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The Southside REALTOR ® 3RD QUARTER 2017 Golfing for a Good Cause Tournament a success for its second year; future looks even bigger Your Southsi...

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The Southside


® 3RD QUARTER 2017

Golfing for a Good Cause Tournament a success for its second year; future looks even bigger

Your Southside Lending Source.

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804-520-1103 All loans subject to credit approval and appraisal.





CVR MLS 2017 New and Revised Forms Reference Guide A busy summer of doing good and spreading REALTOR® pride

All (leadership) roads lead to Chicago

SVAR bids happy retirement to CVR MLS’ Susan Featherston

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Why network? Why NOT? SVAR scores a hole-in-1 for designated charity



Net neutrality...and why it IS a real estate issue SVAR proudly lends helping hand to HFOT


Pitfall alerts for the professional appraiser



The 5 Cs of a successful farming strategy using RPR®

Association to Association: Public perception of REALTORS® following outage


SVAR in brief: Big news, small bites.



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We love our SVAR Affiliates Who needs Willie Nelson when you’ve got these fine folks “on the road again”?

Proclaim your REALTOR® pride with “I am one®”



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SVAR’s annual Charity Golf Tournament has grown, and Committee Chair Ken Pritchett outlines his vision for an even bigger event in 2018.

A sneak peek at SVAR’s annual Education Day & Trade Show


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President’s Page Legal Corner Calendar of Events

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Affiliate Spotlight #2 CEO’s Message SVAR Membership at a Glance

Affiliate Spotlight #1

Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS®

The Southside REALTOR®

President: President-Elect: Treasurer: Immediate Past President: DIRECTORS: Doug Compton Rhonda Canada Partin Nancy Steinke

Approximately 600 copies of each issue of The Southside REALTOR® are published each quarter by the Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS® (SVAR). Subscriptions are included in the annual dues paid by members. SVAR reserves the right to edit or refuse all submissions for publication. Views and advertising expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of, nor endorsed by, SVAR. The Southside REALTOR® is created for the members of SVAR by Organization Management Group, Inc. (

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President’s Page by Steve Overgard, 2017 President, SVAR

The summer is winding down, and one can hear school buses on our roads in the mornings and afternoon. To me, this always marks the end of the summer selling season and the beginning of the fall market. Like the real seasons, selling seasons have different and distinct characteristics. Now that it is turning to fall, there are a few buyers left who intended to buy before school started, and for one reason or another, couldn’t pull it together. Some had trouble finding the perfect house, while others may have had financial challenges. This year, many had trouble buying the house they wanted because someone else got it first or paid a dab more. We hear stories from our good and talented buyers’ agents that, sometimes, their buyers had to make offers on several homes before they were able to get one under contract. Did anyone notice the shortage of inventory in June, July and August? Thankfully, there is more inventory in most areas now, so the fall buyers will have a broader selection of homes and not as much pressure to make a decision right this second. Overall, fall is a more pleasant time to sell a house to someone. Listing agents now can anticipate that their listings may be on the market a little longer. As the market cools, buyers will be less likely to offer crazy high prices and more inclined to offer closer to the true market value. Listing agents will need to get back to periodic updates to the seller, robust advertising, open houses, digital marketing and other “basics” because the listings may not sell in 17 hours anymore. The real estate market in Southside Virginia is still active and brisk, make

no mistake about it. We have a good supply of houses across the whole price spectrum in all types of neighborhoods with an almost unlimited selection of features and benefits. We have a housing

Like the real seasons, selling seasons have different and distinct characteristics. supply that is available NOW to satisfy most buyers, and that’s a good place to be. Home prices have not rocketed and mortgage interest rates are near historically low levels. Just for fun, as we near the holidays, keep a tally of how many of your clients are rushed to get things done “before the holidays” and how many want to wait until “after the holidays.” I always believe now—today—is a great time to get a house listed, get one under contract , and see if you can get the big closing moved up a week. To switch mental gears, let’s reflect on SVAR’s signature events that have been “over-the-top” successful this year and put in a plug for the remaining signature events that are scheduled. SVAR’s Award Banquet was held at a new venue, and we had near-record attendance. Feedback has been positive. RPAC sponsored a Major Donors reception and dinner in appreciation of


those members. We had some special guests, including speakers from the National Association of REALTORS® who encouraged others to step up to a higher RPAC level. Our Charity Golf Tournament raised $2,800 for Homes for Our Troops (HFOT). Over 80 percent of the money donated to HFOT goes directly to benefit soldiers who have sustained the most severe injuries in the line of duty. In addition, several SVAR members actually helped with some of the construction of a specially built home that was donated to a HFOT recipient. The Affiliates Fair was held at a larger venue at White Bank Park. Our Affiliates and REALTOR® members mingled around an old-fashioned cookout. There were plenty of prizes and fun. Education Day is scheduled for October 19; we are extending the trade show hours and still getting six hours of CE. The annual membership meeting and election will follow that evening. In December, we will have our inauguration to swear in our new president, Brett Harris. Another big thing this year has been the office outreach meetings. Leadership and some committee chairs have been making the rounds to several offices, both near and far, to talk about upcoming events, RPAC on the local level, and state and national issues. We are working on special education and classes. We have talked a little about RPR® and other NAR benefits. Mainly, it’s a good chance to meet our members face to face in their own hoods. Good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation is still a thing we do well at Southside. Have a great fall, everyone. ~

CVR MLS 2017 New and Revised Forms Reference Guide by Peggy Lynch GRI, RCE, Richmond Association of REALTORS®

On August 23, the CVR MLS Board of Directors approved five new forms and revisions to nine existing CVR MLS forms. The most significant revisions are to the Purchase Agreement, including the Appraisal, Home Inspection and Acceptance paragraphs. These revisions necessitated the re-numbering of the Purchase Agreement. All CVR MLS forms have been updated to reflect the new paragraph numbers. Please note the CVR MLS First Right of Refusal and the Addendum for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser have been replaced with new forms. Also, the Limited Service and Independent Contractor versions of the Listing Agreement and Buyer Brokerage Agreement have been conformed to reflect the changes to the Standard Agency versions of these forms. This reference guide provides a detailed outline of the significant form revisions and an overview of the new and revised forms. 1. Residential Listing Agreement, Standard Agency - Revised* 2. Addendum to Residential Listing Agreement - New 3. Listing Agreement for Unimproved Property - New 4. Residential Purchase Agreement - Revised 5. Addendum Right of First Refusal - New 6. Addendum for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser - New 7. Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement - Standard Agency - Revised 8. Release of Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement - New 1. Revisions to the CVR MLS Residential Listing Agreement Paragraph 16. Recordings

Within the Property. This new paragraph addresses the issue of onsite video and audio surveillance. The language cautions property owners about the potential liability associated with recording and transmission of audio or video recordings of

First Right of Refusal and the Addendum for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser have been replaced with new forms. prospective purchasers and/or their representatives. An Owner advisory has been added concerning interior and exterior photography and/or recording of the listed property by prospective purchasers, along with release of liability and indemnification language to protect REALTORS®. Note: Listing agents do not have a duty to disclose whether surveillance equipment is in use in a listed property. Paragraph 21. Electronic Signatures. The initialing requirement has been removed from this paragraph. Unless expressly stated otherwise, ratification of the Purchase Agreement is deemed to authorize the use of electronic signatures. *The CVR MLS Limited Service and Independent Contractor Listing Agreements have been similarly modified.

2. NEW Addendum to Residential Listing Agreement This new form provides a means for listing firms to obtain and document the property owners’ consent to modify the terms of an existing listing agreement. 3. NEW Listing Agreement for Unimproved Property This new form is intended for use when listing vacant lots and unimproved land. The basic terms are similar to those found in the revised CVR MLS Residential Listing Agreement but any references to improvements were removed. 4. Revisions to CVR MLS Residential Purchase Agreement Paragraph 4. PURCHASE PRICE. The loan amount has been revised to delete the reference to “not less than” and simply state the “the principal amount of ______”. In the following paragraph, language has been added to acknowledge that the Purchaser may seek financing other than that which is specified in the Purchase Agreement provided that settlement is not delayed and there is no cost to the Seller. The appraisal paragraph has been moved to a new Paragraph 5. NEW Paragraph 5. APPRAISAL. This paragraph is revised to require that the property appraisal be ordered within fifteen (15) days of the Date of Ratification and that it shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to advise their lender of this requirement. If the appraisal is not ordered within fifteen (15) days of the date of ratification, the Seller may terminate the Purchase Agreement. (continued on page 7...)


A busy summer of doing good and spreading REALTOR® pride by Barbara Chambers, Chair, Community Affairs/I am one®

The Community Affairs Committee has been busy promoting the “I am one®” REALTOR® awareness and pride campaign, the annual blood drive and the Teachers’ School Supply Drive. The “I am one®” campaign is in full swing visiting Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS® member offices across our membership territory and educating new REALTORS® during new-member orientations. Agents who display the “I am one®” logo are doing more than just conveying their status as REALTORS®. They’re declaring their passion for the industry and their willingness to go above and beyond what is merely required by law. The “I am one®” campaign will be on the road to an office near you in the future. If you would like us to come present

(and share some campaign swag) at your next sales meeting, please contact me at [email protected]

The “I am one®” campaign will be on the road to an office near you in the future. SVAR held a blood drive in association with Virginia Blood Services on June 27. Special thanks go to those who donated: Jacqueline Bryan, Catherine Crowder, Fay Fletcher, Eileen Knode, Steven Overgard and Randall Wachman.


We did it! Our Teachers’ School Supply Drive was a huge success. Thanks to our generous SVAR members, Board of Directors, Affiliates and the TriCities community, every Petersburg elementary, middle and high school teacher will be able to benefit from the school supplies donated. We also donated to Tussing Elementary School in Colonial Heights, with Principal Remus James graciously accepting the supplies. Special thanks go to my Community Affairs Committee members, Samantha Tyler, Eileen Knode, Jennifer Resnick and Fay Fletcher, for all their hard working in making an idea come to fruition. ~

I am one.


