There are a few of

There are a few of

THE DAILY Two Cants PLAINFIELD, N. J.f SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1903. ESTABLISHED MAT to, 1887 A COPT—$5 A YBAJL si. m\ not ifHMl Borough Council ...

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DAILY Two Cants




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Borough Council Acts Speed- Large Gathering: to Hear Ad Scheme Launched by Coun- Body of Former Plainflelder Finds That Plainfield Needs In the First of the-Leagne Incidently the Hedals A n fly to Prohibit Removal of dress by Miss Harriett May cil to Join With Oity for Con- Interred in Borough Ceme- Little Attention From H. Gramas Westfleld Club's Five Awarded and Pupils on the Mills on the Movement. solidated Pleasure Grounds. ; Wins From the Park Club. Roll-of-Honor Made Known. J. Commission. frame Buildings From City. tery, After Brief Service. ILLEGAL LIQUOR SALES BENEFITS OF EQUALITY THE THE








gaward Offered for Detection bf Tea Follows Address—Those Parti- Councilman Arnold tste Father of Dead , Member of A. O. V. W. Vnable to Understand Why 'This Westfleld Bolls Above 8OO la Bach Prize Winners Include Fo Persons Destroying Street Light* the Plan—Mayor Appoints Comot the Three Games—The Park's Pupils—Contest In Geography cipating in Affair-AddlUoaa .to and I. O. O. F.—Treasurer of Oity Does Mot Have Municipal '. amttsee of Three to Report oa and Signs—Park Clab Waata Highest Score 819—F. O. Ball a Feature of the Affair—Osa> Mannfactarlag Compaaj—AcSystem of Garbage Membership—Officers o f Advisability of Scheme, r /'' - . a Storm Sewer. High Hew Material. alete Boll* of-Honor. tive la Other Organizations. Collection. Local Leagae. Following closely upon tbe attempt Tbe funeral services of Isaac Van The Borough Oounoll, at its De- Aa tbe result largely of a clear- exTbe monthly oonoert of St. Mary's Acting on the instructions of Cbarles The opening of The Daily Press cember meeting beld last nigbt, found position of tbe meaning of tbe woman to nnite the publio schools of North dervaer Bond, treasurer of the Palmer- J. Alien, of Newark, secretary of' the Bowling League tournament on tbe Parochial School in the sobool rooms oocb business of more or less import- suffrage movement yesterday afternoon ^Plalnfield with those of Plainfield, Piioe Yarnisb Company, of Newark, New Jersey State Tenement House Park Club alleys, last night, was notyesterday afternoon was attended by ance to oooupy its attention, and one by Miss Harriett May Milli, of Syra- tbe borough officials, at tbe December who died on Wednesday after 4 brief Commission, an inspection of the few an auspicious one for the Parks who a largo number of pleased fathers a«4 of tbe most important steps taken was cuse, N. Y., fourteen new members meeting of tbe Council, last night, Illness, were bald from tbe residtnoe tenements in this oity waa made yes rolled tbe Weatfield team. It was ex mothers of the pupils. Tbe obaraotor tLTVioption of a resolution offered by were added to tbe Equal . Suffrage took initiatory steps toward fhe estab- in Newark,"at 8 o'clock, last night. tarday, the jreeut being particularly peoted tbat the home team would of the tasks aooompiiahed during too ffJTClark, wbiob authorised tba bor- League of Plainfleld and North Plain lishment of a publio park for the useHev. Dr. Lyman Whitney Allen, of creditable to tbe local board of health. make a muob better showing, aa newpast month was set forth in an interoogb ooonsel to draft at onoe an ordi- field. Tbe meeting and Informal tea of tbe two municipalities. I Council- the South Park Presbyterian Church, Only in two. eases were conditions material waa secured. Yet, the fact esting programme and the pupils woro nance prohibiting tba removal of any waa beld at the home: of Mrs. Florence man J. K. Arnold, aa chairman of hero Mr. Bond waa a member, found to be defective. tbat~tbe team has not practiced to any praised for their good work by BeT. frame boilding in tbe borough. In Howe Hall, tbe president, of Madison tba street committee, Introduced tbe officiated. Deputy Inspector Thomas Brady, of extent, no doubt aooounts for tbe faot Father Andrew M. Egan. Beportn eoDoeotion witb tba resolution, Mr. avenue. There waa an attendance of subjeot through a resolution provid Mr. Bond waa for many years a Newark, personally searched tbe oity that it lost all three games. In tbe ware read of the progress made in tbo ing for the 'appointment by tbe Mayor member of tbe firm of Prioe, Bond & for conditions needing a remedy, and first game tbey rolled a total snore of commercial, seoond, fourth and fifth dark stated tbat If such an act is le- fifty members. gal an ordlnanoe cannot be drafted too "Woman'a Title to Oitlaensblp" of a committee of three to investigate Oa, and later of the firm of Bolen after the completion of tbe work ox- 819 against 867 for the Westfields. The grammars; and an entertaining oonquickly as tbe boioogb seems to be was Miaa Mills' subject. She spoke and report on tbe matter. t in geography took plaoe among; Bond, varnish manufacturers. He pressed some favorable opinions re- visitors rolled above 800 in every tbe damping gronnda for tbeae kind of gains made in tbe oause during re- Mr. Arnold, in explaining his acM treasurer and one of the oldest garding the sanitary arangementa of tame, while tbe Parks rolled below the pupils of tbe seoond grammar. of (tinctures. Hr. Olark added tbat cent years, showing tbat there are tion, stated tbat be bad been informed members of tbe Road Horse Aasoola tbe municipality. After hla day's those figures in all but tbe first game, Tbe exercises opened witb tba singtbe borough doaa not want to paaa now twelve States in wbiob mothers tbat Plalnfleld's plan of locating a tion of Hew Jersey. Members of work, be told a reporter for Thetbe totals of tbe seoond and third ng of the bymn. "My Child, Givo tbrongb another soch experienoe aa it are placed on an equal footing In re- pack near Randolph road, bad fallen that organisation, and of Radiant 8tar Daily Press that a tenement at tbe games being tbe same, 786. In tbe Me Thy Heart." Included in the probad recently. gard to the guardianship of their ohil- through, and be also understood tbat Lodge, No. 190, L O. O. V.. and tbeSoutheast corner of South Second same games tbe Westfields rolled 858 gramme were a eoaoert reeitkstos), and 869. Tba Madonna Penitent;" a solo. Fox. tbe purpose of baetening action dren. 8r e brought forward tbe large the Boioe property in tbe vioinlty New Jersey Grand Lodge of tbe An- street and Grant avenue demands speedy attention in tbe interests of of Elm plaoe could be secured for la olent Order of United Workmen, to amount ot faxes paid by women aa an F. O. Ball was high man for tbr Two Little, Blue Little Shots" by on tbe matter, tbe Council will bo(d M adjourned meeting next Friday argument for granting them equal publio park. He favored tbe project which tbe dead man belonged, at- publio health. He learned tbat there home team, rolling a score of 203 in Miss Wslsb; solo, "Molly Pitcher," were two oases of typhoid in tbe tbe fiat game.. William McOuloben, Joseph Oullin; piano solo by KsJtnrya night to consider the proposed ordi- suffrage, and stated tbat if any educa- and believed that suob a scheme tended tbe obsequies last night Dsooe. Mayor Smalley made a few tional qualifloationa for voting were would be advisable and would be * Upon tbe arrival of tbe remains in bouse last month. During his visit he a new man, developed considerable Galbraitb; tbe singing of the "Raremarks in relation to tbe resolation, necessary, they should affect men insource of pleasure to tbe people of the this oity this morning, Rev. O. B. saw five barrels of garbage in the strength, reaobing 199 in the third ional Hymn of tbe Republic;" and m the same way as women. Tbe argu- borough and city. Herring, of the First Presbyterian yard and another barrel in the dwel- game. Walter Long, another new composition reading, "Tbe Sphere of TOTiewiDg tbe action of the borough {•Treferenoe to tbe Sebring boose, and ment that granting the franchise to Mayor Bmalley, before be appointed Oburob, accompanied tbe oortege to ling. Five families', be said, occupy member, did not come up to expeota- Woman" by Nellie Hanrahan. hTdeolared tbat at be bad carried oat women would affeot the size of fam- a committee consisting of Oounoilmen tbe North Plainfleld Cemetery, where tbe place and the roof leaks. Tbe tion, but will probably improve his Tbose named in tbe month's roll of tbs~ orders of the Council in tbat case ilies, she -answered by showoing that Arnold, VanArsdale and Clark, said the interment took place. At tbe tenement No. 289 West Front street, be game soon. Willian? Townsend showed honor in tbe school are: Commercial tod be was prepared to do tbe same in Wyoming under woman suffrage tbat tie was afraid tbe motive would grave Mr. Herring conducted a short also fonnd in a bad condition, tbe up well in all. three games, making department, boys, Eugene Johnson; Caoy future oase of a similar nature. divorces had notably decreased. She be miscomtrccd to mean consolidation service. There waa a very large num- roof being leaky and rubbish being what would ordinarily be winning girls, Margaret Lots; seoond gramfle"~advocated tbe refusal of all appli-further indicated that elections were of oity and borough. However, in ber of floral tributes from relatives •tored on tbe top of the boose. Mr. soores, while Dr. Tbiers, the veteran, mar, boys, Henry Forrestel; girto, Brady could not understand why suob beld his own fairly well. Miss Bebout; fourth grammar, Jamea cations for tbe lemdVal of frame beld in a more odrerly manner under appointing tbe committee be said tbat and friends. progressive city as Plainfield does The individual soores of tbe visiting Motley and Mary Crosby; fifth grambuildings in tbe borough and asked woman suffrage, again oitlng Wyom- be would select three members who Mr. Bond's wife) waa tragically r. James Oomiskey and Mary Mofor the endorsement of tbe Council in ing as an example. 8he expressed favored a publio park, band oonoerts, killed at the North Avenue station in not have a municipal system of garbage team were more uniform and this is this city some time ago, while return- collection. wbat brought them viotory. ; Foster Kenna and Mary McDonald;firstpriWbat be bad done in tbe last trouble. herself as pleased with the progress of and like municipal imporvementa. ing from the marriage of a relative. was high man witb a soors of 198, mary, boys, William Sullivan and Be said tbat tbe borough would likely (he work in New Jeney and referred Ha was bora in Plainfleld sitxy-ntne while the lowest score, 161 was made George Flatley; girls, Theresa Mull in, bare a law-salt on its bands as a re to tbe faot tbat women bad the surfyears ago, bnt bad lived in Newark by Halsted. Tbe visitors bowled in Elisabeth Pernt and Myra Tollirant; nit of tba arrest of John Goodwin, fage in tbe State prior to 1807. nearly all bis life. He is survived by championship form throughout and second primary, boys. James Geary. bat be was not afraid of tbe final deAt tbe tea wbioh followed Miaa three daughter, Mrs. Alexander M. several limes overcome apparent de- oaepb Brady and Walter Jobnaonr elslon. Mills' talk, Mrs. John L Oiapp, Mrs. ANNUAL PRAISE SERVICE OF W. H. AND Linnett and Mrs. Alexander Archi- FAVORABLE ANSWER TO CALL OF PARK !eat and made a grand finish. girls, Ellen Higgins and Helen MoRobert Bobley, Mrs. Olaf Saugstad Another matter tbat waa disousaed AVE. BAPTIST CONGREGATION. bald, of Newark, and Mrs. O. W. Oartby; third primary, Albert Naylor and Miss Bertha Whitney presided at Tbe alleys, being new, bad some F. M. SOCIETIES OF CRESCENT AVE. at some length was tbat in reference Thompson, of Los Angeles, Oal. effoet witb tbe result, as the teams and Annie Sullivan. to~ra complaint received from the tbe tables. Assisting them aa waitOhailen Dayton, olerk of tbe Park are not so well acquainted witb them. Tbe medal for improvement was) Tbe annual praise aervioe of tbe Piainfleld Bleotrio Light Company re- resses weie Mlis Florence HuntingAvenue Baptist Church, has received AH expressed satisfaction witb tbe drawn for by Elizabeth Brown, Gathton, Miss Viola Oonkling. Miss Woman's Home and Foreign Missiongarding 'be breaking of inoandesoent a letter from Bev. A. E. Finn, of alleys. ' er! ne Galbraitb, Margaret Watson. Umpi in tbe borough. It was theStephanie Krom and Miss Wilbelmina ary Societies, of tbe Crescent Avenue Oherryille, recently called to tbe pas- Westfleld. 1st game 3d game 3d game Mollie Traynor, Elisabeth MoNerney, Patton. Green waa tt e oolor scheme Presbyterian Church, was held in tbe general opinion that tbia is tbe result torate of tbe Plainfleld obnrob, stating Foster Edward Hanrahan. Tbe medal for 193 161 178 of beys who use flobert rifle* reok- in the dooorations of the tables and obapel of tbe church, yesterday afterrooms. PASSES AWAY AT AGE OF 72 YEARS- tbat be accepts tbe call and will be Oondit mprovement in sewing was draws 104 161 175 noon at 8:80 o'clock, witb an unlesily. In order to pat a stop to tbia prepared to enter upon bis new duties or by Helen Hamilton, Ohristine Mo163 177 J78 praotioe, a resolution offered by Mr. Tbe offioexs of the Equal Suffrage usually large attendance of members LEAVES HUSBAND AND SIX CHILDREN. January 1. A general announcement Smith Eacben, Mary MoMepan, Mary Wilbe. Halstead 193 181 . 1 5 1 Olark, providing*! that a reward of 96 League of tbe city and borough are : and friends. Mrs L O. Pierson, of this faot will be made at the mornPunctuality in attendance at Sunday . . . 155 178 178 be paid to anyone securing the deteo- Mrs. F. H. Hall, president; Mrs. I. president of the.borne missionary soMrs. Margaret Ann Winokler, wife ing service in tbe church, tomorrow. mass and Sunday-school, medal drawn tion and oonviotion of any person or L. Miller, vice pieaident and auditor; ciety, and Mrs. Samuel Milliken, of Augustus J. Winokler, died sud867 858 859 Just at present Mr. Finn, who is or by Cornelius MoOartby, second persons guilty of breaking these lamps Mrs. Samuel L. Huntington, treas- president, ot tbe foreign missionary denly last nigbt at her home, S3 Park Parks. 1st game 2d game 3d game grammar, Jobn Oasey; tourtb grampastor of tbe Baptist Oburcb at urer ; Mrs. William L. Patton, corressociety, presided at tbe meeting. or defacing street signs, waa adopted. place, North Plainfield. She wasOherryrille, is conducting a snooess- W. M'Outoben 146 143 193 mar, Katbryn Barry; fifth grammar, Tbs resolution also provided that an ponding secretary and Mrs. Harold Mrs. Ella A. Boole, of New York, seventy years old and, though a native 179 183 W. Townsend. 179 ful series of evangelistic services at Nora MoOartby. ' ,f)urar, icccrding secretary. tbe new secretary of tbe Woman's of New lork State, had lived tfairtvadvertisement of this action be in138 153 MiM Mills will speak today in Home Board of Missions, waa present five years in tbe borough. She was a tbe above churob, and it wonld be Walter Long.. 136 serted ip tbe local papers. 163 133 GUILD FOR NURSES. impossible for him to fever bis present F. O. B a l l . . . . 203 Elisabeth where she will be the guest A communication waa received from ot Mrs. Elizabeth B. Black well, the and gave an interesting talk of tbe member and active worker In tbe pastorate earlier than January 1. i Dr. Thiers 166 145 145 work in the home mission fields, tellCongregational Oburob. She is surBranch of Order to be Instltated O'tilie Emma Beinold, Ottilie Emma first woman ordaiced a minister of ing of tbe progress made and of tbe vived by her husband, two married ANNIVERSARY SERMO 819 786 786 Here on Friday Afternoon. Bcbaeffer, Theodore F. French and tbe gospel in the United States. future needs. Rev. John Sheridan daughters. Mrs. W. G. Debelct and Elston M. Frenob In wbiob tbe petiA branch of St. Barnabas' Guild for Tbe local league will bold meeting Zelie, pastor of the oburcb, spoke for Mrs. L Wiesman, three other daugh- Bev. K. Vicars Bteveasen Will tioners offered to dedicate tbe neoesNurses will be established in thia oity every month this year inatead of every tbe foreign mission work, relating tbe ters, Stella, Mamie and Nellie, and Preach Important Sermon auy fifty feat ox land necessary to exat a meeting text Friday afternoon, needa there. one son, Thomas Winokler, a coonoil( Tomorrow. tend and widen Duer street from month aa last year. December 11, at 9 30 o'clock in the) During tbe meeting there were man of Asbury Park. Mrs. Winokler Rev. E. Vicars Stevenson will Orsenbrook to wbat is known aa upparish bouse of Grace Church. Mrs. vooai selections by a chorus choir con- has always been of a quiet and domea- pxeaob hia first anniversary sermon as SPECIAL SERVICES OF ELABORATE William R. Howe, of Orange, will «sr Duer street Tbe matter waa resisting of Miss Hubbell, Mrs. Asa tio disposition, muob beloved for ber ttrred to tbe street committee and rector of Grace Oburob, tomorrow, he meet tbe graduate nurses of tbe oity CHURCH MUSIC ARRANGED. Collier, Mrs. Noble King. Miss Marie kindliness and sympathy. later Chairman Arnold offered a *e*ohaving been instituted as pastor of at tbat time for purposes of organisa_____^^ j lotion that the street would oe ac- UNIONlCOUNTY'S STAFESMAN TO HAVE Newman, Misa Matle Ketcbam and Funeral servioes will be held Mon- that oburoh on the Second Sunday in tion. Rev. E. Vicars Htevensoa, of A speoial musical service will be Mrs. Charles Langdon. There waa day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at tbe Advent a year ago. The anniversary espted if tbe petitioners would open Grace Oburob, will b» the chaplain. given in tbe Ohurob of the Holy Oroas •p and grade tbe street. Tbia waa DISTINGUISHED MEN AS HIS GUESTS. received the usual thanks-offering, a late residenoe. Uev. O. L. Goodriob, sermon will be delivered at the morn- tomorrow afternoon at 4 dO.' The fol- St. Barnabs OuUd was established gooil sum being contributed to be adopted. of tbe Congregational - Cburob, will ing service and it it said tbat it will on St. Barnabas Day, June 11, 1888. Senator John Kean'a secretary is en- divided for the boms and foreign have charge and will be assisted by be of speoial fimportanee^to tbfmem- lowing programme will be rendered A oommunlolation waa received gaged irv-4he task of mailing invita- work. Rt. ROT. Oortland Wbitebead, bishop by tbe oboir: _ : Rev. E. L. Barp, of Grace M. E. bers of the parish, though tbe partifrom 8. St. John MoOutoben, presi- tions to something like 300 prominent of Pittsburg, is chaplain general of Processional, 43; litany bynsn, 89; After tbe merting tea was served. Church. Tbe interment will be in oular topics upon wbiob the clergydent of theTark Club, in wbiob be men who are invited to meet Governor Introit, Oast Thy Burden Upon the the order, and Arobdeaoon Mann, of Those in charge were Mrs. Daniel T. Hillside Cemetery. man will dwell nave not been an- Lord, Mendelssohn; Kyrie, Oruick- he diocese of New Jersey, general aiked fhe Oounoil to oonstmot • short Franklin Murpby, on tbe evening of nounoed. | norm sewer nnder Washington avenue Deoember 11, from 9 to 13 o'clock. Ginna, Mrs. George P. Mellick, Mrs. tnk; Gloria Tibi, Oruiokshank; chaplain for this Stale. "Blessed axe Somerset's Entertainment. on tbe Park Club side for tbe purpose The reception will be held at the Francis deL. Hyde, Mrs. Dorsey Hyde Somerset Oounoil. Jr. O. U. A. M., Rev. Mr. Stevenson baa done a great bymn, 688; offertory, Bejoioe in tbe the merciful" is tbe guild's motto. of carrying off tbe surface water that spacious-atame of Senator Keaa at 1700 and Mm. Douse VanVliet and they took formal po——ion of its new work at Grace Church during • tbe Lord, Sullivan; Response, Pralte God asiltted by a number of young For Bettor Trolley Service. usually floods tbe street at tbat point. I street, Washington, and will be a rooms on the fifth floor of tbe Ba-last twelve months. He was formerly From Whom All Blessings \ Flow; An effort will be made next spring Mr. Arnold stated later in tbe eve-formal and elaborate affair, snob aa women of tbe eburob. assistant minister in 8s. Michael's Sursum Oorda, Oruicksbank; Sanotus, boook bnilding last nigbt and oeleto have tbe trolley company ran a ning tbat improvements Had been tbe Senator so frequendtly gives to his ORGANIST RESIGNS. i brated by a big entertainment and Ohurob, New York, of wbiob Bev. Oruloksbank; Agnus Dei, jOruiokmade in Washington avenue near tbe friends. Dr. John P. Peters is rector. shank; Gloria in Excelsls, Oruiok- spur from Park avenue and Randolph smoker. • Tbe rooms were packed. Mrs. James H. Buckley Tenders Her William Jeffery sang aad Miaa Boioe. Park Club and tbe committee believed shank; Nuno Dimittis, Chant 10; Re- road to Crescent Oval so that bettor Bad Boys Those. > accommodations can be given the that no further trouble would be ex- The Invitations will inolude tbe enResignation at St. Stephen's. cessional, Seven-fold Amen; 309. little girl of ten, pleased everybody Richard Burke aad George O'Neil, tire membership of tbe United 8tatea sople daring the has*ball season. perienced there. Senate, tbe entire New Jersey mem- Mrs. Jamas H. Buckley, organist at with . two clever song selections. boys nnder fifteen years of age, were This U tbe order of service, , for the , This teport waa presented by Col-bership of the Bouse, members of the 81 Stephen's Episcopal Ohurob, has Wylie and Jofanton. professional ocme- brought before Oity Judge Runyon musical numbers, for tbe evening: ChrUtlaa Kadeavorers to Bee*. lector Q. F. Brown: Taxes and inter- Cabinet, members of tbe Supreme tendered ber resignation. She hasdiana. of Newark, who have been this morning on a charge of throwing The Union County Christian KaProoJBOsional, 406; Gloria, 67; Bonnm Mt. «S,806.14; Board of Health, 944 03; Court, many other prominent offloials been organist at St. Stephens for a beard frequently in this oity, pro- snowballs on tbe streets, breaking tbe Est, K flat, Buok ; Deus Miaeratur; D, deavor Union will hold its annual special school, $1,»TS.99; license, J. in Washington and quite a large num- numbs* of years. During tbat time vided much entertainment. windows of a barn on Fifth street and Warren; bymn, One Sweetly Solemn rally in tbe Seoond Presbyterian a Uraotlv, 9384.87 ; rebate from State ber ot leading politicians and promi- the musical part of the errvioe has Thought, male voioes, Ambrose; Obnrob, Rah way, Monday nigbt. at 8 • r e . P. P. Miller Dead. ' address spitbets to passers-by. Tbelr hymn, 507, Whitney ; offertory, Angel o'olook. An unuaaally interesting school tax. 925.68; fines received from nent citisens of New Jersey who are been improved very notioeably. A •e waa adjourned until Monday Recorder, 91s; interest from bank, among, the personal and politioal vested boy's obolr baa been organised Mrs. Fneba P. Miller, mother of morning. Voioes Ever Singing, Hall; dQxology, programme has been prepared. 990.80; balance November 1, 911,36V.- friends of the Senator. Radiant Morn, Woodward; reoesand other innovations have been made. Dudley & Miller, too Park avenue Kleetioa of Bank Directors. ?1; total receipts, 917,609 23 ; disburse Ora. Caaa* Widow slonal, Sevenfold Amen, Staiaer. Mrs. Buckley resignation is regretted druggist, died yesterday, following a Tbe annual meeting of stockholder long illness. She waa sixty-four years menu. 97,819.86; cash on hand, $10,- W. Y. aad If. J . vs. The Moeqalto. by all the trienda ot the pariah. BevMrs. Ellen N. Oass, widow of! th* ot tbe Oity National Bank for tbe K9 96. Last night claims amounting Debate oa Panama Sltaattoa. GOT. Franklin Murpby, of Haw eral members of the choir have also of age and was a resident of PtoinGen. George W. Oaas, died this Seld for many years. 8be is survived morning at ber tote residence, 648 Tbe Men's Otab of tbo First Pres- etootioa of nine directors will ba beld to about 94,000 wan ordered paid by Jersey, will be among those praaant resigned. at tbe banking house an Tueeday.Jaa. the OonaoU. . at *%ieeting of tbe Board of Trade —Fle*ob«r Humphrey will talk to by two sons, Dadlay a Miller and Belvldere avenue. 8bo waa eighty- byterian Oburob will mast in the 13, from 1 to 3 o'olook. ." Artbusr Millar, tbe totter formerly of five obapel of tbo eburcb, Tburday night, years old. Funeral lervioes will Chairman Arnold, of tbe street oom- and Transportation called for Wed-the members of tbo boys' department PtolnflcJd. The funeral servioes will Jmtaaaa. be held in Pittsburg, Pa.. Monday Dae. 17, at which time there .will bo •ittee. reported tbat 9164 bad been nesday, Dae. 16, in Haw York oity of tbe Y. M. a A. tomorrow afterbald Monday afternoon from tbe On aoooaat of the fnnraaatag beat. a debate of tba Panama question. E. expended during tbe part month on It ia hoped to orguiaa a national at 4 o'clock. His subject will of her SOB. 44t Orohard B. Ackarmaa will probably give a •ss. the Hew York aad Sew Jersey "reet work and through a resolution movement for tba extermination of Travela ia Swath Amerioa." plaoe, at » JO o'clock. Tbe Missea Louise aad Mary Dona, talk on his tost trip abroad. v TeUpboae Company ia planning to te** secured tbe endorsement of the tbe mosquito peat at tbat time. Music will ba by the bays' mastoal of Flamiagton, have been visiting ase the capacity of its plant la tbJa —A4T*r«iae ia Tksj Daily otab. Mm Oaaxrtea Fiaber, of tbia oity. , -Prossws«tada~p»^ ICOWTINUKD ON FAQS

