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A LETTER FROM THE HEADTEACHER | 2 3 | LETTERS FROM THE COURSE COORDINATORS To the graduating Prep class of 2015… As the year draws to a close, I wo...

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3 | LETTERS FROM THE COURSE COORDINATORS To the graduating Prep class of 2015… As the year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all on completing this magnificent journey. Moving countries, leaving loved ones behind is never, and has never been an easy task – but you have all shown the courage to not only undertake this endeavor but to embrace your new life and the opportunities it has presented you with. As you move onto your next course, it will be your turn to assist those less able than you – those that have just arrived with their own backgrounds, dreams and aspirations. I am confident in each of you, that this is a task you will relish and seek to pass on all you’ve learnt thus far. But before we look forward to your future, I would like to glance back, just briefly at the group of wide-eyed, nervous, eager, energetic students that first arrived and the path they followed. The unforgettable moments have been so many: the PGL Residential, Exeter Christmas markets, SS Great Britain, Longleat Safari Park and more and subsequent award giving ceremony; however all of these magical moments are over-shadowed by each time one of you answers a question correctly, expresses an opinion, forms a new friendship or helps a classmate – it is these moments that your teachers aspire you to do. As I was writing this I was wandering round the school taking in the memories of the past year and I came across one of the posters displayed throughout the buildings; a quote from Albert Einstein that I would like you all to reflect on ‘Any fool can know but the point is to understand.’ I wish you all the best in your very exciting futures…

Dan Luly High School Preparation Course Coordinator

WE ARE EF ACADEMY TORBAY STUDENTS AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID. EF Torbay students, hear me! It is true what many of you have heard. Time has passed and the end of another academic year is nigh. Believe me when I say you have an exciting time ahead of you but if you are to be prepared for it you must first shed your fear of it. I stand here before you now truly delighted! Why?! Because I believe something you do not? No! I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that you are not here because of the path that lay behind you .. but because of the path that lies before you! I remember that, for over nine months, you have fought your subjects! I remember that for over nine months teachers have made you work hard and, after over nine months of study you must remember that which matters most! We are still here! Let us send a message to the world! Let us shake this planet! Today let us tremble the walls of earth, steel and stone! Let us be heard from Torbay to the other end of the world! Today, let us make everyone know: we are EF Academy Torbay students and we are not afraid!. Source: Morpheus’ Speech to Zion (from The Matrix: Reloaded) – adapted to Esti’s Yearbook quote to promotion 2014-15.

Estibaliz Ayo IGSCE Course Coordinator


SOME WISE WORDS FROM THE COURSE COORDINATORS. Working with the A Level class of 2015 has been an incredible privilege. I have enjoyed getting to know a lot of you very well, and all of you well enough to realize what a special group of students you are. You came a very long distance to Torquay in order to study the academically rigorous A Level Programme. This willingness to enrich your lives shows the great courage that you will take away with you. Our diverse student body and your active interest in the other cultures that you experienced here will strengthen you as you become leaders in your fields. You have shown commitment to your studies and ceaseless energy to support each other, to have fun and to enjoy life. Many of you have stunned me with your tenacity as the subject matter got harder and harder in your second year of A Level studies. Please go on being exactly who you are as you go off into the world to explore your chosen career, to build new friendships, and eventually to find your niche, somewhere in our global village.

Helen Beardsley A-Levels Course Coordinator

Debbie’s famous words, “we cry together, we laugh together” how true this is of our IB world. The journey you have undertaken since the beginning of your studies fills with me pride and admiration for every one of you. Your decision to follow the Diploma programme demonstrates your commitment and determination, your successes demonstrate resilience. Each individual has had their own challenges and throughout your continuing effort and commitment you have overcome the hurdles that have been placed before you, proudly stepping over, through and when necessary around in order to achieve your goals. You have built friendships which will last a lifetime, you have supported, guided and cheered each other and have grown in statue and now face the next step in your exciting future as citizens of the world. I wish you every happiness in this new journey onwards, take with you the experiences of the past two years, learn from the mistakes and move boldly on in the confidence of what you have achieved. Your IB experience will stand you in good stead and will prove invaluable not only during academia but for the rest of your life. Look after each other, keep safe, work hard, play hard, be successful and be happy. I will miss you xx

Debbie Chatterton IB Course Coordinator

We arrived as strangers but we ended up as a family. Even though we might not see each other again, all the good memories will remain deeply in our hearts.


