United States History Topic Ideas for NHD Projects

United States History Topic Ideas for NHD Projects

United States History Topic Ideas for NHD Projects Broad or If you’re interested in… Consider… Common Topic Colonization Exploration and Settlemen...

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United States History Topic Ideas for NHD Projects Broad or

If you’re interested in…


Common Topic Colonization

Exploration and Settlement

North Dakota: 

Lewis and Clark


Early Explorers

Settlement of North Dakota

Railroads in North Dakota

Ranching in North Dakota

Early Reservation Era

Relationships with Indians 

The Sarcoxie Wars – 1837 (MO)

Colonial Era


Military and Diplomatic





Political Theories and



Raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts – 1704

Louisiana Code Noir – 1724

General von Steuben at Valley Forge – 1778 (PA)

George Washington – 1775 (VA)

African-Americans in the Revolution – 1775

Foundations in English Common Law 

Magna Carta – 1215

English Bill of Rights - 1689

Pre-Consitution 

Mayflower Compact – 1620

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – 1639

Connecticut Code of 1650

Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom 1786

Constitutional Convention Debates 

Three-Fifths Compromise - 1787

Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan -1787


Constitutional Debate



Debates over Slavery and

National Bank - 1833

Nullification Crisis – 1832 (SC)

 

Trail of Tears – 1830 Fort Gibson’s Role in the Trail of Tears (OK)

David Walker's Appeal for Universal Emancipation


– 1829 (MA) 

Bleeding Kansas - 1854

Dred Scott v. Sanford – 1857 (MO)

Charles Redmond and the Massachusetts AntiSlavery Society – 1857

Civil War

Military/War History


Tragedies and of War 

Andersonville Prison (GA)

Elmira Prison (NY)

 

Gettysburg – 1863 (PA)

Civil War surgery

North Dakota 

Civil War in North Dakota

African American Involvement



Camp Nelson (KY)

 

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment

Mission San Gabriel Native American Revolt – 1785

Territories and

1st Kansas Colored Infantry



The West Florida Revolt – 1810 (LA)

Bloody Monday Riots – 1855 (KY)

George A. Custer

 

Pinkerton Detective Agency – 1875 Lew Carroll and the 1889 Land Run (OK)


Immigration, Labor, Civil

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – 1911 (NY)

of Industry and

rights, Industrial Accidents

Missouri Sharecroppers Protest of 1939 (MO)

Point Honda Naval Disaster – 1923 (CA)

1904 World’s Fair and 1904 Summer Olympics

Worker’s Rights Dawn of the 20th





History AND

Suffrage 

Alice Paul (NJ)

Martha Griffiths and the Equal Rights Amendment

Isabella Beecher Hooker and the Constitutional Rights of Women (NY, CT)


Helena Hill Weed (CT)

Woman Suffrage (ND)

Virginia Minor, Missouri League of Women Voters

History Continued

(MO) Women’s Rights Women’s Rights


Emma Willard, Higher Education for Girls (NY)

Clarina Howard Nichols (VT, KS)

 

Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls – 1848 (NY) Randolph v. Owasso Public Schools- Title IX case (OK)

Arguments for and Against

World War I in ND


Kate Richards O’Hare and opposition to World War I (MO)


Response to Depression


World War II

Military History


Technological Innovation,



Propaganda in World War I

Okie Migrations and the Dust Bowl (OK)

Hoover Dam (NV, AZ)

New Deal

Comanche Code Talkers

Aleutian Campaign (AK)

Coast Guard in World War II

Kawakitga v United States (CA)

Jake McNiece and the “Filthy Thirteen” (OK)

 

Lucius D. Clay (GA)

The development of ENIAC at the University of

Women at the Douglas Aircraft Plant (OK)

Pennsylvania – 1946 

The Transistor

Garrison Dam (ND) and Natural Resources (ND) – 1950s

History of velcro, Ziploc bags, zippers, duct tape, disposable razor

National Weather Service

Social History

Ethnic Conflict

Sylvan Goldman and the development of the shopping cart (OK)

Zoot Suit Riots – 1943 (CA)

Bracero Program – 1942 (CA)

Bob Fletcher, saved farms of interned JapaneseAmericans (CA)

Nuclear History

Manhattan Project

German POWs at Camp Algona (IA)

Enola Gay and Wendover Field (UT)

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, General Leslie Groves, Enrico Fermi, Hans Bethe, Neils Bohr

Sports History

Integration of Baseball

Manhattan Project Innovations

Spies/security at Los Alamos (NM)

Oak Ridge Uranium Purification (TN)

Ben Chapman and the integration of the Philadelphia Phillies 1947 - PA


Polio Vaccine


Larry Doby (OH)

Cap Anson (IA)

Pee Wee Reese (KY)

A. B. “Happy” Chandler (KY)

Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) treatment in Louisiana

 

Quarantine laws and the rights of patients

HeLa Cells

History of

Rock ‘N’ Roll Revolution

Alan Freed (OH)


and Movie History

The Hollywood Ten (CA)

U.S. v Paramount Pictures (CA)

Screen Actors’ Guild (CA)

Integration and

Supreme Court Opinions,

Court Rulings

Civil Rights


The Great Society

 

United States v. Cruikshank – 1876 (LA) Brown v. Board of Education – 1954 (KS) Penick v. Columbus Board of Education – 1977 (OH) Clay v. US - 1971

Lemon Grove Incident (CA)

Sheff vs. O’Neil (CT )

Missouri 

Ernest Calloway (MO)

Urban League of St. Louis (MO)

Johnson and the Great Society


Neil Armstrong’s Walk on


the Moon

Civil Rights

Head Start - 1965

Great Society

NASA’s decision to launch the shuttle Challenger (FL)

James A. Van Allen (IA)

King’s I Have a Dream

1923 Rosewood Massacre (FL)


Medgar Evers

Emmitt Till

Edna Griffin (IA)

Sammy Davis, Jr. and Segregation in Entertainment Industry


Silent Spring

  

Anne Braden (KY)

International Convention for the Regulation of


Roscoe Dunjee and the Black Dispatch (OK) Clara Luper and the Katz Drugstore Sit-In (OK) Whaling (DC)

Hetchy Hetchy (CA)

John Muir and the Sierra Club (CA)