THIS IS NOW: FILM AND VIDEO AFTER PUNK Rediscovering underground film 1979-85 This April BFI Southbank will present This is Now: Film and Video After...

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THIS IS NOW: FILM AND VIDEO AFTER PUNK Rediscovering underground film 1979-85

This April BFI Southbank will present This is Now: Film and Video After Punk, a major season rediscovering key underground films from London’s post-punk era 1979-85. This period saw an explosion in artist film-making which has, for the most part, remained unseen until now. These works by a key cohort of artists and film-makers such as Grayson Perry, John Maybury, Tina Keane, Christine Binnie, Isaac Julien, Jill Westwood, Cerith Wyn Evans and Sophie Muller, are newly available for the first time in a generation and promise to transform our understanding of the period and will undoubtedly be a revelation for audiences of all ages. The season has been three years in research and development and is programmed by William Fowler, curator of Artists’ Moving Image, BFI National Archive. Almost all of the works featured have been taken into the national collection and digitally re-mastered to the highest archival standards, and this season marks the starting point of a ground-breaking BFI project that will tour internationally through the artist moving image agency LUX. The season at BFI Southbank will launch on Friday 4 April with a one-off live performance by 23 Skidoo entitled Seven Songs featuring some of their classic underground tracks. This event will be set against a backdrop of the purpose-made video by Richard Heslop from 1981 - a collage film of found footage and appropriated clips, re-worked, colourised and treated to dizzying effect. This is Now… will feature a wealth of independently produced film from a world where nightclub visuals became highly influential and developed into scratch video. Key figures captured on film include Leigh Bowery, Michael Clarke, Siouxsie Sioux, Public Image Ltd and many more, while women, black and gay film-makers found their voice, previously absent from the mainstream, in a playful reworking of the DIY aesthetics of the punk movement. A potent mix of art students, new romantics and other urban tribes transformed art, fashion, music and nightlife throughout this era. Contemporary culture is still experiencing the aftershocks of the power of the post-punk artistic experiment. These films are precious documents of some of its finest flowering and offered an antidote to the widespread physical and economic decay which blighted the early 1980s. Here is a unique opportunity to see an extraordinary range of innovative, sexually provocative and beautiful short films, in specially curated programmes, with the added bonus of introductions and discussions featuring many of the artist film-makers themselves, including Grayson Perry, Don Letts, Holly Warburton and Ken Hollings. The majority of the Super 8

and 16mm films due to screen in this season have literally been out of circulation for thirty years. The project forms part of the BFI National Archive’s ongoing work to restore significant yet marginalised areas of historical British experimental film. In partnership with:

William Fowler, curator of Artists’ Moving Image, BFI National Archive is available for interview on request Programme: SONIC CINEMA: 23 Skidoo and Richard Heslop: Seven Songs ‘23 Skidoo’, the driving, intense post-punk, industrial fusion band will play live to a confrontational video collage made by Richard Heslop. As first released in 1982 on video label Double Vision, Seven Songs brilliantly collided a whole gamut of treated, plundered material to tracks from the hit ‘23 Skidoo’ record of the same name. Presented tonight in a new, one-off, live version, the event forms the very special opening to our season This is Now: Film and Video After Punk. Followed by a DJ set from Don Letts in the Benugo Bar. Fri 4 Apr 20:45 NFT1Tickets £15, concs £11.50 (Members pay £1.50 less) Film and Video After Punk: Salon Discussion The early 80s saw the emergence of vibrant, groundbreaking new styles, techniques and perspectives in underground and artists’ film and video. In this informal event we consider the social and political background to this bold new wave of moving image production, and what its relationship might be to today’s diffuse media landscape. We look forward to welcoming George Barber, Grayson Perry, Holly Warburton, Ken Hollings and other artists, filmmakers and commentators from the period for a wide-ranging discussion. Please check BFI website for final confirmation of attendees Mon 14 Apr 18:30 BFI Reuben Library Performing The Self New ways to think about identity, the self and the body were all part of punk’s powerful legacy. These imaginative, diverse pieces show how artists played with ideas of performance, forging a dynamic new pop art film culture that was snappy, stylish and existential. Still Life With Phrenology Head UK 1979. Dir Cerith Wyn Evans. 15min Human League: Don’t You Want Me UK 1981. Dir Steve Barron. 4min Chat Rap UK 1983. Dir John Scarlett-Davis. 15min Adam Ant: Prince Charming UK 1981. Dir Mike Mansfield & Adam Ant. 3min Adam Ant: Stand and Deliver UK 1981. Dir Mike Mansfield & Adam Ant. 3min Solitude UK 1981. Dir John Maybury 11min The Modern Image UK 1979. Dir John Maybury. 13min Bungalow Depression UK 1984. Dirs Grayson Perry and Jennifer Binnie. 3min The Private View 1981. Dir Neo-Naturists. 13min Introduced by Wilma Johnson and Christine & Jennifer Binnie Fri 4 Apr 18:30 NFT1 Home Taping The mainstream media was treated like a giant library to be plundered for provocative play and subversion in the early 80s. Whether filming their TV screen with a Super8 camera or deftly copying tapeto-tape, artists grabbed and juxtaposed disparate material to disrupt the dominant ideologies of the age, and create new visual music. Programme includes: Still Life With Still Born UK 1980. Dir Cerith Wyn Evans. 20min Skinheads and Roses UK 1983. Dir Jill Westwood. 8min Tilt UK 1984. Dir George Barber. 6min Branson UK 1983. Dir George Barber. 2min Blue Monday UK 1984. Dir Duvet Brothers. 4min Commander in Chief UK 1984. Dir Gorilla Tapes. 4min Dolphins and Pop Music UK 1982. Dir Jeffrey Hinton. 18min

