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TheCraikWeekly News - Sask History Online

TheCraik W eekly News — [-— Vol 6 ^^ CRAIK. / SASKATCHEW AN, St. Agones Concert 1members of the Choir of St. Agnes gave a reception !concert ...

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TheCraik W eekly News — [-—

Vol 6 ^^




St. Agones Concert

1members of the Choir of St. Agnes gave



!concert in the town hall to their


Mrs. Caesar who arrived on Fri-

For Craik and Vicinity


in refeeeriqe

Lands, Loans,


was trying


A row of box cars on the

siding hid the view of the freight

him, knocking the tractor to due


side and doing considerable da - :

Cooling, who were there were of one accord considerable pain.' The tractor ; Norman Morris and W . G. Raker. — the betterment of all things not was damaged so that it may have


Mrs. me draw your W ill the.first time you come to Craik.. Come in and talk it over. my office your head*|marten* when


in town.

Miss Marion only for the town but the country to be shipjied back for re (Airs and Mr. Hanson has tiled claim against Miss Thompson as well.

taking up the ladies part of the programme. This

treat you right.



Tradewell, and


JJJJJ meeting down

by Mrs. Allan


From now on it will be up to the

On account of the illness of the farmers to prepare for the coming

A. C. Wilson brought up the pleted list will be ready for distri­ orchestra for the city.

trict have been taking advantage of the good weather the past two weeks to get their whpnt in the ground, [and by Saturday night fully 85 per cent, of the Land will be laid by.

while the later

planting is showing an extra good sign of germination.

The reports

so far are very encouraging for a

write Insurance of all kiwis and refund your money if jxilrcies are not as represented. I buy and 6(41 farms, list with me for results. T have money to loan on real estate and chattle security. I make collections. I wilt do your conveyancing. I! am here for business and trv to please N A I L YO l R F A IT H T O M E Y o U C A N N O T G O W R O N G For business, writing a letter, a square deal or an accomoda­ tion use my office I am always glad to see you.


Craik Agricultural Society Special Prize

to investigate the matter and see of the prizes offered. what could be done. petent

With a com­

instructor, and there

Local Football Game


A very exciting football match

claimed to be one here, there is no

reason why Craik can’t have its w'as played own






T h e P u b li c P a r k

most an object of the past, yet it planting and getting our citizens out. This p rtL .se. to be a fas, game and a good crowd should boj was there where tbe town sports* interested in this one great benefit, on the grounds that day. public speakings, etc , were held, would lie almost as good a draw­ and those good old times are a ing publicity card as needed. The


of the station.

Another O.


isi eding is now the order of the day

mid we esix^'ially

most successful farmers in Western* Canada to-day are those who recognize the advantage Hmfj G O O D M EANS







For Hay, Western Rye, Alfalfa, TimoLhy Have always best results in the W’est, although tucky


Blue Grass seems to lie gaining considerable

ifavor. For pasture Browns I infill is has been found one of the

V A R IE T IE S table vegetables grown and selected

— *:------------- —

W h o W o u ld n ’t Swear?

Closing of Court

Let us have your order early before prices lake a rise.

The Store of Values W L SPE C IALIZE IN


The last case on docket before Judge Hannon in Craik district


! the one idea of boosting for Craik. Reynohlson over $50 in wages due , and

boosting hard.

So if you, the plaintiff.

Judgment rendered

but after Saturday's to do yonr part at the next call of

He— but what’s in their reports for your consider- marriages and 262 deaths recorded ation.

and Insurance

wagon in favor of plaintiff for full amount

wind Tom a face took on a very the meeting. Monday. M,.y 25th. ' Vital Statistics dark appearance as be viewed tbe big rolls of waste paper playing! In tbe m*mnl,me lhe various For the year ending February tag with each other up and down committees will get busy at d bring 1914 thera were 1.059 births, 367 t »e use.

1 1

left Craik for his old

shal had the streets cleaned spick don’t forget to boost, and be ready! and cost,

that clean sheet.


Rev. C.

All present were imbued with court last week, was Eastwood vs

Last week onr genial city mar- w*at to be in the baud and .pan,

Catalogue Prices


in a short time and at

Craik city limits, and you may |little expense Craik will be adver-

and ideas will be presented.


Clovers and Grasses

venture to say that others will cation.

The best collection of the eight following N A M E D



There con citizens to start tbe ball rolling home in Norway on last Friday.'

have an opportunity to express tiled as one of the moat beautiful


Brand lee, the

somewhere close by and if possible g °°d plan will be for some of our minister,

your sentiments soon, when plans towns in the province



/ I >

Arrangements are being made most i>opular. being highly nutritious an 1 suitable for The question of a public park, write and find out costs, etc., fora game of football between the all soils. ; , or play grounds, has been sug­ of a publicity campaign by which N.W .R .M P. team of Regina and W e also have in stock the best varieties of Fodder, Corn gested several times the past w*eek Craik will be placed before the the Craik team to be played here world as the only place on the and Seed Potatoes. or so, and probably will be one of probably in two weeks. The borne map. A suggestion was here the subjects for discussion at the team are going after the practice, I —^ next Board of Trade meeting. made that by securing and giving and will put up a stiff fight to win ! w M S S C S ^ O lC l flt The old time public square is fil- instruction in the art of tree

prize $7.50; second prize $5 00; third prize $2.50.

each of Carrots, Beets anti Rutabagas.


R .W .R .M .P . vs Craik

The Secretary was instructed to

be made into an attraction place ar°u:ul their home premises, and to spend a couple of months va-j

( untopped)


pasture ns prairie wool at the best i«i |KH>r f»*ed. . The

A committee of some of the players had had a In last week’s News was printed harvest time. Matheson, Parks and bullied were little more wind, they not being an article stating that Wm. Lees instructed to secure the amount of able to keep up the pact*. The had disposed of his restaurant to acreage drilled in in the Craik “Dirty Shirts” had the game going Dan Me Alpine. On Monday nil district and communicate with the their way nearly nil the time and inventory was made and things C.N.R. in regard to future arrange­ when ended stood 7 to 1 in their looked serenity for the new man­ favor. ager, but on Tuesday morning. ments for plenty of cars to handle The committee having charge of the fall crop. By doing this and Dan concluded he did not want it, the membership tickets were busy presenting facts, at even this time and the deal was declared off. This of the season it is hoped that we this week disposing of those cards, places Uncle Billy back in his ac­ can interest the officials to the with the result that wna very customed place behind the count* extent of supplying cars when gratifying to the management. again. ueedid.

|several plots of ground within the, f°H °w



prices right.

Mr. Lees Still Proprietor in regard to the shortage of cars at good as it would have been if

>r pb*y grounds or otherwise,


Goods are the best and

season’s iu neglecting to got a goofl hay meadow or

C om p etition


Auto Supplies.

gestion came from Mr. Matheson was done by the boys but not as

within the city limits.



The next important item of sug­ very good and some good playing

Girls and Boys Garden

One entire bill or plant each of Potatoes, Corn.

from the Gasoline.

hustle that article from some other between the “Dirty Shirts” and the “ Red Socks.” The game was burg.




to grounds* on Friday evening last

Now tree planting, etc., their grounds Craik and this province.

work and selection must be done by exhibitor.


ware wei'e appointed a committee do their best to capture a number

On a Vacation The Secretary was instructed to - take After twelve years absence encroachment of business blocks ^UP the matter with the ( N . R . has almost relegated th«,se ehL official iu regard to which six ha\e been spent in



Messrs. Wilson, Insull and Wick- terest in this one great show and

it is confined to an

from rows not loss than 10 feet in length.


the subject Everyone should take _a deep in­

*ifter much talk on

never-to-be-forgotten event



Thcrve is desire and expect to assist in mak-

familiar spots to oblivion

Competitor must be under lp years of age.

w a ter

wish to call your attention ' to tin the hi intake of forme*

bumper crop this fall.



Some fields already

show a growth,



good a band as at any town, and than at any fair yet held in Craik.

The farmers of the Craik dis­


fugal Filter it positively eliminates all

hands of the printer, and tbe com­

and subject of a good brass band and bution in ample time for those who

The Outlook

has p rep a red a book on “ F i r e P r e v e n t i o n . ” If you are a property hold r you ought to read It. It Is free if i u ask the undersigned for a copy.

This outfit is equipped with a Centri­

Get Ready

plenty of talent hero to form as j ing the exhibits larger and better

The Hartford Fire Insurance Co.


the W . A , after which dancing the Clerk’s office into the anti- The premium list copy is in the

Miss Agnes Lees.

And there have been many other fires that could have been prevented by simple precautions which all property car-ers Might to use, and probably would use if they knew about them.

per gallon, any

lunch provided by the ladies of phone had not been moved from Craik on Wednesday, August 25th.

12.JO the music being provid­


Gasoline at 40 cents

cess, and all then took part in a telephone line “trouble-man” the Agricultural show to be held in




W e also carry in stock Auto Tires and

ended by Mr. Rutherford thank­ and committees appointed to carry

was indulged in until the hour of room.

This Fire Might Have Been Prevented



part. of. the programme many were the suggestions made

a most enjoyable evening a suc­

P. Humphrey


the the C N R. for $J5oO for damages to business and to himself and property.


ing all who had taken part to make out the program. •if


Gasoline Outfit and can supply you with

ful Came in for Lengthy

The programme was open­



tried to make the grade up over the track, when the freight hit

*Songs were rendered by Messrs. was not as large as was exported juring him inwardly to the extent ‘ Ernest Johnson. E. C. Wilson. or should have been. But those that for several days he' suffered Arthur


engine coining and Mr. Ilauson

The regular meeting of the mage. When the engine hit tin* Nellie and Dora Brown followed Craik Brard of Trade was held on tractor it knocked Mr. Hanson by the singing of “O Canada.*’ Monday night, but the attendance over against the guide * wheel, in­




ed by a piano duet by the Misses


and Contracts

I atn here to stay and will


Ernest Rutherford in the ab­ The Telephone and Craik Keauti sence of E. H. Insull taking the

To coirie to mi* for anything ami everything

No. 21

|tractor, his machine collided with a locil freight fcngiue iu tbe Craik yards.

under-Lyme, England. !


Take up the Slogan “ Boast
|new Vicar the Rev. H. D. and I clay, April 24th from Newcastle-


Last Thursday morning while Huwkin

church assisted by talent from the congregation


A Close Call


On Tuesday evening lust



for the province of Saskatchewan.

Parties wishing to sell sharc»s In the Craik Farmers Elevator and Trading company- Craik, see or write us with offers

Craik Realty & Investment Co



1J A.


** kJt

* *1 1 W « «

CANADA S W ATE R POWER tli.ukina o f long else that Gold How Tolstoy Made H-i* Will THE DOUGLAS FlR » » « a little Inflate*!. He stole a How Tolstoy made liis odlj is told gUoctr at the bride of me day It was in the annual of the ToLt* y society Data Being Ccfleeted by the Co?n The Tree*. With a Future That ♦si dlfTieoir to tell, such wjiH bt-r wonder­ [by Alexej Sergejeno. who *a a one of mission of Conservation Crowrrt in British Columbia ful eoDJpIexion, whether or not she I ihr* witnesses O d July *1510. he. So fur as waters and waterpower* |4 There >e frees in Canada who* Tbefe rr was pate.-' He 'bought, ishe was a lit­ |was suminitifd by a Ui*tyqt * ’ho ar.e C o n c e r n t h e effort* o f the com lioiwmeri ,iil importance imporfauce it clearly- on EVERY CASE IS CURABLE tle tbepe were dark ilnes: under her I that Tdsfuy wanted to make l h mission of confer ration have, thus tly* wan*'. Accot inj; ing to one ol ilie «->#. which sugg‘ *t*d ibe had not ' wj)j without an hoU/i They far, been devoted to the collection of l&t4 ht. buhetins of vbe Dominion For NONE SO E A S Y v*oo*H bob*. tion intelligently we mult. fir»t. know pine luml «r cut in 191-“ was one and muscles. thost' * tec, 1,, M r n igh ; and thiu» that Mils lb l.e .ckia-efed of the ! Ht, u , , aiilJ j, ,j fhc wa> into i what we have to conserve. a half million doll i s less than in ruff* ring forev er— day S'-'-g‘‘ Greaser*’ and “Gringo*” jU ;v best man taking fare t o ll o£ a bridal i dense forest. li:,4he thickest part of When the commission " a * estab-I 1911. Tile cut of h* mlo< k decreased your day is g*me. By E dgar W a lla ce couple,‘^nd he stood oh the platform a ll.' ■ be nana^ive continues we kshrd, a good deni o f’ information] When an American term* a M'**!- thirty >pet cent, cenc. and ttamarack, the amanic k SuAfter, cheer up. ae*5 -•ad th* Ward, LocW A Co., Limited till Hie train was out jjof night. tree. Tol r e s p itin g waterpower* in stopped it a bic stump of tdauada . tan a 'g re a te r* the Vrxican rrt-oit* iunkber pioduotion of wiiicli has ei*1 Rood new s belrw Landor, Melbourne and Toronto “ An « Xtraced inary fn ’ *g'\" look dow> on the slump. took a doy sat was in existence, but nothing had; with e<|ual truth that the American creased over forty per >cRt. in the ‘ A ma,i me a m nt. ago, and hit id fountain pen/from 1 is pocket and ask been done toward bringing Ibis data is a ‘‘gringo.’ Th IS t r * honors f M f |ut tm.) jrenrs, hid. liir fioea to W -cid don't Q'»r-t stay crippl juit coal* 11#- j urn*,d P-ft the i ' ornpleteJ. Henoe the fir nr work o f the comm laWhenc e these titles cofft** is ^uly : ja pr the only ijc ivhose lum j looked uie ovf-tr in a p tvii g sort jf he St* a •> Ml )<>ur boxen at tl •ions ‘*i*,=.*cd yAnd w iuiesvA l the, and there, Gold f thing aug ber production increased in 1912. In i way and told roe to r i< t. ,c 'nearest hhu diisOt}j|>1o \ilifilT commit, tee of waters and partly clrwr There » tat. ipr AT*' tl)'fy no# If 1 did not \illOW.i he said uld land tKcn lie rose, and going to his wat empowers was to collect and tabu­ goaf ire of grease ah^uv th* rMexican. jl#fc provluce « f Hrillsh Columbia I drug v'ore - for . N* m H oe . i .«i Ferro | hor»y said to nir, How ghastly all 10*1*]*' . .7li I it--i lie late ail the available data. It was On the other hand, lifr holds; the ^ *. were a. most, honorable Tl.i eonibirutior 1sin Nervilin* -tliTr* t: ff* every /die and vanished Quickly in the. dark , the prairie provinee and British Co- ed Die title e f ‘ grin go” At t ie timq j ada, containing, areording to some 'dav mhbeu n #,ght - ,t i . iv aching I v it id 'ra tio r you d»d, she said.- had been following us.r • lurnbia. j greenery of !_Le uudergrowth.” . It was not thought advisable. of war with Mexico there was a pop j estimate^, one half the merchantable iJo:nti> The other smiled. V.'» ij^ worth Gold was ail interested The |>aiu »jin*k)v 1* •’ red. occurred ti e timber wealth of the Dominion, {however, to withcld (he information ular song In/which IffcO’U' r. tr was very extraordinary, ' You would he &ay;ing what A s : i **i»d T became more Pi! fic ■ fttld ;}»1Saloon \ This remarkable tree attains . tive. To draw . Cm. virus r f t w. fii- . HWO . >-respeeling Bastern Canada and the phrase “Green grow the rushc.*. oh I” Town Runs be thought?; Lite the girl, he war im- true." be said, frank Hr; '] have been Ovrr <10,000 dear profit for less j report on "Waterpowcrs of Canada” it occurred/vi Hi freepienry. Sitting ^height o f o vef two hundred feet w it h ]'. , my hlnoi, Jl trok two f « rro) opn prefttM’d 65 the unreality of the thing watching you I am as nterested in This publicaabout tiudf- campfires, the invaders * a trunk ten to twelve feet iii diameter, j Tal marriage of f 'omstexk Bell as you'than a year of op*: i at ion is» the. report, was puhtiahccb in 1911. Wiih every meal I .ilil vveli tO* llftu were these two people, bound tur __ the citizens’ » of Sisselon, tion 'included tl > very limitcd la»a i inpres Kfy the Castilian listeners, al­ iorming. alone or mixed with hemlock, dav not an ache, * *d n pii ta .a n l 115 Inge T iir for life; the mart a million- are, and I fell J grasp the seu- great forests extending four hundred j _ \v **f iff ness at «»ll. jure, n.e girl well outside his social believe no or not ;ih yjrai like— that 1 S.D.. which has r ha.t e of the financial then available e.speeling iiincut/ By easy adaptation “ green miles north of the iuteruaiional boun­ management of the only saloo.* in, the ern provinces. radlifv. They were talhinjg like peo­ do nor. Ku‘ *w why I arii interested." V* hat NVrvilla* can i in a caso Since 1911, th: attcnt.on of 1he grow ' became ‘ gringo** and. attaoli- dary. It* natural range extend* in like ibis ;r can d«i for i to*» For "You surprise ,ne,‘ Haiii Gold drily. place. Who., the town voted "w et" ple who had only recently been in(om m iitee has been concentrat'd ing / .Iself to a personeiitv not par Canada to the * astern foot bills of the firaily rortv ycar* Nervi • has '»e n trodai 4<1 and had little mare than the Your type of man, I should imagine, last . pring *aft» r several years of information relating tuAlarly .iked then, to this day im- Rocky Mountains In Alherla. where it le oniDiended for Rhea; ‘ ro. htiinhor.d- «>f acquaintanceship to hold never did'anything upless he had a ‘ drought” the manner of handling the on obtaining traffic was turned over to a commit­ to Western Canad s to fo rn the'basd* p/en a slur that fairly offsets the Im­ grows to a height o f 13P feet and a ha go .and Sa iat iea- an*l i e< IU k. tbciii v>gether He wondered how very good reason for flung it." .diamett r of -four feet, and is c o isid It is the one n m* i.’ * tee. which hired a mutiagei for the cne of a Bpee ial report on this portion of polite 'greapci*'* ver d's* h ,*)er laughed. long t»ie courtship if courtship there the Dominion. In llrit.ifth Columbia,, All o f which, perhaps of little im­ ered pm *>f the most important I ini appe .‘aits. had hejf-n, ha lasted. He found him Thin conduct of mine can be salooii permitted, paying him a salary the. eommissirm’ waterpower reco./ portance, is history New Ybrk Htm. her Dee* on the Dominion Rocky of $]>|'D>n t<•ihnv .. neiertt how f i»uld .‘il e have Rot it together fl* would have walked with-Gold tier'd.-d.' All surpluH funds were to he operatiou with the provincial govern * rs an area of nearly 21,000 square Being Awake m-f iiHtura. p qiif «*it i *ue!v Huni* ** ihere had been at least an tm wherever the latter was inclined to equally divided between the fumh of tnenf. and. d irin g, th^ last three lustrated in that of i •♦.■ . Moral reform ami improvement an miles! dorsUf ding between tb« iTk. Wha ever go. but the Kinbafiay iiletective made thq imniicipairiy ifnd a spfcial teood Koi'gh years, field parties have loverefl iiraeIt is alin thitt point, ii lear “ ...i ♦ . wisb«d to be alon* .^ro5A«J« EuimI. ui4«i .* h Has just Tr* ’ 1 the effort f o throve ott sleep. Why iR it FV tically all the province from the boun­ out the vtestern United Slates. d»eing 1»*C, ,.J0 u p .*-b rolb- jrhn g • **1 re <1IKpolled by Fell/: next I r that n a.-or he avoided the club. |M.000. thp remainder bring belt! a> tiiut nun give so poor au account of they dary line to one hum-red -miler north able to stand eonsiderablf climarie •' vote nf mat* a • f f i *. their day if they have ».ot beth slum­ word: .•i...wing that fielder would be*there: an '‘ »nerat ng fund. With no lArtde —• of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway. bering? .f they had not been over v'ariatjorp •and being practically im­ ftirtt hsl hv G«*df*:r * d‘* > "YV * an nil >ou»‘ tbinga in for that reason lie insied *n Ir Is himself of fitting up for |»u*iiw&*. Die maling­ The principal rivers f/the north­ f-ome with drowsiness, they would mune to Insert* or fuogur. di*eases. ers r-pfimafe the i^et returns in 1911 at •hi- fact tfiat iI iib i ?1 c iral *nd PaHA be ^ai«i. with some arrears o fiw o rk a n d ‘ the ern |*ortion of the prairie provinces Dr. c $ Sargent, one of the ^great­ ■Imos.f th.- oti!' l.iuhw. > •>g i t!|e have performed something. The mil­ *T si all I«it want very litueh." he pt» para:ion «-f .* rejx*rf for liie Tfeas about $ 17,bod wrrei e pvf reel by reconaisBapcc fill*est aufbofitb r on American trees d ni-'c*.I pc f\ ' .,( ■ its itn*w plied quietly. lions are awake enough for physical iry at Waanigton. J veygj by the commission, while, in the serjbea (lie wood as hard, durable arid The Cin qu e P e rt session mi « n period ln n,e raitway belt of British j»ji i Ijc-t i rally Wh* W itt « 1H B hC him. They ........* were —* bothllfrpm |hdl; one- ports goes hack to the * “ ■ ul** *i[If— ‘ ' 1Columbia, the wateirpowers and irri­ fuel exertion, onl one in a hundred Forv-stiy "Braueh publication *|u i ’:e .*■ got nothing to do for an had been handed in at D6ver End was when the five po ts. Sautdwlbli, Dover gation branches of the interior de- million to a poetic or divine life To iljC '•»* | l>r M« Ik t.«q,T»n be awake is to be alive. 1 have never ’ Wood using Industries of Ontario.” pap* rs o ils us t !.a;.dl! ’|i+n)•I- t;. Ki#y hOil/" he said, “ let us go into :he a telegram of thank| for his kind­ V*V1 t* Roinit* v and llasii-iigs. consti. . . . v „ „ u n.r j> P ,t,i|infDt have-been active ill obtain it ’ k. Increasing in poptilarity In that vet m et a man who was quite awake. park; v ill you come, Golc?” tilted an essential part of hruw Kift k -4 • i * ar* rafsihK<\1 h n sanrI •*t «"s ef ness The second was. from Calais, Mow could ! have looked M him VV* n Gold was *icj»c a society and the, .lour of handing in was three defence, against France. The warden ; • m„ . * in the 'fo' furpMC* a« w lMvrtL w it boil! .» ‘ i»igh» f tl,c world The v o f hachelordom when matri a holiday today and itrk him to for­ iff, custofl -otrlorunK lord ieutenant bia department of lands and the j Probably John Hancock, i& the be*l xii<* Dougfas fir has been intro tiiUis arc cstahio! • l fir T* i t; t ■r f ho mont as represcjLtc-d to his mind by ward rny letters.” and admiral. WinehcHter ami Ry * in waterpower* and irrigation branches i known signe* o the Df-elayation le»r g» duc»-.| into Kurope with great sm. oss flights of tli'i-M' inr*‘ ti*. later days were added to the five of th** Interior depart nir nt.have estate j Indep ndence. That in v Ht* r nun ccmferc:ree.s between hus­ • i, i».**lr :ip* nll-t*ivcr t .« b# cause that hud large forests have been planted Gold put the telegram, down. Why ♦owns, but Mir* name remained cinque band and w ife as to what (they should pi <}»a* h iuii\ he np t |■y 1, 11- f^f po. -* :i* lislwd numerous stations tbrcuglK.ut j patriot was not. ignorant of the value. witjeh are now yielding handsom# have fur dinner. Hut lie l.t.ew that by line! he not wired dined, to Parker? ports, as of old In the days rjt the rhe-1 'f'veRiern... provinees where regular |o f advertisingOne has to s’ andj, profits. Germany ami France pur edjgrasr all con volition, he ought rjow lo make And how eaine it fbaJjL nuedi a meth­ first Kdward these port