(CVR MLS, continued from page 5...)

An additional revision addresses the rights and remedies of the parties, if they cannot agree upon a reduction of the purchase price if the appraisal is lower than the purchase price. If the parties are unable to agree in writing as to a purchase price reduction within five (5) days of receipt of the request for such reduction, either the Purchaser or the Seller may terminate the Purchase Agreement by written notice to the other party. New Paragraph 7. WIRE FRAUD ALERT. This paragraph advises the parties to the Purchase Agreement of the risks associated with emailing wire instructions. Paragraph 8. DEPOSIT. A new sentence has been added acknowledging the disposition of the Purchaser’s deposit in the event the property is foreclosed upon prior to settlement. Note: Revisions have been made to all CVR MLS forms to reflect the change to the deposit paragraph number. NEW Paragraph 15. OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION REPAIRS. In this new paragraph, if a disclosure packet, resale certificate, or POA or COA, inspection report indicates the property is not in compliance with the Associations governing documents, the Purchaser may request the repairs, maintenance or corrective action necessary to bring the property into compliance, at the Seller’s expense. If the Seller does not agree to bring the

property into compliance or fails to do so prior to settlement, the Purchaser may terminate the Purchase Agreement. If the Purchaser does not request such repairs, maintenance or corrective action within five (5) days of receipt of the disclosure packet, certificate of resale or POA or COA inspection report, then Purchaser’s right to request such actions by the Seller and the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement is deemed waived. Paragraph 16. PROPERTY INSPECTION. The “Purchaser’s requested repairs and Seller paid closing cost credit” is now collectively referred to as the “Repair Request” throughout this paragraph. Clarifying language has been added that the Purchaser may not request the Seller perform any inspections of the property as part of Purchaser’s request for repairs or closing cost credits. Clarifying language has also been added that once a party rejects or presents a counteroffer to the other party, all prior offers and counteroffers made by either party regarding the Repair Request are deemed rejected. Note: Revisions have been made to all CVR MLS forms to reflect the change to the Property Inspection paragraph number. Paragraph 24. STANDARD PROVISIONS. A. EXPENSE PRORATIONS – The notice language concerning title insurance has been

removed. It was originally inserted to address new CFPB regulations in 2015, but it is no longer needed. F. WELL, SEPTIC OR MUNICIPAL SYSTEMS - The language in this paragraph has been updated to include municipal water and sewage systems. If one or more municipal systems is selected and it is determined that the Property is not served by such system(s), the Purchaser shall have the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement by written notice to the Seller. RELOCATED G. MECHANICS LIEN DISCLOSURE This paragraph was simply moved to the Standard Provisions. It was originally numbered paragraph 13 in the prior version of the Purchase Agreement. L. MISCELLANEOUS New language has been added to clarify that for purposes of computing time periods, the first day shall be the day following the commencement of a time period. Paragraph 25. Electronic Signatures. The initialing requirement has been removed from this paragraph. Unless expressly stated otherwise, acceptance of the Purchase Agreement is deemed to authorize the use of electronic signatures by either or both parties. Paragraph 27. Acceptance. Clarifying language has been added detailing the process that must be (continued on page 9...)

THIS MAGAZINE CAN TAKE YOU FAR... Be seen by real estate professionals all across the Southside, including the cities of Colonial Heights, Emporia, Hopewell and Petersburg, the towns of Chester and Ettrick, and the counties of Dinwiddie, Greensville, Prince George, Surry, Sussex and more. That’s quite a reach! Call SVAR today! ~ 4th Quarter Deadline is November 17 ~

The South




R 2016

Riding the


like a world-clas s



All (leadership) roads lead to Chicago Chicago has the Bears, the Bulls, the Cubs, an impressive skyline and some pretty delicious pizza. But each year it also has some special guests annually: REALTORS®, lots and lots of REALTORS®. In August about 1,400 of them from across the country checked out Chi-Town during the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Leadership Summit. SVAR’s own presidentelect, Brett Harris, and CEO Joe Croce were right there with them to network, explore trending industry topics and leadership challenges, and strategize their upcoming terms under the year’s theme of “Own It.” Attendees heard keynote presentations from NAR leaders and nationally known speakers, including NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun, NAR 2018 President Elizabeth Mendenhall, NAR Chief Executive Officer Bob Goldberg, author/motivational speaker and former NFL player Eric Thomas, Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, New York Times bestselling author Charlene Li, Swanepoel editor-in-chief Stefan Swanepoel, and Inman founder and owner Brad Inman. In preparation for their leadership roles, attendees also explored core standards, attended workshops and observed the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, all while mixing in a little fun and sightseeing. Sounds like the perfect blueprint for a fantastic 2018! . – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist

SVAR bids happy retirement to CVR MLS’ Susan Featherston SVAR joined CVR MLS this summer to wish a happy retirement and heartfelt “thank you” to Susan Featherston for all she has done during her three decades with the MLS. President Steve Overgard offered Featherston this wonderful tribute for her service: “Susan has been with the MLS for 30 years. That’s a LOT of listings. She has seen the real estate cycle and cycle again. Our good friend has witnessed the rise of some of the brightest real estate stars in our market. She has helped thousands of agents and brokers along her journey. During the last three decades, the MLS has undergone several conversions, all of which have benefitted immeasurably by her intelligent, calm and reasonable nature. “She is quoted as saying, ‘Some changes are profound, and some are very small; some changes are for the good and some are not so positive. Nonetheless, we are changed. I hope that I have, for the most part, made some sort of change in your lives that has had a positive effect. I know for sure that each of you have enriched my life in many ways and I will not forget one of you.’” “SVAR has been honored to have Susan in our family of REALTORS®. For that we are grateful and wish you Godspeed in your next big adventure.” Indeed. – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist p. 8 • THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017

(CVR MLS, continued from page 7...)

followed if a party desires to accept an offer that has expired. 5. New Addendum Right of First Refusal This new form replaces CVR 105 Addendum to Purchase Agreement – First Right of Refusal. There are several new provisions to note. Paragraph 1. A, identifies a specific number of days within which a Purchaser must list their property for sale, if a Purchaser’s property is not on the market at the time of Purchase Agreement acceptance. Paragraph 1. C, contains revised criteria for documenting a Purchaser’s conditional loan approval or verification of funds sufficient to proceed to settlement. Additional elections have been provided for determining the start of the time periods for the Property Inspection contingency and the ordering of the property appraisal. Paragraph 1.D, confirms the number of days from the date the first right is removed, within which settlement must occur. Paragraph 2. Termination, details the parties right of termination in the event: I. The Purchaser fails to list their property within the timeframe stated in Paragraph 1.A. J. The Purchaser elects to terminate following receipt of written notice of the acceptance of another offer to purchase the property. K. The Seller elects to terminate, if the Purchaser does not provide the written verifications required by Paragraph 1.C or settlement does not occur within the timeframe provided in paragraph 1.D. 6. New Addendum to Purchase Agreement for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser This new form replaces CVR 130 Addendum to Purchase Agreement for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser. The new form contains language clarifying

that the Purchaser will not request the Seller to perform any inspections of the property. Regarding the Closing Cost Credit to the Purchaser, the parties must agree to one of two options: (i) The Purchaser may waive their right to request a closing cost credit for repairs pursuant to the property inspection clause, with the understanding that doing so does not affect any Seller credit to Purchaser for closing costs, prepaids, discounted points and loan expenses provided in paragraph 4 of the Purchase Agreement. OR (ii) The Seller will agree to a closing cost credit of a specified amount. If the Purchaser is obtaining financing and the total closing cost credits pursuant to paragraph 4 and 16 exceed the maximum allowable amount of Seller concessions, the total Seller paid closing cost credit will be reduced to the maximum allowable amount and the purchase price of the property will be reduced by an amount equal to the disallowed portion of the closing cost credit, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties. 7. Revisions to Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement Paragraph 1. An optional selection box has been added to this paragraph which allows the Buyer to specify if the Broker is being retained for a specific property or property type.

devices. Buyers are advised not to discuss negotiation strategies or other confidential information with a property. Release of liability and indemnification language for the Broker, while in its agents and employees related to any recording that may occur while in the property has also been included. Note: Listing agents do not have a duty to disclose that surveillance equipment is in use in a listed property. Paragraph 7. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES. The initialing requirement has been removed from this paragraph. Unless expressly stated otherwise, ratification of the Purchase Agreement is deemed to authorize the use of electronic signatures. The CVR MLS Limited Service and Independent Contractor Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreements have been similarly modified. 8. New Release of Buyer Brokerage Agreement This new form may be used to provide a conditional or unconditional release of an Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement. If you have questions concerning any new or revised forms in the CVR MLS forms library, please contact me at (804) 422-5006 or [email protected] ~ Peggy Lynch GRI, RCE is vice president of professional development and compliance with the Richmond Association of REALTORS®/CVR MLS.

