in stagnation.” “Wow, that answers a lot of questions I’ve had about myself lately!” Santana blurted. “First you must learn how to integrate and structure your schedule and job by common denominators to be able to grow and absorb vast amounts of knowledge and power,” I said. Eric can help you with that, Santana. Then, as you integrate more and more knowledge, you begin to see a puzzle-picture gradually forming before your mind’s eye. As you see the puzzle coming together, you break through into new knowledge by seeing how the missing puzzle pieces must look like. Your journey in life becomes one of creating new knowledge — completing success puzzles through your own creativity. What a life! Success puzzles we can’t even imagine now can become ours! Your competitive creations will bring new values, products, and services to mankind — while bringing wealth and prestige to you! This creative living generates spectacular motivation and happiness in life! You’ll never again feel internal resistance to being your own leader. My brother and Santana nodded. “Guys,” I said, “America can become by far the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen. The way to that super-wealthy nation is…a nation of self-leaders, which is why I’m going to start my own publishing company to disseminate the Self-Leader System.” “That’s exciting!” Santana said. “Yes, it is,” my brother added. I nodded and said, “Our country was founded by self-leaders. They are our roots. Courageous self-leaders from all over the world travelled to America, which became a nation of self-leaders and very quickly rose to the greatest nation on Earth. “For over two centuries, our government has gradually taken from us our self-leader culture. Politicians appeal to our deeply 91

The Self-Leader Secret rooted, natural acceptance of external authority. They become our external authorities who control us, and their role as our external authorities provides their livelihoods. They have steadily silenced the American spirit — the spirit of self-leadership. “As our external authorities, they nurture our resistance against becoming self-leaders. In subtle ways, they offer us a path of least resistance that seduces us into becoming dependent followers. For example, by providing the path of least resistance to low-income families in the form of automatic welfare payments, the leaders seduce families into becoming hopelessly dependent on big government. The path of least resistance — collect automatic money from big government — perpetuates their resistance to becoming self-leaders. Those low-income families become trapped like a slave class, in the ghetto, dependent on big government. They inherently know this and harbor deep resentment toward the Establishment. They never stand a chance at entering the very profitable world of the selfleader. …That deteriorating, low-income ‘slave class’, by the way, is a microcosm of what is happening to America as a whole as the programs for the ‘public good’ that ‘take care of us’ grow. As the whole country goes down, those few with the Self-Leader System will go up. “Through those clever ‘public good’ illusions, the career politicians regulate the economy, which burdens and kills rapidly advancing technology. Even the low-income families would be well-off in a society soaring with an unburdened economy. Rapidly advancing technology would multiply buying power anywhere from a hundred to thousands of times — depending on the purchase — as happened to the computers. Instead, today, the growing ‘slave class’ drinks the poison of career politicians and their media. “Politicians control us and guide us. They make us their dependents in order to have their jobs as our external authorities. Through clever ‘social good’ illusions, they control and guide us so we don’t control and guide ourselves…never to become self-leaders. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t become selfleaders without the Self-Leader System, for our public schools never taught us how to integrate for ourselves.” “Do we even need leaders at all?” my brother asked. 92

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time “Eventually we won’t need leaders as our civilization matures.” “But there’s no way that can happen right now on Earth,” Santana said. “As you just told us, in school we were never taught how to integrate for ourselves to be our own leaders.” “That’s right,” I said. “The fear I saw on the gentleman’s face at the infomercial seminar was there because he couldn’t integrate, so he needed me — someone who could integrate for him…until he learned how to integrate for himself. You see, everyone needs guidance in life, otherwise he or she would founder aimlessly and die. The problem is that few people can integrate and therefore guide themselves. Children are never taught to integrate in school, and adults are specialized in their jobs. Since ordinary people can’t integrate to guide themselves, they look for someone else to guide them.” “So, just as a child needs parents until he grows up,” said my brother, “the ordinary person needs leaders until he learns integrated thinking, right?” “Right,” I answered. “And legitimate leaders, like good parents, will guide the people into self-leadership and success.” “So, you’re saying that we do need legitimate leaders?” Santana asked. “Yes, we need a transition from illegitimate leaders to legitimate leaders to self-leaders,” I said. “People don’t know how to do integrated thinking to guide themselves. So, yes, we need leaders now because people aren’t yet self-leaders. But we need legitimate leaders. Right now, the people would never get rid of the current leaders. Again, it’s because people were never taught integrated thinking. They need guidance, and without internal guidance from integrated thinking, they’ll naturally seek external guidance from politicians. The political leaders inherently know this and cleverly offer ‘guidance’ and block society from integrated thinking with suppressive regulations and legislation. I call that phenomenon: the Great Suppression. But, a Great Replacement Program is coming, which will provide the people with legitimate leaders. Realize, legitimate leaders exist, and they can be easily identified: they push society not down into suppression but up toward self-leadership and success — not unlike parents pushing children toward independence. In 93

