the southern living idea house at fontanel is built in - Castle Homes

the southern living idea house at fontanel is built in - Castle Homes

FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE:  Wednesday,  May  29,  2013     Contacts:    Southern  Living  |  Jen  Zawadzinski,  212-­‐522-­‐9046,  [email protected]

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FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE:  Wednesday,  May  29,  2013     Contacts:    Southern  Living  |  Jen  Zawadzinski,  212-­‐522-­‐9046,  [email protected]     Fontanel  |  Zan  Martin,  615-­‐330-­‐5622,  [email protected]     Castle  Homes  |  Nancy  McNulty  615-­‐791-­‐6456,  [email protected]    



  THE  SOUTHERN  LIVING  IDEA  HOUSE  AT  FONTANEL  IS  BUILT  IN     MIDDLE  TENNESSEE  FARMHOUSE  STYLE  AND  BLENDS     TRADITION,  COMFORT  AND  SOPHISTICATION   -­‐-­‐-­‐   A  Series  of  Buildings  Create  an  Intimate  Courtyard,  Perfect  for  Entertaining;   The  Many  Porches  Are  Places  to  Gather  and  View  the  Lush  Gardens     -­‐-­‐-­‐   The  Home  Will  Open  for  Tours  on  June  29  and  Later  Become  a  Boutique  Hotel     Birmingham,   AL   –   The   Southern   Living   Idea   House   at   Fontanel   respects   historic   tradition   and   reflects   timeless   Southern   style.     The   home   was   inspired   by   a   150   year-­‐old   Middle   Tennessee   farmhouse  in  Leipers  Fork,  and  designed  with  guests  in  mind,  on  a  cozy,  comfortable  scale.    The   décor  is  inviting  with  its  warm,  neutral  palette  and  use  of  reclaimed  wood  beams  and  antiques.     The   garden   is   meant   to   welcome   guests,   while   the   “weekend   project   gardens”   help   solve   common  gardening  dilemmas.    Every  year,  Southern  Living  selects  a  project  team  to  develop   one   “Idea  House”  that  inspires  consumers  to  experiment  in  their  homes  and  gardens.     The  home  will  open  to  the  public  for  tours  Saturday,  June  29th  and  will  remain  open  Wed-­‐Sun,     9  a.m.  to  3  p.m.  until  December  29th.    Tickets  can  be  purchased  for  $12  on  site  and  a  portion  of   the   proceeds   will   be   donated   to   St.   Jude   Children’s   Research   Hospital.   The   home   is   located   at:   4133  Whites  Creek  Pike,  Nashville,  TN  37189  and  will  be  featured  in  the  August  issue.     “Our  refined  farmhouse  draws  from  Tennessee’s  rich  architectural  legacy  to  look  like  it  has   always  been  there,”  said  Lindsay  Bierman,  Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief  of  Southern  Living.         Following  are  the  unique  elements  of  this  year’s  home:     ARCHITECTURE:   The  farmhouse  style  home  consists  of  a  series  of  buildings:  the  main  house,  a  guest  house,  

two  “bunkies”—his  and  her  apartments—plus  a  garage  with  an  apartment.    The  buildings   are  arranged  in  a  U  shape,  creating  a  private  courtyard  and  perfect  place  for   entertaining.     The  great  room  and  its  adjacent  porches  encourage  gatherings  by  day,  yet  the   “unbundled”  design  allows  guests  a  sense  of  separation  and  privacy  at  night.  All  told,  the   home  has  2,800  square  feet  of  porches.     Windows  with  4  over  4  divided  lights  are  often  seen  on  historic  farmhouses,  so  the  team   carried  them  throughout  each  structure  for  a  consistent  look.           Similarly,  in  lieu  of  a  second  story,  an  open,  airy  light  feel  is  achieved  with  a  band  of   clerestory  windows,  flooding  it  with  sunlight  and  accentuating  the  agrarian  farmhouse   aesthetic.   BUILDING:   Reclaimed  lumber  is  used  in  the  kitchen  and  main  living  room.  The  sliding  kitchen  doors   were  harvested  from  a  barn  in  Louden,  TN,  built  in  the  1900s,  and  the  beams  in  the  living   room  came  from  a  barn  near  Winchester  which  once  served  as  livestock  and  sale  barn.     The  Main  House  features  gorgeous  chevron  patterned  2-­‐inch  thick  mahogany  doors,  and   in   the   kitchen,   a   black   walnut   counter   surrounds   a   three-­‐bay,   stainless   steel   sink   with   a   bead-­‐blasted  finish.     Cable  railings  wrap  the  porches  off  of  every  room  to  allow  for  clear  lines  of  vision  to  the   stunning  gardens  below.   DÉCOR:     Renowned  interior  decorator  Phoebe  Howard  chose  a  neutral  palette  of  creams  and  soft   grays  mixed  with  blues  and  greens  to  create  a  gracious,  elegant  yet  relaxed  feel  —  a  fresh   take  on  Southern  comfort.     She   pairs   unexpected   fabrics   and   trims   on   window   treatments,   pillows   and   upholstery   with  surprising  uses  of  color  on  cabinetry,  walls  and  ceilings.     Artwork  from  patients  at  St.  Jude  Children’s  Research  Hospital  will  hang  in  the  Resource   Center  to  celebrate  the  children’s  artistic  talent  and  personal  expression.   GARDENS:      