Paragraph 5. COMPENSATION. The language in this paragraph has been revised for ease of understanding by the Buyer, and to include an optional selection box for an additional fee payable to the Broker, if applicable. Paragraph 6. RECORDING IN A PROPERTY. This new paragraph addresses the issue of onsite video and audio surveillance. The language cautions the Buyer that an owner may utilize audio and/or video surveillance THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017 • p. 9

Legal Corner by John F. Faber Jr., Esq., Attorney, Williams Mullen

Real estate agents who maintain their own Internet domain names should think long and hard before giving them up, because getting them back can be next to impossible. That was the lesson in the case of Wagner v. lindawagner. com, decided by the United States District Court in Alexandria on August 15, 2016. Linda Wagner, a real estate agent in Tennessee, owned the domain name “” from 2003 to 2010, and used it in the operation of her real estate business. Wagner let the domain name registration lapse on November 2, 2010. One week later eWeb, a Canadian corporation engaged in the business of registering domain names that contain generic terms and then selling the domain names to consumers, purchased eWeb apparently had no specific knowledge of Linda Wagner or her business when it purchased the domain name, and it never approached Linda Wagner to offer to sell the domain name to her. Wagner apparently regretted letting the registration lapse, because she tried to repurchase the domain name from eWeb on December 12, 2012 and May 11, 2015. In each instance the parties were unable to agree on a purchase price. Wagner then changed course. On August 31, 2015, she emailed eWeb and demanded an immediate transfer of the domain name. She also threatened to file suit asserting that eWeb deliberately committed the act of cybersquatting by registering the domain name She alleged that eWeb was not using the domain name except to make a profit off her. eWeb rejected the demand, and asserted that Linda Wagner was a very common name with over 1,400 listed on for the United

States, and that she had not registered Linda Wagner or as a trademark. Wagner did not dispute that she owned no registered trademark or that more than 1,000 individuals named Linda Wagner lived in the United States (at least one in all 50 states), including

Personal names are not automatically protected as a matter of course. several Linda Wagners in the real estate industry. Nevertheless, representing herself, Wagner sued eWeb and the domain name on October 16, 2015 seeking to recover the domain name. The United States District Court analyzed Linda’s claim under the Anti Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). In order to prove her claim under the ACPA, Wagner needed to demonstrate that (1) eWeb registered, trafficked in or used a domain name, (2) that the name was identical or confusingly similar to a mark owned by Wagner, (3) that the mark was registered, famous or distinctive at the time eWeb registered the domain name, and (4) eWeb did so with a bad faith intent to profit from the mark. Wagner easily proved the first element because eWeb had obviously registered the domain name After that, her case fell apart.


First, she did not own a registered trademark on the names Linda Wagner or Even if not registered, however, trademarks can be protected under the common law in certain circumstances. Personal names are not automatically protected as a matter of course. Rather, to gain the protection of the law, a personal name used as a registered domain name must have acquired a secondary meaning at the time of registration. A secondary meaning is the power of a name to symbolize a particular business. Wagner’s real estate business was limited to Tennessee, which meant she could not have established a secondary meaning that would be meaningful to eWeb. In addition, Wagner had let registration of the domain name lapse, and during the six years after that nobody else attempted to buy the domain name from eWeb, further indicating that it did not have a secondary meaning. Wagner thus did not have a protectable mark, which was the primary requirement of the second and third elements of her ACPA claim. Without that protectable mark, she could not prove either of those elements. Even if Wagner had protectable rights in the domain name, the court said she could not satisfy the fourth element of her ACPA claim, that eWeb used it with a bad faith intent to profit from her mark. The court noted that eWeb had no specific knowledge of Linda Wagner, her real estate business or her prior use of the domain name before eWeb acquired it. Also, according to the court, the commonness of the name “Linda Wagner” in the United States precluded the conclusion that eWeb had constructive knowledge of (continued on next page...)

Why network? Why NOT? by Lorna Cornett, Chair, REALTORS® Professional Network

The RPN Committee’s main purpose, I believe, is to provide opportunities for SVAR members, both REALTOR® and Affiliate, to network. Why is that important? Networking helps us get to know each other a little better. At some point we will perhaps work together on a transaction, and if we have a familiarity with each other, it makes things a little more comfortable. Sometimes a person gets nervous speaking with someone he or she doesn’t know. Networking lets us get to know each other in a relaxed, non-stressful situation. It makes working together easier and sometimes helps build friendships. The RPN Networking Breakfasts are held on the third Wednesday of every other month starting in January. We meet at the Golden Corral in Colonial Heights from 8-9am. You can get there a little early or late and leave a little early or late. Have some breakfast or maybe just some coffee or juice. (Breakfast is on you.)

One thing you will have that is absolutely free is good conversation with each other! We also have a speaker each time

This summer we enjoyed gathering at Trapezium Brewing Co. in Petersburg for brew and chatter.

Additionally, RPN also holds occasional evening socials. This summer we enjoyed gathering at Trapezium Brewing Co. in Petersburg for brew and chatter. A great time was had by all. In fact, you can see that from the photos here. We hope you’ll join RPN for its next breakfast or evening social. Just check your SVAR calendar in this issue or online at for dates and times. ~

who will talk for about 15 to 20 minutes starting around 8:30am. The breakfasts are a great way to start the day. If you haven’t joined us before, try it. You might like it!

(Legal Corner, continued from previous page...)

her supposed mark. Instead, eWeb first became aware of Wagner when she approached eWeb on two separate occasions attempting to purchase the domain name. If eWeb did not know that Linda Wagner existed before it acquired and registered the domain name, it could not have been motivated by a bad faith intent to profit from a mark that she owned. Because Wagner could only prove one of the four elements of her ACPA claim, the court granted eWeb’s motion for

summary judgment and denied her claim to the domain name lindawagner. com. Most agents who have their own domain names are probably similarly situated to Linda Wagner. They have not registered their domain names (even if it includes their personal names) as trademarks. Further, although they might be well known on the territories where they do business, their names or marks probably have not become so well known outside of those territories as to create a second

meaning protectable under common law. Without a registered or otherwise protectable mark in the domain name, an agent who gives up that name faces a severe uphill battle in retrieving it from a company that has since purchased and registered the name. The agent’s only course of action in that case is probably to repurchase the domain name from the company. ~ This column is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.


SVAR Charity Golf Tournament looks to future by Ken Pritchett, Director, SVAR, and Chair, Golf Committee

SVAR’s second annual Charity Golf Tournament was successfully held on June 12 at Petersburg’s highly-rated Dogwood Trace Golf Course. The event raised over $2,800. Our beneficiary this year was Homes for Our Troops (HFOT). HFOT is a privately-funded 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that builds speciallyadapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. (See page 15 for more on HFOT.) SVAR would like to thank our sponsors: • Platinum – Old Republic Title, Harris and Associates, Long and Foster and Virginia Commonwealth Bank; • Gold – Presidential Mortgage, Weichert REALTORS® Brockwell and Portwood and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty; • Silver – Fraternal Order of Eagles, HMS and Napier REALTORS® ERA; and, • Hole – Adolph’s, Village Coin Shop, Heritage Custom Cabinets, CFS, 1st Choice Realty and Dance’s Sporting Goods Here are the tournament results and winning score: • First place – Emergency Special Services (57)

1st Place: Emergency Special Services

• Second place – Napier ERA (59) • Third place – Gibbs and Story Realty Group The winners for closest to the flag on hole No. 4 were Bobby Melvin and Libby Gatewood, and on hole No. 10 winners were Randy Boykin and Regina Sobey.

Our thanks go out to all who helped make this another successful community service event. The winners for longest drive were Mark Costley and Ruth Purdy. Rounding out the contest winners was Bob Rhodes for the putting contest. Our thanks go out to all participants and the many volunteers who helped make this another successful community service event for our association. Everyone enjoyed this great day of fun and fellowship.

2nd Place: Napier REALTORS® ERA


The third annual SVAR Charity Golf Tournament is already in the planning stages. We have a new date, Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, and a new venue, Country Club of Petersburg. Start making plans now to be a sponsor and to solicit more sponsors at all levels so that we can continue to support our charities. We also want to make everyone aware that we are also looking for a name sponsor next year. We now have two successful tournaments under our belts and need to move to the next level by having the tournament carry a major name. Perhaps some of our members have strong connections with some entity that could be this sponsor. The naming opportunity is a $5,000 sponsorship. This name will be used in all of our media releases and publicity for the tournament, so be thinking of someone who could be this sponsor. Please contact a member of your Board of Directors if you know someone who could be this sponsor. Thanks again for everyone’s participation in this year’s tournament. Have a great fall and winter. ~

3rd Place: The Gibbs and Story Team

SVAR scores a hole-in-1 for designated charity The mercury doesn’t lie—it was a hot one, but in more ways than one! SVAR’s second annual Charity Golf Tournament benefitting Homes for Our Troops, held June 12 at Dogwood Trace Golf Course in Petersburg, sizzled with fun thanks to a healthy dose of competition among the teams, food, prizes and great cause. Thank you to the event committee and volunteers for all of their work to make it a success, and to generous sponsors. With tons of fun, fantastic food and great prizes, we’d say the tourney scored a hole in one for the charity and everyone who took part! – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist


Net neutrality…and why it IS a real estate issue by Steve Overgard, 2017 President, SVAR

Quick, what is Net neutrality? To be honest, most people do not understand what Net neutrality is. That being said, most real estate agents don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, or it just doesn’t matter to them. Issues that we don’t understand in concept are easy to ignore. Yet this could be one of the most important issues of our time and will have a significant impact on how we sell properties. The best way to get an understanding of Net neutrality is by giving a few examples. Let’s imagine that your Internet comes through Comcast. You subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. In this example, Comcast has made a “deal” with Hulu in which Comcast speeds up the Hulu connection and slows down the Netflix connection. So, the result to you is that the Hulu programs are better quality, don’t choke and load faster. The Netflix movies are slow to start, have horrible video quality, the sound and video are not synced, and the Netflix movies stop periodically to buffer. Example 2: You have a new phone and have trouble getting some of the apps to work well. Your friend has the same model phone, from the same carrier, and has no trouble with the same apps that don’t work for you. The only difference is your friend has unlimited data, but you have a data plan. Example 3: A high school student is researching a 5th century religious cult. Doing a Google search, he finds plenty of websites that contain the information he is seeking. However, most of the pages will not load. He tries the same search from his lap top at his friend’s house, and the pages will load.

