This information is provided Commercial in Confidence. It is the

This information is provided Commercial in Confidence. It is the

This information is provided Commercial in Confidence. It is the intellectual property of CommuniCorp Group and must not be copied, reproduced or dist...

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This information is provided Commercial in Confidence. It is the intellectual property of CommuniCorp Group and must not be copied, reproduced or distributed in whole or in part and cannot be used for commercial purposes except by CommuniCorp. This content is only to be delivered by CommuniCorp Group authorised personnel. ©CommuniCorp Group P/L 2014. All rights reserved.

EARLY INTERVENTION AND PREVENTION STRATEGIES FOR WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH The creation of CommuniCorp was driven by our strong conviction that Australian workplaces need a practical and proactive approach to developing psychologically safe and healthy work environments. With the rising rate and cost of workplace psychological injury, it has never been more important to not only develop understand and address psychosocial risk factors in the workplace, but to build practical individual and organisational capabilities, systems and strategies for the early intervention, prevention and minimisation of psychological health issues in the workplace. With Mental Health related issues at work emerging as a critical workplace health and safety and financial risk for Australian business, costing over $14.8 billion a year, Australian businesses need to ensure they have strategies in place to develop psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. Relying on EAP and other tertiary approaches, utilising primarily community, diagnosis or lived experience based awareness raising initiatives, targeting efforts on just one landmark day/ week a year and/or providing the occasional mindfulness or stress management session is largely insufficient to address workplace psychological health matters. In reality, a much more considered, strategic, evidence-based workplace approach is required – with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention and the workplace systems and environment that influences psychological wellbeing.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY SAFE AND HEALTHY WORKPLACES FRAMEWORK CommuniCorp has developed a methodology to help organisations navigate the complex field of psychological health in the workplace. The Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces (PS&HW) framework helps simplify the key organisational action points, systems and capabilities required to not only help organisations comply with the WHS obligations around Psychological Health and Safety, but to also realise the productivity, reputation, employee engagement, and retention benefits of a psychologically thriving workplace. It focuses on what to do and how to do it, from identifying psychosocial risk and intervention priorities, to the measurement and evaluation of program effectiveness.

CommuniCorp’s Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces (PS&HW) approach focuses not only on the key psychological safety factors that are part of organisational legal and compliance responsibilities, but builds on these as foundations to implement policies, practices, systems and initiatives that maximise the potential for positive psychological health and wellbeing. It enables individuals, teams and organisations to flourish and move up the PS&HW continuum (see over page).

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Copies of CommuniCorp’s Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces – Whitepaper and HR/WHS Action Guide, ‘Necessary and Sufficient’ Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces Capability Matrix, as well as their Resilience, Psychosocial Risk Assessment, and Effectiveness of Workplace Mental Health Intervention whitepapers are available are available by contacting [email protected] CommuniCorp also sponsors the ‘Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia’ LinkedIn Group, which is a community of practice for sharing ideas, information, research and events focused on proactive and evidence-based approaches to workplace psychological health (visit


PROCESSES AND CAPABILITIES Resonant Leadership:  Developing resilience in others  Resilience through change  Coaching  Mindfulness  Other micro-skills

 Out of date JD  No assessment of psychological job demand/fit  Out of date or insufficient policy/procedure (RTW, Complaints, B&H)

Unhealthy Workplace ↑ absenteeism ↑ presenteeism ↑ conflict ↑ psychological injury ↑ incivility ↓ performance ↓ engagement

Psychologically Safe Workplace      

respect robust communication person/job fit productivity engaged workforce robust psychological measures (risk registers)

Flourishing Workplace  high alignment  innovation and creativity  high discretionary effort  rigorous skilled feedback ↑ performance ↑ engagement


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WORKSHOPS FOR BUILDING BETTER WORKPLACE PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH & SAFETY With delivery exclusively by expert senior psychologists, our courses cover the practicalities of how to respond to suspected or know mental health concerns; referrals and support options; confidentiality matters; return to work issues; psychosocial risk factors; maintaining and managing staff in the workplace; and key legislation such as WHS, Disability Discrimination and SRC Acts. More than just information these programs teach people the practical, real world skills they need in order to make a difference to the emotional wellbeing of others. They focus on the essential psychological safe and healthy workplace knowledge and capabilities that are necessary and sufficient arcos the veracious professional roles and levels within organisations, rather than teaching about diagnosis, specific disorders or raising awareness.

ABOUT COMMUNICORP GROUP Communicorp Group is a specialist psychological services firm focusing on developing positive workplace mental health, wellbeing and resilience capabilities – Australia wide. CommuniCorp is committed to improving individual, team and corporate capability and performance through the delivery of practical programs and services that recognise the commercial implications of psychological wellbeing and optimal performance in the workplace. Our services include:    

Psychosocial Risks Assessment Workplace Psychological Health Strategic Planning Workplace Psychology Program Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation Coaching and Master Practitioner Advisory Services.

If you want to read more about the CommuniCorp Group, who we work with, or our range of services, please visit our corporate website: | Ph: 1300 855 140 | [email protected]

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