The Self-Leader Secret government, that means slashing regulations and legislation so integrated thinkers can rise. By the way, those rising geniuses would drive our costs of living to fractions and make us all buying-power rich as we saw in the relatively unregulated computer industry. “Legitimate leaders have no desire to suppress their employees or citizens. You see, legitimate leaders are not protecting false livelihoods as your external authorities. Everyone benefits: more self-leaders mean more competitive businesses, profits, and a more competitive country with a soaring economy and soaring buying power. Only false external authorities lose as they lose their positions of power. In other words, they could no longer rule over us, no longer live high at your loss.” My brother and Santana listened closely. They leaned forward in their chairs. “Career politicians in Congress are a very big problem — the lawmakers,” I continued. “The state and federal lawmakers generate laws — many thousands of laws every year — to control and guide their citizens. Not only does that put us in an externally guided state of mind and perpetuate our deep-rooted resistance against self-guidance, but all those laws and resulting regulations and litigation discourage the creation of new businesses and jobs. All those laws, lawyers, and lawsuits make it very hard for tender youth to rise with self-leadership, to build new businesses and create new jobs. Hemorrhaging laws, lawyers, lawsuits kill our younger generation’s creativity and independence. Our children’s future is being sold out by a clique of people — by greedy politicians on a very stimulating, self-absorbed free ride. Those state and federal politicians cast the illusion that we need those thousands of new laws every year…those so-called ‘good intentions for the social good’. “Legitimate leaders not looking for a free ride would push American citizens, as parents push their children, into controlling and guiding their own lives. Legitimate leaders would set down free and open conditions as in the computer industry that encourage, not punish, aggressive self-leaders. The freed geniuses of society would then rise and drive down costs in all industries, as first demonstrated in the computer industry. With all that 94

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time buying power, the people will enjoy deciding exactly how to spend their money…enjoy controlling and guiding their own lives. A rich nation of self-leaders would deliver great prosperity not to the Establishment, but to ourselves. Stop and think: Do we really need state and federal lawmakers generating thousands of new laws each year that control and guide and suppress citizens and their businesses? Or is that excessive lawmaking merely creating illusions of importance for career politicians as a cover for their intoxicating ruling-class power?” “I certainly agree with what you’re saying,” said my brother. “Yes, I agree with that, too,” said Santana, “but I have a concern: You said that the legitimate leaders tomorrow will push us into becoming self-leaders whereas our illegitimate leaders today not only nurture our resistance to becoming self-leaders, but outright suppress us with improper education and block us with regulation and legislation. Legitimate leaders will push society into self-leadership…I get a little nervous when you say they will push us into becoming self-leaders.” “Your nervousness is the same as the fear I saw on the gentleman’s face at the infomercial seminar,” I said. “Realize, we would’ve never left home to go to school if our parents didn’t push us. Subsequently, we discovered everything good in life by acquiring an education. But, if not pushed into going to school, we would’ve sunk into stagnation for the rest of our lives, and we would’ve eventually hated our parents…not unlike Americans are now beginning to hate politicians. “Legitimate leaders will create the non-suppressive free environment that will inherently push our citizens into a world that delivers everything good that life offers — a world that frees aggressive self-leaders to make everyone else wealthy as they did in the computer world. But for now, our deep-rooted resistance is nurtured by the Establishment’s path of least resistance: that is, given the laws, litigations, and regulations, it’s often not worth striving for more than a routine-rut job in our society! If not pushed aside, that path of least resistance will forever keep citizens from advancing into self-leaders. Society will continually remain a suppressed ‘slave class’ supporting a few thousand external authorities. “Of all the new American businesses today, few manufacture 95

The Self-Leader Secret original, creative new values. Most of the new American businesses service what already exists. The sheer absence of creativity and innovation can’t last for long. Society and its parasitical leaders can ride on already existing values a while longer. But, by cutting off the creativity of our youth, our future generations will suffer. “By contrast, a nation of free and creative self-leaders would drive new values into the marketplace, drive down costs and drive up our buying power. A preview of creative new values being driven onto the marketplace is the booming biomedical industry, a direct result over the past few years of a gradually weakening FDA.” My brother raised his finger and asked, “If the establishment leaders are on top anyway, why do they suppress us?” “Why?” I said. “To stay on top, to keep their stimulating, easy-come lifestyles for life. The reason you and have a hard time seeing that is because you yourself don’t have such dishonesty and laziness in your own character. So, you can’t relate. But political leaders stay on top through creating illusions that we need them…while really just burdening society. Again, consider that federal and state lawmakers convince the public we need thousands of new laws every year. That illusion created by career politicians is ridiculous. Creating that many laws and spending our money makes us assume we must really need career politicians. But all those laws make American businesses uncompetitive in the ever growing global economy, causing businesses to shut down or outsource jobs, costing hardworking Americans their jobs. Career politicians, by contrast, secure their own jobs by providing that “important,” busy lawmaking. Indeed, they rise up by pushing American citizens down. “But even worse in the long run, the litigation frenzy from so many laws and regulations prevents tender youth from ever having a chance to rise as self-leaders. Today, for example, to put your name as owner of a business, no matter how small, is downright dangerous. “At the risk of sounding simplistic, I’ll say we really don’t need their excessive lawmaking. Without them rising up by pushing us down, then more and more citizens and tender youth could rise as self-leaders. Those geniuses of society would make 96

