The VHF Transmitter - W3HZU

The VHF Transmitter - W3HZU

The VHF Transmitter Keystone VHF Club, Inc. VOL 58 No 9 W3HZU Founded 1955 – York, PA CIRCULATION 150 Progress at the Club! By Dick Goodman, WA3US...

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The VHF Transmitter Keystone VHF Club, Inc. VOL 58 No 9


Founded 1955 – York, PA


Progress at the Club! By Dick Goodman, WA3USG Well gang, things have been busy! We had our Trustee's Fall clean up work party of November 16th and we got the outside looking pretty good. We got the picnic pavilion ready for Winter, Mike, WS3C used his chain saw and cut up most of the tree that had been felled on our property a couple of years ago. We moved some firewood, we cleaned up, and oh boy did we ever rake leaves. A big "thank you" to everyone who showed up and helped with that. Then on the week of November 25th we cleaned and painted the floor in the main club room. It took over 4 hours to clean the Floor on Monday. Then on Tuesday Tim, W3TWB and I applied 2 coats of Epoxy paint. On Wednesday, Tim, Kip, WB3AFL, and I applied 2 more coats. We ran into a problem here. When we mixed the last 2 gallons of paint, we discovered that there was no pigment in with the paint. The first 2 gallons that we used on Tuesday were gray … and the floor looked great. These last 2 gallons were white! There was a label from Lowes on one of the properly mixed cans. Since I had already dumped the 2 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket, I didn't want to take that in my car down to Lowes, so I took just the label. When I got to Lowes, they told me that they no longer sell that kind of paint. They didn't want to sell me any pigment. Finally after a great deal of begging and getting the store manager involved, they gave me a container of pigment that they said might properly tint the 2 gallons of paint we had. I took it up to the club and added about 1/3 of it to the 2 gallons I had in the bucket … damn! It was too dark! So Tim, Kip, and I had to apply 2 more coats to adequately cover what we had put down the day before … but again, it looked great! Since Thursday was Thanksgiving, it had a full day to cure before we were to put on the final sealer. When we left late Wednesday afternoon, we turned on 2 electric heaters and the propane heater to ensure that it would cure by Friday. Tim, Kip, and I arrived back at the club Friday by 9:30 AM. We opened the door and it was 90 degrees in there! We applied a thick coat of clear sealer and went to lunch. About 90 minutes later when we got back, we found the sealing coat had completely dried so we applied a second thick coat. On the way home, we talked and decided to see if we could get an impromptu work party together the next day. In order to do the work on the floor, we had to move the sofas out under the pavilion and we had the repeater room jammed full of stuff … we needed a crew to put things right! I put out an e-mail asking for help late Friday afternoon and we ended up with over 12 club members showing up. Not only did we get all of the furniture moved back but we got both the shed and repeater room looking better then they have been for the last 10 years! We got rid of a lot of junk in the main club room, Jeff, KB3RCT got the rain gutters cleaned out, and Dan, KB3JSV and Kip, WB3AFL applied a coat of high temperature stove black to our wood stove … it looks brand new! Cleaning out the shed and repeater room was one hell of a job! Rich, KR3EE ; Chris, KB3TWW, Tim, W3TWB, Larry, N3LED, Mike, WS3C; Dan, KB3JSV; and Joe, KB3TCM worked for several hours. Rich, N3JRT arrived early and tended the fire we had in the fire pit. We disposed of quite a bit of stuff there. Kevin, KA0JQO arrived at around 12:30 and began getting the repeater room ready for the replacement 2 meter machine. We also got three 3 KW UPS units installed in a rack. While the newly painted floor out in the main club room looks great … and surprisingly tough, it will not hold up well to chairs rolling across it. Before we painted, the concrete had been worn down to the point where the stones from the cement were catching on the chair rollers. On Tuesday, Tim,W3TWB and I stopped in at Lowes to get an idea of what kind of flooring they had that we might want to install in front of our operating

December, 2013

positions to hopefully minimize wear on the floor. We looked at several different kinds of flooring material and decided that Vinyl would be the most cost effective for what we wanted to do. This comes in 12 foot rolls and would be glued down. We had a contractor from Lowes stop up at the club on Saturday while the work party was there to take measurments for an estimate. We will get two estimates, one with vinyl starting at the wall behind the operating positions and running for about 6 feet … with a transition to the concrete floor. The other estimate will be to get the entire floor done. We hope to have these estimates in hand by the club meeting. Listed on the next page are the major goals we hope to accomplish within the next several months: Continued on Page 2

Justin Hoyer, N2JEH to be Honored at Fire & Rescue Meeting on December 17th On December 17th, Justin Hoyer, N2JEH will receive honors at the York Area United Fire & Rescue Meeting at the Springettsbury Township Building. The meeting will start at 7 PM. All club members are invited to attend this ceremony.