f * ha^e every year large ‘ quantifies inf readings are! reconled. Ms adi'Mi am have the imppy couple odical man as Bell li|id forgotten t* to fif*y-se\ '*!» ships fully ^n tlic * xlr nsiv w Dim ish • f ..■O' • ng j tbo Declaration to be unable to yead seed from the Indians In British Go instruct his w rv a ’ ts before fliis eh - equipped an*, manned , at their >wn to-tllei • own devices. (hit harbor nf T_< •. :itn alt dredges. au /ij TADICTC that name, which has passe/l into our him 1-ia. nurture? He smiled, f Me i.i I iuveutc-d a nrticiouR incost for fifteen davs in conjsneration dAd i j U tiii IA dLc I j pufnps and *■!!.»« r i:.iac hi 11 e r v will !)* language as a synonym for Vigna‘ 1 suppose,” he said to himself, for which they were freed from ee gageduf nt and was, on the* point of operated «‘\c|UM\«ly h* ■’*’ t.i it- »n| ture.” There art many signatories of KEEP LITTLE ONES WELL $100 REWARD. $100 ex i^rea sing liis regret tha# he could “ that w.hen young people get inarri«-d ta;n taxes and gran eC special privi rttjad.of si* am T ' i ' dred . wilt Uo tho Declaration who are rcmnnbWid. Th** Vadors »»f thi** paper «\i'l no Ion. er enjoy flu* pleocpre of tfctfdr sue ii little thing as re-addressing lei leges.- I .on don Standard f< S\1if h t wid r v Miothers. if you wish yo little I many who are forgotten, but Butt* n •■'i:-4*d. Ho* inall* sf jihiaH # d to learn that there :» at leas! l-!»e imc’cuupafi ion ship When li*-!l iUade th* j te rs escape tliejr attetiUon.” ones io be well, if you w ish t h e m to iGwlnu.ett. lingers-in our memory. Ii is >nr d» • « ' } » tiiseae** that e'-tenre li.te 'qujre 1.1:50 hru ~ [••»**■ r M ♦ xpendfIk * brig h t, a c t i v e a n d happy, f r e e from not altogether easy to imagine a roan hf »-n able fn rur#» tn all It*’ stages, and pravement, which • *ills lie tm eccssaf/, **r at b*as|t fortuiious ; II*’ made a not** in his pock* r-book Canrae That is Gatarrh. Hull's Gatarrh frire 1* tup* of $l»MJdfi,h|>« , u .A Ink* ftve }• .»i s ‘\\V* want you to see us off,” he to fulfil the <-onin.ission, and finish* Faunae, where Hannibal! won iiis i-oldjs. w o rm s, c o n s tip a tio n , a n d t h e named Button' by 1 if parents as a t>;c onlv positive, mre now Known to said,: ff you can -be l»«ih*d fei «ui- ♦i*i his dinner at leisure,. He* had let­ greatest victory over the Uonjans, is m a n y *>ther c hildhood a ilm e n r s , give patriot and u man «>f influence. Mis , «hf* medt#-al friiternlty. T’atnrrh b#ilng a foil Ms <*iomph‘tiog. T h e s e name was enough to single him out in coribtitntinnal disease, rcqulrr-s a ronetlother jiour, Ve rity and I will be very j ters to p ad which hail been forward­ situated on the opposite side of fh«j th e m B a b y ’s Own T a b le ts . er! to him ironi Hie Kin bass y, and trratm**nl. Hull * Gatarrh **urc JV prominent :soli cl (or r*1 cived a glndi” ^ T a b l e t s n e v e r fail t m a k e t h e sickly that sober, company. Tint his lame j( tutionr.l neninsula from tiie city of Rome, on : !;ik#-n- intimaltv. acting directly upon Me y w*-re not Measnlnt letters a holiday A ita-j^i can i' d them to Regents they well. G oncerniiig t h e m Mrs. rests secure on something else. Mis jI the Mood a» d inueous surface* of the Midden invitatii.n U\ the riv#*r Aufidus a^id abont six m ile. M 1 )'"J* I ’arkj, find they walked fiy the side; r« ad them philosoplhlcallv, ye folder from its mouth. It was from this ’bat* A lphonse Ljiin.Irv. l - j p e r G a ran u e t, tory takes account of svstem.' ther*by *lrstrovin»c the feunda- with » party of fri< . „ X I-! ! if- t» i fh for var ! lion of III* disease nod giving the pat- of j Scot Ian !. The f-oil* it«»»■ V iTM UmX* |n h»s pocket. of the ornamental wafers talking of N I L writes': "B a b y ’s O w n T a b l e t s At another table Mjplder sat, Mefield that Hannibal sc*nt to Gart h-i ha ve be ep of g re a t heln to m e in k e e p ­ ious reasons, b»K Bntto-i is import­ W-nl strenglh hv building up fho enrielifii- i«)l|H t«» ge. hut didf r» ■t. nu • he: fief f v e i j f ring dxcept Itf U's iiuuie*diat t:#>n and assisting ii ature in doing its ant because lie was apparently c: uexamining an evening l a*»® fishing *»r ‘ 1M •J1Ml • party.. n m k The proprietor* have so mfich it. twiis filauk. As the time grew' nearer bis tatlously ing m y l i t t l e w'ell a n d 1 c a n re- tious about sigufug his name. knights His paper. Gold< wdljjr surmised tb it Mu* fingers **f the t W at I wil! j-.t; c o m m e n d t h e m to o t h e r m o th e r s . ” ',,*tosiT!»n!iH arc more valuable today ' faith In P* Mantjko powers that fhev he|‘ wired depart ire he fid^etted and was f.ffi-r Ope 1-fundr#pt DoUnr* for any case Slq.ll r br tin* paper was only blind. Wh t i •'lain in th#* battle. <* annae is about T h e T a b l e t s a r e sold by t raiti m e d ic in e than Mauco'-k’s because so few of 11 aft if Oi rtpe. Send for list of t»s In a f* w h Su*h e ily. without any warning Ii* was Hclder’s object?!! lie was not a ! -orf) miles from Rom< laIs. ,■ d e a l e r s o r by mail a t 2.r> r e n t s a box them are in existence. Perhaps it 11 jeon Address I 1 » IIKNKY. /. TT>„ To sort o f rna.i t*» waste Ijtin.e -in the pur­ turned to Gold. Lady—Once last summer I saw frcrti T h e . D r WiHiams* M e d ic in e Co.? was hard work for Button to sign I is . •!.» O Hold i1v .di Druggiptn. .f»c. pl J "Gerl suits «*f satisfying all i#ll<* -ciiriofdty. ” 1 Rlppcne,” . he ask *d, *’ hat He!dB fc fk v ille, Out. 'I'*ke IT:»r|*« Family Bill* tur conaiipvname American Boy. Me some boys ‘Treading for clams.” aw lion er tins told you that I hhvf be trayi d Gold determined to find om. None of ns .» » : to hiok they railed itThey were dirty look­ crossed over this Man W illetts.” A Narrow Escape for the Child wjjtll TOijfenipl Jp-ii. Iao• 'v ho It: vo O iii of (lie rommoupfit complaints! ing hoys;' they ver#» barefo|(kod— feet “ I am going for a list roll,** be said, W id ' and W ndinq Rhine” Gold was taken aback; . e did not regeit «m1 less than finis-' \< - The «>|d "H o ld on Jr c r ie d t h e p ro u d young *if infants is worn*, and the most ef ; “ The % unwashed mosr likely and they were in motto of chivalry, ‘‘n t!d< v colig r know how Bell couhj have made the "w ill you come, too*3* From a guide-book published f a th e r , a s t h o .m inister w a s a b o u t to fectiv^e application f*>r them is Moth walking through the imtd at low tide. ‘With pleasure,” fjnid the otl** r, *lis*ov ry. the following slijmiUl he the motto- #if a!! wh*. bk Frankfort-on t lie-Main nrrJc*'ed. “ flcfoTo t h e b a b y is c h r i s t ­ or Gr.ivsp* Worm Exterminator. When they felt a ejani-ht tb#*fr feet T ic did tell in<* somt tiling of the and rose with iflaerluy. money or ’-.oejal pos i jr.i’ *ir ••*».,;p is taken:, en qd I w a n t to c h a n g e h i s n a m e . ” they pulled it out w.ifh'Their tpes. It It ha»l occurred to (Gold that lie l*ad *Tht» Rhine, n boundary stone o f #.lfl Hpiecial talent liave sorti* he admitted. “ I jO not how . dva: atir W h a t is th e i r o u b l e ?”. t h e good Burma Ruby Mines just made me sick. I! hope your clams an engagement (lie following day. and #•vor. l*lac#- an> groat -reliance upon (Jermafi history, is tlic only and sole ovjer their fellowKA ‘1 .. < ul, . admail a s k e d ‘‘E b e n e z e r is a g‘>od j Very little is known about l«’e ruby are not caught that way. he would probably litenable to see what 1l« h er has told me.” ly of ii h kind On its brnksK one meets know 1*milg*- Mie tdd.gat io i then hy nam e.” W aiter— Of course not, ma*atn. The j mines o f Mogok, in a valley of Bur­ lie took, an envelope from “ Yoi I ran in this case,” sal 1 Bell Parker, 'N o m atter W e ’ll call h i m H arold. ma, whence come n *arly all the large vestiges of past civilization, wo find |prpve tIn- r nobility j man wot furnishes clams for this res-' The writing room, slipped x 4 he tele­ then' trar s of its : egeiieration and of j qiiiclli “ I .betrayed vVilht to. and I IN it* just h o a r d t h a t Um le F h e n c z r r , The valley lie- through a the modem civiHxation ruep^ia w. jtow.n are the miens The diggings a re] •‘.*n'r| wor^B of the hand »of art. [ rrjrslsl. if it Ik 1 n*>t d«a}J rPS!» a d/> to that ,hP ,. I A Crangmg Cu.tom "Now, 1 want t#» aslc you a itn lg h t out of Fnglan I.” f question.'* Raid Golili "and 1 want a migrants are well and happily placed. • slowly eating up the village, and the* ,.| (j ofl t ;.in r> the amiount * incut in the i iv-:S the imposing ciirfos j lie's V#getal*+F•e<| a heartless fiij.ig t* Ray. Between 1901 and 1911 Canada lost | i «|l»y or two ae.i of the death o f an main street is already half destroy­ ify o f nature rombine tlcm sefves or best m(Mli*dhe‘ that *an )»• •oi ••p* f-teti Confession ;r,m a i a o straight answer ’* ed' The work goes on all flay and “ That sounds formidable," said 700,000 of her immigrants, largely be* j enjinent n:;.r< them was appended the the hank* of the Rhine, crowned by. bring re»lef. These i is a* •»f B* I]’h principles. Gold admitt#*d to liiTp,4eljr a sense, o f dP appointment. Meldfrc “ luit I will endeavor to «»blige cause (he provinces neglecred their j statement * "Mis wife and family will njght, the ruby: bearing earth being vineyards, to an admirable bymphonv |*omponn*bd to deal wiiu brought up in Iron trolleys. A few his urgodt desire .that no outkin; which we are touched all eccents ! a.|d their strfHng know?'* duty. On far ic now proposes to have j ’•espect should be- strangers who (have ‘called at the I udderme t hr heart ; ?#r1 H Gold nodded. "W hy do the move­ fifty nowi r -'f-rwrl r or sixty agents scattered j —fli»d K-gn *>f mourning he voirclied for hy I* gFofra sebeimj* o f th millionaire's; to be­ worn.” Tha practice of wearing mines have been toll! by the officials fql accords of the prof* undent enio of nr. r* see that t tray man. with whatever object, ments of Comstock Bell interest you through the counties to -•'*mrnirig has long been sliding into tiiaf Ilu y can keep any ruby th e y , iij)M riir rvfere. oner cannot T»e asfin these new citizens are looked after. and thrn to siip our o f the country to BO keenly?" lie askeoj -,5mise. ***‘d nrobabh t,,,j nevf (went' may find, but no one hi. eves he*m -tied blKiiit it, that thi* Rh »:e has a! “ Ail people , interest w'iiie," said Every province should follow suit. r< ?ire umsl ances mit r*r not only to * ncape whatever conseciuences vears wil! se# it abandoned altogrthaid to find one. Thy gems ar? ini-1 wjiys ^ ike if inspirit ionq to many calscs, hut words as v. clJ_” H elder. The duty%of the Dominion govern­ there jmighf. be to his treachery. *r, at anv rate among the wealthier bedded in tho gold colored a lay which! Tiocto to their most celebrated *>rk« “ But not to the extent o f wasting ment to bring in new citizens ends {“ ^vfkiafn vourk*‘lT.” *Tmi glad you told me,” he said your time, if I know anything about when the immigrants arrive at their classes. The poor cling affectionate­ stretches along the whole o f the val-j When tho captain of a rcsse? coldly J » ly to old customR.—Taondon Times. ley, and it ,s »n ly, ;*i‘U-r the cx.rth !\ ships a cook lie hire* him. hut when Gomjstock Bell looked at him. M> >ou," said Gold. "There is something orovincial destination. The duly of Long Life in the. Dark has been washed that Hie rubies are . • housewife fib'ps, h* r <<» >k .she fires grave leyes reading the verdict in his more in your interest in Comstock the province thru begins. Every new Fanny CroRby, the blind gong writ lifr ” lioston Trynscript The nrangi is the longest lived fruit seen. Bel) than meets the eye.” s arrival should be taken care of until face. j er, has just celebrated her ninety They w alked a lit Mo way in si* he is properly placed and .n a posi­ tree. It begii.s to bear the third year ” Yo» oil must m think as well of id* as fourtlt. Lirtiidivy anniversary In all. after bud ling, and for 100 years it ' T,lis r° r‘irfl o f course, to its stock Bell is what th** English call a migration department "You see that light up there? Well, ‘‘I hjr»pe so,” said Bell Ills manner Tragic Sermon on Fresh Air ! height and breadth, alon^— its fruit it’s bigger thi.n all this vorld.” 'No. he dldij’Y. He hit me b etw «yj Courier was absent, he was *o evidently ‘wrong un.” [stems and consequently i82 099,0010. ‘ Tlie mere fact that you think he youthful scholar. lfl luck was (be persistent partner is a ‘wrong *un(* is not enough to of Samuel Crompton, ihe inventor ?f I “ Then why Is it that it can t keep in th#* historic black hole o f Galoot Rubbing i' lo Cru« convince me that j e is what you the spinning mule. While Crompton , off the rain?” was the baffling retort^ trt That atrocity stands unrivaled its an instance of the utmost suff*rin who wa* 'A tKiy. you iGllOlIy VYh* n» think he is,” said Gold. “ 1 guess if a was wp - ‘ liad just finislie*! reading a hook rn man were convicted on our private 1 la(1 to f Le « are c f hit mother. "Wir* less communication with Mars by a large number, yet leaving a few I AV I lid br ■ome •cti okiug cipz.i * H* t pinion o f him. the jails of this little \vvho insisted upon a daily task of well "The Wonders of Nature.” "this really may hr establishes some day.** tort Won t,o f» i '!,»* t;»irIfni y :*•» l»l«f in -nd** 1 country would be filled with mis- -pUn woot Me detente* it and In- is a remarkable work Nature is mar “ W ill It lead to .*nyjthipg is»ictful?’ rriore have ®e*>n sjaia or. executed | Mi . K een- \V* didn’t t remits who had offended against j vented the spinning mule to relieve vellous! Stupendous' When I read a ♦Tplai •’ W p U, we can play intckplanet ope time, death being anticipated stop? what we considered to be good taste. himself of the work. Having iqvrnt- work like this, it makes me think how chess.” but probably only safe keeping of the ;a man.” nothing more substantial?" .od i t ho was not lucky enough to find puerile, In Several Places. Blister Raised Have. .you . . how _insignificant . prisoners was Intended, and only tear “ I believe |»p is buying hie freedom |a capitalists to finance J im. When l!,,h snuffed his better half, In the we«t end o f London there of breaking a despot** sleep pr* v*nt Up, Swollen and Scaly. Hair Fell at the cost o f another man's,” said ^ gave a model of liisinvention to a lo wade v woman **sn t liave f*> through are scores of head waiters whose in­ ed their earlier release. Yet this tor • I company of manufacturers .a sub- f° ur bundred pagr to fin*!’ out !J»e comes range from $2,000 lo $4.Q00 a ‘ ure. “ unequalled In history or fl Out. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Melder solemnly. Gold smiled I think the truth is. ’ i ^cription ®ist was ope,ted to recoup same thing, year from tips iionr. tion, whose jerord cannot be rea.* Cured in Four Weeks. e ____ _ b** said, "that BHI know* something j him for his losses and several o f the unmoved after dhe lapse o f 150 Fred- What Kind of fello'/ is he? about you that you would rather he subscriber» repudiated their signa The pity wfilch Is nor. born * f ex­ years.” wan produced merely hy lotne. Que. —- " My little son. aged ninfe didn’t, and that you won’t be happy ] tores. Ned— If you should h fl him that perience is Always cold—it cannot crowding men together ln an ill ven a n y a r t ic le intc w lc fl t o r e l f e v a years-; was afflicted with ringworm in several In your mind till you sea hini out of seeing was bell*»\ ;ng. he wouldn’t help being so: it does not understand lated room No fires, racks nor th e ftufTerinffft o f hunnauity iff placet about hie head. The ringworm t>egan the country." i ldok Marriage by Halter ges weir, needed All >hat wav _ with a few pimp)** and aa it grew worse It not lig h t ly m o b . T h e r e m u t t (T o be Gontinued) Among ignorant people of English lone or required tjo be done was t> was one dark colored blister raised up and h<; c o n tin u e d p r o o f c.f valu e. birth it was once the belief that a take fro m #*ach lli^ amoufn of air and rwwlled. It was kind of scaly. The worst wife bought with money or goods spare to which he war. accustomed, When They Stoned Actors But f o r th re e ’ rcfh ration n , an d Mare was behind his right ear. It was about .. , , ~ , . xl4. A f rush him Info close proximity with Authors and actors of today was legally married if the purchaser t h r o u g h o u t ' the w o r ld , e n d u r ­ like sjxc of a silver dollar, dark and swelled, |his fellow p. ar d the fh’ ng was arcom themsehes 10,1 hor all t:.o way home by a hal-IM m lr d « I' lD’ n,ri,t r ° the worn kind I ever saw; It used to pain reason to congratulate in g an d g r o w i n g fu m e an d ter. I ^*8 very sick with Quinsy and ' , plished — From "A Farmer’s No to so he *'ould not rest. It looked very badly, upon (he disuse of many of the in ­ used J fa v o r have been a c c o rd e d Baring Gould, the English antiqupj strangle. I hook.” liis kair fcU out gradually. d en t Greek methods of show ing d ?MINARD'S LIN IM E N T and it cured „ i _______ ; ____ rian, told of a village poet known to " r' r' So Bobby Borns tersely describes tfcs " finally I sent for a sample of Cuticura satisfaction in the theatre. The rich, bat stall poor, dyspeptics. But their Matter of Precedcnca Soap and Ointment. I used to take real that a playwright must reckon with him who Iwvught a wife for a 'half me at once. I am never without i‘ now. cose is not now so desperate as wbea hot water and the Cuticura Soap and that now is an ironical cry of “ Author! * crown and led her twelve miles to his T ou r name?” asked th* leather, Burns wrote. For the nun who has tho i registering a new pupil, Yours gratefully, used to clean it o9. Then I would put the followed by a booing demonstration cottage. The squire and the . ^ctor Cutieura Ointment on the affected part. But it is on record that the Athenian protested to the village poet that he MRS C D PRINCE ; food now can eat without suffering foe j "Arthur.** it, if he just follows the meal with a There was pus In The sores and t he Cuticura audience at least cnce forcibly eject­ was not legacy W'w' ( ‘ And what Is your first liame?** N^awigewauk, Oct. 21st. No-Dm-Co Dyspepsia Tablet. “ Why, yes. I b e '* ” h he “HI Ointment drew that out and healed at the ed an unsuccessful comic poet frem _ < nreplied ei “Brown.” These remarkable tablets banish the *>ume time. We saw the Cuticura Soap and the theatre The pelting o f l^d ac u k e ^ Bib,e « ath 1 never*once took “Oh. haven’t yen got them wrong? I b eca u se th e y h a v e p r o v e d to troubles of the chronic dyspeptic—the Ointment were very good so I got some tors with vegetables and questionable . t 1«a ^ 8^ew^<\acrossed . . rldoorsill onrol 11 Anil .shut.' Y*••f ** th*man who is bilious—the sufferer from : 1 think Arthur must be your first be th e beirt e o r r e c liv e a n d morel and it was four weeks prom the time l bleeding bands, with itch­ their systematic use. A borrowed a quantity of stone from a science, they ore qakk and when I was bora and she didn’t name sci ing, burning palms, shapeless nails and pain­ Sylvia, supple and slender, and inner tube and the casing blister— medical will show why, in all hotoes to c u friend to build a house with, promis­ tertsia ia their octioa, gtriar prompt me Arthur till three month* U teri'*— and then this old earth of ours will ful finger-ends, a ontvnight Cuticura treat­ Aunt Belle, bulky and benign, bad re* Everybody'* Magazine the use of Beechtm’t PUI§ ment/ works wonders. Soak hands, on ing to repay the loan with the stones turned from a shopping tour. Each .have a blowout that may shake the relief from all form* of stomach trouble, collected at his next performance.— toning up and strengthening the digtrtretiring, in hot water and Cuticura Soap. had been trying to bay a ready-made Dog star ft* kennel and hurl h e organs and bringing about peruMncnl One Week Enough London Telegraph. ccrne!”— kingdom Dry, anoint with Cuticura Ointment and the Dipper to suit Nora was applying for a plocfi a*| caret. trear old. loose gloves during the night. Cleveland Plain Dealer. Whet, they returned home Sylvia A man ia bo stronger than his stomach. cook and when asked for a referenoc North American Fi»h CuUcuca Soap and Ointment soid everywas asked what success each bad in Fit yourself for your heat w o A Vy presenter the following: tbero. For liberal free sampi* of each, with Customer—I wish to get a cure for The fisK # of America con h of .he her efforts to be fitted. ‘'W ell,” said taking Na-Dn^Co Dytpepma "T o whom It may concern* 32-p. book Mulkwt-card to Potter Drug Jk Isthmus of Panama embrace three Sylvia, - I got along pretty well, but corns. "This is to certify that Nora Fotoy Drug Clerk—Hard or soft, mao Chen*. Corp., Dept. D. Boston. U. 8. A. clon e*, thirty o rdr' , 225 families Aust Belle is getUng to fet that about has worked for u* a week and w* \rt 1,113 genera, 345 subgenera, 3,153 all (the con get ready made ts an um­ am? Montreal. M* satisfied. ” Customer— Modi un , please. brella.”—-Youth's Companion* species and 133 subspecies. W . N . U . 1000



