Trailer Camp Projects Background Information for Teacher FARM

Trailer Camp Projects Background Information for Teacher FARM

Lesson: Trailer Camp Projects Background Information for Teacher FARM SECURITY ADMINISTRATION As a New Deal program designed to ameliorate the effect...

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Lesson: Trailer Camp Projects Background Information for Teacher

FARM SECURITY ADMINISTRATION As a New Deal program designed to ameliorate the effects of the Great Depression, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was created in 1937 as a subagency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. FSA combined other disparate programs into one organization. It was the direct successor of the Resettlement Administration (RA) and absorbed all of the RA's programs, including the rural rehabilitation, farm loan, and subsistence homestead programs. In August 1946 the Farmers Home Administration replaced the FSA. The FSA was not a relief agency. Much like the WPA, it worked through county offices that reported to state directors. Clients were screened for need and for the viability of their future. The program was not for "the helpless and hopeless," but for those families that had exhausted the means but not the desire for success. It provided loans to those who could not obtain credit elsewhere. In addition to loans made to farmers for purchase of land, equipment, or seed and livestock, the FSA also provided a health care plan for participating farm families and promoted educational and training programs. The agency encouraged proper sanitation and worked with other New Deal agencies such as the National Youth Administration and the Work Projects Administration (WPA) to provide privies and wells on private farms as well as improved sanitary facilities and mosquito control for migratory labor camps and for the recreational areas and land utilization projects of the agency. Generally, the loan program was the heart of the FSA. Loans could be used directly for farming activities but also indirectly for housing improvements or for the agency's sanitary or health programs. The end result was to provide the means for farm families to become self-sustaining. The federal government recognized that one of the major problems in the agricultural economy was the plight of the tenant farmers, who were caught in an endless cycle of poverty. The policies of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) actually exacerbated the tenant farmers' problems, forcing many of them off the land.

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