These are all examples of what Net neutrality is NOT. You may think that these are bizarre and unrealistic examples, and although

Your stake in the digital space could become compromised, slowed down or snuffed altogether. they were just made up, things like this happen all the time. Comcast was recently caught throttling down Internet speeds while users were using peerto-peer file sharing by inserting forged packets. Vonage users were recently restricted from using Vonage because an Internet service provider, Madison River Communications, owned a rival Voip Phone company similar to Vonage. And AT&T was caught limiting iPhone users’ access to FaceTime unless they had the shared data plan. There are thousands of real-life examples. Where this could become a problem for real estate agents is that without Net neutrality, your stake in the digital space could become compromised, slowed down or snuffed altogether. Without net neutrality, the largest real estate companies in the country could buy favorable treatment from the Internet service providers. Buyers who click on your webpage link, get nothing, nothing, nothing. The same


buyer clicks on the larger company’s web page, and it loads instantly. Your virtual tours are choppy and blurry, while the competitors’ are perfect. Your competitors’ listing always come up on top of the online search. Another scary thought would be if Zillow or Redfin bought favorable broadband speeds over The public would be more inclined to use the smoother, faster sites. is REALTOR®-friendly. The others? Not so much. Back in 2015, the whole Net neutrality issue was somewhat put to bed under a FCC rule: “The regulations prohibit broadband providers from blocking, slowing or selling faster delivery of legal content flowing through their networks to consumers.” Recently, the 2015 FCC Open Internet rules have been put up for debate once again as the new FCC chairman began the process of rolling the rules back to pre-2015. The National Association of REALTORS® has weighed in heavily on behalf of all of us on this important issue. It’s important to us as business persons, and to the clients we serve, that the Internet remains free of blocking, slowing or speeding up content. Let your opinion and voice be heard whenever you have the chance to share our position. ~

SVAR proudly lends helping hand to HFOT SVAR is proud to have given a helping hand (actually, many!) to Homes for Our Troops through participation in its recent Volunteer Day and our association’s own second annual charity golf tourney. Through the generosity of attendees and sponsors at the golf outing, SVAR raised $2,800 for the nonprofit that builds and donates specially-adapted custom homes nationwide for the most severely injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents of every dollar donated to Homes for Our Troops has gone directly to its program services for veterans. This summer SVAR members joined with Home for Our Troops, Virginia REALTORS® and RCI Builders, among others, for the key-presentation and ribbon-cutting ceremony for new homeowner and recipient Sgt. James “JP” McGuire, who looks forward to having a fully-accessible, mortgagefree house. Virginia REALTORS® President Claire Forcier-Rowe was on hand to say a few words on behalf of the statewide association, and SVAR representatives also attended. Thanks to all SVARers who helped make this home a reality for Sgt. McGuire. – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist

Thank You to our


Pitfall alerts for the professional appraiser by Joseph S. Durrer Jr., MAI, SRA

Here’s the drill. A real estate agent gets to list the property, and secures a contract, paperwork begins flying all around and, in the midst of it all, an appraiser gets involved. In between in all there’s the appraiser agreeing to a manytimes tight fee and perhaps a tighter turn time. Then, there’s more paper work: the home inspection, title report and finally, the closing date. We can now “complete the deal.” Disbursement of funds…ahh! Everybody gets paid. But behind the scenes is all the grunt work that makes everything happen. And, for the professional appraiser, he/ she wants all to go smoothly, too. That can be testy. The potential purchaser changes his/her mind regarding contract condition, or the home inspector uncovers issues no one ever considered, such as chimney brick has started decaying and needs repair/replacement. Sound familiar? And all of this takes additional time. The agent gets anxious to close the deal. The appraiser can’t get past the underwriter because, for example, the semi-rural area (let’s call it “rurban”) hasn’t had a meaningful sale for comparison in almost two years. And then the appraiser is faced with a defiant underwriter saying, “If there are no active sales, then there is no market. The contract will not close.” Want to guess what happens next? Because of the Dodd-Frank Act, along with other restrictions/regulations, in comes another type of appraiser—the review appraiser. And sometimes the lending position wants to use the review appraiser as reinforcement rather than facing the delayed time and expense to call in another appraiser. The process then becomes more convoluted. More apt to occur is what the review appraiser

encounters during the review that demands a reply from the appraiser because “the appraisal just doesn’t lead the reviewer to a supportable value conclusion,” or will not meet stringent requirements of the underwriter. That takes up more time.

The list of issues, some of which can be labeled as “complex,” tends to be the norm for many appraisers. I do a substantial number of review appraisals, and much of the shortcomings and/or prevailing errors, incompleteness, internal inconsistencies—even misuse of appraisal methodologies—can easily be avoided if the appraiser, after the initial finish, would simply just “rear back” and take another look-see and ask, “Is this supported, complete, consistent and believable?” The goal for the professional appraiser is always to be alert and understand the obligation of law (federal and state statutes), regulations (added by Appraiser Board) and agreement (added by client). It’s always a key to be ethical and competent. Selected examples of issues that can arise include: For the residential appraiser: Don’t become form-filler-outers. Be willing to further explain—take on the attitude of the underwriter. Anticipate. Let’s go beyond those silly misspelled words, marking the wrong box; how about including a value under the Sales


Comparison Approach that’s outside the adjusted indicated value range? Highest and best use. According to USPAP (our required appraisal standards), simply checking the box as to the current or proposed use is not enough. At least discuss the immediate environs, i.e. the assignment is for continued residential use—perhaps state the subject use is consistent with the proximate property uses and that no other uses would be allowed for the foreseeable future. Be bold! For example, if the property is located within a transitioning market, or trending now supports an alternate highest and best use, it might not qualify to secure a residential loan. Testing of highest and best use may be required. Neighborhood description: Within the Neighborhood Boundaries section, I sometimes see neighborhood boundaries extended to cover all comparable sales used—sometimes seeing an entire town stated as the boundary. The neighborhood description summary reads something like this: “The subject is located in the Max-Wood neighborhood section of Love-Me County. The subject’s immediate area is convenient to public and private amenities, including shopping, schools, employment and transportation.” Nothing is mentioned that the rear of the subject lot is the right of way of a heavily-travelled, four-lane commuter route and within three blocks is a well-developed strip commercial center. See the noted deficiency/ incompleteness in this early section of the form appraisal report? Take a survey. How many appraisers now take the time to obtain a plat, or at least include the tax map parcel? Deeds/surveys can sometimes be so (continued next page...)

(Appraisal, continued from previous page...)

revealing—even impact the property value conclusion. Include rental income. Even when a dwelling is rented, income approach might not be used, yet, rationale for not using income approach just might state “a lack of supporting rental data,” even though the Comparable Rent Form 1007 was required. Not a good move. Data! And how about a real world application of that all-important Sales Comparison Approach? (See chart at top of page.) Summary Remarks in appraisal: “These were best sales available; Sale 2 was superior to subject. Consideration was given all three sales. All three sales were given weight. Final value estimate = $161,650.” You note any issues of concern, here? The assigned review appraiser says, “WOW! Final conclusion fails to discuss the seemingly obvious—sale numbers 1 and 3 reflect the lower net and gross adjustments and should be afforded the greatest weight. In addition, from a statistical analysis, the final value needs to be BELOW the mean (average) adjusted sale prices ($199,900).” Accordingly, for internal consistency, these questions, and perhaps more, goes back to the client/appraiser for further comment and reconsideration. Whoops! Another time lag.

Sale# Sale Price

GLA (sf) Pkg. Price per GLA Adj. Sale Price

Net Adj.

Gross Adj.

1 2 3



















The list of issues, some of which can be labelled as “complex,” tends to be the norm for many appraisers. The professional appraiser, however, must remember the client who, when appropriate, deserves being kept in the loop (the client will have any needed contact with the REALTOR®). Added potential issues/alerts for the appraiser: • Don’t take on assignments that cannot be done within a required timeframe. • Be sure you’re competent to complete the assignment; this means recognizing any atypical features of assignment, and the know-how to solve. • Alert appropriate persons if extended issues arise in completing assignment; seek assistance/ guidance of your reputable peers. Remember, real estate agents can be a most important ally, and their expertise can be such a valuable source of market reactions. And, yes, they need to be understanding of you and your constant pressures.

All have the same goal: to effectively “complete the deal”. One added thing. We all can, and usually do, make honest mistakes. That’s a given. Just make sure none rise to become ethical issues. ~ Editor’s note: Joe Durrer Jr. MAI, SRA, has been president of Durrer Appraisal and Consulting Service Inc. in Roanoke since 1983 and has been in appraising for 53 years. He served on and chaired the Real Estate Appraiser Board. He has been teaching and developing appraisal courses and seminars that began in the mid-1970s. In 2002, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Virginia Commonwealth Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and has been a qualified USPAP instructor since inception of appraisal licensure in 1991. Durrer will present the 20162017 Edition of the mandated 7-hour USPAP class for licensed appraisers at the Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS® on October 16. Contact SVAR at (804) 520-4496 to register.


The 5 Cs of a successful farming strategy using RPR® by Reggie Nicolay, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, RPR®

Farming is a proven method of marketing your real estate business to a neighborhood in a way that raises awareness of your brand, captures leads, earns referrals and gains listings. When used effectively, farming provides an excellent opportunity to connect with potential sellers, as well as For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), whose listings might be dormant or struggling. Here, Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) shares its five-point plan for creating and cultivating a solid neighborhood farming strategy. Learn how to target and calculate the marketability of a potential farm area, discover everything there is to know about properties in your zone, and use that data to build relationships with homeowners. Create a customized farm area using RPR® search tools and maps: RPR® search and map tools provide a start-to-finish approach to identifying and then researching your farm area. No guesswork is required; there’s no need to pull from multiple sites to crosspopulate your data. Beginning with RPR® maps, you’ll use a ZIP code to map neighborhood boundaries or draw a customized target area based on market expertise and preferences. It’s up to you. RPR®’s heat maps will also reveal whether values in your farm area are increasing or decreasing over time, as well as the 12-month change in estimated values, list vs. sales price and the density of distressed properties, which only scratches the surface of what you’ll garner from heat maps and your farming research. Calculate the marketability of your target zone: You’ve chosen a potential farm area using RPR® maps. Now, turn to the data within RPR® to determine its

turnover rate, a.k.a. how often homes are selling in your targeted area. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average homeowner plans to move every 13 years, with younger first-time homebuyers relocating slightly more frequently. In general, you want to select a farm area with a turnover rate around 7 to 8 percent.