A Debt Discharged


Rheumatism Goes Quickly Its Virus Forever Destroyed



’V i l T r V ’ N


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The World’s Confidence in



Continues To Increase


Leper* and Their Reduction J Rough on Discoverers S H IP P IN G FEVER The former prevalence of leprosy History «how s that many discovtr ; Influsas*. plnjk c\ e*. rpfeootle distemper, and all n<»** «■« American M**sboy Afoot ana tight■teems to be partly explain'd by the > r s o f grea truths have bet-u the sub- j throat d sr**h cured, and all other*. nt» matter !«<** >* fact that the name was made to" »»• Jj*< ts Gf derision ai d persecution Hearted Take* to U e Open PMtd. kept from bavin* ant of Itv *« dieeasrs with [elude various skin disease* in addi-'They hav • often been vis 8POIIN B L6gi. il> i>lBTF.MFKrt CURL i«* s « Road Job-a often r^r** a . a^»._v (>na bottle gi»ar.*nl- d i«» «!»• .**«*. Ition to that due to the Bacillus dep- onaiieb and dangerous innovators j \Yatking. walking. walking tig Bt»t thing f«jr I I mairea ^ a on tpe blood . > and There arc still many thousand I H aney, the discoverer of the gircuia ft a botL" I* »»"1 t il a doieti uil-a I ' m i s f i nnd 1San Franuaj»jo in October, IMS, "Pitt- CircJ by Town" tbf BUod andStrenfth- ■me. ha*>es of true leprosy in India. ^ n d ', lon 0f tbe blood, lost hi* practice, lum«M aluio* Diatriliutora—Al.L W ill d.ESA 1.K 1*1'. > *« lab*" Kya j j a i uewsbty. CMCtee Nerves smaller numbers in other part* o f atui lampooned all o vr; the then tlMTB. j j ’ star;**d a/ooj around the world with t SPOHN MEDICAL CO . CtjentUta. Goahan .Indiana. U S A Africa and |civilized world. Bartholin, wbo dis,a full pack a r r ^ s his baffk aod a } l' is-the opinion of the best medi- Asia, South The continued menace o f the dis[covered th^* lacteal* wo* treateu --------------------------------------------------------------------2;---------------1Keoiin^idn rtfl«« in hia hand.. >TfirU ,n*'ical authorities. aft^r long onservv in view of *t: j with contempt and ridicule. Even, f plan n, ( tie r a distan ce,of ZO.ckHl |tion. lh a t: nertuu* disease* aro more ease is surprising Dr. H Bayon. j Harvey, a lien he became old. never *o *5,000 riji:' s before hi* return to {common aud more serious in the feeble contagiousnc.^s South African bacteriologist, state* believed in the thoracic duct, but be­ t!.* United ft' about 1!G6 The ?t« ; -.pnng than at any other time i f the that infection occurs in only about e^jiteiaent and pleasure ns year. V.tal cuarnges in the system, two per cent, of the persons living lieved the lacteal* all terminated in the liver. after long winter months, may cause . -#•'I; a : *1“ >*Jura; ional aiid healthful undcrx the same roof, and it .is not florae* saw his odoa> deSpiscd. ; ' 1 . j : value of thej trip for u long time en- milch more trouble tjhan the familiar known now the transmission of the ! '’du raged "Wit.sir-** to :»It rnpt -this syiring weakness and weariness from disease take* place. The bacillus is Elisabeth regarded Bacon as an un Tubs and Pails retain the heat sound speculative genius, and as in v. hit lr most people suffer as the re* ! globe-trottlflix feat. i suit of indoor life. I n ‘ poorly ventil­ so slightly toxic that the extract mini capable o f serving her with judg­ of the water much longer than Jus I fresh pickled fruit j- .-Railing his., business career selling ate^ be concentrated for.givin g treatment ment.- Socrates. for teaching the ;tnd often overheated buildingJ. j papei-i th:a 2U year-old newsboy hat by injection. God. was compelled to drink /hem­ Official recoris prove that in April I the wooden or galvanized iron and granulated sugar. j pursued bin calling in rnort of the arid Ma> nm/algia, St V it'll* dance. Without treat me fit. about two per lock and died. Phthagora* was bail ( lars* r citiew ‘ of the United Stans Democritus e pi lo g y a hil other forms of nerve cent, of cases improve, but in select ighed for his opinions During his trip a round» the world L tubs, are cheaper than the latter Could ang thing t>c i in . •and that ! IfA. <“ * time, a ! show improvement and injection* Every historian knows then, more than any o ’ he and will not rust the clothes celling i he i «i a? newSpajurrs printed in • sweeter n -ivc restoring tor.’.c. j of tho toxins—which are soluble in [ that Ga. ilco. at seventy years of age, the town* ind cities through • Fhbh blood-making. j water have je«i to appaienl cures it* j was imprisoned fur announcing the hr passe* IB r ___________________ .. taking , early stages. It is unsafe, however. mot;0n o f the earth. Aristotle’s books j to rhe Hawalln falai ds Going fi Can he had from gour and later \ b'king across Australia, < ..... - f.s in the spring is u*ele»*. to pronounce any case cured until j werc burnt. system really needs s tren gt h-‘ bve or ten years have past ed. i Dt*scartes waj pres- c-uted bt catise fhe ’“ new* pedestrian first set foot drover while purgatives only gallop j Segregation -.s necessary, aud in j |Jft taught the iimbteness of i^eas; oh Africa i ijil Mghteeii moriths aft'-r th« bowels, leaving, you ; Basutoland, where the government j j, j4 books v. re burnt by order ojf the e g „ sled by it, and fas,nit*n was ashainthe aVrJd v'fiibntit either '-ornpankm or cure flic inanv form- o f nervous dis-; Auieruans by segr* Ration have re ; l (j r , it * also such other jducSa the number by ninety per cent \ — -----------fin an*-oi f ii i.I Gen era I i lot ha rema r k- ordirt*. They cure 7 ' ■ j Explorer of High Temperatures ed ai iiicelmg liie young m .n that fo ms of Bpring troutiles as head-j Ripened by Electricity Ryan was. till*1 first newsboy' that had .aches, poor ap. etite, weakness in the j “ The bigliesf bMMHrs of the seiemir craove unsightly Unripe peaches ran now be ripen-1 fie world await exfdo »fion in ‘ the been priviivjp-d }<» shake his hat:U lim bs as well as Mttsi*-.” rr cclenlific exper*. degrees ce.uigrad . and - hi \on life .soldier o f fortune re J mail at HO cenis a box orsix boxes absolute lubrication for m inim um o f oil used. liv e do ar;, guarantees drlivery by ] reived a V.ijrrn welcome. Again, on jfor $2.50 from the Dr. W i Ilia ins zero, estimated at minus 27k degrees registered pc:,? Alver’a Three Hours' |leaving jotikpuesburg for Cairo, Kgspt j-Medicine Co., pfockville, Out. green pra*b. A spray o f , electric |centigrade^ very little has ever been Thousands o f satisfied users testily to i t : Tape Wo in Rc.nedy. Never fall*, spurks was directed fml on the stir- j discovered. Jon [•%hiuary L’lth. many .olloWcd him j superior lubricating qualities. rainless Write A I vct. 5*'l fiberface of the fruit, and very soon (he | ' l.» fhf• c-it_>V litnita and wi.-hed him What May Be the Next Advance? The Held of research has been, prac­ buorqo stru t, Toronto. Out. whole peach was completely churg 1 j tically restricted to 725 degrees, or . Tiric. : T w o or three years ago 'L o rd VVo* with electricity. between the temperature of liquid air This ?1I ip!** of Weston has ju s t; niygs of tiie British parliament, who A fter the current had been turned i (minus 20o degrees) and the first vislurG il o/ii of the mo«* difficult part' 1hatj j ust entered upon ids horugenaoff the peach was 1 ofi for a few m in ­ o:’ bis world trilling .lohannrsburg. j rjan*s , atate. recalled the social con. ible red o f heated iron I pi us U25 tleutes and then i was cut open. T h » Ilgr* es). \Vq know that :t a tempera ,rioDh Ihrmjgh Central Africa and j ditions of his youth, contrasting them ripening effect l ad penetrated almost ture «>f 1,000 degreej eeniigrad< Rkodcsia. It* Cairo. *T began life-/* with tho. e of to tho when tasted eit . was twenty-nine metals become liquid; at , stone, . . arid . he said, •'witli tallow, dips and am. \Vl.oj!,,sfloU s? nrt’ u,c>, c„.st o f rl|..-.. sold tl,vn(5, t<.„ lending w ith 'th e electric liglit Destructive Cannibal Crabs Just the oil needed for farm machinery. in « pf-arhes by e stageN#w Vo j by weather. Intense heat even the diamond ctni but iheir |»arrows d o 'g rea t damage,!* coach, and tlie journey oecupieTl fo.New York—Mediterranean — Adriatic | be melted and boiled like water. ;md ihey hi! these burrows with I »V-olght hours. Korty-eiglii hours in a Bur this is barely halt way to the stuffy box, U t out two or three times Tne Faafeat Pa.i»?n(F*r any! Mall • .cry kind: of stolen small artic! Sarvica fn tha Wo -1 i temperature of tho surface of the i A bulletin of Kew Gardens notes a day to f«q*d. Now I gc into the liferly useless objects as train at King's C’ . osh at 2.20 and am W H Y J. C. M APP PRAISES DODDS sun, arid if is thought that research in jl that s AQUiTANIA these higher temperatures will- ulti­ knives n. pork* t compasses . are at homo in Scotland before 11. Fur­ k id n e y p il l s mately result in The greatest discov­ LUSITANIA -bidden .-way Eggs from tinder a ther. we now have motor cars, and eries of the age. What tl.icne discov­ sining hen {irf* t in ^r,n {branches and many leaves. It i* nee »,mtenr. hudr’led in his iguorancre;. but — j, K idn;»v n u8 , H alifax S t John Ragtaa Saskatoon Kidney Bills. will yield atundnni crops. Orange chang'* -hiiij shells, and for their ; jlr j(,f^ jj10 kitchi if another man j >{y troubl^ 8tartec; wilh a ^ 0;,i essary, to .grow down and... 1o grow out trees lia i known if* attain the bat ik ad k olJ Hiieks and nibbisli- they xp,.j.0 Werr day-dreams, it appeared. ✓ My trouble ..................... « ----- . l almut flv:.years ago." .Mr, Mapp | .l? **'"!. "J '^ ripe ag«* of 500 years. The orange nip off or fo il up saplingR ttirr e-q;ia We must strive to make lire deep, divine day-dreams,, written and nstates, and developed into lumbago require* lets rare and attention than ter.:, of an intrh in-*diameter. priMf.l ami bouud. »tU to l"»'K h t (BllJ rheumsitUm I had a bitter taste j tr> sink our roofs ti* the ’hidden and aiiy Other fruit tree. Its early growtii [constant waters and to probe the for money and enjoyed a*, -pleasure. in my mouth in the mornings and l Is rapid In Lh- lirst ivro ‘years i ‘ Down hi sat tlisr day. painfully was terribly nervous. I was depress-1 wealth o f the eurie.I.ln; soil. W must Dickcsns’ Love of Flowers grows runre than it will in the ,n xt. Joseph Daniels, wbo was employed learned to read Welsh, and returned What about your wife and children? W ill they c v’ *> " V " 1 fifty. ‘ This refc-k, o f course, to its : by t'harle ; Dickens as a gardener, r* to borrow the book. If had been lest, ,-il iin.l low spirilt'il ard fouud iu dif- j thr,ow' ° " r m," d" 0 « l t to collect my thouehU. while a, ^ dress well after you arc gone ? W ill your children height and breadth alon its fruit, j still living; in lajiidon. of the light Then ouly. may vvp nor eoufd he. find anojthecopy, only 'My master stems and con^eujiiently its crops in­ ! was very fond of liis garden," he told one in Knkltsll. IK*Wn he sal once tim is I was troubled with stiffness dare to yearn fo • height and rt'jolcj* be educated? I lave a talk to-day with an agent ot crease more rapidly a fie. the, lirst. ;t London Standard representai iv»» in u more, learned English; aiid at length fq the joints. My appot-to was fitful, in our strength. Grow out ami grow anti I hid heart fluttorings that add d ten years. ( recent int* K iew, “and four-of uk were with entir*’ delTght rda*! ‘ obinson." to iny f*ars. My twin brother vyho down. I «*mployed jo look after it He used — Lucy E. Keeler, in Thf* Atlantic had used Dodd's. Kidney Pills and gor The dealer-in antiques was showing ! to anpervisje everything himself, aud Flowers' in t ie Snow O F F I C E S : ~ Winnipeg, Fdmnntun, Saskatoon, f great bet.♦'fit from hem, r.dvlsed me an old violin-to a probable bu yr. New Zealand's Resources [ would i *Ii tt(.' head nan exactly .Snowstorms during the .- dtntiHM' to use them. The first two boxes did Vancouver. Agents W'anted. “ A'cs." h« . said, “ that is of historical where to put the flowers. Pink g**ranTh timber Irade of thf- Tk.y o f ) mV*, so much good .hat 1 got t w o ; months arc of frequent' occurresua* in . iutcrcLt; thill i identical fiddle : iuins wrr. the favorites, and ’there Plenty. \CW ZcalanJ district, has j more, and thfY completed ni” cijire. j tl.c* Canadian Itocky mountain region! Nero play* •*' « lum Rome was l»u? n- j were masses of them everywhere. His b«9en for some time steadily itjereas-1 Dodd's Kidney Pills are the right ;i* an elevation of loo.nop feel and ; ln g “ An Easy Way The Star Attraction [conservatory was always banked with iug. and is -now one o f the mot-1 remedy for Kidney trouble.” upward. sometimes covering the “ Oh. that is a myth.” One of the* * :i -jj*yf aim lie HusLiss I am glad you chil lrjen de large ferns. Mr Dickers was not nourishing in tti< district Ritmi is Every person who has two or rdore ground to a depth o f several inches 1 Tin* dealer agreed, sayirif*: tent ways of esci^>i4g rhe ha^ls i-pt cided. to i-oiue for dinner. ■talkative man, but ie always j^he principal product, and is exported j o f Mr. M ipp’s symptoms has sick } The flowers at. th. -elevation are •’ “ Yes, R is; and Myth’s name was ia tte* LirtJe Joqie W'c didn't ha n for irtiil «>f prison abusf's is .omul j ktndheartejl Many of the villagers in large qnaittitles to various parts of Kidneys The right emedy for sick 1usually small. <»f delicate tints and; bn i*. lmt lias got worn off.’’ ini'pa i-simpb* old pro‘ '«*.-f pi k* •-pin" out ' f ! near by received' much assistance the Dominion witl the demand, if Kidneys it: Dodd's Kidney Bills. If very bcauLifuI. but lacking .in fr. g ! in r . wo turn to hra» Wilb*** I I»rispii (^trirago Hfcjf). d H u 11- # j from• hint. .Every Uhriatmas, too. he (anyiiiing. slightly in excess of ih ejyo d don’t know it out of your own ( ranee. t)wing to th« absence of mois; f • at his soup. Unaccompanied ’ would call Ms servants in aud give ! supply. The resources o» tin* district j experience, as!, your neighbors. m ire in the almo.-pter- free/ijrg dors “ By the way, you wen- in l i» t d ai •ach 5s. or lbs. as a Christmas box.” «,r (*drns ar • causf*t I s th Veto Powers are such that it will twenty years | ----- -------------not affect, vegetation :tf this altitude of Stock ley's, „v *ren*t you? * W igg Young, Bjonen t'nink^ -he ;ja f ght hoots, but lie oio* need !)?• before the bark portions of the conn-j A Motor Razor Cuts Clean as it does nearer sea level. The 'flpw“ Yes, 1 went in with $10,000. troubled with then Iom . vvb n ,f* itli completely a born lead dr. Aprojws of the .migmffiingeaient of a try will have to I e exploited. To cope j p-or t j, benefit o f th ni£n with ers, after having been Vllow did you ronie < ul ?’’ urn ; who pie a remedy aaf Holloway ..i U'agg -(jh. many a fellow covered with sr.ow for a day or two, i railroad that had gone info a receivLwUh the inereas • of trade, many o fjj^ .J Vy bear ’ and tender skin a razor “ ..lone." been invented which cuts the will regain their former vigor after was horn fr» cooninutid inarrie.- ja wd Uurc is available, i j er*« lmndSi a certain prominent rail■ liy* mills are being enlargeil and big-1 cma nd I gor plants are being installed. be;|rd by a chopping action An elec- the snow departs, although the will hian who was born to [read man Laid " l a . what Is fatc‘» * The largest tnfec iu the I need The calfcn caljm f* Sand bland excuses offer-i —----------- —— trie motor is connected by a flexible I appear slightly wilted for (• w -d« y "Fate, my boy, is Unit myslerioua ' ”“ ""*ie I Staten if» Raid to (be the Vlolecr *»f the cafety tL im their anow bath, Af a reunion o f the Adams family shaft '.<* the shaft o f Piles Cured In 6 to-1* D4ys ' something w hich leads you to pick but ed for their iummauagee-. nt by tha ti»o There is a tiny little flovyer of (our Druggists ref\n. d money if |B\/t;» •the Vorest," a gi^pl redwood *of 4U0 people in the ball room the one road‘A varjotil* heuda remind me of j chicken engauettes gave out, so the razor. On the end of the raze? shaft • alaveras blgtre., grave in Ualiforaia I maids carefully noglef ted the young- cylindrical cams are provided which I petals far above limber line which la O IN T M E N T fails to cur |l!< man who has. ;* petHonnl interest in Smith. i It in supposed tl) Contain 110.U1 '* •'Stnith in a strenuous day cleanchildren. Aft* r ttying to a ttra ct‘ he change thf rotating movement ro a ; usually about 11 5W0 feet ah vc ’ a - Blind Blinding or Bi otniding j Bile *. the home y wmmas you are making [•hoard feet ol lunub* r Thei*- an , fool coinin' cits mbotii ** Detroit Free ing up Ms garden »or the spring t tention of his mol her. one of the lit reqiprocating one within the blade] level. Ho closely .doc*; ir follow th* First ^plication 'gives relic*, r»ij» h ow ever, manv Maimanta for the At toe * nd of the holder ; melting snow thar .t is often {lOfodbl planting, i (tie.boys at tlje lower end of Hie table holder ‘ Press. [honor o f befog tnfi “ largest■ (• ♦•«•'’ “ But Jonesi his next door neighbor,, out jn a loudj tone ot voice, thiK motiou 1.; again changed to o n e » to stand on one spot, pluck floweri ' oldest tree,*' and tbIrt'SM Vr* Rident I toward ( pleading |;in,j at right angles l ; the former, by * with the righ* hand and make snqvr ' at a dinner in New York ftft : tain r j ( tackh^il him Indignantly in tlie snu>k-1 “ M olh er!" according; to (ot**jd< i kill ei the following morning and said; "W hat is ii. Albert?'^she repliid means of a DckiLg arm* and two balls v Itli the left l liublii^oplnion toward the N«*/r M* ^:n '0 jn o t always be verified. ‘ ‘Look here. Smith, do you think 1 “ Do you think,’’ w Mit on the child. [ prongs. Therefore the final motion of ; lines, said: want all you? tin cans and bones and I should have liked the croquettes i f ‘ the blade is also a reciprocal ing one.; Thousands of Tons of Dust Bublic. opinion, as it ba^s -Treatment of thr Agfd old shoes thrown over into my gar­ t had had o re ? ” — Lippincott’s causing .he blade to.act by means of \< cording to tin- estimates of ^ gov .sell in th»? past i f . growing ai litth Dr A. Orem tin® lay down a r£gi den?” — ■■■■""• — ( blows against, the hair. !ernm< nf expert, who has'given much kinder now makf “ You liavrjn'f got >m all. old man, Wretched Wrstchcd from from Asthrxa.— Strength Many blows a second are adrninis atU n ii«ii lo Un* study o f the remark farm girl. the aged, it is poinn *1. out dial the You’ve only got half. said Smith, ! Gf podv and vigor of mind are inevif r Dri<*d. depending tipc.i the re olu-1aj,]e phenomena o f dust and sand “ A young farm g irl asked » i have ‘Brown on! the oilier side, got tLtJ ably impaired, by the /Uitations of tiotis per minute of the motor. The storms in tl:c ariiTfegioris c f the we-t, S:* t urday off in ord» •r »o go ami si*(* a aged require leas food of .Jl kinds, b-cause they utilize less overfeed Uiattima. Wlui can live under the [action of the^blade is therefore not every cubic mile of the Ipwcr i;Jr dur­ i: an hanged M ade W e ll B y Lydia E.Pink other h a lf,” ! B» rmiSidoit v/a4- given in ;, or rather a iioi ma adult'h ra­ : cloud o f recurring attacks and keep really o f reven. g by blows. The logi- ing an ordinary “dry storhi” contains [ Jicr, and she set out before Ufght tion, overtaxes f icir dlgcyllvi pri* baip's V egetable Compound. Freddy's-tather hdd been giving [body and Tnin' at their full effic-jcal result is that it ia not necessary at least 225 tons o f dust, while in (having twenty mjb R to wa*( o i and flood t.ii* Mood wiih * ffc «j ~ ~ ~ him Jessous in po’dtieness. but hard- iency? Dr .1- D. Kellogg’s Asthma! to [ have theblades as sharp a* It is severe .storms of thin kind as’ mu.’It as j "W hen1sb rcturncil that products which r!i»i JJfincy Vand other Philadelphia, Pa. — “ I had a severe \y dared bop* lhat ihe seeds of hU j Remedy disslpaies the cloud by ro-. nowden.anded (126.000 tons of dust and .^and may be j trho -was in te.irR emunetorieft cann *t« iiandlc DriukTng iae of nervous prostration, with palpi- teaching hail taken- root. One day. j moving the cause. It does relieve. It ~ ! coutaine<; in a cubic mile o f air Dust [ " Why, Milly. wtu! ftie n|a*iei * wat^r nlioiild i-e « » tic-rmraged and Minaret s L in'ment. tation of the heart, i hearing noise ; from the nurs- does restore jhe suffoter to Lumberman s .storms sometimes la'«t for" twenty or |Haiti her mistress. baths, wiiicfj Rho»ild b- takers reg»i> Friend. constipation, head­ rry, he investigated, and ___ _ _[bodily trim ahd nr-ntsl happiness found i thjztv hours. "'O il; dear!’ sobbed (he girlj 'Oh. lurly, Khould be neither hoi not cold j.tjear! The man’s been re:»< i<*y iiglit. warm, loo * and •>' who is smaller than yburself?” (lent for the (lungs and fo- all the mistake Little Torn my^ waved i is and the world in general. woollen material The dumM . tii tA I read in the ^ pa­ mo last ;>ear you told m • . “ Yes,” replied the culprit, meekly |breathing orgin -i. but. therf is an art j hand frantically, and going to tl.o V solitary waiting pa.4«enger . was with Wit !»»'• Im -■ !»«• weij protected| per where a younff j when you you thrashed me yeater- • in yawning. ji4«t was eaten in silence. Western finaaiJc machink. and w rojn he stepped ip the world -Maud llann t Mi Oldi v-h'i> Ag en t My fp*ar fci*'. It ra s cured o f the ■ame | -------------------should be as djeep as possible, so as to Mail { oft it tlic joyiai ofiiciaj proceededi t<* i tim* com pan> I am now ching- eyes ? but t; troubles by taking It was Malloon's birthday and bring all the; muscles of the throat ---- ^ ------Marie .W ell, I dor >m at It talk to him with. having since bad the [ie nefif. Lydia E. Pink ham’s she feLt a trifle disappointed th a t! and cheer into action and also to fill. A mart was on trial before a weit;• >)nhan | ‘ Wonderful thing th** railway - ays-! o f my services^ has. of t »ii!sef taken She's been gear l ini for Vafetable Compound §o I threw away . riHM-p w a - no gift In gide, her plalc. b the vital organs with u current of • ern judge for horse stealing, and (r r twenty + *'.,Vh tern, Kir!” he chirped. I do really be- j • honor iwjay from it. the raedicin»»s the doctor left me and be- j wasthe first time in twenty years that fresh air. Drl Nacgcl has known of when it came time for the lawyers on lieve that even the general public is th _____ ___________ _______________ _ ________ g%n taking the Compound. Before I j her Inisbajnd had. forgotten the occur j many cases in which a acre throat hast hath sides ro tell the judge \ har in at ia-it beginning to realize (be mar — “ ~ had taken half a bottle I was able to sit inr. Mr Mai loon .smiled at her frank-1been alleviated by per.«i*(*nt yawning stfm lions thev wanted him to give to up and in a short time f was able to do [b But bow are (you to ensure a yawn? thje jury in addition to the points cov I enpd in his own charge, the all my work. Yonr mrdidtw-haa proved " M-v " I ha™ been I Listen to spembrr? or j “ Thfft’g true,'' an hw end the morbid ;to|r the defense said: itsrlf able to do all you say it will and I i * " busy l.uoly that 1 hav f not bad j one. 'I know of no line that hu.-t so * I respectfully ask your honor to hav^rboommrndHitinevrryhousrhoId .f,‘ »*uy >ou a Birthday p.ft. but , instruct the jury that it ig a Linda many things constantly in the; public ........... .... __ * ,111 r>ive \ioii ti a row. 1eye as this one/’ 1 have visited.’ ’—Mrs. M ary J ohnston , i ^ , , mental principle o f law in this coun­ Daisy Slight* - io There isn't. The gtstion master was d*ftighted. You Get Instant Relief by inhaling BO M eed S t r - t , f-hiladelphia. I>a. 1 ,),ankP,‘ l,lm pr^ lon,,yThs family remedy for Couch* and Cold> try lhat it is better for ninety-nine tg a beautiful row,” Rhe said, witii trying to cure this4 cona;Hot» ^if.d Vntll do«e. Small bottle. Beat fciact ltm i ‘‘I am more than g’ad to hear you the Soothing Vapor ' Catarirho guilty men to escape 'nan. for one in­ wo months later Mr. Malloon’s •ublfffs, kuuIT or :-f* ay. Huch Another Bad Casr, j say ho. sir,” he chuckled, rubbing ! is zore.' nocent man to be found guilty.” Vo * ‘See. here, waiter.” exclaimed the merits are whoi’y inad<•qua,.»F.pbrata, P a . - “ About » year » Co I T binbday ram.- around. When lie ap‘ Ye«. that ia true." said the judge. ] hands together. “ And would you mind j peared at breakfast liis w ife greeted ; indignant customer, here's a piece of must employ Catarrhczone the* ,om v ' naming them?'’ was down with r.^rvous proetrmtion. I Catarrh is bound to come vijith Uni , ‘and I so instruct the jury, but I will I him with a radiant smile. “ My dear. wood in my sausage The waiting passenger pK>ked pen weather*. Slight colds bccoqih more, remedy that p o p o . v » r t . kill wss pale and week ard would have hys; Rhe said. ‘‘I have been so busy lately “ Yes, sir/’ replied the waiter, "bur j add that it is the opinion of tlu* c-ourt j { “ ^ Jhe platform the g^rm s*of f 'a 'a ■ri* 'J ?.'■ i-' teric spells, sick bond ache* and a bad offensive * i.nd sickening evsty day , rapii r of Catorrbo/*one is m: ried by j sewing for the children that I haven’t .ure— e t" 111“! ^ * * UBty Bcn h* ve -cin d er/ - S id be. pun under my I « u . |ia(| , (n,p l( n;ake you , h|rthdav gift; rm“ Sure The inflammation eat;tids further in­ nothing! I don't mfitd eat- j aljreadv eacaped. tlie air you br/*athe td the in'r>nt min* under the care o f different doctors but but n i sivc you tbe cow •• to the head. So<;n fbr* ear* li«*gih to ing the dog, but I'm blowed if I’m go­ u«* r>lis of the n e, throat , broilThn din Mission between the two bn/: and ring, The head icljes, the dki not improve. I was so weak I could 1 -------------------Diplomatic Letter ing to eat the kennel to o !”— Scottish chit tubes and- lung*. Ms anti sept ifj f*yi*s pain dreadfu’ iy. the nos<* & ts hardly stand long enough todo mydishee. The wayward yourg man. broken in !Tri^ndii had become heated Distressing Waste American. m*-c3iicauon goes IV erywbere tha* ;*ir that rt-1 plugged up ^nd this forces tfiie pat health, wa. rrnt to the MUthw. «t to ' » '« ea" •' Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com­ Jock— You've won the first pride in No t:atie i 1') ,. <" r >nic, m > can go (font to breathe tbrougl. tbe mouth per. on too. oldt»ryte>ly that has "I don’t see what’s the use of my recuperate. He was la Jail for itr^ pnlft-5 Jhe into th • throat, requiring a
The Sweetest Story A n t t Told is to Tell /the Story 01