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• M m •# Tw« Ma —••pfca— • t Ma«1i**ai aajaarc OarsJmL •EADY K F E B D K a FOR THE LOOU NEW TOKK. Dec. 5.—fhlrty-six b t cycle stars, tbe pick of two betak •AMAIN SEEKHB. spheres, are now entered in tbe inter' Y o u make the pastry—Atnational six day* bicycle championship •lore's Minee Heat makes fft# ~ > WbM yot) tfaiak of that Obrlatssa. which begins in Madison gquare Gar_fc. The beat mince pie you ever ate. den shortly after midnight 8Unday. M t e b n t o , i M M b w tfastfrtbe hart Aa the men will ride In pairs, this will " •• "Sou are saved all the trouble of preparing ' . i l M * <*• art youfatkadgMdatoV.make eighteen team* wbo will start the mince meat One package makes tiro W. Waneek'a. Was*. Trort ite**. -JT» large, delicious pies. Everything that enters " in the grueling grind for the'rich mon" into the making of Atmore'B Mince Meat is of the Wlwa yo« tmd awty yoar Obrtst- ey prizes offered by Messrs. Kennedy highest quality—whole >t >'« oi!» or extracts, • M ptekHM, sand them by H. J. and Powers, managers of tbe rare. Tbe event this joar looks more open currants, whole Beedlee?^ Cleanliness and purity Wterasga, tb« North ••earn erpress,.;=;„. g e n u i D « ^ a ^ ^ 7 raaritaiiuoniild and Beyerman, Neir Eng- Dealer in Sporting Goods and Gunners' Supplies, Metallic and ShotIf yon contemplate baring any land team. gun Ammunition./ioaded Shells a Specialty. painting or paper-hanging done, yon GUNBIN STOCK: UPTON HONORED. want tbe beat material naed and tba woik dona by experts. If yon gire tbe Aaaerlraa People • > • • a SHvei lerv. oontraet for anoh work: to Charles Ire to Ike Baraarl Vacktuss. 1 Oonover & Co., of Elmwood place, ' NEW YORK. Dec. 5.—A silve- seryAlso Hammer Guns in double and single, ranging from yon need bave no further trouble for lce. consisting of twenty pieces, the tbe work will be done to yonr entire gift of tbe American people to Sir Thomas Lipton, was fdrwaVdedj today satisfaction. by the Ktruria to the United j States If we cannotfityou from stock we will furnish any make or gtade of Tbe atook of hardware at tbe Qayle ambassador in I»ndou under cover of Gun to order at Hew York Prices. Hardware Company store includes all instructions from the department of tbe oeocssities as well as hardware state. Lindsay Kussoll of New York for tbe oontraotor, bnilder and mea V J sT% I I • L J I 1 a •. to I.omlou by tbe same steamer as obanio. Yon will flnd tbia place one a representative of tbe national comIl9-I»3 E. Front St.. Plalnflald, • . J. • of tbe most economical, aa the prloea mittee. Tbe presentation committee hi s been for tbe best goods is Tory low. If yon want a new store examine tbe stock formed In London, and a dinner, at jvhich Consul General Evans will preat tbia store before making a parside, has been arranged for Friday, j| • All thefFinest Brands of | ohase. \/^ Dec. 18, to which all prominent: AmerOne of tbe largest items of ezpenae icans abroad and Englishmen interestla a boos*bold la meat and sinoe Both ed In Anglo-American relations will i «t Co., opened tbe new meat and tab !>e invited. The inscription on the centerpiece ip: market on. West Front street, this "From tbe people of tbe United States item has been redaoed in many booseto Sir Thomas Lipton, baronet, K. C. Tomatoei holds. Tbe firm sells tba beat onto of V. ().. who by hi« good tempered maet, absolutely fresh flab and de-sportsmanship, h * generosity to the liveries are made promptly to all parts ninilies of American soldiers and bis of tbe city and vicinity. Give tbe torn lospitality to Americans at home and y_oar patronage and see Wbat yon ean ibroad has contributed much to our .Vnglo-American friendship." save. ,



AT/JOHZ 6- SON no TasJ:cr Street Philadelphia



Sporting Season

BaMia and Austria Plan to Save Macedonia. | 01


CkrUtlavB 6*vrraor t * • • « avatal Rellsl««a Toln»»«» to Powers Aaiioai, as Xk'mw Cl**4a a t u n Paste* • ' £•*••«. I ,

LONDON, Dec. ."».—Negotiations that save been opt-ned by tttv i»«wers may result In an Internattoual adio^oisiration for Macedonia along the Hum observed in the present government of the island of Crete. ^-' It has been learned that.In order to prevent Another Mnoedouian uprising in the spring, attended by unspeakable The great sale has been a tremendous success. We were confi- horrors, and the danger of a war be- dent it would be from the start. People are never misled or disap-tween Turkey jand ltulgaria as a conpointed in our advertisements. We don't believe such values have sequenoe Kusaia and Austria have proto the powers that imnifdiate ever been offered in Overcoats before. An absolute saving guaranteed posed steps be taken to put into ope^tlon a ' of one-third on every purchase. plan which in Its general outline Resembles that now enforced1 in Crete. This proposal Is the result of tbe acceptance • Long styles, with beautifully shaped phoulders, marvels of art-in principle by tbe sultan, three days ago of tbe Russo-Austrian note conistic tailoring, in black oxfords, kerseys and patemt pa beavers, also the cerning reforms In Macedonia which new up-to-the-hour belt overcoats, large loose was submitted to the porte after the 52 and 54 inch length, extremely swell.. recent conference between Czar Nicholas and Emperor Francis Joseph. To what extent each power will partlcK Pull box backs, long Chesterfields, stylist Conservative cut pste In the organization of an internacoats, in vicunas, black oxfords, meltons and kerseys; these coats are tional gendarmerie to be formed for the bound to please the man who wants a stylish, serpreservation of order and which power will b« placed in supreme command of viceable Overcoat the gendarmerie, as well as other details, must be settled by the negotiations between the powers.

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Bine Island, l a , Jan. 14, 1901. Messrs. Ely Bros. :—I have need yonr Cream Balm in my family for nine years and It has become my family doctor for colds in tbe bead. I nee it freely on my children. It is a Godsend to ohildren. Yours respectfully, J. Kitnball. Messrs. Ely Bros. :—I suffered greatly wltb oatarrb and tried different remedies without effect. | After using one bottle of your Cream Balm I fonnd relief and I eannjst praise highly tuob a remedy Mias Cora WHlard. Albany, H. T.

Ron It OK Woa the Haadlrtp. SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 5.—The per forniam-e of Honiton was a fenture of the rncing lit Oakland. She won the Immlii-ap over the Futurity course from some fast sprinters and jcovered the distance in 1 :<«.). taking half a see>nd off the Californ a recordL MiBS Jlelty was the only favorite | to win. The l:ift nice resulted in a close finish. Dr. I'.-rnnvi* getting the decision by a

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tVlnrplrt, IfMI to 1 Shot. .—Princelet. a to 1 shot, from the stable of Tuoav ;. Manirix. won the fourth race at i:;iv-s. GoU'.sby v o i the hurdle nt tv.o .mill1;* and n quarter and cut the Ix-st previous record over the Hiss Jennie Anderson, o( Bonier ••oil -«e foTirteen xvcond*. Mastennan TlUe, baa been viait^ng PUinfleld KIMJ R-< d some of. bis old form and easl1' [Hisod of Snert Alice, tbe oddsfrleada. Here are tbe greatest ralnee we have ever h*d the pleasure of offering ravorite. in tbe final race. yon. Extra Flnelriah Point Ourtaina—Arabian patterns—Kenalaaanoe Howard Rnnyoa, Jr. of Railway effect.! ' ""• " road, bas entirely reoovjered fro ah Bo admire SnrprUe* Tkeaa. opportv attack of diphtheria. aadtheaell __ NEW ORLEANS. D«K\ 5.—The Ourtaina 49o and up. Portferee boot matrrlala, fascinating color effects. Mr. and Mrs. George Plank, of pri«e of the day was furnished by from $3.88 a pair up. Large aeaortaient of Poles, Blnga, etc., at lowest PlalaAeld, have been spending a few Bondage, which beat tbe 1 to 3 favorite, Ancke. In the closing event. A prjtoea. Let ua SSTB you money on these splendid goods. aaya with friends in Raritaac number of horses arrived from Ben Mr*. OUroBoe Leland, of Weat Bee- nlngs. among them being the fast twowad street who baa been detained at year-old filly Tokalon. Jockey Monroe Bibcock •ull.lng, Madison Av«. and Front St. was t'uspended-Xor one week for rough house by Illness, baa recovered. riding In tbe fourth race. Tbe Mlseea Demareat: of Park aa*. bare returned fmas a Ttatt with I. • • * Colaaafct*. friends at Frankfort, Bolaereet Ooaaty NEW YORK. IX-c. 5.—At high water Mr. and Mrs. Kills, wbo were re tbe yacht Shamrock I.. th« first resae oeatly married at tbi hsan of tbeof that name sent by Sir Thomas Upbride's pareata, Mr. aad Mra. William ton to Mil for the America's'Vap. wafc Neither preservatives or coloring used. N. Paagbora, at Llndsii avenae, will hauled out on tli# marine railway at aaoa bagia boaaekeepriag iaa Wast City Island, and she now lies high and dry alongside her old rival, tbe Coluu CREAM HADE WITH A SEPARATOR AT OUR FARM. Vaarta street, j ! bta. She will be sold for old metaL , j : Joba B. Tier. Jr.. eit Baak ptaee, ) TELEPHONE 2511. 1 rorarll Defeat** the ftalalera. who reoaatly returned frota St. Barnabas Hospital, N«waxk, where be bad ITHACA. N. Y.. Dec. 5.—Tbe Corort • portion of hU foot j amputate*, la basket ball team ha* defeated the Thirty-fouith separate cotupanj team able to get about wUh tbe aid of of Geneva hy a ax-ore of 57 to 12. eratobea. Tbe opara|ioa aideied •aooaaafaL : St* sls>aa«l* t * a Draw. MIUVAtKEE. Win. Hw. &—Jack TIM ba.1* o r . Cyras Kdsoa e>ff ta« • McCMUand of l*ittshurg and Cbarim T. Hoalth Board aa4 Neary of Milwaukee fought six rounds Dt. Matt, of the BelleTill* Hospital to a draw here last night. aad many other noted • bysiotans gave Coal ! • • • • « » Batam. their unqualifled endortement to Special Sale of Football Suits and WASHINGTON. De»\ 5. - War de8peer's Wines aad Brandy for the Football, complete 1.26 partment i.faolaHi are greatly enconr sick, and debilitate a aad aged. aged over their (efforts to develop a Big bargains in Shot Guns, 4.0O up oval mine on tbe Small Island of Satan. on the east coast «jf southern;Luzon. All kinds of Loaded Shells, This mine Is eligibly located near deep , • 40c box up. •rater and promises to gtve a fair quality of coal. ;| — HARRY DREIER, Herbert Sfxraievr V « r H I . LONDON. Dec. 5 . - A bulletin here b u t erenlmr a n n m m e n that t h e condition of II ••• - t <.-v.






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This proposal of the two powers dissipates the apprehension which has prevailed in diplomatic circles on the continent that Russia and Austria were ^ arranging a settlement of the Macedonian question in a way to Insure their >wn interests. The powers will this time unite in the appointment of a Chriitiun governor of Macedonia. While it is intended that the Christiana aha 11 be protected, there is also a determination that equal protection shall be accorded the Mussulmans. All the powers concerned are anxious, to settle the difficulties in the Balkans so that they can no longer menace the peace of Europe. -1 It is believed that results Identical with those obtained in Crete ase likely to follow from the enforcement of. a similar policy In Macedonia. At tirst • large force was sent to Crete, but at—; present th*re are not more than l.(!00 men there, representing the govern' ments of Great Britain, France, Ituissia and Italy. How the Russo-Austrlan proposal will be received by the pawers li not known, as its presentation ban only Just occurred. "It is believed, bowever, that It will be acceptable to France, Italy and Great Britain, but that it la likely to be opposed by Germany. Though this-proposed action will be another step toward the separutinn of Macedonia and Turkey, there la nothing in the proposal to indicate that the powers have'any Intention of weakening Turkish ownership of the territory. As tba sultan accepted the principle of the Russo-Austrian note, it follows as natural consequence that he will not b« likely to oppose the enforcement of the reforms which that note contemplated.

«P • » O w

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PIANOS It is an indisputable fact that the high esteem given to any work of Art must be founded upon merit. When the Musical Artist and the Home Player are united in their high appreciation of the FISCHER PIANO, we take their verdict unqualifiedly. Both have for years maintained the supremacy of the FISCHER PIANO because of its Tone-quality, its Artistic Individuality and its Durability.


K u l U h Cotton Mills f s r Am«Hn. LONDON, Dec. 5.—One of the largest Qrms of cotton spiniters at Bradford. Yorkshire, announces that they are preparing to erect mills in the X'nlted States, to which they will transfer of looms, with their compleBROOJCHES, SCARF PINS, SIQNKT BRACE- hundreds ment of combing, drawing and spinAND RINGS. NEW DESIGNS. AT ning machinery, the dismounting of which has already commenced. In making tbe announcement the firm says, "The American manufacturers re115 Park Avenue, Plainfleld. Telephone No. 134a- cently have made such vast improve-" ments in the manufacture and dyeing of the finest classes of goods similar to STATE OF NEW JERSEY. those we produce, on which we are paying 100 per cent and upward in duty, that we arr confident our present Department of State. American department will not be able to pay its way more than three or four Certificate of FUinf of CoiMent by Stockyears mora at the moat.-" holders to Dlasolatlon. To all to whom these presents may come, creetinB': Daalared t* B« ! • • * • • • WHiMit, itfcppesrsto my satisfaction, by NEW YORK. Dec. 5.-Kalman Folduly authenticated record of the proceedings 4essy, wbo was arrested here daring for the Toluntarr dissolution thereof deposited in mr offlce, thai the International Telephone Prmldmt Roosevelt's visit last week and Bwitchboai'd Manufacturing Oompanr. a for writing threatening letters to tba oorporatioa of this State, whose principal ofBce is situated at No. 110 Front Street, in theCltr president, was committed by Justice of Plalnteld. County of Unloo. State of Mew Fitzgerald in the supreaie court to the Jersey (James C. Pope being- the w e n t therein sod In charge thereof, upoa whom proeess Manhattan State Hospital For tbe Inmay be served), has oompUed with the wosane. Foldeusy made a scene in court . qnirementa of "An Act conoemlag oorpuraQoos(Bevlslooof 18W)," prcUmlnsry to the by suddenly drawing a penknife and issnlngof tnisoertlflcate that such Consent exclaiming, "if I'm inaane, wby did ha* been filed. Now, TBKKKroKB, L 8. D. DICXIVSOK, Seothe doctors give m e this?" He was retarr of State of the State of New Jersey, Do quickly disarmed. How he became Hereby Certify that the said corporation did, on tbe Fourth day of Norember, 1908, file In possessed of tbe weapon is unknown. my offlce a duly executed and attested consent Doctors testified that he is hopelessly In writing to tbe dissolution of said oorporation, executed by more than two-thirds in In- Philadelphia EYE SPECIALISTS insane. terest of the stockholders thereof, which said certificate and tbe record of the Chlcaar* Waata S«T»mtr-a»» C«at Gaa aforesaid are now on file in my proTided by law. CHICAGO. Dec. 5.—Action to secure ; I> Tswruioa-r T a m i o r , I hare hereto set a decision of Judge Grosacnp of tbe :[ my hand and afBxed my ofltclal seal, at Trenton, this Fourth day of November, A. D. one United States circuit court here that !; thousand nine hundred and three. tbe Chicago city council's ordinance ,^-*-~.» » 8. D. DI0IJS90N, making 75 cents per thousand cubic , Sea etary of State. feet the maximnm rate for gas which / Hours:—11:15 *. m! to 1 p. m.could be charged by the People's Gas/ and Coke company has been, beand 1.45 p. m. to 4:30 p m. Light gun for tbe second time.