Staff Members.


Trevor Spence Headteacher

Anna Ireland Operations director UK schools

Debbie Chatterton IB Coordinator

Helen Beardsley A-Levels Coordinator

Estibaliz Ayo IGSCE Coordinator

Dan Luly High School Prep Coordinator

Adrian Harrington IT Tutor/LT Coordinator If I have to have a past, then I prefer to be multiple choice.

Andrew Scott Math Teacher Rock and roll.

Bernadette Fitzsimons Psychology Teacher

Bob East Chemistry Teacher Work hard, play hard.

Love life and life will love you back.


Bryan Heavens Math Teacher There is a stairway to heaven.

Callum Shipley Science and Math Teacher Embrace the chaos.

Chris Nicholls Enrichment Coordinator Nothing is certain in life, so avoid undue excitement and sadness.

Claire Bettles Study Skills for IAP Dance as if there’s no one watching.

Daniel Barreto Business Studies Teacher Everything in life is business.

Dave Summer Site and Maintenance Manager One life, live it.

Deborah England Debbie Don’t regret things you’ve done, regret things you haven’t done.

Diana Casado Oliveira ESL Teacher Fantastic!

Gundel Bonfield Head of Art Be curious, there is always something you can do and succeed at.

Hana Skuckova Math Teacher Imagination will take you anywhere.


Hazel Linacre Math Tutor Seek wisdom and understanding.

Lesley Hyde Sociology Teacher Know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Ian Mills CAS Coordinator The more things you know, the more places you’ll go.

Jane Sproston School Administrator

Liz Clarke Head of Languages Carpe diem.

Mandy Meek Head of Mathematics Be lazy, get it right the first time.

Work hard, play hard and be kind.

Kelly Hall Accommodation Manager What you are looking for is not out there... It’s in you.

Kevin Tyler Care Taker Leave the school at 18 o’clock!

Maria Jennings Teacher of Languages To have another language is to possess a second soul.

Maria Long Counsellor Never forget how amazing you are.


Mark Glew Head of Economics Work hard, and then work harder.

Neil Abbott Counsellor On the pathway of your dreams, never stop loving people.

Neville Williams Math Teacher I’m playing all the right notes, not necessarily in the right order.

Oliver Chapman Assistant A-Level Coordinator

Owen Tyler Sport & Activity Coord. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” (Dodgeball)

Phil Furse Phil

Phillip Savvas Art Teacher Every effort is worthy effort.

Rachel Ripley Counsellor Go the extra mile! It’s never crowded.

The important thing is to not stop questioning.

Orlando Buckland ESL Teacher Come and study in the castle on the hill.

Sean Kirby Teacher of Science You are moving in “one direction”, the right one.


Sharon Glew English Literature Teacher

Sid Ward Head of ESL It’s been emotional.

Stephanie Walker Math Teacher Read the question carefully.

Su Layfield Data and Exams Officer If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Tina Desmond Law Teacher If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Tricia Asquith Assistant IGCSE Coordinator Grasp every opportunity with both hands.

Wendy Daniels Head of Science

Wendy Jones Head of Humanities Imagine with all our mind, believe with all our heart, achieve with all your might.

Wyn Morgan Extended Essay Coord. Any day is a good day when I don’t have to teach Vlad.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

Tracy Thorne Humanities and Art


Zoe Scott Receptionist Breathe in the future, breathe out the past.

Bruce Duff Chef

Craig Duff Chef

Kevin Mason Chef One life, live it.

IAP Course.


An Thai Nguyen Thai I’m Thai.

Ayazhan Kulgazlyeva Aisha Hello from Kazakhstan!

Chia-Ching Wang Zoe

Geum Gwan Lee Eric Hello.

Ho Chan Kim John Anything.

Mairbek Iakhiaev Mairbek Money talks.

Duc Hung Luu Reeps Never say die, Up Man try.

Khaireddine Aidan Kiko Guys, you have to study and only think about football.

Gacem Ben Cherif Taibi Gacem Hello.

Lam Oanh Vu Amy Stars can’t shine without darkness.