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time us all rich through the Great Technological Revolution, just as the geniuses in the relatively free and unregulated computer world made all computer consumers computer rich through the computer revolution. Without litigation and regulation holding the geniuses down, more and more geniuses would rise rapidly and pull up everyone around them into a technology-driven, inexpensive new world. “Now, I must add one other point here, Eric: Why do politicians pass so many unnecessary laws that stimulate lawyers and cripple our businesses and long-term economy? Remember that lawmaking is their illusion of importance — their image of being important leaders — to cover their free ride in life. Let me stress: everything they do is to acquire political power and re-election power. Creating bills, passing laws, spending money gets media attention, name recognition, and votes. “We put our trust in leaders, but they pass unsound laws and spend unsound budgets for an unsound, insincere purpose: to get re-elected as our leaders. All those laws, lawyers, lawsuits stop tender youth from rising up, and all that government spending puts our industries in increasingly uncompetitive positions for decades to come. “People now are beginning to see that something has gone terribly wrong with the system. Our trusted politicians have sold out our futures for selfish near-term, look-good, vote-gathering gimmicks. Our leaders betrayed our trust. What’s worse, they must keep us as their followers — sort of as if parents kept their children from going to school. The children would not know of the better world; we do not know of the better world.” “We’ve been robbed of our self-leader spirit,” my brother said. “Career politicians are happy to be our leaders. So, we accept them. We work our entire lives to buoy their stimulating lifestyles. You’re so right: unknowingly, we’re their slaves!” “And at work,” I added, “we get stuck in our boring routine ruts. As our leaders, our politicians, pass laws — more and more laws — we get stuck in a falling economy with no opportunities to rise into dynamic self-leaders. Instead, we just pay more and more taxes to pay for their illusions of importance.” “You know,” said Santana, “you’re right. I’m ready…I am ready to be my own self-leader! I’m excited!” 97

The Self-Leader Secret “You know where that excitement’s coming from?” I asked him. “Your child of the past is taking notice here. You see, we never really forget our childhood dreams. Every adult still wants to be a millionaire, still wants to achieve great things, still wants the sensational love. Today, the average person lives in a boring, routine rut with far less money than he’d hoped for. His excitement for life gets lost. Around forty years old, he becomes disillusioned with life. He feels stagnant, his childhood dreams and excitement gone. When he was growing up, he’d dream about becoming a millionaire. He’d dream of a beautiful love and beloved family. He’d look toward the future with great excitement. Oh, the happiness ahead! …But then he’s let down. Stagnation pulls him under. The great happiness never lasts; the excitement eventually fades. “Just think if he could suddenly have all the happiness and excitement back! Just think if he could become that millionaire…and recapture the passion for life and romance! Well, let me tell you, there is so much more in life of those three most important things that make the average person happy: 1) value creation and making a difference, 2) wealth and prestige, and 3) romantic, family, and friendship love. There’s so much more to life, so much more success and achievements…so much more excitement, pride, and happiness. The child in all of us once daydreamed about having all that. Now, our child of the past will.” I looked at my brother and Santana and added, “As the world around us goes down, those of us with the Self-Leader System will go up. And that is why I plan to bring this someday to millions of people. With that, I’m giving you your next lesson. And since your friend is here, I’m going to read it out loud:”


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

The Self-Leader System Lesson Six (Inside Secret) “You’ve already learned how to overcome the external obstacles in your company to evolve into a self-leader,” I said. “Now you must overcome the internal obstacle in yourself to complete your journey to becoming a self-leader. That obstacle is your deep-rooted urge for the automatic controls of external guidance. You must be aware of fighting this natural urge for the next thirty days. If you aren’t aware of fighting this every day initially, chances are you have succumbed. You must fight this resistance in order to overcome it. You may even feel ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. But keep focussed on your mini-day/powerthinking team. Keep mastering details and absorbing responsibilities to take over a living job. DO NOT EASE UP. You must force yourself to do these things — you must fight your resistance against taking control of life. Fight hard, every day, for thirty days, and you’ll feel your psyche change. Taking control of life through integrated thinking will become more and more natural to you. What once seemed like hard work will become fun work. Eventually, creating values and making money will become your way of life.” “Eric, I’m really into all this,” Santana said. “Can you teach me the Self-Leader System? I’m ready!” “We’ll start tomorrow,” Eric said with a smile. When my brother’s family and friend left that evening, I wrote the following entry in my diary: “Over the past several weeks, each breakthrough taught me how to acquire greater integrated knowledge. With each breakthrough came greater success. Each of those six breakthroughs can be used independently to boost success. But by using all six together as a powerful system — the Self-Leader System — I’m becoming an unstoppable winner! This system is amazing. I’ve already started teaching it to my assistants and to about a dozen other 99

The Self-Leader Secret co-workers. They love me for it! But most important, I feel like a self-leader; I’ve discovered myself. I’m in charge and love it. My outlook on life has changed. Yes, the whole world is sinking, but not me! I’m my own person, on my own path, and I’m really happy. My personal renaissance has given me back myself.”