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Serea HaaaTrvd steelmea I « « . SHARON. Pa.. I>e<\ 5.—The plant of tbe Americas St**-! Foundry company has closed down pendlbg a s-ntlenvntj of tbe scale. Tbe men have been osked to accept a 10 per cent reduction, and' the matter is now under advisement. About 700 ncn or* idle.


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• a m f* Fmrwm 5«w CmMm^t. MADRID. Dec. 5.—Senor Maura, fornratetcr of tbe Interior, bas eonfltouadartab* the formatto- of a






« t * Ctaa* liefer* 1 ... .JBaaaa AU ««aalnall«aa Pall. , WASHINGTON, Dec. 5.—Unless there Cripple Creek Gold Mining Is an agreement by both bouses of conDistrict Ruled by Soldier*. __, to adjourn tbe present session before noon Monday. wbetJ tbe regular session begins, all nominations must fait and if the present special session ends by limitation, thus preventing tbe l a tfca> Teeth of a Fartoaa Oale VotV Coveraor Feobody P r a d a l M 4 State president from sending recess appoint•nteer I w a a a Haadred Yard* of «laaarr*rtlo»> aad Rebellion (a _ ments to tbe senate, all pending recess With Line aad So Enabled tko Teller Conatr. Colo.~—Wk^lf appointments must terminate with the t to Bo Towed t o Safety. M l * A r m t i WOI Bo Mode. convening of .congress in its regular session. These ednsideratlons furnished NORFOLK, Va., Dee. 5,-Tlie naral DENVER, Dec. 5.— Governor Peathe Incentive for a number of confer- tug Peoria, towing the submarine torbody has lsswd a prorlaaiation declarences looking to an agreement to ad- pedo boat Adder, has arrived at tne ing Cripple t'n**lc under martial law Jonrn on Monday or even today in or- navy yard here. The Adder was saved and suspending the writ of babeaa cor- of our remarks is Meat. And it is der to permit tbe president to send, in by the heroism of Boatswain Deery, meat that yon should have good pus. He declares that the geld camp recess appointments. who responded to a call for volunteers food to eat Oh, what a to in a state of insurrection aud reFriends of General Wood are vitally and swam a hundred yards with a line bellion and- that the civil authorities Interested and will try to bring about to the Adder from the tug and pulled a DELICIOUS i ROAST are powerless. adjournment by concurrent action. Fail- hawser after him. The Moccasin ia In •upporf~of hla action tbe governor oor home dressed Lamb makes! ure of action would mean General cshore at Currituck and appears to be dtts the. blow Ing up of a portion of Wood's reversion to the rank of briga- only slightly uainaged. 'Xi>e Adder is Talk about your tc nics and doctor*' tbe Vindicator miue aud other acts of dier general and have similar effect on leaking badly. lawlessness and declares that it la Im-prescriptions, they are nowhere the appojntments of 1CT army officers The Peoria has left for Curritnck to possible to control.the turbulence of tbe compared with onr fine Lamb, Beef, advanced by reason of General Wood's aid tbe Tankton and Vlxia in Uoating canip by ordinary |>enceable methods. promotion, all of whom have assumed tbe MoccasiriT which is now bisk and These houseAfter mentioning aota of lawlessness Veal or Mutton. the ranks and pay of their new appoint- dry upon the beach. tald to have been committed In Crip- wives say they don't see bow we ments in the same manner as though When Boatswain Deery responded to ple Creek, the prociumation conclude* get such delicious Meat. But we do. their nominations had been confirmed tbe call for a volunteer to swim to tbe a»~followa: by the senate. Adder a thirty-four mile gale, witb We sell for this week : "Whereas. I have reason to believe One reason given by the leaders of mountainous seas, was crashing over i that .similar outrages may occur at any the bouse for not passing a resolution the Peoria and burying the drifting Home dressed Jersey Roast- | time. and. oWIeving tbe civil authorities of adjournment was that it would be a submarine boats beneath tons of water. ing Chicken, per lb ... . i8c of said comity of Teller are utterly discourtesy to the president to adjourn Deery. with a slender line fastened Home dressed Jersey Foul, j nnabie, unwilling and are making s o a called session without completing tbe around bis waist, plnnged Into tbe practical attempt to preserve order ami 0 per l b . . . i6e work for which it was convened. Mem- ocean and battled with wind and tide to protect life and property. M Hunterdon Co. Turkeys, lb. *3C bers of the senate sny they were ready for a full hundred yards, finally reach"Now, therefore. I, James H. Pea-*" Jersey Pork Sausage, our to adjourn ten days ago. and a resolu- ing, tbe Adder and gaining her deck. body, governor of tbe atate of Colo. own, per lb lac tion of adjournment probably would There he hauled a thick hawser aboard rado, by virtue of tbe authority in mey> Jersey Pork Loin, per lb lie have been sent to tbe house if it had by means of the life line and made i t rotted, do hereby proclaim and declare not been reported and not denied that fast. the said county of Teller, In tbe state *» Hindquarter Lamb; Jersey the bouse would not give consideration Spring Lamb, per lb 14c All this time tbe Adder waa being of Colorado, to he in a state of Insur- £ to a resolution of adjournment. tossed about like a cork one mlnota 0 Stewing Lamb, per lb 5 c rection and rebellion." The situation is said to be without and driven far beneath the surface tna 14c Governor Pea body bases bis action fs« Canada Mutton, per lb precedent in the senate. next, rolling and wallowing in such a on the decision of tbe Idaho supreme Our Prlca* are Uis Lowest j manner \a to make it almost impossible court, which declared that tbe act of Considering Quality. ! to retain a position upon her scanty EX-ALDERMEN CONFESS. the governor of Idaho in putting into decking, but Deery held on and accomforce to a limited extent martial law SaJabnrr'a Statement Is 9abatmmtl*t- plished bis work. Then lie went back to in the C as to accommodate several Ex-Alderman Ghysels went to Assist- Roosevelt and Soator Hanna bad a Hand Blngs for children from hundred prisoners. 76c up Also Watcbas and Solid ant Prosecuting Attorney Ward's of- con'orence of several hours' duration a t and Plated Silverware. . A dispatch from Cripple Creek eays fice and made a statement of tbe boo- the 'White House i o t Bight, at which If you see our goods—you'll that an official statement Issued tjy dle transaction, acknowledging that he the I'anima canal situation and imporeurely see something you wantg District Union No. 15 declares that accepted an envelope from Salsbury tant l<".Tlslntion to come, before congress Kennlson, I'arker. Davis. Steven Adcontaining $300. was discussed, with incidental referCHAS. E. VAIL, aj»« and Charles McKlnney are innoThis confession was followed a few ences to the cast1 of General Leonard 103 Park Avc. cent of* the crime or murder, train minutes later by the appearance of Mr, Wood and tile chairmanship of the Rewrecking and conspiracy to murder Bissell, who also made a statement of publican national committee. charged ngaliiBt them and that "the his connection with the deal, -acknowlSenator Hanna would say nothing aa justice being dispcngod In this! district VSTATE of Eleanor A. Campbell, deceased. edging that he had accepted $500 and to the conference. His acceptance of Is a hollow mockery, n disgrace to a «-i Pursuant to tbe order of George T. Parrot, otherwise corroborating Salsbury's Sorrofrateof the County of Union, made on the management of the next Repnbliccivilized community and an outrage." tbe application of the undersla-ned. Adminisstatements that he approached meman campaign will depend upon bis trator of said deceased, notice Is hereby riven bers of the council with the boodle to tbe creditors of said deceased to exhibit to health. the subscriber under oath or affirmation their William Altar CkMltr Weda. proposition. Both Ghysels and Bissell claims and demands against the estate of said EW YOIK t informed the prosecutor that they will NEW YOIIK, I I tec. 5 5.—Aththerectory The Belajrade Rearteldca. deceased within nine months from the twenof St. tieurjte'H church in Stuyvesant tieth day of November, 1MB, or they will be plead guilty In the superior court. BELGRADE, Servia, Dec. 5.—Coloforever barred from prosecuting o square, by the Uev. Dr. William 8. las the same acainst the subscriber. There may be an additional arrest nel Mashin, commanding the Belgrade UeCAU A. CAMPBELL, j Ralnsfonl. Miss Minnie Ashley, an! actoday if the prosecution can get thedivision of the army, brother-in-law of Administrator. unit tress, iixi former Representative Wilwarrant served. the late Queen Draga and one of tbe ' liam A|»tor Chanler were married here leading participants in the assasslna- ; Emplorera Want Tea Hoar Day. yesterday afternoon.- Only intimate tion of King Alexander and Queen Oriental CHICAGO, Dec. 5.—Industrial war, Draga, summoned a meeting of all tbe friends of the bride and bridegroom JAMES A. STAFFORD, long expected, has broken out in -the officers in Belgrade and made a speech • Delicacies were present. Winthrop Chanler waa Fox River valley, in northern Illinois. requesting them to forget the past. 'He . best man. Other witnesses were Mrs. 815 College Place, that wilt pleaje your t a • t e— Manufacturers at Batavln, Aurora, El- said the dissatisfaction was unjustiAshl^T mother of the bride, and Miss they're here. gin, St. Charles and Geneva hfeve or- fied, as the assassinations were In the Margaret Chanler, a sister of the brideAlso afineas- Tel. 2322. sortment of ganized atid have decided to increase interest of -the country. The speech groom. thing* direct the hours of labor from nine to ten. has had little effect on those who disfrom theOtient Holiday on Martyr** Day. Come mnd see The first notice was served by manu- approve of the assassinations, while them. WASHINGTON. IHV. 5.-U«"pre»entfacturers at Batnvia, and 350 machin- the other officers concerned In the as- . ative Wachter of Maryland has -introists have quit work there. The wage are now dissatisfied witb from a Hardware store are used earners are united and will resist this sasslnations duced a bill milking April 14 nf each Colonel Mashin's, action. They insist every day for household and out-attempt to add to tbe hours of labor that all Servian officers should be givyear .a leeal holiday to be known as Tea—-*Martyr's day In • •oinmemoration of the door use. Our stock contains all without increase in pay. en to understand that the assassinaRoom. death of Abraham Lincoln. i these little necessities as well as tions were for the national benefit and Arrested on Conspiracy Caarare. H a r d w a r e for the Contractor, that anybody disapproving of them 3 BENTON HARBOR, Mich.. Dec. 5.— Erie T n l a Killed Two Boya. must leave the army. They also deBuilder and Mechanic. We aim to W. Front St. Paul Lippert of Chicago has been ar- mand rigorous treatment of tbe anttMONTCI.AIK. N. J., pec. 5;—Lommake_our store the shopping place rested here by Under Sheriff Frank P. regicides. brato Itisola. nineteen years of age. of the economical. That we have Tyt^rell of Chicago. Lippert was inand his brother. Vlto.. fifteen years succeeded will be apparent when dicted by the grand 3ury in Chicago old. were killed by a train on the Erie Western Grain Exchange Valla. ^VOORHEES^CC our prices are considered. Remem- on a charge of conspiracy. The charge HELENA, Mont.. Dec*.—The Westrailroad here last night while walking ber, too, tnat you will soon need Is that Lippert bribed Henry Pelkus, a era Stock and Grain Exchange, with CAN MAKE, on the tracks. MANY A clerk in tbe>Cook county criminal court, offices at Helena, Butte, Anaconda, 9 Tnirl Barned In Klanni River. for $500 to make false entries in the Great Falls and Missoula, closed its. BUFFALO. lwc. 5 . - T h e propeller It will be well, therefore, to call and see what we have provided to keep records in the case of the people versus places of business. H. V. Warnock, a kFORYOOi Embury was burned in the Niagara V S E J you warm. Our line is strictly first-class; also, we are prepared to fitJohn Gallagher. Alterations were well known brokerage operator, tbe river near Tonawanda last night. The j ; made in the docket to prevent the case manager and owner of tbe concern, fJEW 116 crew escaped. The flames broke out the improvement of Electric Light- you Out for^CHRISTMAS with being brought to trial. I with headquarters In Helena, has left In tbe forward hold and spread so'rapCARVERS, ROASTING PANS, FOOD CHOPPERS,! NASSAU YORK for the east leaving word for his opering of today and what it was a few idly that Captain Dacurran was forced The Typhoid Epidemic. ator, Bert Scott to close tbe office and years ago. We are advancing each NUT CRACKERS. NUT PICKS, CORN POPPERS, ETC STREET to beach his vessel on Grand island. CITY BUTLER, Pa.. Dec 5.-j-Only eleven post a notice t^tbe effect that the comThe vessel and cargo of lumber were new cases of typbbid fever were re- pany was In Aancial difficulties. Mr. year in valued at ported to the board of health during Scott professed to be practically ignoOn "Your Advertising." the day, but more deaths occurred rant of tbe affairs of tbe company, but MATTERS ELCGTR1GAU than on any previous day since the epi- estimates that tbe deficiency In tbe The ntwspapft ad»- we prepare Alderaaea ArrrilM at Btllwaakee. art new. bright ."»» catchydemic commenced, tbe number being state will reach a sum between $20fi00 • MILWAUKEE. Wto.. Dec. 5.—AlderLet us show you how handsomethey II bring business f r yea. six. wbicji makes the total to date for- and $25,000. Front St. and Park Ave. Tel. 68a. j man William II. Murphy and Sigmund jjgt us show you how we can inly we can illuminate your store, crra*- »<>ur sales. ty-tbree. Eight nurses and four docJ. Rlcnter, former alderman, were ar We •*»« cliema ia erety Sttte store window, home, office or facSallaa F i r * Coat fSOO^MMw rested here upon complaint of members tors have arrived from [oints in UM in UK Union—serernl ia Plain 8ALINA, Kan., D e c 5.—Fire Tbat of the citicens' committee of ten. They Setd. Wouldn't yon like a copy western part of the state. tory. It will pay you to investigate. of oarhaa' and interesting started here at noon and which for a are charged witb having solicited and Booklet-' How to Make -Yonr lfesrrs Elks Lodare Qaeatloa. time threatened the entire business disaccepted l^ribea. Advertising' P*y"? GUdtoseaa it to )on on lequeai. JACKSON. Mira.. Dec) 5.—Delega- trict destroyed the four story buildtns; tions from the Elks' lodges of Jack- occupied by tbe H. D. Lee Wholesale CONDENSED DISPATCHES. WILLIAM H. POPE. son. Vicksburg, Natchez and McComb Grocery company, damaged the buildCity called on the governor and re- ing- and contents of the H. D. Lee A SKILLFUL COMBINATION OF1 , George Wood, a hanker of Colfax. STATE OF Andrew Vanderbeek, deceased. —EClectrical Contractor— quested him to withhold his approval Hardware company and burned several WASHINGTON ROCK SPRING WATER I la., has committed suicide. PafSnanttotheorderof Oeorn T. ParPfco«« t t f . of the charter for the negro lodge of smaller buildings, causing an *uy'< rot, Surrogate of the County of Union, made il« Mortli atoeaa*. and the B E 8 T BELFA8T GINGER EXTRACT. A bank messenger's pouch containing on tbe appucaUon of the undersigned. Execu^- • Elks of this state. They declared that gate loss estimated at $500,000. $7,000 has btyn stolen from a table in trix of said deceased, notice Is hereby given to the charter of the colored lodges would creditors of said deceased to exhibit to tke ASK YOUR GROCER the registry division of the Baltimore the subscriber under oath or afflrmmtJon thedr • a n k aad Paatoaieo Rabbed. be an infringement. j postofllce. olaims and dessands against the estate of said or PRANK LINKB aay W. Front ©t. RALEIGH. N. C , Dec. 5,—Tbe bank within nine months from the third It la authoritatively denied in Paris deceased day of December. 1MB. or they wul be forever Coanterfeltera Raided. and tbe postofflce of Mount OHve. N. PLAINFIELD AGENT. that France is- negotiating for the sale barred from prosecuting or recovering the BOSTON, D e c 5.—Three men have C. on the line of the Atlantic Coast YOU'LL WANT MORE. to the United States of St. Pierre and bwn arrested here in a counterfeiting Line road, has been robbed of about Miquelon islands. Kxacntrlx. IStts mid. in which a complete' parapherna- $400 In money and stamps. Tbe post L A wagon load of Chinamen who lia wns seized. There was sufficient pa- office safje wan wrecked, bnt the atwere being smuggled Into thfs country per in band to print $1,000,000 in mon- tempt on tbe bank vnuJt failed. Tbe was overturned-lnto the Erie canal at ey. It is understood that seven other robbers left no trace. Buffalo and four of them drowned. Notice is hereby given to the members of tbe same gang were also (aa Ullaj as*h • • The suggestion that William R. Will taxpayers of the arrested in or near New Tftork. ' Oae Market Controls Cottoa. fox be chosen president of the New "LON'DON. Dec. 5.—All the morning Boroigh of North PiainfieW York county Republican committee to Transvaal Bank Robbed of iB/MO. newspapers print editorials concerning succeed Brm* has. been favorably com- that the taxes assessed in the said 14* ••rtk (MSSS. T«i. 17a*. JOHANNESBURG. Dec 5. — The the serious effect which the cotton PCS, <1t*a> Apothaoawr-) mented on by many prominent mem borough for the year 1903 are now Onter wkatyoa wtO, yeaTl and it oa ear bOL Robinson bank at Randronteln was at- shortage in the mited $t«tp» will bare bers of that organization tacked by a gang of masked men. who.on the Lancashire trnde nnd the dandue and payable, and that if theMet* are low, Tnafco stakes them so. A middle aged man known to How-said taxes be not paid before the after gagging the manager und his as- gers arising from tbe fact thnt one sistants, secured $15,000. Tbe robie's follower* only a* the "Milwaukee market is able to control the price of Twentieth day of December bers escaped. millionaire" has arrived at Zion City. raw cotton. Men's Sweaters, 50c, 1^0, i>s»> aad a. 75 aezt. the Barnes of tbe defaulter*, with A prominent Iit*'«.iid that the vis- their respective taxta, wfflbe retained, Men's and Boys' Wool doves age, 35c, 50c,: as>aV Caarlaia. SSmn. ' Tale Debater* Beat Har-rard. itor was tbe ••rteliveri'r" whom Howie alumna)* to law, aad bsterast at the rate Ladies' and Children's Gloves and Mittens—all pricea. ST. PETERSBURG, pec 5. — Tbm Stands and repairing, try NEW HA VEX. Conn.. D e c 5.—Tale,' of ten pereeat. per a n a m , wHb legal mentioned at h'« rally nv^tina;'at beetmr and the esarlna have arrived b e n won tbe annual debate from Harvard ing willing to r - v TVwV«. entire InW&f. J. K. COCKER. last night RasssaB Poland. debtedness If DOWI*
Torpedo Boat Escaped Wreck by Boatswain's Brave Act.




The Tender Subject





109-111-113 We«t Front Street, and 196 Park Avenue.

Our Millinery Department is the cheapest and best place in the city to purchase hats that are new, stylish -and up-to-date. Our hats are all made in our own work room, this of itself is a guarantee that we are selling only what is new and up-to-date. See our new tine of up-to-date Ready-to-Wear Hats displayed in our show window. These hats were made to sell at 1.89, but we offer them at the very low price of each 69c



A new lot of Black Napped Beaver Hats, sold elsewhere at 2.25, - . j1.98 Special lot of Black Breasts, at, each 19c All Hats purchased of us Trimmed Free of Charge.


Many Litt e Things





Of fours* You've Noticed

Gayle Hardware Co.

Washington Rock Ginger Ale



This is the man who caters to the Inner man'





For Edison Phonographs, Records, Horns,

5 ia

Tam o'Shanters, the




a.i;*t?:fc >..


U I M r mm* rr*»rl«tw.

»a»ll*iil Daily, •K*f* *««J'r. •* » » p. m. S«f North Arnnt.





Telephone CaU to.