To the left is Justin Hoyer, N2JEH. To the right, Tim Barefoot, W3TWB. On October 17th, Tim collapsed in the Repeater room at the club, stricken by a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Justin witnessing this, started immediate CPR within a minute after Tim fell. Justin continued CPR for over 20 minutes until an ambulance arrived and the EMT's took over. Without Justin's decisive action, Tim would not be with us today. The team at Memorial Hospital worked on Tim for an hour & a half before they got a pulse. At the end of this time, the doctor came in and told his XYL Sandy that he was probably not going to make it. Anyone undergoing CPR for this long has less then a 5% chance of surviving, and those who do many times have brain or major organ damage. Because Tim had aggressive CPR right from the moment he fell, he beat the odds. This picture was taken exactly one (1) month from the day that this all happened!

NEXT MEETING Thursday, December 5, at the York County EOC on Davies Road

Progress at the Club … Continued from Page 1 ** Verify site grounding system. Determine how it's put together and correct problems. Open - TBD ** Paint main club room floor. Completed 11/30/2013 ** Determine location for cabinet mounting UPS systems in repeater room. Determine condition of batteries and overall arrangement for backup UPS power including what loads need to be supported and where power must be delivered. In progress Larry, N3LED

Thierry, KB3TPX

Jeff, KB3RCT

Trustees Report - The Fall cleanup workparty on November 16th came off quite well. We got all of our normal "picking up & putting away" done. We also spoke about painting the floor in the club room. It looks like we are ready for old man Winter to strike!

Scheduled Club P.S. Events for 2013 * Dec 8 The Jingle Bell 5K Run (Jack, KC3JD) ***NEW * Dec 24-25 Glen Rock Carolers (Stan, AB3EM) * April 27, 2014 - The Ironmasters Hike series in Pine Grove Furnace State Park (Dick, WA3USG)

We will have all the year 2014 events listed in the January newsletter

** Install new MSF5000 repeater. Install controller and make ready for service. In progress ** The alarm system took damage from the lightning strike. It needs to either be repaired or replaced. In progress ** 70 CM repeater AllStar initiative: Install Atom Board Server and radio interface that the club has procured. Interface with Dan Melato to ensure that you have Internet connectivity. Interface repeater to AllStar. Completed - Bob Poff, WB3AWJ ** Clean up Repeater room. Ensure that access to all repeaters is realized without getting tangled up in wiring or knocking over equipment. In progress ** Replace Router. After the lightning strike we had to revert back to our old Router. Replace with a new Router and make any other necessary upgrades determined by the I.T. Chair & Technical Committee. In Progress - Dan Melato, KB3JSV ** Ensure that the generator starts reliably every time that it is commanded to. Set up schedule to test run it under load. Note that this will require all computers to be fully integrated with UPS systems (Item 3 will fulfill this requirement). Open - TBD ** Determine if the Doug Hall voters from the Master III are serviceable, use the LDG Electronics RVS-8 Voter offered to the club, or use PC based voting via AllStar. Get the 221 MHz FM link receivers back from county. Open - TBD 60 foot tower guy line upgrade: ** This will require a climb ** Install new guy lines, brackets on tower if necessary, inspect & perform the necessary work on the guy anchors to ensure that they are adequate. In process - Rich Reese, KR3EE 6 meter & MA-5B antenna installation: ** This will require a climb ** Install antennas, new feedlines. Ensure that the feedlines are run into the club with no chance of abrasion. Open - TBD ** Contest antenna upgrades on 100 foot tower. This will require a climb & perhaps a crane ** Discuss replacing these antennas with only a the new 2 meter and a new 70 CM beam (and associated preamps). The two (2) antennas will be supported by a vertical mast only. Recommend not using horizontal antenna supports due to stresses by wind and potential for problems. 220 MHz and 1.2 GHz antennas will be installed on a lower, easier accessible area TBD. Open -TBD **Microwave Network Installation: Determine cable lengths, AZ and locations on tower. Determine building rack location for switch and router. Coordinate with Gary Blacksmith to establish circuit Open - TBD

Top image is the completely painted clubroom floor taken on Wednesday, March 27 ... the day before Thanksgiving. Bottom image, Tim, W3TWB busy putting on the third coat.

