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16-22 OCT 2017 UNHCR SERBIA UPDATE HIGHLIGHTS AND STATISTICS  On 22 October, 4,258 new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were counted in Serbia...

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16-22 OCT 2017


On 22 October, 4,258 new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were counted in Serbia, of which 3,743 were housed in 18 governmental centres (below chart as well as our Joint Assessment of Government Centres refer).

UNHCR and partners assisted 167 newly arrived asylum seekers. UNHCR and partners sampled 108, comprising 23% women and children and 77% men. Most had left Iraq (38%), Pakistan (25%), or Afghanistan (19%), between two weeks and two months ago. About half, mainly Yasidi or Kurd, travelled irregularly to Serbia from Iraq via Turkey and Bulgaria and some 38%, mostly from Pakistan or Afghanistan via Turkey-Greece-FYR Macedonia. Arrivals from Iran (13%) used Belgrade airport.

UNHCR started systematic distribution of winter clothes for children age 13-18 in all government centres. Each child received a tracksuit, a winter jacket, a sweatshirt, socks, underwear, boots and cap/scarf/gloves.

Some 85% of 7-14 year old refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children in centres across the country continued attended primary school classes. Efforts to enrol children over 14 years of age into secondary schools continue, with some already attending secondary schools, while more are being prepared to start soon.

The Council of Europe Secretary General’s Special Representative on Migration and Refugees published the report on his fact finding visit of 12-16 June to Serbia and the so-called transit zones of Hungary.

UNHCR Geneva published a Europe Monthly Update-September 2017.




SOUTH 618 refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were accommodated in the three Reception Centres of Presevo (277), Vranje (125) and Bujanovac (216), including 68 unaccompanied or separated children (UASC). BELGRADE Krnjaca Asylum Centre (AC) accommodated 594 asylum-seekers, including 94 UASC, while 660 male refugees/migrants (including 57 unaccompanied or separated boys) were sheltered in Obrenovac TC. EAST 437 refugees and migrants were accommodated in four Reception Centres: 199 in Pirot, 112 in Divljana, 84 in Dimitrovgrad and 42 in Bosilegrad. WEST Transit Centres (TCs) in the West sheltered 569 refugees and migrants: 367 in Adasevci and 202 in Principovac.

NORTH 49 asylum seekers were admitted into so-called “transit zones” of Hungary. On 22 October, five asylum seekers camped at Horgos and Kelebija border sites awaiting admission into Hungary. Subotica TC sheltered 100 asylum-seekers, Sombor TC 120, and Kikinda TC 170.

Distribution of winter clothes, Subotica (Serbia), ©UNHCR, 19 Oct 2017

The 2017 UNHCR Serbia Operation is grateful for funding by:

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