T w o cents a. copy. Ten cents a Ootncll la this aetloo. Onainaaa week. $5.00 » year—in advance. Olark, of tb* flfs, water and laaip N o extra charge for papers mailed oomaaittee, reported tbat Sltt.SB was to points in the U. S. and Canada. expended fa bia departmeot. ~lir. Loo, cbainaaa of (be polios Delivered by carrier or by mail. oommltt**. stated tbat Chief Campbell T U B PRESS has the most complete reported foar arraets^mad* daring carrier and mail service of anyNovember^and tbs oollectloa of |M~ia paper in the metropolitan district. Bne*. ;~He alaoTtferedfca rtaolatloai A n y subscriber failing; to receive a aathorUIng tba payment of 16 ~ to George weiaa after bis bill was prop•ingle issue will confer a favor by erly awom t a _ notifying the business office. A reeolatlon offered byf Mr.TArnold Advertising rates mailed on request, aod adopfd, provided for tbe erasure lac Chant* of *frj»rtl—wrti root too tax dupliosU tb* nsmea of ta M w n Chang* th* u r n slay aeveral peraona, wbo nave either •VST b« In this offle* by • a. m.moved away or are not liable for tax Tb* amoaat la for other ; rasas u f»r soi« •»-* • • » • • •sws eo •> •- • * • « • • vol'ved is sboat §60. Mayor Bmalley informtd tbe 'Oonn 1. a s a r s a . . . . . . . . . « J M Para t » a. a. uuas •«• N- "»••« •« oil tbat tbs lease on tbe present roome aVIj. •MLUaaCB . . Posit* a M Usarry Ma would expire on April 1 next, snd f f i t a f warriaa aoosi. . va»ab»«a»« tbat be believed it would not be nee • . lUTIl <•' Vara **e eaeary to renew the lease *• tbe n e i aj. a, siSTTisoa -aajatf—r—«*« boroogb building would be oompleted • M . • € • ! • • • ! . . . . . . » • • wateaaag * * • tbe flrat of the year, wbea J. aSTPIBLS . . . . . . . a i a • * * • • * • • « Sv* Uonncil rooms wonld be ready tor ooPlaltifwJw. M. J., Q«M}. 5 , 1903.cupanoy. Tbe olerk was instructed to notify tbs owner of tbs present qaax : tars of tbia fact. The' Mayor also made a few reknsrka The Dally Pn has oonoeming tbe sale of liquor In Seen a h i g h e r circulation gerbund Hall, stating tbat no person rating than is accorded or peraona wbo oecspy tbst ball bsve to any other paper in a right to aell liquors; that no permit Plalnfield.—Printe-s' Ink. had been obtained from bim for anoh a right and if any one was desirous of making a teat case In tbe mattter child at High Bridge baa b«en they were Invited to go ahead sad do •d Bresae. No doubt fbe'll be so. A somewhat peonliar condition rally ospabl* of stirring op tb« bappy seems to exiit st tbe ball. Ill if claimed tbat liquor ia sold there yet papa la tb* middl. of ths figbt. no lioenae bsa been given for tbst Tba Maw Bronawlck ~D(aily Time* purpose. It ia a question in the minda says: "A heavy snow :fall reminds ua of tbe offiplsla as to whether tbey •bat winter baa set in at last." The have a right to atop the sale of Hqnor, sditor of Tbs Times ia a profound Inasmuch aa tbey have no power to thinker. grant tbe sale of it. ' Any prosecution in this matter would have to be on TbU it tb* way a Jersey ^ ebaraetariaca Indulgenoa in "loloii- tbe pait of the oonnty autboiit es. oatlng beverages: "Dronkard'i oburcb, Before the Coaaoil adjourned Mr. tit* saloon ; drnnkard't altar, -ttas bar; Nicbola offered a resolution authoristosnsard'a pri—t. tba bartander." ing tbe .drawing Of warrants to pay Tb* Haw Jersey StsUi Orange. the Watchuog svenue bond, taxea and Patroaa of Hnabandry, h n paaaad a all notea now doe. Tble was adopted.



Everybody Is invited to attend our Holiday Opening on SATURDAY. Such an aggregation of Toys you have never seen outside of NewYork city. Bring the children CHUTBB NO. 2243. and let them revel In the delights of our Christmas display* Tis a sight to make the old young: and the young younger. CITY RATIONAL BANK, Cor. Front St. and Park Ave. ' JVe have plenty of wide aisle space and there'srroom OOOANI.BD 1873. 1 for everyone. Let everybody come?. I ' CapiUl, $150,000

Holiday Furniture!

! Select your Christmas Gifts now and we will Store them Free and Deliver Them whenever vou say Parlor Rocker^

Morris Chairs.

Reed Rockers from



1.98 up.

Book Cases from

and up. Library Tables.



i and up. !


'Ti" Up.

Ladles' Desks,

4.98 b 15.00.


to 18.50. Parlor Suits.X1


Parlor Tables r • \ .





Every Pescription. Sideboards from


.... up. I X ;

SPECIAL. Couches. Diyans. Dining Tables. Bedroom Suits. Music Cabinets. Bamboo Tables and Tabourettes. Medicine Cabinets, etc.

In the house furnishing department—Parlor and Library Lamps. Toilet Sets. Dinner Ware, Fancy China. Bric-a-brac. Jardiniers. Candlesticks. Cutlery. ancUhe Wm. H. Rogers* Genuine Silverware.

Surplus and Undivided Profits,


J. P . HUBBAKD, President. . JAS. T. CLOSSON, Vice-President. • War. P . AKHOLD, Cashier. DIRECTORS t J. P . HTTBBAXD, JAS. T. CLOSSON, H . O. Rtmxut, W A L T B S SCOTT, J. K. MTBKS,

W M . P. AKHOLD, J. F. M A C D O N A U ) ,

L. K. H T D S , J. B. COWAED*

General Banking and Collection Business transacted. Letters of Credit issued on all parts of the world.

Drafts and/






SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS. Boxes Five Dollars per year and upwards. Valuable trunks and silverware taken on storage. Custodian of wUJr


Every Fur Scarf or Muff in the store at cost. Never before have we made possible to you such a buying opportunity this early in the season. Cold weather has come too late, for us to look for a profit. Our fear of getting left with an expensive stock is your gain, and plenty of time for you to make a valuable and useful Christmas gift.

Read carefully your saving, Every scarf has the original taaolotioo favoring tbe i amoral of robint from tbe protection given by ticket wita former prices marked in plain figures. DM gam* law*. It'll take more tbsn a laabella Opossum was 9.00; /? resolution to protect tbe man wbo inWaists Marked Down mark down price...... D. trodooee each a bill in the Legiila- THE INCREASE OF BUSINESS BROUGHT laabella Opoaaum was Note the saving. 13.60; mark down price.. ABOUT BY FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS Ftann*l«tt« Waists were 89a ; Tber* are two waya of looking at Sable Opoaaum was 9 00; /? 1-T-fT • • '"' ' ! mark down prioe D . I D mark down prioe adrertUiDR. both of tbem right. AdAll -merchant* in Plalnfltld t T*rtiiing should be done during tbe Sable Opossum, squirrel Black Mercerized Waleta were lined, 7.60; mark down prioe dall time for tbe purpose bf etirrlng anxious to increase their bualne 98o; mark down prioe..'. and more and more are tbey beginning ap trade at that time, and »lao for tbe Sabla Opoaaum, squirrel lined, ~ T l '™ i Cashmere. Waists aocordeon pleated was 15.00; mark down - - aake of tb* benefit hiob will come, to realise tbst tbe dsilyaswspsper ia WORK THE CHURCHES OF THE CITY RESULT OF SENIOR, BASKET BALL fronts were 3.60; mark dpwn price from being oontinui.lly before tbe tbe beat medium of reaching tbe buy prioe AND BOROUGH. Chinese Bear waa 6.98; LEA6UE GAMES AT Y . M. C. A. pablio'a eye —Saginai • Kveiiing News. ing public. Peraona .wbo advertise in mark down prioe Tbe Daily Press find fS^Jfjsfltable to Whlt« Mercerised Waists, made op Tb* W. O. T. U., of Trenton, do so, for the reason ttaflHn'' evening Tbe Lord's Sapper will be ebeervefl Smith'a and Hand's teams in the Electric Seal was 3.98 ; mark Tery attractive and pretty, -f r •adoiaed tb* coarse o( the Ministers' psper with a great oftVfelstloa like at Warren Obapel, tomorrow moroirig. senior basket ball league games at the dQwn prioe were 1.98; mark-down prioe Aeeooiatlon in tbat city in oppoaing tbia, goes into tbe homes and is read Tbe naosl ooramnnion aervloe will Y. m M. O. A. gymnasiam last nigbt Of PLA1NFIBLD, tba diatrir-utioo of frt« ticket* 10 tbeby nearly every member of tbe family be held st Trinity Reformed Oburob pro'vad easy victors over Heineoke'a No. ilo K«Bt;F*Tont Street. Inter-State fair amoa i children. Tbe that makea it the best sdvertislng tomorrow morning. and Nesl's In tbe Smith-Helneoke elalm la made tbat tbe fair haa a de medium in'this oity. Interest paid on all sums West Front StreetX game, tbe play waa cloee in the flrat Tbs regalsr oosjmnoion servios wil moraliiiDR inQuenoe on the young. If from $5 to $2,ooo. InterAnd. •peaking of publicity, a i wi be held at tbe First Baptist Oburob bait wbiob ended 7 to 6 in Smith's tbla be tbe case, and tbem ia every move/ for any advertiser to make le to est payable July i and favor. In the second period. Smith's raason to believe it i», would not aprocuVe the services of a good adver tomorrow momiag. Jan. i . ! ,• | team romped away from tbeir oppoTbs Obrtstmaa entertainment at tbe batter plan be to atop an* abowa at Using firm to prepare his ads., hook nents, rolling up 22 points and making tbe fair which are of a rtuhaeingnlaiiii lets, circn'ars. etc Snob a I r a ia atFirst Baptist Obaroh will be held be a total of 89 to 12. Tbe feature of this J. Prank Hnbbard • President. W. F. Arnold, ) ViceIs it not tbe daty of tbe njnlaters aod present writing tbe sdveritiaing of tweea Ohrietrnea and New Year's game waa Smith's shooting for bas* Presidents. OMfge U VsnBmbnrgh' will bsve kets, bia qniekneaa in dodging enabling Jeremiah Manning, tamperaoce workers to prevent tbe quite a few of Plainfleld's leading charge of tba 'Gospel teraperanoe bim- - to MOM repeatedly from points James C. Pope - - Treasurer. ooBtinnsnce of soob exhibitions? mere ban ta. Voorbees A Company, of 116 Nassau meeting at tbe W. O. T. TJ. rooma to- near tbe baskets Summary: -•v,-morrow afternooa at 4 o'olock. The 9 Smith's team—Oaleen and Smith, street. New Tork Oity, to wbom refer, makes a specialty of this sort of o'clock morning sSrvioe on Sunday forwarda; Scbnck, oentre ; Hallock and This department has proved to be a very atti active feature of work. Tbe bold way they display bss been discontinued for tbs reBrokaw, guards. Heinecke'e— Wood our business and^as accumulated nearly $100,000.00 in the few tneir olienta' ads and tbe strong argu- msmder of tbe year. land and Mandjr, forward!; Utisngsx, ments they as* drive boas* faotai The months it has been in operation. , Bev. a & Deaa, paster of tbaoentre; Aslbolm and Koons, guards result Aa that thay make yoar ads w Hortb Bsptiat Obnrob, Newark, baa Goals from floor, Smith's team, 13; attractive and ooavioolng that la received a call from tbe Lebigb A M - Heineeke's, 5. Goals- from fonts, INTEREST THKEE PER CENT., : creased sales result. nne Baptist Obarob, of Pbiladelpbi Smith's team, 0; Heiaeoke'e, Payable January and July. Miter, Tbe Dally Praaa :— Measra. Voorbeea * Company have Hr. Dean, who baa aeveral friends ia Bafarse, a Bey wood. Umpires, ColWbea does tbe Priapatoa i Glsc, issued a very pretty booklet—fall o tbia oity, has not deoided tbs mslter, lins, Hand, Whltley. Tims, 16-min. Banjo and atandolta 01 jabs ooooert interesting information. It ia entitled bat wfU da so at aa earlv data. nalvaa In every; language enthutake place la yoar oity, and how ia it "How to Make 'Yoar AdTSftJatat* Real and Hand played a hot game to siastic wearers of "Sorosis" Bvaageltot Wright, of Washington, tbat PlaisSetd la tbaa favor*df when Pay"—and la certainly worth tbe who will boadoot a ssriaa sf meettnga a tis, T to 7, in tbs lint half. Both Priaoelon claba In other cities oarefal perusal of every advertiser. at UM BaSeae Iflaatoa). ia expected la teams played a bloek game in tbe eeo- testify to the remarkable qualaaabl* to prooar* tba antertalnmeat* They will send yoa a oopy oa taqi ities of this wonderful shoe. Plalafleldiaoaa. Fafr same time past, ond half, aMwmptiag ta prevent Old Haass*. PXBSOMAIi. •ears, but Hand'a team waa tbe Bar. 0 . A. Vraaeis, fermerly of KUaabeth, Dee. 4, IMS. I i We keep the largest stock BBoeessfnl and won 16 ta 9. Summary: BaptM dbarob. Westfleld, baa Tba Priacetoa Glee. Baajo Justiee Olark, of Sootoh Plaina, of "Sorosis" in Central New Band'a team—Band and Sbeppard, aaalstia« *m tbaaarvioee a* tba ssia. Haadolin 01Bbe will give ja ooaoert la the gaest of PUtafleld friends forwards; Oolllna, oentre; Joseph and Jersey. ska Osalao here uader tbelaaaptnet yesterday. Tba entertainment oommittao at tbs Oarolin, guards. Neal's team—Beattba Prinoetoa Club of FJUiaJfld George Ooae, of Oraat lUI and Rottberg, forwards; Whltley, basaar aad Now Kaglaad tapper Friday nigbt, Doe. 11. j Preaiseat retaraad from a two-days' viait with tbs Flint & K. Obnrob. consisted of oentre; Karoh and Hoagland, gaarda Waadrow Wtlasa, of | Priaeeton, Hew Brnnswlok friends. Mrs. Hsery O M , Mrs Frank W. Goals from floor, Hand's team, 7; the atudeala special perwiaMrs. W. A. rreeman, of Baadford French, ttita Bertha Whitney, Mrs. Neai's, 4. Osaia from faals. Hand's Cor. Madison and W. Front St. »45 W. Front St.. Opp. P o s t | p c « . give aa aatertaii isient here, aveaoe. orgaoiat of Oraos cburob, Stephen H. TagweU aad Hta Aber- teasa, 9; Neai's, 1. Referee, Hey rsalisiai no doebt tbat aftbisg la too detaiaed at bar borne by Illness Mamba. ^Thaaa woman bad obarga of wood. Umpires, Hainecke and OoUier. •aad for PUiaaeld.-Ed. AUCTION SALE For Ten Days Only, Beginning SatSday," D, mber 6, at 1 0 a . m . , Tims, 15 mia. halves Joseph Case, wbo has been living tba OotaMs wedding faatsrs. ; OK Ending Monday, December i6, at 8:30 p. m. t ••?.;_ Smith's team leads in tbe leagve ia the Adlroadecks, has returned to Tbe add rasa a* tba aaa'a masting la to tbe borne of bis mother in Plain the Y. M. a A. Hail tomorrow after standing to date, with three viotoriea LIVE STOCK. - T a w Swedlsb Lalheraa Sewlag field aveane, and will probably reThe nibapiber awriag dupoaed of hu milk aooa ^t 4j o'clock aboald be espaeially snd no defeats. Esob of tbe other route Ctoole w.11 sitet W edaeaaay algbt at asara bars daring tb* wlaser. wi 1 sell at public aale on tkeformaitaated has won one games and lost ta Waah ctagbt two flying tqairrrla accept vi ibe position of station sgeot Fsmsaa JMiaaioBariss." Tbo Trinity year old Hobteia Salt i vark Hone, j ri I have va§|ted my store on Park avenue and am still making aUo a oae-horae Mowing Machiae aad Sol ia a tree on tbf corner of at the Clinton Avenur statioo oo theOharcb ehdr, Mies Florence Bennett, Hone aake. both luarly sew. ' Mrs. Michael Armstrong is PURE IGE 6R5AM AT 32 BANK PLACE. ^ _ TV-4 soloiat, will bo tbs maaical attraotioa. New Jer.e» Oeatral s aad Klatb at?*** fined to bar borne by illness. receive prompt attfTftion; F». Powers. All orders by 'phone (No. 706) Hor. mailT will all —Mi WjobUart aad family, of Waftass, of Central aveane, I E R . C I "^" "-' , oVrasr WaaSartslt, Mrs. Sarab H. Hand. Auctioneer. obaan, will aooa take ap tool* rasldetained at borne by iliaees OOce: Vint National Baak SnUdiac. « j , Hasdi lcksoa, saattoo. take Bowerdoace (a Wew York for tbo balaaoe of for some time pass. ear t s Jaaasaa svasaa aad tba wiatar. Benjamin F. Bobbins, of High IKA L LARUE, I tw« blanks. i tt —Tao J. O. Lo«saaax Lambsr Com Bridge, ia visiting Q. Q. Dolliver. of •"-w I - aogi( Park A v e n u e . . j ; .••,• l a * lafaata a a i OkOifwav btate rai—llallna co B. Maaley. wbo lajared his Fairview aveaae, aad other relative* iTed from Iaspeotor T. !I A =:5UI< « * E I I 2 S P « ' sail foot ia a blcycls aeeldaat, \ ipanait to erset a frams ia town. F o l l S t r l e e a o f t a n d8tif tlass ago, is rapidly raoorartag lamber oa Book aratmtmlg Oaaao. tbo weU-knowa • U S S I K i r S HAHO LAwlVRT. Agent for H a d e ' s Celebrated £3.00 Hatos." lajsrsd aae. Tbo jMMlae; wUl aarsatroat- vlolfatas. forssariy of Plaialeld, wiU w w w a m a ava. _ 7 will so abia to walk wttbaiat eratobas aaeaf wttl be staMssa leave far Ootorado, wfean t o tlaia. tea goes for tbo boacflt of bis boalsa.









5.25 .98






BIG CUT IN PRICES ! Large Reductions. Goods at Half Price and less. at the


Boston Cloak and Fur Stored


-1 T, ;


Hi EW TMfanAhnyi lt*kt











tensive assasal was paisfcacefl b»j Mrs, Kill* taring bar visit la pale. Teas. Perry Powers, who ban tbe dairy near Glenside for a number should try onr g Print and RockdaJe Creamery of years, bas deoided to retire front aotive business aad will bold a sale of tbe live stock, etc., on Tseesdy afternoon. Inspector Jobn Miller, of tbe Eleotrlo Light Company, finds that banters don't find this butter all right ia every respect, If wbo are out for game use tba electrio [ f l l rtBM IS alee ee eel* H we sa^ to yon bring it back and get your money. lights on tbe outskirts of tbe town as targets. A Dumber of lamps have been broken. The condition of Mrs. Stitet M. : Parse, who has been seriously ill for FancjH Elffin Creameii jB several months, remains about tbe DUHXIXBH. me. No improvement is looked for A goodly siaed audience attended on account of tbe patient's advanced


tba lecture given by Di. Dager lo tbe ! obspcl of tbe Presbyterian Obarob Mies Mary H. Mead gave an interlast evening., Mr. IDeger handled bis esting talk, last nlgbt, to tbe mem•abject, "The Funny Side of Lojve." bers of tbe Obautaoqua Boys' Olob rery oleverly and kept tbe audience upon points of interest she bad visited I and interested throughout the

Cloaks, Suits,

Several Styles, All Regular 50c HATS.


/ [ Opening Day brought many people. Patrons greatly pleased at the remarkably low prices. Nothing reserved Nothing-misrepresented. T h e merchandise is all of reliable quality and style and is only sold at HALF PRICE because we need the room for other Departments January ist, [and shall discontinue the Cloalt and Millinery Departments. ^ . VIKH ;


$ 3 . 0 0 for $6.00 Garment J. for , o 4.GJ0 8xx> Garment. 5.c|o for i o o o Garment. 7.50 for 15.00 Garment

Monday, Dec7, 1903,



for $ 4 . 0 0 Hats. fox 6.OO Hats. for, 8.OO Hats. for IO.OO Hats.

Oar goods are all marked in plain figures, at the regular retail prices. You can make your own selections at Half the marked price.

Bring t h e little o n e s t o s e e t h e d o l l s , A n d t h e first " S a n t a Claue." Stocks that are now making good Not shop early in the month holiday showing—GLOVES. We fit for your holiday list. them, you take no risk. | V I A I U V Not shop mornings, it will White Goods and Laces, Table ww r l I s a v e y OU half the worry of Linens, Fancy Neckwear, Men's Neckshopping to attend to it when salespeople^ wear, Sweaters, Bath Robes, Suspenders. can give you good attention, j Ladies' Kimonos, Ladies' Eider1 down Robes, Knit Golf Jackets. Ladies' Hosiery. Our special offer—23.00 for a 28.00 The good kind, fast black or em- Rug. Holds g6od this month. These broidered, put up 3 in a box, from $1.00 are Smith's 9 x 12 Axminister—large box up. enough centre for a good size room.



