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URBAN is a full color digital urban lifestyle publication covering culture, entertainment, fashion and sports as they relate to our urban audience. ...

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is a full color digital urban lifestyle publication covering culture, entertainment, fashion and sports as they relate to our urban audience. Targeting readers between the ages of 18 and 34, our readership is advantageous to advertisers. After years of thorough research and contributing to the best-selling urban entertainment magazines (King, XXL, Vibe, Yahoo! Music, The Source) under his pseudonym, Publisher/Editor in Chief BE’N ORIGINAL has developed a foundation that embodies the best attributes. URBAN differentiates from other entertainmentrelated publications by covering the various facets of urban culture in a manner that is not only reader friendly but also well received equally, by both male and female audiences. This is greatly due to our enormous writing pool which includes several of the most talented writers across the country, offering a broad range of perspectives for our audience’s reading pleasure. Our editorial staff not only writes about the urban lifestyle, we live it. You can expect competitive content due to our relationships with several entertainment related companies. We would like to offer you the opportunity to have your clients, products or services featured in various sections of our media portal. Join EA, Nintendo, Sony Music, Rockstar Games, Warner Home Video, Roc Nation, Activision, FOX, Starz, Affliction, Rocawear, Sean John, Atlantic Records, Capitol and several leading public relation firms (DKC News, Ferguson Media, Susan Blonde, JLM) in supporting the fastest growing independent urban media outlet. BE’N ORIGINAL Editor in Chief/Publisher [email protected] ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT [email protected]


Black 52% White 24% Latin 20% Other 4%

AGE 18-24:

45% 25-34; 43% 35+: 11%


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URBAN is distributed digitally and available worldwide on desktops and mobile devices.

ONLINE ADVERTISING We offer advertising placement on our web site to help extend the reach of our clients’ online marketing efforts. Rockstar Games, Warner Bros. Home Video, Loud.com, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, iTunes, Lavalife, Playboy, Rocawear, Sean John, Rush Card, Tiger Direct, Netflix, Akademiks, Teri Woods Publishing, Hue for Every Man, Apple Music, Puma, Amazon, and Def Jam are among several entertainment related businesses to utilize our website to promote their products.


Income: $30 - 60,000 Age Group: 18 - 34 Children: None


Male: 52%. Female: 48%


African-American: 50.2%. White: 26.9%. Latino: 24.0%. Other: 17.3% *Note: total may equal more than 100% as respondents were allowed to select more than one.

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