Mochamad Luth Malik Al Fattah Luth Green and natural.

Mi-En Kim Mi-En Peace.

Minh Tuan Nguyen David Hello.

Mohamed Katilb Amrouche Katilb Smile!

Muhammad Yasser Arafat Yasser Hello.

Nai-Man Pan Megan Why walk when we can run?

Nai Wei Pan Ricky Everything is awesome.

Nuria Rodríguez Abril Nuria You need to live every moment that life gives you.

Sunjin Kim Sunny Smile!

Thi Khuyen Hoang Quin Get closer.


Thi Thanh Ngan Le Le Hello from Vietnam!

Yunjung Ju Sam Hello.

Trung Tri Hao Pan Jackson

Veronika Artemyev Veronika Enjoy your life.

Xiang Mo Max Hello!

Yalan Chen Amelie Once you stop, it’s hard to start again.

IGCSE Course.


Aleksandra Szplit Aleks Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted.

Anatoly Naranov Anatoly Write something for me. Really.

Andi Muhammad Nur Haq Andi Less talk, more work.

Arian Pourshirazi Arian Nothing.

Bogdan Khramov Bogdan I don’t like studying.

Chak Sum Hui Sam Good for you.

Chanipha Treeyapong Ben I am Ben.

Chao-Chien Wei Gary Look at me now.

Cheng-Yu Lee Ryan Lalallaallalalalalaaaaa.

Daniela Martinez Crespo Daniela Work for a cause, not for the applause.

| 20


Daniela Martins Daniela I don’t have time for nothing, just to be happy.

Daniil Fjodorovs Daniil Something basic.

Daria Khramova Dasha Don’t forget to smile =)

Darya Bulayeva Dasha Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up.

Dhruv Arora Dhruv Yaaaaaaasssss B.

Duc Huy Nguyen Eren Here there anywhere.

Egor Degtev Egor I love my iPad!

Ekaterina Bobina Katya I should say something clever, right?

Elmar Gadzhiev Elmar

Elmira Berkina Elmira C’est la vie.


Emil Aliev Emil Veni! Vidi! Vici!

Evander Alberto Evander Success is the best revenge.

Gemi Sari Nastiti Inez Going to Europe is leaving to return.

Gengchen Zhang Eric Hello!

Georgina Danquah Georgina No one is perfect.

Hai My Tran My Food.

Hang Xu Harry Nothing.

Hei Lok Law Bobby I cannot think of anything.

Hoi Ching Chun Hailey Em.

Hsin-Yu Chen Mia You will never fail until you stop trying!

| 22


Jaemyung Lee Danny Happy.

Kirill Parovinchak Kirill Study hard.

Kuan Lin Brian Peace and Love.

Lan Nhi Nguyen Lan Nhi Never give up.

Leif-Soren Jost Leif ...

Liudmila Vasileva Mila What a surprise!

Lixuan Sun Kevin You can write: “Anything you want.”

Lui Wing Lam Emily Chili and barbecue sauce make the perfect combination.

Liudmila Statcevich Mila I don’t know, just put something.

Luis Gonzaga Díez Maciejewski Luis Shoes talk louder than words.


Margaux Saverys Margaux The sky isn’t the limit, there are footsteps on the moon.

Maria Teresa Del Valle Lager Maria Live to express, not to impress.

Melissa Klein Melissa Gotcha.

Miguel Balboa Díez Maciejewski Miguel Yes.

Ming Yeung Kwan Andy Good year.

Minh Thien Sai Tim This is the worst quote ever.

Minju Lee Minju I wanna get A star.

Mohammad Bilal Alfarizi Bilal I hate math.

Mohammed Bachir Tarfaoui Mohammed Learn to fly.

Na Young Lee Na Young Beautiful life.

| 24


Nga Sin Chan Stephanie Almost is never enough.

Nguyen Minh Anh Le Kaylee Work hard, play hard.

Nibras Balqis Sakkir Nibras No one has ever seen my haircut.

Nok Yin Chu Tweety I hate math.

Phrao Sakoltanarak Phrao You’re amazing just the way you are.

Phuong Linh Nguyen Linh This is the deepest quote ever.

Po-Yin Chen Season I’m cute from head to toe.

