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the siskiwan - Sisters Kiwanis

ALWAYS FREE MARCH 8, 2012 THE SISKIWAN SISTERS KIWANIS CLUB, SISTERS, OREGON Meeting Programs focused on the outdoors this past month... Fe...

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MARCH 8, 2012



Meeting Programs focused on the outdoors this past month... February brought some varied weather to Sisters and our P r o g r a m M a s t e r D av e C o x , brought us some outdoor oriented programs to go along with it. First off, we heard from Chuck Humphrey from Sisters Trails Alliance. The next week we heard from Maret Pajutee from the U.S. Fo r e s t S e r v i c e s p e a k i n g o n Whychus Creek fish habitats and to round things out, Amanda Egertson from the Deschutes Land Trust gave us an overview of their preservation and restoration efforts in the local area.

Snowy weather surprises some...

John W. James of the Grief Recovery Institute (lower left) speaks at a Kiwanis Evening Presentation on February 16th at the SistersCamp Sherman Fire Hall. Approximately 75 community members attended. The talk touched on the myths about grief recover y that are p r o p a g a te d b y w e l l meaning people trying to toughen their kids up to face the world (don’t feel bad)...John came up with a new take on a phrase in Sisters Country: Cowboy Up


Community Service FROM THE PREZ - MARCH 2012 Hi All, Happy winter and almost spring too. We have recently had both our most severe storms of the season and a couple of sunny days into the 60’s. Something for everyone. One of those blizzard days occurred on February 25th, the day of the first ever Sisters Science Symposium. But you would never know it to look at the turnout and the energy inside the High School. In total, more than 400 students, teachers, community volunteers and Kiwanians all turned out to prove that an increased focus on math and science in our schools is something we all wanted to support.

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Page 9:

The saga begins less than a year ago when two of our most capable Kiwanians, Cal Allen and David Hiller, began working to help define a framework for a Sisters Science Club. An organization who’s charter would be “Advocates for Math and Science in Sisters Oregon”. Under the leadership of Bob Collins (a retired neurosurgeon, and recent Sisters resident), with input from the teachers and administration they laid out a first year plan that included, science lectures for students and community, science projects, a science fair, and a greenhouse project. Funding for the project would come from the community, and our Kiwanis board was quick to add our support to this effort. In many ways, it was a classic Kiwanis sponsored project. The Kiwanis charter of “Making a difference one child at a time, one community at a time” exactly describes what this project will do.

Golf Tournament Flyer

Food Bank February 2012 Families




Children 6-18


Children 0-6


The Kiwanis funding the Sisters Science Symposium (S3) was only part of making the event successful. More than 20 Kiwanians spent all day at the Fair, running and explaining the hands on science exhibits. Some were our long term members who are regulars at every one of our events, but nearly half were our newest members, jumping right in to help. Thank you all.

Volunteer Hours:

This is a great example of our club as a service resource to serve our community. It was a proud day for the Sisters community, and for Sisters Kiwanis, and I commend you all for a job well done.

Kiwanis: Not Avail able

We will all be back next year for even more.



Community: 13 folks / 46 hrs

Thank you.

Prez Jeff



Bill Rainey smiles while Jan Failing pins on his permanent Kiwanis badge..

Cindy Rainey smiles while Jan Failing pins on her permanent Kiwanis badge..

M i k e Ve r m i l l i o n g e t s t h e treatment & smiles while Jan Failing pins on his permanent Kiwanis badge..

Busy time of year coming....keep your calendars free! We need volunteers to help with: Quilt Show Raffle - Ann Richardson will bring this year’s raffle quilt to Prez mtg in Apr - Looking for a ticket sales coordinator see Barb Bott Golf Tournament - see Jeff McDonald Buckaroo Breakfast - see Tay Robertson Rodeo Parade - see Vern Renner Antique and Collectibles Sale - see Karen Keady

Drawing is up to $360 !!!