FSBO? Offer to send them an RPR® Property Report, Neighborhood Report or a Market Activity Report right from your phone. Converse with homeowners using RPR Mobile™: RPR Mobile™ serves as a great resource while walking your neighborhood. With your phone or tablet in hand, the app quickly reveals each home in your farm area and relevant facts you’ll need to take your interaction from introduction to conversation to, possibly, a commitment. Tap into your app to locate the following data (among hundreds of other data sets): • Owner’s name • Home’s status • Property’s details • Estimated values and sold price • Distressed information • Mortgage history The app is also a great icebreaker. Here’s a script from a fellow REALTOR® who has had great success getting to


know homeowners while canvassing neighborhoods. “Hi, my name is Susan. I’m a REALTOR® who specializes in marketing homes in this area. I have some info about how the real estate market is doing in your neighborhood and can even run a comp analysis on your home, if you’d like. I also have access to the most reliable valuation model in the nation and can give you an estimate as we speak.” As you connect with homeowners and learn more about each home in your farm area, having a good place to put those property-centric notes is very helpful. Here’s where you’ll use the app’s note taking feature to store text, photos and audio notes for any property. These notes are accessible only by you, and can be easily included on RPR® reports. Even if the homeowner isn’t ready to sell, keep the conversation going by offering to send monthly or quarterly RPR® Market Activity Reports. Perhaps the neighborhood has a few distressed properties your new client is concerned about or they’re thinking of selling when values increase. Here’s your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Convey your value to For Sale By Owners: With more than 35 percent of FSBO sellers opting to use yard signs as their primary source of marketing, canvassing agents using RPR’s vast repository of public records can instantly pull up the data they need to spark a conversation with the homeowner: • Homeowner contact information • Mortgage and tax information • Distressed data • The property’s physical characteristics, and more (continued next page...)

(RPR®, continued from previous page...)

With the RPR® app at hand, ask the homeowners how they arrived at their list price, and whether they’d like to compare that value with RPR®’s Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®), the only REALTOR®-owned, automated valuation product that goes beyond the traditional AVM by incorporating listing and sales data from the MLS into a property’s valuation. Offer to send them an RPR® Property Report, Neighborhood Report or a Market Activity Report right from your phone, letting them know you specialize in marketing homes in their neighborhood. Better yet, what FSBO would turn down a free RPR® comparative market analysis? Conveying the pure data about how a REALTOR®, on average, can earn the seller a higher list price and also utilize

his/her unlimited resources to bring the property to close at a faster pace can be a turning point for your FSBO seller, especially when you share the data and reports found within RPR®. Cultivate brand awareness with reports that pique homeowner interest: Most homeowners you encounter while canvassing will want a takeaway, which is good news for agents who also don’t want to walk away without capturing the lead. Here, bring all of your farming efforts full circle by letting the homeowner know you have a full arsenal of RPR® reports at your disposal.

The Market Activity Report includes a list of active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties, including recent price changes. RPR®’s Neighborhood and School Reports are also popular among area homeowners. Others, keenly interested in selling, would be impressed by RPR®’s Comparative Analysis and Seller’s Report. It’s also good to let the homeowner know that, through RPR®, you have the ability to refine the value of their home based on improvements made. It’s a good way to keep the conversation going. ~

Right there at the curb, offer to email or text him/her an RPR® Property Report, complete with the RVM® or a Market Activity Report, a snapshot of all the changes in a local real estate market.


ASSOCIATION TO ASSOCIATION: Public perception of REALTORS® following outage by John Head, 2017 President, Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®

As the Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®, one of the biggest struggles we face while serving the vacationing public is the effects of both manmade and natural disasters. What compounds these events is the perception given by news outlets and social media. In the most recent power outage that affected Hatteras Island on July 27, almost instantaneously news reports emerged that we had been cut off. While true that we had lost power, the news outlets in Virginia and North Carolina shared stock photos from the effects of hurricane Irene and Sandy (2011 and 2012, respectively), which showed Highway 12 buckled up with ocean overwash just north of Rodanthe. This created the perception for the vacationing public watching the news that Hatteras Island had literally been cut off—and not just by a power outage. To escalate this further, social media followers reposted these photos repeatedly, showing our highway as impassable. We were only into the seventh hour of the outage and media frenzy at this point. These sensationalized reports on local and national news as well as social media instigated a rash of calls and emails to our fellow agents in property management from vacationers with inquiries regarding their reservations on that Saturday. In response, firms replied that we were still open for business yet experiencing a power outage. Some vacationers were from just over the border in Virginia. However, others were traveling much further, such as from Ohio, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, and had every right to be concerned about accessing their vacation destination before hopping in the car.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the vacationers who were three-quarters of the way through their vacation were then being asked to turn off their air conditioners. REALTOR® firms then had to go house to house and shut off HVACs

The opinion of local businesses was that REALTORS® were the ones who called for the mandatory evacuation. at the request of the Electric Co-op and Dare County Emergency Management. A shift began to occur. Somehow, REALTORS® were now to blame for affecting the balance of the vacationer’s peaceful enjoyment of the cottage they had rented. This can become quite tenuous for staff to demand that they shut off the HVACs when it is so hot outside. Homes quickly heat up, and so does the temperament of the occupants. So, the guests called their management company and demanded refunds from them as it was the management company who shut off their air conditioning. As the day passed into night, things began to get interesting as there was no residual light in and around the homes as night fell. It was still hot outside, and cell phone batteries were being drained running flashlights, so people were forced to take the stairs down to the cars to charge their phones.


The bulk of the vacationers had been in their rental cottage five days, which is not necessarily long enough to get fully accustomed to walking around in the dark. Families that rented homes with elevators due to traveling with aging parents were then forced to use the stairs in the dark. Frustrated, many decided to leave early on Friday morning to beat the traffic and started loading their cars early while it was still dark, creating further issues and accidents. By mid-afternoon on the 28th local officials were becoming more aware of the potential hazards from the incidents that had occurred. They began to meet and discuss the potential of calling for an emergency evacuation on Hatteras Island. Later that afternoon they were weighing all the options with multiple villages not having any electricity at all and some public services (water plants) only being able to run at a fraction of their normal production on generators. Early that evening, Dare County Emergency Management called for a mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island. This created yet another firestorm and frenzy in the social media world of which we REALTORS® have absolutely no control. Our management companies, for the most part, are down to very limited staff after hours. And yet the phones were ringing, and our emails were filling up with requests and demands for refunds or collections on travel insurance. Unfortunately, this was not a natural event. It was a manmade event, and initial calls by vacationers to travel insurance companies resulted in being told they were not covered. It became clear following the power outage that the consensus of opinion of local businesses was that REALTORS® (continued next page...)

SVAR CALENDAR OF EVENTS *These dates are confirmed as of press time but may be subject to change. See more and register at

October 5 Education Committee Meeting 10:00am – Noon

October 26 BOD Meeting 9:00am – Noon

December 13 NMO/Ethics 9:00am – 1:00pm

October 11 Legislative Committee Meeting 9:00 – 10:00am

October 30 Appraisers Class 9:00am – 5:00pm

October 12 Basic Matrix Training 9:00am – Noon

November 2 Education Committee Meeting 10:00am – Noon

December 14 Property Management Committee Meeting 9:30 – 11:00am

RPN Social at Maria’s Old Town 21 5:00 – 7:00pm

November 8 Grievance Committee Meeting 9:30– 10:30am

December 21 Executive Committee Meeting 9:00 – 10:00am

November 10 Closed for Veterans Day.

December 25-26 Closed for the holidays.

October 18 NMO/Ethics 9:00am – 1:00pm

November 15 RPN Breakfast at Golden Corral 8:00 – 9:00am

December 28 BOD Meeting 9:00am – Noon

October 19 Education Day 8:30am – 5:30pm

November 16 Executive Committee Meeting 9:00 – 10:00am

January 1 Closed for New Year’s Day.

Annual Member Meeting 5:30 – 6:30pm

November 23-24 Closed for Thanksgiving Day.

October 25 Underwriting Q&A 11:00am – Noon

December 7 Education Committee Meeting 10:00am – Noon

October 16 USPAP Class 9:00am – 5:00pm

CVR MLS Road Rules 10:00am – Noon

January 4 Education Committee Meeting 10:00am – Noon

Installation of Offficers (location TBD) 5:00 – 8:00pm

(Perception, continued from previous page...)

were the ones who called for the mandatory evacuation. While we did support it when Dare County Emergency Management team made the directive, none of our REALTOR® members that I know of petitioned for an evacuation. The recurring theme from other business owners has been that REALTORS® (i.e. property managers) had already made their money, so they had no financial impact. This is simply untrue. With

many staff members working overtime fielding calls and speaking directly in front of the vacationing public before the evacuation, there was a financial impact to agents as well. Our livelihood also depends on vacationers coming to the Outer Banks, and we want them to return for many years to come.

with the traditional news outlets don’t help our cause of promoting the place we love and call home. ~ Association to Association is a feature that offers insight into other local REALTOR® associations around the state and explores topics relevant to the real estate industry.

