THIS IS THE MENU FOR... SANDWICHES Served on daily-baked bloomer with skinny fries. Striploin - £8.95 Tender 6oz striploin beef with French mustard ...

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Served on daily-baked bloomer with skinny fries. Striploin - £8.95 Tender 6oz striploin beef with French mustard mayo, dill pickle and crisp gem lettuce. Shredded Pork - £7.95 Slow-roasted shredded pork shoulder with grilled cheddar and crisp gem lettuce.

Plain Jane - £6.95 A home-made 6oz burger patty that lets the meat do the talking.

Killer Club - £7.50 Breast of grilled chicken with smoked bacon, crisp gem lettuce and juicy sliced beef tomato.

Southern Chicken - £8.95 Breast of corn-fed chicken coated in southern spices with a habanero and apricot sauce.

Bell Pepper and Hummus (v) - £6.95 Roasted bell peppers layered with our home-made hummus and fresh spinach with balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes.



Soup of the Day (v) - £3.50 Always vegetarian. Served with sliced crusty bloomer and a dressed mini salad. (see board for details). Bell Pepper Hummus (v) - (s) £2.95 (L) £3.95 Home-made bell pepper hummus served with BLOC’s own sun-blushed tomato flatbread. Fake Falafel (v) - £4.95 The humble beginnings of falafel supercharged with roasted butternut squash, red lentils and crushed walnuts, served with a cucumber and mint yoghurt. Sweet Potato Stew (v) - £6.95 Slow-roasted sweet potato stew with apricots, yellow lentils and crushed chickpeas, a hand-full of buttered spinach + home-made sun blushed tomato bread.


All of our ‘dogs come in a soft bun with skinny fries.

The Street King - £5.95 9-inch Bockwurst straight off a New York corner with sautéed onions, sauerkraut, mustard and tomato ketchup. Pure old-school genius. The Hellboy - £6.95 9-inch Bockwurst smothered in a muy picante habañero cheese sauce, jalapeños and fiery Peruvian chilli. Served with a side of cucumber yoghurt for wimps.

117 Bath St Glasgow G2 2SZ Bookings: 0141 574 6066


All of our burgers are served on a toasted brioche bun with thin sliced tomato, mayo and crisp gem lettuce, accompanied by skinny fries + fresh red cabbage coleslaw.

The Porky Jack - £7.95 9-inch Bockwurst heaped with Bloc’s pulled pork, doused in Jack Daniels barbeque sauce and topped with melted cheddar and jalapeños. The Doppelganger - £7.95 9-inch Bockwurst wrapped in smoky streaky bacon, topped with beef chilli, jalapeños and shredded pork with our home-made barbeque sauce, finished with a generous handfull of grated cheddar.


Hunter-gatherers take a day off. We’ve got this one.

Barbecue Ribs - £8.95 A rack of melt-in-your-mouth, fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs, served with our home-made sauce and a side of skinny fries to mop up the mess. Sirloin Steak - £9.95 A prime 6oz sirloin, cooked your way, served with our classic peppercorn sauce, a juicy beef tomato, a garlic herb flat-cap mushroom and some proper skin-on chunky chips.

Irn Bru Pork - £8.95 Slow roasted pork shoulder braised in Barr’s Irn Bru, infused with red lentils and an array of smoked herbs, shredded and topped with spinach leaves. The Bloc+Buster - £10.95 Our triple-layered bad boy consisting of a crispy coated mac and cheese ringlet, a beef mince patty and a helping of our very own signature pulled pork. Red Lentil & Walnut (v)- £6.95 Our benchmark veggie burger, packed with red lentils, walnuts almonds and crushed chickpeas, soaked in an array of fresh herbs and aromatic spices, then coated in our own crispy, Deep South seasoning. Served with a cucumber and natural yoghurt relish. Load it up Add: £1(veg) £1.50(meats/cheese) pulled pork, jalapeños, beef chilli, streaky bacon, mature cheddar, beetroot, crispy onions, french brie or mozzarella.


Our pastas are oven-baked for maximum flavour! We use elbow macaroni and serve it with a mini side salad.

Kicking Chicken - £7.25 Corn-fed chicken with roasted bell peppers and our own mortar and pestle Cajun seasoning. Mac & Cheese - £6.50 (v)available Our special recipe sauce with a blend of choice cheeses. Available without parmesan for veggies so please say. Add chorizo or bacon for £1.50.

NOT FOR EVERYONE BLOC’s Ice Cream of the Week - £3.95 Specially made in-house by our own fair hands. See the board for details. Buckfast Ice Cream - £3.95 Home-made Buckfast-infused ice cream served with a raspberry coulis and a 9pm asbo! Caramac Brownie - £3.95 Sugar rush of the year, served with our home made toffee sauce and raspberry and Chambord ice cream

SNACKS Olives and Bread(v) - (s) £2 95 (L) £4.95 Mixed Mediterranean olives and crusty bread, served with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. Skinny Fries / Curly Fries - £2.50 Garlic Bread - £2.50 ...or bang on some cheese too - £3.50 Nachos - (s) £3.95 / (L) £6.95 Choose from chicken, chilli or cheese. Served with the usual suspects: salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños GOURMET PIZZAS Our gourmet pizzas are hand-rolled and oven-baked to 12”. Please allow a few extra minutes as they are made fresh to order, but well worth the wait! £9.95 The Florentine (v) Roasted garlic mushrooms, wilted spinach, sun-blushed tomatoes, torn basil leaves, topped with two oven-baked free-range eggs. Brie and Balsamic (v) French brie, balsamic glazed baby tomatoes, roasted aubergine and fresh rocket.

Furious Food @ Bloc

The Balmoral Char-grilled breast of chicken, locally sourced haggis and fresh mozzarella with our home-made sweet red onion relish.

The Peppered Pork Shredded pork with spicy red bell peppers and jalapeños, finished with a generous # foodoffor theScottish furiously hungry helping strong cheddar.


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(£1 each)

onions, mushrooms, sliced peppers, chillis, cherry tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, sweetcorn, pineapple, jalapeños, olives, roasted red peppers, dill pickle or balsamic onions


tuna, pepperoni, salami, cajun chicken, barbecue chicken, smoked ham, smoked bacon, chorizo, haggis, brie or Scottish cheddar