This Month's Meeting President's Message

This Month's Meeting President's Message

Time Out Publication of the ICRC, Inc. July - 2013 This Month’s Meeting This month’s meeting will be held on Friday, July 19th at 7:30 P.M. at the A...

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Time Out Publication of the ICRC, Inc.

July - 2013

This Month’s Meeting This month’s meeting will be held on Friday, July 19th at 7:30 P.M. at the American Red Cross, 209 Farmington Ave. (Rte. 4), Farmington, CT. All are welcome. Bring a friend. The meeting will be held on the 3rd floor in the Charter Oak Room (also called the Disaster Op Center). If you are NOT taking a VE exam, please do not arrive for the meeting before 7:15 P.M, as the VE session will be taking place in the same room as the meeting starting at 6:00 P.M. There will be a short presentation about the results of last month’s Field Day activities.

President’s Message

Field Day 2013 has come and gone. I am sorry I had to miss it but Doctors order had to be followed. I heard from several members and the reports were you all had a good time. The food was good, and the group attending this year would like to do it again there next year. I am hoping to hear more and see Summer time is vacations and many members may miss a meeting or two to be with their family. Enjoy your vacation if you take a summer one. We all deserve one. If you are coming to the meeting on July 19, 2013, hopefully, there will be more pictures and stories about Field Day 2013. Every year we learn new ways of setting up and try something new and different. See you at the meeting. Do not forget there is a VEC session prior to the meeting. Ready to upgrade your license and privileges. Come and take the test! George Carbonell – N1RMF – President ICRC.

I.C.R.C. Newsletter

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Last Month’s Meeting There was no regular meeting in June due to the set up on Friday night of some of the Field Day equipment.

Monthly Presentation

There was no presentation scheduled last month, because there was no meeting scheduled last month due to Field Day preparations on Friday night. Regular monthly presentations will resume at a future date.

Field Day On the weekend of June 21st – 23rd, members of the ICRC participated in Field Day activities high atop Andrew Mountain in Naugatuck, CT. The weather was a little on the hot and muggy side, but there were no rainstorms or thunderstorms the entire weekend. We ran three HF stations, along with one VHF station. Unfortunately, the propagation was pretty poor down thru 10 meters, but 15 meters was unusually active which resulted in many contacts long into the night. Our score was 994 this year, more than 100 points higher than last year. We had more than double the contacts over last year, but we lost out on Bonus Points due to a lack of planning. This issue will be addressed at the July meeting. The Tech Committee also set up a demonstration of solar and wind power for possible future use at the Burlington site. The food was great and the company was great. A great time was had by all who attended. Special thanks go out to the Andrew family for allowing us to hold our activity on their beautiful mountain-top property. Special thanks also go out to the Food Committee – Jack – K1NKS, Kurt – KB1IXQ, Sue – KB1VPY, Al – N1JWF and Linda for providing us with great food and drink all weekend. Special thanks also go out to the Tech Committee- Rick – N1JGR, Pete – KB1KZC, Steve – KB1RRR, and Dan – W1ZFG for providing the radio equipment and antennas and to all the other members who assisted with the putting-up and taking-down of the antennas. Also participating from the ICRC were: Chris – KA1NDE, Barb – KB1RRS, Les – KA1KRP, Janet – N1HQX, Tom – KB1WEZ, Jim – AB1NH, Jim – KB1VFG, and Scott – N1EZY.

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Pavilion with HF Stations

VHF/15 meter Station

Assembling the Beam – (Tab A into Slot B)

Attaching beam to tower

Up she goes!