2012 PNW Convention in Bend - see Kerry Bott Chaperones for Key Club Dance in April (must have SHS clearance Badges) see Michele Hammer or Prez Jeff

MILESTONES March Birthdays 13th - John Troike 20th - Mike Vermillion 28th - Bob Walter 29th – Cal Allen March Anniversaries Suzy & Lance Ramsey 33 years on the 3rd Doug & Debbie Stevens 18 years on the 4th May Fan & Chris Calvin 37 years on the 22nd Earl & Zoann Armbruster 30 years on the 24th Tom Fish & Bonnie Asay 8 years on the 31st

April Birthdays 3rd - Bob Grooney Jean O’Hara 5th - Susan Windell 9th - Diane Daviscourt 11th - Ron Mohler 15th - Jan Failing 16th - Cindy Rainey 19th - Jim Paul April Anniversaries Earl and Carol Schroeder 51 years on April 8th Dave & Linda Cox 46 years on the 11th David and Sandy Marlow 40 years on April 15th Bob and Claudia Grooney 40 years on April 17th


We are trying a new fundraiser this year -- an Antiques and Collectibles Sale on Saturday, May 26th. I would love it if all Kiwanians would begin to think about what items they might be willing to part with to donate. Gently used furniture items are also welcome. Donated items should be brought over to the Fire Dept. North meeting room on Thursday or Friday, May 24th or 25th. I have arranged to be there both days, (with help), to price and organize items brought in. Anything a person donates will be tax deductible. I plan to have a sign-up sheet made with everyone’s name on it so we can get a fairly good idea of what to expect, donation wise. In the event a person will be out of town on those dates, their items can be donated ahead of time. I have ample storage, close to the fire hall. I am hoping for good participation for a successful sale, so folks can involve family, friends, neighbors to either donate or come by the sale to see what treasures await a new home! Thanks for the opportunity to beg for stuff! Karen Keady photos by Prez Jeff

Key Club Interclub Fun Susan Windell just mailed 40 more cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers. That's a total of 1,840 sent from Sisters. Sisters Electronics will be closed from March 7April 1 so there will be a collection box @ our Thursday meetings for donations.

Club Stats

< from the Secretary’s monthly report



Apr 19th - Key Club ho sted meeting at SHS at 7: 30 AM Apr 22nd - Fireside Cha t for New Members -- Pi ne Meadow Clubhouse, 1 PM May 26th - Antiques and Collectibles Sale, Sisters Fire Hall Community Ro om Jun 2nd - Ray’s / Kiwanis Golf Tournament, Aspen Lakes Golf Course June 5th-8th Kiwanis Inte rnational-European Fede ration Convention, Berg en, Norway Jun 10th - Buckaroo Brea kfast, Sisters Rodeo Gro unds, 7 AM - 11 AM Jun 15th-17th - RV Outin g to Belknap Springs June 28th - July 1st: 97th Annual Kiwanis Internat ional Convention, New Orleans, LA. Aug 23rd-26th - PNW District Convention at the Riverhouse Convent Bend, OR. ion Center, October 1st - A new Ki wanis year begins

At Left: Prez Jeff shows off the bottom of the wind busted flag pole at the KHouse. At Right: The repaired pole is in place and the sign is going back in with help from Metolius Woodworks.

ABOUT THE SISKIWAN Published monthly by the Sisters Kiwanis Club of Sisters, OR. The Siskiwan is traditionally available for the regular club meeting following the monthly President’s meeting. It can also be found on the club’s website at: © All Rights Reserved, 2012


CONTRIBUTORS Dave Huni, editor Jeff Omodt

Karen Keady

Jan Failing

Dave Cox

Leart Jett Sheryl McLaughlin Linda Walker Earl Schroeder

OUR MAILING ADDRESS P.O. Box 1296 Sisters, OR 97759

March 8, 2012 Our 33rd year!

Have a news item or tip? Please contact the editor or one of the Public Relations volunteers at: [email protected]

SNOWBIRD REPORT Earl & Carol Schroeder The dirt county road 8 miles east of Deming NM was extremely wet and muddy after 2 days of unusual rainfall. I had just turned onto the road, went about 100' and the rig just slid sideways into the ditch. I figure it was tilted at about 15 degrees, and it felt like it was going to tip over.  IT DIDN'T ! The below photo was taken at about 5:30 pm, while we still had daylight.  Called for a heavy duty tow truck, out of Las Cruses NM.  We left the area about 11 pm, still shaking and very stressed, yet thankful for not having any real damage to either vehicle. Other then they both were covered thick with mud that turned rock hard the next day. was who we had our Emergency Road Service with. They did lots of phoning to find a large tow truck, and they paid the bill - $675.    All is well, and all the systems are working.

Jan & Hank Failing The Failings recently took a maiden voyage to Sisters -Bend RV (the former KOA of Hwy 20) to get acquainted with their new motor coach. So, a few of us Kiwanians decided to pay them a visit and hold a mini-interclub of sorts. Pictured are Bob Woollard, Jan, Maggie (the lab), Pat Woollard and Tom Kopec on Feb 24th.