The  gardens  create  a  sense  of  welcome  as  visitors  enter  the  property.  Plants  and  shrubs   create  a  sequence  of  movement  through  the  entry  and  into  the  courtyard.       Plant  and  flower  communities  include  deciduous  magnolias,  boxwood  and  multiple  hybrids   of  hydrangea.    Regionally  indigenous  plants  require  little  upkeep  and  conserve  water.     WEEKEND  PROJECT  GARDENS:     To   demystify   gardening   and   make   it   feel   achievable,   the   team   created   solution-­‐oriented   “Weekend   Project   Gardens”   including   “Greet   Guests   with   Style”   and   “Dress   Up   the   Vegetable  Garden.”       These   ideas   can   be   executed   with   affordable   plants   available   at   retail   for   as   little   as   $12.99.     Mandrell  Family  roses  are  planted  in  the  garden  as  an  homage  to  Country  music  legend   Barbara   Mandrell,   an   avid   gardener,   and   her   family,   original   owners   of   the   Fontanel   property.     The  Southern  Living  Idea  House  project  team  is:     Developer:         Fontanel  Properties  LLC   Builder:       Castle  Homes   Architect:       Historical  Concepts   Interior  Design:     Phoebe  Howard     Landscape  Design:     Page/Duke  Landscape  Architects   Charitable  Partner:   St.  Jude  Children’s  Research  Hospital     SPONSORS   of   the   Southern   Living   Idea   House   are:   Allstate,   AT&T,   Ballard   Designs,   Bevolo,   Cesar,   Chevrolet,  Cottonelle,  Lennox,  LP  Techshield,  Mr.  &  Mrs.  Howard  for  Sherrill  Furniture,  Nashville   Convention   and   Visitor’s   Bureau,   Rinnai,   Shaw   Floors,   Sherwin-­‐Williams,   Southern   Living   Plant   Collection,  Sunbrella  and  The  Company  Store.     The  home  will  remain  on  the  Fontanel  property  and  will  reopen  as  a  luxury  boutique  hotel.    For   more,  go  to:         **All  members  of  the  project  team  are  available  for  interviews.**     About  Southern  Living   Southern   Living  celebrates   the   essence   of   life   in   the   South,   covering   the   best   in   Southern   food,   home,   garden,   and   travel.    Reaching  more  than  16  million  consumers  each  month,  Southern  Living  connects  consumers  with  the  region’s  rich   culture  through  a  variety  of  print,  digital,  mobile,  tablet  and  event  platforms.    Headquartered  in  Birmingham,  AL,  the  rapidly  

expanding  Southern   Living  brand   is   part   of   Time   Inc.,   one   of   the   largest   content   companies   in   the   world   and   the   largest   publisher  in  the  United  States.  Time  Inc.  is  a  Time  Warner  company.   About  Fontanel Fontanel  Mansion,  open  daily  for  tours,  is  a  27,000  square  foot  log  home  formerly  owned  by  Country  Music  Hall  of  Fame   member  Barbara  Mandrell.  The  home,  situated  on  the  136-­‐acre  property  is  nestled  in  the  rolling  hills  of  the  Whites  Creek   Valley   just   10   minutes   from   downtown   Nashville.   With   the   2013   Southern   Living   Idea   House   open   soon   for   tours,   the   Woods  Amphitheater  concert  series,  events  and  activities  at  the  Pepsi  Studio  Gallery,  the  award  winning  American/Italian   kitchen   and   wine   bar   at   Cafe   Fontanella,   family   friendly   atmosphere,   and   activities   like   Music   City   Zips,   the   Prodigy   Signature   Disc   Golf   Course,   and   three   miles   of   bike   and   walking   trails,   it   is   easy   to   see   that   Fontanel   is   becoming   one   of   Nashville's  premier  destinations.  For  more  information  or  to  book  a  private  event,  visit  or  call   615/724-­‐1600.   About  Castle  Homes  

