This Is My House! -

This Is My House! -

This Is My House! A Culture Change presentation about making the Resident feel at Home! Definitions  Culture Change “Common name given to the nat...

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This Is My House! A Culture Change presentation about making the Resident feel at Home!

Definitions 

Culture Change

“Common name given to the natural movement for the transformation of older adult services based on person directed values and practices” (

Definitions 


“Judgement or skill is distinguishing what is to be preferred and in giving a preference” (

Definitions 


“The place in which one’s domestic affections are centered” (

Aspects of Home Life Resident history and lifestyle  Personal belongings  Room style 

Legal and Ethical Matters Residents have rights!  Resident centered care plans  Culture change still means responsibilities  Survey compliance 

That personal touch… Can mean so much  Is identifying the resident as a unique individual  Identifies something about you, the care giver  …can be rewarded with a returning smile 

Looking at Home Comforts Encourage resident to have favored personal belongings around them  Offer resident choices about their care  Assist residents who are more dependent on their care to make choices whenever possible alongside more independent residents 

Shifting the change within staff Working from facility routines to the residents routines  Keeping current with work requirements  Improve communications between all staff including agency/hospice/temporary staff  Be inspired to find solutions to issues  Less institution, more homely 

Identifying home comforts Internet access  Personal telephone  Hobbies/Activities/Music  Personal effects  Eating and Social habits  Pets 

What else makes a home a Home? Laughter…and the tears  Family and community gatherings  Communal areas of the home  Making future plans 

Seasonal Events 

Get everyone involved!

Welcoming the new Resident Friendly approach  Get to know the resident  Get to know the resident’s family and friends  Assist resident with information about the home  Report any concerns to the charge nurse 

Caring for All The “It’s not my resident” myth  Individual choices  Thinking outside the box 

Remembering a Resident Bereavement and Support  Home remembrance  Happy memories 

What are your thoughts? Continuous Care  Following the rules  Better Care! 

What Do You Think? Make your input Count!

Culture Change should stand for… Choices Understanding Listening Teaching Us Respect Everyone

Caring Hope Assisting Needs Growth Evolvement

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