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Tupperware Brands - Super Brands

MARKET Tupperware Brands encompasses a range of premium innovative products that span multiple brands and categories, marketed through an independent ...

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MARKET Tupperware Brands encompasses a range of premium innovative products that span multiple brands and categories, marketed through an independent direct-selling force. In Malaysia, these include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions and cleansers for the kitchen and home through the Tupperware®, TupperChef®, TupperClean® and NanoNature® brands and beauty and personal care products through Nutrimetics® and NaturCare® brands. Today, Tupperware Brands continues to break new grounds as a multi-brand, multicategory, direct sales conglomerate with an attractive and rewarding business opportunity. It strives to make a difference in the lives of women in the communities in which it operates, by offering them the opportunity to better their lives and create a positive impact on their families. ACHIEVEMENTS As a corporation, it has been listed a “Platinum 400” America’s Best Big Companies by Forbes. com and earned its place in Fortune magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies in the Household Products Category, in 2009 and 2010. Through the years, the brand has won numerous prestigious, worldwide design excellence recognitions including IF Seal Awards, Good Design Awards from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design; Green Good Design Award, and the latest which is the “Best of the Best: Design Team of the Year 2009” from the worldrecognised Red Dot Design award. In Malaysia, the brand has won numerous awards from Brand Laureate for “Best Brand Category: Consumer Food Storage 2010-2011”, “Most Admired Brand 2011-2012” , “The Most Established Brand Category: Innovative Storage Solutions 20122013” and the most recent “Special Edition World awards”




In 2012, the brand has made it to the Malaysian Book of Records for “Most Parties Conducted Simultaneously” at all their business centres across Malaysia.

HISTORY It all started in 1983 when inventor Earl Tupper, a self-taught engineer working for DuPont, formed the Earl S Tupper Company and developed industrial uses for plastic. After the Second World War ended Tupper began to conduct experiments for consumer products. In 1946 he introduced to the public his first Tupper Plastic containers: the Wonderlier® Bowl and Bell Tumbler, and the ingenious airtight seal. They were unique and different from traditional food containers – they were lighter and not as breakable as glass and crockery. Little did he realise that he had unlocked the key to becoming a most enduring and winning household name. Next came his invention of the legendary airtight seal that prevented food from drying or wilting in the refrigerator. It was a revolution and soon the “Tupperised” kitchen came into being. This was the beginning of a phenomenon that would change the landscape of the traditional kitchen across millions of homes the world over. Initially, plastics for home use were just a novelty. It was Brownie Wise, a single mother with no formal sales training, who conceived the idea for the “ Tu p p e r w a re Party” and

brought it into homes, through the demonstration and education of product features in a home-party setting. Thereon, the Tupperware Home Party would revolutionise the art of marketing as well as liberate many women from the traditional role of suburban housewife to career woman. Its success was phenomenal and the Tupperware Party became the core activity of the business to this day. In 1965 Tupperware arrived in Malaysia and Singapore, its sales force has since grown to over 330,000 across two countries. Tupperware Brands product has expanded extensively over the past years. From storage (Tupperware) to cookware (TupperChef Inspire), health (NaturCare), beauty (Nutrmetics), home care (TupperClean) and water filter (Nano Nature Water Filtration System). Tupperware also believe in investing into the future. Innovation is one of the key reasons why Tupperware Brands has managed to sustain its brand throughout the years. The company continues to invest significantly into product research and development to ensure there is value-add to the products. As a corporation, Tupperware Worldwide invest millions of dollars every year in R&D to ensure that they are always ahead and true to their vision of being premier direct selling for premium innovative products.