Ruian Luo Camellia Anything you want.

Sara Sarhadi Sara A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Sarah Veloso Sarah Be happy.


Seo Hyeon Cheon Ellen Always try hard to achieve.

Seung Jae Hwang Ryan Stay green.

Shan Su Su I like blue shirts.

Siyu Tian Trina

Stina Strandberg Stina This is a pen.

Sunghyun Kang Simon If you don’t know, you won’t know.

Sungjun Jung Lucas Do everything I want to do.

Tayisiya Tymchenko Taya SQUADDDDD.

Thi Ha Thu Nguyen Thu I feel bad for people who never go crazy.

Thi Hong Ha Luu Ha Offer a smile.

| 26


Toluwa Janai Willis Janai Part of the squad.

Tri Quang Huynh David Smashing.

Trinh Nguyen Trinh “Just keep swimming.” - Dory

Tuerxunjiang Yiliyaer Yiliyar Good good study, day day up.

Varvara Kozlova Varvara Peace and freedom, guys.

Victoria Gorodilova Tori This school changed me.

Vita Olmanst Vita I’m a Time Lord.

Xiquan Li John Keep studying.

Xiwei Du Vivi I don’t know.

Yan Yan Fu Emily 0.0


Yasir Nazir Yasir Unity, Faith, Discipline.

Yuhao Jiao Tony Hello!

Zanggar Nurlanov Zanggar I will get everything, just give me time.

| 28

AS Course.


Abdurrahman Rais Fadhil Fadhil Fadhil, the H is silent.

Andrea Multhaup Guzman Andrea I will make better mistakes tomorrow.

Avenia Afreidoon Avenia Nothing lasts forever.

Bolutife Temilolu Henry-Onifade Tife Hi. Bye.

Cam Anh Phuong Anna Hello.

Cheuk Ting Chan Marco Follow your heart and work hard.

Corentin Le Got Coco

Djouhaina Boukhennoufa Joanna If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost.

Farbod Farzaneh David Some things never change.

Frederick Ugonna Mbonu Freddie My life is gonna keep going up.

| 30


Giovanni Alberto Giovanni Never forget to achieve your own dreams.

Hugo Schmidt Hugo I had to have a quote.

Jae Woong Bhak Jae Hi there.

Jingzhao Zhang Kelly Good is good, but better carries it.

JooHee Kim JooHee No pain, no gain :)

Ka Hang Kwan Henry Hello.

Ka Ho Lam Gary 7.7

Lukas Huep Lukas Cheerio!

Lyunoluwanimi YemiShodimu Samuel Learn a little of everything and know a lot about anything.

Maria Smiri Maria Fine feathers make fine birds.


Maria-Luiza Alekseeva Maria-Luiza Enjoy your life.

Natalie Seljas Natalie I hate quotes.

Ni Zeng Jenny Hello.

Niama el-Houda Boucherit Niama Don’t look back! You’re not going that way.

Nora Ostkirchen Nora “I haven’t taken any photo since I was six.”

Peijing Li Louise

Pol Porta Perera Pol Don’t focus in one subject, learn everything.

Roham Saremi Roham

Sheng-Sheng Hsieh Míski

Shijing Chen Arthur Only do what your heart tells you.

| 32


Shixuan Sun Michael New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris.

Sofie Hafsmo Sofie

Theo Jaya Kurniawan Theo YOLO.

Thien Tam Nguyen Tam Always smile.

Tzu Chin Chiao Eugene Trying to be the best.

Xingtian Ma Martin

Yee Ting Chan Angel Be natural, do whatever you want.

Yi Li Derek Rules are meant to be broken.

Yu-Hsuan Hung Shirley Actions speak louder than words.

Zixin An Pearl Act like a lady, think like a man.


IB Diploma Course. First Years


Amina Kadri Amina Do more of what makes you happy.

Andrea Gonzalez Perez Nea Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Assel Nurlan Assel Day without sunshine is ... you know it’s night.

Aureliano Alvarado Faesler Aure Word.

Begoña Albarran Gil Bego Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

Chiao Liu Sabrina Do what is right, not what is easy.

Christian Francisco Castellanos Trepp

Christina Pohl Christina I don’t care about being beautiful. I want to be brilliant.