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Step Seven Mind Muscle (Inside Secret) While teaching my co-workers these techniques, I realized I had to build up their “mind muscle”. In fact, all geniuses of society today had to do the same to rise up from under the lid holding down society. In a Neothink® Vision, I observed people of the future easily and naturally using the following seven power techniques. Indeed, the following seven power techniques let you muscle your way to success in our suppressed politicized society. The following techniques will give your mind some “muscle” along its journey into integrated thinking and onto puzzle-building and future-telling Neothink®. The following techniques require some work, but they can be used like shots of adrenaline as needed to become a self-leader. In today’s sinking world, however, these seven techniques will not be so hard to do at all as you feel them lift you while others tragically fall. Rather, the techniques will be exhilarating. So, let’s kick-start your mind into integrated thinking using the following seven techniques. Below are excerpts quoted directly from my seven meetings while teaching my co-workers the seven techniques to help kick-start their integrated thinking and launch Neothink®: Meeting One: The Power Approach (Inside Secret) “I’ve told all of you about my Neothink® Vision. I can’t get over how ordinary people in tomorrow’s Neothink® World carried themselves with such self-confidence and honest power. I’ve never seen such authentic self-authority back here in today’s world. Ordinary people in my Neothink® Vision, for instance, appeared like walking legends. What caused that bigger-thanlife aura about them that radiated such confidence and competence? “I tried to put into action what I saw. In doing so, I made a personal breakthrough and developed my own technique. In fact, I subsequently realized that geniuses of society today 101

The Self-Leader Secret essentially used my same approach to turn on a little-known ‘power generator’ that resides in every person’s mind. Of course, the walking legends in my Neothink® Vision naturally functioned with the power generator always on. When I turned on that power generator in me, it cut through the illusions and lies that once left me confused and powerless at building values and wealth. Trapped in our suppressed ruling-class society, this technique helped me break through to the winning approach to problems at work and in personal life. “Consider that human life offers you and me power. For example, if I try hard enough, I can take control of every situation in life. I can take control of my schedule; I can take control of my company. But I have to take it. “Now, I captured the only mental state that allows one to take control. I call it: the Power Approach: In confronting any problem, I now ask myself, ‘What is the winning concept behind this situation?’ In other words, I figure out how to bring all the little nagging percepts together and solve them with a single, integrated burst of pure power. To help myself see the winning concept, I’ve learned to shift that intellectual question into an emotional reaction by replacing the two words ‘winning concept’ with the words Power Approach. Now, let’s ask the question again. I’ll knit my brow and say it: What is the Power Approach to this problem? …Suddenly, I feel a surge of strength. You try it. That surge of strength almost always shows me the most powerful course of action. And the most powerful course of action is inevitably the winning concept — the winning approach — to the situation. “Now, for situations of all kinds in my work and personal life, I ask myself, ‘What is the most powerful course of action…what is the Power Approach?’ Lo and behold, I consistently see the fearless choice of self-authority, the choice of a self-leader. Then, I act on that choice — I act as a selfleader. “As I increasingly act on this pure power, I become an unstoppable winner. I’m emotionally transforming from following external authority to self-determining internal authority. “Each situation I encounter, particularly in my career, I ask myself, ‘What is the winning approach to this situation?’ Or, 102

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time more emotionally and much more effectively, I ask myself, ‘What is the Power Approach — the most potent course of action — to this situation?’ That single question helps me guide myself and stop looking for external guidance. “Now, you try it: Say you work a specialized job and are unhappy; instead of brooding over all the specifics that make you unhappy, ask yourself, ‘What is the winning approach to this situation? What is the Power Approach to fixing this problem?’ Keep asking yourself that no-nonsense question. I’ve found it best to keep asking yourself that question over and over again until the answer rises up within you. As you ponder the most powerful course of action, let your feelings get fired up until you are burning with determination. ‘What is the Power Approach to fixing this problem?’ Do not analyze the answer. Just let the Power Approach flow. Realize that later you’ll decide whether or not to act on it. “See the Power Approach clearly: Say, in this case, the most powerful course of action is to aggressively take control of the responsibilities that will lift you into a living job. Or, say the Power Approach calls for you to leave your specialized job and start your own twenty-first-century wealth-building job. If you then act on your own authority and pursue the winning power approach, then you’ll become a powerful dynamo and a big winner in life. I know this from personal experience. “Leaving one’s job to start a business is a major undertaking. Yet, the Power Approach applies everywhere, in large or small situations. You can begin small, using the Power Approach on frequent problems or common situations. By asking yourself, ‘What is the Power Approach in this situation?’ you can see the most powerful course of action, which burns like a laser through bothersome percepts to the winning concept. The Power Approach burns like a laser through confusions and illusions that make you weak. It burns through deep-rooted resistance to selfleadership. Once acting on the Power Approach, you become your own authority, and nothing can stand in your way. You won’t succumb to others or to your own meekness. You will become strong. Your mind will become free of debilitating illusions. “First use the Power Approach in small daily situations. 103

The Self-Leader Secret Build your strength with the Power Approach. Before long, you will take on major decisions in life using the Power Approach. “Start today with problems and challenges in your career. Push ahead with the power course of action. Chop through lingering turmoil as you identify, ‘This is the problem; here is the solution.’ Become calm and confident in the face of the most trying situations. Develop courage and make fearless moves. Become the decision maker. “The average person’s stagnation-trap stems from deep-rooted feelings and illusions of needing to be led. The Power Approach rises from powerful determination not to be led. Resistance to becoming a self-leader comes from a passive, nonintegrating mode and is the opposite of the Power Approach that comes from an aggressive, integrating mode. The Power Approach provokes emotions that push you to use the great power in your mind: to use integrated thinking, take control, and fearlessly lead your own life. “The Power Approach builds on itself. Every day you will become noticeably more powerful and a stronger self-leader. Turn on this power generator in your mind, starting tomorrow at work. All the greats have. Quickly, you will experience a surge of power. Gradually, a uniquely creative genius will emerge from within your own mind.” Meeting Two: Power-Concentration (Inside Secret) “Okay, now pushing ahead on how to become the integrated thinker: A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the two different modes of thinking: 1) the externally guided mode of the past versus 2) the internally guided mode of the future. To make good money, we must remove anything that blocks us from evolving into the internally guided mode. I’ve identified a major mental block that prevents us from ever entering the internally guided mode in which we begin to form concepts and then build success puzzles. It has to do with the way we concentrate: “First, I could never quite understand when I was in college why other students would go into the library and study for hours and hours and hours day after day after day. I would see those people studying for a test for many, many hours over several days, and I would sometimes wonder if I were going to flunk 104