So, now you know, it all falls back on us. Bad news sells and social media along THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017 • p. 21


NAME: Rick Eaheart COMPANY: Embrace Home Loans COMPANY DETAILS: 906 N. Parham Rad, Suite 201, Richmond, VA 23229 (804) 467-2526 - Year company established: 1983 Company specialties: USDA, VA, FHA, VHDA, Home Renovation Loans (203k streamline/full K and Conventional Renovation); also, we can do manufactured housing with FHA/VA/USDA/VHDA/ Conventional purchase/refinance and cashout. We also cab finance singlewides built after 1976, and USDA has to be new building. HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: Best Place to Work in Rhode Island, 2006, 2007, and 2008 to 2016; 50 Best Small and Medium Companies to Work For in America, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016 Territory: Central Virginia and State of Virginia SVAR Affiliate member since: 2017 Why I joined SVAR: I know most real estate brokers in the area and am known as a 203K Home Renovation Specialist in the area. Southside Virginia is a mature area, and I know the services I can do in the way of renovation loans can be most helpful to help the community. Why I got into this business: I am often able to develop a trusting relationship by phone or in person quickly, and I really enjoy what I do. No matter who you are, I believe in the Golden Rule: Treat people as you would like to be treated. Why I love doing what I do: I like making a difference in people’s and families’ daily lives. I am able to help clients purchase their first home as well as help young families and mature families as their kids grow up to become adults. I have been in the business over 30 years, and it is hard to believe I am now working with grandchildren of past clients. It is very rewarding. FAVORITE SATISFIED CUSTOMER STORY: I recently had a client who had just completed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. She was sure she would not qualify for a home loan. However, Embrace offers what is called an Approved to Move—meaning I can go to application for the client without an address and work on getting them fully approved without a property address. We did the loan application, and within five business days we had full approval pending appraisal and title work. The client and her REALTOR® made an offer with an APPROVAL, not a pre-qualification or pre-approval, but an actual underwriter approval. We closed in 15 days. She has since referred four clients, and two of them have already closed. Best piece of advice I can give a client: There is one bill most people hardly ever pay, and it is one we work the hardest for: ourselves! Save for your future. The one thing I want REALTORS® to know about my industry is: The home-buying process can involve as many as 25-plus people and many companies, from the buyers’/sellers’ agent, all the inspections, initiating the loan, processing and closing, and title work process till closing. So, setting proper expectations upfront is a process. We motivate/reward our loan processors to have our loans clear to close in 21 days. The SVAR Affiliate Spotlight gives you a closer look at the businesses that join SVAR to connect with REALTORS®. p. 22 • THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017


Toombs Company Home Inspections, LLC

NAME: Patrick Toombs COMPANY: Toombs Company Home Inspections, LLC COMPANY DETAILS: 20445 Templeton Road, Carson, VA. 23830 - (804) 894-1933 Year company established: 2015 Company specialties: Home inspections Company memberships: American Society of Home Inspectors, SVAR Territory: Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Henrico, Hanover, Petersburg, Prince George, and Richmond SVAR Affiliate member since: 2016 Why I joined SVAR: My goal as a home inspector is for local REALTORS® to consider me a partner in their efforts to help their clients purchase the perfect home. By joining SVAR, I’ve not only had the chance to meet more REALTORS®, but I’m also developing a better understanding of how I can help make their jobs easier with regard to the home inspection process. Why I got into this business: I see my business as a natural progression of my 30 years in the trades and building industry. I love being able to take my years of experience and offer a broader perspective of the home to its buyers. So often, the home inspection is viewed with much anticipation and unnecessary stress. Instead, I view it as a time for the home buyer to gain a better understanding of the house as a whole. Why I love doing what I do: I enjoy helping buyers feel more secure about the biggest purchase they’ll likely ever make. Being able to inspect a home with the perspective that comes from my level of experience helps the home buyer feel more confident in their purchase and lessens the ‘fear’ associated with the home inspection process. By helping them understand the parts of their home that, although they might not be in perfect condition, are completely normal with regard to the age of the home, I help them move forward in their purchase with a sense of comfort and better understanding of their property and its nuances. FAVORITE SATISFIED CUSTOMER STORY: So, satisfaction comes in all shapes and sizes, right? Just this week, we pulled down the stairs to a home’s attic, and greeting us at eye level was a rat snake, coiled and very unhappy that we were disturbing it. To say that the home buyer was satisfied that we were there to “relocate” it is an understatement. Best piece of advice I can give a client: Have realistic expectations about the home inspection process and report. Unless you are purchasing a newly-constructed home, something WILL come up on the report. I’ll help you put it in perspective and to decipher what are real concerns rather than cosmetic or normal wear and tear for homes that have been lived in. The one thing I want REALTORS® to know about my industry is: Not only do we consider home buyers as our clients, but we also consider you, the REALTOR®, as our client. When we can work together to help better prepare and educate home buyers and sellers about the home inspection process, everyone wins. Home buyers walk away from their time with you confident in their purchase. And, home sellers walk away with a more positive opinion on the entire home-selling process. Want to be featured in the SVAR Affiliate Spotlight? Email [email protected] THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017 • p. 23

SVAR in brief: big news, small bites. Property management and natural disasters: Are you prepared? Marita Dorr, Chair, Property Management Committee With all the recent weather-related disasters in the news, many buildings, homes and apartment communities have been severely damaged and families displaced. Over 110,000 family residences were flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, followed quickly by Hurricane Irma slamming Florida and other areas and Hurricane Jose not far behind. Finally, a major 8.2 earthquake hit Mexico. You don’t have to look far to know someone who has been affected by these disasters. They have left people without places to live and raise their families, causing a major housing shortage. Many dwellings (homes and apartments) have been condemned as a result of these disasters. We as property managers need to review our policies regarding disaster situations that may come up. Does your office have a procedure to handle natural disasters? In my recent meeting with the Virginia REALTORS® Property Management Council, we started organizing a policy manual strictly for property management that will be available later this year. This manual will provide important information if you are doing rental and property management. The manual will allow you to edit in your own office rental procedures and provide a great opportunity for office discussions “whatif” scenarios. One good topic would be renters insurance and what it actually covers.

Do you require your tenants to have a renter’s insurance policy? Over 80 percent of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey did not have renter’s insurance or flood coverage. In addition to coverage for personal belongings, they will also want to include relocation, hotel accommodations and meals for unforeseen circumstances. For example, flood coverage could include a pipe bursting from the upstairs bathroom and flooding the downstairs. Of course, you will want verify that your company and the owners’ names are listed as additional insured on the renters policy. Coming up November 14-17 is the Virginia Property Management threeday conference in Charlottesville. There will be very important classes on form changes, open question and answer sessions, continuing education credit classes and legal updates from attorney Chip Dicks, Attorney. Space is limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. Hope to see you there. ~

On track for financial success in 2017 Larry Lewis, SVAR Treasurer

I find it hard to believe that we are already heading into October. Where has 2017 gone? I am happy to report that we are managing our association within the confines of our 2017 budget and, based on where we are to date, we are projecting ending the year financially on a positive note. Trust me when I say it has, and continues to be, quite a challenge to meet all our financial responsibilities


without going into our reserves. This is mainly due to the reduction in dues revenue SVAR receives from our MLS following a restructuring several years ago. We are continuously exploring ways to increase SVAR’s non-dues revenue. For example, we now have an annual golf tournament and have entered the house-flipping arena. While on the subject, your board invites any and all suggestions from its members on how we might increase revenue without burdening our members with a dues increase. We are in the process of completing the renovations on our first house flip and hope to conclude the sale before the end of this year. If accomplished, it will be mainly due to the efforts of President Steve Overgard and President-Elect Brett Harris. Thanks, guys! If we are able to accomplish this task, we will without a doubt, end the year on a positive note. The Finance Committee is working diligently on the proposed 2018 budget and anticipate having it completed and to the Board for its review and approval by the Board’s November meeting. We are also actively engaged in negotiating a renewal contract with OMG, our association’s management company. OMG took over the managerial role of SVAR in 2012, and without their guidance and expertise, SVAR’s future might not be as bright as it is today. We are hopeful that we will be successful in reaching an amicable agreement with OMG that will enable us to continue our relationship, and to work hand in hand to take SVAR to the next level. ~

SVAR in brief: big news, small bites. Have a wicked good time at the Affiliates Trade Show Sharon Perkins, Chair, Affiliates Council

Ghosts, goblins and creatures of fright! SVAR’s upcoming Education Day is sure to fill you with ghoulish delight! The upcoming Education Day and Annual Membership Meeting includes a Trade Show for Affiliates, during which we also encourage non-members to register and host a booth to come and network with us! Join us if you dare on October 19 at the VSU Gateway Building. The trade show portions of the day are lunch and trade show from 11:30am - 1:30pm, with the trade show resuming, this time with a reception, from 4:30-5:30pm. See the day’s full agenda at Don your costume, whether old or new. Following classes at the reception you’ll enjoy some witches brew. We’ll have spook-tacular contests for frighteningly

fun, including booth decorating, costume and Trick-Or-Treat card completion. Affiliates and vendors, booth rentals are $200 for members and $300 for nonmembers. All rentals included a 6-foot table with pipe and drape. Don’t delay! ~

Here’s another ‘need to know’ we bet you didn’t know Nancy Steinke, Director, SVAR

Everyone has likely experienced receiving the news that an appraisal came in too low. The first thought that goes through your mind is probably, “This deal is dead,” and then you pick up the phone to call the other agent to share the “joy.” The last paragraph of Section 4 of our CVR MLS Residential Contract of Purchase actually spells out the process to follow, which, in many cases, may just salvage the sale.

