Town Square Farmers' Market Vendor Application

Town Square Farmers' Market Vendor Application

Town Square Farmer’s Market And NEW, Indoor Forks Farmer’s Market 2017 VENDOR GUIDELINES 2017 Season Dates: 16 Saturdays running from June 17th to Sep...

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Town Square Farmer’s Market And NEW, Indoor Forks Farmer’s Market 2017 VENDOR GUIDELINES 2017 Season Dates: 16 Saturdays running from June 17th to September 30st, 9:00am to 1:30pm RAIN OR SHINE @ the Town Square, on the corner of 3rd and Demers, Downtown Grand Forks 4 Saturdays running Oct. 7th – October 28th, 9:00am to 1:30pm @ the Ember’s Creative Venue located at 8 N. 3rd St. Downtown Grand Forks The Town Square Farmer’s Market (TSFM) and Forks Farmer’s Market, (FFM) provides a local outlet for producers to sell their products. In return for fees paid, vendors are supplied with venue and established clientele, advertising, marketing and promotions. Each vendor must supply their own tables, chairs, tablecloths, signs, money for change and bags. The following items may be sold:  Fresh produce, honey, wood products, herbs, eggs, flowers and other agricultural products 

Prepared Foods from a certified kitchen. Questions about certified kitchens should be directed to the Grand Forks Health Department at 701-787-8100.

Hand-crafted or home-made items

Other products and/or services as approved by the Market Steering Committee. If you have an item or product you would like considered, please contact a member of the Market Steering Committee at 7010-330-9952 or via e-mail: [email protected]

GUIDELINES 1. Items sold are limited to regionally-produced agricultural products and food/crafts manufactured by local vendors. All produce and goods should be of high quality. 2.

Advertised market hours are Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:30pm but sales may begin as soon as you are ready. Unloading and setup for vendors may begin at 7:00am on Saturdays. Market Manager MUST be consulted prior to set up! Market manager has the right to relocate any vendor that sets up prior to approval.


Vendors not set by 8:30am may be refused entry by market manager. For consideration for late arrival please contact Market Manager at 218-779-1382 or 701-330-9952 in advance.


Vending Space will be assigned based on arrival time at the market. The Manager will not ‘hold’ or ‘guarantee’ a space for day or three day pass holders. Season pass vendors must arrive to set up prior to 8:00am or contact the Market Manage if they are arriving late. If a vendor does not communicate regarding attendance their ‘regular’ space will be assigned to another vendor as early as 8:00am.


Vendor Parking is available NE of the Town Square near the river. Please leave street parking open for market guests! Tickets will be issued for noncompliance in 2 hour parking zones. The parking lot behind the stage is private and parking there could result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed.

Town Square Farmers Market




Vendors may begin tear down at 1:30pm. Early tear down that is not weather related or a result of selling out of all your items, could result in a $20.00 fine.


All displays and signs should be appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the Market.


Pricing: Vendors will avoid high prices since these are likely to reduce consumer interest. Vendors will competitively price their products. No 'dumping' or 'price cutting' will be allowed. Dumping is defined as selling products at a price significantly lower than the average market price within the market. The average market price will be determined by quick survey of other vendors at the market with similar products. All vendors agree to be helpful and informative to customers and compete fairly with respect for others.


NO SMOKING WILL BE ALLOWED IN BOOTH SPACE BY VENDORS. Please be respectful of customers and other vendors around you.

