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Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc. Fred Astaire: Part 2 (Music 450B) The Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc. has been creat...

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Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc. Fred Astaire: Part 2 (Music 450B) The Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc. has been created to develop, promote, and advance the study and understanding of the role played by American song in the cultural development of our society. Our presentations are designed to increase and enhance the awareness of the general public with regard to the rich, historical significance of our American musical tradition. As such -- via lecture, live music, and audio and video excerpts -- we recount the life stories and career highlights of those who composed the music, wrote the words, or performed the classic, popular melodies and lyrics. These are the men and women who have immeasurably informed our lives and world... and whose accomplishments remain the standard to which all others have aspired or been compared. Description: This is the second of a three-part survey course providing the student with an introduction to the career and repertoire of stage and screen dance legend Fred Astaire. Our Course Objectives for Part 2: 1. To trace the progression of the Astaire screen partnership with Ginger Rogers from its early peak to the conclusion of their 1930s association...and the evolution of his work to 1947. 2. To come to an appreciation of the role his wife played in Astaire’s professional focus and personal peace-of-mind. 3. To learn about Astaire’s ability to “couple” with other outstanding contemporary dancers. 4. To appreciate his contributions to the War Effort...and to understand his reasons for retirement from -- and return to -- the screen. Suggested Reading: Astaire: The Man and The Dancer, Bob Thomas; St. Martin’s Press, 1984 Starring Fred Astaire, Stanley Green; Dodd, Mead & Company, 1973 Astaire Dancing, John Mueller; Alfred A. Knopf, 1985 Suggested Listening: Fred Astaire Golden Greats, 3-CD set Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers at RKO

Instructor: Larry Maurer

All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2007

All program materials used are in the public domain or under the “classroom exception” to the normal licensing requirements of the US Copyrght Act

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Timeless Melodies expresses its profound appreciation to the following companies: 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. MGM, & Paramount Pictures whose film clips made this course possible.

Timeless Melodies Foundation For Education, Inc. 26152 Escala Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Larry Maurer, Executive Director Voice (949) 305-3090 Fax (949) 305-2187

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education, Inc. 26152 Escala Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Larry Maurer, Instructor

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Fred Astaire - Celebration of American Dance Part 2 Music 450 B

Lesson 1 - Review of Part 1 Lesson 5 - Swing-in’ the New Partners

Lesson 2 - Dancing Through The Depression

Without Ginger: Dancing With Other Stars Nicholas Bros Down Argentine Way A Tribute to the Nicholas Bros.

Artistry On Film: Experimentation and innovation at RKO The World of Fred & Ginger: Ugh! Slap! Dance! The World in Turmoil but “Let’s Face the Music....” A New Musical Genre: The Waltz in Swing Time

Lesson 6 - The Return of Miss Cansino -and The New Standards

Lesson 3 - Inspiration...and Homage A Tribute to Some Great Dancers: Looks like he’s falling down: Ray Bolger Fred Salutes Bill Bo Jangles Robinson Home Life: A Tribute to Phyllis Astaire

A Little Tango Anyone? Rita...and Cole

Lesson 4 - Perfectionist

Lesson 7 - World War II...Plus: Fond Farewell

They All Laughed “Eei-ther! Eye-ther!” Gershwin: They Can’t Take Him Away.... I Could Go On Golfing End of the Dream Dancing

Retirement: Fred Steps Out With His Baby......

“A discussion will follow the presentation” Page 1

Page 2