Page 2

Well, we got the estimate on the flooring from Lowes and it looks higher then I believe we want to go. They want $1,100 for do vinyl from the wall out about 7 feet. For the entire room, they want over $2,200. Are any of you skilled in installing flooring? Could we do it ourselves. The concrete floor is not absolutely smooth and will require either a sub floor of some kind of smoothing covering.

Dan Melato, KB3JSV Digs Tower Hole that Goes to the Center of the Earth!!! … also puts up a tower and a very nice antenna array "To the very depths of hell itself" would be appropriate when describing the hole that Dan dug to support his 40 foot Rohn 25 tower! 38 inches wide, about 40 inches high, and over 3 feet deep … big enough to hold 84 eighty pound bags of Readymix! All mixed in a wheel barrow … by hand … oh our backs!!!

With the tower up, the entire gang is shown hauling the Mosley TA-33 into place to be hoisted aloft by Gregs bucket truck.

Dan had been planning to put up a tower for over a year. Back in December of last year Dan found a source for a used 40 foot Rohn 25 tower located in Denver, PA. He had some help from Tim Barefoot, W3TWB, Dan Shortencarrier, N3EEI, Tim Beck, KB3OFE, and Dick Goodman, WA3USG in taking it down (see January 2013 newsletter, page 9). Over the course of this year, Dan sanded, painted, and got the tower in shape for installation at his QTH. He also purchased a Mosley TA-33 Triband beam from Mike Sullivan, WS3C and a nice new Cushcraft 2 meter dual polarization beam. On Saturday, November 9th, Greg, KE3CW; Dan, N3EEI, Dan, KB3JSV, Mike, WS3C; and myself, WA3USG arrived at Dan's QTH to erect the tower and install the antennas. Greg brought along his bucket truck. A full day or work followed and by about 3 PM we had the tower up, and both antennas installed.

This hole is big … no, enormous! When I saw it I said "Dan, what did you do?" I hoped that the top of the tower would stick out of the hole far enough to put the antennas on. I think that Dan had 60 bags of readymix on hand. After we mixed and poured it, we went and purchased another 20 bags … even that wasn't enough. After I left, Dan had to purchase another 4 to top the hole off. This tower is not going anywhere.

Dan Shortencarrier, N3EEI guides the top two sections of tower being lifted by Greg Hagens, KE3CW into place atop the base section.

So how does this array work? On 2 meter SSB Dan went from just a tad under S9 to an S9+10 from his place to my QTH in Mechanicsburg, a distance of about 60 miles. He is also busy working a lot of DX on the HF bands! Continued on Page 5

Page 3

FOR SALE/WANTED THE N3NBT ANTENNA COMPONENT BONANZA!!! ** G5RV antenna used, but in good condition $25.00 ** G5RV antenna never in the air $30.00 ** 2 Hamstick type antennas 40 meters like new $20.00 ea ** 2 Hamstick type antennas 75 meters like new $20.00 ea ** Homemade bracket for using Hamstick antennas as rotatable Dipole w/ all hardware including “U” bolt for mast mounting $12.00 ** 11 Nine inch aluminum tent stakes $10.00 for lot ** 10 Twelve inch aluminum tent stakes $15.00 for lot ** 2 Fifty foot coils of mini 8 coax W PL259 connectors on both ends $12.00 ea ** Government surplus aluminum folding shovel $ 5.00 ** 10 Reinforced fiberglass 4’ mast sectioons $ 2.00 ea ** Top section of mast w/ pulley and rope to raise antenna to a maximum of 32 feet $ 6.00

Please note: Green line is 2 to 1 SWR. This antenna has a SWR of less then 1.5 to 1 across almost all of its bands!