L. L Manninf aSon,

$3.00 j3xx> 4.00 5.00



line of Lyman place, $400; Harry B. OR. W. C ALLEH. Dunham et M toMiohaelP. MoOrath, ruusmgia, • . j . 8tillman Randolph bas moved back 60 feet on southeast side of West Sev- ns raaa atgaaa, TcL 96s. O B « B o a * l t D 10 14 OB to tbe village from ~ the Delafleld enth street, southwest of Hobart aveA party ot young people from tbe poultry farm, ooonpylng one side of nue, | 1 ; Inteinrban Bealty Co. to borough attended tbe L O. T. fair in tbe double boase belonging to Mr.Martin Hansen, lot 40, map ot InterPlsiofield last evening. | MoDonongb. urban Realty Co., $160; Walter W. & Devotions were held in S t John's i Ocullatt a n d A-urlot. Persons living on Pialnfleld avenue Wright et ux to Wm. Birrell, 683 xeet Oburch last evening, it being tfce Brat ot southwest line of Park avenue at now reoeive their mail by mral_de* Office, WoodhaU ft Martin Bldg. Friday of tbe month. livery from Plainfleld. ooming~as far southwest Oorner of Edw. L. Finch, Hoars Tncs., Than, aad Sat Corry Coyle's band wbiob as the Chamberlain oorner. • $1; Wm. Birrell to Cornelius E. 11 jo tf > j p . m., and by mppatmXmcmt. broken a few weeks ago, is aow j very Thomas Gage, Jr., received a_bad Qoliok, lota 11-12-19-80-21, block 11, much setter. * j Map of Property of O. Elmer Ouliok, First Quality Switch**, out~over~bis eye by falling from*his Mrs. J. W. Oese bas returned from •1 ; Cornelias B. Qoltck et al to Wm. sled while ooasting yesterday morn Curly Pompadours, W. Smaller, lots 11-13-19-20-21, block a two weeks' visit with ber daughter • Emma Waves, Bangs, 1, Map of Property of O. Elmer at Lincoln. Bev. J. A. Onbberley will speak to Quliok, 91: Sidney B. Browne et als Manicure Goods, etc., Mrs. B. Siriski has returned frsm s morrow morning on "Christ's Secret e z n to Ella B. Smith, 123 feet on For sale by MRS. E. E. WALORON, Tiiit with relatives in German! own, of-Happiness." southwest line of Bay street at sontb • anlciirist and Halrsirssaer, Pa. The infant daughter of Mr. and oercer of a new street, 91,600; Ella B. T*l«pk»B« t * T * • • • Kaat R M i St. Tbe barn attached to tbe residence Mrs. Anthony Philips died Thursday Smith to Martha W. Browne, Same as of Paul Reusob has been re-shingled. DR. E. B. STOWE, last, 91; Tony Martino to Harry H. evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McGirvern CradOate Chiropodist, Sumner Randiolph, of Plainfield, Oiward, 116 feet on Hunter avenue, are rejoioing. It H a girl. SaiiM| aa> was in town tbis morning seeing old at a corner of land of land of W. A. OOcc Booiv—« to u a-Bk, i t o 6 Obarlea Lake bas taken a positijon in friends. Brower, 91; Ha*ry H. Coward to Tony Tctepboaw 1&14. i l l I I 1 •••mil r New York City. Thomas Duffy bas been confined by Martino et ' nxj «ame, 91; Mary A. Ferguson to Jnet T>. Fergnson, 75 feet sickness a few days past Haw MABjqrr. on easterly line of Kensington a venae, STEAM GRANITE WORKb, Miss Fannie Ayers oalled on friends westerly oorner « l Falkenberg, $4,000; Bliteen persons who were baptised in town yesterday. Conar Central Oormiok Canfleld et nx to Peter Neulast Sunday will become members of mao, 127 feet on southeast line of Latbe Kirit Baptist Obnrob tomorrow. Grande avenue northeast of Riohmond Mr. and Mrs. W. T, Peddingto*. of atreet, $3,800; Jobn M. Jones to Eliza T. A. MOORE, Bullivao County, are tbe guests of H. Neuman et al, \ lots 1-3-3-6-7 Map of Undertaker atari •.•aealaaer, J. Peddiugton this week. \ John M. Jones Property, 93,600; James ernes set WATGMUM RVBMC A paity of young people from hare HAPPENINGS OF THE tOCAL FRATERKUBCNGBSM LsOaVBC KVCMB. 0. Manninc^^; nx to Ellen F. Mo- Tel. 611. will attend tbe dancing olaas in Bound Oatee opca day Bad n%hL NAL ORDERS. Gratb, « 0 ^ ^ | o n southeast of West Brock tbis svening. Seventh oornet of southwest line of Cbsrles M. Kelly and famty jbave Tbe first degree was conferred on Habart avenue, 91; Helen E. Coombs moved into their new bouse on IPros two candidates at the meeting of Per et al to W. Montgomery Downey, 40 pect avenue. severance Lodge No. 74, K. of P.. latt feet northeast line of Westervelt aveGeorge Blair has-rented tbe louse night. • nue northwest of line of Wm. Kelly, reoentlj vacated by W. L. Oorriell. 93,800 ;W. M. Downey et al to Howard Miantonomo Tribe, No. ~118, L O. Herbert Dunbam bas returned jfr R. M., worked tbe obief's degree B. Tapeooet et al, same, 91; Plaina visit witb friends in Newark, j upon four candidates at last night's field Real Estate Oa to Allen B. Laing, 50 feet on southwest line of W. 'PLAINS AJTD FANWOOD. meeting. Tbe oriental degree will be worked Fifth street, northeast of Monrae aveTbe young people of tbe vjllagt on several candidates by Oriental nae, 9—; Cornelias E. Ouliok to P. GASEY & SON, have deoided nottoorganise a flano Court, No. 14, Jr. O. U. A. M , Tues- Oacbrine A. MoOlynook, lot 4, block lag olass tbis winter. A number of day evening, in Benevolent Council's 1, Map of O. Elmer Gnliok property, tbs members of last year's olass have rooms. All members of tbe court are 91; Same to Barry H. Coward, 1—lot 10, block 1, same map, 91; 3—lot 2, joined tbe Tuesday night olass which invited to be present same map, $1—Arcbiteot's and Build•sets at tbe Oesino, in Plainfleld. A special musical programme was er's Review.


The Doll's Congress


Bev. Mr. Osbora, of Chester, will conduct tbe services in tbe Preeby: terian Church tomorrow. j '



doring her travels. Watchung Ave. and Fifth St. Van wood Oooncil, B, A., holds its "Oapt" Day, wblo bas been serl- election of offloers at the semioady 1U witb pneumonia for tbe past monthly meeting to be held Tneaday REALTY qONVBYAKCKS. oontb ""is considerably improved \ and nlgbt. Several oandidatea will be inTiaasfers of Plalafleld ReaJ Batete By rntf. W. G. Smmatr, tt Talc CaHcntty. • • tzpeou to able to be oat ot doors itiated. "the Share of W*r ia the Deretopeaeat of shortly. j Tbe newly organised bowling team « i Be«orded Ia the G o u t y C l e f ' s CiTUiatlcm",aadeT tteUMpieca of the Yals Ctab, Work is increasing at tbe factory of of tbe Netberwood Atbletio Olub won Office at Bllaabetb. Lsveriug * Oarrigues, end a number ite first game on Thursday night, Tnaee oooveyances were recorded ia Grace Church Parish House, of men wbo were laid oft during tbe when they defeated tbe Scott team. tbe Oonnty Clerk's office, Elisabeth rammer are being taken on again, Herman Hansen ia building a frame between Novesaber 14 and tbe present s I Harry J. Tettemer, ef S t Loo is. dwelling on tbe corner of Terrill road date: -JLV Bag P . sfyers M. Hodge et al to E. B. F. Mo., has returned home after spsnd- and Second street. isg tbe week witb bis brotber-lailaw, Barry Flannery baa been detained Bandolpb, on southwest line of Grant Admission, Fifty CeM Jobn Moyniban. j at borne for a week •offering from a avenue, near West Fifth street f 1; Thomas Crocker et ax Thomas F. Mrs. Busan Henry, of Joliet, i 111., severe oold. Tfc*«» oa a l e at O , Park Smith st al, Xtt feet an 8ixtb street, bas -returned home after a pleasant Baylor's orchestra will famish tbe northeast of Clinton avenue, S3,216; vesne aad FMUta street. visit witb bar sister-in-law, Mis. B. usio for danoing at Earl's pavlllion Cornelius EL OuUok et nx to Thos. J. & 8waokbamer. j tonight. Maber, lot 6, block 1, Map of a Tbe Junior Auxiliary, of tbe Holy Jobn Alberta is detained at 'home Blimer Guliok, 91; Wm. H. Bobl et nx Innocent's Oburob, will meet this af- for a few days by illness. to Delia Lubeck, 128 feet on southeast remsf etf permaaeatlyfcyeketridty aa« ternoon in tbe guild room. tti^e of Weft Third street, northeast •will ijet retara; Mrtkaurks reaMvea. .




-'f. -


Syndicate Department y. Stores.

Plainfield, Wilmington, Morristown.

Hill & Shupp


XjB SAXiK — irarm, so acres; near 'TH) BENT—House, 9 rooms; all imLL kinds of sewing; also relining Fan wood depot ;maosdamf«ed road; -L provements; $96 per month. of furs and coats; neatly done. plenty fruit; suitable tor poultry or / ~ \ N E 10 rooms ;silimprovf(ments; $80. Mrs. Pedley, 9 » West Fourth street tmok farm: can be had on easy terms. 1180 6 Obarles L. Moffett, 909 North avenue, WO apartments, 6 rooms each; $10 ) R S A L E — Rider engine pump, Plainfield, N. J. 18 9 tf and $19. F. M. Bacon, 109 Ncrth Oldsmobile, doctor's buggy. Ad117tf dress Doctor, oare Press. ANTKD-Girl to do general house- avenne. 11 80 6 work. Oakland Hotel, Oarwood, OANS NEGOTIATED. J. T. Vail N. J. 19 9 4 LEASANT sunny room with board. 177 North avenue. tf




W PMn. J.B. Platt, 481 West Sixth St OLLS dressed for Christmas, t l I.UB8T-OLA88 he\p and flrst-dass 1180 6 Address 991 Clark street, WestD r places at the Swedish Intelligence field. '12 Offloe, 99 Somerset place. 5 4 tf ANTED — Stable manure by the ^ABMS for sale; real estate and inload or lot. Address O. G.,eare F surance. Wm.; H. Rogers, Plain W FLORIST. of Press. 19 9 S field, N. J. tf A, E. LIRCOLM, thej Park «ve. Flerlet, F S JTIiOsUBTa.

AMILY must sell immediately, maPBOIALTT Borth Plainfield properhogany upright piano; nearly new; ty ; houses to rent and for sale; fire good make; guaranteed; best offer. insurance in best companies; insurance Call 819 West Front street,
X keeping.


489 Wetahung avenne. I 1SS8

OUSES for sale, rent or exchanged; H inanranoe placed tn all branohes; money to loan; appraisements mat

}R SALE—Two fine oows, with tf oalf; |6£ each. Brookside Farm, Mnlford, opposite depot South Plainfleld. 19 9 4 NUMBER of choice building lota for sale, or would exchange them free )B SALE—Black of hot see; and dear im improved Sooth Plain aad dear for free and cheap. W. B. Obl 909 North Obarlea L. Moffett, 909 19 9 4 p field.


haa tanorcd to her new More. Kew stock. KTerythincin the oorlits' line. I^rgeat uaortmentof CUT FI.OWKRS In the aty. Order* filled at short notice for funerala. weddlon, e t c Floral dctigii work a ipedalty; Palms •odtabla fe^na. Telephone laaa. J O T •*•»* * « • • ! • • ,

Palma Ferns and Flowering Plants. STANLEY, 144 North tvtnvs, TeU 1583. Oreenboiuca m i Sooth Art. Tel. IJM.

Cut Flowers.

Floral Designs.

I S * tf Ave. LAT to let,$li; 190 West From MADAME E. COTTRELLY ANTED—Girl for general housestreet. TJ. B. Crane, 190 West st work; two in family. Apply 884 ! 1949 Front street In the Woodhull a Martin Buildleg. Ojulsomaveasje. 19 9 4 (Upetalre.) Services tomorrow at tbe Baptist tbe feature of tbe meeting of Miants •—Desirable heated room, with ONET to loan on bond aad orwtthoat ia private famUv Obarob will be: Bunday-sobool. 9-.30 nomo Tribe, N a 118, I. O. B. H. Mr. and Mrs. George Hoagland, of CA88-Entered m«a rest on' December 6, .gage. Obarlea L. Moffett, attorney, BeewUful Ready-alad« Sklrta In • at ber late reslaeaon. 6*8 Uehrldere ave- Address A. B., oare a. si. ; morning preaching, 10:45, last night. Edward H. Carney sang Frankfart, H. J., have been visiting 909 North evenae. u variety'of etyles and materials— noeyFUmfleld, V. J., EUen D., wffe of monthly oommunies will be held at tenor solos and Samuel Montross and relatives in this city. A N T iti \—Mm*Mmm and repairing. the late General Qea W. Case, in tbe A V T • D — A reliable person to made to fit all figures. tbe olese ef the sermon; B. Y. P. U., Oforge 8. MpQuinn essg a duett Tbe Address M., Press ofoos 1949 •Mb year of ber age. board hone for use of it during Funraal aervloea Monday morning at Black Taffeta Silk Petticoate In obief's degree was worked upon tour 7-p. m. ; evening preaching, 7 : TXTANTED—Young girl for chamber winter months. Address A. A. A., Daily Townsend *• Cra n Ite Works Pittsburgh, Pa. candidates. Past Great Sachem Wi Preaa. 1 9 1 « novel designs and in all sizes. VV maid and waitress. 91 Sandford Tbe obildrea ot Lorey J. Ellis, of WTHCKLEB—On Frldav.Deeamber 4.1908, and ; 19 4 9 Dressy Waists In black, white tbe boreugb. are tbe possessors of ons liiam Neweorn gave an aooount of s Marnret JL, woTal A. J. Wmeki^ avenne. TN8UBANOE on dwellings $4 on $1,000 smoker at Somerville at which be and dainty colors, in chiffon, creee T M l * aged 70 years. of tbe smallsst of donkeys. The dim OBONS for OaU <88 West X for 9 years. Abbott. North Ave. tf Fuaeral serviees at ber late reaUenoe, spoke last week, and remarks were d« chine and ether pretty and Fromt street 1948 n Park place. North Platnfiald, on MoatABGB pleasant rooms with board; novel materials. made by Great Chief ef Beoords O. day. December T, atS*0p.m. rOTJNG IristuBss also table beard. The Misses Peek, L. Holssetn, Deputy Great Saobem ooaohman or gsrdeser You will find here thorough reof raf 184 Orescent avenue. 11 94 ti MTLLEB-EnteiTd TLLEB-EnteiTd Into mat, at, Friday. Fri Jobn T. Green; aad Past Sachem Pb MJU iwiteU B BENT—Two and a-half X oheaged. Fire bMaraaoe, fidelity as compered with Mew York prices. Funeral services from tbe reatdeoee of welfare oomniiitee was instructed to her son, Dudley 8. Miller, 441 Orchard •mall bouse aad barn; $10 par la, plate glass and burglary msur . Concert by the Glee, Banjo and make arrangements for a snaoksr and place, Monday, December 7, at M0 p. m. month. J. W. Faulkner, 907 West snoe; mortgages at 8 par osut 1T1 Ynletide always suggests Maadolin Clubs of Princeton Uni- Interment private. entertainment to be given Deo. 19. Fifth street, Oity. 19 i 9 Northravenua. Baton itFrenoh. New candy. For that matter a uice O W I TOTJB 8TOBE. Terk Office 141 Broadway. Boom ISM tf I will arrange to build your store for versity at the Casino, box of candy is appreciated in GENTS wanted in every town in Heavier Penalty. the home at any time. j the Statetosell the Cornell safety I Fyoa have any real estate, for sale, you, furnish plans, specification! aad all With a big roll of bills in bis gas burner; aSpjiy I ration im- Lexohaage, or to let, send or bring full tbe money. You can pay for it on Speaking of sweets, sonic pocket. Obarles R. Brokaw was tourpossible. Address John Ferdoo, Gen- artocWs to Chart*. L. Moflets. No. monthly payments: less than you a n AHTED-A. ftrst-cl, candies need plenty cf "taffy" eral Agent for Stats of Hew Jersey, 161 W North avenue, Plainfleld, N. J. U tfnow paying for rent "f. i tbe month; vfcJta ing tbe oity yesterday telling a pitiful to sell them—Bnt j avenue. East Soselle, N- J. U f l tale of destitution and making money Tickets on sale at Armstrong's Hillside ai a a NIOHOLSON. T OST—Liver sad white pointer bitch; fast from philanthropic victims. Un-and Randolph's drug stores. First N a t Bank Building. ANTED—•8,000 at Sparoent on AJ answers to name of "NelL" Suitfortunately for rii«n he spent muoh of ASTED—PositioB by young man able reward for her return to Charles property worth on first BANK ELECTION. to make himself generally asefui; 8 Maltby, Plainfield avenue. mortgage. \ iirlrsas V., oan Press 19 8 8 his profits for alcoholic stimulants an City National Bank, understands horses. 711 West Fourth excess of which caused his artest and. AN > L E T — Barber shop; furnished. street 19 eM are so well known they sell Plainfield. N.J. conviction in the city court thias mor Watohang Ave. Oallahan oV Son, 800 Hi|^"nfflpd fflpdSStt Inquire strictly on merit—their purity 1 l ll l l t f OST—Leather By. and delicious flavor are sim- nieg on a charge of drunkenness end N e x t Monday at 3:30 o'clock in Arlington avenue, vagrancy. He was tn*d t i a I the Monday Afternoon d a b coarse ply unsurpassed. OOOSI, Please lease leave at this tm7ANTED—Situation for a young * * boy to be generally useful around ing, 10H Park av office or 194 West Fourth street Order a box of U*—and your ; L.BY_. house. OaU 401 Plainfield Ave. 19 4 9






jHuyler s Candies

Dec. 11,8:15 p. m. W W










sweet t » t h will cra^e for more. 8o cents per pound i

L. W, RANDOLPH, THE CITY PHARMACY, 143 W. F r e t * * * .

Tbe • » — ' » * • Bagland sapper


« - ^



id Ofainese wedding continued at , j 1 •»—» * » Vincent Obapel, yvtterday afternoon,! sad evening under tbe auspices of the "RJchardson and Frilding and their Ladies' aid Society, was wry Influence on the Modern HoreL" cessfoL everything being sold, i i was gratifying aad TbeCasiM. Admissioi, 25 Cnts pasreesge liberal. ••*=•,

ANTED—To exohange thoroughball dog fortopbogey <* Wbred as Dog, ease Press. Haadaome nhamtrnr set OUSEtolet, 9 rooms, oity water, of dsrk-qusrtored oak s t s *«"»»% eold water bath and water attest - HONEYMAH'S PRIVATE TOURS. Addnai OoioBJaL PrsasofOoe. • 1858 sretionery tabs; $18 per month. F. M 1 9 S 9 s t u D«c. a6. I903—To Old Point, Baoon, 109 North avenue. 1110 tf XPKRIENOKD men, •*>irr*"g Richmond and Washington. reeeiring dapaztmant, i iaa lady's ms>d; Feb. « 4 , I904—To Island of swayara. cdasvlaCV .no okjeoCuba. toaait P. O. BoxSs^




$20,000 I


OtJIes* sBi S o r t * sWea)t*rt


FARMER TON Why Bt Considers tta* United States a Marralotu CrantrV.

DIES AS SHE KHEBL3. A«Se K I I U Tcsss Wa • t Chi WkO* at Prayar at «*• CnlnaltwL

Amos H. VanHorn " that "Last" Ltd.