Sheryl and Bill McLaughlin I am still sitting here in 80 degree weather.  There are so many activities that go on at this park there isn't enough time to enjoy it all. Will tour Joshua Tree Nat'l Park and take the 360 degree tram ride that overlooks this whole valley.  So different here than at home.  Palm trees line our skyline.  Ran into Jack and Leart on our first day out and then I fell the next day and sprained my ankle quite bad so May, no I am not walking 30 min. a day.  But things are better.  Exercising in a pool, playing water volleyball and such.  Miss you all.  Sheryl and Bill, Feb 9, 2012



Contact Dave Marlow for more information ab out the event. To make a reservation, contact Sandy at Belknap Springs: 541-822-3512

The McJett's Awesome Adventure by Leart Jett   Welcome to the land of sun drenched beaches, gentle waves, soaring birds, and fantastic wind storms.  Buckle your seat belts, this story is a wild ride.    Monday the 27th was suppose to be the day that several of us Jeep people were going on an overnight beach drive trip.  South of Puerto Penasco is the town of Libertad and that was our destination for the night.  The trip was to be mostly driving on the beach which is what we enjoy.  So up and at em by 7 am, showered, lunches made, toothbrushes packed, and dog loaded in the car we drove to the RV of our Fearless Leader.  It was a bit windy but hey, wind never stops us intrepid explorers.  Fearless Leader is standing outside and says "sorry guys we are canceling due to the wind".  Ok, no problema, Fearless Leader says we will plan on Thursday for the trip instead.  It is now 9 AM and the wind has come up just a tiny  bit more and there are white caps on the water, so pretty to watch.    So, it is back to our trusty RV and we hunker down for awhile.  Lunches are already made so that answers the  daily question of "where should we go have lunch today?"  By now the wind is a bit stronger.  Soon the RV is rocking f r o m s i d e t o s i d e .  We a r e reminded of being on the boat while at anchor.  Gilley's autofeeder drops her noon time meal and she looks at it and burrows deeper into her dog cave. It is her unspoken opinion that she does not like this rock and roll stuff and is willing to pass up food to continue hiding in her cave.  This is not normal, meals are the most important time of day for her.   Soon it is mid afternoon and the pretty white caps have become

2-3 foot waves of the '"crashing on the beach" kind and the wind has increased to a steady 20-30 MPH with some gusts that are much higher.  The canvas flap over the slide-out is doing a deranged tango.  We decide it is probably a good idea to bring the slide in.  Ok, did that, now what. It is now dark and we start hearing the sound of sand hitting the side of the RV.  A brief check out the window we see the sand looking like driving rain in the lights of a passing auto. Not good.  Another quick check and we see that our chairs, rug, and barbeque stuff outside  are in danger of being sent back to the USA via air transport.  We dash outside and anchor all that down.  Inside, we discover that we now have sand in our hair, clothes, eyes and mouths.  The RV is now rocking so violently  that it is not safe to leave a glass of vino into on the table. Several of the RV's are facing directly into the wind and their owners fire up their engines and pull out.  Makes us wonder if there is something we don't know about that is going to happen or are they just being smart and trying to get away from the brunt of the wind and blowing sand. We decide to stay put for the time being.   By bedtime, the winds have gone up and down several times but seem to be getting worse.  We decide to also pull in the bedroom slide  to cut down the noise. This means that moi gets to climb over Jack if a midnight trip is need to the facilities.  Gilley is lured out of her cave and immediately dives under the bed covers, her alternate cave and feels much safer as she is now firmly planted between us. It is several more hours before the wind subsides.  Our best guesstimate, we probably had gusts that were hitting 45 to 50 MPH. Dang, where is that wind gauge when you need one?   

Tuesday morning dawns and we find we are still upright but covered in sand.  Gilley and I head for the beach. I figure it will be a good beach glass hunting time after the wild surf and Gilley needs the facilities.  Jack starts the clean up process and discovers that not only is there sand all around us, it is in every nook and granny of the RV.  Worst is the engine compartment and the refrigerator access.  Those two spots take a couple of hours to clean.  Mean while, I discover that all four windows on the drivers side (the direction the wind was coming from) have leaked sand.  Thank goodness we had decided to purchase a regular vacuum cleaner for the RV.  It got a good workout. By late afternoon the majority of the sand is back outside where it belongs.  I am sure there is much more lurking inside and I will eventually find it throughout the years.   On the boat we sat out a Chubasco wind storm (sounded like a freight train headed right for us),  ran from thunder storms while pulling down all the antennas, and found a safe harbor when a hurricane was brewing,  but sitting in a tin can on dry land is not fun.  You can't throw any more lines on it to secure it to a dock.  It takes at  least half an hour to pull the umbilical cords in to disconnect and even try to get out of harms way and then where do you go?  So, this goes in the log book as just one more adventure for the McJetts, one more story for dinner around the table with friends we are trying to convince to travel to Mexico with us (hey, it really was fun, trust us), one more big thank you to the guy upstairs for protecting us once again.   P.S. The beach glass hunting was very successful. 