Czarl Dalagan Czarl Man, why you gotta be so deep.

Daniyar Naimanov Daniel There are no two words more harmful than good job.

| 36


Denise Lichthardt Denise School is like a poker game, it’s all about bluffing.

Favour Sanusi Favour Early bird gets the worm, second mouse gets the cheese.

Gilbert Leon Chang Gilbert Get ready for the ride of your life.

Hauwa Mahmoud Hauwa The best or nothing.

Iskender Timur Isko What do you mean by that?

Ismael Alejandro Rabago Herrera Ismael Be yourself.

Julius Schnoor Julius If I had a British accent, I’d never shut up.

Lara Boissonnas Lara Subway, Old School, Redbull. That’s my life.

Lok Yi Jessie Chang Jessie Try to be the rainbow of someone’s else clouds.

Lukas Kraus Lukas And we ain’t stoppin’ until we see the morning sun!


Maria Teresa Calpe Giner Teresa Life is short. Smile while you have teeth.

Mariana Alejandra Ruano Rochin Mariana Nothing is impossible, the word says I’m possible.

Marte Sofie Froyna Olaussen Marte

Mehran Amini Tehrani Mehran EF made my future international.

Michelle Denis Pineda Michelle Enjoy every opportunity that you have, because they only come once.

Muhamad Akbar Madani Dani You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

Muhammad Adli Halim Adli Take it or leave it.

Muhammad Ath Thariq Halim Thariq Live your life, never give up.

Nikita Gurevich Nikita I don’t know.

Nikita Zhdankin Nikita Daddy’s home.

| 38


Niklas Mohr Niklas To be is to do.

Nikoline Bie Nikoline It never gets easier, you just get better.

Paulina Villaseñor Aguilar Paulina

Po-Kai Peng Alex Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Sabrine Kadri Sabrine Life is beautiful.

Severin Rosam Severin

Sharon Kats Sharon Enjoy the moment.

Sigrid Tharaldsen Grind Sigrid Believe you can and you are half way there.

Thuy Duong Tran Zoe I am your sarcastic friend, who insults you but loves you.

Trevin Wisaksana Trevin Trust.


Vladislav Gardysh Vlad The best way of researching is our imagination.

| 40

41 | A2 COURSE

A2 Course.


Adam Zelig Mahadika Adam It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

Adrian Nayaka Supit Adrian Coca-cola is the most crucial thing in the world.

Agwam Kanwai Agwam I don’t know what to say.

Alexey Kashenko Alex You can say whatever you want.

Anh Khoa Nguyen Pham Harry A quote.

Bac Huy Le Martini Yolo.

Chaimaa Zahouchi Chaimaa What you’re looking for comes when you’re not looking at all.

Chun Wai Wong Michael You never fail until you stop trying.

Chung Huen Law Hetty I am leaving.

Citra Alicia Pratiwi Citra If you can dream it, you can do it.

| 42

43 | A2 COURSE

Daria Titova Dasha Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating your self.

Hajar Zahouchi Hajar Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Han Ying Wan Kelly I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.

Hi Kwon Park Terrence There are no strings on me.

Hoang Tuan Truong Tony #YOLO.

Huiwen Ma Grace Diligence is the mother of luck.

Jiaquan Chen Dearo No great thing is created suddenly.

JiSu Han Su

Kai Kang Joseph

LiChen Wang LiChen Hello.


Lok Yi Ho Cola Cola is the best.

Manlin Cui Beryl Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Natalia Borodina Nata “I’ve already taken the photo.”

Nga Sze Wong Alice I can’t wait to start my next adventure.

Ngo My Huyen Tran Stephanie Meow.

Ngoc Hieu Dao Steven Enjoy your life.

Nhu Ngoc Diep Truong Cassie I don’t talk much, but I hear much.

Olga Kornilova Olya Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

Phu Tuong Nguyen Torres Living is different from existing.

Pin-Yi Lee Vincent Life’s too short.

| 44

45 | A2 COURSE

Qinxuan Zou Alice Life is like a boat.

Quyen Tran Jon Always look on the bright side of life.

Raquel Taju Raquel

Seoyeong Heo Ginny

Shaoyun Wang Perseus I was there.

Stephen Anthony Wijaya Anthony No matter what happens, be grateful and try harder.