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time the test. For, I hadn’t even started studying. But I would shut myself in one of those 6’ x 8’ cubicles in the library the morning of a test, not having studied at all up to that point. I would close the cubicle door and go into a super-intense mode of concentration, realizing that if I went to the test that moment, I’d flunk it. “I’d go in this intense mode for maybe two or three hours before a test. I’d study right up to maybe five minutes before the test. I would always do well on the test. And a number of times, I would ace a test through that technique. “I didn’t explicitly realize it back then, but now I know there are two different modes of concentrating. Most people in college are in one mode of basic concentration. They go to the library for days and concentrate for a test. And then there’s the other mode of power-concentration. “When a person is power concentrating, he is all at one time trying to get the whole picture, the multiple-thought concept, versus others who are getting pieces, single-thought percepts, one at a time as they study for all those hours in the library. Powerconcentration requires much more mental energy. Furthermore, power-concentration is more than just getting the whole picture. In order to successfully grasp the whole picture, you must get those specifics too, simultaneously. To best understand this, consider the computer programer. He must grasp the whole concept of what the company is after, and he must grasp all the specifics and details to make it work. He must really burrow in. He cannot just get what he believes is the whole picture without burrowing into those specifics and knowing every little specific detail and the effect each detail has on the whole. “You actually know if you are doing this ‘burrowing in’ or not. It’s like a self-test. Remember in mathematics, for example, when you start off with a premise, and then you go through an equation and prove the premise. You know beyond any shadow of doubt that the premise is correct. Well, there’s a comparison here to this burrowing-in mode. You burrow into the specifics until you know the whole picture is right. You cannot really know how everything works without knowing every specific involved. Then, like proving that premise in math, you see the whole picture and all its details simultaneously. At this moment, 105

The Self-Leader Secret the logic jells in your mind. From that enlightened moment forward, all your decisions will be solid and your mind certain. “Now, fathom the leverage behind this power-concentration: First consider that some of you have not fully grasped how my unique direct-mail accounting system works. Without powerconcentration, you’ll never fully grasp the intricate logic, not during your entire career. You’ll never really have control over your direct-mail career, especially those who are working toward a direct-mail mini-company. You can go on working very aggressively, even making some good forward movement. But you’ll never be financially potent and lead a direct-mail minicompany like the person who understands the whole accounting picture and all its details — the fundamental logic. “Now consider that you go into the power-concentrating mode for one hour, sixty minutes. I wager that, for the rest of your life, you’ll have total mastery over the intricate logic…over what happens and why. Such certainty over the numbers would open new horizons. “Power-concentration provides leverage. You can, for instance, master the accounting system in sixty minutes — in the time of one TV show. Or you can, by contrast, never master it, even if you fill out the tracking reports. “Power-concentrating physically differs from concentrating. Your brain feels like it is expanding as it goes to work on the situation. You must think hard and not stop until spending the intense mental energy to really know what’s going on — the whole picture as well as every detail behind that responsibility. Then, you will grasp the logic. “Now, I want all of you to begin power-concentrating in your jobs. Get down to the logic within each responsibility of your targeted mini-company. You’ll begin to form provocative questions that others would never ask. Once you’ve ‘got it’ — once you’ve snapped together and understand the logic within all responsibilities — that logic will never leave your head. You capture iron-grip control over that portion of the business. You’ll never have total control any other way. You see, in the back of everyone’s mind is the external-authority problem. That problem leaves openings to avoid really burrowing in and power-concentrating. But by power-concentrating, you enter the 106

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time internally guided mode and begin to control multiple-thought clusters, which means you begin to control your destiny.” Meeting Three: Power-Control (Inside Secret) “Along with driving for the logic within responsibilities, you must drive for control over those responsibilities and their details. Driving specifically to control those responsibilities broadens your mind beyond specialized thinking. Power-control — that is, relentlessly pushing for more control — makes your mind jump to a higher level of awareness. “As a toddler you experienced an incredible thrill as you pushed your mind to higher levels of awareness and gathered more control. In time, power-control is a similar phenomenon. As adults in the suppressed anticivilization, at first we tend to dislike pushing for control. We don’t really care to expand our awareness and control, and we’re not motivated to do so. In the politicized anticivilization, you must override your resistance to control. Such an explicit drive for control is not easy at first but will, nevertheless, push your mind to a higher level of awareness. At that stimulated level of awareness, your mind becomes aware of problems, trends, and seeks common denominators. Your mind also senses where it specifically needs to do power-concentrating to get the logic in order to gain the control. “Aggressively seeking and seizing control brings your awareness to a whole new level you have not yet experienced. That higher level lets you see the responsibilities and their details from a wider perspective — from the perspective that you are going to get iron-grip control over them. You then start seizing control and taking 100% responsibility, which I’ll talk about in our next meeting. After a few weeks, the drive for control will once again become a natural part of you for the first time since your toddler years. Believe me, control feels good, I know. You’ll begin to feel really good…in fact, you’ll begin to feel that incredible thrill again, not felt since toddlerhood.”