KB1RRR at the 40 meter station

I.C.R.C. Newsletter

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Wind Turbine

Solar Panel & Batteries

Photos: Dan –W1ZFG

I.C.R.C. Newsletter

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N1IWT - SK It is with deep sorrow that we remember the passing of John West – N1IWT, a long-time ICRC member. John was the husband of Anne West – K1STM, also a long-time ICRC member and ARRL Section Traffic Manager. John will truly be missed. His obituary follows below:

John M. West SOUTHINGTON - John M. West, 57, passed away on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at HCC New Britain Campus. John was the loving husband of Anne ( Knickerbocker) West. He was born on Sept. 27, 1955, in Southington and was the son the late Raymond and Elner (Carroll) West. John worked various sales jobs throughout the years, with his last employment being with Superior Products and Protocol Communications. He was an amateur radio operator and was active with Emergency Preparedness in the state of Connecticut. Recently, he enjoyed connecting with friends through Facebook, especially all of his friends in the "You Know You're From Southington, CT if………" group. Besides his wife he is survived by a stepson, Christopher Wilson and his wife, Tanya, of Voluntown; a brother, Charles West and his wife, Lillian, of Florida; sisters, Carol Leach and her husband, Robert and Loretta Juneau and husband, Paul, all of South Carolina; along with several nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, June 20, at 10:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Express, 120 Laning St., Southington (in the Southington Room). A graveside service will follow at St. Thomas Cemetery, Meriden Ave., Southington at 1 p.m. The DellaVecchia Funeral Home, 211 N. Main St., Southington is assisting with the arrangements. For online condolences and directions please visit, Published in The Record-Journal on June 18, 2013

Monthly Connecticut Section News Summary Section Leadership: K1EIC SM: ASMs W1FXQ Emeritus, KD1YV, K1HEJ; OOC K1DFS; PIC KA1WPM; SEC N1CLV: ASECs N1FNE, K1BRF, AF1HS, K1VSC, W1GTT; SGL K1MK; STM K1STM; TC N1KHB. I just received word that John West, N1IWT passed away last night from New Britain General Hospital. John was a very active member of this section, one of our system operators for the ARES Discussion list, real interested in publicity and a help in legislative matters. He and his wife STM Anne K1STM ran the TIPS net together, an activity many enjoyed. You can email Anne [email protected]; cards and notes can be sent to 43 ACADEMY STREET APT 102, SOUTHINGTON, CT 064893259. She can use your support because she is scheduled for medical procedures this week. I.C.R.C. Newsletter

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Monthly Connecticut Section News Summary – cont’d

It was great to see many of you at the NARL hamfest Saturday. Congrats to NARL on another successful hamfest—the weather was cooperative, too. Let’s hope FD weekend brings good weather. It’s Field Day this coming weekend! Are you ready? As usual, I will be visiting a few clubs in this Section; I try to get to different parts of the Section each year. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to post your group’s FD location on the Field Day station locator I will also be on the air part of the time from home looking for CT FD stations. Our public information coordinator Dana KA1WPM has arranged for a statement from the governor proclaiming this week Amateur radio week in CT! Here it is. “State of Connecticut By His Excellency Dannel P. Malloy, Governor: an Official Statement WHEREAS, Amateur Radio operators are celebrating over a century of the miracle of the human voice broadcast over the airwaves; and WHEREAS, Amateur Radio has continued to provide a bridge between peoples, societies and countries by creating friendships and the sharing of ideas; and WHEREAS, Amateur Radio Operators have also provided countless hours of community services throughout these decades; and WHEREAS, these Amateur Radio Operator’s services are provided wholly uncompensated; and WHEREAS, the State also recognizes the services Amateur Radio’s people also provide to our many Emergency Response organizations, including local police, fire and ambulance companies; and WHEREAS, these same individuals have further demonstrated their value in public assistance by providing free radio communications for local parades, bike-a-thons, walk-athons, fairs and other charitable public events; and WHEREAS, the State of Connecticut recognizes and appreciates the diligence of these ”hams” who also serve as weather spotters in the Skywarn program of the US Government Weather Bureau; and WHEREAS, the Amateur Radio Operators of Connecticut stood ready to serve their fellow citizens by providing emergency communications in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Blizzard of 2013; and WHEREAS, the ARRL is the leading organization for Amateur Radio in the USA; and WHEREAS, the ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day exercise will take place on June 22-23, 2013 and is a 24 hour emergency encampment exercise and demonstration of the Radio Amateurs’ skills and readiness to provide self-supporting communications even in fields without further infrastructure; now I.C.R.C. Newsletter Page 6