Szu-Yun Wang Helena Look at me!!! I am who I am.

Thi Phuong Anh Pham Vicky Can I just say hello?

Tianyi Zheng Vicki No pain, no gain.

Tsz Long Chan Alan Your face, your fate? Not really.


Vladislav Tuzov Vlad Facing challenges with honesty will reveal new opportunities.

Wenlin Tu Tulip In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

Xiaochen Huang Vivien

Xiongyingjie Ji Blaine Try hard.

Xuelei Zhang Crystal

Yi-Chun Wang Daniel My invisible quote.

Yihan Pan Elaine Live everday to the fullest.

Yining Jiang Jocelyn See you.

Yulia Lozhkina Yulia #nocomments.

Yuze Pan Bella Either I will find a way, or I will make one.

| 46

47 | A2 COURSE

Zunni Lu DinDin Say something.

IB Diploma Course. Second Years


Adrian Wisaksana Adrian “Fear is the path to the dark side.” - Master Yoda

Alina Rodina Alina Nothing is impossible, fight for your dreams.

Andrey Seregin Andrey

Anna Molodkina Anna If you want something you never had, do something you’ve never done.

Bruno Mulero Asín Bruno Not everyone you lose is a loss, unless it’s me.

Diego Figueroa Espinoza Diego

Gagik Arutyunyan Gaga I can’t wait to play my PS4.

Ginebra Sanlorenzo Climent Gina So what you gonna do with your life? It’s a surprise!

Kevina Marcelline Kevina All glory comes from daring to begin.

Khanh My Vo Mel You will never be younger than you are at this very moment.

| 50


Le The Vu Tran Andrew

Leticia Isabel López Joya Letti The best time for new beginnings, is now.

Lorna Myrthala Merino Cantu Lorna The photo never changes even if the person does.

Marta Roche García Marta Become the change you want to see.

Michelle Moser Micky I always get up.

Neus Estevan Escrivà Neus Home is not a place, but a feeling.

Ngoc Anh Nguyen Anh Whatever.

Ngoc Dung Tran Alex Whatever you do, do it in style.

Niklas Gröbel Niklas IB: The only easy day was yesterday!

Rafael González Pérez Rafael Life is too short to wait.


Thuy Khanh Nguyen Aeris Forget unfortunate cookies, keep eating fries.

Valentina Bruno Vale It’s hard, not impossible.

Wei-Chi Chang Phoebe Are you gonna eat that?

Zachary Spence Zach Life is within your own hands, mine quite literally.

| 52


ORLANDO’S TUTOR GROUP “We’re friends forever.”

We have the best tutor group where everyone supports each other.



Take that test, people of the world! Adore and embrace your global village. Our willingness to leave our print on society, makes us eager for success and recognition. Then we remember that only the curious and enthusiastic are rewarded in life. Beware as we are the next generation elite. Ego the provoco.


S IGNIFICANT E MOTIONAL A MAZING N EW EXPERIENCES ‘S TUTOR GROUP “China, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea, Hong Kong, Ukraine. We span the world and are all so far apart but feel so close together…”



‘Every effort is worthy effort.’ Within the beautiful light of Torquay we have gathered to achieve our educated upmost and fulfill our true potential. The future is bright and our minds are focused.




Had a great time with these guys in Torquay 2015. - Andrew N. Scott







Tomorrow’s fish is still in the water, let’s keep Hana for today.



“Living is different from existing.“


WENDY’S WONDERFUL TUTOR GROUP Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey

“It’s been a long day without you, my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again We’ve come a long way from where we began Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again When I see you again”



We stand for diversity and tolerance, encouragement and support. We have worked hard and we have played hard together . We are always learning about each other and our different and rich cultural identities. We have supported and encouraged each other throughout the revision and stress of assessments, A levels, personal statements, UCAS and nerve-racking assembly presentations.



Stairway to Heaven “We are shining one step at a time.”


WYN’S TUTOR GROUP “Off you go, guys.”





We didn’t win, we survived. “I think you are an awesome bunch of young people, so adventurous to brave sunny Torquay for so long. Will miss every one of you for your company, humour. Proud of every one of you and good luck on your life travels.”






Project Manager

Director of Design and Photography

Designer and Photographer