The Self-Leader Secret Meeting Four: Power-Responsibility (Inside Secret) “To take control, you must really feel 100% responsible for the responsibility or project. In other words, two of you here work for me, and you two will never enter the realm of integrated thinking if, in your minds, I carry the basic responsibility. If, in your minds, I carry the responsibility, then you have the opening to switch into the externally guided mode. So, you’ll never become a potent integrated thinker. You may be doing 100% of the work. But, not feeling 100% responsible takes the edge off the burrowing in and seizing control. So, you’ll always lack the complete integrations. You’ll fall short of the allimportant internally guided mode. “At this point of falling short of integrated thinking, you need power-responsibility, you need to really feel 100% responsible for a responsibility or project. That way, you will thoroughly burrow in until you have all the intricate logic and seize complete control. “This 100%-responsibility concept is a key breakthrough, not only for the employee but also for the employer. If you start your own business, you have to know when to let a project or responsibility go and say, ‘Okay, you’ve got it, and if you fail, the project is going to fail. Then and only then will I have to, at that point after you’ve failed, step in and start over from scratch. But if you’re going to fail, I’m going to let the project fail with you.’ “To do that may be very difficult. For, as the entrepreneur, you always carry the sense of responsibility. People working for you may do the work, they may follow through, but you always carry the sense of responsibility. Letting go of responsibility is not in your nature. Letting go is very difficult, especially to the point that if something or someone is going to fail, then so be it. Only then will you deal with it. “On the flip side, taking 100% responsibility is vital to climbing the ladder to better positions in any company and is absolutely crucial to taking over a mini-company. Of course, I’m not going to casually say, ‘Here guy; it’s yours, and if you fail, so be it.’ Instead, you must take responsibility from me through burrowing in, seizing control, and feeling 100% 108

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time responsible. Not until you take that 100% responsibility will I risk letting everything go. Indeed, for you to become an integrated thinker and take over a chunk of this business, you need power-responsibility. You need to physically and psychologically take over each responsibility with 100% responsibility. If you take 100% responsibility, your mind will continue taking over greater and greater chunks of the business. Your mind will feel the survival pressures again, sort of like the toddler who must ‘get up to speed’ with the world around him. Those internally manufactured survival pressures will help kick-start you into integrated thinking and building success puzzles. “When you feel 100% responsible, you know it. You feel it. You no longer have an external authority to lean on. That doesn’t mean you do not have wiser, broader integrators to tap on for advice or input. But you carry and really feel 100% of the responsibility. You feel the pressures, and not any of those pressures go beyond you as you get the information and advice you need from those broader integrators such as myself. “Consider this true scenario: A person is nervously waiting to present his project to the board of directors in a leading American company. He has devoted the last several years of his life to this project. He is afraid whether or not his project is going to be judged a value to the company. He is going to get aggressively questioned by the board, and he is going to make the best darn presentation he can to prove his project a value to the company. All his costs are figured out to the most competitive degree. His whole life and future might be torn down in front of his eyes if his research and development project is killed. He has raw survival pressures on him to make his presentation work. He alone is 100% responsible for his success or failure. “The key is 100% responsibility. You succeed or fail. To whatever extent you are successful is your responsibility, 100% your responsibility. You must put all the responsibility and pressure on yourself. You must not subtly seek external authority or relief from your boss. Through this power-responsibility, you will steadily switch over from the externally guided or following mode into the internally guided or integrating mode. 109

The Self-Leader Secret “Power-Responsibility with power-concentration, pushing for power-control using the power approach gives you real power. You’ll absorb a chunk of the business, namely a mini-company. You’ll break free from your routine rut. You’ll become an internally driven integrated thinker who can build creatively.” Meeting Five: Power-Energy (Inside Secret) “Energy is actually the most basic ingredient of integrated thinking because integrated thinking requires substantial energy. You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t have much energy. If you look around, you can see that only about 10% of the people have a high energy level. So, about 90% of our suppressed population is, right away, physically eliminated from integrated thinking and building success puzzles. Most people must start with their energy levels; they must discover powerenergy. “Power-energy is a psychological phenomenon. For instance, you could sit here and be in a daze, but then all of a sudden you could say to yourself: ‘What the heck am I doing?’ and force yourself into an intense, high-energy mode. “Anyone can snap out of a low-energy mode. I have proof: Put anyone on an urgent deadline. All of a sudden, that person works with high energy. Energy levels can be controlled by a mental choice. Power-energy takes only a simple wake-myselfup decision. “To go to the next level of thinking — integrated thinking — requires greater energy. Power-energy — that wake-myselfup decision, physically and mentally — eventually becomes your ongoing and natural state. “Once again, observe the toddler. That small child lives in a different world; he is always power-energizing his mind. In our world of resignation, we have lost that natural human state of power-energizing our minds. But we can get it back. Just do it.” Meeting Six: Power-Interaction (Inside Secret) “To kick-start integrated thinking sometimes requires a process that is not glamorous but captures the very nature of integrated 110