Monthly Connecticut Section News Summary – cont’d

THEREFORE, I Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of the State of Connecticut, do hereby officially recognize and designate June 17-23, 2013 as AMATEUR RADIO WEEK In the state of Connecticut (Signed and Sealed) Dannel P. Malloy, Governor” Speaking of emergency preparedness, here is some good news from our SEC Wayne, N1CLV. “The Connecticut Section placed in the TOP TEN in both scoring categories for the 2012 SET!! Our score of 2496 placed us FIFTH in the ARES Activity category! Our score of 2454 placed us SECOND in the Section/Nets category!! We only missed first place by 164 points!! Congrats and thanx to all who helped us achieve this great result as part of the statewide EPPI exercise last year!” I want to add my congratulations and thanks to all of you who participated in the 2012 simulated emergency test (SET). The results are commendable; they show a real commitment of all the operators and ARES leaders to this important effort. I know that all of us worked very hard in the SET last year participating in the State exercise. This achievement could not happen without all of you ops who continue to train and participate in public service events. Wayne, my thanks to you for taking the time to prepare and execute another really successful SET. We are very fortunate to have you on board leading our ARES program. Congratulations! Dana KB1AEV reports the following changes for repeaters in Torrington: “KB1AEV/R changed from 145.370 to 147.240 + PL 77.0 Hz Linked to the wide area KB1AEV System. W1RWC/R changed from 147.240 to 145.370 - PL 77.0 Hz Standalone local repeater. The W1RWC repeater on 145.370 is located on top of the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and provides good coverage to all of downtown Torrington. We just restored this repeater to operation last week.” Many thanks Dana. Attention NTS ops: The Emergency Communications Advisory Committee is conducting a survey which NTS ops are asked to complete by June 24. You will find this survey at Please participate— thanks. Congratulations and thank you to Barry KA1JDD who has completed twelve years as news editor of CARA Capers, the news of the Candlewood Amateur Radio Association. He is retiring from that position after having done a terrific job for all these years. And while I’m at it, thanks to all of you newsletter editors out there—I understand and appreciate the time it takes to collect, write and edit the news. I very much enjoy reading all the club newsletters. There were several communications events in which Amateur radio took part. A big thank you to everyone who helped out. Here’s one report from the Stamford ARA by president John WB2RYV. Eighteen members of the Stamford ARA took part in helping out with communications for the Bennett Cancer Center Hope-InMotion bike ride. The operators covered net control, three rest stops, two SAG vehicles, two mechanics vehicles, and two “scout/chase” cars to keep track of the riders. We provided aid to seventeen different riders who needed mechanical assistance and/or transport back to Stamford. In addition, two of our people were first on the scene when a rider collapsed and used our CERT training to provide assistance until the ambulance I.C.R.C. Newsletter Page 7

Monthly Connecticut Section News Summary – cont’d

arrived. We also provided assistance to another rider who took a particularly nasty fall and was eventually discovered to have a fractured rib. Our people tracked the location of the riders and a contingent stayed until the last rider on the course was safely back in Stamford, even after pretty much the entire rest of the event was packed up and gone. And now here is a note from Pete KZ1Z past Section Manager CT Section who now lives in Florida. “I received the following note on a local ham reflector and thought its contents may be of interest to others.” Amateur Radio Web Cast's by Joe AK4OO I would like to bring Three web cast to every ones attention: 1.Ham Nation: It was this web-cast that pushed me to get my ham ticket. The show features k9eid Bob Heil, WB6NOA Gordon West, W5JDX George Thomas and a host of other great hams. With over 100 web-cast and a live web-cast every Wednesday at 9:00 pm est with a chat room (possible pre-show 8:30) They have after the show nets on 80 -40- and 20 meters. 2. Amatuer Host: W5JDX George Thomas, N5ZNO Thomas Martin and VK2PB Peter Berrett 53+ episodes 3.Ham radio now Host: KN4AQ Gary Pearce and AC4ZO Jeff Wittich 81 + episodes -------------------------------------------------------------------ARRL Connecticut Section Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------

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