The whole WORLD – one SIM-card - WellTell

The whole WORLD – one SIM-card - WellTell

International SIM-card The whole WORLD – one SIM-card For Partners British operator of the international mobile connection - WellTell offers a uni...

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International SIM-card

The whole WORLD – one SIM-card

For Partners

British operator of the international mobile connection - WellTell offers a unique terms of cooperation:

Profit 60%

No limits all over the world

Quality of GSM connection

Advantageous packages


60% from sales

Advertising support

Bonuses for best sales

Get 60% of profit from each sold

We will provide you with all necessary

We highly evaluate great sales results


advertising materials to increase sales

and offer additional bonuses

10% from balance top-up

Terms and conditions

Regular partner

for salesmen


Top-up of a subscriber balance -

WellTell offers special bonus program for

To establish close contacts and to

additional profit for you

sales managers

exchange opinions we regularly arrange partner conferences

Additional flow of customers

Advertising budget


Being of high demand WellTell SIM-cards

We are ready to take part in advertising

For partner companies we produce

will bring you more clients

campaign for providing cross-promotion

branded SIM-cards

For Subscribers

Communication all around the world with WellTell

Free incoming calls

Works in Russia

No Monthly fees


You can keep your old number

Connection of a high quality in more than 190 countries

Easy balance top-up

Fair exchange rate

More advantageous terms and conditions on Rate-plans:


“The whole world 14 days”

“The whole world 30 days”

“The whole world 90 days”

“The whole world unlimited”

When package is activated, cost of outbound calls

When package is activated, cost of outbound calls

When package is activated, cost of outbound calls

When package is activated, cost of outbound calls

When package is activated, cost of outbound calls

o.20 $/min

o.16 $/min

o.15 $/min

o.14 $/min

o.0 $/min

Marketing tools


Mass texting (SMS)

MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) - a convenient

An easy way of informing your customers that guarantees

way of gaining profit not only from SIM-card selling, but

delivery of any text message.

also from traffic usage. How it works? On our web-site in your personal account you will be provided with an access to administrative panel where you’ll be able to set up billing and become independent mobile connection operator.

USSD-message distribution This service operates in GSM networks and allows to set up a high speed interactive communication with a

IVR – advertising and informational sound tool We offer easy and creative tool for informing target customers. The information is conveyed by means of recorded audio files. Ways of application: • Infotainment services; • Televoting; • Teleshopping; • Bet acceptance; • On-line questionnaire; • Testing.

subscriber. With the help of USSD-service it is possible to establish a feedback communication. This allows informing and conducting questionnaire activities. USSD-messages do not consume phone memory, do not require any manipulations with opening, saving or deleting. Messages are short and easy to understand.

About the company «WellTell» (WellTellTrade mark) – is an operator of international mobile connection. We provide retail and corporate customers with GSM-communication services. In the process of telecom field development WellTell company has gained a reputation of a reliable connection service provider. Personal experience, high qualification of staff members, close relationships with other mobile operators allow the company to carry out such projects as branding of virtual GSM-networks, development of advertising instruments for mobile marketing, mass retail customers acquisition. WellTell SIM-cards are successfully distributed in Russia, within the territory of CIS, Europe, China and USA. GSM-connection offered by WellTellcompany ensures easy and stable communication in more than 190 countries.

Support: +7 (812) 458 01 12 [email protected] Sale: +7 (812) 612 21 58 [email protected] 8 (800) 333 65 08 [email protected]