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time thinking. Let me explain: To effectively link together details into multiple-thought clusters and start conceptualizing oftentimes requires a back-and-forth process with your co-workers that I call power-interaction. For example, the new deposits on the computer reduced hours of work to seconds of work. The young lady responsible for this advancement knew nothing about computers…or bookkeeping, for that matter. But she relentlessly went back and forth with the computer programmer probably a dozen times and with the bookkeeper perhaps two dozen times. Her relentless power-interaction enabled her mind to link together and snap the countless details into a completed success puzzle. Power-interaction let her mind solve a puzzle of advancement. “Power-interaction offers us great flexibility because it lets us seize control of unknown areas currently not part of our job responsibilities. This phenomenon is instrumental in taking over a mini-company, perhaps someday the entire company. …You can, once again, imagine the power-interaction done by Charles Nash on his climb to the presidency of General Motors.” Meeting Seven: Reality Power (Inside Secret) “Most people are willing to work hard for success. But most people run into a problem: they’re caught in an illusion. What is that illusion? Naturally, they want to do something really important in their lives. Therefore, they’re caught in a biggerand-better frame of mind: ‘I want to do something bigger and better with my life.’ They will work hard, but they just do not know where to turn. Ironically, great success and achievements are right below their noses. They must break out of the biggerand-better illusion and get down into the littler-and-nastier reality. In other words, to start a path of integrated thinking, they must come down to earth by mastering the nitty-gritty details and absorbing responsibilities. “Instead of some out-of-reach vague dream, great success is a crystal-clear path of learning and linking together nitty-gritty details and responsibilities. That ‘littler-and-nastier’ reality brings you bigger and better things. That is reality power, my friends. You must now exert reality power: inject the seven nitty-gritty 111

The Self-Leader Secret power techniques into your day to spark your integrated thinking and send you along the road to bigger and better things. Discover integrated thinking at work while acquiring for yourself a wealth-building job, and your best dreams will come true. “Use the power techniques from these past seven meetings to facilitate your evolution through the Self-Leader System. These seven meetings gave you potent mind-muscle to use while learning the business and acquiring/absorbing your area of purpose, while establishing and turning on your mini-day/powerthinking team, while moving rapidly ahead in your creative numbers-integrating world, while breaking your resistance to external guidance and breaking into internal guidance.” * * * *


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

The Self-Leader System — Summary Seven Steps to Becoming the Self-Leader (Inside Secret) The anticivilization’s trap of stagnation closes around us as we settle into our routine-ruts at work. Before long, we look beyond our work to vacations and hobbies for any remaining source of excitement. But now, the ordinary person can begin a journey to the life he or she once dreamed about. I did it. My brother did, too. As a matter of fact, a month after having my brother and Santana over for dinner, I wrote down a summary in my diary of the seven powerful secrets behind my journey to riches and success. When you see this summary, you see all at once just how simple success and happiness can be for you and me:

The Self-Leader System Seven Steps Over the past few weeks, each of the seven steps showed me how to acquire greater success. Each of the seven secrets can be used independently to boost success. However, I use all seven steps together as a powerful system — The Self-Leader System. I’m becoming unstoppable. I’ve finally, permanently overcome the stagnation traps set by the leaders. For, I’ve become the self-leader: Step One: Project Curiosity Start with Project Curiosity to educate yourself about the business and to acquire a general overview of integrated knowledge. Integrated thinking will begin; your psyche will immediately begin to change. Step Two: The Self-Investment Plan After a few weeks of Project Curiosity — learning and obtaining a firm grasp of the business — you will gain 113

The Self-Leader Secret enough integrated knowledge to be able to define the company’s basic responsibilities. On paper, pull those basic responsibilities into their money-making purposes, their areas of purpose, as demonstrated in my diagrams. Then, on paper, select one of those areas of purpose, one of those wealth-building jobs on paper as your target. Step Three: Investing In Oneself Now you can dig in and master the nitty-gritty details in order to absorb the responsibilities, one by one, of an entire area of purpose or wealth-building job. As you absorb responsibilities and actively develop your integrated thinking or self-thinking, your psyche will dump the followingleaders mode as it discovers self-leadership. Now you will begin to abandon specialized thinking for integrated thinking. As you begin absorbing your targeted responsibilities, your psyche will gain strength and confidence. You will move into the new league of a selfleader building wealth. Step Four: The Fast-Track Method After taking over an open-ended wealth-building job, an area of purpose, race ahead into building wealth with the Fast-Track Method: the mini-day/power-thinking team. Integrated thinking will become more and more effective and creative via power-thinking. Step Five: The Window To Creativity Use the numbers-integrating mode to open your window to creativity (currently shut tight inside your mind). Through numbers, you will discover more and more creative advancements for your business. You will become a “visionary” headed toward the highest position in the company. Integrated thinking will now jump ahead to an advanced level, as it did for the young Charles Nash. Your psyche will have no more need for external guidance.