14.350 MHz 14 MHz

If interested in any of these items, contact Bob Gundlach, N3NBT at [email protected] or phone 717-757-3133. Act now, demand will be enormous!!

Still for sale: HyGain TH-7 DXX 7 element Triband beam. This is a big antenna folks! $150.00 for club members

21 MHz

21.450 MHz

This antenna is assembled and up at the club. It was donated to us by Jim, K3JIM but unfortunately will not fit on our tower without becoming entangled with the guy lines from our 180 foot tower. It has beautiful SWR curves on 20, 15 & 10M. See right side of this page … these were actually measured at the club.

28 MHz

29.700 MHz

The VHF Transmitter published monthly by the


DICK GOODMAN, WA3USG Voice: (717) 697-2353 199 MAPLE LANE e-mail: MECHANICSBURG, PA 17055 [email protected] Website: Distribution only via the Internet by WA3USG ________________________________________________ To change your Dick Goodman, WA3USG address for the 199 Maple Lane Newsletter, contact: Mechanicsburg, Pa. Page 4

Act now! You will never find an antenna this good for this price again! We will help you take it down and will even transport it for you Non Club Member Price $400.00 Original Price $869.00 Call Dick Goodman, WA3USG at 717-697-2353 Or e-mail [email protected] I cannot believe that this antenna hasn't been sold yet. If you want a BIG SIGNAL, this is the antenna for you!!

Schedule of Keystone VHF Club Sponsored VE Testing for 2013 Laurel VE Group Testing sponsored by Keystone VHF Club are held the second Saturday of the odd months. All tests are at 10 AM, preregistration is appreciated except the Hamfest. Contact, Ralph Brandt at [email protected] or phone 717-792-1017. Locations are York EMA Office at 120 Davies Road, York, or Keystone VHF Club on Deininger Road, York, near the Rocky Ridge Park

Testing dates: November 9 at York EMA Office.

Local area nets: Capitol Area Traffic Net starts Monday at 8 PM on the South Mountain Radio Amateurs (SMRA) repeater on 146.46 (67.0 tone), 1 MHz offset. All properly licensed radio amateurs are invited to check in. The Combined Club ARES/RACES Net meets Monday at 8:30 PM on the Keystone 146.97 Repeater (Tone: 123 Hz).

The gang inspects the Cushcraft 2 meter cross polarization beam prior to hauling it aloft.

South Mountain Radio Amateurs (SMRA) Net on Monday at 9 PM on the 145.43 (Tone: 67 Hz) repeater located in Mt. Holly Springs. After the normal FM net, a group moves off to 144.210 MHz and operates SSB. The Keystone VHF Club Digital Net on Tuesday at 8 PM on the York 146.97 Repeater. The Digital Familiarization Net on Wednesday at 8 PM on the SMRA 145.43 Repeater. The Keystone 75 meter net on Tuesday at 9 PM on a frequency to 3820 to 3840 KHz (+ or – the QRM). In the Summer, the net is suspended. The Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) net meets on Wednesday 9 PM on the York 146.97 repeater. (Net currently not held) A local FM Simplex Net runs Thursday at 8:30 PM on a frequency of 146.55 MHz. The South Central PA 10 Meter Net Friday at 8 PM on 28.495 MHz USB WLO Marine Radio in Mobile AL has begun broadcasting a RTTY news service on 8473 kHz. It appears to run continuously. They alternate between 45 Baud Baudot and SITOR Mode-B FEC ("AMTOR" to we hams). Its kind of fun to copy, and a good way to test out your RTTY setup. ** Listed below are some local 10 meter nets **

For a few weeks, Dan had the TA-33 attached to a fence post on his proprty. Dan made a few QSO's with the antenna located there by setting up his rig out in the yard.