Castle  Homes  earned  the  coveted  2012  Southern  Living  Custom  Builder  of  the  Year  for  their  exceptional  home   building.   Founded   in   1992,   Castle   Homes   is   a   top   Nashville-­‐based   design-­‐build   company   producing   impeccable   homes   with   a   guaranteed   price   –   unique   to   the   Middle   Tennessee   building   industry.   Known   for   a   superior   attention-­‐to-­‐detail,  green  building  and  proven  craftsmanship,  Castle  Homes’s  staff  includes  construction  degreed   project   managers   and   an   experienced   interior   design   staff   who   work   to   create   a   stunning   spectrum   of   homes   throughout   the   Middle   Tennessee   area   from   low-­‐maintenance   farmhouses   in   Leipers   Fork   to   historically   inspired   English  Country    homes  throughout  the  Nashville  area.  For  more  information,     About  Historical  Concepts For  more  than  30  years,  Historical  Concepts  has  designed  residences  in  classical  and  Southern  vernacular  styles,  marrying   elements   of   traditional   design   with   floor   plans   and   details   that   reflect   today’s   pattern   of   living.   Inspired   by   architectural   precedent   and   the   characteristics   of   the   setting,   these   houses   pay   homage   to   and   perpetuate   the   South’s   deep   sense   of   place  and  are  timeless  in  style  and  enduring  in  value.     The  firm  has  received  multiple  awards  for  architectural  excellence,   including  the  2010  Arthur  Ross  Award,  the  Institute  of  Classical  Architecture  &  Art’s  highest  accolade  for  a  body  of  work.   The   firm   has   also   been   featured   extensively   in   publications   devoted   to   architecture   and   interior   design.   This   widespread   recognition  confirms  Historical  Concept’s  philosophy  of  drawing  from  the  past  to  the  design  the  architecture  of  today—and   tomorrow.     About  PAGE|DUKE  landscape  architects   Guided   by   our   client's   wishes,   our   mission   is   to   create   landscape   and   garden   designs   that   are   thoughtful,   beautiful,   inspiring,   and   timeless.     We   believe   that   sharing   ideas   and   inspiration   are   integral   to   creating   living   environments   that   seamlessly   enhance   the   relationship   between   indoor   and   outdoor   spaces.     This   approach   leads   to   treasured,   long-­‐lasting   relationships   with   our   clients   based   on   respect,   service,   and   exceptional   design.     Our   disciplines   include   landscape   architecture   and   master   planning   for   residential,   community,   and   institutional   clients.       Projects   range   from   intimate   gardens   to   expansive   public   spaces.     The   Page   |   Duke   aesthetic   employs   classical   theory   with   an   emphasis   on   historical   precedent.    We  seek  sustainable  solutions  that  minimize  our  impact  on  the  environment.         About  Phoebe  Howard   In   1996,   Interior   designer   Phoebe   Howard   and   her   husband   Jim   opened   the   doors   to   their   first   store,   Mrs.   Howard,   in   Jacksonville,  Florida,  hoping  to  demystify  the  decorating  process  for  their  customers.  The  goal  was  simple:  to  create  a  retail   space   that   showcased   Jim's   architectural   and   decorating   talent,   and   Phoebe's   natural   skills   for   buying,   decorating   and   merchandising.   With   equal   parts   of   exceptional   customer   service   and   a   well-­‐rounded   mix   of   furniture,   antiques   and   accessories,  the  store  was  an  instant  success.  Five  years  later,  they  added  another  store,  Max  &  Company,  which  features  a   younger,   more   modern   appeal.   Now,   the   Howards   have   Mrs.   Howard   and   Max   &   Company   stores   in   Jacksonville,   Jacksonville  Beach,  Atlanta,  and  Charlotte.  Phoebe's  penchant  for  creating  stylish  spaces  has  evolved  into  her  own  brand  of   decorating,  which  has  garnered  praise  from  national  media  as  well  as  her  clients.  Known  for  her  fresh  take  on  traditional   style,   Phoebe's   work   can   only   be   characterized   by   its   timelessness   and   her   mantra   to   "keep   it   pretty."   Her   work   is   encapsulated  in  her  first  book,  The  Joy  of  Decorating,  published  by  Stewart,  Tabori  &  Chang.  

  About  St.  Jude  Children’s  Research  Hospital   Since  opening  50  years  ago,  St.  Jude  Children’s  Research  Hospital  has  changed  the  way  the  world  treats  childhood  cancer   and  other  life-­‐threatening  diseases.  No  family  ever  pays  St.  Jude  for  the  care  their  child  receives  and,  for  every  child  treated   here,   thousands   more   have   been   saved   worldwide   through   St.   Jude   discoveries.   The   hospital   has   played   a   pivotal   role   in   pushing  U.S.  pediatric  cancer  survival  rates  from  20  to  80  percent  overall,  and  is  the  first  and  only  National  Cancer  Institute-­‐ designated   Comprehensive   Cancer   Center   devoted   solely   to   children.   It   is   also   a   leader   in   the   research   and   treatment   of   blood   disorders   and   infectious   diseases   in   children.   St.   Jude   was   founded   by   the   late   entertainer   Danny   Thomas,   who   believed   that   no   child   should   die   in   the   dawn   of   life.   Join   that   mission   by   visiting   or   following   us   on  and        



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