The eatest Self-Leader Kept Secret SystemOf— Summary Step Six: The Final Obstacle The only thing that can stop you now is yourself. For about a month, you must work hard every day to overcome your deep-rooted resistance to becoming the self-leader. How? Simply by forcing yourself to execute the previous steps. Think hard about making progress every day. Do not slip out of that think-hard mode. If you begin to feel the “buzz-out syndrome”, then your resistance is taking over. DO NOT LET IT. Fight it with “insta-act” (instant action), hard thinking, and honest effort every day. At first, this self-leader mode might seem hard and uncomfortable. But your self-leader experience will change with time to exciting exhilaration…and wealth. Step Seven: Mind Muscle Each step along the way, each day you must buckle down and get past the sole reason you are not an integrated thinker — external guidance. You can add some “muscle” to your mind as you evolve using the Self-Leader System: the seven Power Techniques help kick-start your mind into integrated thinking. Use and reuse the seven Power Techniques as needed to “muscle” your mind through the Self-Leader System on your way to becoming the SelfLeader. Again, those power techniques are: 1) the Power Approach, 2) power-concentration, 3) power-control, 4) power-responsibility, 5) power-energy, 6) power-interaction, and 7) reality power. They give your mind the “muscle” it needs to get through the Self-Leader System and leave behind external guidance. Navigate your own course to success. Turn on the power generator in your mind: the Power Approach. Push through obstacles. Experience the new you — the power you who takes control of life. The Self-Leader.


Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time

Epilogue Wealth Beyond Money — Afterthoughts My brother and I were visiting our father. We enjoyed each other’s company and a good conversation. “I used to go to work, do my set routine, day after day,” my brother was saying. “Maybe over the years I’d get a promotion. Then I’d go along doing the same thing day after day after day. Eventually, I’d get another promotion. But basically, I’d do the same thing, every day, day after day. I was specialized. I’d go to work, come home, go to work, and I was none the wiser for what really went on in the upper echelon of the company I worked for or in the government itself. I was caught under the lid. “The way out from under that lid was integrated knowledge. The lid was specialization — nothing more. When I began to acquire more and more knowledge about the business at work through the Self-Leader System, I easily removed myself from under that lid. Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun to build momentum that can’t be stopped. With that momentum has come excitement and a steady ascent to wealth. …Now I love my life!” “Eric,” I said, “now that you’re integrating, you’re learning how business really works. As you grow and take bigger and bigger bites of integrated knowledge, you’ll realize, ‘Hey, I’m also learning how the economy works. I’m learning how society really works. ...Hey, I’m learning how our government works.’ Unlike most ordinary, good working people, you know what’s going on — you’re discovering the dishonesty, laziness, and corruption in our corporate and political offices.” “As you learn more specifically about what’s going on in the powerful upper echelons,” our father added, “you’ll learn more and more about the world of money and power. You’re no longer caught in a specialized routine with blinders, Eric. No, you’re beginning to put together and see things that the masses never see. You’ll become a threat to our parasitical-elite leaders, all right. You’ve already begun to expose the hoax of our 117

The Self-Leader Secret politicians and regulatory bureaucrats. And you’ve begun to expose the hoax in the upper echelons of corporate America.” “So, the political big-business leaders will do their best to suppress you and push you back down,” I said. “Don’t let them. Management may increasingly ignore you, or worse, discourage you. But DO NOT STOP. KEEP GOING. Now that you’ve discovered integrated thinking and how to rise in your company, relentlessly keep going — keep acquiring integrated knowledge, and no one at work can stop you.” “Politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers also will do their best to shut down the rising integrated thinker,” our father warned. “They don’t want their hoaxes exposed. Their laws, regulations, and litigation make the integrated thinker’s road full of deadly land mines.” “The Great Replacement Program will start to replace our destructive political leaders with legitimate first-generation-type market-business leaders to clear the road for everyone,” I said. “Subsequently, prosperity will become available to everyone,” Eric added. …The three of us continued talking late into the night. The Golden World (Inside Secret) I got home late. I entered quietly, careful not to wake my wife and kids. The clock read 12:17 a.m. I sat down at the kitchen table, opened my diary, and wrote my final page about the Self-Leader System: “In tomorrow’s Golden World, happiness will constantly replenish itself; it will fill us up and overflow. We’ll have to let that happiness and excitement flow out somewhere, and we’ll let it overflow on our spouses and families. When we enter the Golden World, romantic love and family love will rise to new levels. “Society’s jack-in-the-box explosion into the Golden World will happen through the Great Replacement Program. But before society rises as a whole, people can rise on an individual basis through my seven-step Self-Leader System. “The Golden World is just right above us. We can just about reach up and touch it! Imagine, no more financial stress. But 118

Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time we are strapped in wheelchairs by our leaders, and we are sinking with the world around us! Yet, we are so close to the Golden World. Integrated knowledge — a new way of thinking — is all we need to unstrap ourselves and rise…even as the world around us falls. “I will tell all my friends, as I did my brother, to simply: Start tomorrow at work. Discover a new concept: integrated power. Rediscover the joy of learning as you educate yourself about the whole business. A world of new knowledge surrounds you, just sitting there for the taking, just waiting for you to absorb it. As you begin learning different aspects of the business and acquiring integrated knowledge, you will feel your power grow. As your power and importance grows, your promotions become unavoidable. A point in time will come when you feel total control over your destiny — a destiny of success. At that moment, you will feel a surge of happiness. That surge of happiness never goes away! That surge of happiness may actually last for the rest of your life! …Yes, I will tell everyone.” I closed my diary. I went upstairs and looked at my children sleeping. I smiled and just stood there watching their sweet faces. At that moment, my love for those precious treasures overwhelmed me. They’re what really matters, I thought. Filled with fatherly love, I went to bed. My wife surprised me when she slipped under my arm. I smiled, closed my eyes, and indulged in my own happiness.