Ham Shack Talk Net - Monday at 9 PM: 28.335 MHZ. Delaware Lehigh Valley ARC Net - Sunday 4:00 PM: 28.430 MHZ Do Drop In net - Sunday 8:30 PM: 28.450 MHZ Penn- Mar Club net - Friday. 8:30 PM: 28.495 MHZ. 10 Meter Ragchew Net - Every evening starting 7:30PM: 28.600 Mhz

The Jingle Bell 5K Run By Jack Dellinger, KC3JD The York Twp EMA was contacted by the Arthritis Foundation (Central Pennsylvania) about support for an event entitled "Jingle Bell 5K Run". This event takes place on Dec. 8, 2013 (early afternoon). Representatives of the Arthritis Foundation attended an exercise held at the York Twp EMA on Oct. 28 to gain understanding about Ham Radio communications. The representatives were impressed and have invited the Ham Community to help provide communications for the event.

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Dan's operating position before the TA-33 was hoisted to the top of his tower. On late Summer & Fall afternoons I suspect that he was sitting there, sipping beer and trying to work DX. Dan's installation turned out to be textbook perfect. On 2 meter SSB, his system is performing so well that the Chesapeake area SSB net run from down on the eastern Shore in Maryland has asked Dan to take over as the NCS when the regular operator cannot be present. On 20, 15, and 10 meters, Dan is easily working anyone he can hear with signal reports of S9+10 from the UK. I believe that he is one happy camper!

The Keystone VHF Club Annual Holiday Party - January 25, 2014

This is an advertisment that I received via my E-Mail. I don't think it is a scam but the vendor should really develop a better understanding of the English language

Pepe' sez "Keep le date free" Location: Fairview Firehall (same as last year) Menu - Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, ham, deserts, wine & beer & great fun and fellowship all for $10.00 "Cheap at half the price!" Ooops … I meant "Cheap at twice the price!!"

The Keystone VHF Club 75 Meter Net is back in on the air! On Tuesday evening at 9 PM Bob Riese, K3DJC called the 75 meter net. We had the following folks check in: Dan Shortencarrier, N3EEI Dan Melato, KB3JSV Dick Goodman, WA3USG Bob Gundlach, N3NBT Jeff Patterson, KB3RCT Buzz Kutcher, K3GWK Nate Kitschman, WN3I

S9+10 S9+10 S9+10 S9+10 S9 S9+30

At the club meeting, Bob K3DJC will show amd describe his Elecraft KX3 kit a 10 watt rig that does CW,SSB,AM,FM with splits and PL tones run it as a base or in your backpack

Dear Sir/Madam, I am so glad send email to you. We are a manufacturer in China produce CAR RECORDER. The attach model is a very popular car recorder,with very good night vision,very high definition.Many car driver need them. Because it can recording any traffic accident,and by it can know who are responsible for the accident. For this one the sample price is 63$. Maybe you think it is expensive.I would like tell you a story: One day,when David drive his car go to have a important meeting,when he drive through a traffic lighter, a man by a motorcycle on front of his car, and this man drive the motorcycle slower on purpose, then let the motorcycle fall down on purpose,then roar David let David stop his car, say:"Your car hurt me."David said:"No,I am so slow, have not hurt you."But the man insist let David pay him some money for medical expenses,insist said David have let him bleed. David in order go to for the meeting on time. He pay the man 100$.Then the man permit David leave. It is a real story happed in our coutry.I think if David have this product,he no need pay 100$. He only need pay 63$ for the car DVR. The price for car DVR depends the IC and definition,like the DVR19S, the price for sample only need 26$.For mass products only need 16$. If you are a car supplier, it is a very good promostional gift.

Please note that I didn't change any of the spelling or the Grammar. Actually this looks like a fairly neat product and I am assuming that in China as in Russia, there is rampant auto insurance fraud.

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Page 8

Keystone VHF Club General Meeting Minutes of November 7, 2013 By Sandy Goodman, N3ECF – Secretary