Art of Noise: Legs UK 1985. Dirs George Barber & George Snow. 7min Passion Tryptych UK 1982. Dir Cordelia Swann. 3min Includes key examples of the ‘scratch video’ phenomena. Sat 5 Apr 20:40 NFT2 Introduced by George Barber Just Images The moral, political and symbolic integrity of the image itself is explored, attacked and undermined in these richly textured films. John Maybury casts friends Siouxsie Sioux and David Holah in one of the singularly most stunning and ambitious Super8 works of the era: Court of Miracles. Young filmmakers bring on the post-modern age. Programme includes: Court of Miracles (UK 1982. Dir John Maybury. 40min), Glory Boys (UK 1983. Dir Vanda Carter. 4min), Territories (UK 1984. Dir Isaac Julien. 25min), Psychic TV: Unclean (UK 1984. Dir Cerith Wyn Evans. 9min) Sat 5 Apr 20:45 NFT3, Tue 8 Apr 20:40 NFT2 We hope to welcome John Maybury to this event Before and After Science Grayson Perry, Anna Thew and Steven Chivers present stunning, lo-fi and strange new fictional worlds. Arcane beliefs, folk tales and a post-apocalyptic scenario shot in run-down London all provide welcome counterpoints to the rigidity of modern, patriarchal Christian society. Lost For Words.UK 1980. Dir Anna Thew. 25min The Green Witch and Merry Diana. UK 1984. Dir Grayson Perry. 25min Men Without Hats: Safety Dance. UK 1982. Dir Tim Pope. 3min Catherine De Medicis Part 2. UK 1984. Dir Steven Chivers. 25min Fri 11 Apr 18:20 NFT2, Mon 14 Apr 20:50 NFT2** Introduced by Grayson Perry Through a Glass, Darkly Provocative filmmakers in the early 80s treated the moving image like a mirror; a surface of divination through which to probe inside their own mind and that of the viewer. This programme includes particularly challenging work that was originally connected to the industrial scene. Programme includes: Shadow of a Journey UK 1980. Dir Tina Keane. 20min Lyrical Doubt UK 1984. Dir Judith Goddard. 16min Winter Journey in the Hartz Mountains UK 1983. Dir Cordelia Swann. 8min Liquid Video UK 1983. Dir Michael Kostiff. 10min All Veneer and No Backbone UK 1980. Dir Holly Warburton. 6min The Wound UK 1984. Dir Jill Westwood. 20min Grayson/Jewels/Flowers UK 1985. Dir Jennifer Binnie. 3min Fri 11 Apr 20:45 NFT2*, Thu 17 Apr 20:40 NFT2* Introduced by Jill Westwood Video Killed the Radio Star Early independent video releases were the revolutionary, DIY antidote to a TV system only just gearing up for a fourth channel. They bypassed censorship and gave a platform to the marginalised and unsanctioned. This eclectic selection includes a very rare John Smith title and punchy, stuttering Scratch Video works by The Duvet Brothers, Kim Flitcroft & Sandra Goldbacher, Gorilla Tapes and George Barber. Echo and the Bunnymen: Shine So Hard. UK 1981. Dir John Smith. 32min Miners Campaign Tapes: The Lie Machine. UK 1984. 15min The Greatest Hits of Scratch Video Volume 1. UK 1984. Dir various. 25min Sat 12 Apr 16:10 NFT2 Entering the Dream Space Weaving film and video together, often utilsing religious imagery, and introducing colour, effects and surface texture, filmmakers generated a new, vividly transcendental style by the end of the post-punk era. Key examples of this sensual, visually mature work are presented alongside other dynamic pieces that explore the dreamlike state. The Technology of Souls UK 1981. Dir John Maybury. 11min In Excelsis Deo (In Adoration of God) UK 1983. Dir Sophie Muller. 24min Miracle of the Rose UK 1984. Dir Cerith Wyn Evans. 25min The Union Jacking Up UK 1985. Dir John Maybury. 18min

Sun 6 Apr 18:10 NFT3, Sat 12 Apr 18:20 NFT2 Don Letts Presents: Post-Punk DJ, filmmaker and musician Don Letts has been a vital, catalysing force in street and underground culture since the late 70s. He shot bold, immediate Super8 film (with sound) of a number of British bands – capturing the key punk rock renegades at their most raw and intense. In this programme we present never before seen footage of ‘Public Image Limited’, ‘The Pop Group’, ‘The Slits’ and more… Sat 12 Apr 20:30 NFT3 Press Contacts: Ilona Cheshire – Press Officer, BFI Southbank [email protected] / 020 7957 8986 Liz Parkinson – Assistant Press Officer, BFI Southbank [email protected] / 020 7957 8918

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