“If the Purchases Price exceeds the appraised value, Purchaser shall either: (i) proceed with consummation of this Agreement…”, “or, (ii) make a written request to Seller within five (5) days of receipt of the appraisal for a reduction to the Purchase Price…” not lower than the appraised value. With this request, the Purchaser MUST PROVIDE SELLER a copy of the appraisal or lender’s verification of the appraised value. “To continue, ‘Seller shall then have five (5) days to respond to Purchaser’s request…” If the Seller and Purchaser are unable to come to an agreement, then the Purchaser has the right to terminate the Contract and be refunded the earnest money deposit’ Here is the kicker: “If Purchaser does not request a reduction in the Purchase Price within five (5) days after receipt of the appraisal, then this condition shall be deemed waived by Purchaser.” Yes, that does say waived. So BUYER’S AGENTS: You must act within 5 days of receiving the appraised value or your Purchaser MUST proceed to closing and pay the full Purchase Price.” Know your contracts. Love your contracts! ~

YOU’RE ON FACEBOOK? SO ARE WE! Real estate is about relationships. Where better to build and maintain relationships than on SOCIAL media? If you haven’t liked and/or followed SVAR on Facebook yet, surf on over and do so tonight. That way, while you’re scrolling through your feed, you’ll be in the loop with industry news and calls to action, upcoming events, education opportunities, and the camaraderie of your fellow SVAR members! THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017 • p. 25

Watching YOU watching ME watching YOU by Steve Overgard, 2017 President, SVAR

A real estate agent was showing a house to a client who was using FaceTime to share the house showing with his spouse four states away on a business trip. The agent saw nothing wrong with this because it allowed the spouse to see the house without actually being present. Later that day, the selling agent got a call from the listing agent, who was upset that the house images had been videoed and shared over FaceTime without the seller’s permission. While explaining that the FaceTime was to share the house-showing experience with the buyer’s spouse, the selling agent could not help wonder out loud, “How did the seller know the purchaser was using FaceTime?” It turns out that the seller watched and listened to the whole showing through a smartphone app. When the agent and the purchaser opened the door, it triggered a motion detector on a hidden camera, which sent a notice to the seller’s phone. Two swipes later, the seller had a virtual front-row seat to what was going on in their home. The seller heard about how ugly their carpet was, how much the purchaser liked the kitchen, and the strategy that the agent suggested for making a lower offer. Agents in Southside and across the nation are facing scenarios like this every day. And guess what? Monitoring, video and audio recordings are here to stay. Some are obvious and disclosed, and some are covert or sneaky. So we need to know how to navigate business in this evolving order. First, federal and state laws are complex and tangled. There is a distinction between video, audio, and video together with audio. For example, covert

recording of voice or audio is under federal wire-tapping jurisdiction in some cases. The same rules don’t apply to covert video that does not contain the audio component. There are different rules and laws for covert and non-covert recordings. There are different rules

Devices don’t just listen when you want the weather forecast, they listen all…the…time. and laws for live broadcast and delayed playback. Consider ways in which purchasers may use video, still photography or audio. The obvious list includes Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Live or Twitter Periscope, to name a few. The purchaser could snap a few photos to share or post. Less obvious are the hidden cams that are sold all over the Internet now, from the pen cam to the sunglass cam to the dash cam. You just never know. Sellers are using video and audio monitoring systems that work with their smartphones, including home security systems, baby monitors and nanny cams. There are myriad options. And agents are in the game, too, with all the Facebook Live and video tours that are clogging up the broadband. Not so obvious but ever-present are the Smarthome assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Even TV remotes are listening. What most people don’t realize is that these devices don’t


just listen when you want the weather forecast, they listen all…the…time. It’s when they hear the wake-up phrase that they appear to be activated, but believe me, they are listening to everything said. There was a recent case where the Amazon Echo records were subpoenaed in a murder case because the prosecutor believed the device may have recorded audio to help prove the case. Our new standard forms will have language in them surrounding some of these issues, but here is some advice from experts in this field: Be aware and make sure your clients are aware of the proliferation of recording and monitoring devices. Have the conversation with your clients and advise them that there may be recording and monitoring devices used during the selling/buying process. Give examples to make sure your clients are aware. Advise your clients that some forms of monitoring and recording could violate laws and they should make sure they are not doing anything illegal. Ask permission if a buyer wants to Live Stream or photo a house. If the seller says no, then don’t. Assume you are being monitored and recorded all the time and act accordingly. That way, you won’t be put in a compromised position. Most importantly, have fun. It may be exciting to show a house to a deployed soldier so he can buy it remotely. It could be fun to show off a new kitchen via Facebook Live or to show how happy the kids are with the swing set in the backyard. ~

CEO’s Message by Joe Croce, RCE

partners include home inspectors as well as termite inspectors. You also need appraisers, lenders and attorneys. Don’t forget electricians, plumbers, roofers, general contractors, carpenters, etc.

Isn’t great to be self-employed and have the opportunity to work a schedule that is the best for you (most of the time) and to be your own boss? As a real estate agent, you are in a very unique situation. Life is good and you control your destiny.

Look at the sales you have closed and what it took to accomplish.

Step back and look at the sales you have closed and what it took to accomplish the deal. There is a tremendous amount of time and effort involved in a sale. You are all wonderful salespeople and experts at what you do. You know that because a transaction happened and someone sold and purchased a home. Therefore, you have succeeded in your goal.

Often times, you need these people to make deals happen. There are numerous others who may also be part of a deal you are involved with.

However, did you do this all alone? No. You had help. The people who helped you were, in most cases, integral parts of the sales and closing process. These

How do you thank them? Obviously, with a check or payment of some sort, right? Is this it? Is this all? It is just a

payment for a job well done. Do you refer them to another REALTOR® or involve them in numerous transactions? Do you make them part of your team and build a strong beneficial relationship? If not, you may be missing a great opportunity. Our affiliates want to have close and beneficial relationships. They want to be a team member with you and not just a number on your Rolodex (that’s a database for you millennials). It would make good business sense to develop a list of all of those services you will need. Using this list I would suggest that you visit the SVAR website and find those Affiliates that are SVAR members. Bring them on board. And, when you do, start off with a big hug. ~

EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! S Seminarittee praiSaL Comm 2017 apted by the Education presen

ion educat SVar ide Virginia rS reaLto SouthS tion of aSSocia GRoVe AVenue 34


114 MAPleHeiGHtS, VA 238 ColoniAl ed. be provid Lunch will

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it er CE cred I, SRA | $150 Apprais rer, MA 7 hours the Cost Joe Dur a onents of for comp almost on Instructor: solving isers face

INSTRUCTOR: Joe Durrer, MAI, SRA 7-Hour USPAP Class October 16

de e attitu aiSer: th r the appr m reViewe of the r 13, 9am – 5p

sVar e


it er CE cred I, SRA | $150 Apprais rer, MA 7 hours aisal” Joe Dur g an Appr service; Instructor: (1) To introduce “Reviofewin appraisal

type es will be already ding this The focus isers who yet provi os, the appra isers not etency of more aprop to appra Perhaps er the Comp raisal and (3) (2) To furth issues/app Reviews; pertinent Appraisal USPAP perform liance with of the many appraisers quality comp remind reinforce that will ice. pract specifics, isal own appra in their svarealt


9 a.m day, O ctob .– 5 p. The er m. 7-hou r Un Pra

16, 2




ctic ifo unde e (USPAP rm Stand rst ards ethica and rec ) update of Pro en is seve l behavio t change designe fessiona l Appra ral d r s serve common and comp to USPA to help isal ap P ly mi USPA to increa sund etent pe requirem praisers se ers rform P de ents activi fintio compete tood as ance for ns, the ties, pects , cla ncy. co rify sta of US verag Appra Cours _______ndard PAP e co e dma isa s, ch ________ ntent and to SVar, danielle ange and scope l Stand ________ This tact inc form ____ #: ard ed con lud in se s? s statem of US _____is the complet __ licen Question PAP, Board an es ________A Stud 2016 ents, ________ return this ________ -2017 ent ________ advis including d its ____ ____ ____ Ma ____ ory op Ed the 8 ___ nual ________ ________ inions ________ ________ and ition of ________ ________ Instructo and act: ____ lunch USPA ________ ________ rules _____ Cont ________ r: Roan P. will ________ . ________ ________ oke, Joseph be pr ________ ________ name:___ S. Du ________ Virg ovide ________ ________ inia rrer, ________ d. il: ________ Jr., MA : ________ ____ ema Company I, SR ________ ________ A Th is ver ________ co ur d ☐ Disco Phone: ____ ercar Mast se is nt ☐ Visa ☐ Th e Cost _ ded.) Charge my: 7 ho of payme ________ be shred : d OR $1 will ____ ) n tho ur ____ 60 pe me matio ble to SVAR Ma nd ________ ing infor Na r pers sed (paya : ________ (The follow me:__ aT or e on Card on _______ ☐ Check enclo ______ y us __ nam ________ Pa P ______ ________ ________ Comp co ur nt of: $___ ______ ________ any : se re ________ in the amou ______ ____ ______ ________ qu ir : __________ ______ ______ ________ Phon ed fo exp. Date ________ ______ e: ___ ______ ______ r ce Signature: ______Copyright © 2017 ______ ________ ______ . ________ ______Reserved. ______ ______ ________ All Rights M ____ ___ ___ et #: ___ ® ___ Card hod ______ ______ ______ torS of Pa ______ ______ of reaL _____ ymen ciation ____ 23834 Co VA Em ealto ☐ aSSo ts, nta ail: ___ Licen Check t ct: ___ ial Heigh ~ www.SVAR e Virginia se #: ______ enclo ______ SouthSid Grove Avenue, Colon (804) 520-4625 ______ sed (pa ______ e Fax: ___ ~ In Mapl ___ ______ the am 114 yable ______ ______ ) 520-4496 to SV ______ ount ______ ______ Phone: (804 AR) of: $_ ______ ______ ______ OR Signa ______ ______ Charg ture: ______ ______ e my ______ ______ ______ : ☐ Name ______ ______ Card# Visa ______ on Ca : ___ _ ☐ Ma ______ ______ rd: ___ ______ sterca ______ ______ ______ ______ rd ☐ ______ ____ ______ ______ Discov ______ ______ ______ er ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _ Exp ______ . Date: ______ ______ ___ South ______ (The __ follow 114 side Virgin ing inf Ma Phon ple Grov ia Asso ormati cia e:(80 on wil 4) 52 e Avenue tion of RE l be shr 0-449 , Co edde 6 Fa lonial ALTORS ® d.) He x:(80 4) 52 ights, VA 0-462 23 5 ww 834 w.SVA Realt m

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[email protected] dackerm or donna ster. 6 to regi -520-449 or call 804

It’s that doggone cost approach—again! October 30

SOUthSide virginiA ASSOciAtiOn Of reA

duc aTio n S

ur U


LtOrS 114 MAPle GRoV ColoniAl HeiG e AVenue HtS, VA 2383 4



edUc iOn OppOrtUnAt itieS iness and

Build Your Bus

SvAr edUcAti


Make Money

Affiliate memb er Perry Shelto n of C&F Mortg holding almos age is t-monthly classe s in 2017 for members to SVAR attend. He will cover a wide topics with these variety of classes, and they are a free membership SVAR benefit, so don’t miss out!