w it h


r if l e











C y lin d e r O i l

P R A IR IE ,.^ ,


H arvester Oil




G as Engine Oil








W fc fc K L Y


C lt A lK / S A S K A T C H E W A N /

W hen Y o u W a n t The Crait Weekly News •<—— A G< JOD. C L KAN S H A V E . AN t p -t o j m t i ; h

OF CANADA When will You Save if you don’t Save NOW ? Though Jour salary or income will no doubt increase, so will your expenses—-and many find that the Utter more than keep pace with tie former. Now is the time to start a .Reserve Fundand the Savings Department of the Union Bank of Canada is the place to, keep it. Deposit the extra you have on hand now |~ you can open an account with any sum, down to onedollar—janddrawinterestonit.

Craik Branch R . S c h u ltz .





C R A IK r^v

L / l.


T t*n m c ifT

am 1 »I#




In the b en« o f thu suow-em«l j

L e i R ron&ok .

Rockivp. htyjidscds

miles w is t«fj

Rex Theatre



JI >ving jiirtriv.-s t-orv 'i t.. • I »y. P ropfk*i r i | H | r lie la lake wb aerators Thursday and tS.»t nd iv night • t A N Y O T H E R W O R K JX T H E art* iuwti\ h ten E ;t ivh ih .v i r- i rnm :u T* )NS< >RJA L L IN K ( A L L A T U u‘:u~ l " vrry Thnrad.y * . « . « « from large river flows hut out of which | * . A L T - i lit* s always. ; The Nivrs and Publ..shine ti.* re . Tliolc THL BAKBfck SHOP AND POOL ROOM Hr.uwe, Tlerd Street ________ . r of n. fon-stj surt.-y party sc-r.t; s t„Ll«.a«;.I Aut*.* for rout N O R T H S ID E O F M A IN ST .. . tr out" by the Dominion Forestry Anplv to News otime. Tin* New* is on** dollar h year m 11 * P O O L IN C O N N E C T I O N advance. Brjiiicli to ri.iii iKij tnc forests* jii j : r Alt ebamr*** of -^fivorti-^n *ntF "this wild rfrgjlou etHtes that the! Partner W anted--W ith Your Patronage Is Solicited Add j ■. ' j ° in m-,v ^ miiMt La **-nt in not lat«*r that. Tnr-*.dav Indian:» r-htfii l his ( \ S Hc3m. ('uiiL of evil sj jiriIf= j . t*> Give rred-i lift* rn«- r, to thisj SLipe s-tilioit, f t M. vsi is re< » iv. »l Advert'.-me Ratoscn a;pi time to t ime deep rumblings may enu e L am ] ; be heard \vh< |»* T>ur bei* >v. tho bur- llepairin'X. H .nu ^r Pepairii uni RI A'LITK S enters 1he inkj* rush* d fn >m a stibKe^ulatiuns i i ’tAVLi.L, Mumiger. terrane«n oiuiit doirir arrmnd (Vaik that will Burion land in Marntol>a. Sa •katchev nn *jT j man hns ever \< t j asBL'd burner p-rver Tr«v-b*r. k«-|»; .......... .l i ' ’ " ' 1 Allierta. T h e appli- -mt nu.-t a|i|»<. ir’in pnVe our neighla>rs. »il il l ! This Kiiiiiijur the Dominion 1 witii gang plow and- disc |u*i»on at the l>otjiim«»n i>r *Suh *jeney fo r tlx* b e t r i' t. Entry yr,l,r <»]>«*ri nrul i.e lp . * A pply to i ' \ \ . : Forestry Hnujeli s«. nt eight survey-- v' ,,L-^n aml t:,Tn" by proxy may I m- fnade at the ottl«-e «.f ; —— —• s Js St CAK H , ( ‘r.iik. S any b n al .\u»|4i of 1hun in ion Land Liberty with her new rdi-picee parties into tljie forests of the far (not sub agent), on certain conditions. Hutu-.- Six months r Md-no ujion brass band may have oceaskui t( West, and the story of their e.\-! , S\I K \ j *»j -r~ \y% } and eullivation of the la id in cadh of three >«*ai>. hUmesti ad«*r may live*! s it tip a n d ta k e notien i crtain eon. I ^»nov s l l y a rou n d ,lit,ons. A lial)it«lil<■- r«|Um-.| |tj ( , j T 0„ lh (, rnap. Write VV.T.Mi fri*. wild region tj f northern Manitoba: fnr this year in every ease, except vvmm residence is J l>erformed in the vicinity] I . ! thret?. pnrtieij wore in the hiil |^ hone-stead. Price , b a s e b a ll le a g u e all b y h e rfielf. _ 0 I)uti**> Knt months resj I $d per acre. T' ‘ l riuco Albeit, one party was 111j fjr^t el e la . s «•* n II I- h i . | <»r I f i ;.s dence in each of syr yeai(s from (fate of |They have formed four teams and tho Ro>:fci(« HU suran:iT; nmith. r , a.,,,|v to H i ' . W IL S O N Koval' -■homestead eirt.ry lihcltatihg Ih*-tim e r '1• ’ I ipnred t<> earn hoatl*nt) and .VI have a home schedule of Firates. wa s cut, off from civilization for Pmtik. ( ’rail

I U lllt t l I

D IE N T I S T I . , . .. , . jicago C Col Oraduate of (j hicago ollege of I enta Surgery. Kurinvrv.



acres extra cultivation. T h e area of A t h le t ic s , C p b s an d G ia n ts . D o n 't cultivation is subject t»i reduetiorv in ; ,.aHe (>f rough, scrubby
Looking* >:£*


^ fit ?!

tsaam oB ek sa


h a s lost m any a good t,

dollar for the business m a n . An artistic Letterhead and Envelope on good material has ' f ‘ often been the basis of

] several ; mohtjlia i:i the low-lvjng

|inuskey iegiok.1 of northern Albert | 2009 Jmshels of ( bits for sale at y tin* Horn Kami, 1 miles ^outli near Lesser alavo Lirke, and two * A homes tender who pas exhausted his Sask ’ homestead right, and .cannot obtam n| ,. narties exblrlred the remote mi | ral*v N ____ pre emption maj uke a p|in*haM-d! Don t forget to h ive your nund l,an,e®
Olllca ph
Dr. W. M. R. PALATKR, M.D., C.M. months |H'r

in eacli of three yeafs...cultivati 50 acre!- and erect a huus • worth <500

Phywciani Surgeon, Accoucheur



A . E . J o h n s to n


M anager

W A T K I N S & BL 4 1 N




* t™ 1" 4

,---- -w— j . ------------ u ~—

in gof (Vaik;oneof the finest and : i l H ( '

4® * uv of the party chiefs ‘ later on engaged lee, .-on and


extensive credit. /


ft. H.. 1‘ ARM LK | The area of cultivation is subject to cleanest cities on the line. I f you wntes^ '* | W s t e r needs to be j "'ill hold them. reduction in case cf rough." scrul»by or owii your projx*rty, you certainly b4sidea all cither professional stony land. F irst Corner back Don’t B Ne rvous.
•phone No. 14 Office and Itenideni.-e: df Union Hank

lelight in having it feoking at its titles,di real bush man, an axe-man f )wl J)rug St re. j *i ; * lwi „ ;jtrri. w, it you rent, you have .............. UiIHr' enough an(1 a JM ........ N.I5. Unautlioriw
F or N igh t C^H* use Speaking 'I’ulie at 1Office Door. ‘



Deputy o f the .Min wtor of the Interior, i


J. W. Wickware, M. D. Physician and Surgeon


/Telephone No. 30 Office in Residence next to Town H a l

Dr. E A R L SPE N C ER . V

e t ib in a b y

Ontario Veterinary College.



8tockof ground feedalwaysonhand

w ill

M ay

1st o u r



c e n ts



H. T. H A W E

Sanol Kidney Romody is made* from herbs and is’ p«Tfectly harmless. If you

are a aufferer from’(»all Stones, Kidney Stones, or Gravel, Sanol will effect a poaitive cure!

I f you have backache.

or rheumatuun troi kksnay, bladder trouble, that ia caused by excess of uric acid, diszincuH, iiffy swellinifs under the lens. p p»)ffy s

eyaa, swolleii feet and ankles, tired . nervons feeling, urine very pale, or extra dark



ren lands in the great N r ilh -\V7-st.


if the f mners





and You will never miss it. by

K-eo! m l Ayr

Tennis club j



\Yi* want SO. acres of MiitmierfaL - A,

T hennnual meeting of the Craik juW ([l fM. f, , N -K I>;;

with Mr. Sn ith acting as chair-

Kit 'll Bite )S a

* ra #m

T h e J o b Department* o f the Craik tNews is prepared to t»urn out ju s t Lhe proper kind

1 *j r i« jt«j:s 11 1......feJ

* -:Z3 frxr

r c Lg&STIH i ^ ^ g y g - J P mCSJCM

ment* and minutes were adopted, The statement showing a balance

(jet. them ready for the hercl.

This is the year boost for Craik,

They must be branded, and if \<»'ib n s . * 7 I at the beginning of last year Hint now is the a.-copted time j,; 7U, Hwhscriplions of *17>0 have no brand, cut the* hair to 'l I OF THE JUOICIAI. DISTRICT to locate .those trees you are aoinp had l(e(. ^ r(;c(,iV(,,. The (]is. letter and them run a hot iron over OF REGINA. it. W ill go for them and return I to start. bursements, for supplies, payment r, . I them in tin* fall, v ill also buy any I N T H E M A T T E R of the estate! That the spade, hoe' and rake OI, JG^ work on ground, ete., o f J O H A N N E S S I I E R G E R . a re good muscle makers just now. amounti^l to S102. leaving a bal- cattle you have for sr.!* at the higiu-Kt market price. Corral N .W . late of Holdfast in the Prov­ That its your help that will ance on haiwj of $2 •><). Tho fol ince of Saskntohewan.decrnRed , . .* ... i ‘ . . 1 ! 13-21 21>J Squaw Y<»!Iey. | miles boost your home town j ii the eyes lowing (Otlic^rs were then elected; West (*raik / - n n i o - r m i o i r .l E. (V Wilson. Pres ; A. (\ Robert N O I I C L I ( ) C R L D I T O R S ° ^ ° hers.



N O T IC E I S H K K F .K Y G I V E N that

T h a t youow e il

p.inful urination, brick «lu «t swlm icnt all1pers..ns h«vm, claim s -t tl„in urin a fter standing a few hours; you

vestm ent


further pari ieular.* apjily to «I( )I1 N p B E L L IE D . P

the Board mnti. the budntps was taken up ............ .......... .

D O N 'T F O R G E T

For Tired Mother


p, ,jj SA Lh



Trail*- liMvtinslHst Momiay nisl.t. ti-unis <-lul» was hthl at tlii-.n-M fl-; ,,ly to CUA IK K K A L T t < -Hti*4s s.-tti -i. A i-*-o*!iy Craik and surroetniing 4. publishc d ia • later jss:H». their trading here,


rdliemls at tie- pr— if turn*, ami proper u-* of tie* prexo„t geneia-

— :— _


Sawing; done to suit buyer

C. N. IL segrL*gn| and securing, for the j ^

'. . . .. . . * rorri the tone of th e Board of

p ric e s on N e w S h o e s

Bran and Shorts Cord W ood Fence Posts


committee* will meet with success.

Feed Ground Every Day At The

Craik Feed & Saw Mill


one, and here s hoping that

Prices A fte r


I presenting facts and figures to de- tion and posterity, the vast areas shire Cow,. Mvea y* old excel i monstrate the* nec*d of more ears at >f mature; timber, young reprodVe- lent milker; tirade ( \»w 1 years f the time T hauling and shipping jj.q, iin|d fire-scarred bnde lying old su|i|a»v< <1 to be in-calf; stam 1 1 the next fall crop, is not a bad betweeh the prairies ujid tho bar- Kard bre
S ubgeon*

Honorary Omduate,

It -is a Good

I Buiuami) was Il,0t/J,
Get busy auclbcxist!

estate . f the said


Johannes bherger. lo ,,,




h o m e son , v ic e p re s .; N . J . M o r r is ,


trmis., Mn*l M.-ssrs,

si c*.-

Job Printing

P. A . T A N G U A Y


p a n i.

are ia dangeii «nk Sanul Kutnejr Rrmedy j pp^ruarj toatrofl ! ThatCraik will lmv«- acracker- S' " ,!h* A ‘ ‘ will save youj. t t •^ j to dcliv-r t*. Chr.M..f jack ,txxi br.,-8 hand andorcliesfra KitcliM’.Fisht-r.Walk.-r.llainswort!) Fahlman and Peter Dielsvhneider, the M , * *T . x, , IT W ,b antes. W M omI;— " At All Drujfyists, 51.50 per bottle Administrators <>f the ahm-c < in j this summer and fall


Free Literature and Advise. *

‘,f Erubur>’ **'>« * MacKinnon,' Barristers, of Kepina. Saskatchewan. That its time to*bo planting and son. I. T. qmitii. E. II. Instill. | Sc*al» d tend* r will 1m* received inis. . . . a . C. Wilson. W . M. K. Palmer, hu to May 1. for ploughing bar S an o l M a n u fa c tu rin g Co., Ltd 8' ,,ic1t° c on c or f< r before * •>p the 7thAdu’ints ’ . . . trators, dayv f r working for those premiums at the * s f* j• *- .» Guo. Kathesfm, C II. Palme r, i-*.:■rowniK. U, Krmn «.n‘*i*dment making V v a i i U ^ U , ^ U U U U Dray ins. Prompty „ 6th day bf April. A.D . 1914. . * m g s a n d e v e n in g s in helping to the fe* s f l 50 and $3 e0 was offer* d E M B U R Y , S C O T T A M ac KJXXON*. (IO lt ^ Service. Solicitors h>r the said Ad min.atraters. but here waa where those bachelor To the creditors and all other peraons j That the water question isn t mt.1,|bK rs took a hand and voted for every district in Manitoba, ha\ing claims against th< estate. dead yet but bobs op occasionally. t t Saskatchewan ar d AIU*rta v len* ------------------------------------------------. ' ^ o u l. \u* are not leproM.^nted OVER 6S YEARS* i That Craik needs a good organ**+h y~ • EXPCRIENCE ized tire brigade— not until after a U . 2). V i . iYtexiCO variiies tc-!o*l by the Western


W e d o Lh e b e L L e r class o f printing, and w e d o L h a L class ju st o th e r fe llo w .



a little ch eaper than the

W e d d in g in v itaL io n s, letter

bill heads,



d odgers, cards, etc., all receiv e i

statem en t*. th e

sa rre

careful L re a L m e n t—ju st a liL L le better than seem s necessary.


P rom p t serv ice

a lw a y s .