Miss Pansy Ballard, an lt-year-old student at the state university at Lin• l a «•*««>• fa • • K#l TraaJwa»«a U coln. Neb., swallowed carbolic acid' the other morning while kneeellng at the I tor SavaraJ Baals*!, jaf riaa •Mil confessional in St. Theresa's proBv«rr Day • • taw cathedral. • Staggering to her feet a few minutes later she whispered to the waiting priest that she had killed There are sevcfs.1 way* of catching herself. Ten minutes later she waa ••Is as well as of skinning them, afi«r dead. U**y are caught. The latest method of The girl was the daughter of fillss dotes both has baeo Introduced by Fred TOB 8wloke, a German, who calm* to Orr E. Ballard. a former banker at WHber. lagum. Me., last spring and began to but now engaged in extensive milling grow peas for market upon so«n« swamp and wheat interests in Docge City, land which he had purchased near Sa-' Kan. She and her sister nine to Lincoln a few weeks ago to attend the tankedunk stream. j The farmer vowed that the jrichland* state university. near the sluggish water were capable of' The Chicago Inter Ocean says the, yielding more green peas to the acre than gtrl was a devout Catholic and was u n tinea the area on the hills. The seed1 came up In due time, and showed an Inclination to grow, but btfor* the plact ware six Inches tall every one was eaten Off close to the soil by rotnt creature which visited ths farm by eight. Every pea vine was spoiled, but cabbages, turnips and other vegetables were allowed tp grow undisturbed. The crop .waa planted over many times without securing any, harvest worth the trouble. In August, after Von Swinke bad lost his seventh crop, and after ajl kinds of traps bad failed to give relief, be kept watch among the pea vines \ for two alfBts-. He was rewarded by seeing a targe number of fat eels climb up the low bank and Invade the pesi preserve, gorging themselves upon the foliage, and then escaping back to the sit ream. A New York correspondent isays that instead of feeling downcast lover this discovery. Von Swinke seemjed to be highly elated He went about the Tillag* rubbing his hands and telling what a wonderful country j America was to furnish eels enough tjo supply STAGQSftED TO HER FEET. a large city In every gardien that edged upon a stream of fresh water. desirous of seeking an education i at Then he bought a thousand feet of the . convent at Lincoln. Her father narrow boards and placed them end was Insistent that she go to the unito end around his pea patch until they versity. She first went to the conmet and made a frame for t!he crop. vent and then to the university. For Having done this h« dug a Hole near this she is said to have been gently his cabin, sunk a halt hogsheaj^ un- chlded by the sisters -and urged ' to til its chines were level with the soil break away from the university. She and filled it with pure water. Then. was to have had another interview by opening his fence and putting a with the mother superior, but rather Una of boards on each sld< of the than face her Importunities she took' walk leading from his garder he, h the poison. Included the tub of water within ttle For the past four years she has been cordon, of a very morose disposition. This , He sat up until nearly daybreak the was attributed to the fact that several following night, then he went out with years ago, in a spirit of bravado, and while accepting a dare from a companion, she placed |herself under the influence of a traveling hypnotist, who gave a performance in her native town. The girl left no note behind her, nor did she tell anyone of her intentions or threaten at any time to end her life. She left her boarding bouse in the morning without eating breakfast, and, coming downtown, purchased the acid. She repaired to the church and, after spending an hour In irayer and meditation, walked to the confessional and swallowed the poison. The first intimation the listening priest had of her act was when the ear he held to the aperture caught the -sound of a fall and a groan.

and have use all-the-year are here by the acre— more than you can begin to guess! Come and choose em before holidays actually get here—you wofiti be hurried, and selection* will be from full, unbroken lines!





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i> ItJ SUMs, Prep. • 4 in men XVEMB •a laaaaetlaa Sal afta



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« J '

$15.00. Frucht Cyela and Export ICo.


Special price on Spalding Nyack Bicycles


Jin Tdeal Cccation

Rosedale«Linden Park Cemeteries


Beautifui^lTccessibk 2 a i k s fra. EHukak, 7 MJItmfraa Ntwstfc. 14 MILES FROM NEW YORK


•mounted on a high ladder and paintkerosene can and smeared the the rear of a two-story frame surface: f off all ll the h boards b d with th«5 oil. Ing After this he blew out his lantern and house, caused a sensation in the Johnstown section of Jersey City. vent to bed. The first thinn he did when he got Crowds watched herder hours while T up at nearly noon was to pour about she transformed the color of the house from a sic', ly yellow to a beautiful ten quarts of Bait and a bushel of bardwoood ashes into the tub of wa- Nile green. The woman was Mrs. c»sirT«svs ata areaa. ter. No soooner had this been done LJzzie Maschlnsky. formerly Mrs. than tiie water was alivei with a Spectator, and the house was Laat in BRBAB, CAKES, PIES, STC which she lives. squirming mass of eels, which tied there waa much speculation as to themselves in knots, turned somerMade of the beat MttrHiV. saults and handsprings, and made t i e why Mrs. Maschlnski undertook the job. Her husband Is an expert with KAJLLY MORNING DSUVBRY. water boll with their convolutions. Soon! they were dead,, and then the the paint brush and usually paints all termer! bailed oat the water" and be- Dl the buildings which he owns, Magan to Mkln his Ash. ' There were near- schinski is well to do and owns much ly three bushels of them, all of good CKSBPOOLS AMD QABBAOI else and very fat Once a week since then Vcn Swinke has repeated the experiment and has made good catches every i ime. He says that eels will sooner rub through are than cross a board which has been JOM M M U aarf JOIIS • Ca>.. daubed with oil. Having crime to his gardenj to feed on peas early In the morning they bad found every avenue of eecjtpe blocked by kerosene and naturally followed the path until they had come to t i e tub of water, into nmm •»,•• IPVUM. which they had plunged In fanclcl : eurityJ •, The!salt and ashes not only killed the eeis« but n moved the slime from the fish, so the farmer had no trouble la skinning ib< catch. ;

S . Warnock,

144 West front St.

Ice Cream a Specialty.

MrSeJohn Brown

BECAUSE of the Sl.tMO.OOOTrust Fundprorid-



Otrl C»»t-ac-e» tm Mr « ! . . < . ! • cor.siiiv ru..)Li of htr tathtr't eon. l i s t she niH> go o c ths starr;. Miss 8HE DONNED THE TROISERS

Walter M. Ingraham. TERMS MODERATE. Address P. 0 . Box 635, City

property in the Johnstown section. When he commenced painting wm« MARY BECKER, new houses he took his wife to look them over. It did not suit her ideas VAULTS *G5SSP00LSGL5AfCD of how a house should be painted, and she told him so. "If you dont like the way I paint." said Maschinskl, "why don't you put I r a Swtsa sintlatkl. Itisastaodlcg puzzle that a! I blind «wln?- oa my trousers and show me how to P.O. Box323, Ptatofleid,N. J. saers are able to bold an almost perfect- do the job?" "I will." said Mrs. Maachinskl. "The ly straight course for very considerable distance*, though no more guidacce is house we live in needs a coat of paint, s j i s s them than some species of call or and 1 will paint it. but on one condivhlstle comiug ftvm the wincing goal. tion, and that is that while I am wearValley CoaL A Mind man, tn fact, desiring to go in ing your trousers you cook the dinner a straight line poss^ftftsthecurToasi pow- for the family." er of btlcg able 'o Co so Slrzcit i . MaschlnsVI took the dare, and Mrs. Vasphlnskl donned his trousers.


pcrpct .. I.OT OWNERS. BECAUSE such a guarantee, not found in any other cemetery, asftures lot owners that Uxe grounds WILl, 1iH MAINTAINED PERMANENTLY AS BEAUTIPUI. PARKS AFTER THK INCOME FROM THE SAXX OF I/3TS HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED.


GIGARS. 1 kti.

John Johnston. AH the bmfcradcs of

Cesspools and Vaults Cleaned

eor Uswrece.of South E

136 B. Seooad St., PlalnfieM, N. J. Oa Mail Line PennsytaBii Bailroad Tefcpatone 1712. Cor. Dlitr St. A Lincoln PI,TslUCKMBH AND RIOOBX8. Why Lab la these Cwnetarfe* coinmend themteliw to Heads of Families_yid A woman dressed in man's attire, and be satisfied. Tfcl.931. All vOI nodrt pvmp

Hew J r n r r Woman Painted HOBS While Her Leaser Half Did the UasHinrk. THE WATEK WAS ALP



BECAUSE MORE ADVANTAGES JLRB OFFERED TO I^OT BUYERS in s new Modern Park Cemetery than in those established many years and, in most cases, no provision made for perpetual care without extra expense to lot owners. THERE ARB A GREATER NUMBER OF IDEAI.LOCATIONS TO SELECT FROM, PRICES OP LOTS ARB ALWAYS LOWER AND TERMS MORE ADVANTAGEOUS. • BECAUSE life is most uncertain and EVERT ONE SHOULD ANTICIPATE THE INEVITABLE BY MAKING A CHOICE NOW OF A FINAL RESTING PLACE. LOTS WILL reovt< 6000 mvtmiBrr BECAUSE they are sure to increase in value and cam be purchased NOW at the INITIAL or LOWEST PRICE and upon the moat ADVANTAGEOUS TERMS. BECAUSE the -properties are ACCESSIBLE TO 4.000,000 PEOPLE, and considering the RAPID GROWTH OF GREATER NSW YORK and its TRIBUTARY CITIES and TOWNS, it is only a question of a SHORT TIMS when LOTS in ROSEDALE aad LINDEN PARK will EQCAL IN VALOB those of our MOST NOTED cemeteries. FOR INFORMATION concerning lots in thene beautiful Park Cemeteries, and FREE transportation to prospectiTe lot buyers, apply at once to any LEADING UNDERTAKER or offices of the Associations: 87


1. N. J . 7*B Barsaa A. A' . ._ ! • Wast 334 334 Stress. New Yi

Tfnstrial ArtiiL


HERE is no doubt the cat papalatioD ought to. be improTed, Ukewise diminished. One ol the nuisances of this land is the erer Increasing number of tramp cats that infest I t Starred, gaunt stoned by cruel boys, destroying tb« precious wild birds, making night hideous with their yowlings, they troop In country and town. Real lovers of UM feline tribe can wish nothing bettei than that these tramp cats be abolished off the face of the earth, and this should be done In the speediest most merciful way wbereTer they a n found by persons who hare at heart the interest of both the cat and human




YOUR FRONT DOORS should be attractive aad inviting. Has the finish begun to fade ? Let us grain them. "Whether 70a prefer mahogany, oak or waumt finish you'll find oar graining to be the handsomest **"* "u>st durable for your front doors.



Painting. I Decorating and Papering. Interior Decoratloa* a Sacdalty. FuU Uac of Paints, Oila, Vanishes, Wall Papers 3raaacs, Bte

J . M. TO

B. Y. Painting and MJ Dacoratfng Co., Car. Park sWvaao aaa t a a . a a



But rearing high bred, fashionable cats for profit—that is a different proposition. Women and cats somehow •eem to belong together, there being apparently a peculiar sympathy between them. A few fashionable Amer lean ladies have already established catteries for their own pleasure and entertainment, though not specially at a source of income. Among these U Mrs. Hofstra, who is especially fond of Siamese cats. She has' a cattery said to be worth $5,000, which costi her annually $1,500 to maintain. Mrs. Charles Wood Is another cat fancier, and her champion feline is priced at $5,000. In the matter of cat culture Englishwomen are ahead of Americans, they having made the cat fad fashionable a number of years ago. ID January, 1896, Lady Mareus Beresford founded the National Cat Club of Great Britain. It now holds annual shows which are very successful, 000 eate being entered for competition. Lady Marcus Beresford has the hand-" somest and most elaborate cattery In England. The cat fad there Is all th« more popular because Queen Alexandra Is a warm supporter of Improved cat culture and fond of the animals themselves. There might be profit in. cat farming —rearing the common feline. Just plain cat, for Its fur, which is becoming valuable as the supply of fur bearing animals is being exhausted. It is practically certain, however, that rearing choice and fashionable cats for sale would return a good income. It already does so in Great Britain, where a number of women have taken the business in haftd. A natural fondness for cats

First-class work my matto. TeL IJSS I Glass raraiahci aad Olaslas; aone.

IMPORTED WALLPAPERS English, French and Carman Makaa.

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JEWELERS. 219 Park Avetwe.

!i 11




Boice, Runyon i Co.,

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and a knack In taking care of them are necessary to begin. The rest can be achieved by intelligence, determination and perseverance. A requisite to success would be the PainU.6lls and Varnl»he» selection of fashionable breeds to rear for sale. The most present are the long, sKky, furry haired kinds, notably chinchillas, blue Persians and Siamese. 145 North Avenue. The chinchilla la of the color of the fur of that name. Her coal is extremely long, thick and silky, the tail very bushy. The cats In the cages in the illustration are chinchillas. The most famous cat In the world is a chinchilla, Zaida, valued by experts at $1,250. is a female and has taken more New Jersey Loan Co., Zalda than seventy cups and prizes. She be74* Bread Street, OapeaHe Paatafllee, longs to Miss Willoughby, an English lady. Chinchillas are among the most •EWAKK. • . j . ; fashionable cats of all, but they are Ukewise rather delicate, apt to be attacked with pneumonia and consumpFirst MattoMl JBank Ballrflng, tion. This makes them somewhat difficult to rear. It is to be observed that m-iis B. Vmat St., rtatoaeld, M. j . Room*). Sexsoxid Floor. a cat's longs seem to be its weak point Consumption, that, too, of a very inL«aM • • ranirttire, Plaaev, Or^mm*. fectious kind. Is not uncommon among felines. Almost or quite equal in favor with VmiOVT DUAT. the chinchillas are the blue Ferslaa cats. Angoras are the same as Persian, ' Angora being merely a. Persian town OU« MWffJISS IS COBPiOpaTIM. famous for its pure bred, handsome cats. The fashionable Persian blue cat Is a beauty among feline fanciers O H OFFICES M l and brings a high price The pure aad w« win bt pleased toexplaia a> get them heiot. . breed is all over blue, or what paases • » iac cheapest la the for. blue among cat people, without a hair's variation from this color. Asother distinguishing characteristic of bine Persians is an orange eye, Oat ••• appears in no other cat Then there is the Siamese cat, which mews louder than a cat of any other breed can do, though it split its throat For this reason some persons do not like Siamese cats. Still, those who do like them are enthusiastically fond of Opp. BorthAvsk, P1aln«aid. i . J . . them, and that makes up. This breed ! S• of cats in 8iam is only allowed to be /' owned by the royal family. That of ', Dealers la j . Itself Is reason why It should be cultivated by fashionables. The Siamese .. cat of this breed Is of a fawn color..,; Some specimens'of the tribe owned byLady Beresford and considered very rare and valuable are of a chocolate tint The hair of cats of this breed is:: smoother and shorter than that of the Persians, and the eyes are always blue. A characteristic is two or more bald spots on the forehead. Sei«.s)cMte]H.j. Pulp flatter The most successful and profitable ittery. of course, will be that In which the pets are allowed to live most nearly In the nataral way. MART EDITH DAT.

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MERCHANT BROS.. PUIrfleld • I l k * Cream Cc.r 191 North Ava'

There Is Profit la It

decermtera, Palaten a Pafcrkaagera. us Hsaw-aa4 Place. TeL MO A.

Get Your Groceries WM. HARD I ft SONS,

If •Tinf Vans and Storage Warehoase

Of prime importance, too. From farm to yon oar MILK is handled in the oleaneat and most oarefal manner. A s inspection of our establishment will attest that it's theoleanestand most sanitary to be found anywhere. We'd lito to hare YOU for

441 Waat Front Straai.

anywhere 1

Bedding, Stoves, Ranges; No


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nt 1

Bicycles, Photo Supplies, Kodaks and Cameras. Bicycles Stored, Gleaned and , ' Repaired. Developing. Printing and Mounting.



Dealer ia

five pieces, cherry frame, damask inn;


Another Raaaon Why


DtlhrerUt nom «r




Use Press Want



Reading System

Fnaj* OrewVu aa, Btfvard $8, L. H. OUrk $9, F. M. WUliaaaa $8, RAILROAD. KAIL* Aoienrned mating of tbe Beard of Angaat Rltaar. f a n OU>k, $8.80, r CwrtraL Cboaen Kr*«boldw* of ibe Oonnly of Tboa. Tnoapaa. $8, Heary Beadn $8, few StaXart BafJnMi af George Cord** $8, J. A. BaUlday $8, Tbaa, Tbonjpeoa), rest, $11, A. O. Tnsr.d*7. Oc*ob*r 16. 1908. at 1*> •BTOOT BT a Hopklna $8, a Y. Bowera $8, a H. UC AUTOMATIC BLOCK ^oTl o »1 tbowed aU • e n b e n pree- B«ader $8. Harasan gnhlaajokml gfeHALfTg*sBL $8, O. & Miller $8. Oec D. Waterat "xbe mionlMof the prSTtono Meeting m, s. s. Bntb m, a A. Doyie i s . j . On aad After Hov. at, INS. ( ,b* rending of bills being-Bitted) B. Jobnstooe «t. Fro*] Bobmidt * , will leave BUaaboth aa follows! OB motion approved aa re*d Kiehard Paniatoa $8, Kdward L, Head, Trains f • • a aa—F*»t U M daily, wtth PuUaaa •ova olerk and rent, 1*8.60. W. M. nTITIOM. COMMCJMCATIOKB. »TC •eatlboie ParioF&raTfoe Mtftmro and QevalaDd, Bertharn aad Baatarn Pensawk af asim «8, H. P. Bobineon «8, W. B. From John at. Kogers. adjntant 8ten berry »8, B. C. Ktab $8. da town 8«oood Regiment, N. J., by direction Veatft>ale Bleepto*; Oaa Vob DtalBar Okr, rfColon.l Collins, Meting mat> the desk and rant, 996.66; Wm. Cock, town olerk, tM 00: Gee. MoOilvery, forPtttaharo' and Chieafo, forToleeo,es> aLood Beglmsnt would Ttotl Elism- Jr. |8, Wai, D. Boll m. A. O. Han-a^pB^Pae&steajreSBjdaUT, with PollClb oo Wednesday, lh« SMfa ot Ooso$8, Isaao O. Roll 18, Linden aaan VaetloBile StoeaaDTOmnu/or Plttsbeis;, ber for porpoees of precttoel Military eoek rent. fl5;8. R. Oolo, bor Toledo and Chloajo, dally, Ht Knoxvttle, E«ract.oo.%itc.. and lnviled thio towntblp, Boate, for CUreclerk, 997.60; H. L. Blancke «8, vU MhewaiWIoaaTaUey Board to wttnee* »be eame oo McOand- ongb LSatnrday. W. B. Oonaldeon |S. A. B. Corbet fB. BV. l t T p less VM&. 8ontb Blisabatb. Colonel M. O. Lowden 98, Lonis Zaebas. rent, Oollln* woold alao tender a review of •16; James K. Millett | 8 . J. M. Ibe^regtmeDt at the Otty Hall about Scboonovet 98. J. H. Edwards 98, 4-16 p m. of laid day. Jobn Bedssan 98, O. W. Bebooaover, On motion of Freeholder Farrell, boroogb olork, 90 86; Oca B. Beaman, rent. 916; L N. Crane, rent, 916; K. accepted and placed OD Ble. From the Elisabeth Water Oom- A. Willlame 96, A. A. Potter 8. Jesse* 98, W. O. Tott-n 98,'J. M. Elisabeth, » . J.. Oo*. 14, 1908. a Homer borongb olerk, $5 60; Frank Mr J. K. Hobbard, Obairman Board Badglev, Sobl 98, Wm. 8immoo* 98, L. A. of freeholder*. Union County, N. J. : Bercmiller 98, George Herqert $8, B. K y t c i r Oaptatn—I enclose yoo copy do V. Parker, town clerk, 918: T. W. win l a u w v w , x w s i a u n r aaai anusjBBnie— of lettera lent to Mr. N. W. Bonnel, Oecbner, rent. 916; Wm. Gron 98, w Tork OBl>^ «sT ^ w ^ k d i j a ; 8Uam,ltt, Oajjaaa. Bwadaos—SOiam! rrprewollog 8pringttel>l Townabip in Blobard Pbalr 98, K. J. Mooaey 98, Far Attaiile Cftr-0 00 a s*7f • » as. BOBthe Board of Freeholder*, and Mr.Jobn J. MoOratb 98, Obao. M. Beam Noah Woodruff, representing Union 98. T. J. 800U 98, Artbor R. Fink 93 Townabip. G. B. Tosteey 98. F. B. Pennington I am sore that yoo will appreciate 98. Samael Borbana $8. H. P. Man- FOB A n u n o Orrr—Thronsh Twttbotad the importance of prompt action in ning 98, B. N. Brown 98, O. W. lor- »i|»i 1— Trains, BnCet Parlor Can. Passes k-er Oaeeh. aad Oostblned Ooaob, 3 * a. a relation to tbo matter referred to la Mr | 8 , E N. HUl 98, Leejls J. a n d • M p . si SJBOB, day*. Tiaiiiaa lOOaaa Ibe letien. Yoero very troly. Ooombs, rent, 915: H. E. Ferris $8, Boodays, 1 . Sunday* FOB CAPS MAV-Bipiaaa. 101 ntckt. «aUy. via.: mey 98, W. F. Sickery 98, George W. weekdays. The Blisabatbtown Water Company. Paraell 98. M. H. Hlggins, Town l^a_BABrWJ.*-101, 0*0. 040. m ? 00, 000, Elisabeth, N. J., Oct. 14, 1903. Olerk. 9U-60. 90.60: L. H. Leagett, Mr. N. W. Bonoell, Member of Boaid Boroogb Olerk, $10.95. W. J. Kelly, of 0no*en Freeholders. Jr. 98, B. L. Oolwoll $8, Charles D. week-days. Snndaya, 101, w7o.B Springfield Townahip, N. 3. OastlelRb $8, F. J. Daabaneek $8. • U , S 4 7 » A M B V 0 4 0 a n d U M USD, Mr. Dear Sir—I d«*ire to call yonr Freeholder Swain moved to adjourn 1 is, I «T, < St. 4 ««7* MV* 40, a St. T OS. Tfl. T M, •leePns. * S 1 ? S « . t ISmilnV. 1100and u i « a . m . •tieotioD to matter of bridge on Mor- whloh wat carried, and tbe Director m, S4S, 110, SOS.OOT, rli avenoe at the Rabway River. My declared tbe Board adjourned nntil FOB Maw BKtmswicx-1 U40, 1ST S04.T4SaTt»?••«, jodgmrnt it that it woold be economy Tbersday. MOT. 6, 1908, at 9JW U«a.av a 7 « : •«,T44,am, 10osu•»** for the Board of Freeholder! to oaos* o'olook p. m. se Table in maSTmir. ». MaH 01Jatf>mt4* Tlsse .t4*,1047a.m.iii \Vf, suaodnoof?. au tbe present bridge to be remoTed and • . 8. Baallng Byno, Olerk. TB SOUTH rLATBTFIBLIk, II. J. FOB WOODBBUMU ABTB PSBTB AJOOT—• 40,





0 9 E T

Wo'll leaa yo« f n * B HO 09W0 I d i t




There's BO delay—a* rod Wo oak*

FURNITURE, pianos, 000., as security—let joe, keep the goods, too.