The General Club Meeting held at Keystone VHF Club was called to order by Pres. Dick WA3USG at 19:00. There were 32 members present and 6 guests who are unlicensed, but want to learn about Amateur Radio. Dick updated us on Tim Barefoot, W3TWB, who is tired and hurts from the broken ribs. He goes for blood tests every other day, but his kidneys are okay. TECHNICAL HAPPENINGS: Dan, KB3JSV, erected an additional 20 feet to his tower and installed a 2 meter beam. He had created a super large whole that took many many bags of concrete to fill it for the base of his tower. SECRETARY REPORT: Sandy, N3ECF. Steve, WB3EFA, moved to accept the October minutes as published. That was seconded by Joe, KB3TCM. Motion carried. TREASURER REPORT: Linda, KB3EBV, provided the reported for October : Income: $591.37; Expenses: $293.81 ; NET Total +$297.56. Balances: Club CD $7,607.41; Bill Hurst CD $2,516.36; Checking Acct $3,088.31 ; Trustee Acct $177.49 ; Total $13,389.57. Rich, KR3EE, moved to accept the report; 2nd by Jack, N3BBC. Motion carried. Jeff, KB3RCT, advised that the Trustees Cash Fund has $109 + change. Candy and sodas have been stocked. COMMITTEE REPORTS: TRUSTEE REPORT – Jeff, KB3RCT, reminded members that the fall work party is November 16, 8 AM at Stoney Brook for breakfast, 9 am at the club. No tower work is to be done, picnic tables will be left in place for the scouts to use. TECHNICAL COMMITTEE REPORT - Dick, WA3USG, reported on the restructure of the Technical Committee and general issues: Repeaters: Nate Kirschman, WN3I; Kevin Magloughlin, KA0JQO; Chris Shover, KB3TWW, Bob Poff, WB3AWJ AllStar/EchoLink: Bob Poff, WB3QJ I.T. & Network: Dan Melato, KB3JSV Towers/Antennas: Tim Barefoot, W3TWB, Greg Hagens, KE3CW Infrastructure: Chris Shover, KB3TWW, Jeff Patterson, KB3RCT Tech Committee Support: Tim Beck, KB3OFE (ATV); Rich Reese, KR3EE (ATV & general trouble shooting); Skip Falkenham, N3VTX (Miscellaneous electronics support); Dick Goodman, WA3USG (liaison to club, ATV, miscellaneous electronics support); Jim Walsh, K3JIM (EchoLink); Steve Steffan, WB3EFA (Miscellaneous electronics support); Mike Sullivan, WS3C (Contesting/Operator Position liaison), Dan Shortencarrier, N3EEI (Towers/Antennas). (1) Innovantenna LFA-Q 6 meter antenna from a UK company – Ours is the ONLY one and it doesn’t work. After 18+ emails, they finally admitted they had a bad design. Our money will be refunded. (2) We will be cleaning up the repeater room by rerunning coax, with RF on 1 tier and audio/video on a 2nd tier. (3) Repeaters and the main club room will be put on UPS systems to protect equipment. (4) Ralph, K3HQI, donated a Cushcraft MA-5B to replace the TH-7 antenna. We’re discussing how to get the smaller antennas up on the tower. We also want to set up goo HF operations for members to use for fun. We are trying to sell the TH-7. (5) Ray Shaub, W3AXC, mentioned that a 6-meter antenna is available from Charlie Byers’ tower. He needs help to get the antenna down from a 27 foot tower. OLD BUSINESS: Jeff, KB3RCT, reported for the Nominating Committee for next year’s officers: President – Dick, WA3USG; First Vice President – Joe, KB3TCM; Second Vice President – Jack, KC3JD; Treasurer – Linda, KB3EBV;