W . R. J O N E S

W a l d o r f Hotel A. J. S


Sample Rooms in connection

P atents

big fire.


littlt* fraccs between the ExperitpenLil Stati ns

That you owe it to yonr town to I ’ S .a w l Mexico promiaes t<» be

atteml the Board of Trade meet- short lited, ifj the intervention of Fruits. StK-d Potatoes. Seedling* ings and cither offer a good sug- the jieace makers will b(* of any for wi ntl—breaks ami shelter lx.*lts. D e s ig n s CorrmGHTs Ac. Highest com missions |Aiid. *tk*»trhandd^acrtpffonmay . gestion or assist in working out good What for a time looked or ontnioo free wbetber an 1laud gome free outfit. those offered bv other*. like a general clean up, may be . , , . ,i -settled soon—K>i»ly to L>e revived Exclusive territory That when you and your neigh- . 4. %, J J ' later, as the average Mexican W rite for terms. bor make your garden* it might crtizen delights to be on the war-. Jg be well to keep the g8 and the and is liabi to cause an S T O N E & W E L L IN G T O N good family cow tied up. A G foot. upraising at any tmr opportune to » TnWV?,». u«.ut Xkir w ' A W?. *1 tj*l IT «. ww. mrrtcd twk-."—Uuu»tup IV*t- <_____ _____________________

Craik News




m m ii

‘ i



N K W 9, C B A ik , SAS&ATl'llJStVAJN How D i m







/ , . J1jl* Store* ( T .> lii'-ir ou tfit art- *r ** 1 *w< ,v Vkfir> *,!!N J _ , . ... .. ; lj. ivta fiw -d fro m hilt t r ip «o Kngluwd


ri Hppcul to m1* cruHD'inltiu* aiik< .and t • knowledge that houuflt value* ar** ^ivi-n f >r ovcry dollar sj*'ht with ns is one of the most valuable tiwwtH of our *nm». W e carry a !;ir^»* aud complete* Jimof C O N T E N T IO N FRY* F U F IT S . T O B a CC O, S T A T IO N E R Y . ; etc .and arf fully |#rwptrr**



_________________ ____— rm 1

neKiti.i UM uu h . ,, , * , . she steered her1mount ui little to the .J.iaie . Craig paid a.viffit toSasku- week 111 t hllk attending to bust. ‘ left and 0 i.aT uI |lie hoi.|.d» rode her own litie like a centaur, led the van ,, Ii..u» oesBi matters. tc.011 at*t . , i , ir i » . through a h*ng and very fa it run and L i.giW ns usual oi.i \\ ednesvlav . . --Mr and Mrs Y\ Mufphy are to was tue first o f the Held to see the lo t topics to ho taken hy roiled over hi th .e open. be rongralaiatisr ujiuii tHt> arrival ,w *m?,lD Having recovered from Ids tempo M rs Coriiton and Mrs DeWitt. of a new daughter • ' .. . rary tit of cburlUUuc** and delighted M li«|yn >hi.-oii. '>* > or u Sth ,,le manmyin which the lady had K. Wyllie the leva 1 licirw t ru» r tiir*<* trip s to L’raik .thin .ridden, the master approached her. is niakinjr nmoigefie-fttA i > handle somewhat sheepishly it mu-t be con W(*i'i ;« couple f fi y * t « H-- u- inyr tb** fesseil, with the “bnish" ;iutl an apol­ M -rvit« s w ill b«- con- ogy. E i" thing fn*i»k • Fray, don't npologizo. sir,’* was the duet d m i t S u n d a y . M a y -*r<1, at smiling reply ,,Ymi simply .'niistook ‘clock by KfV. J. Caesar. * . inv favorite hunter for a camel.' and I




1 , ZJ - . c s z h d l 1fSSHaSTf

HE ■

The Crank II on CalJifig i t*tc . Ho. job of

amusing KuglUti fox limiting story/ “ fluid hard, madam! For heaven** bake hold or that caineft you uro riding will be the death of *ouie of mv M o n fe r «r tM tu- c h o l e r i c m * *

p« * - .......... ir « « o « - - - - ■* * « i — S J T A Z B X T t S 5 E S S 0 . F \ f f - ijjiid n bn'sinoM v is it to { r o “ i lll!> rrie ll,U j-«W io* rotber too Close to bounds. t;...,;,.. |.,„f .......i. . M r tio ir liiiK sjtent part o f i l e doisuln* to mm her head

A. FISH LOCK m . __________



In ‘'Mi'tuu and Homcipun" Is tW*

L a d ie s A id m eetin g w ill be held

‘Jrork e x te m fin g ox er a ’ jx*ri
s»-.i n ...........I involving twenty- F in la y l « « .

your foxhounds for fox terriers.

d ifh re n t

A i»«k


his kind.

Auction Sale

I b. of lime is s n llic ,i« n t t o s a ftir a fe

I lie Post Hotel,*’ anrl so forth. : 'J*lio fftnuitfer read ihe adviriiseui^iiis at alth ou gh Ii i ii c Ij had been prepares I tentiwly

I referytni to those for whom


w afer,

rf r.t



W..IL-, r

W.'Irhnnrk.T .in.l Jewnl

I have heM

J lo w c v e r.

to w n ’ -hu ngry

impuritn-*s in com -

rnent. I f fn ,. * . . i . lim e c a n b e o b ta in e d , J

T erm s , reasonable

h i e v is ito rs le ft

for t h ow ler, the m-xt HmP vi,):l^..r ullt) Hl„u,, „v. ..w,1}. tllig „n. we pi all make it a point to let it ; den u>ed as/a liiiihotmlV*' is well to use more! lM>^j(>,Plir 3l,Tain As this church “Simidest thifig in the w»fr!d." re* r .. . . i 7 ix • i |»’ied the villager “All the courting .or in thl^ state- j ,s I t-ver I n k to visitors and mem- ( otii h*s come hce and

mercial lime it .• ii i tnan is called

is the auctioneer.

, (x>uncl

I .. L , , r t L j.t .1|1V t o ] 1 m,n ,n UI,J u ,



H nnduy f r e t t i n g


'V'l* bqthoro«gl,ly M tur«t«l. Tb«- y1(illUjist chu-«l. method of preparation is dimply to viphl

Your W ants

W h en yon need a g o o d team o f g e n tle D rivers o r need a , s in g le D river, telep h on e or call ami see us. W e d o d r iv in g and are a lw a ys.rea d y *o g iv e y o u r orders prom pt and ca refu l attention. \ isitors to town w ill find ou r stables a c o n v e a ie n f place to feed th e ir horses and sh elter them from th e cold weathc r.

i .SO


Palace Feed and Livery Stables

- .

. •


the whole period of 'preservation.

P R O P R IE T O R .

M K T ilO D IS T (J l l HUH

It is well to have an inch of liquid Above I he-tops of the eggs.



your also


Ora in,

F ran k


umber CoaS Flour


S:d»j* Ct : "Ib-.i'liiM

printer and dm bool.lilmh-r w,*re wrought by j*»yfy|. workers, anil millioimires enmpeto with kings to po**<>** ihein.—Ih>sbm (ilobe. Profane Dancing. Harrier r.«c<-l»er Slowy reconls that in her girlhood she in at her friends used to dance a jig entitled "Go to tlu? Devil and Shake Youoaldf.” This dance must Imre enjoyed a long spell of pop „|.,nty. The first Duke o f Dm king

Sunday .School ll a*.111. Evensong and service 7 pin.

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if you have any sjK>rt in you. just lend a fit nd and assist the organ­ ization. Sea Anem ones

Sea aoemoues. delicate and sensitive 'though they look; may attain gm*al ago. Sir John Dalyell. a Scottish nat tirallst. eii|»ture

J New Meat Market, opposite the city hall and w ill keep n o th in g but the ] * fiuest meats and hope tr> rccejve a share

--------------------It Hurt Him. Tommy—Did the fowl hurt you. Mr. mjuires? Mr. Squires-\Yb*t d*you mean, my dear? What fowl? Tommy -W e ll. I wanted to know If tt hurt. T hus# mummy mini you bad been hen Fe* ked for ‘ twenty years.—London Strand Magazine. A Rare Feat **Th^f»fTent *prtnk!er which Is such a success for Its inventor is * contrary sort of thing.” “ In what wnyT* “ U raises the dust for him. you know, by laying It fur other people. Exchange. Rough cn Pa.

“Pa. what’s a getilua?” “ Ask yonr mother; she morrhH one ” “ Why. I didn't know mn bad married twice-” —Houston Post

______________ it scared Him.

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hia dally swim in open air pool «-f warm sulphur wafer, a little fellow


M.M ^ uu. his tiny bathing suit in* gazed out over flu* vast ocean in piJeie e.

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vin were trading in Craik this week. The new atore for ,h a ,: ^ 'n n t ^ . h a b y eab, ch eap .-X ‘ . . 1 . , N cavs ofHcv. bury not having ojtened as yet,'

D')ii t forget the l as ball meet-

( [ I am now doing business iu my '




If you have gone further you have probably found, also, good and sullieient reason for this uncommon attitude. The New- D eal and, Weber owner joins iii our belief tLi^tt tll>e New-Deal aigl W» bt*r are 111 its class, the best wagons in the world.

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Several fanners from near G ir-j — r-------—i ~ —

I ) uibtlrss you havk* detected, among X H W -D K A L aud . W E B E R \VA(i( owners A d«M*p seated feeling of satisfaction and lovalty to tin* New-Deal and Weber. That falls to a lot of few other wagons.


7| p . ill. —^Service, fiermon by the

the- l)r«M*k homesU-wl ami will probably make Craik liis home.

New=Oeal and Weber Wagons

and Cured Mints constantly on hand.

A y le s b u ry ,

L e e has com p leted his farm * 1 •» Ti , 1 i n


AITVinds of Frc^h

K o il

.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Craik Farmers Elevator & Trading Co.,

of public patronage.

Jam es

News, with wife and daughter, are


Implement Dealer, Craik



p,,ir«-i*. iho hr i.'Muhngor. ih« Ironmon

ger, the silvi^siuiilj, the gnlihniith, the

* deigning to attend an as^ ball. (Jooil Mjusic. E veryb rsly wad- :lj Airi*sfoid. -his reiiuesf for a dance. au to rio ite \er-t- - profane title. —.Uanche t»*r Courier. Lt-e Bronson, proprietor of the lio ld fa s i and

supply your

That is why he invested in them. I . , * And its sturdy built, its distinctive features of construc­ tion and ap|M*arau(|o. All eontinning bis b«*li«*f and rsirs • only tend to strengthen his conviction and complete his satisfaction.


S unday . S ch ool 11 a m Adult Bible ( Mass.

w ere business c a llers at' P c n z nice,


W a n t s in


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Clt»aidiii»*8§ Our Motto the most sauijlarv market 011 tb* line..

iIn Season) 4ft

Shorty” Jourdin, Prop.

W ill ship Live Stock every mouth from Avlesbury,

Then hr probated: 1r" U<1 Knin 1,1 l>;,t n* "1 water D,, a rov --------------- -------

It Did. In “ Bohemlnn Days In Fleet- Street** } the following story of Charlie \Yil> Man s. tlio war t*urrespondent), appears: J " ( ’ hnrlie Williams could have given | Pa 1*011 Munchausen a stone ami a beat- | Ing. He spoke with a rasping North A d v e r t is e n v c r .t .s A r e ( j f Irohiml accent, ami libs cs.Mnpaign \ nneedotes gainful greatly hy the stolhl. 3 matter " f fact fnanm-r in wliu*h ti)e> t he G u irie p rs is were narrated ’ I recall now one o f his „ 1rampaign reminiscences, li is a quaint Showing W ay experience o f a FLI) you travel'the road t»ow hler and bad telhered my horse " tb it leadrf t«» prosjJcrity? lieside me. I* was just mnm.diiir a rmd the adverti-ementj. heskit. when n shell hurst on. the rwk t fit; gtiidepo^ts point­ !u»* shot the nos4-bag right off my ing the wav. Disregard- the l charger. Jle hail shoved his outd head •i: i*’1 .t - a n d y o u arcant of cover.’ “/And you?’ osked IVarse. go wp»ng. and eveji rmlly reach your de- , ** J just went op mtinehjn* n»y j/eskit.* " ‘ But.* suggested Dnuniug. *if tIm? i>linatio|» you do h » only after *he|l took away the nosebag it ought iliiVHand-mi necessary , to hare carried away the‘s bead ^ travclJii)»g. as well.' , :raveller who would ***Jt did,’ replied Williams, with the ali-reg:irVl guidepost^, who* utmost sang froid.” **


would hot examine tbern at »erery opportunity, would be * The MnlUngers arv one of those old Swiss families concerning whom my 'called f«!>oIi-*b. lie .would get friend Dr. Curtl, distlnguUhed Swiss (little syiiqiiitliy when lie romj phwp.etl «*f time D*et going the^ national historian and director of the Frankfurter ZeRung/ recently told me *Wrong direction. I be following amusing incident, write* 1 The man who negVcts t«» ■t correspondent. rctyl tlfcc advertisement* Years ago a Mullingcr was one ^of : disregapling , guideptwtn arid H ie stair of the Hwtss legation pt Vfj is taking unnecessary chances i-» enna. « nnn On being preseii presented to the Etnand hi dfeJaying bis o w n prog* c peror Francis Joseph he bluntly ex-

> pressed UH* pleasure at making the ac­ whjch ( quaintance nuaintan
— ------

1914 Promises

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Itofjelnil t nureti ..jirinbiy r« ♦opgii.slat Worship and sermon other suitable emit a Iher, ,t 3 o clrn-k ? He sure to keep eggs completely '' * ' . . . . . . R ev D i 'Mcan S ilI aks, . Minister, covecJ by tlie lime water during ,,

G e o rg e


Mew York IVjsL

All an- in-

crock, blitter-tub, c-indy pail, or


We make all our Sausage from the best of Pork.

hefore thefn are the addresses o f Hie they'll m-id to set ’em ii{>

Hands That Make Beauty. « Tho.. father o f Saint (Lindens, ibo sculptor, was a bootnihker and fait | tho' same enthusiasm into making n .slake the lime with a small (plan-!: '[ a , - | • good boot that his son put into model- ! ing statues Millions are spent on ! tity of watgr and then stir the lainfiijgs and sculptures, lutt just a s ] "milk of lime’’ so formed into o Church Services many millions are spent on other pro* 1 dm lions of Ihe human hand and brain. ; gallons of water. Afler tlm mix- ( *HA IK p U E S B Y T E K I A N They may not be classcsl as* ;works «»f art. yet art* they thp heaulifnl liandi* ture bus-been kept well stirred for ( lll ’HCJI craft <>f men add women. 'J in* prod­ a f<*\v hours it is allowrni to settle Public- Worship and Bible Si inly ucts of ihe rabinct n.akers of the ••iahteci.dll centuiy. Hie weaving <»f The clear liquid above is drawn «uuj Sunday school at 11 a.ui. the Hindu tin u and v • im n sJn
l*l» \ INC1AI. t ci i o n : i «

A. P. H U M P H R E Y ,

New Butcher Shop Now Open



very .... .


ft gallons <30 lb« ) -of water will USu|»j«-ct— “ Lifj-. a tiim-of , . nesh by Rev. A. Armstrong next get married ample and the resulting lime water v T, J .

Satisfaction guaranteed



.lu,e ,m-- £ “ ^ S . J e i . ^ T w Z X n ! ^


TO gallon s

The most important part of an auctioi^sale



p r e p a r a tio n s ,

rtf linu* Wilt I r,

o w in g to



There was. hajyever, a tin

Mi. KuUutrtoru diMl Air. a rL h .‘ O w in g to a m is u u d e r- Ureukfu^-Hie l.itlie Dining lu





has bt " ‘ r‘ v' J . . 8‘ . rt fnents like this: “ Get Your House Fur* , p refem itin g the; K a ilw a y M is s io n ,] nishings at Otter's.” *•Engagement ^ o w n c o n c l . i d v e l y th e su p r i o r i tv R
R. A. S C O T T

Salt Meat

A H'liiS '.‘I (Txperiiiici.ts i»i egg at tin; home n{ Mrs L. Barton on * * * " ' ' * * " ‘cro both mistaken 'Jhanks ] ... awfully for the brush. preservation was carried on by Thursday. M a j
fiv e

W e Can Supply

Avlesbury Meat Market

Preservation of liggs

hand a fine of .Stationary, aid*. Fill I id 'uIs, Slatciih ills, Don't forget to m ikI in flint print ire/ you art' mfiling.

sales in the past..

Fresh Meat

Banner Year for You «

Don’t forget the fact, the

N ew s

is prepared to print your Bills at short notice. .

• -

- .. ■

* '

Send That Next Job of Printing to the News Job Rooms • j


I *




Your Liver is Clogged jp That'* W k f Yoa’re Tired — Oat •# Sort* -1last m ApfUt* CARTER’S LITTLE LIVER PILLS

BUmu and Suh Hradtukt. t>m*li PUI, Small Doie, Small Price. G e n u in e

be* Signature

C l& B K ’S




W y Time Can’t be Defined Shall We Harden Our Children? If the Atlantic Were Lowered Time t* »f»nie?hiaij •* tmte-rannot ba If we attempt to harden our child The pressure of water increase* The First Meeting of toe Internation­ ad^i a '- ir defined. It is what orlen ren during the periods of rapid growth w it* th * depth One mile down this iig‘ u cull u relative thing— *-something the consequcnm may be disastrous, jpressure Is reckoned at more than a al Irrigation Congress in dejwiraF-at on other things It is. of These periods of rapid growth are be- r • in- hundredth of a second, that period , constitution should be considered, and reduced to half its present width. tereatiug when it is known that this will W a second to them, for, after ali. j the surface covering of his body r~- If it were lowered r. little more than itouffebii a 41 hf»ld ij a s«*s»ii ns in ..<• n a ire time by the number o fj iated to his weight, three miles the result would be dry I be meeting physical actions we can perform. This i During the first few >earj o f a land all the way between Newfound Canada Calgary is board of g o e r ♦ * chorea by th* Lemg tue case, certain insect., t.»at child's life? it is n ressary only to p!a land and Ireland, i f the MediierranLicrs and October •• *. 8, 1 are th* lit*? OBily a week bat© really lived sev- adapt his body to indoor tempera-j ean were lowered 660 feet Africa ! date# . ‘ii. c ’ ed TJliis body is an out- **ra! year?. * tures, and suitably clad, to varying |would be Joined to Italy and three *epjg ro w th t jf * the Nation;.I Irrigation Jf w<* « ;i •• ivnagi-.e human lift on an outdoor temperatures. The child ! arate teas would remain I * ongress. which, up t»> 1112, confined - . . . , C itron that tiny parti* *e of modern, should not he given >arc the criteria, depending upon household medit in© throughout a oppor> ing H moans aim simply ihq sue' Piitibility o f the child. western world. ‘ work. As soon a* it became -known , tti«at-tb« fm e of growth o f tac grape






Tha* Nagging Pain in the Back

is Closed by Just oasThrow - weak, strained. Irritated kidnr dnew there Is just owe way to stop It.



strengthen and heal the kidueys — neutralise the urine—ston those scald­ ing passages—sad quickly relieve the ain in tnt back and fimbe. Gin ills- are also the recognized cure for Rbeamstism and Sciatica. 50c. a box; 6 for ft 50. At all dealers or sent on receipt of price. Sample free if you mention this paper. NATIONM, itltf AND CUMIfAL t t . OF CANADA LIMITED.



To keep your trac es in best condition, use

Eureka Harness Oil It sinks into the leather and keeps it scuff and strong. Free from acid. v./n c o n v e n ie n t sizes.

