This is SCA

This is SCA

SCA is a Leading Global Hygiene and Forest Products Company This is SCA 1 SCA Group 2015 Sales by Business Area Sales 2015 15% Forest Products 5...

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SCA is a Leading Global Hygiene and Forest Products Company

This is SCA


SCA Group 2015 Sales by Business Area Sales 2015

15% Forest Products



Tissue Personal Care

This is SCA


Personal Care Incontinence products

SCA is a global leader in personal care. Products are sold under SCA’s global and regional brands as well as under retailer’s brands.

Baby diapers

Feminine care products Sales 2015: SEK 34bn

Feminine care


52% 29% Baby diapers Incontinence products

This is SCA


Our Vision

“Dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions”


This is SCA


Health Solutions Social Value Creation TENA Solutions – continence care at nursing homes Before and after analysis of customer’s continence care Increased well-being for care takers, better work environment, less waste and lower total cost

500 million people use our hygiene products every day

This is SCA


95% of care homes show clear care improvements1

Creating lasting results together Our proven 3-stage approach

Identify areas for Test plan improvement in practice

Full implementation

Support staff to implement changes

Measure continuous improvements

NEW knowledge for better outcomes

The continence assessment Key to individual continence care

“Right toileting schedule”

“Right product choice”

“Right changing frequency”

(promoting continence, independency)

(style, size and level of absorption)

(less leakage)

Challenges of obtaining voiding pattern information Manual data collection ●

Current methods can be inaccurate and labour intensive Missing information Time-consuming to get accuracy


Urine volumes unknown – no time to weigh soiled products Urination times unknown Difficult to get enough information to make an evidence-based continence care plan ●

Leads to Inappropriate products, too many changes, poor toileting schedules, ineffective care

Wasted time and money on products and non-productive care activities

How can you get more accurate information?

TENA Identifi™ Evidence-based knowledge about each individual TENA Identifi™ is a convenient system that tracks a resident’s voiding during 72 hours, generating a report with in-depth knowledge of patterns and volumes.

Proven results Reductions in absorption, leakages and product changes



Reduction in absorption*

Reduction in leakages*

Individualising care with the new voiding information means absorption needs are reduced. Lower absorbency, thinner profiled products become an effective means of protection at a lower cost

Individualised toileting routines, changing frequency and product selection has contributed to less leakages

4% Reduction in incontinence product changes*

Through a reduced number of leakages and more toilet visits, the total number of incontinence product changes was reduced, which means less products are used

* Customer results from 210 before and after monitoring reports done with TENA Identifi™ in Denmark. The monitoring reports were done in the period from June 2013 to June 2015.

Using TENA Identifi™ In your care home Support from TENA experts on how to:

Customise and integrate TENA Identifi™ in nursing home routines

Install and work with the web application

Train staff

Conduct a 72-hour assessment

Create, interpret and use voiding reports