Page 7

Assistant Treasurer – Dan, KB3JSV; Secretary – Sandy, N3ECF; Assistant Secretary – Kathy, KA3THC; Trustee – Tim, W3TWB. Thierry, KB3TPX, will stay on as Trustee untill Tim can get to work. Dick reviewed the Insurance Claims. For the property insurance under Ohio Casualty, we have a $1,000 deductible with $1,589.34 in claims. For the radio & computer equipment insurance under Marsh U.S. Consumer, we have a $50 deductible with about $600 in claim for the contest rotor combo. NEW BUSINESS: First readings were done for Kevin Magloughlin, KA0JQO; Todd Haines, no call yet; and Charles Spangler, KA3ZHN. With several people interested in getting a HAM license, Nate Kirschman, WN3I, has offered to teach a Technician Class using the ARRL style (over several weeks). We gathered a list of names and emails to coordinate that class. Dick reviewed the proposal for replacing our 2 meter repeater and transitioning the UHF repeater to AllStar. The following procurements were recommended by the Technical Committee: 1U Supermicro Intel D2500HN Atom Server (AllStar) $ 329.00 DMK Engineering USB radio Interface 9095 (AllStar) $ 69.95 Motorola MSF-5000 VHF Repeater $ 700.00 Arcom Model 210 Repeater Controller $ 475.00 TOTAL $1,573.95 The committee requests an even $2000 to cover all costs (shipping, other incidental equipment, etc). During discussion it was noted that we feel more confidant in our Owning our repeater so we can insure and maintain it ourselves. If the county repeater comes back, we can keep that as a back-up. Nate, WN3I, moved to approve $2,000 for the equipment procurement in accordance with the plan. Steve, WB3EFA, seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Jack, KC3JD, also mentioned that the intent of the Bill Hurst money (CD) was for use in emergencies as we are facing, so he moved to use the Bill Hurst CD to pay for the replacement costs. Brad, KO3T, seconded that motion. Motion was approved. We have an action to check with the insurance company and determine if it will be cost effective to reduce our deductible or leave it the same. A discussion ensued about purchasing an AED for the club. Jeff, KB3RCT, has an action to research appropriate AEDs and pads with local ambulance groups and check state regulations. Nate, WN3I, suggested we get a green reflector address sign. John, KB3SST makes those. EMCOMM/PUBLIC SERVICE NEWS – Sandy, N3ECF Several of us checked-in to the PEMA NET on October 17 for the Great Northeast Shakeout. That was a very disorganized NET. Net Control was run from Pittsburgh and couldn’t hear many of those checking in, so a relay was ultimately done. York County is hosting the CAN-AM Police Fire Games July 13-20, 2014. They will need lots of volunteers to support the emergency responders games. The communications needs are still to be determined. Three of us worked at the Michaux Team Challenge in Calendonia and Ralph worked the Marine Corps Marathon. Jack, KC3JD, is soliciting volunteers for the Jingle Bell Run on December 8th. That event is for the Arthritis Foundation and will be held at Wellspan Rehab Hospital. They expect 500-800 runners. CONTEST REPORT - Brad, KO3T, thanked everyone for the success of the Red Lion Club at the PA QSO contest. They sucessfully shattered previous county records, got the 4th highest score ever, and got all 67 counties. VE/ED REPORT - Steve, WB3EFA, reported that there will be exams this Saturday, 9:30 am for registration, 10 am for the exam. SPCG will have their testing on the second Saturday of December. Ralph, K3HQI, did get our exams on the ARRL website. That had to be corrected because they had done a mix of the SPCG and Keystone testing information. NEWSLETTER/WEBSITE – WA3USG, distributed newsletter on time. GOOD OF THE CLUB - Ed, KA3LJL, and Dale, K3PXC, are considering conducting a CW NET on Wednesday evenings, probably around 9 PM. Dick, WA3USG, would like to start doing 20 to 30 minute presentations at club meetings about basic HAM Radio Interest. He’ll do the first on in December. Chris, KB3TWW, announced the Holiday Party will be on January 25, 2014, at the Fairview Firehall, with cocktails at 4 PM and dinner at 5 PM. Cost will be $10 per person. 50-50 – Craig, WA1HEW, won $20.50.

W3HZU Membership Application Name: _______________________________ Phone: ______ _______ - _____________ Address: _____________________________ Callsign: ___________ Expires: ________ City: ________________________ State: _____ Zip: ___________ Lic Class: _________ Occupation: ___________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________

Membership Desired Full Family


Full Club Privileges $20.00 annually & one time $5.00 Application fee Sponsoring members call: ______________ Privileges same as Full membership $5.00 annually & a one time $5.00 Application fee Repeater Support $20.00 annually & a one time $5.00 Application fee

Special Areas of Interest

Are you a member of: ARRL








(circle all that apply)

AM Antenna building ATV Contesting CW Digital (Packet, RTTY, PSK-31, etc) DX FM HF QRP Satellites SSB SSTV SWL Tower climbing LF DSP UHF/Microwaves VHF Astronomy Photography Other: _____________________

Application & Dues Mailing Address: Make checks payable to: Keystone VHF Club Inc. Mail to: PO Box 20143 York, Pa. 17402-0140 FOR CLUB USE ONLY First Reading Date: ___________ Second Reading Date: __________ Date voted IN-OUT: __________ Date Dues Collected: __________ Applicant Sponsored by: ______________________________________