D ea lers e v e r y w h e r e .

ffi,ar ! ! ‘ r M,V ‘ tV1 'l u l l !?Uie Burea,Ii -brirtened. The rea*dn a quick, y one in the hotel smoking, Our lmag.nat.on national oiie th • Ii.d.i-tnal HUfja », mmn ;^ so much room wifh one oxt.epl|ofl, had been W e worry a lor over troubles that) of < algary thiougti • •' • ' ‘ no*e in the aauie time than a slow l(0, j in^ fortjj on bis own personal I never materialize. The greater part of .kU Ilf-gut ion atfe**'’ta “ . ,, j one t, tliat he liv»*s t»y a different %ys bravcry anfl r,rescnce of mind Every our woes lives in on;* imagination. On strong h .1 for tli. I , ,;f t‘ ri:e tbr othr-. body, with the same exception, bad r<* {that wo wa^u* our 8trenf,t!i and ncrv« .,nd h.* w- Iven ru o ^ n . lt0f/r . -- ------- *" counted at least one hair-rai«ing ep ! force, leaving a rathe,- wedk prop on ' mV t 1• iVtii* foi Ho* ,0 RefTlove Warts » sod** in which he figured as the ym which to lean fn real adi^rstfv Trou,,mv«il i*< * ' . iri.c* *( .ennl. Don't allow 'hose iihsigtilty exercs- ■hodimr-nt of cool courage. ble we must meet -that Is inevitable F A K M E U 9 the log melting a 1 j *. ns* * to sjwil th*» l»e»ufy of your j At la^t tl»e silent exception was but we do not have to !lvc it Can always m ik « sura of gett ng the highest prices for W H EAT, j |!’n ♦ *t.... t. r-iicarv' hands t r arms Kcnuovc them pain- asked if lie liad never had cause to |-through twice, the first time in i.ULgOATS, BAR LE Y and FLAX by shipping their car lots to FORT W IL ­ L nr T , : M mi T i r r ^ S ™ f e l l ^ ‘ ^ - l » - <-«re Ibera for all tine* by ap- w „ his presen-e of mind. j*uut.on A f.a r of what the future LIAM AND PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by I n.i.-d M mI - b irruaim a ie 1 ^ pljUl4(|t*s yuiaU^ fo r i, and ' Only once,* he repUeil. yawning ‘‘I contain* is a d o . upon our heels and TH O M PSO N SONS A N D C O M P A N Y , r ' " r r. \ ‘ , „ •• K racto .Fai^ur. Impcnwibk. had dropped into a ctrctoi Id paw p reteaU • i< , lit always sen U • Ptitnnm^ away a cm iplj of hours. It was ah*pc.rtaii.t ■ ' THE W ELL-KN O W N FARMERS AGEf.TS ADDRESS 701 703 Y., GRAIN EXCHANGE, W INNIPEG ImaldLg sicpa forward U irrigation' <‘< 4 A" i[ Wart ^xtraKdor Prfce 25e. j bright little sliuw. and the performing •lephauts were particularly wonder | Imagination rind In some phases -of th ; work is , 1: Banking in England I.fill. * '‘ Now.” paid Ihe *Htuge-ibanaget\. farther developed than il*> southern; t Spiteful i Sea Hortea cousin. Another thing that the men 1 T|h( vstem of credit; in Kughind is [ “ Suddenly tttrrq was a shri1k from.-“you are th« heroine. You are hup* fn.m ih Unite*’ gtaLea intend to'd ifferen t from M ai luj this country. |the women. The biggent elephant had pewd to suffer more than anybody “ Do you Know, Mayme. I had 'b o j*. lu: the Pacific oce.rn i «m lulu *-s n» |n the play. You U.ust put your |, work mi the world to keep j fain ; a b ngtli of from t. ii 1-- twelve Study i« the reason that haq cau^-d and the mere fa< I thsifa man has a n , escaped from liis keeper ^ami was |^ ' im-hf s. but • v n in • m nhotii 11,*• s.) many farmers lo lrav the United acehuiit In ft bank servje* to g iv e him making for the ntosc crowded part o f s e lf into a fia m e o f mind which “ x ' l r Smith fyom le-opo;-ing *’ .tin* o n e cunuof open an ac-j the te n twhere I happn ed to be bit*! presentH g rie f and rem orse.’* qtal or (fausda Mr Arthur Hook- staiKtiug _. ... . . . “ I dans, say you had to some othior |limit ol thefij) found in Atlantia ‘ * ri.|,rv #1f tic congr. a lor , omit with .1 hunk iu Eng:*nd r a n e ly . ting, by the way There was a slam1 know, replied the leading Nvorl." Baltimore American. ( wuttfrs. . *rd ggyll’ i„ a„ int.Tview lhy carrying money 1*1 the hank and \pede of frighfem d people. The shriek*^ man. Til try Io make myself believe with a Sait I ak- paper Even lieflosilliig it If.* must have two first j of women and children filled the air. M m 0.10 of lU* pe*»ph- who pai l two A$k tot Minaret's and 'take no Only One BROMO Q U ININE” though 1 he immigration from the clash references h fore a hank will j strong men feinted, and the pamK- d*dla, * lo see the olay. * To get the g«*Jtuine. < »* tor full other A *t/i «1.t* * rwrm M«ii.*s to Canada may l#e decreasing acor fit his acccwirt, MHl when refer-; moiiiuni reigned supreme. / <•» .a plain*, L A X A T IV E ItltOMO QUIN r.' i. w . t * « gi* n t « * t i never the less tin number o f c o l en ie i, given it n.' an- tint the -***r . ” ** silepL o a r s listeners gasped. ! V.. Iim la IhuHMWll <>l First Sliopper Ho your llnwtbatut JINK. Tibok U*r signature o f E. YV. "■But I am pro id to-say. .continued j *♦*(*• tiM I t u U i l States# farmers wit., ar- tak-jHori giving it would indorse or stand ilROVE. Cures a Cold in One Day. rel'p^ed to a t ar ili-it TnvHy. blue and wai'4 •• • *.<»*# ing up land 4 n Uanada pi rents a ser-lfo^ the person to wliom it is gi eti that gentleman, that 1 Kept my h*Md __ ... • ilitmuii. K»w n*auK e waistctipt >i i bought for hint' • i« »•>'»- -h.n<« ia ,.,'j *, ..... *,.... U) ■ ■ t ie 1 nited v reference in England mcanf more (and in consequence- escaped mihurt I qaioblv stops cou*h«. cure* cotd-.. snd he*!* ! Zlfil • la ’ t Isre-K. bU*i>i Jfw. W r it* states *l< h gat< to lie* Ualaarv com- thjn a ui* phrase. Check* r.n. in Mbs , “ What on earth did you do?” so tne* the Arost i d l n n . ” S5<,Dli n o w . -nrlw i.n, U Scjt ond Hhopp* r 'i ■*■' li * V v larc l “ Perkin.0 believed that a u m i 's ehai «•'.!* 1r r. of 'Mir ere»s will ni;-kc this one of the'chief in ! England cannot ! • obtained f o r , body asked. Htomieb. . First Spectacles iu<-lc;r can he follows: ’ ll**reatr* r all prem**tiou t mtM> i t iu u < i i m * to «in th * boon**!a, *«t-h ............ in alt. ..dam-, whi, h. I *!.*-> for. Ih.-*..*;ra | „ l:1 u l a M „ w . ! , r t v a n TomI>im 1 think «>••* cf'Vr to o roo4 to • « tram t.n t *»r>4 Some Snipe ' . of any character wbatevr-r, will b*» together with the repreaentutiv/s oi r ir.nn'Rhow tW Iris tacation with soniu friends iu tue do Hot indulge in iutoxi'^tin* ILquois w 141 tiilug the total ihaf " I s»tfen*l j-di^ciiiuMiati* so <*aretnil> -it tip ‘ i tnre, perhaps. - that can be utteied comfortable style of rings of black the; sessions of he rongress in <‘al-1 eojintw. they a*-cep», that wv.-i a ^,f r' ! against thepi was the unconscious horn, nut unlike iiu> dar'K rims of gut- west of Irelaml. As lie was being of ajny iiinJ i * * or* l* o f . . ■ • I lln *Uod. I j m i a . W., ■ a i 'i a l driven to his dealiuatiou he noticed staiiiers or. .tee».*dale-s in nil *thn j gary w* 11 up to in.oon Of these ter smi \< tortunat * enough i r 1,4 r ; stricture of ai little hoy Of fried 1 j ta per* ha Used t«*«L\y , ' ' . * . . ...Ul. d ,1 I,. •...!! an *1.. fw/ .lllllt **wUh • tM Ithem Il.tlll ' to .cipet* account a hog that promised good shooting jj nj* a|fjingH that Mies*.* Wotd« iu^dy. j thousand t i e r * a te very few tha md wked-hiH jarvev if Mi**r<* s«-re any Foremen in Ihe various d* j*UrlmeiiiH Jnot men o f high Htapding i:t the *.,m*' ltd can g*-»■er* dil tit an eitji in Eng-1 *11** was looking at a photograph t»f The Fortunate Mr. V. ill it •S*huipe. is'lt, SOT? Did arojlnslructeil f*» rigull.v enfe.e** t»,i4 1munities from t\,hu h they i on.. . In lepd or on. Ihe r iiit ineat of l.u op . vt,ry. p,.afijiful lady. This t»nrsat rho A A N Y O N E | idod in Cm ir number ar * Ntfire 8f . ’ lady won- a Wall gown of diaphanous un lliey’J litistligation o f^ L II Gary, ehai>fmui leading cap uli-'ts in ih r .it *1 *'*1" vorms tha> r ' white r.iuft like gossamer Her white New York who i i.p on the needs*of . |o lp at: |>(,K without CAN of lh«? Unit* d Ht-it's Htee|-|* kind i »rm « w.-rc>slash on the left the *ir* d hiisiuess- man. but a little j at© yr/!*’ r . fi't'ni 'lw-ir l-inh arm o f ............... States. practicaRy all the tion. who has i.isii* d a f'tt* ne nt to hasin-d in the Side of the skirl reveal* d her white hif shy on geueral *-d*ieation In b is , ligation and re<-la»uat|oii i ngihe«»rk. . those tiiai find lodgements tfie] * ffe* l that fit** coriM>ratIimi is d*' Handicarped j and hundreds or agriiftiltnral i x»»erts stomaeh stomach ail'd aim those mos* that mar are ar*|4,|found M 1J aii|c stockings, her little white shco office they were discussing tin* pre I,anl l i . n « Iln*urr1< ,il * , « „ ? I W t I ki...w teriiiined !*» mlvame only s**|h*,r ir>en. all hard headed business meti.It I in the Intestines. Ihe latter an- th.*, aniJ tiu. spoe-fl fastening of narrow Many aicidehts at** sa* I t*» twvo been ; cihouhl not take much imagina i-nt to most destructive, p « t>p- * l»ng ,,,f* j ribl>oii that ran in criss-cross sandal due to intoxicated worKinefi This ° ’ iVHI." h rR a id . “ I W >,«m S..J h“ w ' » * * * * * * * * tl,e j realize the spb ndid efiU-it tie* visit of walls ol th- intestine^ utnj if * » ’ |Tasf,io,i. up her ankle, THEIR CLOTHES* tl.i.t I . uw \1,- H / -'-y j * proprietor: or order w ill'apply to all til-- sii'ju dLry WITH these me* will have i ^ *»««n jj phot„ Rnip!, ' gravely. Then h»M3,1 t,M' lfM , .'.v‘ ' . •'1 * ’ **! the nirat itiark-'l "lint y o «r hand dors ami w ill he a In a blow* ,“t int* »n* A Creed for th- Country ^nds and while expelling tip m / vK,,y ^ '.,,nv , „ » , i Rit .-noum .« , it prom- perpxice > j \Y ho s lh a t. inquired on of the j „ company. a ». * . , lh. l U u * .r y % .- H i\ * r : ^ z : r z ^ ^ '" e K' " " " C o d made. Js mere beautiful than tl»e . ^ * ___ ____ _____ — ---------| fjen ealogist VV* II. Mr ; i E*-rm:in, ! "W hy, this guy \'; ciinrn, that! j (* j v, v/l ieii n a n Amade; tliat *i :«• out D Mrs Smith was an nrde.u worker;intakes all jlieni patent el*-au*-r "* i A <• year old was wal«*ir in a bar l Ijjav *•-i i a* *•'! ha* k youi .•• • • 11 > i<* of'do. t s and :n touch with th*- earili Worc< tainting j ju tj1P i-Uu8C of the prevention i*r a ft’r» ucli w*MKl**li*»ppcr,. \vhi| marin-d i lH*r*k cbuiir. . jThe Dye that colors A N Y K IN O l is natural life of 4nnn. I believe Mra Bradle. . wb n que*|«oned by a . .n|{,1ty to animals, and. when Mrs Sillicus ri'here is hono * among I ‘ Well, my little* man, ho.v would a Ijlova Scotia’ Indian srpiav.; .in IKh-t. o f Cloth Perfectly, with the I that w ork’ is work wherever we' find j fellow traveller., in tit*- PuHirun_ cur.j j|‘rowi*, <-;lu»e to tea. told.-her a pathetic .thieves, ( Iholly—Good?- Only I aiuit St.tii* • !' ’ ' ! you like.your hair efit?” S A M E D YE . , ir. but that work with nature is more in regard ♦<» her lu me, launched b*rth i tal<> ol- a donkey that sin- had rescued’ Cynu iis * Nonsense: Nonsense* Th,-;. ;-.* just "Oh. like papa’s, nith. > lltt’e r.-ijud man. St. .German Is h' i*n id y friend n u m . o f M ia lik n U « a n . s d S im p le. inspiring tban Work with th** m e t in , into a rather ling and detail-d d'’ |from. a , ,-uel master tin- day before, vvliimi I tyant to get *-v n witii. hole at t h|e top." bad as hi her p*-opl* A r t f o u r l l r w f i u l o r l » f l l » r . S . « d fo r B o o k le t. I l i a J u h M 'in - H ii l u i d t u a < I in jitrd . M o u t r .a l tricate machinery. 1 believe that, the j sf ription cf its* charm*. Her little . The visitor was very interested, and j i ---------------dignity of labor drpends not on what girls, Grace, who had been reading j w.jie^ 8ju. -oso to go. said: [von do. but lo w you do if. that op when sh»* Im gau t*» speak. soon J|Ifl uj.u! yo„ hav* told me all j « Bh ji tlwtCA lhose fu««-uatiug fa*,..uaGiig thing.s' things about alm.if • portunity comes to a hoy on the farm closed her book and listened wRh uui I mals. dear Mrs. Hr* wn I shall n ever1 THENCWirRCNCHRIMEDV. N 1 N-2 N-* las oft* n as to a hoy in the city; that great interest * * vai \ » iila t tin n* roin m ru.i . : | f* is larger and freer and Itappie* on j ■' ’ it maai ue veiv eie«san'.. reiiiarK- j s(|ri ;i (jr,uk*-v again without, thinking.; T H E R A P I O N i : -: ©rc^t «^C<-p««t c* #*■:» ( HKO?r«.o»io. w in hut uix»!i myself -not not u|>«»n huimi *-**. me* «»*-■•. *• • olonel of a <* i regiment. "Oh.:j T ( w a . v#rv . tri(.t -w,.|, ),iH you hr iS5rir-M.5Stt.VV.VP: JfyfffgrSKK; I».»t I..--.- wh»t * » « t op. s i* * m i«* » m . mfiiishisin. ssibl: ;;ou. who wa i very m ! on luck, but i . Mr . .I.. . M i A m i r*v* r.V: hul u|wm u|»oii piu ’ I MKaiPlON’ 1_•<.»* : wilPtt V* til plU'V. Wild givillg illl*l (ii‘‘‘ Y\llV, otu* own iiome r»f course, ^.V, ................ : T „ e7.-ry";~.rl'of nis»i-r-il the or. w»nw»-h«l ° n- * * * tin- room o f an offieer who wa* nolxd for his ' life, Edwi-u Osg*»o*l Grover, . harrapse*!. „ !Wit. Me had nearlv finished liis it* -------------------"Oh, d e a r’’ said Grace sighing, . , , , 'g, j■Kpection when he noticed a cobweb in 'how' much h iter it -sounds Ilian it Ahead vf the Flies one of the corners and thought io him- * lookH.*’---Exchange. self: “ Now I have sot. him." If you have stable litter, garbage, j or any sort of waste mater fa I on f .. . . . . ■„ - f . I Keep Minard’s Linlrrent in the What doe. this mean. a.-K* d th Of Marl ing Devices Send for it. your prenrres that -can furnish tf?itli-|. ! colonel. DICKINSQN. The Stamp Man. rr f,,od or a hatcMug place for dies. ’ ________ _The young officer coolly replied: , * l l Y First S reet East. Calgary !« ],,« „ fi Un now J' i “ W e always keep one iq case a man : ] Filth breeds Hi*-*— not in the old S V* -* War<* cr’ jctits his finger.” PA T E N T S |spontane ous generaMon sense, but * **"'}‘ „ ,!‘' or w:n,|bw Klags ------------------Feluerstonhaugh W Co., head office. .p ra lM lly # * L «« breed disease |lX4.h^, b/ twpIv, iH;d l wani a The principal of an academy in King sire.. **:,-t. Toronto, Canada, j **?*}}> tyt,!M!!'?* t ™ * " '- * ! ,* '[ “ !y.S,± man to * on,**' rigid over *.3 w.s h ^ . . ’ Providence had been in tin- habit of and the various intestinal disorders requiring the boys in his Sliakesp' are j wtiirh Kill so many thoisands of and.. set if. . » . * - , rk ! class to give appropriate titles for the | rrfl«* 1 ** r Very, well, ma am. sa*«| the He babi's every warm season. enes in Mte different plaj'S. After ■ way to save Iftibtes is to wflp** out and calling the proprietor lo tend t h e ;st front of the store, lie accompanied reading “ Tin* Merchant of Venice" f*c Book fitf. A Hiaple ) the breeding places and food supplies;' the woman around the corner to her asked one of the boys to suggest a Home treafmea* rrnovrd *>f fliys ilftOFe til*' \vinS‘*I pests “ ... • , lions.-. ami arouml thr :«.!*»■ u- th;-; S'**1 for the «t»n*> in which Jeslump fromthis ladr'fibrrssl flV*’ ...h a c k porch. « here aha .took the mop. j « “ ■»'* “ » » > fr" m '*** ' “ ' I ' " 3 Old Not even a vnuqea (lomestica w ill. . , 4 a p« fleetly Komi pane of |hnnw. with l.nrpil/n j I 9m(rMMc*. «ewiil»t>TbJhCMdi«siuMMials. stop l*»n;; in .1 place which *1* nies " * * i'. r-achc.1 throt.Kh che1 T h - boy after a f-* mmut«e • F rom one who h at learn ed to a p p rec ia te D r. Chaae a. N e r v e F o o d . . , • 1 . 1 i iwutir'ii 1 fit 1 Kih-tW'f* showed his fainiliTHE 0ANAOA CaNCER INSTITUTE. LtMiTto him food and lodKi.K Clean up "*>*■ uulatrUrd Ibo' *:i."d,.*:4aud"said: j thousl.tful aih-m-e. slmWeii his famili i IO CHUHCHllL AVE . TORONTO Z------ -------- r , 1 -Now KO io thro,1*1, the window a ri*V will, Mie melodrama a « well ■ From Frying Pan Into Fire ‘ jn 4 uni0( k til<. ,|(M,i f..r me; arter j Shakespeare. !,;• answer,n*: Modern life whether in the office, factory or home means Hmator Bristo* was talking to t| at von can put In ibe ne* pane ami "V o Mother to Cuiile Iter, Conjugal Felicity an enormous strain on the more delicate nervous system of some Kansas politicians. He was *;is- TJ1y husband will pay you tomorrow. I ; . . . j A teacher iu a L iv e n *001 school cussing the action of the troops nn- p.ff1 tPy keys at home when I went; women. Whether it is the girl behind the counter or the Two motorists,having almost nun j was livin g t*. find from a tiny child der Cornwallis during the revolution, railing this afternoon." Newark 0ft tb»*ir temper— and tbeii- tires -in , lady going the round of society functions, the nerves are at the name of his. ..father, lie seemed . 1 . . , 1 *'Aad in the »-nd they became, pan- News a vain attempt to find a hotel with a quit*} unable o think of t. u h P • i4..Ktrii.kt.u j nd* c*t. they were quite _________ __ vacant bed. were , at last forced to high tension and require an abundance of rich, red blood if






\ Message to Women

■Well, what does your neither call ;up her husband and say Oh, fo :t.t ^0 r c a I fiohll4 ori fb , i mUe of Crcy*. j * ™ ! ’ L L !r„o *r the* ......... b im r there ar*« !• trgi; ?f» d » vi stairs. I> u t * , . i >n|niplJ Westiihaiia Fhe.v turned in. ami one o f th Th)e response was eloquent of t*.e ( manners of the neighborhood: She i ^°!1. neai '•»«> ; t . ,; ...r r„ ar:i «-• * \ f znot. r .manage to. .. ' r r J , o , < was- *not. He ^could doesn’t call him anything-—she likes do? ’Bur Blanc at last hit upon an John^G* x"' Lish m rn ^ M ieC on n er do,,pe the an'1 h‘ ™ '1 a[' him. •ha’ he thought would compose his Anwr|cjln fo Germs* v j r ho!,r * * * * * ' V.ofenG^shSik ! wife permanently. Look here, he ____ ________ I until three. Then be violently shook She If I'd Known before wv were said, "you can rest assured those. ' his snoring friend. married that you swore so. I’d never noises are not burglars. .Burglars articular "W h at’s tii ? tnaf r -r?" growled th e' have; accepted you. work in absolute silebce. You never They tell me Hi Diggs is settin' Up, sleeper. "It can’t be timo to ge* up . He — Confound It! That’* what hear a sound from ttiom! ' ” as a gent.crnau farmer. fy e t !" coinels *of being a hypocrite. Th -S en ator smiled. “ Yep. Si is purty particular, tro. No. it isn’t." r-rorted his frimid. \nd new.” he aided. "M r Blanc He never fonjita to put on his drexajccnltintiing to sitak** him. ‘ but it’s my Hi*. Disguise wakes up her husband iu a blue panic overalls at six oclock. turn to aleep on the feather. down Miranda—(kuildn t you think of a wherever there’s no noise brighter tde>t, Reg* !e. than turning j stairs." Dangerous Rain Records 1,;* in your ordinary clothes'" I —----------------“ It's a risky business, making Records of winrers in the past Reginald Ib re*. I say. hold on' 1 ' e Gentleness and * he**rfulne«5. these pointed r, marks about any one." \ bring to light some accounts of *x come as a bully waiter Lond<*n before all morality— they are ‘W h y so?" j cesglve rains, for in l-HJ'J sauge stamper. 1 the perfect duties. If your morals ‘ Because you may have to (.wallow * kept ar Monumental, in California. make you dreary, depend upon "it them. registered t5*’».54 inches. Only ^ at “ Sac’s riather t'iin Glenora. Ore., with a record of 167.29 I do not way “ give they are wrong ’ YYiho?" ; them up." for thev *mav h e a l: you. Cyrus .ve Xed Weak, Watery Eyes I*«»Ii> J called In at a lawyer’s of- there! inches on Aug. 12. 1801, and all of oc Granulated Eyelids, Doesn’t Sm ar to inquire the price of a divorce, Scientific Problems this fell within eighty minutes. This •—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist#-Sell mm "Much energy is not utilized. There is far below the American record. Eluritte Eye Remedy. Liquid, 25c. 50c. Mistress— A divore : Why. you arc ought to be some wav of conserving! however, which is held by Alexandria, Efuna^ Eye Sal'*e in Aseptic Tubes; *mt niarr1 «Hi: ! La., with a recordof t l . i Inches in a 50c. Eye Books Free by Maif. Polly— No. m’m. but Im engaged! the rays of the sun.” “Yes, and look at all the energy ] single day.— Argonaut. m ffturius E ra Rem ®dr C #^ Chicago In tlie Netherlands there are 7.000 tliat goes to waste in chewing gum. I ■ —— --miles of canals and another 3.000 If we. coaid only harness the gum-! The more we deny •ourselves th# ' wiles of navigable waterways. chewers, eh?’*-Pittsburg Post {more the gods supply our ^snts. WN . U . 1000

health is to be maintained Because Dr. Chase’s Nerve Food forms new, rich blood, it is eminently successful in curing the ailments which cause the greater part of woman’s suffering and hag, become duly popular among those who have learned of ita merits. Mrs. M. A. South, Grand Prairie. Alta . writes •‘ I cannot begin to tell you how much good Dr. Chase’s Nerve Food has done me. I was all run down, had no appetite, and suffered each month in a way only women will under­ stand. After having followed this treatment for some weeks I feel like a different woman, sleep well, have a good appetite and am able to do my own work, even during the time that I formerly had so much suffering. I have no pains whatever now: which is an entirely new experience for me. You m iy publish thi* letter as I want all women to know how Df. Chase’s Nerve Food has helped me, and I fee! sure it will do as much for any woman." , ” . Dr. CkaM’ t Narva