Positively Ro Publicity of any kind. Oar rates are tbo YXBT LOWEST. Toa can pay as back in little Installments to salt yoo. If yoa oannot oall, write, and we'll ooad oar representative to


^skaaae I t f a s a


make loans la PLAIH. TOLD and all snbnrban towns. • utual Latan a Imcatmant Co., u8 alarkat St., Bcwarfc. M«w Wood Bldg. Kooma 14-13. >d Boor.



TITUS H. LAURY, Mason and Builder. 8MALLEY BROS.,


N E W YORK, Dec. 5.—B. O. D n n as


UBEaTTT AID FOHRTN STf. pe arw o n * of any epeoleiltlee

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D. S. Miller's Pharmacy, Park AT*, aaa Vaarta Bt

iancardto taetwarairat of yoar


•r experience as dentists, alao oar aartanila sad prices aye worthy

DRS. LEONARD, 104 E. Front St., Plalnficld.

Insurance and Real Estate Re. 146 Park Ave. J Batata Appraised. Properties Sold aad , baaas Itsgeclatad. tf

T*L s n .

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YOU use Naajlc's Violet Aaunonia, nalcent itch Cream of C B l S BaaelSoait, which i are Deceaaarr artides l to to Buke op sad 1beaatWr th the skis.. Us*Naaie only,•, made of ofpurpoi



C. tVI. N A Q L B ' 8 j puscwrrioa rmaJuiACT, ' West Promt aaa Srewe Strewta, Tal. TT«. Plalsftalai.

POSTAL FRAUDS TRIAL; Coaaael (or the Accused Dear Fwtmm F a d e r u e Mas*. BALTIMORE, Dec. 5.—Pinning confidence In their belief that the prosecution has failed to make a pritua fade ' case against former Postal Clerks Thomas W. McGregor and Columbus E. Upton, counsel for the defense la the now widely known trial for alleged conspiracy to defraud tbe government by selling leather pouches at exorbitant prices decided to close the case without putting a single witness on tbe stand to testify for their clients. When United States District Attorney John C. Rose announced to Judge Morris and the* Jury In the United States circuit court that tbe government had produced all Its testimony It was generally thought that witnesses for the defense would be called imme- , dlately. William 8. Bjrjan of counsel. for the accused sprung a decided surprise when he arose and said: "We do not think the government baa made out a prima facie case, and therefore we will offer no witnesses." Mr. Bryan then announced that prayers would be prepared and exchanged between counsel. Argument on the prayers will be offered Monday. Tbe court will not sit on the case. General argument on the entire case will begin after the prayers «»re argued upon.

Hodges Pharmacy.

J. C. Pope & Co., Reliable goods in all Departments.

The Frehr Murder*. BUFFALO. Dec. 5.—Circumstances strong enough to warrant the preferlng of a charge of murder against one INSURANCE Agency for Belle'Mead Sweets. in connection with the brutal murder AGENTS, of Mr. and Mrs. Frehr and tbe hidlqf Y.M.C.A. Building. of their bodies In the ground are rut i o Bast Front 8 t , Plainfield, N. J. Tel. 210 A. mored to have developed here. The BDUCATIOKAIJ. charge against Charles Bonier, the old man who admits that be forged the name of Frehr to deeds of property, has not been changed. Mrs. Lindholm lfl CARPENTER AND BUILDER, still detained as a Witness. Both she Resumed Sept. 17, 1903. and Bonier were examined by tbe disai Regent Street. Miss Anna 0 . Marsh and trict attorney and his assistants sevMiss Minnie S. Marsh. eral times during the day. The police Tel. 254a. seem to be devoting all their efforts Vlrajll Clavier OUthoa. a Specialty. toward weaving a net of clrcumstan- , 9ls M a d i s o n JL-v. tial evidence around Bonier. An offiBO YEAR*" lalnficld Business College, cial said that they were satisfied that EXPERIENCE CITY aaa*. SUILDISJO. tbe Lindholm woman knew more about the case than she mas willing to diD A T A N D N I Q H T BCH^OL. StadeBtscan enter at any Urn*. vulge.


-Piano Instruction-


"Weather Probabilities. Fair; fresh west w nil*.




CorV*MOHTS & C t a sketch and 4

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Closlaaj Slock q u o t a t i o n s . Money] on call t a s er a t 6 per c e a t Prime ipercantile pajjer, «4(C% p«r cent. Exchanges. KKI2.K34.t31; balance*. tt.tl2.T7L Closing prices: from the old-established jeweler, Amal. Copper... 41H K. T. Central... 1114 Atchlaon :. «7% Wort. A W « t . . . 07% g- * 9 WH 1'enn. R. R 117% Brooklyn R. T.. 47% Heading «4U who is now in his new stbre, C..C..C. A St. L. 74 Jlock Islam! . . . . *% Cha*. A- Ohlo....KH lit. Paul 44Mt 136 Park Av*., Plainfield, N. J. ChL A Northw. |«8K Southern P a c . . . • * * lt» liouthern Ry.... W% Bvery ArUd* I* ODABAimsb. n tJ t a Uh 2 - * H •»•• » ilouth. Ry. pf... TO


Mehrtens. Bggerding, Henry OaoecaasT to Pawltr,

Henry j . Wierenga,

B . Ok Omm as Co. R«por« W w k 1 !

Co.'s weekly review of trade says: Trado that btloaws to Via-Toae. ; la seasonably quiet except in tbe lines) afn la vWToatc that makes oae haagrrj fected by weather and those embracing" It is T I S - T O M that aaahca oaw eajoy » holiday goods, which are In good do» n Is VfavToae that baUde »p aad *tVu?Toac la for h a t , heart *** W* mand. Activity is especially conspicuous among footwear jobbers and re_o«b'jm. It Is a powerfal aatneat tonic, rcc stricter aad diceataaU-Hot a drag or patent tailers. Commodities are generally low; er in price, although a few important aat doat taVe AT KBA-opposition, and such business as comes BOBABUt PRICB8. forward is bandied without interruption. Another good sign Is that tbo past week has brought no further reSchrelner's Pharmacy duction In prices. J • C»r. Both arrivals and shipments of wheat avraae aeal S s s o i make poor comparisons with last year's Telephone No. 671. figures. Receipts were 8.284.203 bushels against 9.9&.G59 a year ago, and exports. Including floor, amounted to only 3,492,158 bushels against 5,340.739 In 1902.


Almost new lumber Bartle's Stone Yard ! at half price,

ft. KANE,

Bet fvea Oars. > Test Vta-Toae yosrself. Cenvtace r*nnelf. them ten others the weaderfol peculiar power

With Prult 6yrupe 6econd to Nofio.






Uhlgh VaUty gallmd.

plaoe ao iron brain bridge instead, at «at, 1114, a n . 10t.SU, 4aS. l « 7 , ( l S . T n , : S a leait 70 feet long and have the nnder Okank. • 01 p as, aad a 81 nlirbt, week-day*, • n n «M Farallare. •ide with beami at leaat one toot daya, 1 0 » , U 44 a m, 6 40 aad 10 16 p m. Cane or wicker furniture is bv far FOB higher than tbe arohea of the preeent sUas M n u n n - T 10 a m, a 40 and MB aaedlste statleaa, p • week-day* bridge. Tbe preaent itroctore will al- the beat for sleeping rooms. It i« light JlonetloB for ways came trooble in backing op of and easily cleaned, and is Just aa com- FOBTBBanoa-IOH, • • * , 710. tOB.fSSS,»OT, stonBrUc*. ftss,noOL u u • • , is4a, ISTSOI a s s water over the entire Notion. Tbii fortable as the beavy, dirt-collecting, lSa,frsiVT4>,S>TUM 4a, IST.SOI, ass, •Bggettton ha* been before tbe Board disease-breeding, stuffed variety; In pam. Bnndaya, 101, of Freeholder* a nomber of time*, ••«. daily BK. 1ST, » i X fS4C, and wtiilat there are other portion* of fact, more comfortable and Infinitely FOB I^AMaBBTf UAM, bnl* train J* Wllkae Bane. tbe qonnty demanding nfw bridge* safer and more healthy. Ruga. If not BA CBinra A»D BrBOtTDaBDBO,VIATBB>O« Car via D.VH. B. B. t e ~ and repair*, there i* hardly any plaoe discarded altogether, should be cleaned - 8 St. 10 a am. 204 aad « 4 2 p m , ( U a a boadato. • H p. aa. dally ( that r qoire* it aa badly aa Morri* often and thoroughly. Of course, one and 6 42 p m Sunday. Avenue at the Rahw,ay BiTer. likes to have one's room decorated FOB FLBKUTOTOH—ion a at and 104 p m. Very truly your*, with pretty things, but let It always be FOSJAMBSBDBO VTAMOKMOtrrB Juaonoa— BuaatoTToronto aad Okilaa*;" aad salnatSOS, U 40 a m , 4SBpm week-days. pallntOTmcdlatestatleaaexDavtBoelNStea' Tbe Eliaabelbtown Water Company. In moderation. A room Jammed full of FOB FBSZHOLD VIA MOKMOUTH JOTOTIOK— S 0* 11 40 a m, 4 38 p m week-day* Sundays, (Signed) J. W. Wbelan, Secretary. things, no matter how Ornamental they •OT a m . Copy to Mr. Noah Woodruff,; Mem- may be. becomes stuffy and tlreaome to FOB Loao BBABICB, AaatntT P A B S , OOBABI bar ot Board of Oboten Freeholder*. the eye. GBOVB. ABT ronrza oa Haw TOBK A>D -• ' j . .uv:::, . Onion Townahip, Union Oonnty, N. J. L o g BBA>s. ttun,am.lWandpmee s. ttun Tbe copy of the foregoing letter a* Drlleate Sabjeet. daaBfillUS& *a,BfillUS&, a m aa n dd 540 pm p . St Stop at sent to Freeholder Woodruff wa* al*o etlk Aaburv Pazk and Ooeas lnletlakan tot Aaburv AD old merchant of New York city O*A*esfansta.Bs,aassasT».as. preaented and read. d Ontva on who. as he himself phrases it. has the FOB On naliiiiaT* aiiB>7ia«r>iiBiTaaBi BaooaXTir, N. T.-AU throagh train* Freeholder King moved that tbe misfortune to be named Gulteau. was H f f rOBKMAIUV. oonneot at Jersey City with boat* of Penncommunications aa read be received Annex, afford Ins direct transfer and placed on file, whieb after a etat*- it turning to his country bouse on the •ylvanl* to and front Fulton street, avoldlna; doable ment of tbe taota in the oaae by Free- Hudson the other evening, when he was ferriage aad journey acroaa New Tork Oltr. bolder Boonel, ot Springfield, and hi*approached by a, stranger who had ob- UtAva N n T o u r o i t u i i u T B - r n a Arrive-Otao a. s u H i aad Ml 9- m. Vest Twenty-third Street S t i • la • Si Close- TJOs, BJuttl aad « • » . m. »pre**ion of belief (bat a new bridge served the nameion highland bag. "Exwoold be of advantage, It waa ao cuse me, sir." began the unknown, curiordered. osity and trepld ation bleeding in his ~JIBW (vaunts* tone, "but are you—are you a—a brother fc By Freeholder Woodruff: of the gentleman who—er—-er—had the tsf faV B& uSa"5?nv*^&. 1 5 *»t 4BB.4t2.S10, *40T taiTtM, 7 66, Beaolved, That a 00mm it tee of five little difficulty wlith PresidentGarfleld?" I0 K la, 0 «s7fOI.10l6 p m. aia U10 nlcht. be appointed to examine a bridge at "t" Stops on notice to Agent or on signal, Milliown, over tbe Rabway Ktver, For time from Desbroaae* and Cprtlandt witb power to replaoe tbe u m i in aa Abroad Beit competition was got streets ooDsalt K>cal time-table* to 1» proa ao good condition aa it wa* before tbe cored from aceota. np at Horn bu re and aroused much flood, at a ooat not to exceed f560. W. W. ATTBBBr/BT. J. B. WOOOI n a prize was offered to amusement, wh Freeholder Robteon moved tbe adop 5*Vi M'c'r. Pa**. TralBo M'v*r. MB Tkroms|M tion of the reaolotlon wbiob waa aothe best-dresse< woman, the judges all GBO. W. BOYD, General Paeapnjrer AxenC ordered on roll call by an noanimooa to be men. Th prize was a handsome * tAWl. WAT0H0ll>. W vote. gold locket, studded with one large Tbe director appointed aa aald oom ruby, and icclosfng a tiny looking-glass. mitten Freeholder* Woodinff, Bonnel There were many entries, and AmeriT. M. .NGRAHAM, •DUDAT Klo, Kmhree and Gady. cans made a good proportion of the O**eo»eafiosBMI0o Tlie following bill*, properlv audited and approved, were on roll call unani- number. Finally, an American, Mrs. Sleinwar. won thep the prize. VaSILT* - • • • CBSSrOOLS CLSABBB uootly ordered paid, v i i . : -' • DAT OSl RIGHT, Win. Howard §449.96. O. K. N-r{-•oil ablaprion. «an 930, John L. Orowell «60, J. W. Miss Cutts—He s an awfully InquisiMurray, Jr. $60, O. Adaiaon Swift ••• I N.J. •60, Robert H. Mo Adam* $50, George tive bore, Isn't he? ,i i). Wllaon $30. I. 11. Hewitt $15, N. Mis* Ann Teek—O! awfully. H e w J. Advocate *4» 75, H. U Lampbear trying to find out my age the other day, > '.'. am giving away $155, Elisabeth Daily J on rnal $89.80, so I just up and told him I was 50. That Oraulord Oitisen 9*3 80, Evening settled him. Time* $58.80, Conner-New* $68 58. Miss Cutts—Well. I guess It Is best to Bammit Kooord $43 80, S. Rnaling Byno $50, $100; Jobn J. Holloban $8, be perfectly candid witb that sort of , a F. Kyan $9, Onatav Hora $9, O. H.fellow.—Philadelphia Press. ! Foramen $8. E. J Harrington $8, V. r. Uonboy $8, F. H. Danfortb $8, and pay tbe highest prices for old Aa Kmur Solsitloa. Adam Mitagur $8, Jobn King $8, Wm. A teacher was trying to Interest bla buildings. V. Moore $8. B. If. Wehler $8. Mat- class in foreign matters, and asked: 1 Tread Mill with Saw, 2-horse thew K. MeUrmlh $8. Jobn J. Byrnea $S, Henry Pflog $8. Oscar B. Johoaoo "Does anyone know how-to make a running gear wagon, and buggies, $8. Barnard Hammerer $8. Jobn Sny- Maltese cross V coal screens, ,and stone of all kinds "Sure," responded the smallest boy of at cut prices. d*r $8, D. J. Oanntngnam «8, Tbeo dore Orowell $8. Jobn F. Tarlec $8, tbe lot. ObarlM Barnnger $8, Robert D. "Tell as bow." said the teacher. Bultb $8, Henry Ledenbam $8, Jobn "Step on her tail."—^hrlstlan AdvoJ. Higgina $8. $1: Oliver R. Hatfleld C. O. D. CIOAR. $», David M. Henry $8, A. J. Ryan eate. $8, B. J. Lavln $8, W. M. JfUbboagb 312 FIUMOBE AVE. W O I *•»•>!? r a l M Tawtku $8, Jobn A. Lois $8. John Woadlor •tthe Soldiers of the British army, not be$8, Robert F. Daly $8, Anton Martin $8, bonu Smitbmao $8, J. Canty $8. low the rank of (ergeant. who Incur such Edward Baldwin $8, James A. Sey- lots of teeth as would otherwise cause atoor $9. Thoa. B. Kmttb $8. Barrj A. their discharge as Invalids, are to be proART 6T0RC Exprm—mmm and Trueksaasi. Smitb $8, Harry 8. Down* $8, Albert vided with artificial teeth at the public Loner $8, Was F. Carroll $8, Oliver expense. If In the opinion of the medical «|f S^Bawaajaajd Track AU Harriaon 98. Henry L. Niem«y*r $8. officer they rill thereby be rendered cfA. J. Oooord $8. Valeatlne Miller $8, i Ueorg* Meeaiag $8. » . B. Child* $8. flcient. A. A. Kletnbaa* $8. Jamrs P Olark A Mai l«r it D»»M$9. ^barlea A. Reilly $8, Daniel City Bdltor-I notice that 1* this Mebegaa $1. $8; Jaaaea W. Riley $8, 1 Jamr* Rydar $8. O«orge Hlctor, Jr. account of yesterday * wedding yoo re$8. Waa Freer 98, Too*. J Kama $8, fer to the "happy couple." Antbooy Better $8. Jaasea P. Kelly $8. Reporter—Isn't that all right? F. O Ogden $8, F D Mora* $8. Jobo City Editor—How many times have I A. Clobber 9*. U. W. Baker $8, T. B.told you that you ware to give farts and Office, 333 E. Front St. ' Z47 Nortka A « « a a o \ CUrk $8. Tboma* H Fox $8. Dearttt not guess at things?—Town Topics. O Towal'T $8. T. F. Btem* $8, WilTH« S « t t l a « . mmmtmt • • * ! Prwwt Wwrft liam A. Miller $9. A. K Meeker #8, Philip A DongHerty $8, B. U Lawrence $8. H»tl Mobeod. Jr. $8. T. K One cop sugar, nearly one-half cup butWbeoirr $8. O R. Heanqoo* $V. Frank ter, one and one-half cups floor, one-half A White $S. Frank R Kirk «K, cup cold water, two eggs, heaping teahialrst Carpenter and Builder, Eng-nr I.^tl- $8. r. J. Ccooio $8, 3.spoon baking powder, one-half cup walmarket. D. B Rttter $9. Coe W. Snatth $8, nuts. Cot the nuts in one pieces, frost : 6 6 D««T St. Petvr J Jobntoo $8. Fitaw«»4wf«f 1 cheerfully girai. •ar»U$8. Q.>Taora$8 H. W. Leek the cake and pot whole nuts on ton.-* Jobbfatgnomptly Attended to. $8. J V o - h u / j t $8. W. R Townarod Boston Globe. $s. J. W D«arion $8, Oi a*. Miseer• > > « • « * Xlcfccfa. acaith $8, C B. Chtton. rerit, 15. W. Ot-Jers called lor aad The new French nickel is not only a T Newman $8. X. R Flyon. jf8. R. Telephoaetj A a Laren $8. O. A. Sbaanoa $8. Jaaoea public convenience, but a source of In— JOMIN WIRTH - ^ J. Kane $8. J. T. Dan bam $8. William come to the treasury- The issue of A Craig $8. J. J. Eia>a«ry $8. Ira Q. 16,000.000 of the coin* cost la nickel Hailoert $8, J. T. Marray, eity olark, $90,000. and for stamping. $88,000. leav$108. Wai a Milar $&. Cnariaa A. ing a sat profit for tbe treasury of Moore $8. John J. Ooffev $9. Thoaiaa I « w*B A. Roarke $8 Thoma* Urmatoa W. J SOtt.oao ,


The Nanuf acturiRs Goafectkmer.

G*n. Electric...t«m ilugar

jOHNH.McClilLOUGH, Practical Electrician, 105 West Front Street. •PhoswaiSAaadOla.



Illinois Cen 130% "exum Pacific . . M% Leckawanna....24414 Jnlon Pactflc . m t Loula. * Nasb..lcn;H U. S. Steel U Manhattan 140*4 U. S. Stsel p f . i . tt% Metropolitan....1» 'Vest Union . . . II Missouri Vac.... K% Bew Tork Hatrfceia. FLOUR—Quiet, but 1 till arm; Minnesota,

K H « 4 i ; winter straJsbtaMtf rktenta. W^wlnter estru. »M$.J5 wfiteriStJItS: :

S. HIRSCH, The low Tort Ls«W TailorftFarrtor 43s Watekaag Avcaao.

Allen B. Laing, Electrician — ' ToL ijp.