10. During the season, vendors may be asked to submit gross sales figures (rounded off to the nearest dollar) to the Market Manager. If a vendor sells in more than one category, a gross receipt slip must be filled out for each category. These figures are confidential; only aggregate figures will be available to the public. Vendors will be notified prior to market session if gross receipts will be collected for that day. 11. Market Manager has the right to refuse entry to any vendor at any time 12. Each vendor must maintain a clean and orderly area on all sides of their display (including the area behind their display). All electrical cords must be taped down. 13. Based on market volume and events; if more than an approximate 12x10 space is required by a vendor, they will pay for more than one space. Vendor display and storage area shall not extend beyond the space allowed. 14. Market Manager is responsible to implement Operations Policies during Market Sessions as determined by Steering Committee. If a vendor does not abide by market rules, Market Manager may take action deemed appropriate, including assessing fines or barring the vendor from selling at the market for that day and any future market days. A vendor may appeal any decision of Market Manager concerning violation of these rules. An appeal must be presented in writing to Town Square Farmers Market Board. A decision by Board shall constitute a final decision of any appeal. Market reserves the right to make exception to these rules at its discretion. 15. Each Market day, your space must be cleared of debris when you leave. Any significant amount of debris shall be taken home with the vendor. Vendors found not in compliance with the debris guidelines could be fined up to $20.00 16. New vendors are subject to a jury prior to selling at the market. Eligibility for selling all products and/or services will be determined by the Steering Committee. 17. Vendors are responsible for meeting local, state and federal government requirements regarding their sales activities. 18. The Market Manager may request proof of insurance from vendors; this insurance is each vendor’s responsibility. 19. Memberships are non-transferable. Season vendors are not allowed to “sublet” their vending spaces. If you are absent, the Market Manager will reassign your spot. The Market Manager does not guarantee or reserve parking for vendors. Vehicles are not allowed on the cobblestone in the square. Please be prepared with carts to carry your merchandise. Please treat other vendors with courtesy and respect when loading and unloading. Parking in reserved spaces is not allowed. TSFM or FFM will not be responsible tickets or towing or illegally parked vehicles. FOOD TRAILER: If you are a food vendor in a trailer, wagon or other free standing operation: We have up to 3 spaces available on 3rd street for food trailers. Food trailer must be approved and permitted by the Grand Forks Public Health Department, 701-787-8100.

Town Square Farmers Market



2017 VENDOR APPLICATION Town Square Farmer’s Market and Forks Farmer’s Market Please return this application to: 17721 429th Avenue So. West East Grand Forks, MN 56721

No rainout refunds. The Market goes on rain or shine!


Town Square: Canopy Area: Available as Season Pass Only Canopy (14’ x 10’) $300.00 One Half of Large canopy (approx. 10’ x 9’) $265.00 Town Square: Open Courtyard Area: Non-covered space (average 12’ x 10’) Vendors requiring more than 12x10 will be charged up to $25 more per day. As the market grows, overflow vendors may be placed in the path toward the Greenway. The pricing for this space remains the same. Season Pass (seasonal savings of $125) $250.00 Three Day Pass (savings of $10) $65.00 Daily Pass $25.00 Forks Farmer’s Market: Fall Pass Daily Pass

$75.00 $25.00

September 8th and 9th is the Downtown Street Fair. Farmer’s Market season pass holders are welcome to attend at no additional fee. 3 day and daily pass holders will need to apply and pay the vendor fee through the Grand Forks Street Fair web site @ Contact Name: ______________________________________________________________ Business Name: __________________________________ North Dakota State Tax Number: ________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City/ State/ Zip: ____________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________________

What products do you plan to bring for sale at the market? Circle one Agricultural Food Crafts


Please describe: _______________________________________________________ Farmer’s Markets are subject to impromptu inspections by the Grand Forks Health Department. Please contact them for a listing of products that may be sold at the market. What type of pass are you purchasing? (Circle one) DAILY THREE DAY Daily passes only – What days do you plan on attending (if known):



▭ I have received and read a copy of Vendor Guidelines and will abide by all rules and regulations of the Town Square Farmers Market. Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

Town Square Farmers Market



Town Square Farmer’s Market Certified Kitchen Use Form For prepared/processed food items I understand that all food prepared or processed for resale in the State of North Dakota at the Town Square Farmer’s Market must comply with the State of North Dakota’s rules and regulations for such items. Therefore, all foods must be prepared in a certified and inspected kitchen. All food prepared or processed in any other state than North Dakota must comply with all federal rules and regulations to include nutrifacts labeling as well as the use of a federally inspected kitchen. It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all regulations including on site regulations at the Town Square Farmer’s Market. The Town Square Farmer’s Market will not be held liable for any failure of the seller to comply with applicable regulations. Violation of these guidelines which result in any liability will be grounds for forfeiture of membership and selling privileges until proof of compliance is received. More information about pertinent rules and regulations can be obtained from the Grand Forks Public Health Department at 151 South 4th Street, Suite #301, Grand Forks, ND 58201 (701-787-8100). Signature: _______________________________ Business Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________________________

Town Square Farmers Market