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There have been moderate stronger dcm.ud for fla\ with i* French C ^ B t . the * igarettc committee He allud*-d Prepared by Rev D- M|, Stesrnt. icy o f coasei ration and farming de Vera Craz.—ft x Americans killed veloptpcnt is entered into, and busl- fluctuations in .prices from day to day. r/H>e fit i ire j»o : i* y to the smoking of pi peg 'and stated pa'able In this third part • f if usually an u*i\an* e one day followed week. Today's pri«*cs arc No. 1 > \V that there is great danger from their jand about thirty wounded marked the'! ness men arc- content to take ___ ___ _ % much iy hicb is spoken of in \e*M lbfee 4s by a decline the next, and at t f_368kc;. 2 r V V . « W Ih but also in tho Kinder history of being ?h*4 and thu» condensing nico- j complete investment of Vera Cruz by l»njalle*r profits than have been made j*;ti.! 1*1* . ' . im iuilii g ! ie Him ad- 124S; Futures dosed: -Ala). »■ lb*, (ji■y of Pant*, a British king ami tin* of a Most poisonous ch aracter.,1* * l u l l 'd States forces. l.*ar-Ad-j jn the part ten years In an easy man* end of the seven days a Flight jstoric-s of the ltjitt st*ei (*, )i‘ e U si coiu all 1 July. lMic\c; OclViher, 14 ^K vam e today has helped to hiak The* pernicious effects of cigarettes j miral Fletcher ik now in qomraand of j ^eTt waB note sounded by It T. q j« eft n.pde a state progress through All prices quoted a ls r e ai average advance of around *2c for , .... b is* u laud the b**i soil- w* 1»';4\j• t *a» titu!ly tie it racin' of the Trench capital. upon ' liil W n were described by Mrs. the laud operations, while Kear-Ad-i Hiley, managing directed of ihe Nor the week. A factor that has given a on tKlivery in stor*- Fort V ih a m and |s»t t K‘rtb the ht an of *k>ii t! r Futher, Oft* ©Itbe late K m * Edward V II was Boh*- Henderson, an officer of the miral Badger, commander‘ in chief of j therii Trusts company. Winnipeg, and .•1ms no on** hut th** So mi» ■< mi *-»uld l*ort Arthur. * accompanied by Que* n Alexandria, juvenile court of Montreal; "M y ob- f be Atlantic 1W« t, has brought his ) viee-prssliflrat of the Pnion Bank, be- heavy handicap to advance in wheat » i Hi : ho Oril it out. fo r • 1* when vijoting f ’aris in February* 1007, w-rvation.” sh»* aaid, ‘is that children rt#S into the harbor on the .Minne-1 fore tbP member* of the Canadian prices has been the sharp decline in Iguiw 'Hi iH-ui b al Hhi Fut>i« MAGAZINE POSTAL RATES tciub at a luncheon. President Vali corn price:, in the Chicago market As but 'in it hat occasion their majesties excessively using cigarette* are un *oU . S> n*. ;*n 1 [ pn\ inan th« fm?ii* every onb versed in the grain trad**.is general advance began qnette presided travelled incognito at the Duke ami der site a* wejj as. deficient in n»or?.l* j After ih nd there were uDOut aware, the corn crop in the l ulled ill reveal |jh»* ro HllOlJlisoirt it Rt Hon. Charfes Replies him ' t Matt Hue Hear, of Lancaster and stayed at ify and mentality. * haw known Them *’he Mexican s n ij^ r t on the roof*. put* ir»0 ’ present U»ld in - xi. 27 States last year was several hundred tin Hri'Uh embassy, the visit lacking to come into «*ourt with their htorn j up a stubborn resistance. There w a «j Mr. Kik y spoke on rbard times million bushels short owing tn severe to Delegation of British I « of th k>. stale ceremonial. Paris Indeed acliH aln ok* burned out—unabl to <>m brisk action, the guns o f the * and after a* sohfe of the rea \. V Hi; Publishers n Ji for the money stringency j drought in the southwvstei n corn hjad but few opportunities o f we!* eat or sleep properly because of us* Prairie and ( hester assisting in sil- i gor,* a* in Gab London -liigh ft Mop F baric* H ole Jir*d »iif Me iov i *•; i ‘to S i la v e known many |eneing a heavy fin from *h* naval ! through whlcji the world l.a* been states. At .he same- time Hr; njtw British sovereigns within her ing * igar» n« s \ 11u* [io\V of sh • tarifT. of October, J‘*12, took the dtitiv house, po.simaster geiieral, rec« iveil .. ji, 2i» ; 1 Aft» r the infanr. Henry. V I, cases where mothers have given tig- a lle g e , shelli from the Prairie fin-- » pasaing, turned his attention "to the :;u. newH- Kpirn IS hiOMion**.l Ml »do'm> rowned in Paris in 1422 no Brit- aretteg to -ebiidren simply to humour I ally shatt'.ring the walls, . ; aspect* o f ihe question more partic. off corn imported into the Virit'ed t deputation repr* h. nting *♦ \• ry 1 u** ■ i\e of t Ugt a d • 11- H Mltv id ’r*g l*r enter* d the c ity again until thrin wiihout regard to moral or pby;-J The; number of Mexicans .ilird is .jjarly of i itorest to western Panada States. The Argentine, although" herjpupc^* interest here, who app1al**d to ;>. i- ' wo that any sl:'o aid I Ji'-n Queer, Victoria, accoirt>sA- bieal effects."' There w re also in* estjhiatetl at 150 with many wound There was no reason for pessimism, wheat crop was a partial failure, haajjiim u» meet ihe t'wiiadian g overn ­ er Cm 6«rt*i i inn*latio: 1 lliith of all The* paymaster o f tlie British the speaker declared, but the above! been fortunate in raising a . ery large ment in order to maintain the pres*-lit inok in; cigai - ed. Print.* Consort, the Prince stances Oi mothers kcorn crop which is just in- process rato* for British magazines. > T h e f* ui»! ore, .Hid an l" 1blips 1. -w h«*; «v [ cruiser Esaex, Albert W. Kimber, facts would have to be recognized ‘ lea. and, the Print * sh Royal, was cites. of being barvested Duty free corn Canadian government lias infiitiatc I lit *»r• sini|;J> i ulfl t han mi J hes 1hn c Mr. Dawson, clerk of »h juvenile I was wounded on hoard bis ship by a eat. of Napoleon 111. King KdI ts t'v*ld parable. Man’s le i in made it possible for large rales of. its inability to renew ihe subsidy offl|Montreal, stated that lie j snipper ashore h Parisian to ihe finger Lpa, c o u r tH TECHNICAL e d u c a t i o n l eir curb* to be m a le to come to the At-.j Hon. Hurry Lawson, lor the J’mpiri •b adness ‘ and liis sellHhli The British blue jackets crowded sa» fairly frequent visitor to the knew of no * as* s of working* women forlh. lantic ports form the Argentine for.j Fnlon ITess, who orgruUnl Uio «b i^i'»? tp God .u«* s Iso b 'i cheered Frcii* V /Mpital, U>th as Prince of I using igarettes, but it wan common ' *be Isjws and vociferously Dr. J. W Robertson Speaks to Bran- iise in *4he Fasteru States. This cut piutation, said the matter was more J It nraj he vliffK lilt ^ quite Wales; and as monarch, and King at ih two end* of Hie social la d d e r'f he American marines as they prodown Uj»a demand for eorn from the than one of m ere pounds, shillings ijlcarb whom ti.i* » Id " |br.»t *r re­ dan Canadian Club licopge and Queen Mary, when still — the ocilet.y women and th lowest : eroded in shore for the landing. The To raist* the rate h« |ir* cuu, LU we Wviuld itot I ed'. to flags on Ike Kssr-x and Fortr»*®s Ban Brandon, Man.—Addressing a well- Central a..d Western States, and in and penor Priner ami Prtncer.3 of Wale:-, lijade" class. • ally folio the raid, would be]a retrograde step, and He-'k fai or lour to Juan De FJia were half inaste i when attended meeting ol ihe Brandon the long rilg has demoralized a priolr joint visit in 1**08, but that ■ed «. I like in sja\'.* *I peopit w Ini TInv redueii»m Canadian club, Dr. .1 \V. Hobertaon, corn markets^ in the I'nited S;at«'s, unpreced* nted'. again Pas an incognito visit, made by WAR W ILL NOT H URT BUSINESS the dead were carried to the limit*. id urn . who This wepk lie*6 meant Unit British xnaga/ ill F, elder ‘-brother 1 Washington— News that General of the royal) commission mi technical particular..' Chicago. "lairii land Lady Kiilarriey,’" as they way far Venustiario Carranza, Constitutional education, j-aid that he bad beeu told May corn in ('bfcW o went under 63c, for the flrr.t time, w ise able to oMl- h n < w andend \e returned to I>ondon from Cologne. E. J. Channbcrhn Believes Industrial i*t chief, had regaldod ihe seizure; of at Ottawa khat This was an inoppor­ l making a dec line of 5c to 6c on the pele with American publication^, Tb» u* I ui' d born® T h e |\(si’i with full state ceremonial Conditions Are Likely to be Notwithstanding this heavy amount of magazine matter now earVera Cruz by ti#* American tiai\al tune time to ask for three million dol­ week. upon l :»h lia\e »ead a di now jtuid I k o f greater import than £6.‘‘iKM»n ehaptciv hy ii j:n at Bib! < istudent in forces aB aq act of hostility to the lars for tecuLiiica] education. The cab­ |decline in corn, wheat has be en stab ril'd 'totalled a value o f Stimulated a e such events generally. In 180** a born and has not d cel fifed, but 1 ad j yearly, more than lialf of which wa Mexican nation fell like a bumbsbell i rIt. ehe-r vllii'di he Hniks In Ottawa- K. J. Chamberlin, presi­ inet seemed to taink tbar’ it was its visit by the Russian em peror to Paris bjroth r and th«* iiiiit iy T e ."isl **p< r owti money| that it handled, and other i the dutj not been taken off corn and sent to Canada by. private people. assured the solidity of the dual alli- dent o f the Grand Trunk and Grand in official circles. Publishing thins here, h* declared, sons f«»pr*“ «MU Hn ang. l!: w )*.; never President Wilson had r special'y j r-ahinets se ined to think the same j its price been !()«• to 15c higher it is! does not a m e ; K i n g / Edward's visit in 1903 Trunk Pacific ’Hallways, me ii he rendered firm the e n te n te . cordial**, think that business in the United disclaimed any act o f hostility to the thing, xin r i\id riot apparently real |almost a certainty Hiat whe^, would * bad instituted a t»ig canvassing c am a)iined: Th en- . paign in Canada, with wr% sn< « < ’.-du! niany liffn-ill -llt'S* in . thi Another drag on the w in at. tradly has j rcf^ulta, and any < hange in the • ve t of t»..n \\. .i'e i|ltil*- saf*• hi ' Welling lie thought forts til am algam ate th e alliance and any appreciable extent. F war breaks Huerta a* ihe ohje< t o f the American money for Kthe people p rosp'it for \be Hie |carfiage would have a serioiiH effect upon He lu\e of t j oil. 11 .*eejvillg and I been the large prospect lor Ihe entente, -but those efforts have Lout between the Fnitefi States and opemtkMk® to seeore rep H stli for of* 11hail they i lould weld themselves in­ 1 Slate's winter wheat crop. The Unite on an important industry The cost to i ope . and and elsewh* re ■to a sort of national harmony and do wielcoiuing bom** th. n«*t met t i e success fo r which French i Mexico On Un contrary, he believes feneea af Tampico Coupe- away with >arly politics in 'th e great week on the whole has been favor- it bo British post office of: maintainihg wii shall under: tr ud iiiiiii * iaiga 1• I diplom ats had hoped. N evertheless, that industrial conditions would be against the American flag. able foe farming operations over tip* present rate is * stiniatqd .at not fluently the W’ashington governnifnt j question of education. til t«tr when tin- mtellii the common understanding o f the stimulated. America and Far.ada. The winter £13,000 yearly, iid .Mr inOfo than hoped the ConhtitutionaliM* Or Itobctson declared that, ihey • t ubl l? tlirhe powers served jsefully during hj; the Jna.'iy As regards the financial situation had stpwly for the La w*on. shall he our: the Balkan whir, the ugh on the wHioIe and if b effect or the railways, the would r* main silen.* and not interjK*t i must renin jb« r that Canada was a wheat is growing weather has not warmed up yet, and Sir George Biddcll spoke espei ial|nation in t|ic making, and ihat the at tin y How llli.n> Sei 111 10 lljii! i, f the rxiiEtience of thii* triple entente I president o f the *; ».P. is fir n lj con* them*' Ives into ihe erabro^lio. has ba*}I, so far as tli*- entente cor­ vinced that *he railways are ap- i * arranza pointed out that the seiz-1 foreigners v ho came * ere loved labor the crop experts have been reporting Iv »n li^lialf of fictional matter pub { Ji j*\«* a right; hi demand! of IH•ui u pur­ increase in it.Keef pests, lack of moisItfthcd for Canadian reading, telling td ill of this wur’d s void- suit to do Vera* Cruz would he regarded ; for ils own«sake. Hi believed in cul-. riiale is t r nct•rric’d. an injurious tend- proat bing the breaking point, wfcat ! l,rfr |K)«fmaster-gem ral that the ai •hey f»|ea> i* with .»»’ jSui. it Keif x. ill t with increas'd operating expenses.! aK ** hostile act by the Mexican P0o-,ture, hUt it was the culture that was 1nire in some purls, wind and sand the eucy • | storms doing damage to the fields, in American system of love making ’ «!if and that it w as advisable for tjlie . in* ihe lal* the «‘SS*'I|'•«* of sill .T.mI, riow s th© No w .1King George in taking up his i wageH. cost of equipment, etc., and of ihe orchard. Idleness I Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, also | fered from fhe English system, in. fle- 1^ heart o f man tow a I 4i «1. at.'I >e| f (it'll*-t ' h work and from the present this tendency to reduce rates cannot * n,fed States to withdraw its troopk of the hand was the menace of mod- i there ha* keen some frost damage. ! tion i speeiallyr and those ;it home God often permits It Every sinner ia emphatically. ^r° ni ^ t r,lz just as soon as wias t Stiskati’liewan and Alberta f agjaiust tw’eniy-five cents changed for Lake. Assayed at Ottawa, Run Journey ‘ to the Bois de Boulogne, commerce commission and a decision, j usurpations of llqerta. <0 by fh«* Spirit throng 1 Peter ' Mat . the w eatler for the las; two w »eks j English magazines. Nowaday^ described tli** $100 to $600 Per Ton where President Poincare and Mad­ I believe, will b< rendered some tim e! General (arranza fi 11 r et. ii, 22). IT;- e'ornpaiiso^ fv i ha-; been favorable for the progress j pi 1 rent, of the magazines circulated* t Constitutionalist successes, sayiifg ame Poiiicare formally received their next month.” Ottawa, wpukl not be ;*! all flattering to » ;u 10 gold rush of consider <>t seeding, i f ” anything the weather |.ln Canada were o f English origin, Mr. Chamberlin said in bis opinion ,nat Huerta was slowly being crus i - able numbei to Northern Saskatchtroyal gu«.|Hts under the Arc. de Tri but the Blhlo over tbest* western provinces has against about five per cent, under rhspeetablesinners, ihe Conctitutionalis s wan is expected this omphe Jnn 1 through the spacious it would bfe several months before j e<1 and that never say s ni* e things aboat tin* en* ! been too dry, but it ba; allowed the former conditions. Champs ! Kl\see* lined w ith d ra gon s I there ifi any change for the l»^n**r; f ^ 11. * ° " Ui in P °**€6fi*°n of Me c as the Nort' ?askatcbewan is navi , , m[e® of God, Th* » are seany vva^s ~...... progress «;f seeding Ho go on unbind Postmaster HoblkoUse, replying, s government. When they tsii- able. The nnd mownted infantry to the Quai d' in ('anadtan financial ondPious. T h is i*( ° ^i w goldfields are at ered, and by Saturday, the 25th Inst., Op, wasting 'one's : ib tatu * and wffen j snjd that any change wliieh wan pro Ju-mplw <1, hr pointed out, ample rep. f Beaver On-ay, wjliere the splendid apartments y<*ar*g crops, be believes, will have La 'C. about ninety m ihs; w f read that h»* harl : p* nt ail w*s of the foreign ministry, with the Brit­ •most importont bearing on Hie* F®^ia^*on vvou^^ m ^i* bir all offenceH northwest o to- Pas. Here an area ! most of tin* wheat in the two prov­ i pos'd now was proposed by the Can tli^nk*-of the sick woman Who spent inces will be seed'd. In Manitoba on j adian government The British lKist 1,1 ,,M* nieantime be wished the U. f . about 125 in le* by 25 miles is said to j ish royal standard and the republi­ Icovery of business. nl) thatsshe had upon pl;y:dcians a’ld would excifje contain rich deposits o f gold quartz. |the other hand, the weather has been ; office bad instituted nothing, but had was nothing can tri-color floating overhead, have Questioned regarding the recent i to take . . . no steps which , hotter, d !>«t rather much colder than in the west, and al j simply received a communication >o| ■I **x,fan l>opulace. hern ednvertert Into a temporaVy judgment, of Hie railway eomrilesion ; Already abo it 500 claims have, been 1together quite backward. Over Sonlligriew worsH t Mark v, ::5) it The not< ( lroin Canada that it intended to aban­ to­ royal residence These rooms afford­ on the western freight rates, he | 1m‘ IL was a rnitied registered. It was a 4*><»d thing *or this I« t s .n eru and Kant err Manitoba consider­ don the arrangements into which it stated that the most advisable policy ° ff,ft,akt. was capable of a ing some of the (ine*t suites to Samples o f or< from the nctfr gold1ht't he he* ame : > i- j * : ,1‘ * ly * in able rain ell on Thursday and Friconstruction, but there was had entered in 1907. found in the wlufle of Europe, have for the #r?iilwa>H t«» follow would be j rrien<*-v fields hav been, assayed wajid tliaf he w«-nil«l “ \in Ua\*- • ateu . , , and/’ run i dav of last week, and the atmc;been reflirnished and redecornJCd i t to sit. Bill I for awhile and see liow! some dotib* expressed that the sub­ from one to Ftx hundred dollars i,er 1pbero was loggy and lad'n with lois ! T h a t original proposal came from swline’s food, and i was . :.o "I thing Canada, and was only to last a cer a cost or, £13,000. Priceless examples they work He lias heard nothing o f j ordinate officers 'under Genera) Car­ ton. These may aimply be picked |ul,. ,y,l.l .Irving winds follower! on ! tian time. He thought the cominer ! for that, no man ; ;i \< Hilt«i. him. of nationa. art have been tak* n from Hie appeal which it was rumored ( ranza might not be bo conservative. specimens ”» p e l . •1 the value of the Bold |Saturday more raiu in the shape j ,*j^,j gj,de should be fully understood, i I'orthilLly some down MIC1 out the natiqnal collection in order that would shortly be taken from the com-} Apprehension over this situation was bearing qijja •tz in the Beaver Lake light i time in th* hat** He*, :;nomr ; |)lh n showers of thunder came yesterday.. The charge which the British Post manifest in many quarters. 1he apartments may be enriched wi»b mission's judgment' region will 1... known definitely \ti is again dry and *-