K2. CORN 134 Mertli Ave. UaB> ^ ^ ^ h l U ^ w ^ e r n ^ ___ ^


A. H. ENANDER. • • « ! a*>* Watar


J. W. VAN SICKLt, •aa Sawtfc 1 M . ,


VtmlmtUM. a . J.*

Fresh ft Salted Mcati Oidars called for aad dcavwad Teicphoaetlta. •*! a.


Us Advertised Mail Matter.

W. * , Movember jo, 19s*, We have in stock all tbe latest B. new and rare Plowering Shroba, AmMraarfth. Mrs C B Rose Bnsbeo, Vines and Hedge Brows. Was I, M Ml h Plants. Shade Trees, large and B small. Fruit Trees and Bashes, Oaraaap,Mra^a)e*S Bodcera, Mr Fnak Evergreens and Canada Unlesched HetAeld, Mr ] Hardwood Ashes.

eStra ereajnery. 4tc; CHEESfc-^TleV? state, fall cream to .small, colored. September^' . M54C ;«maJl. white. Saotei

September ite.; ute n^Zae. 10Ke. JEOOB-Plrm; st»u Tnd P»n«y Wants extra*. He; wentrrnflftt*.tec.

- BUOAH—Raw rrmliial: /ah- reflolns: rel I J-l«^f3%c; centrlf-ys I, K teat. I l1l M ? reflned quiet; crushed *.OJc.: p6wj

Live S l e e k CATTLfc-Marttet

; e>oUt. $ZM

* * • * *




to learn how little a Life Insurance Policy suited to your means will cosU Suppose you investigate.

The Insurance Co. of America. H M K Office: 4 NEWARK, N. J.



5. 1503


You May Be Surprised





Jt D. WARD. Vice tiwbitnt. X . SWOOOOTeSia . s v u ^ a a. WARD. «d vie* m poaaJtST r. BUVDKN. 3d vfcw KDWAB.D CRAY. Sccrrtarjr. C. H. BALU, Sup't.. Eooaw >Y*. Sank Buildinc. K. Frost St. sad Park A«c iSt I Box ?9&. rUlnSeJd. N J. , %. Telephone No. 1343 ,

SIDE UGNTS OH TIMELY TOPICS NOTED (XotJoiaftgttklB eotoam wm be free f ^ y r ^ c h this onVe by W o'clock III PASSING.

BaaXlat. Patrick Foley, of this etty, aaya be ObasBbllss, Firas—Bar. ••• killed a Mack adder saeasunng forty _ . Communion servlee. 1030, Saadar-sobool; 7, OL K. meel- laebes, Wednesday, at tbo oorner of North avenae aad Borakatan street " preaobing by pastor. Pars: Par* Aveaae 10 JO aad 7:90, preacb- Ibe —liaaf was BStrtiaUy hidden te« by BST. Frank Fletebsr. under tbo snow. Third Street obapel—8, SunObief of tfce Firo Dopartateait T. O. ly-adbool; 8, Her. George Bowers. Doaae bos iasaad bia annwal warning r-4» :Befora>e«. BB1 to boosokoepers aad proprietors of Trinity J Bev. Dr. Cornelius Sohenck. pastor—10 dU, Sacrament of tbe Lord's stores agalast tbo daager of fln from Mapper; 8 30, Saaday-scbool; 7:30, Christmas doooraHoM of light, inpreaching by tbe pastor, sabjeet, flammable material. Ho advisee tbe "Christ aad tbe People." German, Bev. Joha Jastta, pastor— pablie as follows: • 30, Sunday-school; 10:90 and 7:80, Tbo bolbs of alaotrio Ugbts need in decorations sbomld never bo covered serviots. *• Manxmnier obapel — 1*0, Benday- itb anything inflammable. If o!eosoboal^ 8, add trio Ugbts a n installed, tbo wiring ibytortaa. mast bo inspected by tba proper Cresoent Avenue, Bpv. John Bher- authorities. A disregard for this Zelie. pastor—10 -M and 7:«. proaoblna; by Bev. Dr. Tbomaa O. warning means tba violation of one of tbO stnoteat clauses of the inraranoe Hall; 3:90, 8unday-aobooL First Presbyterian. Bev. Obaa. K policies. Herring, pastor-Preaobing morning If children or older persons are to and evening. be dressed in oostume at any enterHope chapel, Bev. L. B. Howard, tainment o> ajasbraing, it should be pastor—Morning and svening preaob- borne ia mind tbat all light fabrica A^ • .



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BabcockBuildin OPEN EVENINGS UHTIL 0:30


^20,000.00 worth of Merchandise to be sbld at


40 cents on the dollar

n be made abaolntely fire proof by . O. McKelThousands and thousands of Suits, Skirts, Furs, Oommanlon, being dipped in alnm water. Tbla is and evening, preaching. precaution, whlob. If taken may Coats, Waists, Wrappers,Muslin Underwear, Children's and 1 j *plseo»el. save a child'a life in time of danger. Infants' Coats, Caps, Handkerchiefs, Leather Goods, Men's Grace. Bev. E. Vlcart Stevenson, Tbe snow effect prodaced by ootton rector^ Bev. Ersklna M. Bodtnan, LITEEABT. Underwear, Shirts, Rubber Goods, etc., at 40c on the dollar. SSoT-'.meritus-7«». HolyOonunnn- on trees and in Christmas plays is a source of danger. Mineral wool, to beion; 1030, Holy Oommanion and .Load Orab* The great sale which we started last Saturday is a 8, Sunday-school; i-30, secured at any hardware store, is Tba . movement in Connect lout sermon; rousing success, as the people are always quick to remission1 serrioe and address In the obaaper and baa tbe added advantage toward"seviag the Oonneotiont shore" ohspel j 8, evensong and addiess by spond to special inducements. But even we never of being ore proof aad resembling VARIOUS SPORTS. is likely to spread to all other sections tbe reeitor. anticipated the great crowds that we have had continuof Haw •agland. Thirty years Ago Ohnreb of tbe Holy Orosa, Bev. snow muob more tbaa ootton. The Ant ta the series of athletic snob a stop woold have beon wboflly W Montgomery Downey, rector—7:80, ously since the opening of this great sale, and we do not oootests at tbe T. M. O. A. will take nnneoeesary, since tbe coast was allHoly Oonunanton; 11, Holy Com- F. W. WJTBBTKS DEAD. believe that such values have ever been offered in New munion; *, Bonday-sobool; 4 Ml plaoe tonigbt. \ pa bile, bat about tbat time tbe Apoplexy Carrie* Hlaa Off, BeJersey or in New York before—the result of purchases evensong. Tbe Suburban A. O., known for- nlng of private ooenpanoy of tbe shore 1 St Stephen's, Bev. William Tinoent fore Medieal Aid Ooald be of sample garments and surplus stocks for spot cash for merly as tbe Netberwood A. O., basbegan. At first, indeed, tbe ownisra Dawson, rector—7 30, Holy Oommanleased tbe Fan wood clubhouse. ' much less than the cost of material did not attempt to secure tbe coast, ion; » : « , Sunday-school; 11, Holy Fred W. Wnsnaten died ia bis bed The members of tbe boys depart- but bought extensive tracts overlook- Oommnmot,; 4, even-song. An Absolute Saving guaranteed of 50 and 6 0 PER ment of tba T. M. C. A. enjoyed an ing Long Island Sound. Tbeir view Kiasion *< 3baroh of the Heavenly suddenly at 3>o'olook tbla morning in Bev. Harris O. Bosh, rector— his room at 913 West Front street He afternoon's ooaeting yesterday on tbe being often , obstructed by tbe pot Ho 8Best, 46, Sonday-scbool; 11, morning ser- is a hired man in tbe employ of CENT. ON EVERY PURCHASE. or by old landmark*, tbey then bei|in vice. Holy Oommanion, first SanPark Olub grounds. Mrs. Marie Knelen, who, bearing his acquiring tbe shore itself. Dnring day of eaon; month. BASKET BALL. groans, summoned assistance. Mat Methodist Episcopal. tbe past fonr years this shore-grabbing First,! Bev. DiTW. O. Snodgrass, tbew Sweeney, who was passing tbe The first bosket ball team of tbe has advanced witb marked rapidi ly. pastor — 9d45. Junior League; 10:80. bouse, went to tbo man's room Jest T. M. O A. will play tbe New Brans In Maine it is eitimated that over one sermon by Cr. H. K. Oarroll^on Mis- at be breathed bis last Dr. Oregar half tbe coast is privately owned.— wiok Association five, Monday nigbt, sions; J:80, Sanday-sobool; 7, EpCollier's Weekly. wortb League; 7:46, address by tbewas oalled In and notified tbe polioe, at New Brontwick. pastor on the great missionary oon- who in turn sent word to Dr. WettThere will be a basket ball game oott, oounty physician. Death was vention in Philadelphia. O M off the Boaaparta between Hope T. M. A. aad an All- It would be useless to attempt Monroe Avenue, Bev. John Mo- probably from apoplexy. ^Woemten Plalnfleld n»e, Toesday nignt a* 8 chronicle of Mr. Bonaparte's writing! Morrayi paator—11, sermon, subject, waa tbe victim of a prolonged attack "Meditation" in series on "God's of rheumatism last winter, wbiob it o'olock in tbe Hope gymnasiam. An and other activities. Be belongs Worts" ; 8, Sunday-school; 7 :16, informal social and supper will be nost of tbe good government organ- Great Epworth League, leader, Niobolas ia thought weakened bis heart given by the Y. M. A. on tbe same sations of tbe country, and has Brouard; J7-.45, sermon, subject, night. I the grand vizier of Egypt," PROF. BTJMHBRTOSPJBAK. tbe president of several of Item. He "Joseph, In series on "God's Great Men." • tbe commencement speech bat it, STRIKES A N D SPARES. M. E. ohuroh. Ber. Dr. Edwin Profoaad Stadaatt off Political and is wont to tell ambttioni seniprt L. Grace Kconomy to Address PUlnfleld Earp, pastor—10:80, baptism and Tne next bowling game in tbe T. bow tbe government should be re- reception of members, sermon bp tbe Andiekee. M. O. A. League for Plaisneld will formed. He baa fought for oivio • er pastor; 2 30, Sunday-sobool; 7, Epbe' with Summit en tbe local si ley*, rice reform and—a young man still— worth League, 7:46, sermon by tbe W. G. Sumner, senior professor of politioal eoonomy at Tale University, Wednesday night. bM lived to see many of bis dreams pastor. Catholic. will leotare in Oraoe Ohurob Pariah O. B. Koona will represent tbe oome true. Personally be takes life Bev. Andrew M. Egan, House, Monday nlgat at 8:15, on St. easily and does not grow excited. He PUlnneld Y. M. O. A., tonigbt, at a . t , 6:80, 7:80, 830, 930, "Tbe 8hare of War la tbe Develop.meeting of tbo Bowling League of is a blue-blood of the blue-bloods, hut rector—: Sunday-sobool at S 30. ment of Civilisation.1' Prof. Bnmner be never mingles in Ibe poverty- 10J»a.m. _ North Jersey in Orange. St. Joseph's, Bev. William H. bas lectured here before and be will atrioken, ancestor - worshiping Miller, rector—Masses at 8 30 and WHIST. oiety" of Baltimore. He is a million- 10.30 a. m. ; Sunday-school at 8; mis- be remembered as aa entertaining and instructive talker. Tickets for tbe sion servio«e at 8. aire, but he dees not bother about t I Ualtarlaa. lecture are now on sale at Miller's It is the intention of tbe entertain- stock market. He is tbe foremost lay ment committee of the Park Olub to Oatboho in tbe Oatbolio capital of the All Soulii, Bev. A. O. Niokersoo, pbarmaoy, oorner of Park avenue and Jost received another consignment of Overcoats from one of the finest manufacturers ia New arrange for the flajmg of whist dur- Western hemisphere, and tbe friend, pastor — ID 30, preaching by the Fourth street Mr. Bumner'a views on pastor, subjeot," The Uhnroh and Oar current topios of National moment are York. These coats were an unexpected purchase by us, and were bought at one-half their former ing the winter and there ii suie to be adviser and confidant of Cardinal Gib' Poblio Schools"; 11:60, Sunday price. The overcoats are of stylish reliable fabrics, cut in the new long loose style to hang perfectly. quoted extensively and be ia in tbe a revival of interest in tbe popular bons, but bis religion is not obtrusive. scbooL We do not believe such bargains have ever been offered before. fore rank of American sobolara of gams. His friends may be few, but they are friends wortb having. Hia enemiea St Peter's German—Bev. Theodore politics. GOLF. Men's Overcoats at $7.50 are enemiea tbat every decent man Doenslng, pastor. UJ.TY JOTTTsTGrB. Swedish—8, Prof. E. O.Oarlton will Made of Cambridge Oxford Frieze, cut 50-in long, large Tne past season bas been a snooei«- should be proud to have.—From preaoh. • loose back with broad athletic shoulders. These overcoats —Morgan Bird bas built a new ful one at tbe Oranford Golf Club. fiketob of O. J. Bonaparte, in Leslie's \ Friends. are regular $12.00 coats. J. A. Kieroan was the winner of the Monthly for December. Meeting held In meeting-house First- obioken coop in tbe rear of hia plaoe day and Fourth-day at 11 a. m. First- on Park avenue. secretary or golf cup, thtre being Men's Overcoats at $10.00 day school at 10 a. m. forty-seren starters in tbe final play AMUSEMENTS. —Tbe case la tort of H. Ginsberg : Congregational. Cut in all lengths up to 54-in long, \jrith or without belt for Ibe cap. ;, Tfrith At Prootor'a Newark Theatre, next Oongjregational ohuroh, Bev. O. L. against M. Dunn will be beard by in back, in high grade vicunas, black oxfords, Meltons and UJ Justice Huff, December 11. week, an exoellenta now of all flea GKwdrlbh, pastor—10:80, sermon by Kerseys; marvels of artistic tailoring; hand made collars Fraternal VtoU of Odd reUows. tnrea oil will be in vogas. The pro-pastor, subjeot, "Pedestrian Ways" —Daring tbe past weak Miss Beatand broad concave shoulders; regular price $16.00. 8:46, Bonday-sobool; 7:80, Christian rice Allen, Minnie Oleggett and Fred Thirty-four aaembera of Plainfleld Lodge, No. 44 and Queen Oily, No. gramme will be headed by Miss Mary Endeavor. Men's Overcoats at $4 90. \ Wiloox have oommenoed couraea 196, Independent Order Odd Fellows, Norman, the famoua Impersonator! of Swedish Pilgrim, Bev. Lambert tbe Plninfleld Bosfaoss College. All-wool up-to-date overcoats in dark oxfords, all lengths Lindbolm, pastor — 10, Sandayaooompanied Deputy Qraad Master society woman, tbe Five Juggling T. cut in the very latest fashion, with broad padded shoulder sobool ; 4, Toang People's meeting Johnsons, Holden'a Manikins, Milton —There are twenty-nine patients at John Becker, to Bah way, last night, 8, preaobing by pastor. ; and close fitting collars; some with half belt backs. These Mublenberg Hospital, four new ones where a district meeting was beld and DollyigNoblea, Tom Brown and Rot Classified. ^v: ' coats are equal to any $10.00 overcoats. Nevarro, John F. Leonard, Scbulta'a having been received between ThursTbe programme oonslsted of speeches, Wilson Memorial obapel—3 30, Son songs, followed by a banqaet. Among Dogs, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Darron, day-sobool; 7:46, song servloe; 8, day and yesterday, keeping tbe nurssi Men' Business Suits at $5.00. tbe apeakers was tbe Mayor of Rah and several oibes bright vaadevtlls Percy Cannon and John LaMaaty basy. , In all the newest shades, made in the latest style. These novelties. will «peak. Cft —H. Hand, aaotJoaoar. will asll tbe way. The PlaisaMd mem bars all resuits are regular $10.00 valqes. • part havtag liajt sj(a.iis< thna. It Is a gooe thing for tbe ' 'iked Wbososver Mission — 4. danday llvestook on the fans of P. Powers, lal school j 8, paayer and praise service. % at Washington Valley, about a mils Feather" management tbat tbe IOW Men's Swell Dress Suits at $10.00 Miss Mayms McOalrk. of tbla city, aad pretty Lyric Theatre bas nearly Besoue Mission—4. north of Beety's paper aailla, on Toes* m Made Thibets, Worsteds and Tvreeds in the very latest baa returned from a visit with rela S.000 ssats aad plenty *t wide aisles First Oboreb of Christ—Morning day, Dsj,"^|u$:;'i-i _-^_ . style broad concave shoulders and hand made collars; equal and evening. Bev. G. A. Francis, of •Ives la Rarltan. and foyer spaee. AJUioegb tbs DeGarwood, will speak in evening. —FradS. Oattec stay have ptovioasto the finest custom made suits for $95.00. Keren-KlelaOoek operatic 0001 K|ue W. % * H.^4, Gsorge U Van ly partaken «f the fowl, butte did Boys* Overcoats at $2.95. Started off with a rasb and its beat Emtmrgn will speak. not stag "Tba Vakkay BongV a* tfce T. M. O. A. - 4, W. D. Murray Ctosarejatiaaal Okeirob concert It aeas saeb week bas shown a sabstaa Made In the new Military style with belt in the back, tial increase. Mlas Grace Van Staddl wiU mate address. Trinity obanb was "Tbe Tarakoy" Mass be warbled i emblem on sleeve, in all shades of light or dark oxfordsoboir WiU slag. ford, witb bar votes of surpassing also light colon; regular price ' aboat Beform Olub—4, Gospsl meeting. sweetness aad purity, bas seared tbe Miauoa-7 30, GeaMaoKaaT Mgeest kind of a bit with Broadway sU,Gospel ofiaTewark, will preaeb. Tbe 1 asdieaces. Thomas Q. Seabtooke's Colored OBWrekas, Cone* two comio soagg "If 1 Only Had Bethel chapel, Bev. F. D. Tildes, 12-room house Mooitaobs lake tbe Kaiser," and pastor—11. praise saeeting; S, San* yesterday la tbe Morrell Street lebool, Kllsabatfa. Oacatf BaperiBtaa Isat Modern improvements— "Tbete'sa Little Street la Heaven day-sobool; 8, pteaebing. Urge lot—desirable location That They Call Broadway," are Mt OUve Baptist. Bev. E. X. Jack- WlUlaas J. BsMatar ptealded over tbe —ten minutes from station. strikingly original aad have become son, paster — 11, "Tbe Word la institata, aad S7I teachers from tbe Power'*: a, Sanday-sobool; ffJO, county wese Manager. I / M. WEINBERGE We offer it to yon at a so popular tbat six and eight eneates men's soeeting; 7 30, pssaahing. sab* a s s eMB~i great sacrifice. are tbe rule jratber than toe exception. jeot, "Love"; 8-JO, Oommanion. of Boath 8eoA well-built house like Mt. Zion A.M. K..Bev. J. H.Height Social a4 Grace H. sc. Cktnk. Bean, pastor—11, preaching:; ». Bonfaaad by Patrolman this would cost yon more i A social last night followed a busi- day-scbool; 7:46, preaobing. ta the mad than this whole property, j ness meeting of tbe Kpworth League, FUlmore Baptist, Ber.K. J. Oradap, He It's certainly an excellent | Mrs. Aletta Hull, of OeaterrUle, of Grace H. E. Church. Mrs. E. L. pastor—11, 8 aad 8. services. investment — will make a j Hanterdoo coanty, has recanted bone Earp and Miss Maiy Steiner were la Calvary Baptist, Bev.Soott Wallaoe, splendid home, and save . istor—11, preachlag; g, Saaday- Wm. White, of Hortb Plainfleld, baa after a visit with relatives ia tbe city charge. Gasaes were played in yon money on rent. and borough. of wbich, aa "apple coatee*," Miss aobool; 7 30, prayer maetlag; 8, been visiting rrlattvea at Millatone. " Km ma SmaUey was aaeoeaafal la wiar prcacblag. Mrs. Elijah Daflerd, of Middle ValReligious Rotic*. nlag Irat prise. Telephone 1443 \ ai7 Park Avenue ley, is apanrtiag tbe weak witb her son, —Oee Press was ELSTON M. FRENCH, Home-made Crullers, I Potato Salad, Boiled Ham, Chipped Beef, « lataUeetaal Develottaaaat. —Tbe dialag rooms of tbe Hotel George Dafferd. of Boaaeraat ptaoe. Corned Beef, Smoked Salriion. Bacon, Finest Pat Mackerel, Olives by B. feats wiU give a leotare at Keoslngtoo are being papered aad of Mittatoae. NntkaTenscaad measure or bottle, Mangoes and Pickles of all kinds, Fancy Cheeses. tbe Park Otab on Taeaday nigbt. Da- painted haadsomaly by WUliaai H. MissBdna Services, Saaasy, Mince Meat, Maple SyrudHooey, Potato Chips. >er ts. at 8 JO, oa"Tbe Iatal Palae, makiaa tbla part of aba | Wbtta,af H ' lar helatalij attaottva. <| : leotaal Bevival la Ireland." Butter, Coffee, Tea and Splcee.




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