PRODUCT Subscribing to the design concept of functional space, Tupperware brings order to the modern home and kitchen with a delightful range of versatile and space-saving system and utensils that are easy, hygienic and safe to use for every need and occasion. A l l Tupperware products are designed to inspire and

make people fall in love with them and engage their lifelong loyalty. Thus new innovations like virtually airtight and liquid-tight storage, non-drip pour, collapsible storage, microwave-friendly vents and fast freezing have now become regular features in Tupperware’s range of products. All materials and colour pigments used comply with international standards of safety and have passed stringent tests. Tupperware is safe for everyday use, is non-toxic and does not leach chemicals to food. Buy-and-use-with-confidence is assured as Tupperware products are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee that their quality is safe, functional, innovative and eco-friendly.

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Tupperware Brands recently embarked on the kids market by introducing Twinkle Baby Bottles, Twinkle Tup and Baby Care Plus, a new range of innovative products and baby personal products. Tupperware have just opened their newest business centre in Sungai Buloh, Selangor four months ago. Today, there are 102 Tupperware Brands Authorised Business Centres across Malaysia and Singapore. PROMOTION Tupperware Brands products are sold through its direct-selling channel. In 2007, Tupperware Brands Malaysia and Singapore successfully transitioned from a single-level business model to a new multi-level business plan that offers their sales force a very attractive and viable business opportunity. Their promotional activities are usually in their monthly catalogues where consumers will find out their latest product and promotions. Tupperware are also active on social media such as Facebook to inform consumers

of their latest promotions, sharing tips on how to saves space, time and money, launching contest, games and rewarding their loyal Tupper fans with prizes!

BRAND VALUES The concept of Sustainability pulsates at the heart of Tupperware Brands. By Sustainability, it means “meeting the needs of the present while taking tangible actions to preserve the future”. The very foundation of the company was built on this concept through innovative products that are easy-to-use, of high quality and reusable for a lifetime - business plans that empower women, projects that connect with communities and care for the environment. The very concept of Tupperware encourages reusing and recycling. Using Tupperware means less use of disposable bags, styrofoam containers - which means less garbage in our landfills. Empowering women to meet today’s needs. To honour women and the life-changing impact they can have on one another, the company has launched the Tupperware Brands’ Chain of Confidence. This Chain provides and celebrates the “bond” of friendship that connects women. Through Chain of Confidence, women across the globe can share stories and experiences; motivate and advise each other. Another innovative way of empowering women to share, to lead, to learn, to be the best she

can. To help change lives. The Vision. Tupperware Brands Corporation is a strong global team of people united by their Vision statement: “We’re passionate about changing lives and everything we do is channelled to express that passion to our millions of independent sales force members that are part of our organisation. We express it in our training, resources, incentives, product quality and values. Our vision extends beyond our global sales force because as these women grow more confident and achieve personal and financial success, their families prosper. It’s a winning, life changing experience for everyone. The power to touch and improve lives is the heart of the Tupperware Brands portfolio of companies” Designed for a lifetime. Tupperware products are durable and guaranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use. Therefore, buying with confidence is assured as Tupperware can be used for a lifetime. Tupperware provide their customers with high quality innovative products brought to them through an informative and entertaining party. They provide their independent sales force with a pathway for personal development and a significant earning opportunity. They provide their associates with an opportunity to develop and utilise their talents and skills and to be recognised and rewarded with it. The Tupperware logo, the Friendship Fountain, is one of the best-known icons of the company. Located in their corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, this beautiful monument was presented to the company by their family in Tupperware Australia in 1970. During its dedication, waters brought from all the Tupperware countries around the world were poured into it in a gesture of friendship, unity and shared passion for changing lives that remains at the heart of their great company.

www.tupperwarebrands.com THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT TUPPERWARE • A Tupperware party is held somewhere around the world every 2.2 seconds. • Tupperware is listed as the greatest invention of the Twentieth Century, by the Guinness Book of World Records. • Tupperware products are part of the collection of renowned museums around the world - the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Centre Pompidou of Paris, The Smithsonian Institution of Washington and the Natural Museum of American History. • In the last two years, they’ve sold enough Rice Dispensers to store at least 1.5 million kg of rice, to provide a meal for twenty million people. • In two years, their Eco School Project reached out to 150,000 school kids educating and raising their eco awareness.