ad.* h»r one penny a jK>uml i if no oil*1 be'pi d Hm IIV'. to III• .DinOfficials expre sed themselves as until flirtliferr1,of investigation. rare Gobelin tapestries, Sevres china, Little • itoba, backward and slow working , barcly»covon*d, if it did cover, the cost pajrafiively con»f*)i'labl*‘ ffl \helr low greatly pleased with the promptness development work has been done and and furnishings of Louis XIV., Ixmja pDEFENCE MEETING, DEFERRED . down e* late. a-... 1 „ niv Mhnit ! wesi^^er, but there is still ample ; t,f carriage to the place of shipment I o f Rear Admiral Fletcher’s force is shafts hav4i XV'. Louis XVI and the first.,empire |» is a great thi.iK wh* i1 !iMe( l ‘ led b,P" S'" ‘ K OUly J aho" tim - for all s id in g to ....... pro |Wliell ,, waB llla|nlaiDcl II,. periods, the various pieces being all Colonial Office White Paper Shows j taking possession of Ve.T Cruz :.nd distance. jvided the weather become® quite fav British Post Office was only asked to i t o !se** 1-imH' li In hl*< tru b«foro j restoring order there. Future step? owned and used by those arUcle® orabli . North Dakota and Northern |finil un additional £13,000, it bad to supplied for the but- j the whole overseas dominions w en pico. It i;; the purpose, of the ad m«.» - of stponed. A white paper issued by ; Cruz and await the full effect upon peace cente lary celebrations to take Western Cannda A good many farm , should b** a rate of one half-penny per ! g«M»d for this man w.V*•n 1 lie li< gau to are commeudably going more *»» h;ilf pound, and with a minimum king and queen. President Poincare th»* colonial ofTice states thi« fact, (Huerta o f the first act r>f reprisal by place throughout the North American ers three half pence be 11li in k about his father attcJ1.Ho abimd continent ne year are now nearing to mixed farming and for some a t ! charge-' of proposed I lie toast o f their majesties. and gives the correspondence that! the American government. to the ‘ anj e ibere which In mlgl i‘ lie enjoy completion s far as Canada is e-jii- least it will mean less wheat raiding lthought the increased cost ff< <{ef th.* channel associateil Zealand on the subject. Canada, it is eonft kk Ids talk about wheat growing not paving ! to] re turn to his fatln in a fresh demonstration of confid­ pointed out, assented to the defence Washington. D.C.—When the sen­ Ottawa has been brought into line the farm*''* at present prices and pre­ think if fair to ask the post *»ffi*»* to his and ask to be glv en a h»*rvant’H ence in thi<- mutual sympathies of the conference, and inquired after *. suit­ ate at. Washington gave its verdict on and all that •emains to 1e done is to sent or recent rest of raising it. Eur­ c a r r y this matter at considerable ! p i* , lhit it waw be'.' r v hb.ri be *, > loss. The trade, therefore, ought to governir r rjits of the two countries. able date. sNew Zealand, on being the resolution authorizing President make arrangements as to the proMllJlI.V aro- *» and »,ani«* to ! is fatln r. opean crops arc making'about season­ Their majesties’ visit consummated asked, said she would like to be repre­ Wilson to proceed with operations grammes to lie held in each of the able progress, end in the* aggregate be willing to meet »he Post Offi verHC 1 Kee> tbo ; father’s . li* art jo tin* matter. the friendship which had endured the sented, but could not inake adequate against .Mexico, the situation was ! cities and to Wns. In Ontario there re- are probably showing an average The deputation promised to eon.sid ' 24.i *'W inn be was j* ,‘t ili gte-;«t way test or tiiie and experience and un­ arrangements unlepg the time and made- more dram tic by the remem­ mains about, 15 j*laces to be orgauprospect. If seems to us that tlie «T the postmaster gem ral's proposal. •off! hi s fatliei rtuw liiin , ai >d hr d oiiidoubtedly |!he bonds of intimacy were place were convenient. The Austral­ brance of the fact lhai it was the an­ ized. paHsion and ian and f* II « n hi:rt nock, A 1togejher ! about 100 centres w ill strongest feature in rhe.'world’s w heat j daily drawing closer, ian government wired on March 23 niversary of tlie blockade o f Havana and kissml liiin.” No .Jpbi atdli >g. not situation at pres* fit time is the statis ,p| ANt; TO DEVELOP LABRADOR The kinfe. in reply, referred to .lie that it was v impossible to send and other ports o f Cuba bv Roar-Ad- hold celebrations, a tliifd of which tical part of if. The weekly changes ! 1a word of faultfimlin g. Just a lei vI*1 Gfnfario alone. Sixty per intimate aind cordial relations of the ministers to ldon during 1914, but miral Sampson with the North Atlan-|w*^ ing t*• li-oiiH* borne a ind a lelss of cent, o f the total have been arranged. in movement . . . and visible stocks con-! two iK advance in finrrs. Tin- Ml 1,|M. l|..v( lo|im<'nt of l^.tirailor .will li.* said part * uly of what he had Ilileflr nation in v«ry Ftror.R in any <* I ent arrangements, and that Is appar- nation of the intervention which the a da points. I we look for ^iglK-r pricea. I^ a t mnrli IIlihHj,)lia|.y „.M,|0I,.r al„| in . nd ,.t d to say. but wan not allowed t<> fin Cattle Must be 36 Months Old or «*nthy also the view of Newfoundland. senate vote finally authorises Ho \c vantH’ pla*e 'tlie world a Hfcipments from exporting ,.r, . W il*on. who sail....... . tie is1ij■H. * lliht'-ad of th« THREI NEW STATUES Over for Senior Classes Last month Right lion Lewis Har- passed by congress. ring »n bis band, 1 .-am*;/O only Mi„ M, unill re, , nil> for a h . tn,, ton,- it i(s I hi h* nt robe. Hegina Dairy cattle entered for court telegraphed Australia that the bus! * IlH h oBalnst ! months atives regarding naval Dtfc’t iers, aryi commendation o f the finance commit­ Montreal.—Th ree memorial statues, .112,000 bushels, against an Increase tfiqre, was shell a reception awaiting or over, and for life junior class un­ urged the desirability o f a full {m- tee, the council decided to sell the the combine^ cost of which will ex- , uf 2,008.000 blish* Is same week last i can continent. The most imi*ortan! pyiiit' t sinners, lo w could! we In Ri |coimmerc ial task before me is to der 36 mobll.s, actual age to count. perial conference. eL y’s steamboat King George V. ta ceed $200.0)00, will be erected in ! age iH now 46,712,000 bushels against urging them to corijf horn* ' i King c Uuschs will be judged according Mr. Hareourt state® that, Jr these F. Slmonds of Saskatoon, and G. F. Montreal this year. They are those age is now 46,712.000 uusb Is against start reindeer farms to meet' Ui«- d< lit is said- thu- bey 'ga n to be |maud for reindeer in Fanada. I hope to approved dairy type ami conform­ circumstances, the conference must Gillies of Regina, for $20,000, provid­ o f King Edward VII. in Phillips 66,048.000 buHbels r. year ago. The to surpass the meat Supplies of Al m«'f*ry HalvaHon t only the begination and divided in the same manner stand over for the present, and New ed terms can be arranged whereby Square; to Sir George ( ’artier, on j United .States visible supply lawt asku. nMg of joy t. at I own no end- (Ion* as for tlic milking test classes. Zealand was notified to this rfleet. the city ran obtain its use in the fut­ Fletcher's Field, and Adam Dollard week decreased 1,577,000 bushels i ij-Mrekent’ The Uanadian govcruiuent i Biwr Hi'* elder br«iHi< It is anticipated that the dairy de­ ure tor bringing back material from Sieur t'os Orpieux. on Viger Square, against a decrease last yc*ar o f 2,426,- ! building two large harbors on the irzfd one who has •*m bin youtli partment, which will be a new fea­ Huerta’s Troops are Widely Scattered ; I^aeelle Falls should it be found nec­ Tlie ( ’artier memorial, costing over • 000 bushels and Hie total is now 49.- east coast, whence the frozen .*in-. kri'j»'.vn the way of . a told of god ture o f the fair, will prove of uncom­ 52,995,000 "deer meat will lx* brought to thi Washington, D.G.— Estimates at ; essary Tlie boat will be used by the $100,000, will b«i the most elaborate 424,<»00 bushels against ly parent* and truly sav'-d. Having at mon importance and already great in­ the war deparmtent put the armed new owners to ply between Prince A l­ of the three. Th*1 statue of King Ed*; bushels last year. Th* ' f?,‘r^ “ n> v“ 1country a « wrll HOipe line nor deft nit*-// m own to terest has been shown in the reeent bert and the Beaver I-akegold fields. ward, for which $60,000 has been col- ible supply decreased 4,L^*.0U)^ bugh-j j arn also going to work for th** hiniv* lf a* cepted the l/«r l Jesii*> lie de* ision c/T the winter fair board to forces of Huerta at about 40,000, well Iccted in amounts ranging from five els against a.» increase of 2.816,0(10 preservation of the valuable fur b«*ar- never fell into bad^ hal ite, but was establish this department. The milk scattered throughout the country. Ac­ Redistribution Agreed Upon cents to $1,000, is now being cast in bushels l a M j ear. an.t the total -ii* : , .tnlma,„, mart™*, mink,. foxew ai Ways 'known as a'good Hawph «>f a test will he two days in duration, cording to tJie department's figures, I of Mani- Paris. I t is ip** work of Mr. Philip K. 7 ; * * a‘ n8t # ■ - aim aralfl w l,l«), have been bunted eoiiyihtent ('hrlntia^i though by re* commencing on Monday evening of there qire 6,000 troops in Mexico i O ttaw a— Redistribution Brunswick JHebert, the well known French sculp- 612,000 bushels a year ago. T h e ! almost fo extinction. tpba, Saskatchewan, Ne iri'J&ns a happy oto IL* ui'l jtof .kuow winter fair; week and concluding on jC ity; about 6.000 around Saltilo), I and Prince Edkard Islands has been tor. The stoi^e base for the statue is j world's visible, according to Brt-d"For a pleasure trip the sourh'-rn hi i, father un Jie tmgh? hav* done ami Wednesday afternoon. o f Torreon; 2 500 an the state of Son-1 unanimously agreed upon by the com-1 already completed. ! street ’s, decreased 8,150,000 bushels part of Labrador offer# great .af*ra»!- had no vis** for returning ;rro«iig»t». (ora, 2,0«M» in Sinaloa, 600 in Teplc, j ----------------'against a decrease o f only 1.191,000 f ions-” e t ^ * ttux •„ » « i i ____ 1mlttee in charge: in the case of Brit-' hid you m v e r >-« v nm-h * >r • in the ini J a h m . 1.100 in < olln« : ish Columbia there is one seat in dis 30 Pieces in Band, Insists the Union ; bushels last >ear and now stands at W orker* to Wreck Property glaks or «*l»ow’ber» ? Winnipeg.--iTN* Musicians’ union n6J89,000 bushels against 199.270,Boston.— fThr* Industrial Workers in Zacat*H*as. 1.Uni inC ofina. 4.BOO In pute and thaf ls NRnaimo. Here there ^Hpve Discovered Genuine Titian probab!y t c submitted by c*f this city ij* inslrting on the num-i000 a year ago. of.the World will spend every energy scattering bands m the other south-; STUDY LAND SITUATIO N Rome.— An old oil painting brought O u r Winnipeg market has been toward furthering the general strike CrOi»PI?hAl,M «t coast. ti,* »■<* nm eAi.i ’ op$»°8iti6n an amendment, when the j hereof player^ which shall be engaged On the east coast there are * * id , 51ll <0men befofe parliament Alberta j --------------1 ~ bands. •* * in• o f ell workers in all industries in the in orchestras and ity It -has moderate^ active during the week to Italy by the wifn of a clergyme.u Rf presentativeo of Glasgow Will ; to be about 1,500 in Nuevo Laredo, ad­ named Green, rector of a Protestant United Stales, and will organize a about. 2,500 in San Luis Potosi. 4,- ba* almost been agreed upon, and it I formed the p^rks lajard that no band j with cash prices resting at church at. Norwood, Penn., near Phil­ Visit the West vance and futures practically kt same is expected that it w ill be so arrans *of less than thirty pieces must be en Systematic ivIso, of th'e Rome School of Tech- t/i**i city of Glasgow?,. .Scotland, A 1* y Makes 34 Knots an Hour Anti-Treating .Propo;.< s was originally : The two rrprt <’ that the Queen Mary, speeding thirty-jgion o f the legislLiure, the anti- treat- j ing establishment. Ixindon. W nch sums up the Mex­ four knots an hour, won. The Lion i the lakes, and in a few days the | collection of Prince tP-inldoff rearJi Ottowa on June 12 f.*r a two ing proposal would have been intro-J ican situation in a cartoon showing finished second, and the day virit, after haring toured the British Nationality j stocks of wheat at Fort William and at Florence, and wap bought ar a*j' Princess duced in Ihe form of ? biH. In the! Nationality Huerta watching through a telescope Royal third. tion cheap by a woman who present-’ w itt. Their Canadian Itinerary in* absence of the premier the matter; Ottawa.— Hen. C. J. Dohertv haw I ? ort Arthur will be dwindling down. Hon. Doherty has i the arrival of the United States fleet There is no rushing; of the shipping. ed it fif’ een years ago to Mrs. Green. 1eludes Vancouver. Victoria, j Calgary, was being deferred. Mr. Hanna said.1 given notice that he proposes th is ’ •>ff Tam pica saying: “ The American She brought it here a lew weeks ago! Edmonton. Regina, Winnipeg. Toion.World’s Marching Record session to introduce “an act respect-,,and lako freight rates are moderate for examination. fleet is to visit me and exchange com­ t.o Ottawa and M on trol. |for vessel spam is not In great de­ High Cost of Living Commission I>ondon.—Sixty officers and men of ing British nationality, naturalization pliments. Well, -it’s nice to be recog­ mand. for neither grain, lumber or the London Rifle Brigade, a territor­ Ottawa.— The cost of living com­ and aliens.” The bill is similar to nized anyhow.*’ Diamond Dust in Ontario New Zealand and Its London Offices ial regiment, established a w o rk 's mission leaves for the w;est this week the measure before the British house, ore. There has been a good demand Toronto. — Tdirroscopk diamonds record by marching from London to to take further evidence. Lon don —Tlie New Z*aLnd go*,AH the and provides a universal plan o f nat- lately in this market for vheat for Author of Stickit Minister” Brighton, 52** miles, in 14 hours 23 members—Messrs. Coates. James and ! nralization in Great Britain and ^an export, and we expect stocks will have been found in Ontario, also plati­ *'rriin**nt has decided to move j?s show well, cleaned up before long. To­ London. — Samuel Rutherford minutes. The previous best record McDougall— will be on the western ada. Under ttye terms of the bill Cannum, is reported to th«» legislature, by |I^oSdop quarters from Victoria street day's cash prices are 1 NorJ, 90*$c; o *r Hie iiuAClifiL died recently. was that made by the foreign legion trip, and they w il1 hold their first adian naturalifcatioi of foreigners w ill Trof. Miller. The Porcupine country to the Strand, almost opposite the 3 N or, 86%C; No 4 and Bruce Mines have these micros­ Hotel Cecil, and th** king has con­ He was bom in I860. M r Ur^kCtt o f France, which marched 50 miles iu meeting at Regina. bo Tecognized| in Great Britain and 2 Nor., 88c; wheat, 83%c; No. 5, 78c; No. 6. 73c; entered the Free Church of Scotland IlSVs hours. copic diamonds in certain ores found sented to lay the foundation stor.o other parts of the empire and vice feed, 68c; No. 1 Alberta Red Winter, there. in 1886. H r was a voluminous writ­ Of the new offices some tloj*e in July. First Boat From Superior versa. jtO H c* N o. 2 A.R.W., 88c; No. 3 er, “ The Stickit Minister'4 beiog Th e promoters of the ^ Aldwyriji Work Among Emigrants Superior, W is.-^Tbc steamer BarA.R.W., Futures closed: May, among the IM t of bis works. Two Hundred Mexicanc Killed sch|cnae. however, ar«> not perturb* si Major-Gen. Cotton Dead Rome.— Pope Pius, considering tha. lum sailed from here with the first 90%o; July, W % c; October 87%-%c. Galveston. Texas.— More than 200 1by the pre of grain to leave the Superior Oats Mexicans were killed at Vera Cruz, Li [out tjiat P r e m ie r ‘ M ss^jr would $50,000 for Sealing Fund tect the spiritual welfare of Itafian j Duluth harbor this season. It was ton. formerly inspector-general of the Oats are a shade rironger than the flighting that followed the land­ wilding to dispose <»f th*' premises St.* Johns, Nfld.—The Reid-Xew- emigrants were inadequate, has or-j laden with 200,000 bushels of wheat, Canadian Militia, died suddenly here foundland rompary has contributed dered the creation in Rome o f a spec-; and consigned te Buffalo. Several at the residence c f his son in law, they were a week ago for the cash Jing of United States sailors aud mar should tjlie Oversea* IhjiTiliiiDnfinal* $5,640 to the relief fund for the scal­ ial college for priests who are de-J other grain boats already loaded are Alex Rosamond. I>eath was due to article, but unchanged for future d e , ioe*», according to inforr»at»on receiv- ly approve Earl G r*y'. »»ian of f OB* ml inion bouse. Itveries. Today's prices are 2 Can. i ed at the able offic^* here. heart failure stined to work among emigrants. [expected o leave shortly ing disaster victims.



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Personal and (Otherwise.

Don t forget to speak a good w0rd for your home town

If so. we can supply you

thp figure.

Dan McAlpine was a Sunday

kinds of Common and finished Lumber

visitor in

the lowest pritres.


* The D ik A are hard to beat for quality, comfort and ^durability


They are very light in weight, non rustable and very comfortable.


Every woman

should wear D. A A . sizes 18 to 27

returning »*n


Prices from $1.25 t o $5.00

Matt. Brown, of near K«*ddle-

Soft Coal Always on Hand

The D. A* A


V ^ v ^ '

stou, was in Craik Tuesday on a

im !m H / fl

business call,

The Monarch Lumber Co. i»hone j i .




A. P. HunapHrey was a passeng­ er for Kegina on Monday, djn a

The large demand for these goods compels us to carry a large stock.

Harrison Gowling, of Chamberlain, was among the bunch from


figure and act as *i corset cover.

W e stock them in the qualities.

that city in Craik daring chart week.

First. Quality $1.25.


Sizes from 82 to 38.

Mrs. George Henunjie left for Girvin



m! j Hr

little business trip.



- - -----

home on Saturday after


They perfect the

’l l

Second Q uality 65c.

When you are in the store ask to see them.


' ■■

c f i-l*

sending a few days with ( Tail


friends. A. P. Humphrey, Doc. Carr and Arch

Campbell autocd



Get your Dress made up by Miss Adams, first-class work

over to



and prices reasonable




Friday evening. Dress Goods in all the new shades for Summer Wear now in stock.

II V. H eald, the Liberty lyad| ing merchant and “Fatty” Beaton

creations are to be semi displayed on our tables with Trimmings to Match.

that genial grain man, autoed over

Goods fmm 60<* t<> $1
to Craik on Tuesday.

Crepe, Fancy Flowcijcd Muslin, Voiles, etc ,' from 20c and 60c.





in the church

Strip!Slippers, Oxfords.

We stock them in Tan and Black.

dan with Cloth T«.p

Prices from 2.50 Lo 6.00.


W e carry a good stock of Stationery always on hand,



Pencils 2 for 5c; Scribblers 5c each.


The Ladies Aid of Knox church

inelnl surfaces and places where beauty and utility are needed

p. m. All the Indies are cordially invited. James Alien, the Liberty oar.

For every room art the honse^for ball, stairways and clothes closets!

penter. has Concluded that his old

yet, so last f Cl work here.

Likes It.

J. 11. Temple the machine man is

Miss Goodrich—I hear your husband j Is a great lover of the aesthetic. Mrs loing Crail|, tliis we, k. Xuricli—Oli. yes! lie takes one every : * • fjl Pawner is down at t ham- time he gets a tooth pulled.-Stan I on tiiisuiicss ford Chaparral.

home town of Craik is the best berliiiji

this week

Dear Old Soul! “ There are some people who believe

Friday commenced I affaiH. t,


4ll 4


,j c _

Remember t}at a good world for tbnt |lle n ,;„,e hllllian rn,.e wj„ lKS

Don’t forget the Easter Bazaar


ym v

owi. . ^

“£ * * « « g * ™

to be held in the council chamber business.

The Craik Meat Market Largo shipment of Swift s Premium Hams. Back Bacon and Bacon for the Easter Trade. Noto the prices. Hams 25c lb., Bacon 26c lb. Backs 26c lb. *■ / . ! _.. _ •\ . >r

The local baSeball fans will hold


Mrs Shewnn east of town spent

a meeting on Friday evening, Mav a cpnple of weeks visiting friends barber shop.

All interested in

W. II. Wilsoln and Al

i this popular game should attend gaard *and give the b6ys some encourage nient.

I will be shipping Hogs every two weeks, and will pay the highest market price. Next shipments May 12th.



autocd -over to Penzance

jin short order.


A. E. Johnston, awoke fo the

C. W. C. Westawav, the Sask.

j improvement and beautifying of th*| southern' manager, for



|last week by adding a fine* large j tenriewing the company's agent j to the equipment of bis barber The pioneer blacksmith shop ' shop on Main street. now owned by All. Stcnsgaard has Prof. Stewart of the school was been put under the management


Be sure and remember that the lowest priced buST&y 's n e v e r t h e cheapest.

OUR LINES M c L a u g h lin and Gray= Campbell cannot be beaten for quality of material and w orkm anship. Come in and see our stock before buying elsewhere


From the old stand to"

tonsil it is.

His classes

The Same Block

Everything in the Entire Deering Line International Traction

Leave your watch to be

J. F. Mathesoii this weekgradu-

Engine “ Titan”


1 h.p. t o 45 h.p.

cleaned ready for

, who handled the pupils in good ated from the Queen's College, style-

your order.

Al. says that Bob is rigid

were dis-j there with tin* goods,

tributed among the other teachers

Call and inspect# our Drills before placing

one door East in

i off duty a few days last week on i of that first-class Smithy, Rob! account of an aggrivated- case of, (Currie.


Double Disc Drills

yesterday, making the round trip

I beveled plate glass double mirror j here.

Now that the Roads are in shape for a good

Deering Single and



interior of his place of business Harris, was in town.yesterday in-


* ^ * " 0*’

on Saturday afternoon May 2nd. James Stephen, of the House of 1 To ^ fn),y*n„, Pf»**%,.MHrtlon of at 2 30 o’clock under the auspices! finality, was a (visitor to Davidson *mw l,’**r*n a,“* r,*d of how we end. 1 **. . \t*t wh:it We wnnt and not of what w« of the St. Agnes W . A. bet ween Jrams yesterday. h a v e .-55rev eii.sou.

1st at 8 p.m. iu F* H. Moore's. Liberty returning on Sunday, Also large assortment of Beef, Mutton, Veal. Pork, Fish and Poultry Prime Roast of Beef 16c lb. Mutton 16c to 20c per lb.. Round Steak 15c per Up, Sirloin 20c per lb;, Boiling Beef 10c to J2c per lb. 'Fry our noted sausage 15c lb. or two*for 25c

The House of Quality

W. H. Wilson on May 7th at 2 30

fo r all plaster walls, ceilings, etc, also all interior woodwork,



The House of Quality

will be held at the home of Mrs.




to take place about the middle Aof May.

Stephens Silkstone


their drills, % inarches,

songs, etc., for their entertainment


Kigrclopes, Writing

Envelopes 10c or 3 for 25c; Writing Pads 10c to 25c; Boxed Fancy Paper 87c to 75c box; young


If so try

R. L. McNaughton


Box Calf, Gun Metal Patent,

Fatic) Writing i'upcr in Boxes, Paper Table Napkins 5c per dozen, Scribblers. Pencils.


or Paint your home this


} - ' j l b ll

Stationery Department

day to his duties as teller in the * Royal bank after spending his



M g '

, vacation in Saskatoon anS bums-


i .i t


stead, arrived in Craik first of this * week to put in the summer. J. H. Fisher returned on Satur­


Thevefy latest.

See our stock of Ladies Empress Shoes, all the newest in Hutton and Lace Shoes.

the winter on his Montana home­



< S ] )A /•

Empress Shoes For Women


Albert Nelson, who has spent


All-Wool Dress


May 6th at 3 o'clock p.m.

F R A N K A . R E D D IN G


Also a full lino of Wash Goodwin Various ClothscRatine’s


Presbyterian VV. F. M. fcL* will be held

All the new

spring work

|Kingston, with the honors of M B

Syl Moyer and fi bunch motored ! Fhis is good nev|s to "Jimmy s


i from La Flecheto Moosejaw last ■l,ia,,y Iriends-iu ( raik. and after |Wednesday, where he got a think- " ° * h?r *rear * .w<|rk h° * '* * M l)% C M. hung on hi^ name they will ing of home, so jumped a pullman 1 be still more plowed. _simper and landed in Craik, where I

Issimr of Marriage Licenses


he spent the day, returning south Thursday night.

Syl claims that!

he is in the market for a motor­ cycle—the two seated kind— for



the new


Anglican minister, with his wife, arrived on Friday from their home at Newcastle,

England, to take!

charge of the Craik work.


delivered his first sermon Sunday, to a large and well pleased con­ gregation.

]S f/ i

Capital Paid up $11,550,000 Reserve Funds " ,.'75,000

the next trip. Rev. H . D.


f or the present, while

For those who are run down. losing





If you are becoming

and unable to do your work drop int#o


---------------------------------- - ■■

fUU»x: 15 and umh*r ( )vf*r S'*, not $]<) Ovor SlO.not exceed ng S'Bi Over STJO not exceeding $TjO


«"'i «„«>»,mi-.i

<’f r.-niittiriK BMALL



10c Ik

P atablk wn“HfH*T f-HAKAB is C’ anafla (Yukon excepted) and Nfld at any Hank in C.8 .A. and aikprincipal cities and in (ireat HriUin and Ireland

at over 500 points.

C raik Branch

E. C. W ilson,

awaiting the arrival of their house­

G. W . M A T H E S O N

hold effects from the old country,


they are making their home with Mr, aod Mrs. E. H. Insall.

Do tligh=Class Job Work