Sisters Kiwanis

Speaker’s Calendar

Our Purpose and Mission:

==================== Mar 8 Chuck Kuzminski -- Gold Mar 15 Bill Turner -- Hands On Horse Guy Mar 22 Irv Nygren -Pakistan and Afghanistan ==================== Apr 5 President’s Meeting Apr 12 Bill Turner, Hands On Horse Guy Apr 19 Key Club Breakfast, SHS, 7:30 AM Apr 26 Sharon Darling Adams, Current Mrs. Oregon ==================== May 3 President’s Meeting

K i w a n i s In te r n a t i o n a l i s a worldwide organization with over 600,000 members focused on serving the children of the world, one community and one child at a time. The 68 members of the Sisters club take pride in a very real impact on the local community. The club runs the food bank and has a massive food share event during the Christmas holidays. It supports f e l l o w S i s te r s r e s i d e n t s w h e n emergency needs arise. It offers scholarships to many graduating seniors, and awards grants to dozens of organizations that have significant impact on the well-being of children and families. The club also gives "opportunity grants" to many deserving adults in the community to help them better their position in life. Other service projects include: cleaning Sisters' highways, reading to children, i m p r o v i n g o u r c i t y 's p a r k s , sponsoring our scout troops, manning Red Cross blood drives, collecting eye glasses and cell p h o n e s , a r r a n g i n g co m m u n i t y presentations, maintaining an entrance sign to our city, teaching kids poison awareness and helping screen children for health problems.

Sisters Kiwanis: We Celebrate Service! & invite you to join us for breakfast Aspen Lakes, Brand33 Thursdays at 7 AM

Kiwanis House: 225 N. Oak St. Club Mail: P.O. Box 1296 Sisters, OR 97759 [email protected] Club Officers: President: Jeff Omodt (541)549-8422 [email protected] President-Elect: Dave Huni (541)549-8824 [email protected] Secretary: Jan Failing (541)549-6766 [email protected] Treasurer: Jack McGilvary (541)549-4274 [email protected] Past-President: Kerry Bott (541) 549-1303 [email protected] Key Club President: Conor Greaney [email protected] Kiwanis Intl President Alan Penn, Medina, Ohio (Medina Breakfast club) PNW District Governor: Claudell King 1455 S.E. Rogue Drive Grants Pass, OR 97526 Home (541) 660-2183 [email protected] PNW District Governor-Elect: Greg Holland 1832 St. Ann’s Drive Duncan, B.C.V9L 5M4 Home (250) 748-4260 [email protected] Immediate Past Governor: Frank Morehouse 14650 S.W. Bonanza Ct. Beaverton, OR 97007 Home (503) 646-9490 [email protected] District 78 Officials: Lieutenant Governor: Forest Carbaugh 134 NW Gerke Rd. Prineville, OR 97754 Home (541) 408-4533 [email protected] Key Club Lieutenant Governor:


The Kiwanis Club of Sisters

• Four person scramble • Double shotgun start: Flight one at 7:30 am - Flight two at 1:30 pm • First 120 golfers per flight • Low gross wins • Team prizes $1,000.00 (per flight) Great Hole-in-One prizes! Fun contests, games and raffles! Entry fee: $125 per person (includes green fees, cart, BBQ lunch and refreshments)

Entry Form

Entry Deadline: May 1, 2012 Business _______________________________ Team Contact _________________________

Address ________________________________

Name 2 ______________________________

City, Zip ________________________________

Name 3 ______________________________

Phone _________________________________

Name 4 ______________________________

If you do not have a partner or team, we will match you with one.

Check one or both: Tournament/$125 per player ______ Hole sponsorship/$250 ______ $100 per player if paid in full by May 1st ___________ Checks payable to: Sisters Kiwanis Foundation (501c3) or Contact Jeff to Pay by Cash or Credit Card (6%

Handling Charge for all Credit Cards)

Mail to: Jeff McDonald, PO Box 669, Sisters, OR 97759

For more information contact: Jeff McDonald (541) 549-2222