Perry Shel


INSTRUCTOR: Perry Shelton Underwriting Q&A October 25

Senior Loan Officer, VHDA First Time Home Buyers Instructor, HBAR SMC Executive Chair of Education, GYSGT United States Marine Corps

Office: (804) 858-8370 ~ Cell: (804) 629-06 [email protected] 31 m www.cfmortg erryShelton



OctOber 25 Underwriti ng Q&A 11Am-nOOn


Series Spons

ored by Randall Wach man 804-526-3016

Credit Repair November 29

nOvember 29 credit rep Air

SOUthSide virgin 114 Maple Grove iA ASSOciAtiOn Of reALtO Avenue, Colonia rS ® Phone: (804) l Heights, VA 520-4496 ~ Fax: (804) 520-46 23834 25 ~ www.SV

to register for a class, email danie

lle [email protected]

Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved .

Co All Rigpyright © hts Re 2017 serve d.

The Appraiser: The Attitude of the Reviewer November 13

Sign up for these classes, and many more, at THE SOUTHSIDE REALTOR® • 3RD QUARTER 2017 • p. 27

A sneak peek at SVAR’s annual Education Day & Trade Show by Al Well, CRS, GRI, ABR, Chair, Education Committee

This year’s Education Fair & Trade Show will be held at Virginia State University on October 19, and we plan on getting as many of our Affiliates involved as possible by having booths available for them to present their professional services (i.e. the Trade Show) to the membership. Non-Affiliate businesses are encouraged to participate as well. If you know of a business you think would be interested, or if you think the membership would benefit by them at this event, please let us know. We encourage our agents, and agents from other associations, to take advantage of the great CE classes we always provide. There will be six hours of CE credits presented. This year’s classes include: two hours of Contracts, presented by Micheal Lafayette; one hour of Agency presented by Micheal Lafayette; one hour Related Subjects (1031 Deferred Exchange) presented by Robert “Buzzy” Hofheimer; and two hours of Fair Housing presented by Mally Mason from the Fair Housing Board. The cost will be the same as last year, $65 for the full day or $40 for half day, and lunch is included with both prices. There will be a Trade Show and Cocktail Reception followed by the Annual Membership Meeting, election results, and raffle drawings and prizes, as was the case last year. As I have stated in previous articles, the mission of the SVAR Education Committee is to develop educational classes and learning opportunities for its members and the community. Subject matter will encompass topics from REALTOR® and related courses while also providing helpful qualityof-life information needed during a REALTOR®’s career and on into retirement.

We hope to accomplish this mission by using several platforms like classroom, lunch and learns, webinars, socials and the Education Fair. Last year’s Education Fair was a big success as fun was had by all, and we are expecting more of the same at this year’s event.

We encourage our agents, and agents from other associations, to take advantage of the great CE classes we provide. I would like to remind everyone that the recently-established SVAR Real Estate School is currently up and running. We are finetuning the details, creating the necessary documents and finalizing our standard operating procedures. We are continually enlisting the services of the best instructors and need to hear from more brokers and experienced members, Affiliates and qualified members of the public. If you are a real estate broker with the knowledge and expertise in a particular subject matter, or you have previous teaching experience, or you have just always had the desire to teach, we would like to hear from you. Please contact a member of the Education Committee, Board of Directors or SVAR staff. Just like in past years we will continue to keep the association informed by assigning an Education Committee


member as an office liaison to the larger association offices. This serves as a means of two-way communication in not only bringing you what is going on, but also hearing what it is in the form of classes and information you want presented. We also encourage you to always check the education class schedules, lunch and learns, and socials on the association website. This year’s committee members are Nan Gaudet, David Patsel, Joyce Navary, Barbara Chambers, Pat Robinson, Rhonda Canada and myself. Our contact information can be obtained via the SVAR website at or MLS data base. The liaisons for some of the larger offices are as follows: • Al Wells – Ingram and Associates (Hopewell), RE/MAX Commonwealth, Ford Agency, Realty Group and EXP Realty LLC • David Patsel – Century 21 Colonial, Chappel Realty, Parr and Abernathy, Prince George Realty, and Hometown (Prince George), Access, Tennek, Whitman, Blackstone and Century 21 Clary • Barbara Chambers – Long & Foster and Front Door Realty • Nan Gaudet – Hometown (Chesterfield) and Ingram & Associates (Chester) • Joyce Navary – Weichert Realty, Cole Real Estate, and Daniel & Daniel Realty • Pat Robinson – Napier Realty • Rhonda Canada – 1st Choice Realty Group and Swearingen Realty We hope to see you at some of our upcoming classes, lunch and learns or socials. ~

We love our SVAR Affiliates Sun, fun, food, networking and prizes! SVAR’s 2017 Affiliates Fair was a summer success! In August, members gathered under the big pavilion at White Bank Park in Colonial Heights to mix and mingle – and break bread – with the association’s amazing Affiliate members. Everyone was a winner for attending, but quite a few folks took home prizes in the day’s many drawings, too, with David Patsel winning the early-RSVP prize, a big ole’ Yeti Roadie cooler. (Can we come to the beach with you next year, David?) Thanks to CEO (and chef) Joe Croce for manning the grill and to these Affiliate attendees who had booths, with many generously donating door prizes: A House on a Rock, American Home Shield, Appomattox Title, Atkinson Insurance, C & F Mortgage, Colonial Farm Credit, Eagle Home & Mold Inspection, Edward Jones, Electrical Installation and Repair, Embrace Home Loans, Guaranteed Rate, Home Team Inspection Service, J.G Wentworth, Movement Mortgage, Old Republic, Presidential Mortgage, State Farm, SunTrust Mortgage, The Septic Doctor, Tidewater Mortgage, VHDA, Village Bank Mortgage and Virginia Commonwealth Bank. Couldn’t attend? Make sure to sign up for SVAR’s Education Day & Trade Expo, set for October 19, to build your brain, network and win prizes. (For more on the event, see Sharon Perkins’ article on page 25.) – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist


Who needs Willie Nelson when you’ve got these fine folks “on the road again”? “On the road again, think I gotta get out on the road again...and share the REALTOR® message with my friends ... I can’t wait to get on the SVAR road again.” (Thanks for letting us amend your lyrics a little, Willie.) We couldn’t think of a prettier day and better way to spend a summer day than hitting the road to visit some SVAR member offices in Bracey and South Hill to deliver the “I am one®” REALTOR® pride message and swag. During their outreach visit the road trippers also heard concerns and how the Gaston-area market is doing, shared the value of RPAC, and delivered services from the association. Thanks to leadership for its visit to Exit Town and Lake in Bracey and South Hill, Long & Foster in Bracey, and Whittman Properties in Emporia. And, hey, did you know you can get a fishing license, pizza, Subway sub, Dunkin Donuts and a shower all in this one-stop-shop gas station off I-85? – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist

Proclaim your REALTOR® pride with “I am one®” New SVAR members benefitted from the “I am one®” message during June’s orientation courtesy of “I am one®” and Community Affairs Committee chair Barbara Chambers, who trained the newbies on the benefits and advantages of being a real estate licensee who is a REALTOR®. Attendees also received campaign swag to help them inspire the “I am one®” conversation with clients and potential clients. “I am one®” is a fun and educational campaign to help educate SVAR members and the general public about what makes a REALTOR® different (and better!). Want to host a free and swag-filled presentation at your REALTOR® office? Contact SVAR at (804) 520-4496 to set one up! – Victoria Hecht, Communications and PR Specialist


SVAR MEMBERSHIP AT A GLANCE Data current as of September 18, 2017

Member Count Members 426 Secondary 23

Emeritus Affiliates

Affiliate Members 19 49

New REALTOR® Members Pamela Artis Century 21 Colonial Realty Annie Rushing Century 21 Colonial Realty Kimberly Piper Cole Real Estate Inc. Rebecca Straley EXP Realty Amanda Whitt EXP Realty Jeffrey Dickey Hometown Realty Sarah Wilkins Hometown Realty James Jones Keller Williams Richmond West Ashley Baldwin Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. Victoria Brady Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. Larica Coston Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. Maddi Newton Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. Jessica Williams Napier REALTORS® ERA Leandra Church New Generation Realty Inc. Jung Kim Open Door Realty Jill Woodlief Open Door Realty Inc. Delmarie Carson Weichert REALTORS® Brockwell & Portwood Edward Jarvis Weichert REALTORS® Brockwell & Portwood Carolyn Strong Weichert REALTORS® Brockwell & Portwood

At Virginia Commonwealth Bank, our accounts are designed to be flexible and comprehensive to support you as you grow your business. We offer a variety of options for your business needs.      

No or low maintenance fee checking options High and Low transaction volume options, Free Online Banking with Bill Payment Commercial Real Estate Loans Commercial Loans Capital Improvements

3209 Boulevard Colonial Heights, VA 23834

A House on a Rock Home Inspections All-N-1 Services American Home Shield Appomattox Title Company, Inc. Atkinson Insurance Agency Bank of McKenney Bank of Southside Virginia Barwick & Associates Burley Langford Home Inspections C&F Mortgage Central Virginia Regional MLS Citizens Bank & Trust Company Colonial Farm Credit Day Title Eagle Home and Mold Inspection Edward Jones Electrical Installation and Repair Inc. Embrace Home Loans First American Homebuyers Protection First Heritage Mortgage Gregory & Associates Guaranteed Rate Hayes Inspection Services Heritage Chevrolet & Trucktown Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia, Inc Home Warranty of America Home Team Inspection Service HMS Home Warranty J. G. Wentworth Home Lending, Inc. Ligon L Jones Insurance Services Inc. Movement Mortgage Old Dominion Title & Escrow Old Republic Home Protection Presidential Mortgage Prosperity Home Mortgage Schell Brothers State Farm Insurance SunTrust Mortgage The Septic Doctor Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. Toombs Company Home Inspections LLC Top Gun Services Towne Bank Mortgage US Inspect Village Bank Mortgage Virginia Commonwealth Bank Virginia Housing Development Authority Wells Fargo Home Mortgage



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